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The Day Deku Died

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Shouto sent a wave of ice at the villains, hissing as he barely managed to dodge another wave of projectile spikes aimed for his throat. Fire licked his hands as he prepared another flame attack, turning his gaze to his struggling classmates. Just as managed to subdue the last villains he turned to catch Midoriya take a devastating hit to the chest, knocking him back into a crumbling cement wall.


Shouta felt his blood freeze over as the other boy slumped, sliding down the wall and leaving a heavy streak of blood behind.


Shouto screamed as he abandoned his position and tore towards the villain and Midoriya, both fire and ice exploding uncontrollably from his body.


He threw his right hand as he directed a mountain of ice to quickly subdue the villain, sending him flying before landing hard against the ground. With a clench of the same fist, ice completely encased the villain. He stopped short in front of Midoriya, his mind previously filled with unyielding need to get to him now completely blank as he stared.


Midoriya twitched, and his eyes fluttered open slightly, his gaze almost blank as he stuttered out a cough.


The movement snapped Shouto out of his stupor, moving forward and dropping next to Midoriya as he tried to think of something. His eyes scanned over Midoriya’s body, looking for some way to help his classmate as his breathing sounded way too shallow. “I’ll get the medic-!” Shouto realized, finally making his brain work as he remembered his lack in medical training.


Midoriya’s hand latched onto his sleeve, holding him in place despite his lack of strength. “Don’t… leave me… please…”


Shouto’s throat tightened at the forced words, fear lacing his voice as Midoriya’s dulling eyes locked onto his own. Shouto choked on his breath as he realized what Midoriya was implying. “If I don’t leave, you will-!”


Die,” Midoriya finished. His grip on Shouto’s sleeve tightened even more, “I don’t… want… to die… alone…” The layer of water building up in Midoriya’s eyes overflowed, cascading down his cheeks as it left clean streaks through the built up dirt. Shouto felt his limbs stiffen, then he slowly lowered himself to his knees and carefully pulled Midoriya onto his lap, hands cradling his head gently. A smile tugged at the corners of Midoriya’s lips as he looked up at Shouto, his eyelids heavy as the tears continued to flow. Midoriya tugged off his glove, and lifted his bare hand, which Shouto immediately understood as he took Midoriya’s hand into his own. “The sky... looks so nice…” Midoriya wheezed.


Shouto kept his hands still, refusing to break down to his body’s will to shake. “I heard there will be a meteor shower tonight…” he played along with Midoriya’s distraction.




“Yes, Midoriya?”


“Would you… like to watch the meteors… tonight… with me?”


It was getting harder to hold back his tears as his throat tightened even more, burning as he pushed down the tremble in his voice, “of course I would... I think... that would be very nice.”


Midoriya’s soft smile slowly faded, turning into a shaking frown as he bit his lip, sobs racking his body as his tears flowed more heavily down his cheeks and onto Shouto’s lap. “I… I don’t want to die… Shouto… I don’t want to die yet…!”


Shouto tightened his grip on Midoriya’s hand, the other tugging Midoriya closer to his chest, “you won’t… not yet. You are a fighter, Izuku. You always pull through!” He lied through gritted teeth, his face becoming wet with tears he failed to hold back.


Izuku’s scared look slightly softened, “I… will? Won’t I?” Shouto could tell Izuku was lying. He was always terrible at lying, the way his smile was slightly tighter, the distant look in his eyes. Izuku’s own grip tightened even more, “I failed… I failed All Might,” Izuku whimpered. “It’s going to die with me…”




“Shouto-! You have-!” Izuku jerked, his grip on Shouto’s hand tightening as he struggled to breath.


“Izuku! Hang on, help is almost-!”


Izuku shuttered, then he fell limp, and a small breath left him. He didn’t take another breath in, his eyes glazed as he stared back at Shouto, eyes like glassy marbles.


“Izuku-? Izuku!”


Shouto tried to nudge Izuku awake, “you have to wake up!”


He heard his classmates running towards them, “Izuku please, you have to wake up! Everyone is coming to help! It’s going to be okay!”


Gasps emerged behind him as he continued to try and urge Izuku awake, believing he was just unconscious. He couldn’t die. He was too stubborn to die. “Izuku... wake up… we have to see the meteors tonight… you… you said we would see them tonight, together.”


He was barely aware that the drops hitting Izuku’s cheeks was not rain.


Izuku! IZUKU!”


Shouto pulled Izuku as close as he could, arms trembling, his throat burning. Everything feeling like it was falling apart.




“Todoroki... he’s dead...”


Shouto squeezed his eyes shut, tightening his grip, “no-! No he’s not! He can’t-! He’s-“


“The dumb nerd is dead,” Bakugous voice wobbled. Kirishima violently flinched as Shouto hunched his shoulders and whipped his head around to glare at the explosive blonde.


Shouto’s voice snapped, “he’s NOT!”


The class fell silent, deafening silence hanging over them like a suffocating fog. He could hear Uraraka choke on her own sobs, hands tight against her lips as if she could physically stop herself. The glare on Iida’s glasses managed to hide his eyes, but he was harshly biting his lip, causing blood to dribble down his chin. Kirishima was hanging onto Bakugou, as if he was afraid that he would collapse if he let go.


Sero’s usually smile had vanished, his face turned away as he supported both Ashido and Kaminari, Ashido’s face buried in his shoulder as her body shuttered. Shoji was the biggest support, also hiding his face as he held up Ojiro, Koda, Jiro, and Hagakure. Tokoyami had collapsed in the dust, shakily holding his head as he took in heavy breaths, Yaoyorozu almost following his lead as Tsuyu barely stood as her support. Saito lingered near the back of the group, shaking and looking like he was ready to collapse next.


Everyone was shaking, disbelief and grief riddled at different levels seen only in their eyes.


The crying was all silent, only the sound of shaky breaths or the odd escaped sob managing to echo throughout the destroyed terrain.


They all believed Izuku was dead.


But he wasn’t.


He wasn’t dead.


He couldn’t be dead.


Kaminari shocked Shouto as he suddenly pulled away from Sero, his shaking disappearing and his grief replaced with something more determined. His voice sounded lifeless when he spoke.




“What did you-?”


Kaminari pushed himself through the crowd, his eyes hard and empty, “I said move! Todoroki, let go of Midoriya!”


Shouto only tightened his hold, “I- I can’t.”


Kaminari shouted, “Bakugou, Kiri, pull him off Midoriya, now.”


Surprise overtook the entire group as the duo complied, managing to pry Shouto off of Izuku as he shrieked in protest, fighting the pair as he could only watch as Izuku fell to the ground, empty eyes still watching the sky.


Kaminari dropped next to him, ignoring Shouto’s screaming as Bakugou and Kirishima caught his arms to hold him back, “you have to let me go! He needs-!”


“Everyone stay back,” Kaminari said, his tone dull as he charged up his hands.


Shouto’s eyes widened as he realized what Kaminari was going to do, “wait- you’ll hurt him!”


Kaminari pressed his hands against Izuku’s chest, causing his body to jerk violently before falling back into the dust. Kaminari hissed and Shouto screamed, the image sickening as it burned into his brain.


Then he did it again, his hands covered in visibly static before causing Izuku’s body to convulse.


And again.


And again.


And again.


And again.


Stop it.


Stop it!


He shouldn’t be jerking like that!


You’re killing him!


You’re killing him!




His eyes shouldn’t be like that, they were bright.


Full of life.


He shouldn’t be sparking with yellow electricity.


It was green.


It was always green.


And bright.




He was always-!


Shouto collapsed in Kirishima and Bakugous arms, all his strength evaporating as everything he saw finally pushed through.


He was dead.


Kaminari was shocking a corpse.


Izuku Midoriya was dead.


His bright light-


Snuffed out.


Shouto clenched his teeth as he struggled to breath, his hands grappling at his heart. Everything hurt so much.


He couldn’t look at Izuku’s lifeless form anymore, he couldn’t watch as Kaminari kept shocking him and shocking him.


Trying to will life back into him.


It’s been too long.


Shouto squeezed his eyes shut as he tried forcing air into his lungs, his throat closing and his eyes burning instead.


He was just smiling at him.


This morning, he looked at Shouto, with that lopsided smile as he nearly tripped over his own feet.


Making promises of a great day.


A bright future.


He was just there.


He was just there with them all.






How was it possible?


How could he imagine... the thought of never hearing his voice again?

Todoroki! Let’s get lunch with Uraraka and Iida today!’

‘You really like soba, huh? That awesome!’

‘Let’s do our best!’

Shouto let a strangled wail escape his squeezing chest, the image of such a bright and brilliant smile tarnished with the image of broken body laying only a few feet away from him.


He was never coming back.


He was never... going to see him... talk to him... explain to him...


Love him.


Izuku died.


And all he could do… was hold him.


Shouto was on the ground, fingers digging into the dust as he hunched, feeling more vulnerable than he ever could have imagined.


He could still hear Kaminari shocking him, getting more and more desperate as time dragged on.


Shouto whispered mainly to himself, but he knew in this dreadful silence, it echoed like he screamed it.


He was going to be great...”

Izuku held onto the card with a tight grip, the ink slightly smeared like water managed to get on it. Todoroki’s handwriting was unmistakable.


10 minutes, huh?


Legally dead... for 10 minutes.


They nearly let him stay that way when the medics finally reached the group.


Apparently, they half dragged Kaminari away from his body before he managed to tear himself away from them and put all the power he could muster shooting through Izuku’s body. That last shock finally jump starting Izuku’s heart to the point where he actually sat up to take a breath before passing out.


Brain damage they whispered behind closed doors, being dead for so long most likely killed some brain cells.


Kacchan voice rang through his head, ‘it wasn’t like you were using them, stupid deku!’


He chuckled, his hand shooting to his rib cage as he coughed out a bit of pain.


They would see how much damage was done once he was out of the hospital.


His hands shook slightly, as the memory of pure fear racked his body, the feeling of darkness creeping closer and closer.


The shaking worsened as he delved into the possibility of dying with one for all.


He nearly destroyed it.


He almost killed the one thing All Might worked so hard to build up, a power that could be used for good.


And he almost destroyed it.




Izuku looked up with a start, eyes wide as he spotted All Might panting in the doorway.


“You’re-! You’re awake!”


He stumbled forward, then collapsed against Izuku’s bed, pulling him into a tight embrace that nearly squeezed the life out of Izuku. “You’re awake! We were all so worried!”


Izuku didn’t return the embrace, eyes watering as his body involuntarily shook from his attempt to keep in his sobs, “I’m... I’m sorry All Might...”


All Might froze.


“I... I nearly destroyed one for all... I almost let it die with me... I couldn’t pass it on in time-!”




It was Izuku’s turn to freeze at the use of his first name.


“You... you almost died. You did die.”


Izuku lowered his gaze.


“I almost let you die. I don’t care about some dumb quirk, I almost lost you!”


Izuku jolted back in confusion, All Mights grip still strong despite his skeletal figure as he held him at a distance to locked eyes with him. Brilliant blue against emerald green. Both swirling with emotions neither were containing very well.


“I... I let you die... it’s all my fault. Never- never believe that I would care more about a quirk than I do about you, ever again, okay?”


Izuku couldn’t seem to move, then he quickly nodded his head, letting his eyes burn as tears streaked his cheeks, “I’m sor-“


“No more apologizing my boy,” All Might whispered, pulling him back into a tight hug. “Just focus on getting better.”


Izuku returned the embrace this time, tugging at All Mights shirt as he stained it with his tears and snot, silently crying into his shoulder as the weight of the world crashed down on him.


He was scared.


He was terrified that he was really going to die.


But it was okay now.


Because now he was alive.


And he wasn’t alone anymore either.








His friends crowded him, many of them being the ones to spout tears instead of Izuku for the first time in history.


He couldn’t help but keep apologizing for everything, even as his friends kept screaming at him to stop it.


He asked Kaminari to linger as his classmates filtered from the room one by one, then once it was empty, he took his hand and thanked him. Izuku never missed the haunted look in Kaminari’s eyes as he looked at him, and he didn’t miss the tears either as he basically collapsed into Izuku’s lap.


“I was afraid- I was afraid I just kept bringing you back to pain with each shock only for your to die a moment later. I thought I was torturing you each time, but I couldn’t stop. I couldnt-!”


“I owe you my life...”


“Please… I… I don’t want it...” Kaminari sniffled.


Izuku couldn’t help the pained laugh that escaped him, happy that Kaminari joined him even just a little. “I mean it... thank you. Now I also have a cool scar to show off as an ice breaker for meeting new friends!”


“Stop being so positive…” Kaminari sniffled with a half smile.


“Seriously… thank you for not giving up.”


Kaminari nodded, and the two didn’t speak as they sat in a comfortable silence. Then Kaminari had to leave so he wouldn’t miss curfew.


Izuku didn’t expect any visitors because the late hours that approached quicker than he wanted.


So he was surprised when Todoroki walked in.


He was quiet, his emotions hidden well as he moved over to the chair next to Izuku and sat down. Izuku didn’t say anything as he watched Todoroki stare at his hands.


Then, Todoroki looked up, “you said we were going to see the meteors together.”


Izuku’s chest squeezed, remembering the false promises he made as he believed he was taking his final breaths. His denial. His fear.


He put Todoroki through so much-


“A new Superpower Man is coming out in theatres in two weeks. Would you like to go with me?”


Izuku wanted to cry.


He wanted to break down and apologize for dragging Todoroki through all his suffering and fear. He wanted to take all the blame and to erase such a terrifying memory from his mind. He wanted to make him happy every time he saw him instead of sad. He wanted


“Sure! I’m sure it will be a lot of fun!”


Todoroki smiled.


Dying was scary. Terrifying.




Even if he did die.


He was glad he didn’t die alone.