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i feel my pulse quickening (when your name lights up the screen)

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Saturday, April 27

Unknown Number [9:05] : Who is this?
Unknown Number : How do you have my phone?
Unknown Number: do I have your phone?

Unknown Number [9:07] : Yes you have my phone. Not sure how we switched. Were you at the bar last night?

Unknown Number [9:08] : Maybe.
Unknown Number: Really hate to break this to you but I’m at the airport right now omw to Braavos to study abroad.
Unknown Number: so I guess we’re stuck w each other’s phones for a while???
Unknown Number [9:15] : Hello???

Unknown Number [9:15] : Sorry, accidentally cleared the text from your lock screen so I couldn’t reply. What’s your password? Guess I’ll be needing it if this is my phone for the foreseeable future. How long are you gone? I’m Gendry btw

Unknown Number [12:15] : Landed. Here for 5 weeks. Not ideal circumstances for a phone swap
Unknown Number: I’m Arya
Unknown Number: the password is Nymeria
Unknown Number: I would ask for your password but you seem to be the only person in the world without one

Gendry (phone thief) [12:31] : Glad you had a safe flight.
Gendry (phone thief) : Thanks
Gendry (phone thief) : I meant to set one up, it’s a relatively new phone. Haven’t gotten around to it yet

Arya (my phone) [12:33] : you should change that.
Arya (my phone) : anyone could get in and wreak havoc

Gendry (phone thief) [12:34] : please don’t

Arya (my phone) [12:38] : hmmmm
Arya (my phone) : I won’t
Arya (my phone) : for now
Arya (my phone) : might take advantage of having an unknown number tho...

• • •

Unknown Number [1:15] : ~Cats are Animals~
Unknown Number: Thank you for your subscription to CatFacts. £4.99 has been charged to your account. To end your subscription, text “STOP”.

Robb [1:17] : STOP

Unknown Number [1:20] : ~Dogs are Dogs~
Unknown Number: Thank you for switching your subscription to DogFacts. £7.99 has been charged to your account. To end your subscription, text “STOP”.

• • •

Unknown Number [2:45] : This is Arya. Swapped phones with a stranger in a bar last night. I’m in Braavos for 5 weeks now. If you need to text me, I guess this is my new number.

Sansa [2:47] : WHAT?

Theon [2:47] : HAHAHAHAHA

Bran [2:49] : Theon actually fell off the couch laughing at that

Theon [2:51] : stfu

Sansa [2:53] : should I tell Jon and Robb?

Arya (Apparently) [2:53] : NO
Arya (Apparently) : I’m messing with them for a bit. Let me have my fun.

Ygritte [2:57] : this is amazing

Margaery [3:01] : who’d you switch with?

Arya (Apparently) [3:05] : some dude named Gendry, idk

• • •

Margaery [3:06] : hello, you appear to have my friend’s phone

Guy w Arya’s phone [3:10] : I guess?

Margaery [3:12] : tell me Gendry, are you attractive?
Margaery: like on a scale of 1 to 10

Guy w Arya’s phone [3:16] : idk how to answer that

• • •

Margaery [3:19] : this is amazing

Arya (Apparently) [3:20] : what did you do.

Margaery [3:26] : just some sleuthing
Margaery: apparently he’s attractive

Arya (Apparently) [3:31] : how would you possibly know that?

Margaery [3:37] : I asked
Margaery: he didn’t answer
Margaery: that means yes

• • •

Arya (my phone) [3:38] : sorry about any and all texts you’re getting
Arya (my phone) : and Margaery is Margaery, sorry about her

Gendry (phone thief) [3:45] : it’s ok lol
Gendry (phone thief) : sorry about whatever you get on my phone

• • •

Hot Pie [4:06] : srsly i just made the best cake ever pls come try

Gendry [4:20] : sorry not Gendry!
Gendry: accidentally swapped phones
Gendry: I’m Arya
Gendry: I’ll tell him to text you on my phone

Hot Pie [4:25] : what.

• • •

Hot Pie [4:26] : lol do u have Arya Stark’s phone

Gendry (new #) [4:30] : no
Gendry (new #) : probably not
Gendry (new #) : that would be crazy
Gendry (new #) [4:47] : holy crap I have Arya Stark’s phone

• • •

Gendry (phone thief) [5:00] : you’re Arya Stark.

Arya STARK [5:07] : you’re Gendry
Arya STARK: are we staring facts?
Arya STARK: surprised it took you this long to figure it out tbh, what tipped you off?

Gendry (phone thief) [5:10] : my friend Hot Pie guessed
Gendry (phone thief) : the people texting you should’ve tipped me off
Gendry (phone thief) : tbh I had to open your camera roll

Arya STARK [5:13] : Invasion. Of. Privacy.
Arya STARK: very not cool.
Arya STARK: very frowned upon.
Arya STARK: how dare you.
Arya STARK: jk I looked at yours too

Gendry (phone thief) [5:36] : wow, dramatic much?

• • •

Arya (Apparently) [5:45] : S.O.S. He’s hot

Sansa [5:46] : is that bad???
Sansa: why does it matter???

Arya (Apparently) [5:47] : I D K

• • •

Sunday, April 28

Unknown Number [7:30] : ~Space is Big~
Unknown Number: Thank you for your subscription to SPACEFACTS! £47.99 has been charged to your account. To cancel your subscription, text “STOP”.

Robb [7:32] : STOP
Robb: please
Robb: I beg you
Robb: STOP

Unknown Number [7:35] : ~There are Many Types of Cheese~
Unknown Number: thank you for your subscription to CheeseFacts. £0.99 has been charged to your account. To cancel your subscription, text “STOP”.

Robb [7:37] : I give up

• • •

Jeyne [8:26] : Arya, I love you

Arya (new #) [8:30] : :)

Jeyne [8:31] : idk how he doesn’t know it’s a prank yet

Arya (new #) [8:33] : my brother is not the brightest
Arya (new #) : it’s why I love him
Arya (new #) : he’s easy to fool

Jeyne [8:36] : wow you’re so mean to him

Arya (new #) [8:37] : :))))
Arya (new #) : (oh pls, he’s fine)

• • •

Theon [8:45] : why am I noticing that your sister is hot
Theon: this is a PROBLEM, Arya
Theon: Robb’s gonna kill me

Arya [8:56] : I feel like I should let you know that this isn’t Arya.

Theon [8:59] : crap

• • •

Gendry (phone thief) [9:15] : [IMG_2407.jpg]

Arya STARK [9:17] : HAHAHA
Arya STARK: Theon’s a loser
Arya STARK: I already told him about the phone swap

Gendry (phone thief) [9:19] : but he still texted me???

Arya STARK [9:20] : Well idk maybe he thinks your sister is hot

Gendry (phone thief) [9:20] : don’t have a sister
Gendry (phone thief) : that I know of
Gendry (phone thief) : never knew my dad so anything’s possible I guess

Arya STARK [9:23] : sorry

Gendry (phone thief) [9:25] : it’s ok, I think I turned out alright
Gendry (phone thief) : sorry didn’t mean to bring the mood down lol

Arya STARK [9:26] : still
Arya STARK : sucks that that happened
Arya STARK : no one deserves that

Gendry (phone thief) [9:29] : Thanks

• • •

Robb [10:13] : Arya please help me
Robb: [IMG_994.jpg]
Robb: idk what’s happening or how to get it to stop

• • •

Gendry (phone thief) [10:25] : [IMG_2703.jpg]
Gendry (phone thief) : I assume this is you?
Gendry (phone thief) : I didn’t reply just in case

Monday, April 29

Arya STARK [6:05] : no one needs alarms set for this early in the morning you monster
Arya STARK: also yes, obviously that’s me
Arya STARK: thanks for not blowing my cover
Arya STARK: but if you want to mess with him too, you’re more than welcome

Gendry (phone thief) [7:30] : sorry I forgot to warn you about those
Gendry (phone thief) : I work early some days
Gendry (phone thief) : I just told him that his messages failed to send and he believed it???

Arya STARK [7:33] : yeah he’s not the brightest but we all love him anyway
Arya STARK: what job possibly makes you wake up this early?

Gendry (phone thief) [7:35] : I’m an engineer and I usually have to come in early
Gendry (phone thief) : and most jobs actually
Gendry (phone thief) : oh wait, Lady Arya Stark doesn’t have a normal job does she? lol

Arya STARK [7:40] : Hey I resent that
Arya STARK: also, call me Lady ever again and I will kill you

Gendry (phone thief) [7:41] : apologies, m’lady

• • •

Hot Pie [10:15] : I’m just saying, she seems cool
Hot Pie: normal
Hot Pie: chill, even

Gendry (new #) [10:16] : chill is never a word I would use to describe her
Gendry (new #) : she threatened to kill me

Hot Pie [10:18] : well OBVIOUSLY she doesn’t like her title
Hot Pie: so maybe just don’t call her Lady Arya???

Gendry (new #) [10:20] : she is though!
Gendry (new #) : actual nobility!

Hot Pie [10:21] : like a thousand times removed
Hot Pie: famous enough to have her name in the papers occasionally, not enough for it to actually matter
Hot Pie: like for real tho lmao does nobility even matter these days

Gendry (new #) [10:25] : idk

Hot Pie [10:25] : I think u should treat her like a normal person, dude
Hot Pie: obviously she doesn’t want the title
Hot Pie: or at least she feels uncomfortable about it

• • •

Gendry (phone thief) [11:00] : sorry about earlier, I guess I kind of freaked out when I realized whose phone I had

Arya STARK [11:06] : I get it, I guess
Arya STARK: I’m a normal person tho
Arya STARK: can’t stand the title or how people treat me because of it

Gendry (phone thief) [11:10] : yeah, I kind of got that when you threatened to kill me

Arya STARK [11:11] : I would say it’s an empty threat but I AM amazing with a sword...
Arya STARK: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gendry (phone thief) [11:13] : should I actually be scared???

Arya STARK [11:16] : don’t freak out again and we should be fine

Gendry (phone thief) [11:19] : Alright
Gendry (phone thief) : m’lady

Arya (M’lady) [11:20] : ......

• • •

Tuesday, April 30

Margaery [4:26] : OH
Margaery: He IS cute

Arya (Apparently) [4:28] : you know this how??

Margaery [4:30] : Sansa told me you thought he was hot
Margaery: I also looked for him on Instagram
Margaery: he has a private account so I could only see his profile pic tho
Margaery: tell him to let me follow him!!

Arya (Apparently) [4:35] : hmmmm
Arya (Apparently) : hard pass

Margaery [4:37] : spoilsport
Margaery: fine, I’ll tell him myself

• • •

Margaery [4:50] : let me follow you on Instagram, coward

Guy w Arya’s phone [4:53] : ?????

• • •

Arya (M’lady) [5:11] : I, once again, apologize for Margaery
Arya (M’lady) : she’s not even really my friend, she’s more my sister’s friend

Gendry (Stupid) [5:13] : lol it’s ok
Gendry (Stupid) : she texts you a lot for someone who isn’t your friend

Arya (M’lady) [5:19] : no she’s texting YOU
Arya (M’lady) : she’s also just excited that anything remotely interesting in happening to me
Arya (M’lady) : switching phone with a stranger for 5 weeks must count as interesting

Gendry (Stupid) [5:30] : and here I thought we were becoming friends

Arya (M’lady) [5:31] : I literally didn’t know you a few days ago

Gendry (Stupid) [5:32] : you wound me
Gendry (Stupid) : if that’s how you feel then I understand
Gendry (Stupid) : guess I’ll stop texting you

Arya (M’lady) [5:34] : nooooo I’ll be so bored

Gendry (Stupid) [5:35] : you’re studying abroad how can you be bored???

Arya (M’lady) [5:36] : studying abroad is still studying

Gendry (Stupid) [5:37] : what do you study?

Arya (M’lady) [5:38] : history
Arya (M’lady) : I usually enjoy it but some of it just Puts. Me. To. Sleep.

Gendry (Stupid) [5:40] : Well, only 4 weeks and 3 days to go

Arya (M’lady) [5:41] : yay. woohoo. yippee.

• • •

M_Tyrell: @gendry_w has accepted your follow request

• • •

Arya_Snark: @gendry_w has accepted your follow request
Arya_Snark: @gendry_w started following you

• • •

Wednesday, May 1

Jeyne [8:15] : I think you broke my husband with your prank texts

Arya (new #) [8:17] : :)))))))

• • •

Unknown Number [8:30] : ~Robb is Gullible~
Unknown Number: Thank you for your subscription to RobbFacts! £4.99 has been charged to your account. To cancel your subscription, text “STOP”.

Robb [8:32] : what

Unknown Number [8:35] : ~Arya is Amazing~

Robb [8:36] : are you serious
Robb: is this Arya
Robb: I’m going to kill you

ARYA??? [8:40] : :)))))

• • •

Arya (Apparently) [8:44] : I finally told Robb it was me

Theon [8:44] : BOOOO

Sansa [8:45]: you really waited this long?
Sansa: what did you text him?

Bran [8:48] : dumb facts that “charged” him ridiculous amounts of money

Arya (Apparently) [8:51] : wtf how did you know that

Bran [8:55] : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Theon added Robb to the group

Theon [9:01] : HAHAHA

Robb [9:03] : I hate all of you

Sansa [9:05] : what did WE do?

Robb [9:06] : NOTHING
Robb: you just sat there and let me think I was being charged £200+ a day
Robb: my own WIFE didn’t even tell me it was a prank

Jeyne [9:10] : :)))))

• • •

Robb [11:15] : I’m still mad at you but what’s up with your phone number

Arya (new #???) [11:20] : switched phones a few days ago with a stranger

Robb [11:21] : ...I’m not even going to ask

• • •

Arya (M’lady) [1:23] : finally let my brothers know about the phone swap

Gendry (Stupid) [1:25] : how’d they take it?

Arya (M’lady) [1:26] : oh they didn’t think it was funny
Arya (M’lady) : but I did and that’s what matters
Arya (M’lady) : Jon took it better than Robb but he’s always been cooler so...

• • •

Saturday, May 4

@Arya_Snark posted: pls ignore my face bc the view behind me is BEAUTIFUL #braavos
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@Sansa commented: how dare you your face is also beautiful
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• • •

Arya (M’lady) [6:15] : one week down

Gendry (Stupid) [6:16] : four to go

Arya (M’lady) [6:17] : :D

• • •

Monday, May 6

Arya (M’lady) [8:34]: pls call me in 5 minutes and pretend its an emergency

Gendry (Stupid) [8:35]: ???

Arya (M’lady) [8:36] : PLEASE
Arya (M’lady) [8:50] thank you

Gendry (Stupid) [8:53]: what was that about?

Arya (M’lady) [8:55] : you were just saving me from a bad blind date
Arya (M’lady) : I don’t normally do those kinds of things but my friend would NOT stop trying to set me up
Arya (M’lady) : so thanks

Gendry (Stupid) [8:59] : ah, of course
Gendry (Stupid) : happy to help

Arya (M’lady) [9:00]: my hero <3

• • •

Arya (Apparently) [9:02] : [IMG_2609.jpg]
Arya (Apparently) : WHY did I say that

Sansa [9:04] : ooooooooooh

Arya (Apparently) [9:04] : stop
Arya (Apparently) : I’m having a crisis
Arya (Apparently) : help me
Arya (Apparently) : was that weird to put the heart or am I over thinking it

Sansa [9:10] : I’ve never seen you like this before, give me a moment to relish it

Arya (Apparently) [9:10] : SANSA

Sansa [9:13] : ok geez
Sansa: you’re probably fine it was obviously just teasing
Sansa: I think you’re overthinking it
Sansa: wait do you like him???

Arya (Apparently) [9:15]: Read at 9:15 PM

Sansa [9:16] : Arya.

Arya (Apparently) [9:17] : how’s Theon???

Sansa [9:17] : Arya.

• • •

Gendry (new #) [9:08] : [IMG_247.jpg]
Gendry (new #) : what does this MEAN

Hot Pie [9:10] : wow u got Arya Stark to flirt w u
Hot Pie: how

Gendry (new #) [9:13] : she’s not flirting
Gendry (new #) : I don’t think???

Hot Pie [9:14] : I can’t wait 2 tell ur kids how their parents fell in love just 9 days after meeting

Gendry (new #) [9:26] : shut up
Gendry (new #) : I’m gonna stop asking you questions about this

Hot Pie [9:28] : nooooo I want 2 know what’s happening!!!!!

• • •

Wednesday, May 8

Arya (M’lady) [11:17] : are you busy

Gendry (Stupid) [11:19] : no? What’s up?

Arya (M’lady) [11:20] : I’m bored ... and drunk
Arya (M’lady) : we’re playing 20 questions
Arya (M’lady) : what’s your favourite colour?

Gendry (Stupid) [11:22] : lame question but red
Gendry (Stupid) : wbu

Arya (M’lady) [11:23] : black
Arya (M’lady) : how old are you? Just realized I never asked lol

Gendry (Stupid) [11:26] : I’m 26
Gendry (Stupid) : how many siblings do you have?

Arya (M’lady) [11:27] : I’m 22
Arya (M’lady) : and I have 5 (but 6 if you count Theon??? He hung out with us a lot he’s Robb’s best friend so he was always around)
Arya (M’lady) : favourite tv show?

Gendry (Stupid) [11:33] : that’s a lot of kids in one house your parents must be SAINTS
Gendry (Stupid) : and I don’t really have one??? I don’t watch much tv

Arya (M’lady) [11:36] : :O

• • •

Hot Pie [11:54] : Gendryyyyyy

Gendry (new #) [11:55] : Read at 11:55 PM
Gendry (new #) : :)))))

Hot Pie [11:56] : ur no fun

• • •

Saturday, May 11

Arya (M’lady) [10:27] : 3 weeks left

Gendry (Stupid) [10:30] : oh no
Gendry (Stupid) : what will I do with myself if I can’t text you anymore

Arya (M’lady) [10:32] : wow sarcasm you’re hilarious
Arya (M’lady) : um we can still text??? Just with our own phones finally
Arya (M’lady) : btw I’ve taken like 200 photos on your phone, Braavos is BEAUTIFUL

Gendry (Stupid) [10:35] : you still want to keep in touch after this?
Gendry (Stupid) : and that’s fine, I don’t care lol

Arya (M’lady) [10:37] : why wouldn’t I?
Arya (M’lady) : I thought we were FRIENDS now
Arya (M’lady) : geez we even played 20 questions when I was drunk, you practically know everything about me now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gendry (Stupid) [10:43] : obviously I want to keep in touch
Gendry (Stupid) : idk I guess I just thought you’d return to your normal routine or whatever here when you get back

Arya (M’lady) [10:47] : GENDRY
Arya (M’lady) : the title literally means nothing
Arya (M’lady) : I go to university
Arya (M’lady) : it’s not special
Arya (M’lady) : I will obviously still text you

• • •

Arya (Apparently) [10:56] : boys are dumb

Sansa [10:58] : tell me about it
Sansa: Gendry?

Arya (Apparently) [11:00] : wow Sansa not everything has to be about him
Arya (Apparently) : but yes, maybe

• • •

Sansa [11:00] : if they don’t fall in love and have many children I will be very sad

Margaery [11:05] : Arya and Gendry?
Margaery: are they not already in love?

Sansa [11:06] : they’ve only known each other for two weeks

Margaery [11:07] : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Margaery: he’s hot, she’s hot
Margaery: they’re good friends who talk all the time now
Margaery: they’re gonna meet in person when they finally switch phones back
Margaery: it’ll happen

• • •

Tuesday, May 14

Arya (Apparently) [1:03] : wake up
Arya (Apparently) : I know we don’t normally do this but I need help

Sansa [1:10] : it’s one in the morning???

Arya (Apparently) [1:11] : I just facetimed him for like 3 hours
Arya (Apparently) : he’s funny and easy to talk to
Arya (Apparently) : and he’s ridiculously attractive like wow how is that allowed
Arya (Apparently) : and his VOICE...
Arya (Apparently) : WHAT DO I DO???

Sansa [1:15] : date him???
Sansa: it’s obvious???
Sansa: idk, marry him if you want

Arya (Apparently) [1:17] : not. helpful.
Arya (Apparently) : what if he doesn’t feel the same way

Sansa [1:18] : I’ve seriously never seen you like this with any other guy before wow
Sansa: he stayed up until one in the morning to talk to you
Sansa: he likes you
Sansa: he literally commented a heart emoji on your last Instagram post
Sansa: do I need to spell it out for you???

Arya (Apparently) [1:24] : yeah but that was the friend-heart not the love-heart
Arya (Apparently) : you know there’s a difference
Arya (Apparently) : don’t be stupid

Sansa [1:26] : oooooooh love???

Arya (Apparently) [1:27] : ok shut up you know what I meant

• • •

Gendry (new #) [1:04] : ok I’m lifting the ban I need to talk to you about Arya

Hot Pie: [1:06] : FINALLY
Hot Pie: what happened

Gendry (new #) [1:07] : I maybe like her?
Gendry (new #) : a lot?

Hot Pie [1:08] : well duh tell me something I don’t know
Hot Pie: what’s w the sudden revelation?

Gendry (new #) [1:10] : we just facetimed for 3 hours
Gendry (new #) : and now I want to talk to her all the time???

Hot Pie [1:13] : HA LAME
Hot Pie: (but adorable omg)

• • •

Sunday, May 19

Arya (M’lady) [12:04] : 13 days!!
Arya (M’lady) : Braavos is really pretty tho I almost don’t want to leave
Arya (M’lady) : but I do want my phone back...
Arya (M’lady) : hmmmm

Gendry (Stupid) [12:07] : Well if it influences your decision any, I would also like my phone back

Arya (M’lady) [12:08] : and here I was, thinking you wanted to meet me in person

Gendry (Stupid) [12:10] : we do have to meet in person to switch our phones

Arya (M’lady) [12:11] : no it’s fine I see how it is

Gendry (Stupid) [12:14] : Dramatic™️

Arya (M’lady) [12:15] : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it’s my brand

• • •

Theon [4:30] : I’m confused are they dating

Sansa [4:34] : when are you not
Sansa: and no
Sansa: but one can hope

Theon [4:36] : RUDE

• • •

Wednesday, May 22

Arya [3:21] : has my sister kissed you yet

Theon [3:24] : WHAT

• • •

Arya (Apparently) [3:25] : you’re welcome

Sansa [3:26] : ???????

• • •

Theon Greyjoy changed his relationship status!

Theon Greyjoy is In a Relationship with Sansa Stark
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Arya Stark commented: :D

• • •

Saturday, May 25

Arya (new #???) [4:45] : are you still mad at me

Robb [4:47] : maybe

Arya (new #???) [4:47] : :((((

Robb [4:49] : not really
Robb: still can’t believe my own wife didn’t tell me though
Robb: I mean really the LOVE of my LIFE, the MOTHER of my CHILD, my WIFE, til DEATH do us part, my RIDE OR DIE
Robb: I’ve never felt more betrayed

Arya (new #???) [4:51] : WHAT
Arya (new #???) : SHE’S PREGNANT?

Robb [4:53] :

• • •

Arya (new #) [4:54] : CONGRATULATIONS

Jeyne [4:55] : Robb told you?
Jeyne: and thanks :D

Arya (new #) [4:57] : accidentally
Arya (new #) : I’m so happy for you!!!

• • •

Arya (M’lady) [5:21] : [IMG_2319.jpg]
Arya (M’lady) : Apparently it was supposed to be a secret
Arya (M’lady) : HAHAHAHA

Gendry (Stupid) [5:30] : I don’t even know your brother and yet I’m still somehow not surprised?
Gendry (Stupid) : you’re going to be an aunt

Arya (M’lady) [5:31] : yikes
Arya (M’lady) : that makes me sound old
Arya (M’lady) : I’m gonna be the best aunt ever tho
Arya (M’lady) : I’ll be the cool one

• • •

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• • •

Saturday, June 1

Arya (M’lady) [6:15] : omw to the airport

Gendry (Stupid) [6:16] : have a safe flight
Gendry (Stupid) : is it cheesy if I say that I’m really excited to meet you in person??

Arya (M’lady) [6:19] : I have no control over the plane
Arya (M’lady) : and no
Arya (M’lady) : I’m really excited to meet you too

• • •

Gendry (new #) [8:45] : why am I nervous?

Hot Pie [8:47] : she already likes u
Hot Pie: chill out
Hot Pie: u’ll be fine
Hot Pie: deep breaths dude

• • •

Arya (M’lady) [11:15] : landed :)))
Arya (M’lady) : extremely tired tho so I’m going to crash
Arya (M’lady) : are you free tomorrow?

Gendry (Stupid) [11:19] : how was your flight?
Gendry (Stupid) : and yes I am

Arya (M’lady) [11:20] : didn’t die so that’s always nice
Arya (M’lady) : great! Want to get coffee or something?

Gendry (Stupid) [11:22] : sounds great

• • •

Sunday, June 2

Sansa [9:16] : ooooooh Arya has a date

Arya (Apparently) [9:17] : not a date, it’s coffee and maybe lunch to exchange phones

Sansa [9:19] : oh please
Sansa: you like him, he likes you
Sansa: you’re getting coffee
Sansa: it’s 100% a date that you’re just refusing to call a date

Arya (Apparently) [9:22] : I’m deleting this conversation before we switch phones

• • •

Gendry (Stupid) [3:16] : you have me saved in your phone as M’LADY????
Gendry (Stupid) : GENDRY
Gendry (Stupid) : SO RUDE

Arya (M’lady) [3:18] : um wow you’re one to talk
Arya (M’lady) : you have me saved as Stupid??????

M’lady (w her actual phone) [3:20] : it’s an affectionate nickname
M’lady (w her actual phone) : duh, stupid

STUPID (w his OWN phone) [3:21] : aww. adorable. so sweet. :(

M’lady (w her actual phone) [3:22] : you can’t see me but I’m sticking my tongue out at you

STUPID (w his OWN phone) [3:30] : you took so many selfies on here wow

M’lady (w her actual phone) [3:32] : you’re welcome

STUPID (w his OWN phone) [3:35] : [IMG_802.jpg]
STUPID (w his OWN phone) : I’m making that one my screensaver

M’lady (w her actual phone) [3:36] : NO

• • •

Sansa [4:16] : so how was your not-a-date?
Sansa: is he as handsome in person as you claimed he was over facetime?
Sansa: is he going to be my new brother-in-law???

Arya (Apparently) [4:18] : I feel like I should let you know that we switched back and this is, in fact, not Arya

Sansa [4:19] : .......
Sansa: well I’m an idiot

• • •

Sansa [4:21] : please don’t kill me

Arya [4:22] : what did you do

Sansa [4:23] : I may have texted Gendry because I’m an idiot and forgot the whole purpose of your meeting was to switch phones

Arya [4:25] : what did you say to him

Sansa [4:28] : not much, not much
Sansa: just maybe asked him if he was as handsome in person as you claimed he was over facetime and if he was going to be my new brother-in-law

Arya [4:30] : oh wow I’m going to kill you

• • •

Gendry [4:21] : [IMG_3679.jpg]
Gendry: UMMM
Gendry: Sansa thought I was Arya and texted me this?

Hot Pie [4:23] : I don’t want 2 say I told u so
Hot Pie: BUT
Hot Pie: I told u so
Hot Pie: ask! her! out!

• • •

Stupid [5:00] : had an interesting conversation with your sister today

M’lady [5:01] : I’m going to kill her
M’lady : I’m sorry about all of that

Stupid [5:03] : do you want to get dinner tomorrow or something?
Stupid : as a date, to clarify

M’lady [5:05] : tomorrow’s so far away though...
M’lady : want to just come over here and order takeout?
M’lady: as a date, to clarify

• • •

Monday, June 3

Arya [9:17] : I have decided not to kill you

Sansa [9:18] : because you realized you wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt of killing your favourite sister?

Arya [9:19] : only sister
Arya : and no

Sansa [9:20] : then what brought upon this mercy that you are showing me?

Arya [9:21] : Gendry’s here and making pancakes

Sansa [9:22] : WHAT
Sansa : OMG
Sansa: ARYA