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The one where Tae tops

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They are laughing and there it is; a hand coming to touch jin's shoulder. The first touch that lingers for more than 2 seconds since this night started. Tae is biting on his lower lip. Things have been going slow but it seems this is the turning point. He's getting more comfortable and Tae supposes it's thanks to Jin. Jin can make everyone feel at ease around him.
The hand is finally off the shoulder but it slides down Jin's arm and it lands on his thigh. Tae's grip on his whiskey tightens. He doesn't like what he is seeing. The man hasn't even spent -what- 20 minutes with Jin and yet he's already all over him, leaning closer to him, his damned hand is still on his thigh.
He needs to talk to Jin about this later, he thinks as if he never had.


"Jin, can I talk to you. Like can you be a little less um... friendly. I feel your clients get comfortable with you way too much." Tae emphasises on the "way".
Jin is at first listening to him with a bit of concern over his serious tone but by the time Tae finishes his complaint Jin has this big smirk on his face and tae just knows he will hold this against him for when he wants to tease him.
"You are so cute when you're jealous babe."
"I'm not jealous" Tae is blushing, "I'm concerned for your well-being. Not everyone knows what limits are. Our clients are all these rich people who have never had to deal with rejection. They are used to always getting what they want."
"Tae you are talking like I wasn't in this business longer than you. Listen, our company is a good one, they have rules so clients have to respect our comfort zone. Besides, what is 'too friendly' when our job is all about being friendly."
Tae huffed and looked down to the side, frustrated. Jin's expression softened and he stepped closer to tae. His hand played with Tae's hair, tucking some strands to the side and then he cupped his face.
"I too get jealous when I see a client of yours getting touchy and you know what? It's only natural to feel that but what is a little jealousy compared to the fact that we each other and no one else's, huh?" Jin gives him a peck on the lips and Tae thinks they only started dating like a week ago, maybe he will get used to it.


It's been three months and he didn't get used to it. Not even close.
He's glaring now at that man's hand still on Jin's thigh. He's thinking what if he walks right now there and make some shit up like "Jin! our apartment is on fire!" yeah, that would work. He jots the last of his whisky down his throat and it burns too much. He can hear Jin's voice telling him it's because that's not how you drink whiskey. You should enjoy whiskey, let it rest inside your mouth a bit, chewing on it. That's how you drink whiskey. He coughs and drinks some water to cool down his throat. Dammit that just makes him more upset. He and Jin could be dancing right now. Feeling the heat of each other. Being in Jin's arms like he's supposed to be all the time any time. He should be the one touching him instead of that pathetic loser who pays for something he will never actually get. Tae is glaring much more now his back hunched and each of his arms resting on each of his thighs, legs wide open. His hair got long and he watches through the locks falling on his eyes. That idiot is all over his man, his arms around him and his face so close, too close. What an idiot! Does he even notice that Jin doesn't like it when you are so up his face. Doesn't he know. Taehying knows. Jin doesn't like it when you are too much, he actually hates it when you are so desperate. When you are so easy. Not when he just met you at least. But Jin is so good at his job, he's running with it, entertaining the guy and all. Work is work, he supposes. He too could be doing work right now, a good distraction, if only his stupid date didn't cancel in the last minute. That's why married clients are annoying. They can be so fun but they carry too much responsibility. At least they pay exceptionally well for an hour away from their boring, mundane life.
The bar lights are dim but taehyung knows he can be seen when Jin turns his attention away from the idiot and locks his eyes with Tae's dark ones. Tae doesn't fudge and just keeps staring. Jin does too until two fingers caress his chin and directs his attention back to their owner. What a mistake. Jin hates it when you touch his face. Tae vocalizes a breathy agressive 'fuck you', meant to that asshole because how dare he touch what's his. He can see Jin getting up a minute later, looks like it's in the excuse of getting a fill-up. He looks at Tae, looks down to the empty glasses, holds them and walks his way to the bar. Tae is on his feet in no time. Blood that was rushing to his head is now going the other way around down to his cock. Jin is leaning with his back to the counter, his elbows resting on it and he's waiting for the drinks, and for Tae.
Jin doesn't even finish saying "you are too obvious tonight, don't you thin-" when Tae bumps into him, front first, his hands digging deep to his sides, their noses brushing. Jin doesn't react but he can hear the bartender behind them shouting "easy you horny fucks" but Taehyung doesn't care. He presses his dick against Jin's middle and grinds down a little. His mouth an inch away from Jin's lips, heavy-breathing against them. He doesn't break eye-contact and as soft as his eyelashes half close, he begs.
"Please let me fuck you tonight? Please.. I wanna touch you and ruin you, do things to you he can't. Things none of them can. Please, please..."
Jin grunts a bit from how hard tae's nails are digging into his skin. He doesn't try to get them off though, he actually likes when Taehyung is so weak for him like this. He too doesn't care about his client anymore. He runs his hands through Tae's hair, then grabs a good chunk of it in both hands and holds tight. So tight, he brings Tae's face to look up and Tae moans and whimpers. Jin lightly presses his lips just a little below tae's Adam's apple. He doesn't kiss or suck, he just drags his mouth -keeping the slightest of touches- along Tae's neck up to his ear and he whispers. "Just give me half an hour, the man wants some company until he's wasted and then his time is over. And your time starts. How about that babe?" Tae doesn't speak just whines. The bartender coughs loudly in an attempt to get Jin's attention that his drinks are ready. Jin lets go of Tae's hair and Tae breaks his hold on jin too. Jin lifts his thumb and presses it on tae's lips and runs it over them. One second, he's smiling at Tae and the other he turns to the drinks and goes back to finish his job. Tae would like it if he could hold it but he knows it all too well when Jin starts to get hard and he can't fucking hold it now that felt him. He runs to the bathroom, lucky for him there's an empty stall and he starts jerking off. Minutes go by and he's breathing so hard, hand covered in cum and he can't fucking wait to be inside Jin. He can't fucking wait.


Jin kept his promise and they are out of the bar in exactly half an hour. Tae is hard again and he's glad his little session didn't ruin it for him. He honestly gets hard the moment he thinks about Jin in someone else's arms, giving them the temporary joy of having the presence of a god mere inches near them for a limited amount of time. Then slipping away from their unworthy hands and back to him. Only for him to enjoy and love with no restrictions or time limits. Oh, how good it feels to be the winner. To be the only one who gets to be loved by Jin and adored by him. He doesn't even care about the ones that had him before him. Only the present matters and the present has him and Jin, no one else.
Their apartment door is slammed open, quickly closed. They are kissing and biting on each other's lips and along necks. Their tongues enjoying the heat and taste of their mouths; alcohol and strawberry chapstick.
Jin has Tae pinned to the wall, his hands pulling onto Tae's jacket. He breaks their oral fun and pulls the jacket off the shoulder, stepping back and leaving the sleeves to Tae to finish removing. He starts getting out of his own clothes.
"c'mon Taehyung-ah, you wanna be in charge? Ruin me? Do to me what ~they~ can only dream of? This is your chance, you know I've only ever been yours." Says Jin, breath unstable and them big lips swollen, his voice so low and Tae can only take so much. They're getting everything off in no time and they are both naked. Clothes thrown near their feet all over. They are what you call hard and impatient. Tae makes the first step because he suppose to. He grabs on jin's wrist and guides him to the kitchen. They have this big wooden table in the middle of it. Jin takes a seat on it, lies down and brings his arms behind his head to rest. His legs lifted up and spreaded. Tae takes the invitation and stands in between Jin's legs. He runs his hands on Jin's chest. His nipples are hard so naturally Tae licks his lips and wastes no time to lean in and suck on them. He holds Jin's biceps with one hand and with the other he gives attention to seokjin's left boob, squeezing it and holding the nip between his fingers playing with it. His eyes are closed while he sucks and licks on the other nip, occasionally biting and pulling. His eyes are open once he hears Jin's moans getting the loudest they've been tonight. He keeps working his tongue and staring up at Seokjin's face. He's the one with his eyes closed now and sounds from heaven are escaping his mouth. All because of tae and no one else. Jin's hand rests on the back of his neck, rubbing it almost imitating the movement Tae is applying to his nipples.
"You know what I like and what I need. Just keep making me feel good taehyung-ah~ keep making me feel good."
Tae blushes. Salvia falling from his mouth and tongue covering Jin's chest. The wetness and the heat from the younger's mouth excites Jin. He would never give up the feelings Tae makes him feel for anything.

As much as Tae loves doing this, he can feel the struggle their throbbing dicks are going through between their stomachs. He kisses Jin's chest and up to his neck. He bites hard on this spot just below his jawline, that makes Jin hiss. He gets up, and jin's hand trails off from Tae's neck to rest by his side, his other hand still under his head.
Tae holds his hips and presses his thumbs down, and rubs them against Jin's skin in circles. He's biting his bottom lip staring intensely at Jin who's staring back with as much intensity. It's hard to stop looking but he needs to focus on making him feel good. He looks down, doesn't even care about his dick, he only has eyes for Jin's. He's watching it twitching right beneath him. He runs his palm against it feeling its length. He wets his palm with his tongue and does it again. He loves how it bounces back up. He spits on his hand and envelopes both of them in his grip. Small strokes up and down, squeezing just enough. Jin moans and Tae does too.
He then kneels down just to get in a good level with jin's ass, pushing jin's thighs up to get a better viewing. He licks his lips again. "Fuck hyung~" and gets one of his balls inside his wet, hot mouth. Jin is loud he's always been and god, how much Taehyung loves that about him. He wastes no time in proceeding to lick and spit on Jin's asshole. Getting it wet and well moist. His position is not so comfortable so he just gets Jin's hole wet as much as he can and gets up.
He leans in one more time to kiss jin. Give him an idea of what he tastes like. He gives a kiss to the tip of Jin's cock. He stands up gets his own tip wet with spit.
"Just keep looking at me Seokjin-ah, alright ?"
Jin nods and that's Tae's cue to start. He slowly insert himself inside Jin. They both moan. Tae moves his hips in a slow pace, letting Jin's hole get used to the size. It would work faster with loop but they got to work with what they got.
"Yeah keep going baby.. just like that… you feel so good inside me, fuck!"
Tae grunts and his pace is getting faster and faster. Jin takes it well though, asshole stretching but still tight enough to feel good around Tae. It always feels good between them.
Finally, Tae's dick is all in and he buries his face in Jin's stomach. Jin's hands, as if it's their mission in life, grab on his hair thight. Tae is thrusting hard and fast, both of them moaning loud, just looking for release. Tae wants to be good, to make Jin feel good. Fuck the escorting business, he wants this to be his job.
They are both so close. Their little but fancy home full of fuck's and oh my god's. Tae stands up. A couple more thrusts and he's cumming. His load inside Jin. He holds Jin's cock and strokes it while still thrusting into him until Jin comes all over his chest.
Both breathing hard, Taehyung pulls out from Jin. Jin can put his legs down now and he tries to catch his breath. They share a look before Jin opens his arms and tae jumps right in between them. He lays his head on Jin's shoulder, enjoying the comfort of being in his hold. Jin plays with Tae's ear and kisses his forehead. "You did so well Taehyungie. " jin praises. "This is why I'm yours and yours alone."
"Thank you hyung, I'm yours alone too." Tae presses himself even more against Jin and he runs his index and middle fingers on Jin's chest collecting his cum and he puts them in his mouth. He closes his eyes to enjoy the taste more.
Jin kisses Tae's forehead again and he thinks about how good he has it.