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Explosive Touch [Bakugo Katsuki x OC] – Book 3

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“You know, I actually have a lot of respect for UA. Perhaps you could even go as far as to say that I think it can measure up to our own Shiketsu High." Though he spoke so confidently and remained unmoving, the three UA students he had been addressing stood still, as if frozen in fear. “Yet your class A has done nothing but erode those feelings…”

That is, until a certain ash blond snickered, mumbling as he prepared to attack. They weren't here for a mere pleasant chat, after all.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Quit yappin'. Show us what you really got, senpai!" Katsuki accentuated the last word, turning a title of respect for somebody's experience, into but a snarky remark, meant only to piss his opponent off.

The Shiketsu High student's eyes turned sharply towards Katsuki, his body following suit, as he finally moved in to attack back.

"And you, Bakugo -" He sent a few of the chunks of flesh hovering behind him in the ash blond's direction. "MOST OF ALL!!"

"Katsuki-kun!!" At first, Atsuhi called out in concern, only to realize a mere second later, after the smoke from yet another clash had quickly cleared, that Katsuki was most definitely fine, standing almost victoriously. Unfortunately, his opponent was also quite alright.

So, in terms of strength, we might or might not have the advantage. What's stopping us is his Quirk. If it touches us, we're done for.

Kinda like mine.

This is so not good.

If it were just us versus him, I would've found a way to get him, even if I couldn't get close to him.

But with all those other people on the ground... Though they don't exactly look like people... Any of my long-range attacks would hit and hurt them as well… Kirishima-kun's among them too.

Both Kaminari-kun and even Katsuki-kun are holding back. We're not only fighting a human being, but he essentially has hostages we need to keep safe. Some heroic battle this is…

As Atsuhi's thoughts ran wild in her head, Katsuki continued exchanging blows with the purple-haired student.

A soft click to the girl's right made her turn to look at Kaminari, who prepared two disks in the brand new support equipment he had added to his costume a few weeks ago. He quickly noticed her gaze on him, and silently motioned towards the fight happening in front of them.

Ah, so he plans to attack while that guy isn't looking.

I wish I could do something to help too... But as long as we take him down, it shouldn't matter either way, so long as we all actually pass.

Her attention returned to Kaminari as he adjusted the position of his arm and aimed at somewhere near where the two were fighting up ahead. Now, he had to time it.

"Seriously!? Neither of you got any costume improvements!? Why...?"

"Weeell, I don't know about Katsuki-kun but I didn't really need much... Though it's not like there are no changes. The support company improved the fabric so that it's even more heat resistant now and they did some testing with samples of my hair to make the parts around my hands and feet different, so that I can use my Quirk without having to go around barefoot or something!!"

Kaminari looked on briefly, registering all the sudden information. Then, he mumbled under his breath.

"Yeah, sure. The power couple's gotta be all smart…"

"Pardon me, what was that?"

"Nothing, nothing, don't mind me!" Kaminari waved his hands, frantically trying to dismiss his earlier slip-up upon the sudden realization that Katsuki was very much within earshot. Though Atsuhi looked at him briefly with suspicion in her wide green eyes, she decided not to pry. (A good choice, for if she had heard him, she would've no doubt blushed a mad red, prompting Katsuki to come over and check up on her, only for this all to lead to Kaminari's premature death. In other words, it wouldn't have been pretty…)

"Hmm, okay then. What about you, Kaminari-kun? I saw those new parts but I have no clue what they're for." The blond seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, deciding that his life had been saved. He mentally thanked Atsuhi's respect of personal space.

"Well, glad you asked!!" He grinned proudly. "I'm not very good at aiming my electricity, and when we're fighting I'm always scared that my comrades will get caught up in my attacks too. So, I asked the support course for something to help me with that!!"

"Hmm, hmm," Atsuhi nodded excitedly.

"So, how's it work?"

"I shoot out these disk things wherever I want, and then I can automatically aim my electricity there! I haven't had the chance to use it outside of training yet but I can't wait to try it out in the exam next week!"

A loud click took Atsuhi right out of the untimely flashback, only to bring her back to the harsh reality of her depleting time limit and the blur that were Kaminari's two disks whizzing past her and flying towards the Shiketsu High student.

In an instant, Katsuki moved out of the way, leaving his opponent to fend off the attack all on his own, while he moved behind him and prepared to blast him away with one final move.

Katsuki-kun's back is facing all the... 'people' on the ground, so that his explosion doesn’t hit any of them. He might not look like it but he puts a lot of thought into these things! Even if it comes to him pretty naturally…

It would've been a nice change of pace if this impromptu plan of theirs had worked as perfectly as they had hoped it would. It sure would've been neat if Kaminari's attack really had connected. If it'd been enough.

If only things were that simple.

"Don't forget 'bout me!!"

"I haven't.”

In that single instant Atsuhi's eyes widened, a cold shiver running down her spine. Before she could even blink, she was already running forward, as if she could've done something either way.

"Katsuki-kun!!" she called out desperately, an outstretched hand hoping to somehow get a grasp of something, anything that she could do. Katsuki's eyes did briefly turn to her, then to Kaminari, whom he tossed one of his small grenades that were usually attached to his belt.

Thus, the chunk of flesh which had attached itself to the back of his neck, seemingly swallowed him whole, before he too turned into a mangled twisted thing on the ground, much to Atsuhi's absolute horror.

K-Katsuki-kun too!? W-we're done fore then...! Are we really going to fail just like-


No! Get yourself together, Atsuhi!! Both Katsuki-kun and Kirishima-kun are down. Which means it's all up to me and Kaminari-kun... We have to do it...

In the single spare second that they had, Atsuhi ran over to Kaminari's side and whispered one of her signature desperate plans that had a much higher chance of failing miserably than doing her any good. You know, the usual.

The boy nodded and before long, the two were beside each other, battle poses at the ready.

Right now, it was just the two of them.

Huh, seems like I'm gonna be the one saving his butt this time around. Well, I guess we still won't be quite even. But it's a start. Katsuki-kun, Kirishima-kun, we will get you out of this mess, I promise! Just you wait.