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A Study of Spidey Habits

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He woke up slowly. It felt too slow to be honest. Were his eyes even open? He could tell it was dark, but the blurry figure in the distance did nothing to ground him. His wrists were numb and he couldn’t move anything without pain worse than fire coursing through him.


There were clanging noises coming from what he presumed to be metal tools in the distance. He didn’t know what they were . Odd, he could usually tell a spanner from a wrench just by the noise. That scared him. A lot.   


He tried moving his head, but his head throbbed with the movement.. Where am I?


He could hear footsteps approaching. The noise was soft and fuzzy, as if he was swimming in an ocean and was falling to the bottom of the seabed. It just felt wrong, so wrong. The blurry figure didn’t become any clearer as it got closer. Now all he could see was a mix of dull colours instead of dull dots. His wrist was picked up harshly, pulling against the metal restraints painfully. How hadn’t noticed that before? The cuffs felt strong and firm and he couldn't help but let out a yell as something pierced his skin.  The life drained out of him in an instant along with something else, though he couldn’t tell what. He was crying out to anyone that could hear him. He was in pain; He just wanted to go home.

Is this home now?


He didn't know anymore.


There was a faint buzzing in his ear as something was being injected this time rather than taken.  He felt drowsy and he needed to throw up as soon as possible.

But he couldn’t.


He tried to cry but his mouth could not open, what was the point of opening his mouth when he could sleep...just sleep.

As he was on the verge of falling asleep, he got jerked awake by an increase in heart rate or something.


The thing that had injected fluid into his arm put an object on his face now. Gas consumed his senses before he could register what was happening. The figure was muttering phrases he couldn't understand. Everything felt fuzzy and out of place.


As he lost unconsciousness, he tried to remember.