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Company Merger

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To say he was nervous would be an understatement. His heart was racing and palm was sweating.

He had only sent the email off a day ago and he was worried that he’d soon get hit with a moonshot, which was unlikely since Atlas HQ was hidden away under an insane amount of flora and a shield, plus no one knew Atlas was running from Pandora, everyone thought the revived company was running from Promethea which was definitely not leaked by company personnel so that no bandits would come looking for said company.


Back to the email and a worried brunette who was ruining his perfectly styled hair by running his flesh hand through it, cybernetic hand tapping on the table as he waited for a response from Handsome Jack. 

He wouldn’t of emailed him but he was in dire need for workers and he knew that Helios had plenty at its disposal. Rhys had control of one of the biggest Eridium mines on Pandora and he knew that was something Jack was interested in so he had hoped he could tempt him in.


Of course the email didn’t mention any of this, it was to make it simple ‘Hi I’m Rhys Strongfork, CEO of Atlas, we need to have a meeting to join forces. Also no hard feelings about stealing your deed.’

Maybe he could of worded it better or not antagonised the man that has a giant space station with the power to wipe out an entire section of the planet.


Luckily this entire time he wasn’t alone, he had Lady Aurelia Hammerlock by his side who had been cooing and trying to help him relax as they were waiting for a response.


The older woman had been helping from very early on, Atlas would of gotten no where if it wasn’t for the funding that Aurelia put into it, she was the reason that Atlas had gotten to this point and for that Rhys was eternally grateful.


The tense mood was broken when suddenly Rhys’ ECHO started ringing, his hand heading for it but was slapped away by the woman who swooped in and took it, holding it to her ear.


”Hello, Lady Hammerlock speaking on behalf of Mr. Strongfork, how can I help?”

She spoke professionally down the echo but was looking slightly confused to Rhys but soon her bright eyes widened and she pulled the echo back covering the microphone but holding it out to Rhys.


”It’s him.”