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Our Home in Gotham: Letters from Ed, Os, and Martin

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Dear Mister Penguin,


Thank you so much for saving me! I'm sorry I let Sofia use me. I was so stupid. Mister Zaz Zsasz says he's sorry too. He asked me if you told me anything about Sofia's dad. He said he thought you killed him. I said you were angry and sad when he died.


He took me to your big house but Sofia was there. She told me I was just like her and that we should be friends. She wanted me to lie to you again. I said no. She wasn't happy and she hurt my arm. Mister Zsasz was angry too but I don't think he was mad at me.


He took me to the safehouse and said that I had to behave or I could get hurt. He said he couldn't be there to save me. He gave me a comic book to read! One of Sofia's badguys said he would beat me up if I was bad by Mister Zsasz pointed a gun at him. I wasn't even scared! I like him even though he betrayed us.


Is that what you meant by friends being a bad thing? Because they sometimes do bad things but you like them anyway? Is that why you were friends with Sofia?


Are you and Mister Riddler friends? Are we still friends?