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My Deku Doll

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Where is he? We need to find him said Uraraka. "Don’t worry we find him said, Mina." All of Class 1-A was searching for Midoriya who went missing 2 weeks ago after the incident in the mall. A villain will a quirk that can create a bomb from items cause a big explosion in order to steal money and Jewelry. Midoriya was on the scene to stop the mad villain from causing any more danger to innocent civilians. I won't let you get away with this shouted Midoriya as he charged towards the villain. You think you can't stop me Ha! Don't make me laugh you brat. The villain grabs some nearby items and transforms them into bombs. The Villain threw them towards Midoriya. Midoriya dodges them easily. This ends now DETROIT SMASH shouted Midoriya as he hit the villain sending him flying toward a store. Midoriya headed to where the villain was and began to tie him up. After Midoriya finished he waited for the police to arrive as he was waiting.

He heard the cries for help. Help me! Somebody, please! Midoriya quickly headed to where the crying for help was coming from. Midoriya arrives and saw a little girl crying. He approaches the little girl. Hey, kid what are you doing here? said Midoriya. I was walking with my mommy and I ended getting separated from her. Can you please help me look for her said the little girl. Of course, kid that what heroes are for said Midoriya smiling. Midoriya holds the little girl hand and began to lead her back to where he left the villain. Unknown to Midoriya that the little girl was holding a needle in one of her hands. The girl smiled, but not the type of innocent smile that a little girl would have. It was the type that a crazy person would have. While Midoriya had his back turned the little girl injected Midoriya with the needle. Ow! kid what you do that for said Midoriya as he turns around to face the little girl. Hehehe you find out soon enough said the little girl as her skin began to liquidity. Midoriya was shocked when he realized who the little girl was, but before he can do anything he suddenly began to feel sleepy. He fell to the ground hard as he looked up he saw Himiko Toga standing in front of him with a crazy smile. Next, to her, there was a mystery man who Midoriya could see clearly. "Don't worry My little Midoriya we be together soon enough." I have to kill this guy so he won’t blab about me hiring him into causing havoc in order to lure you out said Toga still smiling. My friend here will take you somewhere special. Midoriya began losing consciousness and as everything began getting dark Midoriya managed to say one word before losing consciousness. Uraraka.

It has been two weeks now and still, nothing said Uraraka with tears in her eyes. Don't cry we need to have faith said Momo. Yeah, we find him no matter what said Krishima. We bring him home said Ilda. Midoriya is lucky to have such great friends said Uraraka wiping the tears from her eyes. Class 1-A continue to search the city hoping to find their friend. Tch this is a waste of time said Bakugo who was annoyed that they were spending more time searching for Midoriya and less time on training. I can’t believe you would say such a thing said Tooru. Whatever said Bakugo. Don’t listen to him Uraraka he just being his jerk self said Jiro. What did you say you little? Back off Bakugo said Kaminari as he pushes Bakugo. Watch it you idiot otherwise, I. Enough Bakugo quit being such a brat said Aizawa as he appeared behind Bakugo. A classmate is missing and all you care about it yourself. A hero thinks about others if you can’t learn that lesson then you shouldn't be a hero said Aizawa. Bakugo stays quiet for a min before saying sorry and walking away. Thanks, Mr.Aizawa said Uraraka. Midoriya is my student and deeply care for all my students even when they’re being brats. Now then, let's continue our search said Aizawa. Right shouted everyone in agreement. Everyone went separated directed to look for Midoriya. Uraraka took out a picture of herself and Midoriya of their first date and remembering their first kiss. “We soon reunited Midoriya.”

Where is that crazy bitch said Dabi? I didn’t know you care for Toga/What a great man said Twice. Tch I don’t care what happens to her. I just don’t want her to get captured and give our location way said Dabi. Relax Dabi she in the room upstairs said Tomura. What is she up to said Dabi? Oh, you see hehe said Tomura as he gave a sinister smile. After 10 min Spinner came downstairs. Hey, guys Toga want us to come upstairs she has a surprise to show us. Oh boy, a surprised/ Wonder what it’s said Twice. Everyone head upstairs to see what the surprise was Good day everyone I glad you came to said Mr.Compress taking off his hat and bowing. Whatever said Dabi looking annoyed. They all enter the room and notice Toga and DollMaster standing in front of a curtain covering something. ‘Hello everyone I am glad you came said Toga with a smile.`` What the surprise/Is it something cool said Twice. The coolest thing ever said Toga as her smile widened. Ready to show them Doll Master. Ready Toga-chan as they pull down the curtain. The boys notice a person sitting in a chair. Waited isn't that the kid with the green hair said, Spinner. Yes, it is said Toga smiling. What the hell is he doing here said Dabi as he unleashed his blue flames? Stand down Dabi he won’t do anything said Kurogirl. What you mean said Dabi. “Wait don’t tell me that.” That's right Dabi said Tomura as he gave a sinister smile. Whoa/Wow said Twice. Spinner took a step back and he was scared to death. I always knew you were crazy, but this is insanity said Dabi who was also scared. “Tomura can I keep him said Toga”. Sure why not said Tomura smiling. Yay, my very own Deku Doll said Toga. Now we can be together forever HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.