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Not Just Another Multi-Fandom Hunger Games Story

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Not Just Another Multi-Fandom Hunger Games Story

Chapter 1

Let's See How Many People Actually Know All of These Worlds

District 1

"I volunteer."

She shouldn't, she knew. She was the smallest of her class, even as the highest scoring student, and she stood no chance against the better trained and older tributes.

But she just couldn't ignore that remark from the other day.

Eric didn't think she'd survive the games? Well, then, she'd just have to prove him wrong.

Tris held her head up high as she walked up onto the stage, doing her best not to fidget with her gray button-up shirt as she did so. She was confident in herself, and she was going to show it.

"Beatrice," Marcus sighed from behind the escort, but Tris ignored him. Ten watched her with an almost sad expression, but said nothing. But that sad expression said enough.

Eric glared at her, and Tris just glared back.

It was selfish, she knew. She would be abandoning her family – more than she had when she joined training. She would be putting her district’s winning streak at risk. But she needed to prove Eric wrong.

Besides, she had every intention of winning.

The escort, Jeanine, pulled another name out of the bowl. When Peter walked on stage, and the escort, asked them to shake hands, they just glared.


District 2

He walked up to the stage, doing his best to look like he wasn’t desperate for a sign of approval from his father. Still, when his father gave no such sign, he felt his heart sinking. The only reason he was going into these games was because his father expected him to. A little visible acknowledgement would be nice.

Arthur took a deep breath, forcing himself to focus on what he had just gotten himself into.  He smiled at his fellow tribute - Mithian maybe? - and she smiled back. They would make good allies, from what he remembered of her from training. At least for the first part of the games.

Arthur could almost hear the crowd at the Capitol oohing. The mayor's son in the games? He could already imagine the theories – was this in response to District 1 coming close to beating their record?

But the record was the last thing in his mind.

He tried to avoid Gwen's eyes as he and Mithian shook hands shook hands.


District 3

His aunt was sobbing, and it wasn't helping anything.

He could feel the mayor's eyes - well, eye - on him as he walked up on the stage. The older of the two victors gave him a flashy smile. The younger looked less sure.

Peter shook the fear out of his head. He was the smartest kid in his class, except maybe Ned, and in District 3 only the smart kids became victors.

He had this. Hopefully.

His district partner, Wanda Maxa-something, was expressionless as they shook hands, except for a quivering lip. Wearing in an all-black dress, Peter couldn’t help but think she was already dressed for a funeral.


District 4

He groaned. Volunteering over a stupid remark? She didn’t even like the games – despised them, in fact – but the remark must have affected her more than he realized.

She was smart, he knew. He didn't doubt that she could win. But she had better chances if she had any ally with her...

"Percy," Annabeth groaned as he took the stage. "What are you doing?"

"Sticking together," Percy replied. "Just like I promised."

Annabeth sighed, but didn’t say anything. Percy reached for her hand, and she took it.

When their escort, Dio-something, told them to shake hands, Annabeth took it a step further and kissed Percy on the cheeks. When she moved away, he could see a plan forming in her gray eyes.


District 5

Of course it was him. It was always him.

The escort's eyes gleamed mischievously as he took the stage, as if this was part of some grand plan. With the way his life was going right now, he wouldn't be surprised.

Harry looked over at Hermione, his district partner. She was fidgeting with the edge of her sweater, and gave him a nervous smile when he walked onto stage. Hermione was the last person Harry wanted to fight, even if she was the first person he’d want by his side. He had a feeling neither of them could win, anyways – not when it meant killing someone else.

But fate had something against them, obviously.


District 6

You get caught stealing one time...

And of course, Ezekiel would be up against the smartest girl in all of Panem. If there was one thing residents in District 6 knew, it was to never underestimate Cassandra Cillian. Hopefully, she would be on his side, for the first part of the game, but if he ever gave her a reason to kill him – like being in a fight to the death – Ezekiel figured Cassandra might be the only person capable of stopping him.

If it wasn't for his mentor, Ezekiel would've thought he was dead. But Eve Baird was one of the scariest – one of the best - mentors he could have.

And he did have years of thievery to put to use.


District 7

He forced himself to look brave. To look like he wasn't about to break down crying. He had to, for the ankle biters if not for anyone else.

Brother and sister in the games. It wasn't fair.

Sadie looked emotionless, but when she looked at Carter he could see the fear in her eyes. Neither of them were prepared for this – and they couldn’t lose each other. Not after everything that had happened.

Sadie took a deep breath, and her emotionless façade developed into one of anger and determination. Carter could feel a little anger bubbling in himself.

This. Isn’t. Fair.


District 8

He had this. Years of studying the games gave him an edge very few of the tributes would have. He had learned much more than just the fact that he had to win the games.  He knew every trick, the way the gamemakers acted, everything he could possibly know about the games.

The two victors gave David strange looks as he took the stage. In fact, all of the district seemed surprised – they didn’t know why he had to win.

What David didn't know was why his district partner, Megan, was looking at him like he was an idiot. She wasn’t a volunteer like him, but as they shook hands, David couldn't help but notice that Megan looked just as confident as he did.


District 9

Her father sighed a long-suffering sigh, like he had been expecting this.

And he should have. She was the daughter of the mayor, and in a way that made her just as responsible to the people. And when little Snow was reaped, Moana knew she had volunteer.

Smoothing down her orange dress, Moana walked on to the stage as confident as she knew how to be. Mulan and Shang smiled at her, but Maui just looked at her like she was insane. Moana forced down a groan - if one of her mentors didn't like her, well, that just wasn't good.

Three different girls - none of them Rapunzel - burst into tears when Flynn's name was called. Rapunzel looked somewhere between devastated and amused, scared but also confident in his abilities.

Flynn gave Moana his most confident smile, and Moana returned the smile. It wasn’t like she didn’t have a chance. She was resourceful, athletic, intelligent…

And so are the other tributes.


District 10

Maybe a staring contest during the reapings wasn't a good idea, but she wasn't backing down.

Not that she had to. She was the volunteer, after all. And there was no way she was letting her best friend into the games.

Ignoring the pained look on the mayor's face, Isi strode past Emma and onto the stage. She traced the line of her hat, hoping her blonde hair hadn’t fallen down. It had been ages since that would be a problem, but in the nervousness, old habits came back.

She looked over the boys' side of the audience, and Geric caught her eye. Isi forced herself to smile.

Don't you dare volunteer, she thought at him.

The escort, Selia, smiled with a sick sweetness at Isi before reaching for a slip in the boys' bowl.

Please don't be Geric.

"Finn Gilson."

Well, that was going to be a problem too.


District 11

It was bound to happen. A victor taking in two orphaned kids - one of them was bound to get picked. And there was no way Jason was letting Pythagoras go to the games.

Let Hercules sigh all he wanted, Jason was volunteering.

Adriane didn't exactly look happy with him either, but whether that was from volunteering or being in the games with Medea, he wasn't sure. That conversation would have to wait until he came back – and he had every intention of it.

 Even if he had never touched a sword before in his life.


District 12

She hummed the song under her breath automatically.

Her father had taught her the song from the mines, and since then she had made a habit of humming under her breath whenever she was nervous.

And standing up on stage with her entire district looking at her definitely made her nervous. She knew what they were thinking – a small girl from the poorest part of the poorest district? She didn’t have a chance. Not to mention that her small stature and her pigtails probably made her seem younger than she was.

Miri did her best to look brave as she caught her sister's eyes, but her district partner was doing a much better job at keeping a blank expression than her. Then again, Steffan usually didn't show a lot of emotion.

Britta, on the other hand, was in tears. Miri wished she didn't have to fight the love of her best friend's life, but that was the name that had come out of the bowl, and there was no way she wasn't getting back to her family.


Head gamemaker Octavian August stroked his fake beard while watching the reapings.

"There's a lot of volunteers this year," he said to no one in particular.