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Tini AU Chronicles

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Tinis are an AU created by myself (Amberzard) and some pals from Discord. We wanted smol BNHA bois to carry in our pockets and somehow this happened. I’m posting this, because I’m definitely going to be posting writings involving this AU and don't want people getting confused or lost. I’m also leaving it up in case anyone wants to write for this AU!

The Idea

  • Tinis are a race of creatures that look just like small humans. You can retrieve them from capsule machines and raise them as pets.

The Basics

  • Tinis lay dormant in their capsules and do not need any food or water while contained. They take their first breaths once the capsule has been opened.
  • Tini’s height ranges between 3-5 inches (7.62-12.7 cm)
  • Tinis imprint on the first person they see after decapsulation. If you want them to love you, make sure no one else is around! They do not fall in love with their reflection, so you are safe in that regard.
  • Straight out of the capsule, a Tini is incapable of speech and can only make small noises. However, if their owner speaks to them frequently, they grow to understand human speech and can even speak a few words themselves. Their language has not grown to be as sophisticated as our own. The best they can do so far is speak in broken phrases. Most owners teach their Tini important names and commonly used phrases to make communication easier. Though, Tinis may still default to grunts and noises. (Squeaks are typically their default.)
  • Tinis breed and go by general A/B/O dynamics.
  • Owners are typically referred to as “Bigs”

Additional Info

  • A Tinis “kiss” isn’t really a kiss. They give an open-mouthed suckle.
  • Tinis have quirks! Only to a much lesser degree.
  • Tinis can also come in separate AU variants! Want a werewolf!Bakugou Tini? Wait for a Halloween sale! Want a mermaid!Todoroki Tini? Summer sale!!!
  • We haven’t actually discussed whether the actual hero characters and their Tini counterparts exist in the same universe—- if you wanna write something about that, go for it, but it’s not a set in stone thing for this AU.
  • This post may be edited and added onto in the future, but that’s it for now! Hope y’all enjoy this silly AU and the content that comes from it. <3

- Amberzard, on the basics of Tini Knowledge

Types of Tinis

1) Alphas

  • In general, Alphas are typically more aggressive and independent than betas and omegas; however, the degree to which comes down to the individual tini.
  • A highly protective variant. Think they are much bigger than they really are and will try to pick fights to protect their pack members.
  • Alphas have a high rate of breeding success with omegas (male and female) and can also breed female betas.
  • Female Alphas have a retractable penis rather than a clitoris and have higher levels of testosterone. Female Alphas still have a uterus/birth canal and can still be bred but the success of this is low (<10%).
  • Occasionally, Alphas fall into a rut. Hormones increase if an Alpha’s rut syncs with an Omega’s heat.
  • No matter how much they may love their caregiver, alphas typically get aggressive and will lash out if approached while knotted to their mate.

2) Betas

  • Most common variant and lack any special characteristics. They are the closest to humans in terms of sexuality as they do not experience heats nor ruts.
  • Betas also resemble humans in that male Betas can only impregnate while female Betas can only be bred.
  • Betas cannot pick up on scents.

3) Omegas

  • In general, Omegas are typically more submissive and affectionate than betas and alphas; however, the degree to which comes down to the individual tini.
  • Very comfortable with other Omegas and often yearns for companionship. A lonely Omega is a very unhealthy Omega.
  • All omegas (male and female) are capable of being bred. Breeding is best with an Alpha, but Betas can breed with omegas.
  • Male omegas have self lubricating anuses, which they give birth through, and smaller genitalia. They can impregnate but the success of this is low (<10%).

- MistressPikachu, on Tini Breeding Dynamics

Individual Tinis Needs


They are typically quiet if provided or within a relaxing space. Though, recent days out of their capsule, they are quite shy to their surroundings as well as their owner. Calm and collectivism is required to handle them at this stage until they become use to their owner. Depending on outside stimuli, their mood varies. If in an environment that is loud or full of bustle, they tend to become a bit distant as they search for areas more secluded. If an owner is more laid back, they tend to be more content and find comfort perched on their shoulder.

If the owner is in possession of animals such as birds or dogs, make sure your Tini is in a completely separate area of the home. It has not been detected that Aizawa Tini’s react violently to other pets, but care should still be taken that they are in fact separated. Although, these Tini’s seem to have an uncanny adoration for more older cats. If an owner is in possession of a mature cat, be sure that, under strict supervision, both parties are introduced during the Tini’s early stages. Once accustomed, both are known to be unaffected by the presence of each other and sometimes even go as far as to “snuggle” with one another.

One of the more docile Tinis, Aizawa is more ideal for one with a more tranquil lifestyle. Though Aizawa Tinis typically sleep a great deal of the day, they still require a great amount of love and care. They prefer not to be awaken out of their sleep and may become moody if they have.

For owners of cats or kittens, Aizawa Tini’s have been known to get into treats. Though no illnesses have been detected from the consumption of them, a great amount eaten will result in a stomachache. Be sure to seal the container and tuck them in a place you're sure your Tini won't be able to reach.

As for food, during the recent stages out of the capsule, your Tini will require aid in paring them into smaller sizes. They require basic food groups such as water and vegetables. Fruits, such as applesauce, tend to be a favourite. Meats should be given in small portions with meals.

Hair Care: Aizawa Tini’s have more hair than others. Extreme grooming is required to prevent matts and tangles. Start with a wide tooth comb and follow through with a more close-toothed comb. As for trimming, it is important that one must trim a little at a time, for Aizawa Tini’s are very protective of their hair. (No more than a 2-3 cm.)

Bathing: In this criteria, they tend to be low maintenance, for they rarely enjoy the outdoors. Still, a bath, preferably a small space like the sink, should be required every few days (3-5). After recent stages out of the capsules, extreme supervision should be required, for the Aizawa Tini tend to still be lethargic. Use natural soaps with ingredients such as oatmeal or goat’s milk, with low fragrance. After a few weeks, your Tini should be well adapt to bathing on its own--though it prefers not to.

Aizawa Tini’s tend to need a bit of encouraging to do so. After recent stages outside of the capsule, provide small equipments around your space such as weights and a jungle gym. Minimal instruction is needed for them to get the hang of it. Always provide water to the side during their breaks for they are known to pass out after extensive workouts if they do not have that nourishment.

- Dee_MadWriter, on Aizawa Tinis



The Bakugou Tini is a very aggressive Alpha Tini. They have been known to bite, scratch, and snap at their owners in the first few months of ownership. However, most Bakugou Tini’s warm up to their owners after the correct methods of approach and coaxing are used. These Tini’s are better suited for career Tini owners who have had more than three years of experience with Tini’s. If the Bakugou Tini warms up to their owner, they have been known to be extremely possessive but affectionate. They enjoy spending time with their owner and hate being away from their owners.

(Personal Space/Environment/Social Interaction)
The environment best suited for the Bakugou Tini is an enclosure that is open space and like a ‘jungle-gym’. The Bakugou Tini has been known to be a very active, energetic Tini, and they have been known to destroy enclosure items within their active sessions. However, these Tini’s are prone to temper tantrums, and they have been known to destroy enclosure items/household items during their tantrums. Items made of steel, cement, inflammable material, and any other metals are highly recommended since they are durable materials.

Moreover, the Bakugou Tini is better suited for single-Tini enclosures or enclosures with dividers, allowing easy separation of the Tini’s if need be. Bakugou Tini’s are very territorial and are known to get aggressive with other Tini’s, especially the Deku Tini. Bakugou Tini’s work well with Kirishima Tini’s, Mina Tini’s, Denki Tini’s, and Sero Tini’s.

Bakugo Tini’s are fairly self-reliant when cleaning. They enjoy clean enclosures, and will throw fits if they feel the enclosure is getting too dirty. The Bakugou Tini has been known to clean their own area, but do enjoy when their owners clean for them. It isn’t required to take the Bakugou Tini out of the enclosure when cleaning, but if you have not established a good relationship with your Tini, they will get extremely aggressive when you get near their area.

(Special Talents)
The Bakugou Tini is also a gifted Tini, as most Tini’s sold by this shop are. The Bakugou Tini has the ability to explode things, and they have been known to use these little explosions to destroy their enclosures/harm the owners they do not like. So, it would be advised to always keep water near, as water can dissipate the ability for a while.

The diet of the Bakugou Tini is very healthy. Water, fruits, and veggies are this Tini’s preferred foods. However, the Bakugou Tini has been known to eat spicy items. Spicy pieces of pepper are great reward foods for these Tini’s when they do something satisfactory.

If you choose to try to breed the Bakugou Tini, be advised that the Bakugou Tini is very, very picky with who they choose. They are better suited for Tini’s who are more on the quiet side, but are willing to go head-to-head with the Bakugou Tini. When it is time for the Bakugou Tini’s rut, it is highly advised that you remove the Tini from the enclosure if other Alpha Tini’s are present. Check the Compatibility chart for more information.

ImJustFandomTrash, on Bakugo Tinis



This Alpha Tini is better suited for owners who have/had Tini’s in the present/past. These Tini’s can be very aggressive, so it’s best the owner has had experience with Tini’s beforehand. Dabi Tini’s are suited for owners who are quiet and allow the Dabi Tini to have their space and time. Moreover, Dabi Tini’s can be vicious depending on their owner, and whether or not they warm up to their owner.

Once the Dabi Tini has warmed up to their owner, if they do, Dabi Tini’s can be playful and even clingy at times. However, when their owner is with other people, it has been known that Dabi Tini’s can get very aggressive, and even spit fire at the unknown people. (We have deducted that Dabi Tini’s do not ‘spit’ fire, but can control this ability with their hands. It’s advised to have burn cream available at all times)

(Personal Space/Environment/Social Interaction)
Quiet and/or dark environments are best suited for your Dabi Tini since these Tini’s prefer to stay in their little individual coves. A large, open cage/enclosed exhibit is better for these Tini’s as the Dabi Tini likes to move around a lot. Be advised that Dabi Tini’s do not get along well with other Tini’s unless the Tini has been known to work well with the Dabi Tini. Dabi Tini’s are territorial, and have been known to kill other Tini’s within the exhibit. Unless you have slowly introduced this Tini to the other Tini/Tini’s, do not place the Dabi Tini within the same enclosure as another Tini unless the enclosure can easily separate the Dabi Tini from the other Tini or Tini’s.

(Special Talents)
It is highly advised to keep any items within the coup that are flammable out. Dabi Tini’s are one of the Tini’s that have a special ability, and the Dabi Tini’s specialty is fire. Dabi Tini’s enjoy burning things, so it’s advised you keep inflammable objects within the enclosure. Keep a source of water/burn cream on hand for these Tini’s are known to set enclosure items on fire, even the enclosure itself. When cleaning, Dabi Tini’s will keep their distance, but are known to nip at hands that wander too far into their personal area. Therefore, it is best to take the Dabi Tini out of the enclosure for thorough cleaning.

The diet of the Dabi Tini depends on the environment and owner. Most Dabi Tini’s rely on water and foods such as veggies and fruits. However, it’s been noted that almost all Dabi Tini’s enjoy to eat meats, such as finely chopped chicken and beef. These foods are also good to use as reward food should you choose to try to train your Dabi Tini. (However, these Tini’s have been known to be very defiant when owners try to train them. Take caution.)

Dabi Tini’s are not ideal for breeding. The Dabi Tini is a very solitary Tini, and they prefer to have solitude instead of a partner. These Tini’s have been known to kill Tini’s that are introduced to the Dabi Tini with the purpose of breeding. Dabi Tini’s are not known to want to breed, even during their ruts. However, when their rut arrives, they have been known to become clingy with their owners.

- I'mJustFandomTrash, on Dabi Tinis



The perfect beginner Tini for new owners. Soft environments are the best for your Deku Tini since they often hurt themselves due to their clumsiness. Deku Tinis are very shy around new people. Allow him to slowly become use to his environment and spend time with him at a comfortable distance before trying to share in physical affection with your Deku Tini. Once familiar with their handlers, Deku Tinis are very friendly and supportive companions; however, they require a lot of attention, because they get lonely very easily.

Be sure to provide crafts for your Tini so his mind remains stimulated.

Deku Tinis are the least picky when it comes to snacks and meals, however they are much happier when given their favorite meals.

Deku Tinis are fine being a little messy and typically look after their own hygiene well, but be sure to still bathe him every few days. He enjoys long soaks in warm water to clear his head. Be sure to provide plenty of calm time after bathing to keep your Deku Tini in his best mental condition.

(Social Interaction)
It is always best to buy another Tini when purchasing your Deku Tini to keep him company while you’re away. Avoid pairing him with more aggressive Tinis, such as the Bakugo or Shigaraki. This will cause unnecessary stress for him.
(Personal Space/Privacy)

The best rewards for him is a gentle finger pat to the head or cuddling privileges. Deku Tinis are the easiest to handle because they rarely act out against people or other Tinis, however they are naturally curious and prone to adventuring when bored. When this happens, the best punishment for your Deku Tini is time outs if he hasn’t already gotten himself into danger. If your Deku Tini is frightened, make sure to comfort before punishing.

- MistressPikachu, on Deku Tinis



Denki Tinis are very excitable and rambunctious. Although they make very sweet companions, they require a little extra supervision. Denkis are easily excited and are susceptible to releasing bursts of static when overwhelmed. Keeping your Denki happy is a must, but for his safety, your own, and the safety of potential playmates, you need to be ready to reel him in when play time gets too intense. If your Denki happens to short circuit, do not panic. Denki Tinis typically go quiet after a short circuiting episode, though there are some accounts of a soft whimpering coming from them as well. If their hair happens to be smoking, put it out immediately. After a quick inspection and finding no immediate danger or injury, simply give him a quiet place to rest with as little sensory input as possible. A dark, quiet space that they are familiar with is optimal.

It is important to keep food stores locked or hidden, for Denki Tinis are notorious for stealing snacks. They are typically attracted to junk food. Sugary sweets as well as treats high in salt. These treats can be used as a means of training good behavior, but otherwise it is imperative to keep your Denki on a healthy, well balanced diet. Be warned, Denki Tinis may feel inclined to chew on wires if they’re feeling low on energy. To prevent any damage, we recommend lining your wires with tape as well as keeping your Denki well fed and making sure he sleeps well.

Bath time should be met with a warm, relaxing environment. An overexcited shock while submerged in water could be severely damaging or even lethal. Denki Tinis know this, hence are often afraid when it is time to bathe. If he fights you on going into a bath, do not force him. A sponge bath is a good alternative until you two gain the necessary trust to have a successful bath.

(Social Interaction)
Denki Tinis are one of the more social breeds, both with their owners and other Tinis. Be sure to give them plenty of personal attention and make time for playdates with other Tinis if possible. Playdates with your Denki Tini should be monitored, for several reports say Denkis tend to be too rough with other Tinis, though unintentional. The best course of action is to ensure no shocks will be delivered. Gentle play is better established if you keep your Denki and his playmate at a small distance so they can greet one another and get better acquainted before initiating play.
(Personal Space/Privacy)

Denki's would prefer a secluded space within the confines of their Big's bedroom. They do need some time alone, but they are comforted by knowing their Big is nearby, and they also take comfort in their Big's scent.

Amberzard, on Denki Tinis


Kirishima Tinis are rather rambunctious characters. They are kind, playful, and loyal towards their owners. These Tini’s are recommended for people with at least a year of Tini experience.

Kirishima Tinis are very active. Be sure to provide a clean, open environment for them to run around in. Providing him with the most stimulating activities keeps him from wandering off. Make an obstacle course, or maybe a little wheel for him to run in. Be sure to set boundaries, they are very curious, and tend to wander if not given limits. Limits can be permitted as “no go zones” (places your Tini can’t go without your supervision. If by any chance your Kirishima Tini goes missing within your home, do not panic. Lure him out with his favorite items (foods, fabrics, smells, etc.). Punishments for stepping out of boundaries are optional, such as taking away television or playdate privileges. This ensures his safety as well as your sanity. Rewards for good behavior are also embraced, such as extra snacks and longer playtime.

Kirishima Tinis require healthy, high quality foods. This includes freshly cooked items from the main food groups (meats, fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.). In his decapsuling phase, you will need to cut his food into pieces until he learns how to handle food on his own. He has a major appetite, so be sure to keep food and snacks on hand. Be sure to give him proper portions so he doesn’t overwhelm himself when eating.

General: Since your Tini Kiri is always active, baths will have to be constant. Your Tini Kiri should be washed on the daily to ensure proper hygiene and health immunity. Washing your Tini Kiri in a bowl containing soapy, warm water is preferable. Sinks are still an option, but they must have a grate over the drain. In all baths, your Tini must be supervised at all times. NEVER LEAVE YOUR Tini IN A BATH ALONE! You will be required to bathe your Tini until he learns how to do it on his own. At that point, all you have to do is provide him with the bath, soap, and a towel to dry with.
Teething/Tooth Care:Your Tini Kirishima is equipped with a mouthful of sharp, shark-like teeth. After opening your Tini Kiri, you will need to provide him with a teething ring. In his early stages, he will have an impulse to bite, providing a ring will ensure that he won’t bite other tinies or you. Aggressive biting is a big no-no. However, your Tini Kirishima will give you “love bites” in his later stages. (He will lightly bite your finger to show his affection toward you). He even puts love marks on his mates as a form of bonding. (See ‘Breeding’ for more details)

Kirishima’s teeth are required to be brushed twice a day. Once in the morning, and once in the evening. Extra brushing after consuming sugary snacks is encouraged. If your Tini is showing signs of having a tooth problems, be sure to take them to your local Tini dentist. (Check Medical Section for more details.) In his later stages, you will only have to provide him with a toothbrush and specially branded toothpaste for tinies.

(Social Interaction)
Kirishima Tinis are very social. Allow them to interact with other Tini’s. Playdates are a must for the mental and social wellbeing of your Tini. Keeping them secluded for long periods of time can lead to anxiety, as well as loneliness. Check the “Compatibility Chart” to see who your Tini Kiri is most compatible with.

Tini Kirishima’s are fans of play fighting, and rough play. Be sure to pair them with Tini’s who enjoy the same type of play during playdates. Pairing Kiri with less confrontational tinies can spur discomfort in them, which can be very overwhelming for Kiri and other tinies. However, they enjoy talking with less confrontational tinies when he’s in a less playful mood.
(Personal Space/Privacy)
It’s very important to give your tinies their own space to live. This not only gives them privacy, but allows them to relax when they want to be alone. It also tells them that you trust them to take care of their own environment. Which is very uplifting to the tinies.

Kirishima tinies specifically need their own small home to live in. Premade Tini homes are available to buy online, or you can make one of your own from online tutorials. Each Tini home is different. Tini Kiri’s home has a lot of room for him to move and play. He should have his own bedroom, eating area, bathroom area, and workout room. Extra rooms are included in case of breeding, offspring production, or visiting tinies.

- PastelPrincess, on Kirishima Tinis


Overhaul (Kai):

When first decapsulated should be bathed. It’ll make them see you as their clean safe place.Overhaul Tinis require a clean environment or they become very upset and can become ill because of their germaphobia. They can be a little high strung, but they mean well. Note: When Overhaul Tinis become angry or bored, they will randomly ‘overhaul’ items throughout your home.

It would be wise not to bring other pets into a home with an Overhaul tini and vise versa. The possible pet dander will cause an Overhaul tini to become restless, which can sometimes lead to the tini over grooming.

They hate not having something to do, so giving them small chores or tasks for them to complete will keep them happy. They also don’t mind sitting down with a book to read.

They’re picky when it comes to food, and will only eat food of the ‘highest quality’ (if you give them a burger they will pout, so throwing a steak their way is usually the best option. Make sure to include all five food groups because they want to stay healthy)

Bathtime is best time. Just be careful to watch your tini do they don’t over do it. They will refuse help until they need help with their back. Then it’ll be begrudgingly. You will never have to press your tini to do anything hygienic, Overhaul tinis will do them happily. Realize that you will be giving your Overhaul tini daily, if not twice daily, baths.

Overhaul tinis don’t need much equipment, preferring simple strength and cardio exercises. It’s also common to find them doing yoga or Tai Chi. All they need is an area that is slightly padded in case they lose their balance.

(Social Interaction)
Overhaul Tinis don’t make friends well, and sometimes need a little push and reminder to play nice. They can be stuck up, and come off as a bit of a bully, but once they make a friend, they are extremely loyal.

(Personal Space/Privacy)
Let them explore as needed, and they will find where they would like to spend most of their time. That is around where their house should be. They don’t like a lot of physical contact, but will initiate it themselves if they want to cuddle.

Punishments are as simple as a timeout, or downgrading their mask from plague to normal surgical. Rewards can range from a simple verbal encouragement, to a small gift (Random bath, help cleaning their house, books, etc.).

Alpha Overhaul’s can be aggressive around their ruts. This can be dangerous for other Tinis that they do not like or are not compatible with. Keep an eye on them, or seperate them from any other Tinis. If they hurt another Tini in this state, be sure to harshly reprimand and get them to fix whatever they broke. They are possessive of the one they want to mate, though will not force it. You may not be able to get in contact with their chosen Tini.

Omega Overhaul’s will become a little shy near their heats, but put on a brave face, trying not to seem weak. They will try not to get closer with their chosen mate, but it will be fairly obvious as they watch them. They will eventually get over their little ‘hard to get’ routine, and try and lure their chosen to copulate.

Beta Overhaul’s do not have heats or ruts, but you’ll notice them walking around a little flustered if they get aroused or find a tini they would really like to mate with. They’ll be a little moodier, and may be a little cuddlier with you or other Tinis. You will see little courting attempts. Do not point this out. Just let it play out and be there if they get rejected because they will need help nursing their pride. If things work out, wait until afterwards if you feel the need to tease or congratulate them on their conquest.

- Overhaul’s Overhoe, on Chisaki Tinis



This is a more calm and collected Tini, and will develop a strong bond with their owner rather quickly, given that you provide a relaxing environment for them prior to their decapsuling. They typically are more reserved, but if paired with more friendly Tinis, they too will show a more cheerful disposition.
The fastest way to bond with them would be to allow them to lightly explore their new home (with some casual supervision), as well as letting them find that one special spot in the house to call a safespace (for if they become overwhelmed during playdates, or simply wish to relax).
They are a fairly active Tini, so regular exercise is needed (they tend to prefer walks and even biking as they grow, so do plan ahead on the proper gear for your Tini).
As long as rules are properly explained and provided, your Tini Shinsou should not have any behavioral issues. However, if they are not emotionally kept, they will likely begin to go into a state of anxiety, depression, and an overall gloomy aura. Avoid this by providing your Tini with either more friendly Tinis, or more support and their safespace. (Warm drinks such as cocoa and tea also help to ease them.) 


Very shy and anxious. A Tamaki Tini owner has to have patience until their tini warms up to them. The time this will take will depend on the environment.

Tamaki tinis are not picky eaters and will eat almost anything.
Favorite: Takoyaki

Can’t stand feeling gross or dirty, likes to have baths but is uncomfortable getting undressed in front of owners.
Loves lots of bubbles and toys in his bath.

(Personal Space/Privacy)
Separation Anxiety is a very serious problem for Tamaki Tinis. They can’t bear to be away from their owners for extended periods of time and will fall into depression.




  • Reclusive, temperamental, and difficult to read, Todoroki Tinis are one of the more difficult Tinis to befriend.
  • Todoroki Tinis are known to hold grudges towards people they dislike.
  • Todoroki Tinis take a long time to warm up to their owners and may not show affection right away.
  • Todoroki Tinis are fairly intelligent and learn to understand human language at a faster speed than the average Tini but doesn’t often communicate back, choosing to use squeaks and soft grunts over words.


  • Todoroki Tinis are most active in the afternoon and late evening hours, liking to sleep in late when given the opportunity.
  • Todoroki Tinis prefer to sleep most of the morning and will nap in the afternoon if not fully engaged in activities.
  • When given a goal, Todoroki Tinis are very hardworking towards that goal and will often lose time on a single idea at a time.
  • Todoroki Tinis crave structure and routine. Setting aside set times for activities help them feel more stable. Make sure to give them plenty of exercise but also time to cool down and enjoy some privacy.
  • Their favorite exercises are deep breathing exercises and meditation.


  • Todoroki Tinis are incredibly picky when it comes to meals. They don’t require intricate or varied meals, however they will only eat meals made of high quality ingredients.
  • Todoroki Tinis often have trouble when it comes to indulging in things they never had before and their absent mindedness sometimes make them prone to overeating things they like.
  • Zaru Soba is the favorite meal and reward of Todoroki Tinis.
  • (Grooming/Hygiene)
  • Todoroki Tinis are very clean and self-reliant Tinis, requiring little personal care from their handlers. They maintain a clean environment and aren’t ones for clutter.
  • Todoroki Tinis dislike being dirty so be sure to provide frequent baths.
  • Todoroki Tinis usually prefer to bathe themselves and will grow upset if you attempt to interrupt that. They will occasionally bathe with their owner if they feel attached to them.
  • Todoroki Tinis enjoy having their hair brushed and parted.
  • (Social Interaction)
  • Todoroki Tinis require less social interaction than the standard Tini; however, this does not mean they are averse to other Tinis.
  • He may have difficulty opening up to other Tinis but will notably spend time standing next around and sharing things with Tinis he considers friends.
  • Todoroki Tinis are fairly neutral when it comes to other Tinis so it is not a problem for them to deal with more aggressive Tinis. However, their mood can switch very quickly on bad days so still be sure to supervise their interactions with other Tinis and separate them if things get a little too heated.

(Personal Space/Privacy)

  • Todoroki Tinis enjoy personal space and will often not engage with their handlers for weeks after purchase. Immediately upon opening, they will venture and choose a spot to claim as their own. They are very territorial of this area. Thus, they require a lot of patience since it can take a long period of time before they begin to trust their handlers through meaningful engagements and regular and timely care with things that they are unable to provide for themselves, such as food.
  • You will know your Todoroki Tini considers you a companion when he begins to come to you of his own will, calmly spends time near you, or allow you to enter his personal space. You will know you have truly won trust with your Todoroki when he begins to smile more often.
  • Todoroki Tinis require their own space where they can retreat to when they want to be alone. Having a hatch or any quiet, dimly lit place to hide is a necessity.


- MistressPikachu, on Todoroki Tinis.