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Emerald enigma

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Izuku spends the walk home in silence. None of his friends are by his side, since they all split up at the school’s gate. Normally, he would’ve suggested they hang out together or something but… both Shouto and Shinsou had seemed like they had a lot on their minds, so he just left them alone.


When he gets home, he’s fully intending to just eat dinner and go to sleep. That is, until he sees an unfamiliar spirit sitting on the sofa in the living room. He frowns, wondering if he’s seen them somewhere before and just didn’t recognise them at first glance, but… he would have remember a spirit like that.


It’s a small, fluffy three-tailed fox, and the only thing that makes him sure it’s not just a kitsune is the unicorn-like horn on its head. All in all, the spirit is one of the cutest he’s seen. Still, if he doesn’t know them, what are they doing in his living room? He’s about to ask Yami if it’s someone he knows, when his guardian spirit just zooms past him, barely managing to stop in front of the fox.


“What the hell are you doing here?!” Yami hisses, and Izuku freezes. His spirit is rarely this angry, so why…? “We agreed that you wouldn’t come anywhere near my charge until I decided he’s ready!”


“…I’m sorry, but we’re out of time” The fox spirit says softly “I… I have a warning to pass on. Even if you don’t want me to talk to your charge yet, at least allow this much”


“Why couldn’t you just approached me when he wasn’t around and asked me to pass it on?” Yami asks suspiciously.


“I don’t have the kind of time to wait for you to be alone” The fox huffs back.


“…Yami?” He gets the spirit’s attention, and sees the exact moment his guardian is hit with some sort of realisation “Why wouldn’t you let them meet me…?”


“Just for the record, I’m a female, please refer to me as ‘she’” The fox puffs up a bit, pouting.


“…Why wouldn’t you let her meet me?” He corrects, turning to Yami again.


“That’s… mostly because it’d be too dangerous” The spirit looks really uncomfortable “Please, just trust me… Come on, Safali, we’re taking it outside. Izuku… please trust me on this and don’t try to follow us, okay?”


“B-but! If I don’t warn him, his life will be in danger” Safali jumps in place, tails swishing.


“I’ll judge if it’s something I have to tell him or not” Yami says, unusually coldly… “Come on”


And that’s how Izuku is left on his own, utterly confused, and feeling just a little bit betrayed because Yami doesn’t trust him.


He finishes his homework, and continues waiting for Yami to return. He waits, and waits, and waits, exhaustion gnawing at him, till he feels like he can fall asleep at any moment. But even so, Yami is nowhere in sight. Finally, one of the ghosts orders him to get some sleep, and he obliges. Not like there’s much he can do anyways…


When he wakes up in the morning, Yami is already there, but the spirit dismisses any questions with ‘I’ll tell you when the time is right’ and ‘There is no use saying anything in case it won’t involve you’. He’s a bit suspicious of the latter response, but he can’t do anything about it. So, as he walks to school with Yami at his side, the heavy silence is really rather awkward.


“What the fuck” Yami mutters when they arrive at U.A.’s gates, and Izuku can’t help but agree, since there are just so many reporters here…


“Think there’s any other way in?” He asks in a whisper, cursing mentally when one of the reporters spots him.


“Hey you! Can I have a moment?” No “What kind of lessons does All Might teach?” Disorganized ones… but he can’t say that…


“A-ah, I’m sorry, our class didn’t have any lessons with him yet” He lies, almost managing to keep his tone even.


And sure enough, the lie works like a charm, reporters turning back in disappointment, treating him like thin air.


“Vultures” Yami huffs.


The class starts, and Izuku swears the room gets colder when Aizawa-sensei walks in. The man glares at the class, stopping at his desk and just kind of freezing there for a moment, despite the fact that he’s made it very clear he doesn’t like wasting time. Izuku can hear other students shifting uneasily under Aizawa-sensei’s scrutinising glare, and then, the man speaks.


“I hope you’re all rested from yesterday’s battle trial” Aizawa-sensei begins but his tone is strangely flat and cold “I took the liberty of looking at your marks and evaluations. Which brings me to… discussing some of the dumbest, most irrational mistakes I’ve ever seen in all my years as a teacher. Honestly, I debated just expelling all of those who made them”


“…” There is a moment of silence, everyone tense – no, terrified – under the teacher’s gaze.


“Mashirao Ojiro, Katsuki Bakugou, Inasa Yoarashi, stand up” The man commands, and Izuku can see quite a few people breathing a sigh of relief, since they’re not the ones facing their teacher’s wrath “Ojiro, could you tell me what the ever loving fuck did you think you were doing?


“Uhm, sir, that is…” The boy seems troubled, before he breathes in deeply, and seemingly steels himself “I… could not bring myself to cooperate with him. Frankly speaking, I see no reason why a person like him was even allowed to stay in the Heroics Department-“


“I see no reason why you should stay here, since I haven’t heard you say anything that’d actually excuse your behaviour” Aizawa-sensei looks furious, his eyes flashing red “A huge part of being a hero is the ability to look beyond one’s prejudices and actually act decently. If you refuse to cooperate with someone just because you don’t like their quirk, I highly doubt you have any future as a hero”


“It has nothing to do with his quirk” Ojiro raises his voice, obviously frustrated “It’s about how he uses it! It’s about actual honour and decency! I refuse to acknowledge him as someone deserving to be a hero! You all saw the test on the first day… He just continued using people as tools, over and over again, without asking for their input at all. A person who treats others like that… like they’re just tools to be used, and not actual people, is someone I simply can’t accept”


“I am this close to expelling you right on the spot” Their teacher hisses “Do you actually believe the utter bullshit you’ve just spouted? Did you, for even a fucking second, consider things from a perspective different than your own? About how it must’ve been for Shinsou, who has a non-physical quirk, to be forced to take a test like that? To be threatened with expulsion if he ends up in last place? Where his only choices would be to either risk everything he ever worked for and not use his quirk at all, or use his quirk in the way he actually did? Tell me, Mashirao Ojiro, can you say with absolute certainty that you wouldn’t do the same in that situation?”


“Uhm…” Ojiro looks really uncomfortable, a bit of guilt passing through his expression, before determination settles in “I’d like to think that I’m a moral person. I think I would have at least tried to find another way, Aizawa-sensei” Izuku really feels like strangling the boy, but he keeps his mouth shut since it’s pretty clear that Eraserhead shares his sentiment.


“Oh really?” The teacher barks out, narrowing his eyes “Well then, the door is right there”


“Huh?” Ojiro exclaims, blinking owlishly.


“I personally agree with Shinsou’s choice. It was the most logical one given the situation” Aizawa-sensei activates his quirk again “He will continue to be part of this class, whether you want him to be or not. If your rigid mindset prevents you from showing even basic decency, and worse – stops you from actually taking hero training seriously – then you can show us just how dedicated you are to your so-called ideals, and leave”


“…” Silence… just complete silence. No one is even daring to move. He’s pretty sure some people are even holding their breaths.


“What’s wrong?” The man lifts an eyebrow, sadistic smile stretching his lips “I thought that he was someone you couldn’t accept? If your morals tell you so, then leave right now, because I don’t have time to dwell on lost causes. Oh… but don’t worry. I’m sure there are plenty of morons who share your mindset that will tell you that you did the right thing. So go right ahead. Leave, no one is stopping you”


“I…” Ojiro is glancing to the sides, looking almost panicked “I… I don’t want to… leave U.A.”


“So, I assume you don’t have any further problems with any of your classmates anymore?” At the boy’s rushed ‘no’ Aizawa-sensei nods, still glaring icily “Good, because you’re already on thin fucking ice. Now, I’d just like to say that if anyone here pulls a stunt like that in the future, they will be expelled with no questions asked. Are we clear?”


“Yes” Several voices answer, clearly frightened.


“Good. You’re here to become heroes. So I expect that if anything happens in the future, you will actually report to me instead of bottling it up and failing exercises because of it. Ojiro, sit down” The boy does, and Aizawa-sensei turns to the other two boys “Katsuki Bakugou, you were already warned before, and while your actions in the match weren’t expulsion worthy, I want to know why you did what you did”


“What the fuck, windy fucker was the one who made us both lose” The boy grunts, but there is certain wariness to his tone. Wow, it’s amazing that even Kacchan doesn’t dare antagonize Aizawa-sensei when the hero is like that (though, maybe he is a bit antagonizing, but still, for Kacchan it’s the mildest he’s been in a long time).


“I know that it was largely his fault, and I will get to that. But first, tell me, why didn’t you try to cooperate more? Why didn’t you try to warn your partner about when exactly you were coming into the room? Why the ever loving fuck did you fight with your partner after the exercise ended?” Eraserhead fires question after question with unwavering tone.


“This shithead clearly didn’t want to cooperate with me, he should’ve clearly heard me coming from a mile away, and he was the one who provoked me after the exercise ended” Bakugou huffs, amazing not seeming angrier than his usual self. Aizawa-sensei’s glare really does make miracles happen, huh?


“So, will you just attack anyone who ‘provokes’ you? Are you that prone to losing your temper?” Aizawa-sensei sighs in resignation “I sincerely hope you get that temper of yours under control. Attacking your colleague, no matter how infuriating they are, could be a basis for stripping you of your hero license, if you actually manage to get it. Just something you should keep in mind if you plan to seriously pursue this profession”


“Alright, alright” Bakugou rolls his eyes “Can I sit down now?”


“Yes” Their teacher answers dryly, turning towards Inasa “Now, you. I expect you to reflect on your cooperation issues. If I see you having any more issues like that, I’m sending you to Hound Dog”


“…You’re not going to ask why I provoked Bakugou?” Inasa asks blankly, because he apparently has Izuku’s own levels of self-perseverance.


“I watched the video. I heard what you said, and I have a pretty good idea of the whole thing” Aizawa-sensei’s tone is equally blank, but somehow in a more exasperated manner “Sit down, we can’t continue wasting our time like that. Now, let’s get on with the homeroom notices. We need to pick a class president”


“Thank god it’s actually something that’s not bad for once!” Hagakure whisper-yells, with Ashido nodding along.


“What a school-like activity” Mutters Uraraka.


“…I wanna do it” The girl with earphone jacks – Jiro? – says, breaking the silence. And right after most of their class echoes the sentiment. Good to know the lighthearted mood is back at least…


“BE QUIET!” Iida yells, loudly enough that Izuku nearly falls off his chair “This is a task laden with responsibility where you must carry and pull everyone else’s weight! Just because you’d like to doesn’t mean you can!” What’s with all the seriousness all of a sudden? “It is a holy office that requires the great esteem and trust of those around you…! The only truly worthy leader will emerge from a democratic choice reflecting the will of the people!”


“He sounds so serious but… he really wants to do it, huh?” Maruko stares at the boy in bemusement, and Izuku hums noncommittally.


“This must be settled by a vote!” Iida continues, obviously oblivious to the spirit’s comment.


“He’s being really lofty, ain’t he?! With that proposal” Kaminari says.


“It’s still too early to have developed any trust in each other” Asui tilts her head.


“Even after two days…?” Tianu, the girl’s spirit, mimics her head-tilt.


“And everyone will just vote for themselves!” Kirishima pitches in, indignant.


“And that’s precisely why the person who does manage to earn multiple votes will be truly appropriate person for the job, no?” Iida argues, doing that weird robot-like thing with his hands. He briefly wonders if it’s a tick or something intentional.


“Or at least it’ll be the most popular person” Vayra bats his, frankly fabulous, eyelashes “Well, it’s not like they can’t be changed later in case they aren’t suited”


“Is that all right, sensei?!” The boy asks their strangely silent teacher.


“As long as you all decide by the deadline, anything’s fine” The man says, all the intensity from before gone. Though… somehow the way it just disappeared without a single trace is even more terrifying.



Izuku stares numbly at the voting results. That was close… one more vote and he would have tied for Vice. Whose idea was it to vote for him anyways? Even he himself didn’t do that… He decided to go with Yaoyorozu instead. She ended up taking the title of the Class President, with Iida as her Vice. Incredibly logical choice, seeing as Iida has an uncanny ability of getting things under control most of the time, and Yaoyorozu seems pretty calm and collected most of the time.


“Midoriya, a word” Aizawa-sensei makes him stay as the bell rings, making every other student rush to the lunch hall (Shinsou stays behind for a moment, before Izuku tells him to not wait for him).


“Is something wrong?” He’s careful to keep his voice emotionless, even as he’s starting to panic inside.


“First off, please be more careful from now on” His homeroom teacher says “Lighting yourself on fire to escape someone is not a good tactic. At least not in training. I expect you’ll tone down your reckless tendencies”


“A-ah, sorry…” He mutters. Gosh, he almost forgot he set his hand on fire to escape Tokoyami.


“And… there is something else I’ve been wondering about…” Aizawa-sensei observes him carefully, tensing a bit now, as if he’s prepared to stop Izuku if he tries to run away. Not a good sign “Your decision to look for more obscure ways into the building at the start of the exercise was… peculiar. Not to mention, you actually muted you earpiece’s microphone”


“W-what about it?” He asks, shifting a bit.


“Relax, he’ll only get suspicious if you get more nervous” Yami says, and even though Izuku still feels a bit bitter about the whole Safali situation, he’s grateful for the spirit’s presence right now.


“Nothing, really… I was just wondering if you had any reason for doing that” The man answers, carefully measuring his reaction.


“A-ah… no reason in p-particular…? I guess…” He stutters out. Damn it, even if he tries not to act nervous, he just can’t.


“Is that so…” Aizawa-sensei considers him for a few more seconds “If there is something you’re not telling me…”


“T-there’s nothing!” He answers a bit too quickly.


“I’d appreciate a bit more trust” His teacher sighs “I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s wrong. You can tell me, I swear I won’t be mad”


“B-but, there really is nothing…” He repeats, consciously stopping himself from playing with his fingers.


“It seems you’re still not ready to tell me, so I won’t press it for now… But as your teacher, there are things I need to know to help you learn more. Things like… the actual limits of your abilities” He has to try really hard not to stiffen at those words. What exactly is Aizawa-sensei suspecting? Oh god, what’s going to happen to him.


“I know” He says, putting on a fake smile “Thank you for being considerate… I should… probably go to lunch now”




Aizawa really didn’t expect that. He was taking a shot in the dark by mentioning the kid’s abilities, but Midoriya momentarily paled, and the smile the boy gave him right after that was just short of natural. Something is up here. It’s now obvious that what Midoriya tries to hide has to do with the teen’s abilities, most likely quirk-related, but what exactly is it?


Can those glyphs of his do more than what he’s shown?


Is there another aspect to his quirk?


Or maybe it’s actually about non-quirk-related abilities?


No, that one is out, Shouta would’ve spotted right away if the kid was holding back in hand to hand. Well, he doubts he’ll be able to think of anything just with the information he has. Still, he can’t just let it be… Maybe he should give Tsukauchi a call sometime soon. The man seemed to be looking into the boy the last time he contacted him, so maybe the detective has some new info…


“What did Aizawa-sensei want?” Shouto asks once he makes it to their lunch table.


“He asked me to not burn myself on purpose during the exercises” Izuku says in complete deadpan, earning a snicker from Shinsou.


“You have to admit that it’s a valid request” The purple haired boy smirks at him “What you did was kind of stupid”


“Agreed” Shouto deadpans.


“Ah, I too have to agree with that” Inasa says, a bit sheepishly.


“Traitors, all of you!” He huffs, crossing his arms “It wasn’t stupid”


“It was” Yami says.


“It was totally stupid” Shinsou nudges him playfully.


“You really shouldn’t take that stuff as lightly as you do. Burns are a serious matter” Shouto whispers to him, quietly enough that neither Shinsou nor Inasa could hear. He’s immediately hit with the fact that Shouto would know, he has a terrible burn scar. It makes him feel a bit guilty, to so readily burn himself just for an exercise… when he should know better. He really doesn’t like worrying others, huh.


“Sorry… I won’t do things like that anymore…” He whispers back, glancing away.


“…What are you two whispering about?” Shinsou asks, looking between them “Are you finally confessing to each other?”


“No” Shouto deadpans.


“W-what… NO!” Izuku almost yells.


“Aww, and here I was hoping for some teenage drama” Shinsou huffs.


“You’re also a teenager” He points out grumpily.


“My love life is non-existent” The always-tired teen says.


“Same” Shouto mutters.


“I think that applies to everyone here” Inasa says, a bit more enthusiastically than he probably should.


“Huh, we’ll see… Midoriya?” The boy raises an eyebrow at his flabbergasted expression “…You didn’t confirm your lack of a love life. Come on, if you have some, spill it”


“I-I… I’m not dating anyone” He admits, feeling heat rise up to his cheeks.


He’s so embarrassed he almost misses the flash of happiness in Shinsou’s eyes at his confirmation. Just why the hell is his friend so happy about him being single? Does he think it makes him miserable? Will he use it to make fun of him later? Wait, Shinsou isn’t that kind of person… Is he just happy he can relate?


His thoughts are interrupted by a sudden alarm.


“…The fuck?” Shinsou mutters, as they all stand up.


“Security level 3 has been breached. Students please promptly evacuate” Comes a robotic voice.


“Yami’s charge!” Safali suddenly appears from amongst the students, stopping in front of him “Quickly, come with me! My charge is the one who breached security, and though there is no immediate danger, we really need to talk if you don’t plan on dying”


“Oi, I think I told you not to pull shit like that” Yami huffs, stepping in between them “Izuku, go with your classmates. I’ll tell you later if it really is something you need to know”


“For grace’s sake, Yami! I know you just want to protect him, but that’s actually going to threaten his safety!” Safali yells, growling.


“Hey, kid, they’re talking to you” Maruko points out to him, and he turns to see his friends watching him with odd expressions.


“Izuku, are you alright? You weren’t responding” Shouto says, completely ignoring the chaos all around them “We should evacuate… Everyone will be gone in a bit if we don’t hurry”


“Uhm, that’s, I…” Oh god, what does he do. Does he go with them, or ignore Yami and go with Safali?


“Oh, for god’s sake, come here” Shinsou grabs his hand, and begins tugging him forward “We really shouldn’t stay still if someone just infiltrated our school”


He lets himself be dragged along without protest when their group takes off.


The mass of people is not only overwhelming, but also really dangerous. In just a few moments, he and Shinsou got separated from the rest, and the only reason he’s still with his friend is the death grip he has on Shinsou’s hand (though the boy is grasping his just as tightly).


“Oh for god’s sake” Shinsou groans, when for the umpteenth time they almost get pulled apart “I’m sorry for what I’m about to do, but bear with it, please”


He doesn’t get to chance to ask what the boy is planning, before Shinsou pulls them both towards the nearest wall. Just when he’s about to open his mouth, he gets pressed against the stony surface, squirming slightly as he realises he’s caged between Shinsou’s arms, the boy’s chest, and the wall. What the fuck. Why the fuck… What…?


“Sorry if it’s a bit uncomfortable” Shinsou says, instead of actually explaining anything “Just figured it’d be better to do this rather than risk getting separated. Besides…at least you don’t have to worry about getting elbowed in the ribs now”


“Y-yeah” He stutters out. Wow, from this up close, the difference in their heights is even more noticeable… how unfair. Wait, that’s not what he should be focusing on right now “Uhm, we still have to evacuate though…”


“I know, but we can just wait till others pass through and go behind them-“ Shinsou chokes slightly right at the end, when someone accidentally elbows him in the side “See? Going anywhere in this crowd would be suicide…”




Damn it, Hitoshi should’ve thought it through a bit more. Because while this position allows him to shield Izuku from the worst of this mess, it also means they’re very close to each other. And the slight blush gracing his friend’s cheeks is certainly not helping him ignore it. To be honest, he just really wishes Izuku won’t misunderstand his actions.


That would be not only awkward, it could also end their friendship.


And now that he thinks about it, his earlier probing about the boy’s love life is probably also not helping his deniability. Damn it, why did he try to tease Izuku like that, he just knows he’ll come to regret it. Because even though his quirk didn’t deter the boy, Izuku would still probably be weirded out if he thought Hitoshi liked him that way.


Which he doesn’t. Even if he thinks the boy is a bit cute… Okay, that was a bad thought, he really shouldn’t be thinking about how cute Izuku looks, especially when he’s this close to him. Or, maybe he can’t help it specifically because the boy is this close. Guess that’d forever remain as a mystery, since he refuses to think about it too deeply.


Fuck, why do so many of his classmates have to be so hot anyways?! It’s definitely not good for his heart. Especially Izuku with his constellations of freckles, those stupidly big emerald eyes, and the uncanny ability to show up when he’s needed. That last part especially, what gives that boy a right to be as nice as he is, and ALWAYS have such great timing?!


Whether or not that timing is just all coincidence or not is up for debate though…


“Ugh” He groans when someone shoves him again, and he ends up hitting his head on the wall “Ouch…”


“A-ah, are you okay?” Izuku asks, worry flashing in his eyes.


“Yep, just peachy” He answers dryly. Using sarcasm may be a bit mean, but goddamnit, he doesn’t have the mental capacity to be nice when his head hurts like a bitch “I wish they’d stop trying to trample us though”


“EVERYBODY CALM DOWN!” Someone yells – and, yep, it’s Iida “It’s okay, it’s just the press! There’s nothing to panic about, it’s okay!! You’re at Yuuei! Let’s conduct ourselves in the manner of those enrolled at the highest academia!”


And Hitoshi would breathe a sigh of relief, if only he hadn’t heard the small, muttered ‘Just the press, huh……… I guess, of course it wouldn’t be them’ from Izuku.


After everyone calms down, the evacuation gets much easier. When everything is finished, and they’re told to go back to the cafeteria for the remainder of lunch, Izuku makes up some excuse and tells it to Shinsou, and then proceeds to sneak out. Mostly because he’d really want some explanation right about now.


It’s a good thing that Safali apparently managed to somewhat convince Yami about why he should be told more. Otherwise, he’d need to do it himself, and he really doesn’t want to damage the relationship with his guardian spirit even more.


“So, would you be so kind as to finally tell me about whatever the fuck is going on?” He asks, sitting under a tree. They’re somewhere in the greenery-covered areas of the campus, but he’s made sure that the main building is still in his sight. Getting lost now would be a pain “I mean, you said your charge was the one who breached security, right? Why would he do that?”


“I guess I should start with basic information” Safali mutters, before speaking up “My charge is a villain. He’s planning on attacking your school soon. Very soon. It was his declaration of war”


“Wait, he’s attacking U.A.?!” He whisper-yells, horrified “Yami, did you know? Was that the last warning?! Why didn’t you tell me?! How the fuck would not telling me my school is getting attacked actually protect me?!”


“Uhm, you see, before, their plan wasn’t clear on what class they were going to attack” His spirit says, a bit of shame in his voice “So, you know, I wanted to wait to make sure whether or not 1-A would be caught up in this”


“…You didn’t plan on telling me anything if it was another class getting attacked” He states, more than he asks. But he needs confirmation…


“Yes” Yami sighs.


“Why?” Even he can hear pain in his own voice “Why wouldn’t you tell me? I know you want to protect me, but if there was anything I could do… I’d do it. I could’ve told the teachers, the police, anybody!”


“That’s the problem!” Yami snaps “You are too eager to help. This is not a trivial matter, those are actual villains we’re talking about. People who have killed before. And they have their people within U.A. What do you think would have happened if they learnt you somehow knew about their plans? Do you think they’d just leave you alone? No, they wouldn’t. If something like that happened, they’d either kidnap you to try and get you to tell them how you knew, or they’d just kill you”


“Still, it’s only if they learnt about it, right?” He grits his teeth “I could’ve left an anonymous tip or something!”


“Well, lot of good that’d do! They’d just discard it. And if it alerted the villains, they’d be more cautious next time. They’d probably look for you too” Yami’s voice is somehow full of pain “…And before you suggest you could’ve just come to Aizawa-sensei and asked him to keep quiet about the fact you were the one to warn him, just remember that he’s already suspicious of you”


“I know all of that! But if my warning saved at least one person, it would’ve been worth it” He replies. It’s true that him knowing too much would attract attention, but… he just can’t stay silent “I don’t want to be ‘protected’ if it means someone else might get hurt…”


“…My thought on this subject won’t change” Yami huffs “I’ve… know you since you were little. I know fully well that you would try to help, consequences be damned. I just hope you understand that I couldn’t take that risk, since I don’t have any actual way to stop you if things go south”


“No, I don’t understand” He grits his teeth “But… At least now I know my school will be attacked. Safali, could you give me some more details? Anything that could help me prepare?”


“Of course…”


Eraserhead is really suspicious (and slightly worried) when Midoriya misses the class after the lunch break. Other students also seem quite confused by that fact, so he doesn’t think anyone knows where the boy is. Still, when the next period comes, Io and behold, Midoriya actually shows up.


Of course, he questions the boy about why he wasn’t there, but the only excuse he receives is that Midoriya ‘got lost in all the confusion over the alarm’.


And isn’t that just suspicious.

---Asui's spirit, Tianu---