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Emerald enigma

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He arrives at U.A.’s gates without any problems. Yami, Yukiko, Yukizome-sensei, and Akihiko are with him. Akabane wanted to help him too, but Izuku honestly doesn’t trust him with weapons, so he turned the boy’s offer down. Well, he honestly doesn’t want to make ANY ghost-available weapons, but he really needs them if he wants to pass.


“Wait here for a minute” Yami says, once Izuku finds the room where the written exam will be held “I’ll go find my friend and his charge. It’d be good if you knew who he is”


“Alright” He murmurs, silently enough that other students wouldn’t hear.


“Huh, what’s the hold up?” Yukiko asks, bouncing in front of him.


“Yami is searching for someone” He quietly whispers, observing the other examinees. They seem to be absorbed in their own thoughts.


He leans against the nearest wall, taking out a pen to fiddle with it. It’s not like he has much more to do. Also, damn, for such a fancy school, U.A.’s heating system could be better. It’s cold as hell here, even though he’s inside. It kind of makes him glad he listened to Yukizome-sensei’s fretting and brought a scarf with him.


He should’ve taken full gloves instead of the fingerless ones though. His fingertips are starting to feel slightly numb from the cold.

Getting slightly agitated  at having to wait in a place with so many people, he puts his pen back, and checks the contents of his bag once more to distract himself. Nothing seems to be missing… though if anyone sees what’s inside they’d be concerned. Mostly because he has two small axes, and a switchblade there.


That’s not all he has, but those are the items that seem the most dangerous. Yeah… he’ll just hope people will ignore them when he pulls them out.


He closes his bag, and plays with the ends of his scarf for a bit. It’s weird that Yami hasn’t returned yet, but maybe he’s talking with his friend, or something. Ugh… The stress is really starting to get to him. Even though he knows it’ll be fine, he feels strangely inadequate.


“I’m back” Yami calls, flying up to him.


“Welcome back” He whispers, before freezing when some other spirit comes up to them.


Oh, it was following Yami. So, it’s the ‘friend’ then? It looks like a purple deer with black patterns all over it. Its antlers are white and glowing. And there are… white little birds(?) made of light sitting on them? Okay, as far as weird spirits go, this one fits in the weirder part. Still not the craziest he’s seen, but… yeah, not entirely normal.


“Hello…?” He greets hesitantly, shrinking away when one of the other examinees gives him a weird look.


“Good morning” The deer spirit gently inclines their head, bowing in greeting “It’s good to finally meet you. Yami has been talking about you a lot”


“…Likewise” He subtly whispers, even though Yami didn’t really talk about his friend aside from mentioning him every now and then.


He sees a few of the nearby examinees’ spirits staring at him, probably just realising that he can see and hear them. One tries to come closer, but Yami hisses at them, and they back off. The deer spirit just continues watching him with those old, gentle eyes, seemingly mulling over something.


“Is something the matter, spirit-san?” He asks quietly, keeping an eye out on people around him, in case they notice him talking to seemingly thin air.


“You can call us Sorya, little one” The deer spirit offers, before continuing “We’d… like to ask you for a favour”


“Oi, aren’t you forgetting something? I thought we agreed all ‘favours’ and other requests would go through me first” Yami says, pawing at Sorya’s side. Wait… that’s the first he hears of this.


“Indeed… but our request will not hinder, neither endanger your charge” The deer spirit says, closing their eyes. When they open them again, Izuku notices that they have a third eye that’s been closed earlier. It’s on their forehead, and it looks slightly creepy “Will you hear us out?”


“Ugh… sure?” He whispers uncertainly, while Yami just nods.


“Thank you, little one” Sorya bos their head again “Before the practical exam starts… please talk to my charge. He’s extremely worried, since his quirk isn’t physical”


“Yeah, I see how that could be a problem” Yami winces sympathetically.


“…Could you also pass along a piece of advice from me?” Sorya asks.


“Uhm, sure” He whispers “What kind of advice…?”


“…I’ll tell you when the time comes” The deer spirit blinks owlishly, before turning away “You better hurry along now, little one. It seems like your trial is about to start”


The written exam is quite easy. His ghosts and Yami are just walking around the room while it’s held, since they don’t really have anything else to do. But well, even if they don’t help him, he’s certain that he’ll pass this part. Mr. Kamakura’s lessons really pay off now. There are only two questions that give him some trouble, and he still manages to answer them in the end.


Once it’s finished, Sorya comes back, presumably assuming that his charge will be fine on the way to the auditorium. Once they get to said room, Izuku hangs around the doors, waiting for the deer’s charge to come in and take their seat. While waiting, his eyes catch sight of blond hair, and characteristic red eyes.


He tenses for a moment, before tearing his gaze away. Kacch – Bakugou didn’t see him. And he wouldn’t do anything here anyways. It’s alright.


“He’s here” Sorya says, and he manages to snap out of it.


“Lead the way” He murmurs, stepping away from the wall, and nodding at his ghosts to let them know he’s going.


The deer spirit leads him to a seemingly calm, purple haired boy. Thankfully, said teen is sitting at the edge, so it’s easy to talk to him. Izuku gives himself a second to observe the boy more carefully, noting the bags under his eyes, and bitterness under the mask of indifference. There’s slight nervousness in the way the teen taps his finger on his other arm.


Also, another curious thing – the teen has two nekomatas sitting on his shoulders. A rare sight… But it confirms that the boy is good, at least towards cats. Schooling his expression into a gentle smile, Izuku walks closer.


“Hello” He greets the other boy, and the teen jumps.


“Oh, sorry, I’m in the way” The boy shuffles back awkwardly, trying to let Izuku pass (probably so that he could get to his assigned seat or something). Also… his voice is strangely deep… and somehow pleasant. Izuku really likes it.


“Ah, no, I’m not… I won’t sit there” He gestures awkwardly to the seats in that row “I just… wanted to talk… to you”


“Oh” The boy raises an eyebrow at him, smirking slightly “To me specifically?”


“Actually, yeah” He shrugs, deciding to cover up his awkwardness with talking “You seemed… a bit nervous. A non-physical quirk, I assume?”


“Yeah…” The boy scratches his neck, eyes slightly narrowed “Something like that. This exam isn’t exactly great for non-physical quirks”


“Yeah” He makes sure to keep up his smile “But I’m sure you’ll do okay”


“Which part of ‘not exactly great for non-physical quirks’ did you not get?” And…he gets the raised eyebrow again. He nervously looks towards Yami and Sorya, hoping that this ‘advice’ will come in handy now, if they tell him about it.


“Please, do tell him… that it’s a hero school, and they wouldn’t turn down people with heroic qualities” The deer spirit tilts their head “Helping people is just as important for heroes as taking down the villains”


“…” Oh, so that’s it, huh? Some secret point-system “I don’t think you should be that concerned” He turns towards the boy again, and flashes him a smile “After all…” He leans in closer, whispering so that only the boy in front of him would hear “U.A. is a great school, they know that not all heroes are combat oriented. There are also those… that rescue others” He leans in a bit more when he sees the boy’s eyes widen in realisation “So… try to be a hero who saves. They’d all be idiots to pass up someone like that”


He leans back, away from the still shocked boy. Okay, his part here is done. He turns around, and tries to walk away with a simple ‘see you around’. It doesn’t work, as his wrist is grabbed. He turns again, to see the boy also standing, still seeming shocked. The teen attempts to talk, opening and closing his mouth a few times, before the sound comes out.


“Thank you” The boy says, and it seems sincere, without the earlier bitterness mixed in “I don’t know why you’d do that… but thank you”


“No problem” He smiles, and when his wrist is released, he starts walking away, offering a single “Good luck” to the other boy.


He ends up seated between two strangers, breathing a sigh of relief that he’s nowhere near his ex-friend. Them meeting after so many years wouldn’t have ended well. He observes as the last examinees enter, before all the lights go out. One single spotlight turns on, shining on the stage, where Present Mic appears, and oh god, it’s Mic!!! He’s so cool.


“Oh, it’s Present Mic… His radio show was quite good, from what I remember” Yukiko says, watching the hero curiously.


“He’s great” He murmurs back, ignoring the weird stare the guy next to him gives him.


“I don’t know… I feel like he’s a bit too gaudy” Yukizome-sensei grimaces slightly as the man explains the rules.


“It’s just his hero persona” He shrugs “Many heroes have to present themselves like that to be marketable”


“Doesn’t mean it’s in good taste” The woman sighs “At least they could’ve given him different glasses”


“I mean, they’re kind of iconic, so…”


“And you!” Someone shouts, bringing him back to reality. Who the fuck is this jerk pointing at him? “You’ve been muttering this entire time! It’s distracting!”


He tunes the boy out, though he does stop talking with the ghosts… or talking in general. He knows that other people find his muttering annoying, he just couldn’t help it! Present Mic answers the guy’s earlier question – and it’s good to know that there are 0-pointers, even if he’s slightly suspicious of them – and goes on to usher them to their zones.


As he’s walking by the purple haired boy, he gives him a subtle thumbs-up, and mouths a ‘you’ll do great’. The teen smiles back at him. He really hopes that the boy will get in, since unlike certain people taking this exam, he doesn’t seem like a complete prick.


Once he arrives at the exam grounds, he decides to check if everything’s ready, and then try giving weapons to ghosts. Alright… The stack of papers with glyphs written on them is here, and so are the few Jubokko leaves he cut in the morning – he mostly took them in case he runs out of energy to activate glyphs, those things pack a punch even if they don’t seem like it.


He fishes out the weapons from the bag, and passes them to the ghosts. He trusts them not to hurt anyone, even if Yukiko seems oddly… excited about going into battle. He then takes out the marker pen, and writes an enhancement glyph on his skin, just in case he needs it later. He wouldn’t be able to activate it for long, since this thing is really not energy-efficient, but it may help him if he needs to run away or lift something heavy.


“Excuse me!!” The loud guy from before screams, going towards him. Following him is a… blue-white secretary bird? His spirit, most likely…?


“Oh god, it has such fabulous eyelashes” Yami snickers on his shoulder, quietly enough not to let the other spirit hear.


“Please don’t take out your weapons yet! You’re clearly making other examinees feel unsafe! The exam hasn’t even started” The guy complains, and Izuku is somewhere between trying not to laugh because the boy’s spirit is really fabulous, and being absolutely terrified because this guy is yelling at him, and people are starting to stare “Put them back at once!!!”


“Hey, Izu, can I hit this guy?” Yukiko asks, moving forward a little, to be in his line of sight, and holding an axe “Of course, not with the sharp edge, but…”


“Please behave!” Yukizome-sensei hisses.


“What are you waiting for?!” The guy asks loudly, waving his hands around robotically.


“Uhm… I… that is…” God, he can’t stand everyone staring at him like that. He just wants to run away from here “I… I… s-sorry…?” He hugs himself, trying to shrink away from sight, as other examinees jeer and comments about how it’s one less enemy to worry about. It stings.


“Could you please just do as I asked? Put those away” The guy requests, gesturing to the ‘floating’ weapons again.


“And… Begin!!!!” A loud voice booms from somewhere, and Izuku really appreciates the timing. He immediately rushes to the battlefield, effectively escaping the boy, and everyone’s stares “What’s wrong? The test started! Examinee number 23338 has the right idea!! Run! Run!”


Oh, he’s actually managed to get ahead. Good. He sees Yukizome-sensei burying the switchblade in one robot’s wiring, making it combust. Akihiko and Yukiko are off to somewhere, trying to destroy the robots with their axes. He quickly takes out a few electric-glyph papers, and proceeds to stick them onto nearby robots, while activating them.


Most robots just stop working, but a few actually blow up, so he ends up with a few scratches. Nothing he’s not used to. He’s quickly passed by other examinees who’ve caught up to him, and are trying to find more robots to kill. Well, he’s a bit too slow, so no point competing with all those power-houses here.


He sees Yami gesturing for him to come out of the corner of his eye, and he ducks into the alleyway where the spirit is. After a few moments, a tree pointer comes at him. He manages to dodge its attack, and stick an activated glyph onto it, making it explode. Yami flies higher to spot more enemies, and Izuku uses the precious few second of break to take out more papers with glyphs, as he just runs straight ahead, waiting for directions.


“There are quite a few ‘villains’ that way” Yami says, and Izuku follows him.


True to his word, there are quite a few robots there. He needs to be quick before anyone else decides to come here though. With practiced movements, he darts around, sticking electric glyphs onto robots to make them malfunction. Thank god for all the times he’s dealt with poltergeists, since it was basically the same thing, only with exorcism glyphs instead.


“Hey, beansprout! Someone looks like they need a bit of help there!” Yukizome-sensei yells, getting his attention.


Huffing, he nods to Yami and leaves towards the ghost. And sure enough, there’s a guy there fighting a robot, and clearly losing. One problem – the boy loses his footing, and is about to be hit. Without thinking, he rushes forward and pushes him out of the way, getting his arm sliced by the robot in the process.


Sighing, he runs up to the robot, twists it’s ‘arm’, and sticks a glyph paper to it, applying less energy than normally – enough to stun the robot, but not to finish it off. After all, even if he’s there to help, he isn’t about to steal points from some random.


“Break it now!” He yells, and the startles examinee shoots a fireball his way. Well, he should’ve thought that through better.


He dodges out of the way, and runs away from there, sparing a glance back to make sure the robot is destroyed. Alright, now back to fighting for real. Yami leads him to where there are less people, and more bots. He finishes them off. That pattern continues, broken only when he sees someone in need of assistance (or ghosts alert him of someone like that), and when he has to use Jubokko leaves (though he does it rather subtly, making sure that the cameras won’t catch it. Can’t have people suspecting he’s using quirk enhancers, after all).


It stops somewhere towards the end, when there’s a loud sound, followed by ground shaking. He rushes towards the source of the disturbance, destroying a few robots on the way. After all, people are bound to need help if something this noticeable is happening there. He sees people running away from the area – the loud guy is among them (not so brave when it’s not an awkward kid he’s against, huh).


“There are people who are hurt here” Yami says, and indeed, he can see a few examinees limping.


Cursing under his breath, he rushes towards someone who tripped, and helps them up. He’s about to run and help the limping examinees escape faster, but… That’s when he hears it. A cry for help. Whipping around, he sees a girl stuck under the rubble. She has short, brown hair, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be able to get out by herself.


He immediately runs towards her, noting a fancy stingray, hovering above the girl. Her guardian spirit… but it doesn’t tell him much about her quirk, so he’ll have to ask, if it comes down to this. He nods at Yukizome-sense, who was nearby, and she rushes to his side.


“Try to cut the giant robot’s wiring” He whispers to her, before crouching in front of the trapped girl “Hey, are you alright? Nothing broken?” He asks, carefully preparing to lift the slab of concrete. If she’s wounded, he’ll have to be extremely careful.


“Just…stuck. And nauseous, but that’s because of my quirk” The girl says, looking a bit green.


“Alright” He tries lifting the piece of concrete, but it doesn’t budge. Okay, plan B. He pours energy into the strengthening glyphs on him, and tries again. It… moves a bit, but not enough for the girl to crawl out.


Biting his lip, he looks back at the robot. It’s… not stopping. Well… it’s not a bad way to die. Wait, they wouldn’t let them die on the test, right…? But there can always be unforeseen accidents. He… has to get them out of here… So, he tries something he’s never done before. He pours all of his remaining spiritual energy into the glyph, pushing at the concrete slab.


He feels a rush of strength enhancement, and manages to push the piece of rubble off. But then the pain hits him. He… he used too much… He coughs, panicking slightly when he sees his own blood dripping onto the concrete. Still… he has to get out of here.


“Get up if you can” He tells the girl, almost chocking on his blood as he talks “We have to… escape…”


“Are you okay?! Oh my god, you’re bleeding, you’re not okay”  The girl also seems to panic.


Go. Now” He repeats, trying to get up.


“I can’t leave you here!” She hisses, helping him up. Okay, that’s appreciated.


“Thanks” He says, as she helps him walk.


Still… they’re rather slow. Too slow… The robot is going to crush them in a few moments. Yukizome-sensei… please hurry up. He grits his teeth and speeds up a bit, even though he just wants to curl up on the ground and cry. Wait… there are alleyways, maybe they can go escape into one of them to avoid the robot’s path…?


He tugs on the girl’s arm, and when she glances back at him, he gestures to the alleyway. She seems to understand, walking there instead. Still… even if they reach the alleyway, they’ll have to go further in, or they’ll get caught up in the destruction. Yami is telling him to hurry it up – as if he can – as the spirit himself floats higher up to have a better view of the situation.


“Just a bit more…” He mumbles, forcing himself to push ahead.


“…! The robot is going down!!!” Yami yells to him from above.


“Oh, thank god” He breathes out, collapsing, as there is a loud crashing sound somewhere behind them. The robot has fallen.


“H-hey!! Don’t fall asleep!!” The girl shakes him, as his world fades “C-come on, don’t close your eyes! Hey! Do you even hear me?!”


When he wakes up he realises that he’s in some hospital-like room. Thankfully, he doesn’t have an IV drop, which means his scars were probably not seen. Or the doctor has seen the thick dressing made of bandages on his arms and gave up on inserting a needle anywhere there. He… prefers the first option.


He looks around the room. His bag is on the chair next to the bed he’s lying in, the switchblade is right next to it, and the two axes are on the floor. The three ghosts are in the room, talking among themselves. They don’t seem to have realised he’s awake. Yami is also there, talking to some spirit he doesn’t recognises. Maybe the nurse’s…?


“Oh my god, you’re awake!” Yukizome-sensei yells, racing to his side and trying to hug him. She winces and settles for just being near when her hands phase through him “I’m so glad you okay. Don’t scare me like this ever again, beansprout”


“S-sorry…” He mutters. It’s not like he planned to end up like this! “I… should probably go home now…”


“If you try, the nurse will kill you for leaving without permission” An unfamiliar voice tells him. Oh, it’s the spirit Yami was talking with. It’s… human-like. Looks like a fairy or something…? “If you want to avoid the lecture, just wait a few minutes, she’ll come here”


“Mhhm” He hums, lying back down. Yukizome-sensei gives him a questioning glance, but stays silent.


“You don’t look so good” Yukiko remarks, sitting on the bed next to him. Yami just silently watches on, looking concerned.


“I’m fine” He manages to groan out, even though he still feels awful.


God, why is spiritual energy depletion so painful? Honestly, he would’ve just cried then and there, but he’s afraid the nurse would be hesitant to let him go if he does that. So, he just tries to hold back tears, as he waits for anyone to come by and tell him he can leave. It… doesn’t actually take long. A few minutes, at most. But it still feels painfully long to him.


“Oh, you’re awake” Old-sounding voice calls out, and sure enough, there’s the nurse – the youthful heroine, Recovery Girl “Are you still hurting anywhere?”


“A bit” More than ‘a bit’, but he just wants to leave. He can’t even muster enough energy to fanboy over the heroine “Mostly just exhausted… I overused my quirk quite badly”


“Do you think you’ll be okay if you go home right now?” The nurse asks, observing him carefully “Any dizziness, intense pains, or nausea?”


“Oh, uhm, I’m… okay enough” He says. It’s… more of a lie than a truth. But he’ll be fine.


“If you’re sure… Take a few gummies” She hands him a handful of aforementioned sweets “Eat them, and then you can go home”


“Thank you” He says, before putting a few in his mouth and chewing. He can feel the sceptical gaze Yukizome-sensei is giving the gummies. Despite her blatant suspicion, he finishes all of them, and gets up “I’ll be going now” He says.


“Take care” The nurse hums, as he gather his things and leaves.


Once he’s home, he just tosses the bag aside, and face-plants into bed. He feels awful… How the fuck did he manage to get home is a wonder, if he has to be honest. Well, at least he’s almost completely sure he’ll get in. He did get quite a few points by himself, and the ghosts were racking up the points for him the entire time. Not to mention the supposed rescue points.


And besides, the results will come in a few weeks, so he can just confirm it then. For now though… he just wants to sleep. He asks the ghosts to leave his room for tonight, and then promptly passes out once he’s alone.


Aizawa grits his teeth, rewatching the footage. That quirk… it seems so familiar, way too familiar. The flying axes move like they’re actually held by someone, and not just floating or carried via levitation. They seem almost exactly like that bottle… Could it be that this boy is the vigilante who helped him…?


Surely, that’s not possible… he’s way too young, and he wants to actually be a hero. Going vigilante is way too risky… But as much as he wants to deny it, he knows that teenagers make a lot of stupid decisions, especially the ones who want to help others, without regards for their own well-being.


He’ll have to look into that possibility… But even if that turned out to be the truth, he doesn’t really want to punish the boy too severely. Not only was this a one time thing, as far as he’s aware at least, but the boy is actually trying to get into a hero school. Setting him on the right track, and keeping him there would be much more logical than putting him in jail or the like.



For the next three days, Izuku is still feeling the negative effects of his little stunt, so he just stays in bed, and reads books. He also texts with Shouto (and sends a few messages in their group chat with Inasa, but they’re mostly the obligatory ‘answering questions’ texts, oh and the one about how he did good enough in the entrance exam).


Staying in bed for so long is a bit boring, but at least ghosts try to include him in their game tournaments, so it isn’t as bad as it could have been. On the fourth day, he can actually get out of bed without feeling like he’s going to die, so he makes use of that and goes for a walk.


The neighbourhood is quiet, and seems a bit empty. It’s probably just due to the fact that it’s not a busy street, but it feels weird with so few people around. There are quite a few ghosts though, but he doesn’t talk to them, since he’s still in no shape to help them. He feels a bit guilty about it, but it’s not like he can do anything to make his condition better.


The only thing that could heal him is the Jubokko tree, and he’d rather not use it if it’s not necessary. Especially since it’s rather weak right now, because he took a few of its leaves and haven’t fed it since. He’ll probably have to ask his mom for help… and that doesn’t make him feel any better. Actually he feels almost sick just thinking of asking his mom to feed the blood-eating tree. But he’s afraid that it might partially dry up if he doesn’t feed it soon…


…He’ll have to ask Yami before he does anything.


He refocuses on the scenery before him. It’s… rather calm here, but it also feels a bit suffocating. Maybe he should go somewhere else? Some park… or the beach. Hmm… The beach sounds nice. But not the Dagobah Beach. It’s too far away, and he might bump into All Might if he goes there. The last time was already a risk, and he only took him to show the beach to Shouto.


…Wait, what the fuck.


He can see a familiar man in the trench coat walking into his neighbour’s house. It’s… All Might’s friend. Why’d he be here? Wait, he’s a police officer, did something happen here? Or… is he there for Izuku…? Anyways, it’s time to leave this place. He picks the direction of the nearest beach, and speed-walks away.



“Hey, Izu! The mailman was here! He put some letters into the mailbox” Yukiko informs him, as she walks into his bedroom.


“Ah, thanks” He says, and heads to the mailbox. It’s probably just bills and so on, but the slight possibility of it being his U.A. acceptance letter is thrilling.


He takes all the letters and so on to the house, and starts sorting them. Electricity bills… water bill… oh, a letter from mom’s job. And… A rather thick letter from U.A. Actually, it doesn’t seem to be just paper there. He carefully feels the ‘letter’ with his hands, and concludes that some kind of disc-like object is inside.


Well, time to go to his room, and open it. Giddily, he runs to his room, and sits on his bed… The moment of truth is here. Will he get in, or will he be rejected…? He carefully uses a nearby ruler to open the envelope, and picks up the disc from inside… There doesn’t seem to be an actual letter alongside it though. Huh, weird.


Suddenly, the disc activates.


Startled, he lets go of it. It falls onto his bed, and he finally sees that it’s projecting the number one hero, All Might. What…? I-it was supposed to be from U.A. What is going on here? Then, All Might speaks, and oh, isn’t that just wonderful. The number one hero is going to be teaching at the school he’s going too.


On one hand, it’s like a childhood dream come true, and just generally super awesome. On the other hand… he’s had a rather bad first impression as far as meeting with All Might goes. And he’s slightly terrified of the man now. It’s not going to stop him from fanboying, but still, being in the hero’s class would be… awkward.


But hey, he actually managed to pass! And that’s something. Also, he’s managed to snatch second place, being only behind… Bakugou Katsuki. So… his childhood ex-friend is probably going to be at U.A. Yikes, he hopes they end up in different classes. Facing the boy right now would be… awkward, and painful.


And he’s not sure he’d be able to do it without having a mental breakdown. But hey, he has to think positively! There’s a 50% chance the boy will be in the other class. Plus, he knows at least three people who are quite nice, so at least one of them has a quite high chance of being in the same class as him. Yep, he just has to look on the bright side. Just… look on the bright side. Dear god, why does staying positive have to be so hard?!