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Emerald enigma

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“…Ugh, I feel trouble coming” Yami says suddenly in the middle of their training session.


“What kind of trouble?” Izuku asks, tensing a bit. Ignoring Yami’s warnings is never a good idea “The ‘it may hurt and possibly kill you’ trouble or ‘something annoying’ kind?”


“…Something annoying” The spirit answers, and just as Izuku sighs in relief, something bumps into the barrier he’d set up around his room “Go and let him in, it’s just Maruko”


“Okay…” He sighs, resigned.


“Let me get this straight…” Izuku breaches the dead silence that resulted from Maruko’s request “He didn’t even get to eat dinner, and he was forced to train since coming back home?” He really feels bad for Shouto “…Alright, I’ll accept your request and bring him some food”


“Thank you” The troubled spirit sighs in relief “It’s happened before, so I know that he’d just go to sleep without eating anything otherwise. It’s not healthy…”


“Yeah… no problem” Even though he’s a bit scared of coming to Shouto again “Do you know what’s his favourite food? Or at least something he’d enjoy?”


“Cold soba” The spirit answers immediately “…And I think he enjoyed this ‘melon bread’ thing quite a lot too, when you brought it the last time”


“Okay, thanks” He gets up, and gathers everything he’ll need for tonight “Yami, you coming with, or what?”


“Of course I’m going” His guardian spirit huffs, looking a bit offended at the question.


“Just making sure” He mumbles, leaving his room.


Shouto feels incredibly hungry. But more than that, he’s tired and in pain, so he can’t exactly go and make himself something to eat. He’ll just have to sleep it off, and hope the breakfast will be enough in the morning. It’s actually not that bad… If only he could just fall asleep. He’s actually pretty sure he was close to doing just that, when there is a knock… a knock on the window.


Cringing slightly, he looks there, and upon seeing the boy from the last time, he gets up and goes on to open the window. Izuku is smiling at him, though there is something sad in his eyes. It’s a weird sight, but oh well, there is nothing normal as far as the person in front of him is concerned.


“Why are you here?” He intends to sound annoyed, but it comes out a little weak.


“Food delivery, duh” The guy says like it makes complete sense… On the other hand, if he has food…


“Come in” Shouto says, stepping out of the way.


It may not be smart to let his guard down, but he really needs this food. Anything to ease the unpleasant feeling in his stomach, and finally go to sleep. Wait, no, nope, he shouldn’t let himself be so easily bought. This may be a trick. Oblivious to his internal battle between common sense and hunger, Izuku simply sits down on Shouto’s futon, taking out some containers from his bag.


“Well, I have some cold soba today” The boy says, and what the actual fuck? Is this just a freaky coincidence, or did Izuku look into Shouto’s preferences in food? “And when we’re done with it, I also have a few mochis, if you’d like”


“…Thank you” He says, gingerly taking the offered container full of soba.


“I’m honestly a bit amazed that everything in my bag survived climbing over the fence, and up to your window” Izuku fills the silence that arises when they start eating “I mean, you’d expect at least one of the containers to break and ruin my bag. I must be exceptionally lucky today”


“Mhm” He hums noncommittally, still wolfing down his portion of the dish.


“…You should probably slow down a bit when it comes to eating” The boy tells him, concern lacing his tone “You’ll make yourself sick if you eat too quickly”


“…I’ll be fine” He mutters, but he does slow down a bit.


Things are great, all things considered. The lack of melon bread on sale was a small setback, but Izuku managed to get some mochis instead. And even the whole ‘meeting with another alive human’ thing isn’t so bad right now, since Shouto is mostly focused on the food. Plus, this time he was actually invited in rather quickly, so that’s a win.


He eats his share of soba slowly, savouring the taste. Even if he prefers Katsudon, this is still pretty awesome. The texture and spices are really nice… He’s brought out of his thoughts when he notices that Shouto is done eating. Wordlessly, he slides the package with mochis towards the boy. There are sweet bean, and milk mochis inside. He hopes Shouto will like them.


“So…… Did you just decide to bring all of this on a whim, or did you somehow know… about the whole situation?” Shouto asks, sounding a bit suspicious. The boy doesn’t even touch the pastries.


“…I can’t answer that question. Or more like, I won’t answer it” He doesn’t meet Shouto’s eyes “All you need to know is that I’m here for you if you need me”


“…That’s not reassuring at all”


“At least I’m trying”


They sit in silence for a while. When Izuku finishes his share of the soba, he sets the container aside, and moves to sit a bit closer to Shouto. The boy seems kind of uncomfortable, but he doesn’t move away. Small steps, huh. Izuku takes a mochi from the package, and motions for Shouto to also take one. The boy blinks at him slowly, but does it anyways.


“So… Are you more of a cat person, or a dog person?” He asks casually, before taking a bite out of the pastry.


“…I’ve never really considered it. I don’t think I’m that much of an animal person. Pets are too much of a responsibility” The boy rotates the round shape in his hand a few times before popping it into his mouth.


“Huh” Weird, wasn’t he supposed to like cats? “But, like, not as pets. Or, well, not quite. Don’t think of the responsibility. More like… if your friend had a pet, that you could play with once in a while. Would you rather it be a cat or a dog?”


“A cat” The boy answers without too much hesitation “They’re less energetic, and most of them like my left side for some reason”


“It might be because he’s warmer on his left side” Maruko comments. Well, that’s some info to keep in mind for the future.


“Cool. I prefer cats too, they’re so soft, and mysterious. Like how they can allegedly see ghosts. I think that’s neat” Izuku rambles on, covering his discomfort with a smile “What’s your favourite colour?”


“I don’t really care about things like that” Shouto takes another mochi “As long as it doesn’t look bad where it is, i guess all colours are equally fine”


“I personally like green” His smile turns into a pout when the other boy sends a pointed look at his hair, and then eyes “No, it’s not only because my eyes and hair are green”


“I didn’t say anything”


“But you were thinking it!”


“I really wasn’t”


 Shouto is starting to feel slightly irritated. Mostly because he just wants to sleep, but also ‘cause he can’t figure out what the person in front of him actually wants. For five minutes now, they’ve been making small talk, and the boy has been asking about Shouto’s preferences of all things. They were mostly things he doesn’t think much about, such as his favourite season, or what kind of plants he likes.


Not to mention, ‘Izuku’ is constantly glancing at something, but no matter how quickly Shouto follows the boy’s gaze, the spot is always empty. It’s driving him insane.


“Oh, it’s getting kind of late” The guy says, swiftly gathering all the empty packages back into his bag “Guess I’ll be going now”


“Wait!” He calls out, grasping Izuku’s wrist “I just want to know, what do you want from me? Why are you even coming here? How did you know that I liked cold soba, or that I haven’t eaten dinner today?”


“I… I won’t answer those questions” A slightly panicked look crosses the boy’s face before he turns it into a smile again “Well, I’m going~!”


Before he can do anything else, the boy frees himself from his grasp, and basically jumps out of his window. Well, it doesn’t matter, really. He’ll just get his answers the next time Izuku comes. If he comes at all.


“It feels like we didn’t make much progress in making him use my blessing” A slightly dejected Maruko says.


“Things like that need time” Izuku argues, feeling extremely tired for some reason “It’s obviously a sensitive issue, and I’m still basically a stranger to him. I can’t just breach the topic casually. In the worst case scenario, he’d think that his father sent me to make him use his power, and we’d lose our chance altogether”


“I know, it’s just frustrating” The fox ears on the spirit’s head flicker a few times.


“Make it a bit rounder” Yami says, pawing at his attempt to draw a glyph he’s been shown “And you’re missing a few strokes here, in the middle”


“Can I ask you something?” Izuku waits for Yami to nod before continuing “Why didn’t you teach me those ‘physical’ types of glyphs earlier? I mean, you’ve always known I wanted to be a hero, and they seem really useful”


“You wouldn’t be able to activate them…  In fact, you still can’t… yet” Yami sighs.


“What do you mean? You said that they only require more energy” Okay, he’s officially confused now. And, frankly speaking, disappointed.


“Well, it’s the only technical difference” Yami sighs “But I think you should be able to tell the other difference”


“…” He thinks for a while. Obviously, they interact with physical plane, so that’s a difference, but anything else…? “The other ones involve ghosts or spirits? I mean, the ones for ghost-interaction are obvious, but the only others I know have effect on the spirits… Or are activated by something a spirit or a ghost tries to do. Like the protection charms, since they activate on contact…”


“That’s correct” Yami closes his eyes for a moment, tilting his head “Every glyph you’ve used up until now utilises another entity’s energy. You’ve never actually activated a glyph on your own”


“W-well, I just have to learn how to do it… Can you teach me?” He asks, hopeful. Because damn, physical glyphs are awesome, and he wants a power he can use on his own.


“I won’t teach you for now” He deflates at Yami’s words “But it’s not because I don’t want to, or I don’t trust you. It’s because for now it’s literally impossible for you to do this correctly. Your spiritual energy isn’t mature yet, and trying to activate glyphs with it could mess it up”


“T-then, why did you even mention those glyphs at all? And why did you think I’d be able to register glyphs as my quirk?” He pouts “When is my spiritual energy going to mature?”


“Normally, human’s energy matures when they’re about sixteen-“ Yami gets cut off half-through.


“That’s way after the entrance exam!”


“-but I’ve found something that’ll help yours mature faster” The spirit shoots him a look “I made a deal with a yokai to obtain that item, and we’ll go pick it up this month. If my estimation is correct, you should be able to use your spiritual energy about a month or two before the actual entrance exam”


“Thank you, Yami!” He tries to hug the spirit, forgetting that he’d need to apply a glyph on himself to be able to touch the spirit “…I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t use it for the exam”


“Well, you could always go with knife-wielding ghosts” The guardian spirit argues once again.


“That wouldn’t end well, we talked about this!” He sputters “Besides, I don’t want any ghost-available knives around when I know that villains can leave ghosts behind. Can you imagine the kind of havoc that’d arise if a ghost-turned villain stole a knife from one of the ghosts that help me?”


“Okay, fine, you win” Yami rolls his eyes “I still think that it’d be a good enough idea. And even if something went wrong, we can just deny everything”


“No, we can’t” He groans “Glyphs are going to be registered as my quirk. If anything went wrong, it’d be all on me”


“You’re exaggerating”


“I’m really not”


“So… That yokai is living in a shrine?” Izuku asks once they arrive to where they are supposed to pick up the item that’d help him activate glyphs.


“That’s right. But since they’re masquerading as a human, they’re actually posing as a shrine maiden and not a deity” Yami walks onto the shrine grounds, and he reluctantly follows “There is also a spirit bound to this shrine. I doubt they will come out to meet us though. Like many other spirits who have blessed some place, instead of a human or other organism, they’re mostly preoccupied with managing the energy flow here, and applying protection to at least lessen the damages to the buildings”


“That’s… neat, I guess” He tilts his head, thinking intensely “Are there many places blessed by the spirits?”


“That depends on the area” Yami seems to shrug “For some reason, lesser guardian spirits like blessing lakes, and springs, in particular”


“Uhm… ‘Lesser’ spirits? So there are ranks among spirits too?” He asks, looking around the shrine. The place seems kinda empty.


“Of course. Most medium and higher spirits choose to bless living organisms though” Yami seems to shudder, as if remembering something unpleasant “There are even factions fighting over what’s the best thing to bless. They can cause quite a lot of trouble over in the spirit world”


“…!” He turns to his spirit guardian sharply. It’s not often that Yami talks about the spirit world, and he usually clams up whenever Izuku asks about it “So, does that mean that once you bless something you can still return-“


“Can I help you with something?” A feminine voice cuts him off, and when he looks in its direction, there is a girl-appearing person with fox ears and tail standing near one of the ponds.


“You know why we’re here, Kamikou” Yami huffs “I’ve kept my end of the deal. Now it’s your turn”


“Of course” The yokai(?) smiles, and motions for them to follow “Come on, I’ve left it further in the shrine”


“…Let’s go” Yami says when he sees Izuku hesitating.


They walk into the shrine. There is only an old woman praying inside, and Izuku can’t help but feel she appears to be really lonely. They pass her without a word, heading towards the priestess’ room. He’s asked to wait outside, while Yami and Kamikou go in. When they reappear, the priestess is holding some… plant?


“Here. It’s a Jubokko sapling” Kamikou says, and he startles, recognising the name of a yokai. And not the good kind of yokai either.


“Uhm… thank you…?” He says, confused. He’s heard that Jubokko’s branches can heal people, but how is it going to help him…?


“We thank you for your trouble” Yami says “Be assured that we’ll make this tree thrive” Heck no “And treat it with respect” He really doesn’t like what it implies.


“That’s good enough for me” Kamikou chuckles “I give thee my advice, shall you come seek it here” Oh, so they’re offering to give them advice if they come back here. Also, why does it feel like their tone changed? “Farewell”


“Goodbye” He says, turning away.


“Farewell” Yami echoes yokai’s words.


“Okay, what the fuck” Izuku curses once they’re back in his room “Yami, Jubokko is literally a vampire tree! It feeds on human blood. Why exactly are we trying to grow it?”


“I told you it’ll help you with your spiritual energy” His guardian spirit circles the sapling, inspecting it from all sides “It comes from an old tree. It’s soaked up its fair share of both human, and yokai blood. I can feel a lot of energy in it”


“That doesn’t make me feel any better…” Actually, he feels slightly nauseous just looking at the sapling.


“Don’t be picky. Monstrous yokais like this are really hard to come by these days” Yami tries to poke at the little tree “I’ll help you prepare it for eating later”


“Yikes” He mutters, resigned.


A few hours later, he’s forced to eat a few leaves, and a twig from the tree. It… doesn’t taste terribly. It has this plant-y taste, with a pang of something iron-y. It’s the knowledge that the sickeningly sweet resin is full of blood that almost makes him gag. He powers through his disgust and manages not to throw up. Good job him.


“Now, we should let it regrow, and adapt to the new environment” Yami says “You can water it with your blood mixed with regular water. Though, it would be better if we were able to get some variety of blood for it”


“I’d really rather not” He shudders “If I have to feed this thing, I’d feel better knowing it’s only my blood”


“It’ll be more effective if it has a variety of blood”


“You know what, I really don’t like our new vampire tree”


The next day, he begins to feel results of eating the freaky tree twig, and it’s honestly not the best feeling. He feels… just a bit too hot for it to be normal, and there is this weird energy thrumming through him. Or rather… there is some weird energy in the air. He can’t quite put his finger on it, but there is something out there… He decides to ask Yami about it.


“Ah, your quirk is just growing rapidly because your power capacity basically doubled overnight” The spirit says, watching him carefully “Tell me if at any point it feels like it’s too much for you, okay? I’ll try to help you through it”


“Okay, but… what is that weird energy in the air” He asks squinting when he sees something like a tunnel of energy in the air, vaguely placed between him and his guardian spirit.


“It’s always been there, your ‘eyesight’ was just never sensitive enough to pick up on it” Yami continues observing him “If you get a sensory overload from everything, please call for me. I should be able to at least lessen it a little”


“…Is it that bad?” He asks, his voice pathetically quivering.


“You’re going to be hit with sensations that’d normally take at least a year to develop. It will be bad” Yami sighs “Also, just a heads up, but you’ll probably be seeing more spirits and shadows from now on. It’s the weaker ones, since they’re pretty well hidden behind the veil. Just don’t freak out, okay?”


“…I’m going to sleep, and I’m sleeping this off” He decides, already heading to bed “If you need me, know that I’m going to be rethinking my life decisions”


“It won’t be that bad”


“Possible sensory overload, plus a load of new spirits and shadows that I couldn’t previously see? What exactly screams ‘not so bad’ about this situation?”


“Oh, come on, now you’re just being overdramatic”




“It’s barely noon!”


“I’m still going to sleep, goodnight”


After a few days of lying in bed, and adjusting to the new development in his quirk, (and a bit of his ghosts freaking out, wondering if he’s sick), he can more or less function again. It’s still weird to see so much more though. One of the differences is that he can actually see a bit of the guardian spirits’ ‘blessing’.


Or at least that’s what Yami claims it is. And it actually makes a bit of sense, since it’s mostly just a bit of energy coming from guardian spirits, somewhere towards their charges. It’s really headache inducing when he looks at big crowds though. Mostly because those energy links are colourful, and rather bright.


Another things he’s able to see now are ‘lesser’ guardian spirits. From what he’s seen, most of them bless plants, or particularly large rocks. There are also… other spirits. Yami says that they aren’t ‘guardian spirits’, since they aren’t blessing anything. Izuku is not entirely sure what they are, and whenever he asks his guardian spirit, Yami simply says that he shouldn’t be concerned about them.


But he can’t shake off this feeling that there is something more to it. After all, from what he knows, spirits can stay in the physical realm only if they’re bound to something or someone there. Yami even said that when the contract binding the spirit to someone ends (that is, when that person dies), the spirit has no choice but to return to the spirit world.


That’s supposedly the reason why so many spirits actually choose to bless humans.


Still, there is not much he can do to learn more. The spirits themselves are avoiding him, and when he asked Maruko and Uzomi about it, they simply said that they trust Yami’s judgement in this case, and will leave it to him as to whether or not to tell Izuku more. It’s frustrating.


Aside from that, he’s forced to take care of the freaky blood-tree. It seems to like his blood a bit too much, even trying to latch onto his arm when he attempted to feed it. On that note, since he didn’t have a syringe, he had to use a knife to get some of his blood. And it seems like the gash he made will scar. Oh well, it’s not like it’s especially large, so who cares.


At least he isn’t the only one freaked out by the vampire tree. Actually, he’s pretty sure that if Yukizome-sensei wasn’t already dead, she’d have had a heart attack when the tree attacked him. She actually tried to get him to get rid of it, but well, he’s not going to go against Yami. The only ghosts that didn’t have negative reaction to the tree were Mr. Kamakura (who was mostly fascinated by a ‘tree with a quirk’ as he called it) and Akabane (who decided the tree was metal as hell).


“Hey, beansprout, could you help me with something?” Yukizome-sensei asks a few days after his recovery.


“Sure” He immediately agrees, putting down his notebook and a pen “What do you need?”


“Well… Uhm, I’ve heard that one of those runes you draw-“ It’s a glyph, but he’s not going to correct her “-allows ghosts to posses someone?”


“…What about it?” He makes sure to keep his smile pleasant, but he can tell he’s unconsciously tensing.


“I was wondering… If I could borrow your body for a bit… Oh my god, this sounds so bad. Actually it is bad” Yukizome-sensei winces slightly, looking ashamed “Actually, forgot I said anything. I’ll be going now…”


“Wait!” He stops her “…What would you need my body for?”


“Well, it’s kind of silly, actually” The woman looks a bit guilty “It’s just… as a ghost, I can’t bake at all. It’s been getting to me recently. I was wondering if you’d let me do it as you, but… it’s a selfish request. I’m sorry”


“No, it’s… okay” He sighs “I… I will let you. If you still want to…”


“Thanks beansprout” Yukizome-sensei gives him a warm smile.


“So, what are we going to make?” He asks, mirroring her expression.


“Hmm, does chocolate cake with fruit sound good to you?”




He’s walking towards Shouto’s house, a piece of Yukizome-sensei’s heavenly cake in his bag, when he hears yelling. Yami gives him the ‘you better not’ look, but he ignores it, and rushes towards the noise. It brings him to an alleyway, where he sees a rather scary scene. A bunch of ghosts, and near poltergeists, stand around looking at a fight.


The only living figures there are the attacker, who is a rather dangerous-looking man, the pro hero – those goggles… Eraserhead? – and an injured person on the ground. He observes for a second, before deciding to help. He tries to get the attention of the nearest ghost.


“Excuse me… uhm… Mr. or Mrs. Ghost?” He whispers, keeping an eye out to make sure he isn’t heard by the villain.


“W-wait, you can see us?!” The ghost yells, turning around to face him “Get out of here kid! He’s going to kill you if you don’t”


“Ah, don’t worry, I think I’ll be fine” He tries to give a reassuring smile, but judging by the ghost’s expression, he fails miserably “Uhm, do you want to help with the fight?”


“Kid, I’d really want to cave the guy’s face in, but I can’t do shit” Ghost looks nervously between the fight and him.


“I can help you” He says, taking a marker pen out of his backpack “Just promise to hurt only the villain?” He sees Eraserhead being slammed against the wall, and winces. Yeah, the guy doesn’t seem like he’s winnig.


“Sure. He’s the only one I want to suffer anyways” The ghost looks at him with doubt “But I don’t think you could help me in any way”


“Just give me a second” He says, grabbing a nearby bottle that’d been broken in half. It looks dangerous enough. He writes a glyphs on it, the one that allows ghosts to interact with stuff “Go for it” He says, holding the bottle out to the ghost.


“Kid, I really can’t grab any-“ The ghost cuts themselves off, eyes widening as they actually manage to grab the broken bottle “Oh, heck yeah”


Izuku watches as the ghost runs –floats?- up to the villain, and buries the glass in him. He winces. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the smartest move on his part. But at least it works, kinda…? The villain whirls around, giving Eraserhead an opening. The ghost tries to get the bottle back, but it seems like the glyph cracked and it’s not working anymore (thankfully).


Soon enough, the villain is left tied up in scarves. Izuku slips away from there before the hero can see him. He really doesn’t want to be charged with vigilantism. Yami keeps glancing at him for some reason, looking like he’s deep in thought. After some time, they get to the area where Shouto’s house is. Before he can climb the fence though, Yami lands in front of him.


“So… are you finally admitting that knife-wielding ghosts would work?” The spirit asks and Izuku sputters.


Aizawa has seen a lot of really weird things. It comes with the job, he supposes. But just because he’s used to the certain degree of weird that comes with quirks doesn’t mean he’s any less surprised when the weird shit actually happens. In this case, a bottle randomly levitated itself from around the corner and stabbed the villain he was trying to detain.


His first thought was that maybe the victim found some way to use his quirk. But no, the man is still lying on the ground, looking about as shocked as Aizawa. The villain obviously wouldn’t do that to himself, so that leaves the interference from a third party. A vigilante, most likely. But when after restraining the villain Aizawa checks around the scene, there are no signs of anyone being there. Of course, maybe the vigilante just didn’t leave anything obvious.


He’ll have to leave the rest to the police.


“…So, are you just going to keep coming here out of nowhere?” Shouto asks after letting Izuku in.


“Yep~” He smiles as widely as he can, ignoring the eye roll he gets from Yami. Like, rude, it’s not easy to talk to humans, excuse him for being a bit different than his usual persona.


“Pft” Shouto snorts in amusement. To be honest, that’s probably the most undignified sound the boy has made in Izuku’s presence. Though they’ve only seen each other, like three times “I really can’t figure you out, you know?”


“Sorry… I’m just…” He vaguely gestures to himself “…like that. I doubt you’ll ever get your answers, if I’m being honest”


“I just need to know one thing” The air around the boy suddenly gets more sombre “Was it my father that sent you?”


“What…?” He tilts his head in confusion.


Why’d Endeavor send him to be his son’s friend if he obviously doesn’t want the teen to have any ‘distractions’ (at least according to the spirits). Then it clicks for him that the bastard would do something like this to get Shouto to use his flames, if he was actually smart enough to think of it. He glances at Maruko and Uzomi, who both seem a bit concerned. Well, time to take a risk.


“Uhm, will you be offended if I insult your father?” He doesn’t wait for an answer, just takes in Shouto’s surprised look and continues speaking “Because I really don’t like Endeavor, and wouldn’t help him no matter what he offered in return. Sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable, but he just rubs me the wrong way”


“T-that’s fine” Shouto looks like he’s stopping himself from laughing “Just wasn’t expecting that”


“No one ever does” He shrugs. It’s true though. Everyone just overlooks heroes’ flaws most of the time.


A few days later (and one more portion of freaky-tree-twig) Yami starts teaching him how to utilise his spiritual energy. Mainly to activate glyphs, though he also showed him how to give some of his energy to other things. Which is just so cool, since he managed to make a flower bloom all on his own (even if he did faint from over-exertion afterwards).


What he notices once he actually starts activating the glyphs is that most of them are rather… unimpressive. The fire one is about as powerful as a regular lighter, the wind glyph just causes a light breeze, and water glyph condenses some water from the air. Yami assures him that it’s mainly because he, like most humans, doesn’t have much spiritual energy, and that he specifically should be able to gather more as he practices.


The only problem is that it’ll take time.


Though, seeing as those glyphs have some visible effect, he should be able to at least register his ‘quirk’. Now that he thinks about it… U.A.’s entrance exam usually has robots in them. If he can learn some electrical glyph, then even if it’s not especially strong he might just be able to mess the robots up. A fried wire should be all it takes.


A few weeks later, when he’s running errands for a ghost, something rather… unexpected happens. A video-game-style slime suddenly appears before him as he tries to enter the underpass, stopping him. It looks cutesy, as it jiggles, but it also looks really worried.


“What’s wrong, small one?” Yami asks, landing between the guardian spirit and Izuku.


“Please don’t go there! My charge is a villain, he may hurt you” The slime wiggles comically, but their words are concerning.


“Where is your charge?” He asks, since he doesn’t know where exactly to run towards. It’d be bad if he tried to escape just to bump into the villain.


“He’s going to come here through the sewers. Through that manhole in the underpass” The slime stretches a part of its body to point there.


“Alright, let’s leave, Yami” He says, turning away.


He starts sprinting away, when he hears a loud crash. He tries to speed up, but he’s apparently not fast enough, as he feels something slimy engulfing his leg. It makes him trip, and more and more of the slimy substance pours over him.


“What a lucky find. Who would’ve thought I’d find an invisibility cloak here” The villain sneers “Though you sure are a fast one… Don’t struggle, it’ll only take a moment”


He sends a panicked glance at Yami, who looks about as horrified as he feels. Wait… he has his marker pen. He should be able to use some glyph, if he can reach it. Fighting against his instincts, he stops clawing at the slime and reaches for his bag instead. He manages to find the pen, and he uncaps it, beginning to draw.


It’s a slime so water wouldn’t help… maybe fire can do something? He writes the fire glyphs, but the  slime just snorts in amusement when flames lick his surface. Yami starts writing something in the air, and he follows the spirit directions, copying the glyph onto his skin. He feels distinct coldness, and the slime around the glyph turns to greenish ice.


“Give up, it’s not going to help you, kid” The slime just tries to suffocate him even more fiercely.


H-he’s out of options… He can feel his consciousness fading, as he lets go of the marker. Yami is shouting in frustration. The slime spirit seems equally sad, but resigned. This is it, huh…? Just as black creeps into his vision, he sees a new spirit arrive, and someone appearing from the manhole. Green eyes meet blue, before his consciousness slips. The last thing he hears is the catchphrase of his childhood idol, said in booming voice.


“Have no fear, for I am here”



When All Might arrives at the scene, and sees the limp body of a teenager in the villain’s grasp, he fears he’s too late. But that’s for later. Right now, he has to do something about the slime villain.


---A drawing of Uzomi, Shouto's ice spirit---