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Oneshots For My AHS Series

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Teddy laid on his back and moaned as Tate thrusted in and out of him at a brutal pace; every time Tate’s cock dragged along his walls he cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain from the over stimulation. Teddy was already sensitive from their previous session which had occurred only a few hours prior.


Tate was rough, a fact that Teddy had learned over time as their relationship continued; Tate could be so sweet toward him about every other aspect of their relationship but when it came to sex it was like a switched had flipped and all of a sudden Tate could be free


Free to do anything he wanted to Teddy, who didn’t mind. Teddy would admit that he enjoyed the pain, would relish in at times, especially when one-or both-would draw blood. 


If Tate bit him to hard and drew blood, Teddy would retaliate with scratches down his back in horrible red lines that would often draw blood. Tate left bruises on his hips from gripping him to hard while fucking? Teddy would leave a hickey the size of Texas on him. Tate didn’t seem to care, he would only thrust harder and faster into the smaller boys body when the other would do this.


It was a claim, a promise . It didn’t matter anymore who was in control or who was manipulating who, and that mattered to them both was each other.