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There's Nothing You Could Do or Say, I Can't Escape the Way I Love You.

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Alphas could not be trusted.

That is what Keith had learned during his life. Instead of learning to sit pretty and become the ‘perfect’ omega, Keith had learned to not take shit from anyone, let alone an Alpha bastard. They were the reason he was here. They were the reason he would go to bed hungry, the reason the shirt on his back was ripped and his pants were two sizes too small, the reason why he had no family to love him. Alphas were trouble. They couldn’t be trusted.

So why was this Alpha scared of him?


Life for Keith had started off well. His parents had met when his Alpha mother crashed her car in front of his Omega father's family house. It was love at first sight according to his mother. She had loved his father more than anything and made sure to tell Keith everything about the man. Unfortunately, Keith’s father had passed away during childbirth, leaving Keith to be raised by his mother. Krolia was another Alpha born into a long line of Alphas. Her family owned most of the city that he had grown up in and were one of the most respected Alpha lines out there. When Keith started to show signs of being an omega, they threw him away. The last he saw of his birth family, was his grandparents driving away from the orphanage, ignoring the cries of their grandson as they left him in an unknown city with unknown people. Keith waited days for his mom to show up and take him home. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned into months. Eventually, little Keith stopped waiting.  

He had been eight.

The orphanage workers were loving and tried to give the children the love that their parents couldn’t give, but they could only do as much as the government funded. Most days they would have one meal, two if they were lucky and some bread before bed. As Keith got older, he’d sacrifice his meals so some of the smaller ones could eat. Sometimes going days before he actually ate, something Thace, one of the caretakers, chided him for. 

Sometimes rich Alphas would come to visit. When they did, the orphanage would eat well for days after, although one of the older kids would always be missing from the feast. When Keith was fifteen he learned why. He never let the younger ones know, keeping the haunting information to himself.  They didn’t need to lose the hope that some family would come to adopt them. 

As far as schooling went, the caretakers tried to teach the little ones as much as they could. They were taught to read and write, giving education up until they finally presented as an omega. After they presented, the teachings turned into how to be a proper omega. They were taught how to sit, act, and speak to an Alpha. They were taught how to go through heat, how the omega reproduction system worked for both females and males. They were taught the rules of the world and how omegas were to be seen and not heard. How an omega could only be free and succeed in life if they were owned. Keith’s hatred for Alphas grew the more he learned about the world.

When Keith was seventeen, he was purchased for the first time.

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The May before his eighteenth birthday, Sendak Diabal, the heir to Galra Tech, visited the orphanage. The Diabal family were the most renowned tech company in Daibazaal City. They made almost every piece of tech in the city. All the appliances in the orphanage were made by Galra. After this visit, Keith was sure they would all be replaced with newer models. 

The day had started off normal. Dwayne and Jacob, two omegas who had just turned eighteen, were prepared for the meeting and eventually escorted to the meeting room. Keith’s chest felt heavy as he knew one of them would not be showing up for dinner. He couldn’t let it affect him though. He had to help Thace with dinner and keep up appearances for the smaller ones. 

Keith was setting the table when Sendak walked into the room. The older man’s eyes ran up the teen’s body, sending a jolt of unease through the omega. Keith fought back a snarl.

“Thace, I think I’ve changed my mind. This one is perfect.” Keith froze in his motions. This guy couldn’t be serious. He was still a minor. Surely Thace would put the bastard in his place. 

“I’m sorry Mr. Diabal, Keith here is still only seventeen.”

“Fifty grand.”

Keith wanted to laugh. This guy was insane.

“The law clearly stat--”

“A hundred grand. Plus all new appliances, hell I'll throw in a complete renovation as well. You and I both know that an Alpha like me is above the rules. It’s a good deal Thace. Take it.” Keith wanted to punch that smug smirk right off Sendak’s face. He turned to look at the older omega and found Thace deep in thought.

“Thace you can’t really be thinking about this.” The teen’s voice cracked as the weight of the situation sank in. Sendak was offering a lot for the orphanage. They would be set on food for years with that type of money. On top of renovations and what that would mean for the little ones, Keith knew. He knew what Thace’s decision was before the older omega spoke.

“Keith… go pack your things. You’ll be going home with Mr. Diabal.” The older man wouldn’t meet the boy’s eyes. 

“No...No! You can’t… Thace! Please, I…”

“Shut it boy. You belong to me now.” Sendak turned back to Thace. “We’ll be taking our leave. He won’t be needing anything from here. Come, boy.” Sendak grabbed the teens wrist and pulled.

Keith yelped and pulled his arm out of the man’s grip. “Like hell if I’m going anywhere with you! Tell him Thace! I’m not go-.”


That was the first time Sendak would lay a hand on him. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the last.

Keith felt tears spring to his eyes. His hand coming up to his now tender cheek. “Don’t ever talk when not being spoken too. Do you understand? You are to be seen and not heard. You do not talk back to me and you do as I say. Remember I own you. Be prepared to be put in your place if you step out of line. DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND?”

All Keith could do was nod. The will to submit flooding his body as the Alpha's voice filled his senses.

“I’ll have my people bring over your payment. I’ll also send some staff over to talk renovations. It was nice doing business with you again Thace.” Sendak nodded toward the other omega before pulling Keith along. The teen kept his head down as he followed his new Alpha to the door. He could see the younger kids watching from around the corner. All this time he tried to save them from learning the truth, and he was the one that would scar them for life. 

I’m sorry.

He followed Sendak out of the place he called home. 

The first few months of Keith’s new life were spent in a daze. Sendak despite saying he was above the law, left Keith alone. The teen had his own room as did the rest of Sendak’s omegas. There were five of them in total and the other’s took it upon themselves to show Keith the rules of the house. He was never to enter the master’s room unless the master ordered it. He was to call Sendak Master at all times. He was not allowed to speak to any Alphas or betas unless spoken too. Every morning he was to be awake by six and report to the dining room dressed in the robes Sendak made all his omegas wear during the day. Breakfast would be served, Sendak eating first before they could, then he would leave for work. The omegas would be in charge of housework and having dinner ready for when the master came home. After dinner, Sendak would pick one omega to bring to his room for the night. The rest would be sent to bed and the routine would start again the next day. 

Keith was never chosen. 

That was until he turned eighteen. 

After Sendak had gone to work, the other omegas sat him down. Elena, one of the older omegas, brought out a small cake. They gave him a small celebration, all knowing what would happen later that night. 

Sendak had been silent all evening. When dinner was over the man stood and with just a motion of his finger, signaled Keith to his side. The teen looked to his fellow omegas for help. No one made eye contact. Sendak motioned again, this time glaring at the boy. Keith knew that if he didn’t move, he would be hit again. The bruise on his eye was still healing from the last time he had defied the Alpha’s wishes. 

Keith slowly followed Sendak to the alpha’s bedroom. Sendak closed the door behind them and Keith flinched with the noise. He wasn’t naive enough to know what Sendak wanted. He only had the knowledge that Thace had taught him back at the orphanage but it was enough to send him into a panic. Alice along with Beth, two of Sendak’s other omegas, were currently with pups and Keith didn’t want to end up like them. 

His heart started to race as the alpha came closer. HIs breath hitched as Sendak’s hand rested on his hip. “I’ve waited for months for this. Now you are all mine.” Keith’s mind blacked out as Sendak’s hand roamed across his body and led him toward the bed. Keith whined and a sob wracked his body as he tried to push the Alpha off of him. That just led to Sendak harshly pulling his hair. Keith yelped again. He didn’t want this. 

Sendak’s lips connected with his neck. 

Keith’s knee connected with Sendak’s groin. 

As Sendak groaned in pain, Keith rushed to get off the bed and out of the room. He ran to his room and tried to get a hold of his thoughts. He had to get out of here. Sendak would have his head for sure after what he just did. 

“KEITH GET YOUR ASS IN THIS ROOM NOW!” Sendak’s alpha voice boomed through the penthouse. Keith whimpered as his body shut down and he was forced to move towards the alpha. 

Sendak stood in the middle of the room, whip in his hands. The other omega’s standing around with their heads down. Keith slowly made his way over to the alpha. 


The omega kneeled down on the floor keeping his head down and not meeting the alpha's gaze. He knew what would happen now. It was one of Sendak's favorite ways to truly punish an omega. He’d never been whipped before but had been present for the one time he’d seen Sendak so angry. 

“Shirt off.” 

The omega pulled his shirt over his head. At this point, Keith had started sobbing. HIs cries affecting the other omegas but none of them would interfere in fear of the same fate as him. 

As Keith cried himself to sleep that night, back stinging as Elena cleaned his wounds, Keith swore he would never trust an alpha. 

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      After that night, Sendak kept Keith on a tight leash. If Sendak wasn’t home, Keith was locked up in his quarters. He was only allowed to eat at dinner and after was expected to be waiting on Sendak’s bed, tonight was no different. As soon as Keith had finished eating, he was escorted to the man’s room. He was left alone as he stripped from his clothing. The alpha would be in at any moment and would get angry if Keith had any form of garment on. Keith had felt off all day. His body was too hot, and all his robes felt wrong on his skin. He really hoped he wasn’t starting his heat.

Sendak came in without a word. Keith sat still on the bed, hugging his knees to his chest in a way to keep some of his dignity. The alpha stripped down and headed over to the omega. Keith laid down and turned his head to the side. He just had to make it through this, and he could go back to his room.  Sendak didn’t waste any time. With a grunt, he pushed inside and started thrusting. Keith clenched his teeth as pain shot up his spine. He had learned the first few times that crying would lead to slaps. Keith just laid there.

Sendak came with a grunt and immediately rolled off Keith. That was Keith’s only indication that he should get out. The omega winced as he stood from the bed, grabbing his clothes on the way out. He went straight to shower and scrub his skin raw. Keith couldn’t distinguish tears from water anymore.


Keith felt off. He’d been throwing up all morning, vision dizzy as he tried to stand. Grabbing the sink counter, Keith had to take a minute to gain his balance. He felt awful and honestly thought he was dying.  Slowly he made his way back to his room and laid on his bed. Maybe life would take pity on him and let him die in his sleep, then he would have some peace.

“Keith?” Elena poked her head through the door. Keith only groaned in response. Why couldn’t they leave him alone? Elena entered the room and slowly walked to the other omega’s bed. “Keith you’ve been awfully sick lately. Maybe you should see our medic?”

“I’m fine.”

Elena could only sigh. She had an inkling on what was wrong with the young omega. “Keith, I think you may… You should come see the medic.” She placed a hand on the omega’s shoulder. “Come kit. Just humor me.”

Keith couldn’t argue with her. Elena was the oldest omega here. She was like a mother to the younger omega’s and had taken a special liking to Keith. He sat up, grabbing his head as his vision swam. He felt like puking again. Still, he followed Elena out of the apartment and down to the medic. The medic was available for all Sendak’s omegas. The alpha wanting nothing but the best and healthiest omegas.

Robert looked Keith over, ran tests, and had Keith on edge every time the alpha touched him. Elena stayed with him, holding his hand as the medic did his thing. Eventually the medic found the cause of the problem. It had been just as Elena feared.

“Well Mr. Kogane, it looks like you’re eight weeks pregnant. Congratulations.”

Keith couldn’t breathe. He was pregnant.

There was a baby growing inside him.

Sendak’s baby.

Keith wished he was dead.


Sendak showed no emotion when he was told the news. He simply made sure that Keith was properly fed, had the proper vitamins, and was closely watched in case something happened to the baby. With each passing day, Keith wished he would miscarry.


At month six, his views started to change. The baby started to kick. At first it freaked the omega out, but it soon became a calming sensation. Suddenly Sendak’s baby became his baby. This tiny being was relying on Keith to keep him or her safe. This tiny person would love Keith unconditionally. It wouldn’t matter if he was an omega, because his child would be raised better. Keith would make sure of it.  Suddenly Keith wanted nothing more than to have this baby. Sendak had a total of three kids already. He didn’t need Keith’s.


As the day got nearer, Alice and Beth started to teach Keith the ropes of being a mother. They showed him the proper way to change a diaper and make a bottle. They let him watch over their kids sometimes, never being too far away in case the young omega needed help. The older omegas couldn’t help but find it endearing how the young omega was so careful with the babies.  They all knew that he would be a great parent.


The day Keith went into labor was the worst day of his life.


Keith had been feeling cramps all day. They grew worse as the day wore on. He couldn’t handle standing anymore and went to his room to lay down. He tried to sleep the pain away but could only sleep in bursts and groaned in pain while he was awake. The pain was growing more intense and closer together. Elena came to check on him, only to leave and gather Alice and Beth. They stayed by his side while his labor progressed. Holding his hand when a contraction hit hard, making sure he was hydrated and rested when he could. Eventually the contractions grew too close together and Elena told him it was time. 


The pain was nothing that Keith had ever experienced. It shot through his body in waves, stopping long enough to let him breathe before it hit again. His whimpers and screams filled the apartment, the other omegas knowing to stay clear and to not let Sendak near the room. Omega’s were overly protective of their young, not leaving their newborns side for months after the birth. Sendak would just have to find a new play thing. 


With one last scream and push, Keith finally delivered his baby girl. She was absolutely perfect. Her dark hair clung to her little head in small curls. Keith couldn’t help the tears that fell as he smiled. She was so tiny. She was everything Keith didn’t know he needed and he hated the fact that he hadn’t wanted her. He had all the time in the world to make it up to her though. Her tiny fingers curled around his, gripping onto her father. He never wanted to let her go. He had to though. Elena had to bath her while Alice and Beth helped him bathe and change out the soiled sheets. The warm water felt amazing on his sore muscles.It was a little embarrassing having the girls bathe him, but he could barely keep his head up. He wanted nothing more than to curl up with his baby girl and sleep. 


It had been a week since Nova Kogane entered this world. Keith had kept her by his side the entire time, only letting her go when he ate. Still, he never let her out of his sight. Nova was a quiet baby. She only cried when hungry or dirty and calmed down significantly when Keith held her. She would stare up at him with her deep amethyst eyes and it made Keith happy that she looked nothing like Sendak. He wanted that man to have nothing to do with his daughter. 


Sendak had other plans. 


Two weeks after Nova’s birth, Sendak returned home with two omega handlers in tow. Omega handlers were auction house workers and only showed up when an alpha no longer wanted an omega. The handlers would transport the unwanted omega back to the auction house to be prepared for the next sell. They were never a good sign. Keith learned that the hard way as the handlers dragged him out of his room. He snarled and kicked one of them off of him. The other he tried to pull away, only to be grabbed by the one he kicked. Keith kicked his legs trying to break free, but they were stronger. They dragged him into the living room as he growled at everyone in the room. Only then did he see Sendak coming out of his room holding Nova in his arms. Keith snarled and pulled harder against the handlers. 


“Don’t fucking touch her! You son of a bitch! Put her down!” Keith’s voice was laced with nothing but hatred at the alpha. If only he could break free, he would rip the bastards throat out. 


“Take him away. I don’t want to deal with an incompatent omega any longer.” Sendak waved the handlers away and proceeded to walk away from Keith, taking Nova with him. 


“No...No...You can’t take her from me! Sendak you son of a bitch! Fuck you! I swear to god, I’ll fucking kill you!” Keith screamed as he was dragged away fighting. He needed to get back to Nova. He needed to save his little girl. He needed to… he didn’t know anymore. His head had become fuzzy and just as fast, he blacked out. 

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Lance McClain was born to Hector and Lilianna McClain. He was the youngest of five and the sole heir to the McClain line. As the only alpha child, Lance was placed in the best schooling that money could buy. He was taught the ropes of his father’s architect business from the time he could comprehend full sentences. He was his father’s pride and joy. 

Lance absolutely loathed his father.  

Lance had always been closer to his mother than his father. His father only cared in Lance’s alpha status and building his son up to take over the business. His mother on the other hand, couldn't care less if Lance was an alpha or not. She loved him and his sibling just as they were. She stayed up with him when he was sick, made his favorite foods when his father pushed to hard, and always made sure that her son knew how much he was loved. That’s why when Lanced learned how his father treated the omega’s in his family behind closed doors, Lance swore he would never turn into his father. 

Along with his mother, he had Malia. Malia was a beta his father hired to be his nanny once he presented. Hector claiming that his mother would 'ruin' the boy. Malia showed nothing but kindness and love towards Lance. She taught him everything he knew about how to talk to people and how to treat not only other alphas but as well as omegas. Malia treated Lance as if he were one of her own. Her son was named Hunk and was Lance’s best friend. 

As far as Lance was concerned, they were his family more than his father.

Lance was nineteen when his father had a heart attack. 

He inherited the company a week later when his father passed away. 

At the age of twenty one, Lance had surpassed his father’s legacy. He owned a fourth of the buildings in Altea and many more wanted his company to build their businesses. Many other alphas found his methods controversial. As CEO of McClain Enterprise, Lance had changed the way his company did things. He hired unowned omegas and offered them housing in one of the apartment complexes he owned. He tried to give his omega workers safety, but like all good deeds, someone would ruin his hard work. 

His worker’s started to go missing.

Since they were unowned, they were legally able to be taken to auction houses. No matter how much Lance hated the law, he couldn’t change it in his own. 

The idea came to him one day while he was working on a sketch. Owned omegas could work if their master’s allowed. They couldn’t be taken into auction houses because they were legally owned. As long as an omega had an alpha, they were free to do what they wanted if the alpha permitted it.

His first omega he bought from one of the auctions. Her name was Allura and she was insanely beautiful. She had been scared of him at first seeing as she had just turned eighteen and had been forcibly removed from her parents. She was caring and smart, often helping Lance out with his designs. He made her one of his workers. She was good at closing deals and most alphas loved her personality. She also approved of Lance’s idea. 

By the age of twenty three, Lance had ten omegas in his possession. He gave them jobs and housing. He made sure they were taken care of and never asked for anything in return. The only requirement he had was that each omega wear a collar when out in public. Collars showed ownership. With them on, his omegas could walk around the city without fear. 

At the age of twenty four, Lance had thirty omegas listed as his. Although he was always surrounded by someone, he always felt as if he were missing something more.


He didn’t know what made him go into the auction house that day. He tried to go as much as possible. Tried to save as many omegas as possible. He hadn’t planned to go today, being too busy with meetings all day. He had figured he missed it when he walked in and saw people walking out with their new omegas. Luckily the auctioneer was casting the bid on the last omega of the evening. 

The omega was clearly not paying attention. His black hair covering most of his face as he kept his gaze downcast. Lance didn’t give it a second thought. Two hundred grand later and an official was handing him the omega’s paperwork. 

His name was Keith. 

He was nineteen years old.

Lance turned the page and his breath hitched. The omega looking back at him was broken. He'd seen that look on one of his other omegas. Someone out there had hurt this omega and Lance hoped he wasn't beyond repair. Those amethyst colored eyes were filled with nothing but pain.

When those eyes were actually in front of him, framed by dark locks of hair, Lance knew that this omega needed protection. He needed people to love him and shower him with kindness. Lance wouldn’t let anything happen to him. No matter if Keith wanted him or not.  

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After the Sendak incident, Keith was thrown into the Omega system. Omegas were held in government facilities until they were sold in public auctions. These auctions were held for the richest alphas in the world. Each omega would be showcased and came with papers that held all known history. If you weren’t sold, you were sent back to the facilities until the next auction. If you were brought back, you were marked. Omegas with three marks weren’t heard from again.


Keith had one mark.


He didn’t care. All he wanted to do was die. The only good thing to happen to him, and she was gone. Taken from him like everything else. He just wanted to be put out of his misery. An omega who had their child taken away went into a deep state of depression. The omega would shut down in grief, becoming a shell of what they once were. Some went crazy and were sent away to asylums. Others succumbed to the pain and ended their own lives. Keith just wanted out. He wanted to fall asleep and never wake up. It’s not like he would see his baby girl again anyway. Death would be a saving grace. 


Keith's nineteenth birthday came and went. He spent it locked up in his assigned room, wishing that Nova would be with him again. Birthday wishes were supposed to come true right? 

He spent six months in the auction house. Alphas weren't interested in omegas that had been sold back to the state. They were even less interested when said omega growled at anyone who came near. 


That was until one Lance McClain.


The omega sighed as he took in the giant room again. Three of the four walls were painted white. The fourth wall was nothing but a window with a balcony that overlooked a long stretch of grass and trees beyond that. A pool glistened in the yard below. Keith had never learned to swim, but he yearned to feel the cool waves on his skin. His room had things his previous rooms had not. Instead of a small twin bed, there was a king-sized bed adorned with the softest bedding Keith had ever felt. At the edge of the bed there was a bench big enough for Keith to sleep on if he wished. A nightstand sat on each side of the bed, holding lamps that looked super expensive. Across from the bed was a fireplace with a huge flat screen hanging above it. Keith had never been a TV person, opting to read while the younger kids watched cartoons. Sendak never let his omegas near a TV and the omegas at the facility always fought for the remote. He didn’t see much use in it being in here, but it was a nice gesture.


Keith had been sitting on this bed for the past few hours. He knees hugged tight to his chest as he tried to get accustomed to his new room. He was scared to leave. Leaving meant having to acknowledge the existence of the alpha that roamed these halls. Keith sniffed the air, but he couldn’t smell the alpha anywhere nearby. Even the room smelled more of a beta than an alpha. It made Keith feel slightly better knowing his room hadn’t been touched by an alpha. 


His stomach growled, alerting Keith that he hadn’t eaten since this morning before the auction. He tried to ignore it, not wanting to leave the small amount of safety he had found. His stomach growled again making Keith lay down, trying to ignore the hunger pains. Maybe he could just wither away from hunger in here. 


A gentle knock sounded from the door. Keith curled up tighter at the sound. If he was quiet, they might go away. Another knock. “Keith?” The door opened and the strong smell of beta wafted into the room. “Hun are you awake? Dinner is ready if you’re hungry.” The voice was laced in a motherly tone and if brought back memories of a raven woman that Keith had thought the world of. His heart clenched at the thought. 


“Thank you but I'm not hungry.” 


The growl from his stomach betrayed his words. The woman chuckled. “Well, I think your stomach thinks otherwise. Why don’t you come down and eat, sugar? I made gumbo.”

Keith sat up and looked at the woman. Her dark skin glowed in the setting sun as well as her honey-colored eyes. Her hair was tied into a braid and hung over her right shoulder. She wore an orange knee-length dress that added to her radiant beauty, and she looked at Keith with nothing but motherly love. 


"What's gumbo?" 


The women's eyes widened before softening again. She smiled at him and gestured for him to follow. "Come on sweet pea. You are in for a world of deliciousness." She left the room with a mumble of, "Poor kid never having gumbo" among other spiteful comments being aimed at alphas. Keith followed her down the hall, passing empty rooms and some filled with the chatter of other omegas. The raven wondered how many omegas this alpha had.


They reached the first floor. Malia, the beta had told him on the way down, strolled right into the kitchen and over to a boiling pot on the stove. Keith's nose was attacked by the smell of different seasonings and his stomach growled again. 

Malia only laughed and gestured to the island. "Sit hun. I'll grab you a bowl." 

Keith sat at the island and looked around the massive kitchen. The kitchen was filled with different shades of yellow, from the walls to the appliances. The countertops were pure white and looked as if they were brand new. Malia looked at home as she made her way around the kitchen, finally setting down a big bowl of what looked like soup. 


"One bowl of seafood gumbo. Eat up Sugar. There's plenty more if you want seconds." Keith nodded and looked down at the food in front of him. It smelled amazing and the omega dug right in. If he wasn't so hungry he would have blushed at the moans that escaped his mouth, but he'd never had food this amazing. Sendak kept his omegas on a strict vegetarian diet and the facility fed the omegas what was basically food goo. This, this was heaven. 


He saw Lance before the scent of alpha filled the room. Keith snarled before he could stop himself, leaving Lance frozen in place. Keith glared at the alpha, never letting his guard down and growling with every step lance took. Lance held his hands up in surrender as he walked to the fridge. With one last growl, Keith went back to eating, ignoring the alpha. He heard the soft open and close of the refrigerator, heard the sound of retreating footsteps. Lifting his head he was met with the face of Lance McClain. Keith's eyes widened in surprise. Never had he seen that much concern in an alpha's eyes, and Keith could have sworn he saw a bit of fear. As fast as he had appeared, Lance was gone. 


"Don't worry about him. Lance is a sweet boy. You don't have to be afraid." 


"I'm not afraid. I just don't like alphas." He shrugged and went back to eating, thoughts never leaving the scared look of the alpha. 


Lance was a twenty-four-year-old billionaire, Malia told him later that night. He'd inherited his father's business a few years ago and owned almost half of Altea. McClain Enterprises was contacted by many businessmen wanting elaborate structures made. Massive homes, Hotels, restaurants, and skyscrapers were just a few examples of the buildings the company had built. Lance would buy the land, construction would begin, and Lance would own the building until it was fully paid for. With how lavish the buildings usually were, Keith could see how Lance was so rich. 


Malia also mentioned that Lance now had a total of thirty-one omegas. She only laughed at Keith's shocked expression. 


"All omegas are allowed to do as they please. Lance only requests that you wear a collar when leaving the house. Other than that, you can go wherever you please and do as you please. Well, legal things I should say. Can't have one of you go off on a killing spree now can we." 


"That's… you're joking, right? Alphas are assholes. They oppress omegas and abuse them. They just want the perfect sex doll." 


Malia shook her head. "I'm sorry that you've gotten the short end of the stick, but I've raised that boy like he was my own son. He's not your normal alpha. Lance cares. If he didn't, well most of the omegas under his care wouldn't be where they are today. Give him a chance. He might surprise you."


Keith shook his head. Alphas were bad. They had caused nothing but pain. They couldn't be trusted. They didn't deserve a chance. Didn't deserve a chance to hurt him. 


Malia sighed and patted his knee as she stood from his bed. She had escorted him back after dinner and they had ended up talking. Well, Malia talked, Keith listened. "Get some rest dear. Tomorrow Luka will be here to help get you a wardrobe. He's an omega don't worry. He's Lance's personal stylist so don't worry on having to do much. The boy is a genius when it comes to clothes." Malia stopped at the door and turned to look at the omega. "Goodnight Keith. I promise you don't have to be scared anymore. You're apart of the family now, we'll protect you." 


Keith nodded and replayed with a soft goodnight. As soon as Malia left the room, Keith let the exhaustion of the day pull him to sleep.


Chapter Text

Keith was in bliss. 

He watched as the shrimp danced along the table that had been placed in front of him. Their little claws lifting the top hats of their head as they bowed. Kitchenware joined in the festivities as the shrimp sang their last song before diving headfirst into a pot of boiling liquid. Keith couldn't wait to taste them. They were right there, waiting to be eaten. 


"Rise and shine." A voice sang.


Keith jumped awake, growling at the newcomers. They were both omegas and were both eyeing him like fresh meat. The first omega was a redhead. His hair styled into a coif. His eyes were green and looked amused as he stared at Keith. The second omega had simi-long hair pulled back into a bun. His brown eyes shimmered with worry as he looked to his friend.


"What the hell? Who the hell are you guys? Why are you in my room?" The omega snarled.


"I'm Luka. Malia should have mentioned me. I'm here to make you look fabulous." The ginger-haired omega sang the last word, completely ignoring the snarl. Keith had an urge to punch him. It was too damn early for this. 


"Luka we discussed this. No scaring the new omegas. You did that with Allison and made her cry. Master Lance…"  The other omega warned.


"Honey, Lance can kiss my ass. I mean literally. That man is gor-geous. He really needs to teach me his skincare routine." Luka winked at Keith. "Don't tell him I said that. That perfect sun-kissed skin would blush so easily. " 


These omegas were brain damaged. That's the only way Keith could validate their behavior. What kind of omega talked about their alpha that way? What kind of omega actually wanted to fuck their alpha?


Luka pointed at the taller omega. "This lug over here is Caleb. He's such a mood killer but, I love him so I have to live with it."


"I'm sorry...what?"


"He's my partner." 


Yeah, these omegas were seriously brain-damaged. 


Caleb took in Keith's confused expression. "Have you ever heard of two omegas together?"


Keith shook his head. "It's a taboo right? Omegas need an alpha and all that shit. Honestly, I don't care, just took me by surprise is all." 


"As long as your alpha is cool with it, there's no problem. Lance is super cool about it." Luka added with a wink. "Anywho… I'm here to take your measurements and find out what kind of clothes you like. Any fabric preference? Do you like suits or regular clothing? Sweats or jeans? What about shoes?"


Keith stared at the other omega. Who cares about what he wore? Surely Lance wouldn't go through all this trouble to get an omega clothes. 


"Oh, I got it!  Don't worry I will handle everything. For the meantime though…" Luka rummaged through the bags Keith hadn't noticed until now. "Your papers said you were a large but honestly they might be a little big. No worries they're only temporary." Luka unpacked a variety of plain shirts, sleeping pants, and a couple of jeans. Lastly, he laid a pair of red converse on the bed. 


"Um...thank you. Really." The omega swallowed back the lump in his throat. He couldn't cry in front of these guys but, he was so happy to be out of the scrub like outfits the facility made him wear. 


Luka's eyes softened as he watched the emotions pass the smaller omegas face. He remembered when it was him sitting in his own bed, being given his own set of new clothes. Luka sat on the edge of the bed next to the raven. Keith flinched and Luka kept his distance. "Keith right?"


The raven nodded. 


"I haven't had the best experience with alphas either. My first alpha exchanged me for some heroin. My second alpha rented me out to paying customers. He sent me to the auction house when I ended up pregnant. The handlers took my boy away…" Keith’s head shot up. He looked over at the older omega. Luka shed a tear before wiping it away and continuing. "I was a mess. I tried to end my life. My third alpha couldn't handle a grief-stricken omega. I was abused until I ran away. Lance found me huddled up in an alleyway. I actually punched him when he tried to talk to me." Luka laughed. "He never hit me or yelled at me. He never gave up on me, even when I gave up on myself. Eventually, I let him in and he got me the help that I needed. I miss my boy every damn day but, Lance made it easier to breathe."


It sounded like a fantasy. Keith wanted to believe in it. "How'd you get here if you punched him?"


"Allura. She was one of his omegas. Head omega actually. She talked me into coming with them. I found out the rest in time. Like you will." 


"Will I meet her? I mean if shes head omega, wouldn't she have come to greet me? Lance was alone when he bought me."


Luka and Caleb’s faces fell. "Allura is no longer with us. She fell in love. Master let her go. "


"Please don't mention her name around the master. He gets sad and well… he's done so much for us. We hate to see him sad." Caleb pleaded. 


An alpha letting and omega go was unheard of. Just who the hell was Lance McClain?


Luka and Caleb left after fussing over Keith's hair. He'd had Luka cut it to how it had been back in the orphanage. Shoulder length and bangs in his eyes. 


His stomach growled and Keith left his room to make his way downstairs to the kitchen. He really hoped there was some leftover gumbo. The smell of alpha alerted him to Lance's presence. The alpha was dressed in PJ pants and a t-shirt. His brown hair stuck up in all directions and Keith would not admit that he found it cute.


Lance raised his head as he caught Keith's scent. The omega stopped and glared at the alpha. It wasn't as intense as the night before but it still had Lance aware of his own motion. No use in scaring an already scared omega. 


"Uh...hey. I see Luka already came by. I hope he wasn't too forward. He's a good person but can sometimes be a bit too much for the newbies."


"He was fine." Keith opened the fridge, scanning its contents for something he could heat up in the microwave. After nineteen years of life, he still couldn't cook to save his life. 


"Are you hungry? What stupid question is that? You wouldn't be in the fridge if you weren't hungry. I'm gonna stop talking now." The alpha rambled and Keith felt a sick satisfaction from it. Lance was obviously nervous around him. 


"Gumbo. Where is it?" 


"Malia took the rest of it home with her last night."


Keith sighed in disappointment. Guess he would have to wait till dinner for food. The omega closed the fridge and slowly left the room. Lance cocked his head in confusion. There was plenty of food in the kitchen. His eyes widened when the realization dawned on him.


Keith flipped through the tv channels. Nothing was catching his attention and it wasn't helping him ignore his hunger. He should be used to it by now. He'd gone hours, days even without food. He could get through this. 


Knock. Knock. Knock.


Keith looked at the door. He hadn't seen anyone else in the house this morning. He stood from his bed and walked to the door. Opening it, he was hit with the smell of alpha along with the smell of… bacon?


"I made you breakfast. I didn't know if you like bacon or sausage, so I made both. I also hope you like scrambled eggs, if not I can remake them."


"You made me food? Why?"


Lance looked confused. "Because you're hungry?"


"But you're an alpha."


"So? Doesn't mean I can't cook. Malia showed me. She has days off like everyone else. She can't always be here to cook for me." 


Keith shook his head. This was one strange alpha. "Thank you, but you didn't need to do that. I could have waited." 


Lance frowned. "Malia has the day off. It's Saturday. I don't work on weekends normally so I have time to feed myself." The alpha sighed. "I don't know what your other alpha was like but I'm not him. You can eat when you want. I make sure to have more than enough food for you guys. You don't need my permission to eat and if your hungry, I'm not opposed to making you something. "


Keith stared at the alpha for a few seconds. Lance looked sincere and Keith was hungry. Hesitantly he took the plate from the alpha's hand. "Thank you, Mr. McClain." 


"Nope. Nope. We are stopping that right now. The names Lance." Lance shook his head dramatically as if Keith calling him Mr. McClain was the worst thing in the world.


"Thank you… Lance." 


Lance smiled, his blue eyes shining brighter. "You're welcome, Keith. And I'm serious dude, you can leave the room. I'm sure it's boring in there. I know I'd go crazy locked up all day. Did Malia give you a tour? Sometimes she forgets. "


"Um no? She showed me the Livingroom and Kitchen. " 


"Mierda. Okay. Eat and then come back downstairs. I'll give you the grand tour. You're going to love it." 


Keith wanted to say no. He wanted to stay in this room forever, but Lance was an excited puppy. If he had a tail, it would be wagging uncontrollably. He wanted to say no, but all that would come out is "Okay."

Chapter Text

Keith groaned as the morning sun peaked through his window, hitting him straight in the face. He rolled himself around, facing away from the wretched sun. He sighed as he let sleep consume him again. He was on the verge of deep sleep when the door to his room opened. He mentaly swore, cursing Luka out in his head. In the week that Keith had been here, Luka had shown up everyday to wake him up and hang out. Luka was almost always here early since he helped Lance pick out clothes for the day.  

“Go away Luka.” He mumbled. He hoped the other omega would listen to him. 

"Adam get out of there."

The unfamiliar voice had Keith bolting up fully awake. He stared at the unfamiliar men standing near the door. The smell of unfamiliar alphas hit the omega full force, forcing a whine out of the raven's mouth. Keith scrambled up the bed, back hitting the headboard. Tears pooled in his eyes as his breathing became labored. He whined again. Where was Nova? Why couldn't he smell her. Why couldn't he hear her?

Keith's heart pounded as he tried to find his baby girl. The memory of being dragged away from her resurfaced, sending the omega into a choked up sobbing mess. He couldn't breath. His lungs constricted as air left them with each sob. He could faintly make out yelling and the sound of someone running. The smell of unfamiliar alphas disappeared and was replaced by the familiar smell of oranges and vanilla. 

“Shh sweetheart. It’s okay. You are safe. Breathe with me pumpkin. In. Out. In. Out.” Malia placed the raven's hand on her chest, letting him feel the rise and fall of her chest. Keith tried to follow her example, but air seemed to avoid him. Malia’s sweet scent was replaced by the calming scent of saltwater and… downey? The familiar scent grew stronger and Keith could feel himself calming down. His breathing returning to normal. 

Keith became aware of his surroundings, felt Malia's arms wrapped around him in a warm embrace. He took comfort in her warmth and her scent as the other scent dissolved as quickly as it had appeared. Keith let out a small whimper at the loss of it, not noticing the figure slowly leaving the room. 

Malia stayed with him a little longer. Holding him and whispering comforting words. Somehow they were less comforting than the familiar scent. She let him be when he asked, letting him know that she had food ready when he felt like coming down. Keith let a few tears fall at the thought of Nova. He wondered if she was okay. Was she safe? Were the other omegas taking care of her? He didn't want to even think about Sendak being near her. It only served to make him even more upset. He needed to get out of this room. His panic attack had caused the room to take on his distressed scent. He needed air. 

Keith made his way downstairs, stopping before reaching the last step. Low growling could be heard from the living room. The same unfamiliar scents from earlier were overshadowed by the strong smell of rain during a storm. 

"Lance calm down." 

"Calm down?! I told you to leave him alone!" Lance growled. Keith had only known the alpha for a week, but had not seen Lance angry. Even when one of the other omegas broke Lance's 3D model of a building, Lance hadn't even been mad. Just told her to be careful and then cleaned up the mess himself. Hearing the alpha mad, made Keith hunch into himself a bit. 

"I just wanted to see him. I didn't expect him to wake up. You told me you got a new omega, I was curious. " A new voice chimed in. 

"Yes I distinctly remember telling you that he wasn't ready to be surrounded by other alphas."


"Don't tell me to calm down again Shiro. How would you like it if I just waltzed into Curtis's room and scared him?"

"Stop being a drama queen. Jeez, who pissed in your cereal primo? Cálmate. Lo siento."

Lance sighed and ran a hand through his hair, effectively ruining Luka's hard work. It wasn't like Lance would be going into work today anyway. Keith most likely didn't want to see him, but Lance was still going to be here for him. 

"Who's Nova?" Keith froze at the door as the alpha named Shiro asked. 

"His pup I assume. His papers just said that he had been previously pregnant. If I know anything about Sendak, it's that he is a giant dick."

"Well your not wrong." Keith decided to make his presence known. He hated being talked about behind his back. 

"Keith! You should be resting. " Lance took a step towards the raven. 

"Why, because I'm not ready to be around other alphas?" Keith deadpanned.

Lance pouted. "I didn't…"

"Whatever. You guys done talking about me?" Keith glared at the older males. 

"I like this one. He's feisty." Keith went defensive as one of the Alphas stood and walked over. The brown haired alpha circled Keith, checking him over before stopping in front of the omega. "Él tiene un buen culo. Quedatelo." The man spoke to a sputtering Lance before facing Keith with a grin. Completely ignoring Shiro’s pitiful mumble of “ I have a nice ass too.”

The other Cuban held his hand out to the omega. "I'm Adam." 

“I don’t care?” Keith furrowed his brow and ignored the outstretched hand. Why was this alpha introducing himself?

Keith’s standoffish behaviour just made Adam smile wider. “We’re going to be great friends.”

“Stop annoying the boy Adam.” The other alpha walked up, placing an arm around Adam’s waist. “I apologize for my husband. He doesn't know when to stop. I’m Shiro. It’s nice to meet you.” Shiro didn’t bother holding his hand out. He just gave Keith a genuine smile.

Keith nodded but didn’t say anything. He eyed the Alphas carefully, walking to the Kitchen when he found whatever he was looking for. Something was off with these people. Sure he had been living with Lance for a week now, and Lance was nothing but kind, but having three nice alphas was uncommon. 

The omega ran a hand through his dark hair and started to rummage through the cabinets. Lance had gone out and bought a million boxes of cereal after the whole food incident. Keith chose to eat cereal to let Malia worry about some of the other omegas. Keith had learned that Lance owned five underage omegas. Three were saved from an underground trafficking ring. One was found on the streets after losing his parents. The last was the brother of one of the older omegas. Keith rather have Malia take care of them first. 

Lance walked into the kitchen as Keith was almost finished eating. He took one look at Keith before heading to the fridge and taking out ingredients. “Sorry about that. I didn’t know they were coming.”

“S’fine.” Keith scooped Lucky Charms into his mouth. His eyes brightening at the burst of flavor. Lance found the action endearing.  “You want an omelette?” Lance asked as he whisked some eggs and herbs together. 

Keith looked over at the alpha, softly sniffing the air. He hesitated, briefly considering saying no.  He slowly nodded and went back to eating his cereal. Lance sang as cooked. Occasionally throwing a little dance into the mix. Keith caught himself smiling and quickly wiped it off. He didn’t know what came over him. 

“Who were they?” Lance almost jumped at the question. Keith had rarely spoken to anyone besides Malia. His voice was so quiet, like he didn’t want to bring any more attention to himself. 

Lance grabbed a plate and slid Keith’s omelett onto it before handing it to Keith. “Adam is my cousin on my mom’s side. Shiro is his husband. They have an omega named Curtis. It’s one big happy relationship.”

Keith nodded and went back to eating.

Lance finished making his own food, leaning against the island across from Keith.  It was quiet for a moment before Lance spoke up again. “Who’s Nova? If you don’t mind me asking.”

Keith stilled at the mention of his daughter. 

Lance watched the look of utter despair cross the omegas face.  “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.”

They both fell silent again, Keith slowly relaxing again in his seat. He was still on edge when he decided to speak. “She’s … she was my daughter.”

Lance had been afraid of that answer. The omega looked so small and fragile, nothing like he had acted this week. Lance’s heart broke. He remembered when Luka had gone through the same situation. He hoped he could help Keith the same way he had helped Luka. 

“I’m sorry. I know that it's not going to help any but… I’m sorry that you had to go through that.”

Keith only nodded and retreated back into himself.  Lance hated this feeling. The feeling of being an all powerful alpha and still being utterly useless. Looking at Keith one last time, he vowed that he wouldn’t stop until he got Keith his little girl back. 

Chapter Text

Lance never thought he would be back in this office again. Not since his father passed away and Lance had made a lot of big changes to his company. He really didn’t want to be here. The atmosphere was just as suffocating as it had been when Lance had terminated Galra Techs contract with McClain Enterprise. 

    Sendak Diabal sat across from the young alpha. 

    The cuban didn’t let the man’s stare scare him away from his goal. He wasn’t leaving this room until he got what he wanted. Ice blue eyes narrowed as the older Alpha started laughing. 

    “What do I get out of this McClain? Surely I get something out of this agreement.” Sendak never wiped the smirk off his face. He leaned back in his large chair, crossing his legs at the knee in the process. 

Lance had to be careful. He had terminated Galra Tech's contract because he wasn’t happy in the way Sendak treated people. Whether they were omegas or employees. Sendak, as Lance found out, was also stealing from Galra Tech, as well as his own company. McClain Enterprise used Galra appliances in all their buildings as part of the contract. Unfortunately for Sendak, he'd messed with the wrong alpha. Sendak had not been happy with the loss of money. 

“Better clear your schedule McClain. We might be here awhile.”

Lance stood from the leather chair he'd been perched on. He placed both hands on Sendak's desk and leaned forward. His voice was soft as honey, but his eyes were as cold as ice. "How about you do as I say and I don't sue you for all your worth."

Sendak's grin fell.

Lance smirked. "Better clear your schedule Diabal. We might be here awhile."


Keith gently ran his fingers along the spines of the books. He didn’t know which book he wanted to read next. Lance had given him a tour of the house the first week he had been here. The library had caught his eye as soon as Lance walked him through the door. It was huge and full of books. Keith had been here at least once a day. He had just finished Romeo and Juliet and needed a new book. The only problem was that he had so many books to choose from. 

He slowly pulled a book from it’s spot, inspecting the front before looking at the back to read the summary. Taking the book,  he made himself comfortable on one of the couches in the room. He’d deemed this chair as his as it was kind of hidden in one of the back corners. He pulled the throw blanket he kept there over his legs and opened the book to the first page. Keith had a habit of losing himself when he read. For a moment, he could pretend that he lived in a world where his status didn’t matter. 

He’d been reading for awhile when the door to the room opened and the familiar scent that was all Lance filled the room. He hadn’t seen Lance a lot in about a week. The alpha had seemed busy since Adam and Shiro had made an appearance. Keith just went with it. The less he saw of the alpha, the better. At least, that's what he kept telling himself.


Lance's hesitation had Keith cocking his head in a silent question. Lance was a very vocal person and never hesitated in talking to the omega since the first few days. 

Lance walked over to the corner and held his hand out for the omega to take. "I have a surprise for you. "

"A surprise?" Keith hated surprises. They had never been good. 

Lance saw the hesitation in Keith's eyes. He gently smiled. "I promise, you'll love it. Just trust me. "


Keith hadn't had that in a long time. 

The omega stared at his alpha for a few minutes. Lance looked genuinely happy and excited. He hadn't given Keith a reason to hate him yet and distrust him, but Keith still found it hard to trust Lance.

 He sighed.

Lance quickly pulled the omega to his feet and out the door. "Come on."

Keith followed the alpha up the stairs and towards Keith's room. The omega was confused until Lance stopped them at the door next to Keith's. Lance looked at his omega with a wide smile. "Go on. The surprise is inside."

Keith gently opened the door, making sure nothing would pop out at him. The first thing he noticed was light lavender walls and the lilac colored carpet. The ceiling was painted like the night sky. Stars and color swirled together in a beautiful dance. It almost looked real. There was a white carriage shaped crib by the balcony window with pink glitter letters hanging over it. N.O.V.A.

Standing in the middle of the room was Malia holding none other than baby Nova.

Keith couldn't hold back a whine at seeing his daughter. 

"Malia had her checked out. She is completely healthy. You have everything you need in here to take care of her and there's formula and baby food in the kitchen. I had Malia handle everything so you don't have to worry about me touch- oof." Lance was cut off as arms wrapped around him. 

Keith was hugging him.

 "Thank you. Thank you so goddamn much." Keith's voice cracked as the omega cried into Lance's chest.

Lance returned the hug, fully expecting Keith pushing him off. He was surprised when Keith held him tighter. 

"You never have to thank me for anything. You deserve to be happy just like the rest of us." He squeezed the omega once more before letting him go. "How about you go hold your daughter. I'm sure she missed her dad." 

Keith looked over at the two girls. He was nervous. What if she didn't want him anymore? It had almost been seven months. Malia walked closer, sensing the omegas hesitation.

"Look sweet girl, it's daddy. You remember him." The beta shifted the baby in her arms. Nova's big amethyst eyes looked up at the omega. She stared at him before letting out a giggle. It broke Keith's resolve and he took his baby from Malia. He held her as close as he could, taking comfort in holding her again. He didn't think he would ever hold her again. 

Malia walked over to stand next to her 'son'. "You did good. I'm proud of you. I just hope you didn't make a deal with the devil."

Lance sighed and looked at the beta. "More of a threat. I'm aware it might come back and bite me in the ass but…" he looked back at the small family. "I failed Luka… I couldn't fail Keith too."

Malia hummed. "Just remember, that boy has been through a lot. Don't let yourself get hurt like with Allura." 

Lance said nothing as Malia left the room. He didn't need to be reminded of the pain. 

The alpha looked back at Keith and froze. The omega was smiling as he looked down at Nova. 

Lance's heart skipped a beat.

Chapter Text

Keith had spent the remainder of the day in the nursery. Only coming out to eat and feed Nova. At night he'd taken her to his room and slept with her next to him. He feared that he would wake up and she would be gone. 

When he woke up, she was still there, playing with her foot. Keith smiled as he watched her. She was so much bigger than when she was born. He tried not to be too sad, but it reminded him that he'd been away from her for months. Gently, he brushed his finger across her tiny cheek. She immediately grabbed his finger and stuck it in her mouth, biting down with her gums.

"No baby girl. It's not nice to bite people." He pulled his finger away and wiped the spit on his covers. Nova, not liking her toy being taken away, started crying. Keith stood from his bed and picked her up. Rocking her back and forth, he exited his room and made his way to the kitchen. 

He was in the middle of warming a bottle when an unfamiliar female voice rang from the living room. "Suck my nonexistent dick McClain!"

"Oh come on! Rainbow Road is impossible! You just cheat!" 

"How do you cheat in Mario Kart?!"

"Can we not just have one normal game night?" Another unfamiliar voice. 

The omega was curious to know who the girl fighting with Lance was. As soon as the bottle was done, he walked to the living room with a satisfied Nova.

There were two betas sitting on the couch besides Lance. One was a short redhead girl with round rimmed glasses. The other was a dark skinned male. 

Lance turned as he caught the omega's scent. He smiled. "Hey Keith. Sorry did we wake you?"

"I'm on the third floor dork." 

Lance gave the omega a lopsided smile. "I know."

Keith felt his heart skip and he smiled back. 

Someone cleared their throat. Keith shifted his focus to Nova. Lance rubbed the back of his neck.

"Guys this is Keith. Keith this is Pidge and Hunk. They're my best friends. Hunk is actually Malia's son."

"Um… hi." Keith looked at the two betas. Pidge stared back at him as if she were trying to figure out his deep dark secrets. 

"Hi Keith. It's nice to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you from La… from my mom…" Hunk smiled at Keith, ignoring Lance's death glare.

"Nice to meet you Hunk. I've heard a lot about you too. Your mom always has nice things to say." 

"You wanna play Mario Kart with us?" Pidge asked while scrolling through the maps.

"I don't… I've never played before…"

The trio looked at him as if he had grown another head. 

"The orphanage I grew up at… they couldn't afford stuff like that." 

Lance patted the seat next to him "Well we're changing that, because that in itself is a crime."

Keith smiled as he was handed a remote.

The aroma of coffee surrounded Lance as he waited. Drumming his fingers on the table, Lance scrolled through Facebook. He liked a few pictures of his niece and nephew that his brother posted and laughed at a few of his sister’s posts. Veronica was such a gay disaster.

A cup of steaming coffee was placed in front of the alpha. 

"Drink up love. You look like you need it." 

Lance took a sip, looking anywhere but at the omega in front of him. 


The alpha looked at the woman in front of him. She was as beautiful as the day he met her. Flawless dark skin framed by flowing white curls. She wore a knee length strapless white dress with a jean jacket. Her right had rested on her rounded belly. 

"How's the baby? Lotor freaking out yet?"

Allura shook her head. "We're here to talk about that idiot brain of yours. What on earth possessed you to threaten Sendak?"

Lance sighed and leaned back in his chair. "I did what I had too."

"You know how that man is. He pulled the company right out from Lotor's feet. Threatening him is not going to end well for you. What was so important that you felt the need to do something that idiotic."

Lance clenched his fists. This had been a mistake. He let out a frustrated groan. "I didn't have a choice."

Allura shook her head. "You always have a choice. You picked the stupid one."

Lance stayed quiet. After a few moments, he stood and placed a fifty on the table. "I came to ask for some advice. Not to be belittled. Say hi to Lotor for me." 

Allura didn't try to stop him. She had known the alpha long enough to know that he would snap if he was pushed. She could only hope that Lance wouldn't be screwed over.

Lance was still worked up as he walked into his living room. He just wanted to go lay in bed for the rest of the day and watch Supernatural. The last thing he expected, were Hunk, Pidge, and Keith fighting over Mario Kart. 

Amethyst colored eyes looked at him from the couch. "Hey Lance." 

"Hey Keith. Pidge, Hunk, I didn't know you guys were coming over."

"We texted you like five times. Not my fault you were busy." The beta girl never looked away from the TV as she took the lead. The trio had become fast friends since their first encounter. Pidge had made it her mission to ‘teach Keith about the world’. Lance was glad. Keith looked so much happier than before. Lance loved seeing him happy. 

"Hunk made food." Keith looked back at the tv and tried to beat Pidge. Lance left the trio to it. He was hungry and Hunk made some bombass food. 

He was watching the plate of food turn in the microwave when the soft smell of vanilla and lavender penetrated his senses.

“Are you okay?”

Lance sighed. He hated that he could be so transparent sometimes. His omegas already had enough to deal with that he didn’t want them worrying about him. He had hoped Keith wouldn’t have picked up on his sour mood. “I’m okay. I just met up with an old friend and it brought back some bad memories.”

Keith nodded. He had always been bad at any type of comforting. “You can talk...If you want...about it.”

Lance smiled at Keith. It made Keith’s heart beat quicker. “Thanks.” 

The microwave beeped at that moment. The alpha grabbed his plate and went to sit at the island. “How’s Nova?” Seeing Keith without the pup was a rare sight nowadays. 

“She’s sleeping. I brought the bassinet from the library to the living room. I’m surprised she’s slept through Pidge’s screaming.” The raven softly laughed. 

“I wish I had that superpower. Pidge is such a gremlin.” The beta had been one of Lance’s closest friends since high school. He loved her like his own sister. 

A comfortable silence settled upon them. Lance ate while Keith tried to work up what he wanted to say. The cuban was almost finished when the omega spoke. “Look Lance… I’m sorry.”

The older male looked at the raven in confusion. “What are you sorry for?”

Keith looked at the ground. “I treated you unfairly. I judged you by your status and decided to hate you just because you are an alpha. I hate people judging me because I’m an omega but don’t act like it. I’m sorry for not giving you an actual chance.”

Lance stared at the omega. Keith apologizing for nothing was the last thing Lance expected.

“Um, that’s all. I’ll leave you alone now.” Keith turned to go back to the living room. He was stopped by a hand grabbing his wrist. He was gently pulled back, back flat against Lance’s chest. Lance’s scent filled Keith’s senses as the alpha wrapped his arms around Keith’s waist and placed his head atop of Keith's.

“You don’t have to apologize. You should never feel sorry for the way you feel. I don’t know what you went through, but I understand why you have trouble trusting me.  Please never apologize for how you feel. Your feelings are valid and I don't want you to feel like you owe me anything for being a decent human being.”

They stayed like that for several minutes. For the first time in forever, Keith felt safe in the presence of an alpha. For the first time in forever, Keith just felt safe.

Chapter Text


That was all Keith had been hearing for the past hour. No matter what he did, Nova wouldn't stop screaming. She wasn't hungry and her diaper was clean, he couldn't figure out what was wrong. He whimpered as she screamed again, tears falling down her small cheeks. He was the worst parent in the universe, he didn't know how to help her. 

Without a second thought, he held his daughter close and hurried out of the room. His destination was downstairs and a room he'd only seen once during his tour with Lance. 

He threw open the double wooden doors and quickly climbed onto the bed. The brunette stirred as he was jostled. Ocean blue eyes opened to look at the intruder. 

"Help me. I don't… I don't know what's wrong." Lance sat up at the crack in Keith's voice. It was obvious the omega had been crying, along with a whimpering Nova. "Help." Keith's gem colored eyes pleaded with Lance. 

Lance nodded and held his arms out. Keith hesitated but slowly placed Nova into the alpha's arms. Lance brought the pup close and smiled down at her. "Hey princesa. Que pasa?" 

Nova stopped crying long enough to look up at the alpha. Her big dark eyes shined with unshed tears. Lance brushed some away before they could fall. "It's okay sweetheart." Nova gripped his finger and brought it to her mouth, biting down hard. "Hey now cariño, let's save that for your future mate."

Lance laughed as the back of his head was hit. Keith did not look amused. The alpha let the pup naw of his finger some more. "She'll be fine. She's just teething." 

"You sure?"

"Yup. I've had to go through this with my sibling's kids. We can buy her some teething toys and numbing gel tomorrow." Lance booped the little girls nose before handing her over to her father. As soon as she was in the omega's arms, she started yelling again. Her small whimpers broke Keith's heart. He looked at Lance with pleading eyes. Lance shifted a bit on the bed, making more room, and patted the dark blue sheets. Keith stared at the spot. Lance was about to apologize for even suggesting the idea when Keith laid down with the pup between them. "Try anything and I'll cut off your dick." There was no actual heat behind the omega's words. 

Lance smiled. He watched as both Keith and Nova relaxed and fell asleep. When he was sure they were both okay, he fell asleep.

"You are not buying that."

"Aww why not. It's cute." 

"It's thirty dollars Lance. She's literally just going to chew and drool all over the thing. You are not wasting money on something we're gonna end up throwing away." Keith's voice held no more room for arguing. 

Lance hummed before smirking. "I'm buying it."

Keith groaned as Lance placed the stupid giraffe toy in the basket. Keith was banning Lance from shopping. The cart was full of different toys and clothes of different sizes. Everytime Keith said no, Lance would get it anyway. He couldn't complain though, seeing Lance so happy made Keith feel lighter. It was like everything was right in the world when Lance smiled. 

Keith groaned at himself. He couldn't feel like this. Lance was his alpha. A weird one but still an alpha. He couldn't let himself feel anything for the blue eyed male. 

Adjusting the black collar around his neck, he followed after Lance once again. "I don't understand why I have to wear this thing. You're literally right next to me. Plus it's itchy." He pouted.

"Sorry. Only one I had. It's only for a little bit. I rather be safe than sorry. Alpha's don't really like me because I'm… different. They might try something." 

"At least you're a decent person. All other alphas are dicks." Keith huffed. Lance smiled. Keith just wanted to keep that smile on his face forever. 

The two males finished their shopping well into the afternoon. Lance insisted on taking Keith around the shopping mall and spoiling him. Keith had come out of Hot topic with way too many bags. They were on their way out when Lance stopped.

"Wait right here. I'll be right back." The alpha left after having Keith's approval. The omega sat on a bench, bags surrounding him, and rocked Nova in her stroller. He was too engrossed with keeping Nova quiet that he didn't notice the figure slowly approaching. When he looked up, he froze. Standing a few feet away, was Sendak. Keith gulped in fear. He started looking around frantically for Lance. He needed the alpha. He needed his alpha. Keith whined. His breath caught in his throat. 

The man moved closer. 

Keith couldn't breath. His vision was blurring. He closed his eyes, hoping he would open them and Sendak would be gone.

He needed Lance. 

"-ith. Ke-. Keith!" 

The raven opened his eyes to the purest blue eyes filled with worry. The alphas scent filled Keith's lungs as he finally caught his breath. The raven didn't hesitate in throwing his arms around Lance's neck and hugging the taller male. Lance was confused. He'd been gone maybe ten minutes, only to come back to Keith having a full blown panic attack. He made a note to get Keith some help. For now though, he held the omega close, using his scent to help Keith relax. 

Keith pulled back once he felt safe again. 

"You wanna talk about it?"

Keith shook his head. "Can we just go home?"

Lance nodded and grabbed most of the bags. Keith took the rest and quietly followed Lance to the car. The feeling of being watched never leaving. 

The car ride was silent as Lance made his way out of the city. Keith could feel the alphas gaze shift to him every so often and it was making the omega irritable. 

"I'm fine Lance."

"You had another panic attack. I'm sorry if I'm worried."  The alpha gripped the steering wheel tighter. 

"It's normal for me." Keith sighed and leaned his head on the window. "I saw Sendak."

Lance froze. 

Keith didn't notice. "I saw him and then he was walking towards me and… you were gone...I didn't know what to do and…. He could have taken Nova again. I got scared." 

Lance took Keith's hand, interlacing their fingers. "I promise, he won't hurt you again. I'll keep you and Nova safe, but I need you to let me help you. You're strong Keith. You can protect yourself and Nova, but having a panic attack isn't going to help."

Keith knew Lance was right. He just didn't want to admit it. 

"Keith…let me get you help. Please. I care about you. I don't want anything to happen to either you. You don't have to suffer anymore."

Lance tightened his hold on Keith's hand. The alpha was clearly concerned about the omegas wellbeing. 

After a few moments of silence, Keith made up his mind. "Okay."

Chapter Text

Keith felt like he was dying. 

In exchange for Keith actually listening to Lance and going to see a therapist, the omega had requested to learn self defense. Lance had agreed, without a fight, and now Keith regretted all his life choices. 

He was currently laying on the grass, hoping whatever was out there to smite him. 

Shiro laughed, holding a hand out for Keith to take. "Come on. Breaks over."

The raven groaned and took the alpha's hand, letting Shiro help him to his feet. "Do I have to?"

"I promise it won't always be this bad. Your body isn't used to physical labor. Just wait until tomorrow. It's going to be a lot worse." Shiro laughed as Keith sent him a death glare. 

Shiro was a gym trainer and had been in the air force. He was well versed when it came to hand to hand combat, part of the reason Lance asked for his help. Keith had been wary at first, but Shiro had treated him as an equal the entire time, pushing him to do as the alpha did. Keith couldn't help but respect that. They had started with stretches and a few laps around a track in Lance's backyard. Keith thought it would be easy, until his lungs burned and he was gasping for air. 

"We'll start with some crunches and then move on to push ups. If you want to throw a good enough punch, you'll need to build some upper body strength. The crunches well help tighten your abs." 

Keith groaned but listened to the older male. Shiro made sure to go through the proper way to do the exercises and demonstrated them. Keith tried. He really did. 

"I think I'm dying." He huffed as he let himself plop onto the ground. He'd made it through three push-ups before losing feeling in his arms. 

"We'll stop there for today. You did good Keith. With enough practice, you'll be able to take me on." Shiro praised. 

The omega snorted. "Yeah, okay." He said sarcastically.

It was quiet for a few moments. "Hey Shiro?"


"Can you carry me inside?"

The alpha laughed as he carried the omega all the way inside. 

With Shiro's now constant visits, came Adam and Curtis. Keith had an instant liking to Adam, now that he gave the alpha a chance. Adam had no filter and didn't hesitate in burning Lance with sarcasm. Keith could learn a few things from the other Hispanic. 

"Bitch I know you didn't just lick the spoon." Adam glared at his husband. Shiro innocently smiled. Adam rolled his eyes and grabbed a new spoon, returning to mixing the brownie batter. "Now add the pecans." 

Keith dumped the cup of cut up nuts into the bowl. Adam mixed them in, hitting Shiro's hand with a spoon when he tried to steal some batter. 

Shiro yelped and cradled his hand to his chest.

Adam ignored him.

"Now we pour the batter into the pan. Make sure you remember to add oil or nonstick spray before you pour. Otherwise you'll have brownie crumbles, and then you'll have to leave your husband and move to mexico because heaven forbid he has to eat crumbles." Adam glared at Shiro.

"I don't have a husband though."

"Then you're already one step ahead of me." Adam smiled. Keith chuckled. "Now we're going to put these bad boys in the oven and wait." 

Keith watched adam put the pan in the oven. He could already taste the chocolatey goodness. 

"You wouldn't leave me, would you Adam?" Curtis asked from his seat at the island. 

"Of course not baby. No way in hell I'd leave you with Takashi. You'd be dead in a day."

Shiro groaned. "I'm not that hopeless."

"You set your kitchen on fire while making Christmas Turkey." Lance piped up. 

"I just overheated it a bit."

"The turkey was still frozen solid!" Lance laughed. Keith couldn't help but laugh as well. From the stories he'd heard, Shiro would be dead without Adam. 

"You are all a bunch of bullies." Shiro shook his head. 

"You loves us though." Curtis smiled.

"Oh please Curtis, he just loves your ass and my dick. " 

Keith really loved Adam.

Lance hadn't been joking when he said he wanted Keith to see a therapist. Keith stared at the beta writing on a clipboard. Ryner was a successful therapist and popular among omegas. She had numerous awards and certificates lining her walls. 

"Only the best for you." Lance had said. 

"Panic attacks. Depression. Trust issues. Anything else you think I should add?"

Keith shook his head. 

"What do you think triggers a panic attack for you?"

"My old alpha." 

Ryner wrote on her clipboard again. 

"Is that all?"

"I think." Keith felt uncomfortable. He didn't like people trying to prove his head. 

The beta sighed. "Look Keith, I can't help you if you don't open up."

The omega sighed and looked down at his lap. He played with the frayed ends of his ripped jeans before speaking. "The first time was after an unfamiliar alpha was in my room. Last time that happened, I was forcibly taken from my daughter."

Ryner wrote as he spoke.

"The second time… I saw Sendak."

"Your former alpha?"

Keith nodded with a small growl. "He came towards me. I thought he was coming to take her away again."

Ryner nodded. "You're scared of losing her. Scared of losing people in your life."

"No one ever stays. My dad left me. My mom left me. Nova is all I have." 


An hour later, Keith was released. Lance immediately standing as the omega left the room. 

"Thank you for seeing him Ryner."

"Of course Lance. I'll see you next week Keith."

Keith just nodded as he walked towards the exit. Lance following after bidding Ryner a farewell.

The drive home was spent in silence. 

"Do you trust Lance?" Ryner had asked Keith. The omega hadn't answered. Did he trust the man beside him? Could he trust him? His brain said no, but his heart had already decided on an answer. 

The omega let himself glance at the alpha. Lance's hair was styled perfectly as always. His blue eyes shining with happiness. The soft glow his tanned skin took on with the setting sun. Lance was gorgeous, and Keith knew that trusting him was as easy as breathing.



Chapter Text

Days turned into months. 

Summer was coming to an end and Keith was freaking out. Lance could only laugh as the omega paced the length of Lance's bedroom. Nova was busy using Lance's shoulder as a ledge to stand herself up. She'd been standing a lot more now but had yet to actually walk. 

"Keith can you sit down. You're going to give me whiplash. Right baby girl. Your daddy needs to sit down." Lance cooed at the little raven. Nova only laughed, patting Lance's checks as she tried to squish his face. 

Keith groaned. "She's turning one Lance. One. Why is she growing up?"

Lance shook his head. "We should throw her a party."

"She's a baby. She doesn't know anyone."

Lance shrugged and tickled Nova's sides. The girl shrieked with laughter. 

Keith stopped his pacing as he watched the two. His face softened as he smiled. He loved watching Lance with Nova. The alpha obviously loved kids and Nova had them both wrapped around her finger. 

Keith sat himself on the bed, sliding over near Lance and his daughter. Nova smiled at him and shrieked, making grabby hands for her father. Keith pulled her away from Lance's tickling and bounced her. "I guess a party wouldn't be that bad."

"I can get a party planner and she'll have the best first birthday ever."

Keith shook his head. "How about we make it small. Invite your friends. Have a small cake. She's not going to remember it so why make it a big thing?"

"Yeah you're right. Still though, I'm gonna give her an amazing birthday." 

Keith had no doubt that Lance would come through with his promise. 


Lance had a lot of ideas when it came to party planning. Keith found this out the hard way as they sat on Keith's bedroom floor with Lance showing Keith all his ideas. Most of them were too over the top. Who needed to hire people in costumes for a one year old? 

"Lance I've told you, something small."

"I know but… she turns one once. We need to celebrate."

"Small." Keith gave no room for argument as he looked through Lance's laptop at decorations. 

Nova was using his knee to push herself up on her feet. As soon as she was up, she let herself fall, giggling her little head off. Keith chuckled and ran a hand through her dark curls. 

"Having fun love?" 

Nova giggled in response, pushing herself up again. Keith shook his head and went back to looking at the laptop. 

"Umm Keith…"

Keith hummed and looked at the alpha, his eyes widening. Nova was wobbling her way over to Lance.

"Lance she's walking. Lance she's walking!" Keith was ecstatic as he watched her concentrate on making her way to the alpha. 

Lance was smiling and had already pulled his phone out, recording. "You can do it Noe. Just a little further." 

Nova fell halfway through, looking back at her dad. Keith quickly stood up and helped her to her feet, letting go once she regained her balance. He walked behind her as she finished her trek over to the alpha, falling into his lap with a giggle. Both men couldn't help but laugh in happiness. 


Nova's birthday came faster than Keith wanted. Soon enough, Lance's kitchen was decorated in pink and white decorations. Lance, against Keith's wishes, had gone all out on decorations. Streamers and balloons hung from the walls, confetti sprinkled across the counters and table. The two layer pink and white tutu cake, sat proudly on the kitchen counter. Keith wouldn't be able to thank the two Garrett's enough.

Nova was dressed in a matching white shirt and a pink tutu. The shirt had a big glittery one, and her pink bow had one as well. 

"Mira qué linda estás." Lance cooed as Keith walked in with the birthday girl. Nova immediately made grabby hands at the alpha. Lance took her without hesitation. "Eres hermosa mi princesa." The alpha looked at Keith, frowning a bit. "Are you okay? You look like you've been crying."

Keith nodded. "I'm fine. It kind of just hit me that she's one. My baby is growing up and I wasn't there for most of it."

"It's not your fault. Besides, you're with her now. That's all that matters. You get to build a future with her." 

"All thanks to you. Seriously Lance, I can never repay you."

"Nope. None of that. Nope. Nope. Nope. Let's go have fun. Well, as much fun as you can have at a kid's birthday party. Come on Noe. Let's go party!" Lance whooped and twirled Nova in the air. She shrieked in laughter as she was spun. Lance laughed along with her. 

Keith watched, a fond expression on his face. 


They party itself was pretty small. It consisted of The Shiroganes, Pidge, and Garrett's. Keith met Hunk's father Maui who was just as sweet as Malia. He also met one Matt Holt, who was way too much like Lance. 

The party went on with Nova getting tons of attention. She loved it as she was showered with hugs, cooed at, and played with. 

When cake was placed in front of her, she became ecstatic. 

"Not yet baby girl. Gotta blow out the candle first." Keith lit the pink one he had placed on her slice. Everyone gathered around and soon started singing. 

" Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Nova. Happy birthday to you."

Keith helped the pup blow out the candle. Nova more focused on shoving cake into her mouth. Keith wiped her face, only to be slapped on the cheek with cake. 

Lance laughed.

Nova laughed and pointed at the omega. "Da."

Keith froze as he looked at his daughter.

"Da...da." The pup repeated.

Keith didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He made a sound between a sob and a laugh, hugging the girl. He was honestly so happy he forgot about the others. No one said anything, letting the young father enjoy this moment. 


The party was a success. Nova had fun and that was all that mattered to the omega. Lance helped carry a sleeping Nova up to her room as Keith placed all of Nova's new clothes in the dresser. He would have to clean out the outfits she had outgrown. 

"Today was fun." Lance spoke up. 

"Yeah it was. Thank you." 

The two left the room, making their way downstairs to clean up. They worked in silence for a bit, both enjoying the quiet after an exciting evening. Lance kept sending glances over at the raven. He had a small smile on his face. Lance smiled to himself. Keith being happy made Lance happy. 

In the time that Keith had been here, Lance had started to figure out the omega. He noticed that Keith would often pace when nervous, bite his lip when he wanted to say something out of turn, the way he pushed his hair back when he wanted to concentrate. He hadn't felt this way since Allura and it scared him. He didn’t want to end up with another broken heart. 

Lance had been lost in thought that he didn’t notice the oncoming attack. Without warning, he was slapped across the face with icing. 

Lance’s eyes widened in shock. 

Keith doubled over in laughter, the pink evidence still on his fingers. “Oh my god… your...face.” The omega wheezed through his laughs. 

Lance wiped the icing off his face slowly, as if he didn't believe Keith had done that. Keith's laughs stopped as Lance wiped the frosting in Keith's hair. 

Lance laughed as Keith playfully glared at him. Lance cupped Keith's cheek, brushing his thumb under a gem eye. Keith's soft blush made Lance smile. They started at each other, until Keith pulled away. 

"It's getting late. I should get some sleep…"

Lance nodded, dropping his hand from the omega's cheek. "Yeah that sounds like a good plan. Good night Keith." Lance smiled.

Keith smiled back. "Goodnight Lance."

Chapter Text

Keith was in awe. 

Lance had woken the omega up earlier to take him and Nova on a surprise trip. The alpha didn't tell him where they were going, just kept saying it was a surprise. 

That's how Keith found himself at the Altea Zoo. Nova was having a blast, pointing and screaming in delight when she saw an animal she liked. Keith was having a good time himself. The last time he had been to a zoo, he had been five and hardly remembered the experience. He was definitely in awe of everything now. Especially the hippos. 

"That's a real hippo."


"Like an actual hippo."

Lance laughed at the excitement in Keith's voice. His amethyst eyes were bright and full of glee as he stared at the giant creature. "Yes that is a hippo."

"Whoa." Keith had only seen hippos in books and when he was a child. His mother had taken him on one of her rare days off. He'd been so happy that day. She had even bought him a stuffed hippo to remember the day. 

He'd lost that hippo the day he was abandoned.

Lance watched as the omega happily watched the hippos swim around in the enclosure. Even Nova was entranced by the animals. 

"You really love hippos, don't you?"

Keith nodded. "My mom took me to a zoo once when I was little. They were my favorite. She even bought me a stuffed hippo. I used to sleep with that thing every night." Keith's voice went quiet as he thought about his mother. He faintly remembered her now. 

"That sounds nice. My mom brought me when I was thirteen. Dad always thought these things were too childish for a McClain." 

"Your dad sounds like a dick."

"He was." Lance went quiet for a bit. "What about your dad. What was he like?"

Keith looked down at the ground. "I never met him. He died while having me. My mom told me stories but it's not the same."

"What happened to your mom?" Lance's eyes widened when he registered what he'd asked. "You don't have to answer. I'm sorry for asking."

Keith bit his lip. "She's alive… I think. My grandparents dropped me off at the orphanage. I never saw any of them again."

Lance pulled Keith into a hug, knowing that apologizing wouldn't make a difference. 

"Come on. We still have other animals to see." Keith whispered and pulled away. Lance grabbed Nova's stroller, as Keith fell into step with him. 

They walked around the park, enjoying each others company and watching Nova's excitement. 

They were in the aquarium part of the zoo when Nova started shrieking in excitement.

"Da! Da!" She pointed to one of the tanks. 

"What is it baby?" Keith looked over to see black and white birds swimming around. He took Nova out of her stroller, walking her closer to the tank. 

Nova watched in awe as the penguins hopped and swam around. 

"You like the penguins Noe?"

The pup pointed at the penguins and laughed. 

"Well guess we found her favorite animal." Lance laughed as Nova clapped her little hands. Keith smiled at the alpha before going back to pointing at penguins with his daughter. Lance pulled his phone out, snapping pictures of the two. He started down at the screen. The soft glow of the aquarium lights made Keith look even more angelic and beautiful. The alpha knew he was fucked. 

He honestly loved the two Koganes in front of him. 


As they were leaving, Lance announced that he was going to the bathroom. Keith used the moment to get Nova out of the stroller and let her walk around a bit. She'd been standing and taking steps on her own a lot more, but still needed someone to help hold her up. 

"Guess who." Keith's heart had stopped when his vision grew dark, but the voice made him instantly feel better. 

"Huh...judging by the accent, Adam?" 


Keith chuckled and turned to look at Lance. 

"You're lucky I like you, otherwise I'd take him back." Him was a fluffy purple hippo.

 Keith's eyes brightened as he smiled. The omega hesitantly took the plush from the alphas hands. "Thank you."

Lance smiled before taking a baby penguin plush from his bag. "And for mi princesa, un pingüino." 

Nova grabbed the plush and hugged it tightly. Lance shook his head and chuckled. He took Keith's hand in his. "Let's go home."


Keith looked himself over. The wine red suit fit him perfectly, as it should. Luka always made sure his clothes fit. The black button up and wine tie all completed the look. Luka had even tied his hair back with a matching ribbon. 

"Sweetie you are smokin'. If I was single, I'd be making a move." 

Keith rolled his eyes at the other omega. It got Keith a slap on his shoulder. "Be nice. I could send you to dinner in your birthday suit."

"Please don't."

"Then be nice."

Keith looked at himself in the mirror again. Lance wanted to take Keith out to dinner to celebrate the omega's twentieth birthday. Keith had told him repeatedly that a party wasn't necessary. He was glad it was just dinner. 

"Limos here." Malia entered the room holding Nova. 

Keith nodded. He was nervous. He shouldn't be. It was just a birthday dinner with Lance. Annoyingly funny, sweet, attractive Lance.  

The omega sighed to calm himself. He gave Nova a goodbye kiss on the head and waved at the other two. 

He could do this.

It was just Lance. 


The limo ride was long. Keith spent it playing games on his new phone. He'd woken up with the box on his nightstand. A birthday card laying on top. Keith really needed to find a way to thank Lance for his generosity. 

The limo came to a stop in front of a giant building. The skyscraper was at least a hundred stories tall and covered in windows. Keith almost thought he was at the wrong place, until he caught sight of the name. 

He'd never been to Lance's office.

No wonder he was so rich. 

Keith walked inside. The inside was just as magnificent as the outside. There was a flurry of people. Some at the reception desk. Others at the coffee shop in the corner. There was even a freaking waterfall.

"Can I help you?" 

Keith whirled around to face a blonde girl with her hair in pigtails. One sniff told him she was an omega. 

"Um, I'm supposed to be meeting Lance."

"Do you have an appointment?"

"Um no?" 

The girl hummed and motioned for him to follow her to the reception desk. He noticed her name tag as they walked. Romelle. That was a unique name. 

Romelle made a call as Keith waited. As soon as she hung up, she smiled. "He'll be down in a minute. Meeting ran a little long. You can have a seat over there. If you want anything from the coffee shop, just let them know your name."

Keith nodded and decided to check out the waterfall. It fell from the third floor into a pond. Koi fish swam around, oblivious to the world around. 

"I'm so sorry. My meeting ran longer than expected. " 

"It's fine Lance. Keith looked at the alpha. Lance's immaculate hair was disheveled and his tie was hanging loosely. "Are you okay? You look like you ran a marathon."

"I may have ran down here from the fifth floor…" Lance blushed. 

Keith stood and took a step towards Lance. He ran his hands through the soft brown hair, fixing what he could. He then went to fix Lance's tie. "There. Perfect." Keith whispered. Lance's face was so close. The omega could see the swirling colors of Lance's eyes. Lance licked his lips and Keith found himself following the motion. If he leaned forward just a bit…

"We should get going. Reservations and all." Lance nervously laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. Keith frowned but nodded. He followed Lance to the parking garage. 

What the hell was he just about to do?


Dinner had started out in silence. Both men not knowing how to start up conversation after what almost transpired back at the office. Eventually Lance started up conversation about how Keith's day went. 

The restaurant was a formal Italian place. Keith now knew why Luka had come to dress him. People were dressed in nice suits and dresses, Keith felt kind of out of place. 

Lance noticed the tensed aura surrounding the omega. 

"You wanna get out of here? I can smell the snobs from here."


That's how Lance and Keith found themselves at McDonald's dressed in formal suits. They definitely received looks, but neither of them cared. They were too focused on each other to notice anyone around them.

Unfortunately they had to leave. Lance took Keith home to the surprise he had planned. As they walked through the threshold of the kitchen, a chorus of " Surprise! " greeted them. Keith jumped in alarm, only to smile when he saw his friends standing there. Hunk and Malia holding a hippo head shaped cake with the words 'Happy Birthday' written on it. 

"Happy Birthday Keith." Lance whispered in his ear. A box was placed in his hands. 

Keith looked at Lance before slowly opening it. Inside was a red leather collar. The inside lined in soft red fur. A red rhinestone encrusted L hung from the hoop. 

"I thought you would like your own. Not that scratchy uncomfortable one." Lance's voice was soft. 

Keith softly ran his fingers over the material. Lance had bought him a collar. He'd never had one. Not even Sendak had cared to buy his omegas one. 

Lance wanted him to stay.

Lance wanted him.

Keith didn't let Lance see the tears, he just hugged Lance as tight as he could. 

Chapter Text

Keith had been off all morning. 

Lance didn't have a clue what he did wrong. The omega had been fine last night when Lance had seen him. Now every breath Lance took, would earn him a death glare from the omega. 

 They had been making progress. Keith had started to trust the alpha and they had become sorta friends. Still the omega seemed to not  want anything to do with the alpha. 

He'd asked Malia but the beta had just told him to keep his distance from Keith.

 Lance wanted to talk to the omega, apologize for whatever he did wrong. 

Lance found out soon enough. 

He was sitting in bed looking over some paperwork. It was late and the alpha expected everyone to be asleep. So when the door to his room opened, Lance squeaked.

"Keith! What are you doing here? Are you okay?" The alpha went from scared to concerned as he took in the omega. A blush covered the omega, along with sweat. Lance could hear the omegas labored breathing. Was he sick?

The answer slammed into him.

The smell of heat and slick filled the room, instantly affecting the alpha. He felt his pants tighten as he breathed in the sweet smell. He couldn't let himself lose control. Keith needed him to keep his head.  

Keith was climbing on his bed and onto his lap. The omega wrapped his arms around Lance's neck, whimpering into his ear.

"Keith…" Lance tried to ignore the heat coming off the omega. 

"Please Lance." Keith's voice was filled with so much want. 

Lance had to be strong for both of them.

"You're not thinking straight."

Keith thrusted his hips against Lance's, letting out a low moan. "I'm perfectly sober… please Alpha." Keith buried his face in Lance's neck, finding comfort in nosing at his scent gland.  "I need you."

Lance groaned. He needed to defuse the situation without hurting Keith's feelings. If the omega felt rejected, it could destroy the relationship they had built.

Keith grinded his hips against Lance's. The alpha tried not to think about how hard Keith already was, or how soaked his pants were. 

Giving in could ruin everything.

Lance needed to keep in control.

Keith whimpered as his soft thrusts became more needy. "Lance…" His alpha wasn't responding. He needed to fix that. The raven started to kiss along Lance's neck, biting and sucking every few kisses. Lance's eyes closed as he moaned. Without his consent, his head leaned to the side to let Keith continue. This was obviously the right thing to do, as Keith chirped happily. The bulge in Keith’s pants rubbing against Lance’s. 

Lance bit his lip. He needed to stay in control. 

Keith growled as he felt the alpha tense up again. He pulled away, only to start sliding Lance's pants down. The omega's eyes brightened as he caught sight of Lance. He shuddered in anticipation. 

"Keith." Lance started to pull his pants back up, only for Keith to grab his wrists and stop him.

"No." The omega growled." If you can't behave, I'll just tie you up. Understand?"

Lance stared at the omega frozen. 

Keith's eyes narrowed. "Understand?"

Lance nodded, dick twitching at the commanding stone in Keith's voice. 

Keith smirked, shifting lower down Lance's body until his breaths were fanning across Lance's tip. 

He looked up at Lance, the alpha just nodding. 

It was all the omega needed. He surged forward, enveloping Lance's length in heat. The alpha moaned, threading his fingers in raven locks. 


The omega sucked and licked, making Lance a moaning mess. The alpha could feel the oncoming orgasm. 

He pulled the omega off him, Keith's lust filled eyes meeting his. 


Forgotten paperwork fell to the floor as Lance took control and switched their positions. Keith's head hit the headboard with a thud. Lance was now hovering over the younger male. Keith swallowed as he looked up at Lance. He'd never seen the alpha like this. It turned Keith on ever more. Lance's blue eyes were almost nonexistent, his pupils blown wide with arousal. He looked at the omega with unrestrained lust. "Quiero follarte tanto."

Keith cocked his head in confusion.

 Lance took this opportunity to latch onto the omega's neck. Keith moaned as Lance bit at his soft spot. "Eres. Hermoso. Keith. Kogane." Lance spoke in between kisses. Keith couldn't understand, but hearing Lance speak spanish was a huge turn on. 

"Please Lance...Touch me." If Keith wasn't this aroused, he'd be embarrassed about begging. He’d never been one to beg. 

Lance didn't seem to mind. The alpha slowly pulled the omegas shirt off, running his hands up Keith's body. Keith shivered at the feeling, moaning when Lance started marking down his chest and stomach. The raven's body arched off the bed as the older man attached his mouth to his nipple. Lance only smirked and started to pull the omegas pants off, along with his boxers. Mouth never leaving Keith’s chest. Lance moaned as the sweet smell of slick engulfed the rest of his senses. The omega's boxers were soaking wet and Lance was going to have some fun. 

Keith growled as Lance sat up. The alpha chuckled, sitting in between the omega's legs. 

"Stop fucking laughing and fuck me al-. Holy shit!" Keith moaned as one of Lance’s fingers entered him.

"You were saying?" Lance was being too cocky. Keith wanted to punch him. Fortunately for Lance, he had the upper hand. Keith quickly forgot about his anger as Lance added another finger and continued to finger him, every so often hitting that perfect spot and making Keith moan wantonly. 

"Such a good omega. So wet for me." Keith's inner omega preened at making the alpha so happy. Lance hooked his finger making Keith moan, gripping the sheets under him tight. Lance quickened his pace, scissoring the omega open. 

Keith was so close. 

Lance chose that moment to be an asshole. He pulled his fingers out, leaving the omega whimpering at the empty feeling. Lance brushed the raven’s hair behind his ear. "Patience amor." He kissed Keith's forehead and reached over to his bedside table. Keith groaned. He had been so close. The omega slowly started to jerk himself off, letting out little mewls of pleasure. He ignored the rustling sound Lance was making. 

He couldn't ignore the sudden feeling of Lance's dick at his slits entrance. For a second he was transported back to another room, until Lance's scent brought him back. 

"You sure you want this?" Lance stared into the omega's eyes, looking for any hesitation.

Keith nodded. 

"Okay. Stop me if anything hurts or you feel uncomfortable." 

"Just hurry up and fuck me." 

Lance slowly pushed in, watching Keith's face for any sign of discomfort. There was none. Lance took it as a good sign and bottomed out. Keith's arms wrapped around the alpha’s back. 

Lance gave Keith a moment to adjust before starting to move. He started out slow, going faster when Keith growled at him. Lance moaned as Keith's nails scratched down his back, after a hard thrust. Lance started pounding into the omega. Keith was a withering, screaming mess. He only knew Lance's name at this point, moaning it as a mantra. He was so close again. He could feel the slick pouring out of him as Lance pounded even faster. 

“Fuck...don’t stop…so close.” Keith moaned.

"You're being such a good boy. Such a good little omega."

Keith whimpered, the praise sending him closer to the edge.

"Lance...I'm gonna…"

"Cum for me baby boy."

A few more hard thrusts and he was done for. 

Keith came with a scream, his nails digging into Lance and back arching off the bed. Lance couldn't last any longer. As Keith's clenched around him, Lance let himself go as well. 


Both men lay motionless on the bed gathering their bearings. Lance stood up and walked to his bathroom, wetting a washcloth and disposing the used condom. He cleaned Keith up, making sure not to jostle him to much as the omega was falling asleep. He lay next to Keith and pulled the smaller male to him. Keith sighed in content and nestled into Lance's chest. Both males were asleep in minutes.

They spent the next four days together. Lance making sure the omega was fed and hydrated. Occasionally bringing Nova in for Keith to hold. Malia had agreed to watch her for the week, completely in love with the pup. Lance thought it had been perfect. He thought he'd finally be able to tell Keith how he felt. 


He wasn't ready to wake up to an empty bed on the fifth day.