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Galactic Threat: Predator and Prey

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"Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." – Arthur C. Clarke

The Yautja species have always been known for one thing: hunting.

These large reptilian humanoids stood at around 7 feet tall on average; generally making them larger than human beings. Of course; the height of Yautja would vary and some Yautja stood much taller than the typical Predator. There were even shorter Yautja that stood as tall as a typical human. Usually, these Yautja would become the subject of ridicule because of their aforementioned squatter height.

Their reptile like skin could vary in colour; from dark coloured green and pale brown to grey among others. Each Yautja's appearance would include a genetic variation that is quite similar to human biological diversity; such as eye colour or their skin colour as mentioned before. Instead of having a simple jaw like humans, Yautja mouths consisted of crab-like mandibles and there is also no visible nose; which does not mean that Yautja are without a sense of smell.

These mandibles attached to their faces were meant as a means of conveying emotions. To use an example; if the mandibles of a Yautja are splayed wide open, then it usually means either anger or surprise. Yautja also have large crests on the top of their heads that may vary in their design as part of their trait of genetic variation and long, fleshy dreadlocks attached to their skulls. While Yautja generally refer these appendages as quills, they were given the nickname of dreadlocks by the humans because of their uncanny resemblance to the human haircut that was immensely popular during the Rastafarian movement.

Yautja culture was based off a hunting ideology that prides itself on hunting down dangerous lifeforms for sport. These traditions were often ritualistic and Yautja would often travel great distances across the galaxy just to claim a hunting prize.

Hunting trophies were almost always the skull of said lifeform chosen as game by the Yautja hunter. Despite having an ideology about hunting down other lifeforms as sport and taking their skulls as trophies; Yautja highly valued the concept of honor in their culture. This was because of their strict Honor Code; followed almost religiously by Yautja hunters during their pursuits.

Many guidelines were made for the Yautja's hunts because of this Honor Code; such as the prohibition of slaughtering elders, children, pregnant women or any other game that cannot defend itself. Slaughtering any and all innocent is also forbidden as well, not just limited to fellow Yautja hunters but also those who haven't committed any crimes worthy of a death sentence from any sentient species. This limited to those deemed worthy to kill under the code.

Yautja also preferred to take their own lives in a form of suicide very similar to that of Japanese seppuku if their hunt has failed in an effort to preserve their honor. When it came to hunting humans, Yautja hunters only killed criminals, rapists, murderers, etc.

Many who tried to fight against Yautja hunters never came back alive; until 1987 when the first human had ever fought against a Yautja and lived to tell the world about his experience with an extra-terrestrial jungle hunter. That year, United States mercenary Alan "Dutch" Schaefer and his team of soldiers were sent into Val Verde to rescue hostages that had been taken prisoner by members of a South American drug cartel.

While his team was successful in rescuing the hostages from the enemy base and slaughtering every terrorist in the area; his men were soon being hunted down one by one with what seemed like a deadly blast of plasma energy. It wasn't easy for Alan to figure out what was killing his troops because the Yautja jungle hunter had used his active camouflage to keep himself cloaked from their notice.

When only Alan remained, he used his guerilla warfare tactics to hide from the jungle hunter and catch him in a makeshift trap he made. The jungle hunter then removed its bio mask and activated the self-destruct device on its wristband in an attempt to kill both Alan Schaefer and himself. Major Alan Schaefer survived the explosion created from the jungle hunter's suicide and lived to tell the tale of how his squad was slaughtered by some mysterious and hideous looking creature that clearly wasn't from Earth. Nobody believed his story and many thought he was making up this story to cover for the alleged murder of his entire squad.

The woman his squad saved from the drug cartel; named Anna Gonsalves had other words to speak however. She stated that some invisible creature tried to kill Alan's squad and was successful. Anna also explained that the only reason she didn't end up skinned alive by the alien hunter was because Alan told her to evacuate to a nearby Black Hawk helicopter which would lead her to safety.

Yet even with Anna's detailed and horrifying descriptions of their encounter with said alien hunter; they were both found to be guilty for this apparent "friendly fire incident" among Alan's squad and the attempt of framing it on an absurd matter that wasn't real. Anna eventually committed suicide with the memories of the alien hunter stalking her and Alan's squad in the jungle of Val Verde disappearing along with her living essence. Alan still lived, but remained incarcerated in a mental institution where he refused to deny the existence of extra-terrestrial hunters and how one slaughtered his squad and nearly killed him too before taking its own life.

Many years later in 2004 however, the company known as Weyland-Yutani dispatched a team of archeologists to the island of Bouvetøya; which was an island a thousand miles of the coast of Antarctica. This team of archeologists was sent to this island to investigate the location where satellite signals had picked up an abnormal heat signature on the island.

When analyzing the thermal imaging, it was discovered that a mysterious pyramid was buried 2000 feet below the thick layers of ice. After arriving on the island by helicopter at the abandoned whaling station and drilling through the ice; the team of researchers was finally able to explore the pyramid built below this Antarctic island.

What they found inside was evidence that humans had been visited by not one but 2 alien civilizations in the past. Even more disturbing was that one of these alien species had been directly responsible for the destruction of the Mayan peoples. The evidence was all around them and there was even a giant alien frozen in a state of cryostasis; which was a Xenomorph Queen.

The archeologists were soon met with some unexpected visitors that interfere with their research operations: Yautja hunters. A Yautja ship arrived and three of these hunters slaughtered all the humans present on the surface of the island. The Xenomorph Queen awoke and soon began to produce eggs; resulting facehuggers infecting the humans trapped inside the sacrificial chamber.

They soon had Xenomorphs spawned from them which quickly grew and started to wreak havoc among the pyramid. Two humans; Alexa Woods and Sebastian De Rosa learned about the truth behind the pyramid and how this was part of a ritual sacrifice carried out by the Yautja every 100 years. Sebastian was then killed by Alexa Woods in the form of a mercy killing after he became impregnated with one of the alien parasites; to which Alexa resisted with guilt but eventually complied.

When only Alexa one of the Yautja hunters remained, the two decided that they must work together to fend off the onslaught of Xenomorph Drones and the Queen. The Yautja hunter saw that this human female was unlike the others, as she fought bravely against the Xenomorphs just as well as any other Yautja would. However, the Yautja was then impaled on the blade at the end of the Xenomorph Queen's tail. Alexa managed to fend off the Queen and actually killed it; not without the help from the Yautja of course. The two killed the Xenomorph Queen by pushing her off a cliff into the freezing waters of the Antarctic Ocean. What lied for the two's future was soon to unfold.

The icy winds of the Antarctic Ocean filled the air around the island of Bouvetøya, as the two individuals stood on the snowy grounds. One was Alexa Woods, the last surviving member of the Weyland-Yutani research team sent to Antarctic to investigate an abnormal heat signature emanating from the island. All of her fellow associates were presumably dead or missing. How she managed to stay alive against the reckless alien threat that infested the now destroyed pyramid was purely a miracle. But in the cold Antarctic weather without any supplies left, her fate was surely guaranteed to come very soon.

The other individual of whom she stood upon the snow with was not a human being; as he was one of the strange alien hunters that arrived when the Xenomorphs were released. His species was known as Yautja. Alexa and her now missing partner Sebastian De Rosa had uncovered evidence of extra-terrestrial life and how it has been lingering here on planet Earth for a long time. Now the mysteries about how the ancient civilization of the Mayans disappeared without leaving a trance behind could be solved. But if humanity learned that what these alien had done to the Mayans thousands of years ago; wouldn't there be peace between these races?

Alexa thought that since she and this alien hunter managed to set aside their differences and unite against a common threat, maybe peace could happen. But peace wasn't on either of their minds at the moment; as the alien hunter was severely wounded and bleeding horribly. Alexa looked back and saw him clenching his wounds sapping with lime-green blood. It wasn't long before he collapsed onto his knees and roared out of the sheer agony he was experiencing. This horrified Alexa. She wasn't sure if she should help the injured and dying Yautja out. Her conscious then kicked in, telling her that she must attempt to save the Yautja hunter using whatever it takes; even in conditions like this. Hesitantly, she walked over to the Yautja who was sure that his come to pass was inching closer with every second the frosty air touched his damaged body.

Although Alexa thought the inhuman face of the Yautja hunter was horrifying and incredibly ugly to say the least, she heard him cry out welcoming death with open arms and as she got closer to him; Alexa saw a look of hopelessness in his eyes. This Yautja clearly did not want to die, as he was still very young for his kind and only recently became a blooded warrior; but this was information Alexa had yet to discover. Nevertheless, Alexa still decided that she must do what she could to save his life.

The wound in the Yautja's chest from his impalement on the Xenomorph Queen's bladed tail tip was deep and it had punctured a hole in his body. With no first aid kit to use on the injured Yautja, she realized that there was nothing that she could do to save his life. All she could do now was kneel down by his decaying body and say goodbye to the unexpected ally she met on this mission.

"I don't know who or what you are, but thank you for saving my life." Alexa said to the dying Yautja, almost teary eyed.

Even though he wasn't human, she knew that his pain at the moment was unbearable and death could claim him any minute now. The Yautja acknowledged her words, clicking his mandibles in response. He then grabbed some of his own lime-green blood and pressed his open claw against Alexa's right cheek. The contact on her skin was burning, as she grunted in pain and pushed away the Yautja's hand before the sudden aching disappeared. As if the abrupt ounce of pain wasn't enough for Alexa to bear at once, the Yautja then spoke to her again; but not in his native tongue.

"Scar…" He uttered out in a voice that sounded very raspy and hoarse; which must have been expected when jaws like a Yautja's were to imitate a human language.

Alexa could not believe her ears as she heard this alien speak to her in her own dialect which she assumed he would not be able to convey himself. But why did he only say one word, and why was that one word "scar" of all things? It was a question flowing freely inside Alexa's mind and she could not ignore it at all.

"D-did you just speak my language?" Questioned Alexa, almost stuttering at how shocked she was.

"And what do you mean by scar?" She questioned him further.

The Yautja then clicked his mandibles again before speaking to Alexa in English once more.

"…Scar…Remember…The name…" He replied, struggling to get the words out with all the pain he was experiencing.

It was beginning to make sense to Alexa now. What this Yautja said was apparently his name; an odd one at that Alexa would add.

"You're name is Scar?" Asked Alexa, brushing her hand against the side of her head. But as she did so, she noticed that something was not the same. An actual scar had formed there, one of which she was certain did not exist on her body a minute ago. Her eyes widened at the realization that Scar's blood must've formed the new scar on her right cheek.

"Yes." The Yautja replied, coughing up some of his lime-green blood almost immediately after his reply. Once he had stopped hocking up his own blood, he continued to speak to Alexa.

"That scar…on your skin…symbol for…honor." He explained to Alexa what the mark on her forehead supposedly meant.

Alexa took in what Scar said to her, on the notion that he was honoring her for their alliance on the pyramid now that it was his time to die. He then began to click his mandibles rapidly as he leaned his dead back down on the snowy ground. Scar was shivering and the heating net of which he wore was heavily damaged. Being the cold blooded creature that he was, the freezing weather around him was excruciating in every sense of the word. Alexa was not immune to the cold either despite being a warm blooded mammal biologically, as that along with dehydration were both starting to overcome her. She collapsed on the ground beside Scar and felt the icy surface against her face.

It seemed like Alexa and Scar would spent their last moments after such a short time together dying in the freezing Antarctic climate and there was nothing they could do to stop it from happening any other way. So Alexa just closed her eyes and accepted the unforgiving truth that she and this wounded Yautja would die together in a frosty grave.

Suddenly, Alexa's eyes opened wide again upon the realization of a bright light being shined down upon her. At first, she thought it was the sun; but as it grew brighter and it drew closer proved that it was not. It was some sort of spacecraft, as it did not look anything like a human aircraft at this point in time and appeared to be entirely alien in its design and the strange sounds it made as it landed on the island's frozen ground.

Scar seemed to be relieved at the sight of this ship's arrival, as he raised his head and let out a series of clicks from his mandibles upon seeing it. Alexa could not figure it out since she just did not have the energy to do so and instead lay on the icy ground. If this alien spacecraft descending onto the island was here to retrieve Scar; then what could she possibly have to gain from this? She thought about it and did her best to ignore the freezing grasp of the cold Antarctic winds blowing around her; but it proved to be ineffective.

Alexa desperately wanted to escape the Antarctic climate and this spacecraft seemed to be her only chance of salvation but she could only hope that whoever or whatever was aboard that ship had come to save her and possibly even Scar from both freezing to death. The alien spacecraft had finally touched down onto the island as it extended out its landing gear. Shortly after, a large and blinding light could be seen as what looked like a door opening on ship and a ramp extending itself out. Not only that, but Alexa could also faintly make out a couple strange alien figures exiting the ship and approaching her and Scar.

Though her vision was becoming blurry, they appeared to be the same species of Scar. The approached the two freezing individuals lying on the cold Antarctic snow as Scar called out to them in his native language which Alexa could not understand one click of. As her vision was blurred and she soon became light-headed, it wasn't long before Alexa passed out on the island's icy ground.

With Alexa now unconscious, the two approaching Yautja focused their sights on Scar as he desperately called out to save him from freezing to death out in the freezing Antarctic climate. He had achieved victory is his hunt and successfully slaughtered a Xenomorph Queen with help from Alexa, so therefore he did not fail and death was not obligatory should his fellow Yautja brethren spare him the end of his short-lived life. These two Yautja hunters approaching Scar were two of his brothers by blood, Celtic and Chopper.

As Celtic approached Scar, he knelt down on the ice and glanced at the gaping wound in his chest. Scar was gazing up at his fellow Yautja brother with nothing but sheer desperation for survival filling his eyes; to which Celtic acknowledged. He picked up his lacerated brother bridal-style and spoke to him in his native language.

"Don't worry, brother. You will live to hunt another day." Celtic said to Scar in a series of clicks from his mandibles.

Scar was losing blood rapidly and becoming increasingly weak by the second, so he could not even reply. He simply just stared at his brother with his life hanging in balance, praying to Paya that he would be spared death for now. As Celtic began to carry Scar back to the mothership, Chopper took a glance at the human female passed out on the icy ground near where Scar had been laying there bleeding.

He noticed that she was still alive as his bio-mask was equipped with thermal heat vision, thus allowing him to read heat signatures of warm-blooded creatures. Chopper rolled over her unconscious body and was met with a sight that was beyond surprising to him. This human female currently in a state of comatose bared the Yautja Mark of Honor. With this symbol engraved into her flesh, she was now considered a blooded hunter by Yautja law.

Chopper couldn't believe it, as he spread out his mandibles out of pure awe. Almost immediately after, he called out to his comrade.

"Celtic, this ooman female is still alive and she bears the Yautja Mark of Honor. What shall we do?" He questioned their choices, as neither one of them had ever seen a human being with such an emblem etched into their skin before in the entirety of their lives.

Celtic did not believe his brother was serious, doubting that it was indeed true.

"There is no way an ooman female can bear the Yautja Mark of Honor. You must be hallucinating, brother." Celtic replied out of utter scepticism.

"If you do not believe me brother, then take a look for yourself." Chopper stated as he picked up the unconscious human female in the same manner that Celtic had done with Scar. As Celtic looked back at his fellow brother, he gasped in shock when he saw exactly what he denied was true. This human female was blooded and most likely didn't even know it as he could tell that it was a fresh scar on her facial cheek.

"Paya, you are right. Get her aboard the mothership quickly. The other clan members and the elders must know about this news immediately." Stated Celtic, ordering Chopper to hurry and get Alexa aboard their clan's mothership before she would freeze to death in this Antarctic climate.

Chopper nodded and quickly followed Celtic up the ramp leading into the Yautja clan mothership. By now, both Alexa and Scar had been saved by fellow members of the clan. Though Scar was dying, advanced Yautja technology made it possible for their healers to save him from a wound of that magnitude intruding his body. Alexa however was still unconscious and had no idea that she remained alive. She was certain that those were her last dying breaths on the island of Bouvetøya and now she had met her maker. However, that was just not the case and the truth would soon be revealed to her about this mysterious race of alien hunters that attacked the ancient pyramid site on the island.

It was only a matter of time before Alexa would regain her consciousness not on Earth; but beyond where any human being has ever gone before.