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do your worst

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“Wow. Who woulda thought that the almighty Jeon Jeongguk looks like a goddamn bitch in heat when he’s on his knees?”

Jeongguk fights the urge to talk back, drooling all over the floor instead. Taehyung’s trained him well, trained him to take and take and never talk back—

“You really are just a useless bitch, slobbering like a puppy?” Taehyung degrades—the gentle caress on the boy’s right cheek contrasting with his harsh words. Lazily, he smears Jeongguk’s drool all over his face. “Imagine if the campus saw you like this. Imagine if all the girls who adore the quarterback of the football team, the goddamn golden boy, on his knees for the head cheerleader? Disgusting.”

Taehyung tugs on Jeongguk’s leash—the leather collar around the younger’s neck almost choking . But Jeongguk takes it, letting his tongue loll past his lips because he knows that’s what Taehyung likes, knows that’s exactly what Taehyung likes.

“Look so pretty like this, so pretty on your knees. Maybe this is what you were meant for,” he says, slipping three fingers below his tail butt plug and thrusting in without any care. “Meant to be my dirty little bitch. Meant to be a fucking cockwarmer— ?”

Jeongguk gags on his own spit, globs dripping out his mouth pathetically as he ruts back against the fingers in his ass, squeezing his thighs together as he hears the drip-drop of his precum fall noisily to the ground. Taehyung slaps him right on the plug, slaps Jeongguk hard enough for him to be gasping when the plug presses right against his prostate.

“Thought I trained you to be better, hm? Thought a whore like you would know to take what I give you—” Taehyung emphasizes his words with another slap, “—not to hump your ass back on my hand. Greedy pup, huh? Not good for anything but being a cumdump.”

Jeongguk nods; humiliated, he nods.


Naked save for the thick collar on his neck and the puppy tail plug lodged in his asshole, he’s goddamn embarrassed to crawl around his own apartment.

But he does it anyways.

Taehyung’s always had a knack for breaking him down and building him back just the way he wants, for reminding him that he’s owned.


“Oh my god,” Jeongguk gasps. “This is too, too—”

Taehyung speaks up, a little bit of care in his tone, “If it’s too much we don’t have to do it, ‘kay?”

Jeongguk chuckles. Even in his state of nervousness he manages to retort, “Worried about me, hyung? How swee— ow!” He recoils from a pinch to his bare butt cheek, glaring at the older boy. “What the—?”

“Don’t get cheeky on me, brat,” Taehyung warns, pinching his bottom harshly again. “Do you actually wanna do this or not? I know it’s my turn to choose something, but we can always—”

Jeongguk chews on his bottom lip, nervously playing with the ends of the cheerleading skirt. “It’s . . . it’s fine,” he decides. “Can you just,” Jeongguk begins tentatively, his breath shaky, “can you just tell me how I’m doing during it, y’know? Like, I know that’s not what we usually do, but—”

“Aw, do you want me to praise you?” Taehyung coos, a cruel smile on his lips as he thumbs at Jeongguk’s asshole, waxed and puckered pink. Jeongguk’s ass fits right in Taehyung’s hand. Taehyung’s always had a way of closing Jeongguk in, making Jeongguk feel trapped, bringing something primal out of him. When Taehyung ordered for him to strip bare right in the middle of the older boy’s living room, handing him a skimpy set of clothes to put on, any embarrassment, any hesitance , was washed away by excitement. 

Jeongguk tries not to bite down so hard that he starts to bleed, but it’s hard not to. It’s hard not to shake, not to shiver like he is now when Taehyung’s looking at him like that . He lets his head fall down, looking shyly at the ground, cheeks pink, “I-If you don’t want to, that’s fine, but . . . ”

He feels a hand at his jaw and a thumb rubbing at his bottom lip. He’s forced to look straight at Taehyung the way he is now, wearing a female cheerleading uniform with nothing underneath, wearing the shortest skirt he’s ever seen. He wonders if Taehyung bought it from the Halloween section of some costume shop, but it feels way too legit to be some sexy cheerleader outfit. But all these thoughts about where the outfit came from leave his mind as soon as Taehyung leans in to lick the lobe of Jeongguk’s ear, biting down softly before he mumbles, “It’s fine, babe. We all know how you’re a little slut for praise.”

“W-We?” Jeongguk stutters out.

Taehyung laughs, pushing Jeongguk down to the couch, legs splayed open, shirt riding up. “I bet the whole campus knows about it,” he teases. Sneaking a hand under Jeongguk’s shirt, he tweaks a hard nipple, grinning when Jeongguk shivers, letting out a small whine.

He and Taehyung have talked about nipple piercings before. Maybe he should get them one day to surprise Taehyung. (And then a small question comes to mind: When did he start doing things for Taehyung? He pushes the thought away, falling into the scene.)

“Your cheeks get flushed whenever anyone compliments you, even in public. That must be why you’re such a good boy, hm? I wonder what else happens. Let’s test it out, shall we?” Taehyung manhandles him even further, flipping him over so that his chest is pressed to the coach and his ass is presented up, his skirt doing nothing to hide anything .

“Hyung—!” Jeongguk exclaims, voice muffled by the coach.

Mouth close to Jeongguk’s ear, Taehyung groans, “I wonder what would happen if your team could see you now, all pretty and pliant for me, looking so pretty in this little uniform, huh? It’s not everyday that you get to see Jeon Jeongguk like this.” And suddenly the voice is gone from his ear. Jeongguk turns his head slightly to see Taehyung grabbing his phone, angling the back camera to capture Jeongguk on the couch.

He hears a loud shutter before he can react.

They’ve talked about this before. Jeongguk’s gave him permission time and time again to take photos and videos of him during sex, but it still sends the same shivers down his spine. He remembers the first time Taehyung recorded him, while he was on his knees, drool dripping down his chin as Taehyung’s cock dipped into his throat. He remembers the second time, when Taehyung had tied a Hitachi Wand to his cock, when Taehyung had convinced him to finger himself on camera. Jeongguk has a thing for humiliation, but he also loves knowing that Taehyung jerks off to those videos, those pictures, to him. It gives him as much power as is taken away from him in moments like these.

“I wondered what they’d do if I sent them these pictures,” Taehyung hums, single handedly uncapping the lube bottle and dripping a stupid amount over Jeongguk’s crack, rubbing at the boy’s hole when he decides it’s wet enough. “I wonder if they’d think you’re as pretty as I think you are. You think they’d save the photos? Think they’d get off to seeing you writhe under me?”

Jeongguk shifts forward, trying to rub his cock against the fabric of the couch. He knows that Taehyung hates it when he does that, tries to get off without permission, but he’s easy today, he feels easy with Taehyung’s fingers pumping carelessly inside him, he feels easy wearing this tiny little skirt. “Hyung, can you, can you please—” Touch?

There’s a slap to the junction between his ass and his right thigh, the meaty flesh reddening. “Please what, babe? Send the pictures to your team, post the pictures online? Bet you’d like that, huh.”

Jeongguk whimpers, panting into the couch, trying to still his hips, but failing miserably. “God, you suck at praise. ‘s like a bad porno,” he groans. “All you’re good at is being mean to me.”

Taehyung spanks him again. “Well you’re not exactly being good right now, are you? Either way, you’re still dripping,” he coos, using his index finger to rub at Jeongguk’s precum-slick cock, at his swollen head, “so what does it matter?”

“I asked for you to praise me, hyung,” Jeongguk gasps stubbornly, trying to ignore Taehyung’s fingers grazing his prostate, trying to ignore how Taehyung gently digs his thumbnail into his slit. “If you’re not gonna do it, then maybe I should actually get someone from the football team to—”

Now that riles Taehyung up.

Jeongguk doesn’t know what it is, doesn’t know why it’s so much fun to make Taehyung mad. Maybe that’s why this whole thing started—a social experiment turned into a pleasurable hobby.

Taehyung forces him over onto his back. Jeongguk loves the primitive look in his eyes. “I know you won’t, because I know that above praise, you like this—” he pushes his fingers back inside Jeonguk, rough and relentless and nothing like the playful teasing from before. “You like being treated like you’re a toy, you like the humiliation, you like feeling filthy. Now isn’t that sick?”

“What’s sick is how well you know me.”

“Yeah well, you’re mine, right?”

Yeah, I guess I am. “I could get anyone to do this to me, hyung,” he says instead, deciding to test how far Taehyung’s possessiveness will go.

Taehyung slips his thumb inside, from four fingers to all five. They do this often enough that the stretch only leaves Jeongguk breathless instead of hurting. It’s the best sort of ache, being filled beyond belief—powerless. “You probably could,” he admits. “But, no one else can do it like me, no one else can ruin you like I can.”

Jeongguk almost laughs, laughs at how well Taehyung’s hand fits inside him, shivers at the thought of Taehyung’s cock filling him to the brim. It’s all he can think about now, being filled and fucked and breeded. Yeah, you’ve ruined me, all right.

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“Daddy,” Jeongguk whines, rutting into the sheets. “Oh fuck, fuck—” He tries to grind back onto Taehyung’s face, tries to get Taehyung’s tongue deeper inside him, but Taehyung slaps his thigh, pinches his ass.

“Shut up. Stop whining.”

Jeongguk’s body shivers. “O-Okay,” he says quietly.

Taehyung continues to eat him out, holding him down by his thighs whenever he starts to squirm, smacking his ass each time he moans too loud.

“Daddy,” Jeongguk whimpers, arching his back, fucking back against the tongue probing inside him. “Fuck—”

It’s something new, something Jeongguk suggested they play around with. At first, they couldn’t get through it without Taehyung bursting into laughter, making some joke about how he never thought he’d get to be a father before even turning twenty, but all it took to really convince him was for Jeongguk to crawl into his lap, grind his hips down ever so slightly, promise he’d be a good boy for his daddy.

“C’mon, baby. Stay still and pretty for me and let me open you up, okay?” Taehyung rasps, spreading Jeongguk open wider, letting a glob of spit fall into the crack, teasing the wet pucker with the pad of his thumb. “Your hole’s so loose for me already,” he hums, “What a good boy, hm?”

“God, god just hurry up, will you—”

Taehyung slips his index finger inside. “Don’t be snappy,” he hums. “This is your reward, after all, for playing so well at the game—” Taehyung forces his middle finger inside. It’s much too soon and the stretch burns, but they both know that Jeongguk likes that ache of being pushed too far. “For leading your team so well—” He starts to pump his two fingers in and out, the pace quickening faster than Jeongguk can adjust. Taehyung leans in, crowding Jeongguk’s body like he always does, dragging his tongue up the boy’s neck before he groans, “For winning.”

Jeongguk’s cheeks go pink when he realizes that he’s already let out a whiny gasp of “Daddy” without even noticing. Jeongguk’s whole body shakes when he realizes how fucking gone he is, legs finally giving in. His body goes all pliant, all docile just for Taehyung.

He remembers what Taehyung said the first time they got together like this. The power play had been much, much more intense, back before Jeongguk learned how good it was, how much better it was, just to give in—just to give up. Taehyung had finally gotten Jeongguk on his knees, had finally gotten to tangle his fingers in Jeongguk’s wavy hair, long due for a haircut. He’d said that Jeongguk needed to be trained, that he would be the one to tame Jeongguk, to teach him how to take and take and take like he was born to do. Jeongguk was stupid enough to mock Taehyung, to laugh and reply, “Do your worst.”  

In moments like these, Taehyung’s promise and Jeongguk’s challenge runs through the younger boy’s head. Because much like then, now Taehyung succinctly orders: “Stick out your tongue.”

Jeongguk obeys, a little confused, but Taehyung goes down and kisses him, hot and messy and open-mouthed. The boy gasps when Taehyung pulls back. He spends a few seconds trying to recover from the kiss, not even looking at Taehyung. All the air has been stolen from his lungs and Jeongguk needs to remember how to breathe. He goes to wipe his mouth, realizing that spit was running down the sides, but then Taehyung takes his chin between his thumb and his forefinger, and it’s all happening before he can register anything.

Taehyung pulls on Jeongguk’s bottom lip, a wordless order for Jeongguk to open his mouth, to stick out his tongue once more. Once Jeongguk’s tongue has slipped out, face all messy with drool, Taehyung’s cock slips inside his mouth, gliding against his plush tongue.

“Good boy,” Taehyung praises carelessly, patting the boy’s cheek like his obedience doesn’t mean anything. “I guess I have trained you well.”

And that scares Jeongguk. It scares him how his body reacts to Taehyung before his mind can even register the command. It scares him how eager he is to please, how readily he’s able to just let Taehyung (—Kim Taehyung, Taehyung of all people, the Taehyung who’s spilt milk all over him in public, the Taehyung he’s pushed into a water fountain, the Taehyung he hates—) ruin him like this.

Jeongguk doesn’t know pride anymore, doesn’t know victory. He only knows that Taehyung is a conqueror, that Taehyung wins no matter what. He only knows the way that Taehyung reaps the spoils of his conquest, every damn time.

His friends always told him he has a penchant for self-destruction.

It’s fitting that Kim Taehyung’s the one to administer the slaughter.


This time is a bit different from the rest. Usually, it happens like this:

  • a text is sent
  • a time and place is decided
  • they fuck
  • one of them goes home while the other is in the shower

Everytime, it happens like that, according to that format. Except for this one.

Jeongguk had fallen asleep while Taehyung was in the shower, a mere accident. He’d never done it before. Sure, there were times when he felt absolutely fucked out of his mind, when he wasn’t sure if he was able to walk upright, but he always managed, somehow. Maybe it was the fear of overstaying his welcome, or the fear of letting himself get too comfortable with Taehyung (—but really, really it’s already far too late—) that always convinced him to never stay the night.

But this time . . . he did. It was a mere accident. (That’s what he tells himself, that’s what he tells himself because he’s too damn afraid of the truth that whatever relationship he’s started to build with Taehyung has slowly started to feel comfortable. Because he’s too damn afraid of the fact that Taehyung has started to make him feel safe.)

Jeongguk doesn’t know why Taehyung didn’t kick him out, or why Taehyung even bothered to share the bed with him. Jeongguk doesn’t know why, and a more pressing concern to him isn’t the sudden shift in their relationship dynamics, nor is it the cum drying between his legs, or even the ache in his lower back, but how hard he is.

If he were back at his place, he’d just rub one out, no biggie. But the thing is, he isn’t at his own place, and it feels dirty to jerk off on Taehyung’s bed while Taehyung sleeps. Jeongguk doesn’t even feel that he should stay there for any longer than he has to, but the impending walk of shame keeps him grounded where he is.

He considers his options. One, he can masturbate. Two, he can sit still and try to will it away. Or three, he can get dressed and dash outside and risk Taehyung’s flatmates seeing him.

He goes with option one, all shame be damned.

It only takes about three minutes for Taehyung to be roused from sleep by Jeongguk’s muffled moans and the slight movements on the bed. It only takes about three minutes for Taehyung to open his eyes and see Jeongguk naked, slowly fisting his cock and tweaking his nipple.

“Oh, fuck,” Jeongguk groans, voice a little louder now that he knows Taehyung is awake. “Sorry, I, I just—”

Taehyung’s eyes zoom to the lube bottle from the previous night, uncapped beside Jeongguk’s thigh. He chuckles, stretching his back as he watches Jeongguk fall apart all by himself. “How adorable. Looks like my baby was so horny, first thing in the morning too, that he couldn’t help himself, huh? You even used lube when we both know you get so wet when you’re this needy that we don’t need it, hm? You’re pathetic. Take your hands off.”

Jeongguk gulps, dropping into his headspace so quickly, feeling helpless in front of Taehyung, his body fully on display. He obeys easily, whimpering as his pink cock throbs untouched. (He pretends that he didn’t just feel his heart skip a beat or two when Taehyung called him his baby. Taehyung calls him his all the time. Jeongguk wonders what’s different about this. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s just stayed over for the first time, maybe it’s the fact that Taehyung looks cute with his messy bedhead, no matter the filth coming from his mouth—)

Hyung ,” Jeongguk whines, hands clutched needily at the bedsheets. “P—Please help me.”

(—or maybe that fear of getting too attached has finally been realized.)

Taehyung just laughs, sitting up lazily against his pillow. “C’mon, baby, aren’t you a big boy?”

“I—I am!” Jeongguk stutters, sucking on his lower lip, eyes big, wide, and pretty. It’s so easy to fall like this, he thinks. It’s so easy with Taehyung and he doesn’t understand why. He just knows that somehow he can trust Taehyung.

“Then don’t you wanna be a good boy?” Taehyung asks, suddenly tugging Jeongguk closer so that Jeongguk’s cock nudges at his thigh.

Jeongguk’s never felt smaller. “I do!” he insists, skin heating up when he feels his cock pulsate against Taehyung’s bare thigh.

Taehyung chuckles. “Then be a good boy, baby. Use my thigh to get off if you need to, but don’t touch yourself, okay?”

“Why?” Jeongguk whines, pouting stubbornly.

“ ‘cause I wanna see you squirm,” Taehyung answers.

Jeongguk’s breath hitches; he doesn’t want to be a bad boy for his hyung, he doesn’t want to disappoint his hyung (—why is that? he wonders), he wants Taehyung to pet his hair and tell him he did well, that he was a good boy. Taehyung’s absolute shit with praise, but Jeongguk doesn’t know why he craves it from Taehyung more than anyone nowadays. Jeongguk doesn’t know when he’d let Taehyung’s halfhearted praise affect him just as much as the usual, almost routine humiliation does.

“Oh, and—feel free to use more lube. We both know you like it wet.”

But overthinking never does anyone any good. So, Jeongguk shakily picks up the lube, opens the bottle with a nervous click, and lets it drip onto his cock and Taehyung’s thigh. He shudders when it does.

Taehyung gets in close, smiles when Jeongguk bares his neck for his hyung, and he whispers, “Rut against my thigh like I told you to.”

“H—Hyung,” he sobs, the first tear dripping down his cheek. He hadn’t even realized that his eyes were wet, hadn’t even realized how swollen his cock’s gotten. “Please help me.

“So needy,” Taehyung whispers—he bites Jeongguk’s earlobe, and the boy whimpers, tears running down his face as he sobs. “So fucking pathetic.” He grips Jeongguk’s hips, pulling the boy snug into his lap, the angle making it so that, with any little movement Jeongguk makes, his cock ruts firmly against Taehyung’s thigh. “C’mon, now. Grind.

Jeongguk wonders why his heart flutters, now—now—of all times.

Ah, he’s fucked, isn’t he?

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This one’s all on him. Jeongguk’ll admit that.

It all began with a stupid challenge.

It’s a little bit of a running joke between them now, how needy Jeongguk gets during sex. And sometimes, it’s just that, just a joke, an easy way to embarrass Jeongguk in public. Other times, Taehyung’ll use it to humiliate the boy in private: he’ll make Jeongguk grind against a pillow, he’ll call Jeongguk pathetic and needy and dumb as he humps his pink cock against the fabric.

But this time? This time Jeongguk shoved Taehyung against a bathroom wall, not even caring to get into one of the stalls, placed both his hands underneath Taehyung’s thighs and picked him up, grinding against his body. This time Jeongguk sucked a dirty hickey right below Taehyung’s jaw, groaning into the boy’s ear, “C’mon, Taehyung, let’s see how needy you can make me—?”

It hadn’t taken long for Taehyung to snap.

Jeongguk doesn’t exactly know why he did it, either, why he felt the need to pull Taehyung away from that boy he saw Taehyung talking to (—he thinks that boy’s name was Jihoon, Park Jihoon, maybe), or why he felt the need to drag Taehyung to the bathroom. He doesn’t know why he didn’t care that there were people there, people who could see him and Taehyung making out by the sinks. He doesn’t know why he didn’t care that he was breaking their number one rule to keep it all quiet, keep it all a secret.

All Jeongguk knows is that it felt good to suck a hickey onto a place where Taehyung can’t hide, to mark Taehyung right there in public. All he knows is that felt good to hear the older boy failing to keep his moans quiet. It felt good knowing that there were other people in the bathroom with them, other people who now know that Taehyung is his.

It’s all on him.

So that’s why Jeongguk can’t really complain now, can’t really complain how Taehyung’s left him tied up on the bed, a vibrating dildo inside of him and a fleshlight over his wet cock. He wonders where Taehyung went and how long the boy’s been gone, because he doesn’t know how much longer he can take it.

It has to have been more than two hours now. It has to, because there’s no other way he’d feel this gone. Because there’s no other reason for him to feel this horny, to have lost all sense of his surroundings. Because the only thing in his mind right now is Taehyung, because all he wants right now is Taehyung fucking into his ass instead of the plastic dildo lodged deep inside him, because all he wants right now is Taehyung’s mouth on his cock instead of the fleshlight he has no choice but to fuck shallowly into.

God, god—he can’t even moan without more drool spilling from the corners of his mouth, every single whimper muffled by the ball gag. He’s on his side, mindlessly rutting into the fleshlight. The squelch his cock makes each time he thrusts is enough to make him lose his mind, make his eyes roll back a little.

He’s nearing his third orgasm when the door opens.

His head whips up almost immediately, and he can feel his cock spurt a little with precum.

He knows he must look obscene, cum dirtying the sheets and splattered all over his skin.

Taehyung laughs. “How cute,” he hums, kneeling beside Jeongguk on the bed, rubbing at one of Jeongguk’s nipples while the boy whines, rocking into the fleshlight at an even quicker pace. “You really were made to be fucked, huh? Looks like this is all you’re good for,” he degrades, holding the fleshlight steady. “Maybe I should just keep you tied up like this, since you seem to enjoy it this much. Maybe I’ll invite some of your friends over, maybe let them fuck your little hole, play with that pathetic cock of yours. You’ll finally be the dumb little slut you were born to be.”

And that, that brings Jeongguk over the edge for the third time, wildly humping into the plush wetness of the fleshlight, flooding it with cum once more. He feels completely subservient to Taehyung and Taehyung alone. A little voice inside his head laughs. I’m doomed, he thinks, and it’s almost comical. I’m absolutely ruined.

Taehyung undoes the gag and pulls the fleshlight away from his cock, cum dribbling everywhere.

Jeongguk lets out a weak “Unghh—” in reply. He thinks he’s about to pass out, but then he notices that the vibrating dildo inside him has neither been removed nor turned off.

Instead, he feels Taehyung slip another finger inside.

“Noooo,” Jeongguk moans. “I’ll, I’ll die.”

“Safeword?” Taehyung offers tentatively, hand stilling.

Jeongguk considers it, but instead fucks back against Taehyung’s hand, weakly moaning as Taehyung’s palm happens to push against the dildo inside of him. “Hngh, ahhh, ahhh. I’m jus’, jus’—so full I’m, I’m gonna die.

Taehyung slips another finger in, pushing wetly against Jeongguk’s walls, fucking him, filling him to the brim. “What do you want, Jeongguk?”

“You—fuck—you know, so, so don’t ask. Just do it,” Jeongguk whines.

A third finger. Jeongguk feels his heart and both his lungs spill out from under.

“I won’t do it until you tell me,” Taehyung says. It feels like Taehyung’s giving him an out, making sure he really does want it. It almost feels like Taehyung’s being kind, until there’s a rough slap to his cock, oversensitive from coming too many times.

“Fuck—” Jeongguk yelps, too breathless to think coherently. You’ve really, Jeongguk thinks, really fucked me senseless. “Fuck you.”

Four fingers and another slap to his swollen cock, hardening embarrassingly quickly. “Gah,” Jeongguk lets out, breath stuttering at the hit. He feels a puddle of drool underneath his cheek, feels Taehyung wipe his left hand, now sticky with cum, all over his inner thighs.

Taehyung continues fucking his right into Jeongguk, using his thumb to lodging the dildo deeper, forcing it against Jeongguk’s guts. He asks again, “What do you want? I’m even being nice, Jeongguk. If you really want me to be mean—” he hits Jeongguk’s cock one last time before prying the boy’s legs apart, pushing his knee all the way up to his chest, “I can be mean.”

Jeongguk knows what he should say.

He knows that he wants Taehyung to fuck him together with the dildo, knows that he wants Taehyung to use him like he’s nothing but a toy, knows that he wants Taehyung to remind him that he’s owned.

The thing is, Jeongguk never knows when to give in, never knows when to stop playing the game and surrender to his base, submissive instincts.

“Do you want me to be mean, Jeongguk?”

Jeongguk lets out a sigh, knowing he’ll regret what he’s about to say next. “Do your worst.”

(Later, much later, just when Jeongguk is about to fall asleep in Taehyung’s bed for the second time since they’ve started this little arrangement neither of them quite understand, Taehyung will say, “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. You’re like, really easy with sex toys. Much needier than usual, and that’s saying something. I left you tied up in my bed for like, fifteen minutes tops. I only went into the kitchen to prepare some food for afterwards.”

The last thought in Jeongguk’s mind before he dozes off is how he’s gonna get payback.)


Jeongguk is good at a lot of things—there’s a reason why he’s been nicknamed the golden boy on campus—but one of the very few things he’s not good at is revenge.

A few days after Taehyung had tied him up and left him on the bed, after Taehyung had fucked him alongside the extra large dildo, Jeongguk decides to take revenge—fully recovered from the damage Taehyung incurred on him that day.

He wanted to hear Taehyung beg, wanted payback after that last time they had sex. He wanted to tie Taehyung up in retaliation, wanted to see Taehyung helpless and squirming under him, but he decided that it would be fine. He’s physically stronger than Taehyung, so much stronger and they both know that. He could hold Taehyung down if he really needed to.

So it was supposed to be fine.

(Before Taehyung, if there was one thing, one singular thing that he considered himself best at, Jeongguk would’ve said that it’s winning, he would’ve confidently said that it’s dominating his opponents—on the field or elsewhere. Taehyung would teach him that he was wrong all along.)

Sitting on Taehyung’s cock, Jeongguk tries to take control, tries to dominate Taehyung for the first time. He told Taehyung to keep his hands on the bed, keep his hands away from Jeongguk or else . . . or else something. Taehyung had obliged with a smile all too agreeable to be real. Jeongguk went with it, even though he knew he shouldn’t have.

(He supposes that’s a defining feature of his relationship with Taehyung. He knows that he shouldn’t, but he does anyways.)

Jeongguk ups the pace of his little bounces, leaning in to tease Taehyung, whispering, “Am I doing well? Am I making you feel good? C’mon, tell me, am I riding you well?” I’m on top, he tells himself, I’m in control.

But, fuck, his voice is too squeaky, too breathless to hold any sort of authority over Taehyung. His body’s shaking too much, his movements too shy and his cheeks too flushed.

It was a fruitless pursuit to begin with.

(Taehyung has always had the upper hand.)

The older decides he’s had enough, had enough of letting Jeongguk try his little act of revenge. With a disappointed sigh, he just takes Jeongguk’s plump cock in his hands and fucks up, takes the boy off guard, relishes in the way Jeongguk hiccups in shock, blinking tearily as his hips stop, as he can only bounce along with his hyung’s thrusts. Jeongguk’s stopped riding him now, only bouncing up and down, all control lost, hands balled up in the bedsheets.

“H-hyu-nghh, wait, no—I, I was supposed t—”

“Hm, baby? Sorry,” he says with no meaning or heart to his apology, “I got bored.”

“Guh, hngh,” Jeongguk whines, “I, I wanted to, I was—”

“Oh baby,” Taehyung says, brushing Jeongguk’s bangs away, sweaty from exertion, “you looked so cute trying to take control, trying to ride me, trying to get me all flushed. Looked so perfect with your little cock bobbing up and down. But I think you look even cuter like this, like a toy—”

Jeongguk cant even move his hips anymore with the strength of Taehyung’s thrusts, only taking like it was what he was meant to do, taking cock so well, so mindlessly, that all he can do is drool messily and listen to his hole, slick with an obscene amount of lube, take Taehyung’s cock.

“Sound so whiny, Jeongguk,” Taehyung comments heartlessly as he fucks the younger boy into overstimulation, tweaking a nipple, pinching so hard that Jeongguk shrieks, that his head lolls back. “You always get all incoherent and adorable. Such a dumb little whore,” he rasps gently.

Taehyung pushes two fingers into Jeongguk’s mouth, laughing when the boy gags around them. When he pulls them out, he wipes his hand on Jeongguk’s cheek, spreading his own spit all over his face. Jeongguk squirms, squeezing down on the cock inside him, stomach all wet from his precum, ass wet and dripping with lube, squelching at every movement.

“You know, it’s kinda funny that I even let you try.” Taehyung runs a hand down Jeongguk’s tight abs, down his toned thighs. “All this muscle and you’re just a slut at heart. All this strength yet all you know how to do is take cock.”

It’s even worse now, Jeongguk thinks, sitting on top of Taehyung’s cock, treated like a sex toy, so useless that he can’t even move, that he can only bounce along with Taehyung’s thrusts and fuck into Taehyung’s hand. I give up. I shouldn’t have even tried.

“I think I should teach you another lesson, since it seems that you’ve forgotten your place.”

No matter how good Jeongguk is at winning, no matter how used to victory he is, Taehyung has always, without fail, topped him every single time in every damn sense of the word.