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Author’s Notes: Well guys, this is the fic I’ve been talking about! I’m super excited to post it, considering it took over a month to complete. Since it’s a Big Bang I’ll have a bunch of notes here and shout-outs!


First and foremost, I would like to thank QueenOfHearts for taking the time to edit this story.


The art was done by the wonderful Darklittleheart96, please check out her Tumblr page and show her some love, heaven only knows how long it took her to do all this!


This story was written for the Wincest Reverse Bang.


As a final note please check the tags, while I know a lot of people don’t like m-preg, with this being an A/B/O story I thought that it would fit in nicely. There isn’t anything graphic for the delivery, I promise!









Chapter 1





If there was one thing that Sam hated about his success, it was the meetings like the one he had just entered. It wasn’t that the hand-selected board members were doing anything wrong, nor were they out of their place. He had known the moment that he started to build his tech company that his secondary sex would be a problem. Even in modern times, it was hard for people to accept the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company was an Omega. Generally, it wasn’t a problem. While his secondary sex was public record, it was pushed to the back of people’s minds and never mentioned. Not until it was time to talk to other companies.


It was an Alpha dominated world, and while change was happening, it was still slow progress. Resisting the urge to sigh, Sam listened with half an ear while his head advisor tried once again to explain how he needed to have an Alpha, at the very least one who could travel with him to foreign countries who were less civilized in how they did business. It was never a problem before. Though he always had to keep an Alpha on call to go with him to corporate functions, he used to have a friend who would help him out.


It worked, right until Nick found his mate, a Beta named Lucifer who had the Alpha wrapped around his finger. While happy for his friend it left Sam in a bind, and for the past few months, he had been unable to find someone able to play the missing role. It wasn't that there weren’t Alpha’s interested in him; if anything he could walk into the street and have any Alpha that he wanted. It was simply that there were none that he trusted to keep composure, to not embarrass him or try to blackmail him down the line. He had tried dating before, but with his status as the most sought-after Omega in the country, nobody bothered to see beyond his fame and bank account.


When he was younger, before he decided to break the mold and build his empire, Sam had known that finding an Alpha who matched him would be difficult. He wasn’t built like the typical Omega. Instead of being small, he was six foot four, instead of being shy, he was outgoing. While he held out hope before of finding someone who was attracted to him, who wanted him as he was, Sam had learned in his time as a CEO to let go of pipe dreams. When the time came for him to take an Alpha, it would be nothing more than finding one he could tolerate for long periods of time, one who would most likely not want him outside of their cycles.


“We’re not saying that you need to be mated, Mr. Campbell, but if negotiations are to continue with Japan they are going to want reassurance that you’re not on your own. It would be an insult to their culture which is just allowing Omegas to work.”


Turning to Zachariah who typically never spoke about the ‘Omega issue’, Sam realized how serious the situation was. They needed Japan on the payroll, while they could continue as they had, it would be easier for everyone involved if they partnered with Nihon Tekku; the leading Japanese company for computers and gaming software. If they could combine their companies, not as a full merger but partnership then they would lead the world in nearly anything electronic. It would mean a serious boost to SimplyTech and its shareholders, all of which had been supportive of an Omega climbing to the very top of the ladder.


Sighing, Sam leaned back in his chair, thankful that the group of advisors and board members were people he trusted. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t put it past any of them to try and climb over each other to get that extra wiggle room or acknowledgment, but as their figurehead, he was safe from their usual tactics. It helped that as an Omega in a room full of Alphas that instinct to protect him was hard-wired into their brains. It was one of the reasons why their dress-code was slightly different than the usual employee. Having meetings where it was easy to get frustrated each member had to use scent-blockers before entering the conference room.


“Nihon Tekku is still in the budding stages of signing the contract, and while I’m sure eventually they are going to want to meet if they decide to hear us out, right now it isn’t my priority to get an Alpha on standby for a meeting that may never happen. Can we please move on to the numbers for the last quarter? I heard that the Research and Development went over budget and I would like to know more about their newest project.”


The rest of the board members nodded, moving on to explain how their new department had gone over by half a million however the prototype was looking promising and would bring in a whole new line of product. It was a gamble to try and wiggle into the weapons development, and the amount of red tape Sam had to negotiate through had caused him sleepless nights and enough stress that he missed his last two heats, but they had finally gotten approval and it looked like things were turning out well.


By the end of the meeting, Sam was done with going over numbers and project ideas. He appreciated the fact that nothing was done without his stamp of approval, but as they grew it was becoming too much. Making his way to his office, Sam wasn’t inside for more than a handful of minutes before his door was opened and the only one in the building who came in without permission sat in her chair. Looking up from where he had been staring at his computer screen, Sam raised an eyebrow at his friend.


Charlie was one of the few people he had on his payroll who he not only tolerated but enjoyed spending time with. She was the head of his IT department and a force of her own. How he managed to snag her away from any other company he didn’t know, but Sam was thankful that he did. “So I guess the meeting went well?” The sarcastic edge to her voice made Sam glare slightly before sighing.


“They’re bringing up my lack of Alpha again. Now that Nick is mated, I need to find a new one to parade around, especially if we’re going to land more international contracts. Not everywhere is as progressive as North America.”


Snorting, Charlie leaned back on the chair before biting her bottom lip in an unusual show of insecurity. “You know, I was browsing the web the other day and I may have stumbled upon an answer to your issue.” Raising an eyebrow, Sam waited for her to continue, hopeful that she knew someone who would play the role easily. “I may or may not have discovered that there’s a business you might be interested in. It’s an escort service.” Charlie held up her hand before Sam could speak. “I know what you’re going to say but hear me out. They specialize in the elite, Sam. People with deep pockets, their job is to mingle and be a pretty thing to have on your arm. Unlike Joe-Blow from where ever you were going to look for an Alpha next, these guys thrive in business gatherings. You wouldn’t need to worry about them making a fool of you, Sam, they’re paid to be charming.”


“I can’t afford for someone to know I hired a hooker, Charlie.” A crumpled up post-it hit Sam in the forehead as he hadn’t been expecting it to come sailing through the air. Rubbing his forehead, Sam looked up at Charlie who was glaring at him, hands folded over her chest.


“Do you think I’m stupid? Their business is buried deep, Sam… like I had trouble finding them once I saw them mentioned kind of deep. I’m telling you, they know what they’re doing and won’t screw you over… well unless you want them to.”


Not wanting to enrage the Beta in front of him, Sam nodded. “Fine, I take it you know how to contact them?” Charlie rolled her eyes before passing him a small notebook.


“Number is in there, besides even if you don’t plan on using their service for the next gathering you could use a good knot for your heat. You missed your last two, Sam… this one is gonna suck.” While he could feel his cheeks start to warm from the topic, Charlie was right. It was fine to miss a heat or two, but two in a row? He would be lucky if it didn’t kill him. He couldn’t go through his next heat alone, even if he wanted to.


“I’m not making any promises, but maybe I’ll give them a trial run. If I think the Alpha can handle it, I might, just might, bring him along to the next business party.” Charlie lit up at the idea, the two talking for a while before they both had to get back to work, though they made plans to have lunch together for the rest of the week until he left for his heat. Signing off on a list of files he had to go through, Sam looked at his phone laying on his desk. It was late, hardly anyone else in the office, but with his upcoming heat, he planned to stay a couple more hours before heading home.


Taking out the notebook that Charlie had given him, Sam stared at the number written on the second page. Before he could lose his nerve, Sam plugged the number into his phone and pressed it against his ear. It didn’t take long for someone to answer, a male voice, one with a British accent answered. There was a heartbeat between the man’s ‘hello’ and when Sam spoke, licking his lips and hoping that he wasn’t making a mistake.


“Uh, hello. My friend gave me this number, said that maybe you and your services could help. My… my heat is next week and I missed the last two… I won’t be able to manage this one on my own.” Now that the words were out of his mouth, Sam took a minute to breathe. The voice at the other end of the line hummed, there were some papers rustling in the background before he spoke.


“I have an Alpha who can help you, he’s very skilled at aiding Omegas through their cycle. Would you like to meet before your heat strikes to see if you are compatible? Your meeting would be somewhere public and free of charge, of course, though I do have to ask if your friend mentioned the price of what we offer?”


With his heat about to hit, Sam didn’t have time to meet with anyone, especially to see if they would be able to do the job. If they were an Alpha they would do. Even if their personalities clashed, there was always the option of kicking the Alpha out once his heat was over. “Yes, she mentioned it and it won’t be a problem. I don’t have much time before then and now to meet with anyone. I need to prepare my company for my leave. How does this work? Will the Alpha just show up?”


“Tell me your address and I’ll have him arrive at your location, or the location of your choosing by noon on Monday. He’s yours for the week and he will explain what he isn’t willing to do and the rest of the process. We will need you clear-headed to finalize the arrangement. Should he arrive earlier or will your heat rise gradually?” Sam confirmed that he would be fine, while he hadn’t had a heat in a while it had never hit him suddenly before. They exchanged information; Sam gave instructions not to wear blockers and to allow his Alpha to care for him if he had any allergies or food dislikes and his Alpha would apparently be cooking for him during his heat as well.


By the end of the conversation, Sam was feeling more comfortable about what was going to happen. He may not have met the Alpha in question, but if his employer was anything to go by they would be professional. Setting his phone down, Sam pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment before he went back to work to finish the reports he was looking through before leaving for the night. At least that was one worry he didn’t have to think about until the following Monday. Now if only the numbers on his screen would fall in line just as nicely.