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Girls Your Age {REUPLOAD}

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"17 running from innocence, Like it's a lion. Nipping at my heels But I'm young, so I outrun 'em."


I puffed the smoke out of my mouth, and looked at my surroundings. I forgot who's house this was, mainly because I didn't care who's house this was. Viktor wanted me to come with him so I did.

But I kinda figured this would happen. Viktor ditched me about five minutes after we arrived at this house. 

"Hey, Yuuri!" Phichit exclaimed wrapping a arm around me. Phichit had a heavy blush on his face and was holding a red cup in his hand. 

This drunk. I internally sighed. "Already wasted?" I asked removing his hand from my shoulder.

"Whaaaat? Of course not! Speaking of which, your driving the group home today, right?" Phichit inquired, looking at all the drunk teens.

"Yeah, I don't like the taste of alcohol that much." I replied, at the corner of my eye I saw Viktor on the couch making out with some blond chick. 

My heart painful squeezed at the sight, Why can't that be me? I wondered.

I crushed the cigarette on a table and started walking away from the scene.

"Where are you going?" Phichit asked.

"Bathroom." I said, I guess Viktor got another hook up then.