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A Thousand Divided By Twenty

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Minghao saw Jieqiong sitting on the ground, blankly staring at the wall's chipped paint.

"What are you doing?"

"Being punished." she replied.

"For what?"

"I got snarky with the teacher."

"Oh..." Minghao felt bad for her. "Would you like a cookie?"

She took one from him and munched. "Yes, please."


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Jieqiong grabbed Minghao's sleeve. "I forgot my lunch."

"I'm guessing you want me to share with you?"

She nodded with affirmation.

"Well, I got an apple and--"



"I require toast. With chocolate spread."

Sighing, Minghao pulled out a toasted bagel and a jar of Nutella.

Jieqiong was pleased.

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Minghao saw Jieqiong with an intense look in her eyes. Her pencil scribbled furiously all over the notebook pages.

"You must be really into this assignment," Minghao said.

"Nah," she shook her head, flipping the book to reveal a crude sketch of their teacher sticking his tongue out. "Just bored."


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Jieqiong was sitting on the grass. Minghao tried grabbing her attention.


No answer.

"Hey, Jieqiong!"

She continued scrolling through her phone.

Minghao sighed, plopping down next to her. "Jieqiong, why are you ignoring me?"

A few moments later, his phone buzzed with a text... from Jieqiong.

{ What? I'm listening }


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They were assigned classroom cleaning.

As soon as Jieqiong returned with a broom, a crumpled ball of paper landed at her feet.

"What's this?" she asked sharply, kicking it.

"Me, passing the time." Minghao replied, throwing more at the wall.

This was unlike him. She must've been a bad influence.


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Minghao sat on a park bench, eating a chocolate glazed doughnut. Jieqiong sat beside him, eyeing the treat without his notice. His teeth suddenly clenched the air as his friend swiped it.

"Hey!" he yelled.

"Sharing is caring."

"No, that's called stealing."

She turned her head. "Not when it's me."


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It was raining. Minghao stood under the overhang in disbelief. Upon Jieqiong's arrival, she held out her umbrella. "Forgot yours?"

He looked at her, smiling. "Ah, thanks!"

Opening it up, he walked off, leaving Jieqiong flustered. "H-Hey, wait a minute, what about me?!"

Truly she had been a bad influence.


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She was soaking wet. The moment she walked in, she could spot Minghao's smirking face as he leaned against the wall.

"I can't believe you!" Jieqiong grabbed her umbrella back. "Now I'm late for--"

She realized something. The hallways were empty. Classes had started. But Minghao waited for her.



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"Cats or dogs?"

Jieqiong wore an intense look on her face, holding a pencil as she sat at the desk across from Minghao. He looked confused.

"Come on, it's a serious question!"

He shrugged. "Why not both?"

She held up a finger, nodding as she scribbled in her notebook. "True."


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Once again, Minghao and Jieqiong were assigned to cleaning the classroom after school.

Whilst Minghao cleaned the marker board, Jieqiong swept the aisles between the desks. She was appalled when her broom met something sticky. "Ugh, what rude classmate left their lunch on the ground?"

"That was your lunch."



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Minghao released an exasperated sigh, eyeing Jieqiong sharply as she indulged in a cup of pudding. She turned her head, expression stoic. "What?"

"That was mine." he said, pointing to his name written on the side.

"Then we're even."


"You ate my cookies last week."

Minghao withdrew his complaint.


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Minghao shook Jieqiong awake. "Nnn.... what?"

"I had a dream."


"Listen! I was dancing on a tree branch, but then I fell onto a trampoline. It threw me back on the branch, and the sequence repeated."

"Minghao, go to bed."

"Uhh, we're kinda in class."

Jieqiong shot up, focusing.


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School had ended for the day. And they had somewhere to be.

Setting up on the street, Jieqiong sat and skillfully played the pipa. Minghao danced gracefully to the music, as if having planned choreography.

Onlookers gathered, awed, and threw money into their bucket.

They bought plenty of snacks afterward.


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Minghao's phone was finally done charging. Unplugging it from the wall, he booted it up, shocked to find 10 missed calls and 4 voice messages. "Who in the world...?"

Opening his notifications anxiously, he then went "oh" and set his phone aside, crawling into bed.

They were just from Jieqiong.


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"Minghao, I demand your attention."

He rolled his eyes. "Yes, dearest Queen?"

Jieqiong proceeds to detail a very complicated math formula, making Minghao's head spin.

"So," she continued. "In the end, something becomes nothing. The answer becomes zero."

"Is this for a math prep or are you being philosophical?"




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Jieqiong was at Minghao's house, parked in front of the TV with a half gallon of ice-cream on her lap.

"You're going to regret eating all that..." he warned.

"Screw you!"

Half a container later...

"Hnng... I think I'm gonna vomit!!" she whined.

Minghao sighed. "I told you."

"Shut up."


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"Hey Jieqiong, let's play basketball!"

Minghao tosses the ball to her.

"No." she tossed the ball back.

"Yes." he tossed it back to her.

"Not right now."

"Yes, now."



"Play with someone else!"

"I want to play with you!"

This toss back sequence conducted for 17 minutes straight.


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Sunday afternoon.

Minghao was in the middle of test prep studying until his phone sounded.

[ Jieqiong ]: I'm bored.

[ Minghao ]: Go take a nap.

[ Jieqiong ]: I said I'm BORED!

[ Minghao ]: My advice still stands.

One hour later...

[ Jieqiong ]: I took a nap and I'm still bored.

[ Minghao ]: Take a longer nap.


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Jieqiong was bummed out.

The score on her test results were two points lower than she had trained for. Melancholy consumed her.

"You need a hug?" Minghao asked.

She glared. "No."

"Too bad, I'm hugging you anyway." he wrapped his arms around her.

"Go away."


"Pfft..." she hugged back.


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"What do you want to do for summer vacation?" Minghao asked.

Jieqiong shrugged. "Summer activities?"

"Such as?"

"Anything to stay cool."


Jieqiong released a bloodcurdling scream as she was ambushed by cold water from a hose.

"You die today, Minghao!"

The two laughed as Minghao ran for his life.