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The Rain-bone Zone

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You paced anxiously, as Error finished reading the chapter for your story, his expression stoic and inexpressive. It was turning your stomach, and you had a feeling that you knew what he was gonna say.


At first, Error had been... a little upset, at finding out just what you did. The irony of the fact that you created new AUs, with your fanfiction, wasn't lost to him. But, the both of you had agreed to gloss over it... for now. Upon finding out that you wrote other things, besides stories, Error had expressed interest in your articles and short stories that you wrote for the magazine company you worked for.


So, you started letting him read what you wrote, hoping that maybe he would help you the same way that Ink had before. 

You really should have known better.




“Delete it.”


Those words left you stunned, as you stared up at Error, his expression completely serious.


“Wait, you’re joking right? The whole thing is bad ?” You replied with some measure of disbelief.


“These things you’re expressing are disjointed and confused. Your words and characters are lackluster and in disarray. You need to start over.” Error replied, putting a hand to his skull in equal frustration, honesty dripping from his every word.


With a shudder, you hunched over, your breath heaving in your chest. This was the fourth time you’d rewritten this chapter, and now, you were angry with the darkly colored Skeleton, who lounged at your kitchen table, the chair creaking under his weight.


An angry grimace marred your face as you abruptly stood to your feet, and you howled with hurt pride, “OH WELL, THAT’S JUST PERFECT ! You wanna let me know how the fuck I’m supposed to improve on this chapter?! I’ve taken every angle I can think of and it’s just not good enough for you, is it?!


Were you mad ? No, not all.


You were furious.


You’d tried, you’d tried so hard to get this short story written, to put your feelings, your heart and soul into it, and Error was shredding you to pieces- just like Ink had torn your heart apart.


Error’s brows scrunched down, as he glared at you, that familiar sneer twisting his face, making him so much more Error and so much less Ink . Every time he would look at you with a softened expression, you couldn’t help being reminded of your artist friend.


Those thick cheekbones, their teeth and incisors, the way their sockets could squint in a similar, happy expression, fuck it was driving you up the wall with madness.


And now, as you shrieked at him, pouring out your anger and your rage at your lack of creativity at him, he stood, stoic in posture but seething, his eye-lights shifting in asymmetry, as ‘error’ signs began popping up on his glitching body, but you didn’t care, didn’t acknowledge them, as you let loose your fury, your frustration and god, you were just so fucking mad, that creative piece of you that Ink had always inspired before was gone, and you missed it, you hated it, you loved it, you just fucking wanted  r e l i e f -


“C a n ‘ t you see I’m  t r y i n g ?!”   Error roared at you, in a voice that was deafening with static, his sockets blinded with rage and code, as he scowled at you, his zygomatic bones flushing both cerise and cyan as his gaze started becoming livid and hungry .


You shuddered, and a familiar heat spread through you at that look on his face. Yet, you couldn’t stop yourself as you shouted, “I’m trying, too! I can’t seem to get past this block, this goddamn funk I’m in!”


“Well that’s not MY fucking fault, do I look like a damn artist?!”




Error snarled deeply, standing to his own full height as he bared his incisors angrily, his words glitching and stuttering with sheer fury. ” I s-suppose you want your p-precious Rainbow Asshole b-back, d-don’t you ?!”


He growled, his sockets widening with rage as you screamed back with a rigid posture, “HOW FUCKING DARE YOU BRING INK INTO THIS?!”


“Cause you haven’t been yourself since he fucking left you!”


“HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME?! THE REAL ME?! Just because you spied on me for a week doesn’t give you the right to assume that you know who I am!”


Error scoffed, suddenly warping right into your personal space as he sneered, “I might know you far better than you think, my little human.”


 The scent of peppermint mocha and burning metal filled your nostrils, and as you struggled with wanting to push him away and ached to grab him closer, your eyes fixated on his mouth.


His teeth were parted slightly and behind them, you could see his ecto-tongues writhing in agitation as you were acutely aware of the sound of his breath huffing. You shivered, as he gazed down at you with an irate expression that sent shivers down your spine and heated your belly.


So… this was happening again. 


And as he reached out and gripped your cheeks with both hands, kissing your forcefully, his phalanges needy and wandering, you couldn’t help but remember that very last time you’d been so furious with him before the both of you had aggressively fucked.




“Error, please, don’t pout! You wanted to do this with me, remember?” You’d simpered, as you held Error’s doll in your hands, nuzzling it gently with your nose and kissing the cheek of it, your eyes focused with amusement on Error’s blushing, sweating face, as he tried to keep his composure on the couch, struggling with the pleasure that ripped through him.


“You’re mocking me.” He snarled, clearly frustrated, as you shook your head with a demure smile.


“I’m trying to get you used to the feeling of being touched, Error. I don’t want you to unravel every time you think about my hands on you. ” You grinned, yeah, you were teasing him a little bit, but you just couldn’t help yourself, he was just so damn cute when he was flustered!


He was so ruffled, as he threw back his head and stifled an incensed growl, his ribcage heaving and flushing with red and blue magic, his maw gaping, his tongues occasionally flickering to life within his mouth as he licked at his teeth.


He sucked in a breath and grumbled deeply, as your nose dipped into the neck of the doll, your giggles echoing through him, causing that grin to tighten on his face, his sockets hooded.


Fuck, he very much wanted you to grab him, he wanted you to run your fingers over his clavicle, to feel your soft skin tickling against his bones-


Error’s sockets followed the dip of your finger into the side of the doll, feeling it in his ribs, in his soul-




The doll was forcefully yanked from your hands and you shrieked in surprise as your arms were suddenly tied behind your back. A twist of your body, and you were bent over the couch, one of Error’s hands gripping you at your shoulder, the other at your waist as he forced your legs apart, snarling, “You’re mine, Human.”


“GODDAMNIT, ERROR!” You bleated in surprise, struggling against him as you shouted, “You’re having a fucking relapse! Stop right now! I told you I didn’t want you to touch me!”


“NO.” Error replied thickly, ” I can’t fucking watch you touch that stupid doll anymore.”


“Then let ME touch YOU.” You squealed as you felt him hump against you. His magic had already formed, jutting out from his shorts and straining against your own clothed center. The delicious friction from his aggressive grinding had you writhing, as you simultaneously protested and pushed back against him.


“E-Error!” You shouted angrily, as you growled, I want to touch YOU-MMF!”


He’d strung a gag around your mouth and you snarled and drooled, as more strings wrapped around you, attaching to the walls and freeing Error’s hands, restraining you even further, as he gripped your shorts and you squealed, almost in pain as you felt the cloth tear and rip, disintegrating apart from your skin as he bared you to his heated gaze, sneering, “I don’t give a fuck, I need you, right now. And I’m going to  

h a v e  y o u.


Before you could argue, before you could yell at him, curse at him or even string together two thoughts, he had rutted his entire length into you, his magic pulsing deep within your walls as he wasted no breath, not a single word.


Your upper body was roughly pushed against the couch; the piece of furniture was even scooting against the floor with every harsh slap of Error’s pelvis against your buttocks, making you cry out with every thrust. You were powerless to move, your limbs and body restricted too perfectly as you felt Error possess you in a very physical sense, his length roughly pummeling your tight walls, his body nearly bent over your own. Your skin shivered as you felt his thick drool, trickling down your neck from his gaping mouth and lolling tongues.


Bending even further, he growled into your ear, snickering with every forceful thrust of his hips against yours, “You little minx, you wanted this… you were so soaked , before I even touched you.”


A coarse, huffing laugh and, “You wanted me inside you… you wanted me to take control of you and fuck you like this. Teasing me with your light touches, making me so fucking  j e a l o u s  of my own creation…”


You couldn’t even bother to deny it and even if you wanted to, there was the gag in your mouth.


Moaning pitifully around the hindrance, you squeaked as you felt him reach around you very roughly, rubbing at your clit-


A vague memory of someone else reaching around you from behind, phalanges brushing against your pearl skillfully, made you whimper weakly and pitifully, and you heard Error groan into your skin, as he held you to him tightly with his other arm before he sank his teeth into your neck, snarling into your skin.


As he left bruises against your skin, Error pulled back and gazed down at you, his sockets squeezing shut, as he felt his magic concentrate and gather, redoubling his efforts at your clit.


You squealed loudly, as your walls clenched around him, his steady rhythm, that smooth stroke that he was playing at, had you twisting, writhing-


Your cry would have been heard outside your house, if not for the gag, and you could feel Error empty himself into you, as he gave a few more lazy thrusts into you, puffing against your sweating skin, as he nuzzled your shoulder and purred into you, his deep voice grunting, “Human… you do the strangest things to me...”




Even now, as he slung you over his shoulder and marched to your bedroom, you couldn’t help but whimper, as you kept still for him.


He was slowly, slowly getting used to the feeling of your skin against his bones.


Your soulmate wasn’t comfortable with you initiating the touch; it always had to be him touching you .


As he threw you down onto the bed, attempting to strip away your clothes, you suddenly wriggled away, coming to a realization.


“Wait.” You demanded, holding up your hand.


Error paused and grumbled angrily, “You’d better talk fast.”


“You’ve seen me naked a whole fuckin’ lot, Error… I’ve never seen YOU naked before.”


Error cringed, actually stunned by your words.


He glanced away with a low rumble from his chest, signaling that he was uncomfortable.


You sat up fully, looking at him with confusion.


“Error… what’s the matter?”


He didn’t look at you, as he seemed to phase and glitch even more.


“Error…  are you… are you uncomfortable with yourself?” you asked, in a low, soft tone.


And suddenly, you made several connections that you hadn’t before.


His fear of touch, the way he always kept himself covered, his thorny and aggressive side and the way he’d spend so much of his time just gazing at you, as though he wanted to ask a question, but couldn’t…


You hugged yourself, as you gazed at him, recalling your dreams, the free reign that Error had taken with your body, as you’d slept, unaware of the reality of his attention to you.


“Error… you fucked me in my sleep… did you like it?” You asked, in a small voice, “Because… I uh… I liked it.”


Error whipped his gaze back to you in an expression of surprise, as he tilted his head at you, confused.


“You liked it?”


“… yeah… I uh.” You flushed, struggling with the words.


“Whenever you’re not with me… I look at your doll… and it makes me think back to those times… I was so scared of you… and you know-" You added, with a sterner expression, "-you should have asked me for my permission to touch my body. But-“


You thought back to what Error had gone through, in his timeline, how lost and alone he’d been. You recalled the ache in your chest that the void created inside you, and how Error lived there.


It was a miracle that he hadn’t killed you, as opposed to becoming enamored with you… although the fact that your soul was tied to his probably had something to do with that.


You remembered wanting him, and feeling guilty pleasure at those supposed dreams you’d had of him.


“I wanted you.” you finished softly, “Even though I was with Ink… He and I were never a couple. We weren’t exclusive. In fact-“ you gave a bark of laughter- “He told me to flash you, if you ever came after me.”


Error growled, reminded of the irreverent way Ink had treated you, and you were surprised, when he sat on your bed, looking torn.


“Human… I… I am trying.” He fidgeted. “I care about you, far more, than I remember caring about anything in so long.”


You waited, listening quietly, as he went on, his words full of static, as he tried to piece his feelings together, stitch-by-stitch.


“I never thought it was possible that I would have a soulmate… I thought I would always be alone. And… I…”


Error looked away, in a manner that seemed… ashamed.


“It’s true, that I watched you. I observed your relationship with Ink, and I was envious of the way you would reach out to him, grasp at him, the way the two of you played together, fucked together. I…” Error struggled, gripping his phalanges into his carpals, he snarled,” I hated the way Ink would leave you, so carelessly, like you were just some casual fuck… I HATED that he took your caresses for granted.”


Shaking and trembling, Error snarled out, “All I want is for you to touch me and yet the very idea terrifies me.”


You shivered at the sheer amount of pain in his voice, and softly, you sat with him, close enough that he could sense you there, but not enough that you would brush against him.


“Error… I’m sorry.” you murmured softly, “I don’t know what it was like for you, being alone for so long. But listen I-“ you swallowed, and with as much strength as you could muster, you told him, “I won’t pressure you. As much as I want to initiate hugs, kisses and uh-“ you flushed-“ other stuff, the fact that you… that you care so much about me… it’s amazing. I don’t want to do something as stupid as pressuring you when we... when we’ve barely started getting to know each other.”


You paused, and thought back to the past few weeks.


Sure, Error and you had fought a few times, spitting and snarking at each other… but fuck.


He was there when you needed him… he was willing to admit when he was wrong… he fucking cared in ways that Ink never had.


You knew it wasn’t quite fair to Ink. He had no soul; The protecter of Aus had tried to warn you of that, before he’d ever touched you… and yet, you had wanted him so badly, you had thrown your heart and feelings out the window…


You were shaken from your thoughts when Error shrugged out of his jacket and draped it around your shoulders, murmuring, “I want you to touch me too… I don’t want to be afraid of you anymore…”


He stood up and closed his sockets.


“T-try putting my jacket on, all the way… and then try to hug me.”


You froze. Really? Was it… was it really so simple?


You stood up, and approached him, putting your arms through the sleeves and zipping the zipper.


Lastly, you put the hood up, over your head.


Error smiled faintly, bracing himself as he murmured, “Ok… I’m ready.”


He stood stock-still, sockets squeezed tightly.


With a pulsing heart, you approached him.


You wanted this… you wanted to hug him, to show him that you loved him…


You felt tilted, at that thought.


Love… you had known Error for barely a month, and yet, it felt as though you had known him for so much longer…


He’d gone to bed with you almost every night, holding you tightly, keeping a silent vigil over your dreams and your reality…


He felt more like a guardian to you than Ink ever had….


The thought twisted within you, as you trembled before throwing your arms around him, giving a half sob. It was probably selfish of you, but you wrapped your arms around him tightly, as the feeling of holding someone filled you with love, with joy and peace and-


-You paused, as you heard the sound of static whining low in your lover’s throat.


“H-human…” his rumble went through you before his static-filled voice crackled, “Please… please let me go-”


You quickly released him, stepping back, you asked in concern, “Are you ok? Did I hurt you?”


“N-no. I… you didn’t hurt me…” he spoke in a tone like bewilderment, and you couldn’t help but smile at him, feeling so very proud.


That deserved a reward.


“Error, I’m so proud of you." Your murmur was soft, and as you began to shyly take his jacket off, he seized your arms, preventing you from moving and rasping, “keep it on… keep it on and… wait a moment, will you?”


Halting your action of disrobing, you kept the jacket on, swallowing harshly at the look on his face. Your sable and crimson Skeleton lover no longer looked bewildered. Those deep sockets were tranquil, his pale yellow teeth pulled in a half-grin, and his shoulders were strangely relaxed. Error looked… confident.

It wasn’t a smug, self-satisfied confidence, the front that most Sanses seemed to throw up as a defense, to show some sort of dominant control… no, this was something softer, deeper, and it filled you with such an overwhelming hope, as he crawled onto your bed and laid down on his back.


Your breath was taken away, as he beckoned you.


“Want to be on top, Human?”


Those words thudded through you. With the exception of “sitting in Error’s lap,'' you'd never been on top… You had never been in a position of power, when fucking Error. It was always him fucking you from behind, when he felt brave enough to not tie you up… or you would be tied and restricted while he moved between your legs, whether with his pelvis or his skull.


Was this really happening? Could he really handle this? A thought entered your mind. You remembered the day he pulled out your soul… the day that Error learned what you meant to him.


The way he’d panicked, the confusion… and you’d comforted him with your soul.


So now, as you climbed after him, sitting beside him, you pointed to your chest.


“Pull it out.”


Error cocked his head, looking torn.


“As much as I’d love to see your soul… I don’t think it’s a good idea… if I’m wrong, and I panic, I could… “ he looked troubled, “I could hurt you.”


You shook your head, with a small smile of your own.


“Error, you’ve never hurt me, not even when you hated me. I trust you. And besides… I think it’ll help you. I have an idea.”


He took a deep breath, flushed at the thought of how much you loved him… how much you trusted him.


He reached out and slowly, his sockets flashed, as he gently tugged at you.


You felt that strange inertia deep within, and your soul appeared, glowing softly.


The both of you paused, at the sight of the two strings, wrapped there. You focused on that red string, ignoring the black, frayed one.

Right now, your attention was on Error, as you asked him softly, “Are you ready?”


“… Yes.”


You closed your eyes, and you focused, on all the love you felt for him, all your gratitude towards him and most importantly, you focused on how good Error made you feel, how wanted and needed you felt with him.


The Dark Skeleton stifled a groan, as he felt your resolve flood his senses, closing his sockets.


You took that opportunity to pull his pants down, his ecto-plasma half-formed.


For what you felt was the first time, you really got a good look at the ghostly cock.


Midnight toned (like his many tongues that even now hung half-formed from his parted mandible) with iridescent ruby and onyx streaks. You flushed and gritted your teeth as you willed your intent towards him, all the desire that burned within you to make him feel as good as all those times before that he’d made you feel good.


Error’s sockets opened slightly, as he watched you with bated breath, his eye-lights following you as you crept closer, and slowly, you reach out and gingerly ran a finger down his length, which now grew harder, forming solid and pointing straight up like a glowing and pulsing tower.


“Error, I want to know what you taste like…”You told him frankly, and your soul pulsed once again, glittering with a comforting, sincere energy.


You wanted this, more than anything. After everything that Error had put himself through for you… you just wanted him to know that… that you loved him…






Needles of fear, of anguished concern etched onto his soul, from so long ago.


Darkness, icy and numbing, had dimmed the sound of static for so long…


A tendril of slow, curling warmth, wrapped itself around. The cold prickling hurt, it ached , as the heat spread slowly, licking away the static, shattering the needles of icy chill.


And an unbearable pleasure filtered through the numb, followed by a spark. It tickled, rising higher, overpowering the static.


And suddenly, the world wasn’t so dark and cold…





Error’s hoarse, rasping groans filled your ears as you bobbed your head up and down on his cock, suckling it eagerly, as he begged and pleaded with you almost incoherently. You had started softly at first, running your fingers gingerly over his ecto-plasma, before replacing your fingers with your tongue. His cock tasted similar to his mouth but more bitter, more electric and musky than peppermint.


Your pussy ached for attention, as you listened to his rough grumbling, the sound thrilling you to your very core, scintillating through your soul.


Hnnh~ Hu-Human!” his grinding whispering and harsh panting had your heart pounding in your chest, as you moaned around your mouthful.


The dark room was softly lit by your throbbing soul, giving a pale glow as coils of light twisted around into Error’s being.


His cock suddenly stiffened, and you braced yourself, as he whined loudly.


“AH!~ Human, I’m, I’m gonna-!”


Warm, pulsing liquid filled your mouth and you tried to swallow it all, but his cum was so copious, you almost felt you were drowning in it, as you coughed and sputtered around him, pulling back, as the midnight colored ecto-plasma dribbled from your chin and spilled on to your lap.


You blinked, as you finally drew a breath, just to look right into Error’s wide sockets, his grin playful and sincere.


“I… you… you just sucked me off.” He stuttered, flushing and sounding… so fucking happy, it practically made your heart melt, as you smiled, trying to speak, as you coughed a few more times,” Yeah… I sure did…”


Error sat up, reaching for you, he stroked your cheek, leaning forward with awe in his skull.


“Human… I love you…”


“I love you too, Error,” you murmured softly, your soul aching, as he pulled you into a kiss, his teeth nuzzling you before his mandible slit open, and his tongues gently twined into your mouth.


Error snarled tenderly, his phalanges gripping your face just a little tighter, as his tongues writhed a little more aggressively.

“Fuck, you taste so good…” A throaty groan, as he started to nudge you, coaxing you to lie back, and you allowed him to grip your wrists above your head.


Your shorts were erased from your hips, and he prodded your legs apart with his knees, hushing your ears with his whispers.


You whimpered into his mouth, as he gently, slowly, hilted inside you.


This… this was the first time you could remember him having sex with you in such an intimate position, untied.


Sure, he was restraining your wrists, but he was touching you. He was…


You nearly whimpered at the thought. This was new… this was…


“I love you, my Little Human…”