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The Rain-bone Zone

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 The sound of birdsong woke you up, a gentle harmony that set you at unease. You never heard birdsong when you woke up in the mornings...


You blinked, frowning, as you put a hand to your stuffy head, looking around your room quizzically. Heaviness pressed on you, like a thick fog in your brain. This realization was snatched away by a familiar voice, speaking to you at close quarters.


“What is this?”




You snapped your gaze to Ink, his name dying on your lips as you saw what was in his hands.


A doll.


Error’s doll was gripped tightly in Ink’s phalanges, as he gazed dispassionately at you.


“Ink, I-“


“You’ve sided with the enemy. MY enemy… after everything I’ve done for you.” He replied coldly, his eyelights blank and white, matching for once.


You cringed at his accusation and opened your mouth to explain but- It’s true, isn’t it? You slept with Ink’s rival, like a bitch in heat.


The artist skele sneered, “I can’t believe you’ve sunk this low. I wish I had never met you.” So saying, he ripped the doll in half, revealing your SOUL inside the doll. The bright spirit fluttered like a butterfly and he roughly grabbed it, looking at the struggling thing passively before speaking in an ironic tone, “It’s a beautiful day outside… Birds are singing, flowers are blooming…”


You shuddered, your heart seizing as the words you never wanted to hear spoken were uttered to you in a dead tone.


“On days like these, faithless sluts like you should be burning in hell-“


And he crushed your SOUL in his hand, the sounds of shattering breaking in your eardrums. You whimpered, your tone growing in desperation as your body started to vanish before your eyes, your existence erased away, as your form began to disappear.


Your feet first, followed by your legs, and torso, and at last, your face, your eyes your ears the last thing to fade, with Ink’s voice speaking in a careless monotone, “ If we were ever really friends, you won’t come back.”




You woke with a gasp, a feeling like icy needles prickling your skin, as you looked around wildly, the fog in your mind growing as you acknowledged, with some relief that you were in your own room, at home.


The walls were illuminated with moonlight, so you assumed it was night, quiet except for the unnatural chirping of crickets and frogs outside..


You slipped from your bed, wobbling on your feet and feeling like you were moving in slow motion, a sense of dread building in your stomach. That was such a terrifying dream you’d had…


You really needed to talk to Ink, to come clean with what had happened. Hopefully his reaction wouldn’t be… 


A now familiar distorted chuckle filled your ears, and spoke with a sing-song tone that sent chills down your spine.


“Oh honey , I’m  h o m e.”


You wanted to run to Error, to seek shelter, to seek the comfort that he had given you but your stomach plummeted, as your feet refused to move towards your bedroom door, to stride out into the living room to meet him.


Instead, Error walked into your view, grinning like a Cheshire cat, a chilling expression that fit his dark features all too perfectly, fulfilling your early fears as he held up a dusty, brown, ink-stained scarf.



“You don’t have to worry about him anymore, Human.” Error purred as he approached, chuckling huskily,” You’re all mine… and I intend to keep you with me always.”


“B-but I thought my SOUL couldn’t survive in your anti-Void?-“


Error smirked as he reached to his zygomatic bones and you blinked stupidly as he cast his hands at you in a quick movement.


Pain lanced your senses, like multiple stings from a wasp, as you looked down at your chest in stupid surprise. Error had struck you with his strings… they were inside your body.


With a vicious tug, you screamed in pain, as he pulled your SOUL and your heart from your chest, a bloody, raw hole now occupying your body as you fell to your knees, looking up at him.


“You belong to me, heart and SOUL.” He grinned with a disturbing gleam in his sockets, your blood dripping from his phalanges as you faded away…





Awaking for a third time, you stopped yourself from jumping from the strange bed that was not yours, trying to determine if you were really awake or not, in this strange, grey room. The fog in your mind seemed to have vanished, but there was pressing heaviness in your chest, while the thoughts from your dreams plagued you, forming a cold pit in your stomach and cold sweat dripping down your spine.


You were so afraid that Ink would forget you and erase your existence from his mind.

The thought of Error taking full control over your SOUL had been a fear since you met him… 


These things had haunted you but you’d brushed them aside, in favor of your happy ignorance, your tendency to gloss over the problems in your life.


Now, as you struggled to your feet, you found that you literally couldn’t walk fast enough.


You still felt like you were moving through thick sludge. And your guard was set, as you thought back to the last thing you remembered.


Trying to get your bearings? How  c u t e.


A distorted laugh, but it wasn’t Error’s voice.




Error’s voice was distorted with crackling static, growing more distorted the more emotional he grew.


This voice that spoke inside your mind sounded like someone speaking eloquently underwater, the reverb carrying oddly.


You shuddered, as doubts and suspicions arose in you.


The thought that… that you were being held by Nightmare crossed your mind, and you instantly felt like a rat in an endless maze, as you stepped outside the room, looking into a hallway that stretched both ways into eternity.


… Was this still a dream?


You pinched yourself but nothing happened. You didn’t wake up. You shivered and yelped as a voice whispered into your ear.


It’s funny that you think you can just wake up from this.


You whirled, swatting at your ear as you looked for whoever had been there.


Except there was no one there.


You rubbed your stinging ear, feeling colder.


You could hear footsteps approaching and grumbling voices.


There was a door to your left, and you quickly ducked into it, shivering against the closed door, you pressed your ear to the cold wood, listening as the footsteps grew louder and then passed by, fading away.


Taking a breath you didn't realize you were holding, you relaxed and quickly looked outside.


To your shock, there was no one there. Not a sound, not a shadow.


Another very real chortle sounded out behind you and you quickly looked around, your eyes widening.


The room you had bolted into was black and opaque beyond description. You couldn’t even tell that your eyes were open as you blinked, trying to make out what was there.


There was a sound of movement and you froze, not daring to move. A whisper in your ear sent you stiff as it whispered, “ It’s rude to talk about someone who’s listening.”


You bolted, opening the door and quickly slamming it shut, running for your life. You still felt like you were running in slow motion, on a treadmill as the faster you sprinted, the more in place you seemed to stay and you didn’t look back, as you heard the door open and close, god, it sounded like he was right behind you and you lost it, as you felt his hand grip your shoulder, opening your mouth to scream-




You sat up, panting, your chest heaving, as you woke up for a fourth time.


You flipped the blankets off your body, and you ran through your home, whimpering, crying out pitifully, with desperation.


 “Ink? Error?”




With a gasp of angered remembrance, you patted your clothes frantically, looking for the doll Error had given you, the doll that Error had told you very specifically to keep with you always, in case you needed him but it was nowhere to be found.


Whimpering and cursing yourself, you continued to walk, pausing when you saw a strange door there, in your house, a gray door that didn’t belong. Chills went down your spine and you felt very strongly that you would regret opening that door… and yet, you knew you had to. You couldn’t go on, as though this was actually your house.


You swept your gaze over the house. It really looked so much like your own, mess and all.


With the greatest reluctance, you approached that door and you reached out, your heart pounding heavily as a chill went up your arm.


More sweat rolled down your back, leaving you itchy and helpless as you swallowed thickly.


Shaking, you gripped that doorknob and you twisted it, pulling back. The more you opened it, the fuzzier your vision got, and abruptly the floor collapsed under your feet, causing you to shriek in anguish as you fell, gravity pulling you to a certain end and-




You woke up screaming, as you sat up, sweating and whimpering, now very afraid. Your heart plummeted at the sight to your bedroom, and you quickly dove back under the covers, “ Please, please let me just stay here, please,-“


-The sound of the floorboards creaking under a heavy tread had you freeze, as you cowered beneath your blankets.


You didn’t dare to move, or to breath, the sound of footsteps thudding in your ears, drowned out by the sound of your own beating heart.


There was a low, animalistic growl that jarred you, causing you to jump, and suddenly something was on you, suffocating you-


You screamed and thrashed, crying out in pain and horror, trying to get your attacker off and away and-




You woke up abruptly, but you didn’t sit up. You didn’t even open your eyes, too afraid to try. You breathed, and you listened, trying to take stock of where you were this time.


There was silence, but it was a tangible silence. You nearly jumped when you heard clear voices, talking in low growls and guttural snarls, from behind a closed door.


“How long d’ya think Nightcrawler’s gonna play with her?” Wincing, you almost covered your ears, at the absolute visceral sound from that voice, raw, bitter, and ravenous .


“Who knows, Geek? He’s acting like a fuckin monsterkid on Gyftmas.” The reply was smooth, whispery, like oil, you shuddered as this voice slipped into your ears, echoing huskily in the strange nightmare realm. You tried to realize why these husky, lifeless voices sounded so familiar.


“Please don’t bring up Gyftmas… bad memories.” That first hoarse voice murmured and you finally allowed yourself to open your eyes.


You couldn’t decide what was more disturbing, the fact that you couldn’t tell that you’d opened your eyes, or the fact that you felt someone there.


You tried to blink, to get your eyes adjusted to the dark.


Your mind still felt foggy, like you were wearing a blindfold.


You stilled instantly when you heard someone move. It sounded like… like someone was getting up and walking around. Your eyes were straining in the dark, but it was no use. You trembled, sweating, soaked in fact and yet shivering with cold.


There was the sound of a door opening and then clicking shut.


And then, your eyes adjusted.


The room was dark, it was true, but you could make out the faintest of outline of a barren room, Spartan in it’s tidy appearance, and utterly empty.


You saw a chair, with a slimy, black residue that left your skin crawling. Someone had been there in the room with you while you were sleeping.




You screamed, your nerves on fire as you shrieked and scrambled, falling to the floor and crying helplessly, feeling so dumb and so stupid.


There was no one there.


The door was flung open at your cry and you instantly shot up, pressing yourself back against the wall, trying to brace yourself as the addition of more light left you momentarily blind, adding to the dread of the unknown.


“Move outta my way, geek .” That slippery voice snarled out, as two silhouettes pushed and shoved against each other.


“Pfft, not on your life, murderer . D’ya know what that goopy bastard would do ta us if we make a wrong move?”


Your eyes finished adjusting to the dim light from the open door and you blinked in terror, praying to wake up again.


 Two different Sanses stood before you, tall, lanky, gaunt and long-boned, watching you with their strange eyes.


The one with the husky, smooth whisper was from Dust!tale, you knew that instantly, from his strange heterochromia eyes, his right socket a single blood-colored light and his left swollen with more blood and bitter ice, giving an illusion of a violet eye-light.


He grinned maniacally as he chuckled, “Boy, you sure pissed off the Cthullu Sans… what’d ya do, sweetheart?”


“I, ah-“ you stammered, yelping when the other Sans invaded your personal space without reserve, his cracked skull and single dilated crimson pupil focused eerily on your chest. You squirmed, not daring to move as a lazuli tongue glistened in his mouth, running over his very prominent teeth.


“Oh, you look like a real treat .” His low growl reverberated painfully in your head, and you felt your stomach drop in despair as you recognized him unquestionably as Horror! Sans.


He was yanked back by the Dust!Sans, who grunted, “Goddamnit, Jaws, you know we’re not supposed to touch her.”


Ash , pal, the Nightcrawler never said nothing about lookin’.”


“If you imbeciles are quite done, I’d like a few words with our guest -”


The two stepped back instantly at the powerful third voice that settled over the room like a noxious mist, wary in their movements.


Your skin prickled with goose bumps, however, and a sick feeling settled like a hot rock in your gut, at the sight of the three skeletal monsters, who watched you with strange, haunted sockets. The two who had been bickering, Ash and Jaws as they called each other, left the room, leaving you alone.


Well, not alone.


There was no mistaking who had taken you from your home. You saw him clearly, that haunting presence that had been following you since you had woken up to Ink crushing your SOUL. A brilliant pain pierced you at that thought and you wildly wondered if this was yet another terrible dream, as he shut the door behind him


Those writhing tentacles, the light that seemed to vanish within the murkiness of that being… the pure, half-moon smile and that single blue eye-light that flickered at you left you feeling like all the joy, all the love and confidence you’d ever felt in your life had only been an illusion, a lie you told yourself to keep the darkness at bay.


“Hello, dear. So nice of you to join the land of the living… well you know, living is such a relative term around here...” He gave a sickly, unctuous laugh, that voice murky, and full of dark thoughts.


“You… you’re Nightmare…” You swallowed, your tongue thick in your mouth as you scooted away, as far as you could, back onto the bed, your heart dropping when you realized that, bare as it was, this was indeed a bedroom.


“What an astute observation .” Dripping sarcasm from his opaque growl had you shuddering. He had definitely been there, behind the hellish dreams you’d been running from.


Am I still dreaming?


 Why had he brought you to a bedroom, instead of a dungeon like you would expect? You really didn’t want to think about the possible answers to that question. Your eyes quickly scanned the room in a panicked fashion, as you tried to look for an escape. The problem was that, more than likely, even if you got out of this room, you would be trapped in an unfamiliar alternate universe, with nowhere to run.


You swallowed hard as you meant to growl out, “What do you want?”


Instead, what came out was an absolutely pathetic whisper that reminded you of all your darkest moments, from your childhood and adolescence, and you instantly hated yourself for it.


“Oh, my dear… such powerful emotions you have in you… I’m sure you noticed by now that I had some… some fun with you.” Nightmare chuckled, the sound rolling like distant thunder as he walked closer, moving slowly, and yet, with that purposeful, silent way that serial killers walk in horror movies.


You whimpered, drawing yourself as far away as you could, your mind blanking as he sat on the bed, acting as though this was a perfectly normal situation.


“What’s got you so tangled ?” That deep, distorted grumble had you wishing with all your might that Error was here.


You felt safe with Error.


You did NOT feel safe with Nightmare; you didn’t even know why he had you here, his single clear socket gazing at you, that half-moon grin giving you the worst kinds of feelings.


It was a smug smile, but it wasn’t like Ink’s proud smirk, nor was it similar to that arrogant sneer that Error could pull.


This calm, cold smile was hurtful. It was a smirk of cruelty, a sneer of avarice and malignant contempt.


You could tell that he had only ill intentions towards you. And your stomach roiled inside of you agitatedly as he reached towards you with a hand, smirking, “Why don’t you come a little closer? I won’t bite… although it looks like you might not be adverse to that.” He snickered at the scars on your neck and shoulders from both Ink and Error.


You flushed and felt angry, angry at his implications.


“I’d rather not.” You replied to him, your voice hoarse with fear, but your mind sound… or so you thought.


Tentacles wrapped around your limbs, causing you to shriek with surprise and you tried to thrash as he dragged you closer and lifted you effortlessly.


You gasped and panted, whimpering in fear as you hung upside down in front of his skull, and he chuckled as you screeched and fought with him, whimpering at the strange sensation of his essence, smooth like jelly, but far from gentle, it felt like he was going to snap your bones, restricting your fighting as you sobbed in pain and fear.

Nightmare tsked, fully aware of what he was making you feel, as he scornfully replied,” I don’t believe I asked for what you wanted.”


You stilled at his voice and whimpered, desperate to wake up, wake up, please god, wake up, as he lay back on the bed, hands behind his head as he suspended you in the air above him, smirking, “Besides, by that lovely smell emanating from between your legs, I’d say I know quite well what you want.”


You flushed as you were reminded that your legs were still slick from Error’s attentions and you shook your head decisively, no, no, this was NOT the attention you wanted from the sinister shape-shifter.


“Get off!” your voice cracked, as you tried to protest, “Don’t touch me !”


“You honestly think you can order me around the way you do with your own idiots ? That’s adorable. ” Nightmare simpered.


He chuckled carelessly, his eye leaving you as he shrugged and murmured, “Error was never someone I could control… but I’ve had a partnership with him for a while now.”


Without moving his skull, Nightmare’s pupil slid back to you, as that grin turned devious.


“I don’t think I like how he feels about you. I think, given time under your… rather bright influence, he’d ignore me altogether… and without that delicious madness and eternal isolation he offers, well, I’d lose quite a chunk of power.”


Nightmare’s grin seemed to twitch as he regarded you, smirking, “Unless….”


You quivered at that husky “ unless,” your stomach plummeting, as his tentacles seemed to stretch and elongate along your limbs, wrapping and snaking further towards your body, fully twined around your legs and coiling around your torso and hips.


“No, no, please-“ you begged when he reached up and covered your mouth with his left hand, using his right hand to put a finger over his teeth, chuckling softly as he “shushed” you.


“None of that now. I can smell your desire. You like this, don’t you?”


You shook your head wildly, no, no, you did NOT like this, you did NOT consent to this, and as those tentacles drifted to the more sensitive parts of your body in teasing and relentless motions, you began to cry, shifting your head away from his hand so you could speak, “Please, please don’t do this!”


He snorted softly, looking slightly annoyed, “Oh please, stop your whining. You very obviously have a thing for Sanses… what makes me so different from Error, or Ink for that matter?”


He titled his skull forward, laughing deeply,” Your answer doesn’t matter,” as he sat up, bringing you towards him so your face was mere inches from his skull, whispering, “You were a fool to think you ever had control.”


And he firmly pressed his teeth to your unwilling lips, a glowing, aquamarine ecto-tongue glistening with streaks of obsidian eternity, leaking from his mouth to deliberately taste your cheek.


You tried to get away from him, as much as possible, gritting your teeth as your stomach felt sick at the soft, gentle touches. You did NOT want Nightmare, you knew he was using you, he was going use you against your Sanses.


…Did they really belong to you? Could you honestly think that?


It didn’t matter that Ink couldn’t feel the same way for you, in spite of his SOULless state, he always came back to you, he was always there for you, since the very beginning, he had taken your hand and helped you, adding your life to his own without reserve.


Error was an enigma, and an admitted creep, but he sincerely cared for you, in a way that should have been impossible for him, with all he’d been through.


And as these thoughts broiled like a supernova within you, Nightmare gave an unpleasant hiss, drawing back from you as though you had stung him.


He growled angrily, “What a soft , shiny SOUL you have… It’d be such a shame to dim your light…”


And he traced a slimy, ice-cold phalange down your chest, reveling in your return to despair as he hummed in rumination.

“Mmm, you know, Ink will never return your disgusting, fickle affections?”


You shuddered at Nightmare’s gravelly voice as it swayed into your ears. He leaned into you and grinned into your ear, “And Error will do everything in his power to destroy those who love you, to have you completely to himself.”


A loud, booming laugh shook you as Nightmare mocked you.


“Honestly, you chose the worst two Sanses to fuck with. They will never come to terms… in the end, you’ll be left alone…”


You sucked in your breath, as you fought so very hard to keep a tight grip on your hopeful memories, your faith in Error and Ink, but you knew that there was distorted truth in what Nightmare was saying, all you had to do was think back to the way Error had spoken to you about Ink, the way Ink antagonized Error… God, Ink didn’t even know-


You sobbed, as your heart grew in pain. Ink didn’t know… he didn’t know you’d slept with Error, he didn’t know that you were SOULmates with Error.


He… he would leave you… he’d leave and never come back… your rainbow lover would be gone forever.


All those times you shared with him would vanish.


Ink’s friendship, his playful mischief, the look that would enrapture his skull when he listened to you read your articles to him, the way he’d gaze thoughtfully at your art and offer tweaks and advice, the stupid way he flirted and made you laugh, the absolute sunshine he brought into your life~


I T   W O U L D  A L L B E G O N E  A N D I T W O U L D  B E A L L Y O U R F A U L T



Your chest exploded with torment, blowing away all traces of your hope as you began to scream, in anguished grief and guilt.


 Nightmare had drawn you even closer, liberally caressing your skin and groaning, as he absorbed all the pain and anguish from you, almost drunk with it as you tried to use what strength you had to thrash against him, to get away from his disgusting oily touches, defiling your skin with his essence in chilling, dirty smears.


Nightmare chuckled at your weak efforts, avoiding your struggling and doing as he pleased, unaffected by your screams and insurgence as he roughly grabbed your face in his hands and held you still, licking your neck, dipping down to harshly bite the skin on your collarbone and giving you a satisfied expression as you finally sagged, out of breath from trying to get away and shuddering with aching fear and disgust.


Your skin prickled horribly as his conceited voice grating on your frayed nerves, “Ah, yes~ And what of Error? If you cannot accept Ink’s absence from your life, you’ll drive that poor fool even madder than he already is. He’s a Sans, you know… and Sanses don’t share.


That was the exact phrase that Error had spoken to you, and it tore through your heart and brain.


Choking on sobs, your body grew colder, number, with every disgusting touch and vicious bite he inflicted on you, his chuckles haunting your ears as he declared in confident tones “ I can’t help myself, I’m afraid. Your pain is exquisite and I need more. I’m going to fuck you, little human. They’ll never look at you the same way again…  You’ve proven to be a rather key part in my plans… Error will forever be broken, beyond repair, beyond your puny influence… and Ink might even turn against all he stands for, at your betrayal. Can you imagine , a dark, destructive Ink?”


Nightmare drew back, to smirk at you.


“You are their greatest treasure… and you will be their downfall.”


Shaking and trembling, your mind scrambled with his overpowering words, your body shutting down under his influence.


You could well imagine Ink, swathed with remorseless blackness. And you had tasted Error’s terrible afflictions.


But you couldn’t accept it. You would NOT think of them that way.


Error was more than a mad villain.


And to think that Ink would ever turn his back on his role as a guardian of the AUs was impossible.


You refused.


A burst of light flashed from your chest, as you screamed in Nightmare’s face, snarling with every fiber of your being, “You’re  W R O N G! I WON’T BELIEVE THAT!”


And Nightmare dropped you in shock, teleporting away as your SOUL burned him, leaving him stunned momentarily.


You scrambled, and to your surprise, you felt your hands brush against something.


Error’s doll.




Scooping it up, you hugged it tightly, a beacon of hope in your darkness.


With tears, you called for help, screaming, crying, pleading, your SOUL filled with misery and fleeting hope as you reached out to Error, praying that he could hear you.


The Doll was ripped from your hands, and you were struck across the face.


Falling back, heaving for breath, you looked up as Nightmare held the doll like it was a piece of rotting trash and he looked you in the eyes as he tore it to shreds.


The doll sparked with strange electricity as the fabric and threads fell to the floor in a dismal pile.


Hatred for Nightmare blackened your expression, as your body shook uncontrollably, staring at what had been your connection to your SOULmate, a last hope.


Nightmare snarled at you, drawing your attention back to him as you quailed under his wrathful eye. Was it just you, or had he grown… were you shrinking ?


 You sobbed with equal parts grief, a waning faith flickering within you that Error heard you and would come through for you.


 That flicker went out, drenching you in desolation as Nightmare seized you forcefully and slammed you up against the wall.


Your teeth felt as though they had been knocked loose, as your breath was snatched from your burning lungs.


With dread, you realized that the worst was yet to come.


“Good.” Nightmare declared, as the wall bubbled behind you, swallowing your limbs and keeping you firmly in place.


“Go ahead. Call for help. Plead into the blackness!”


That manic moon grin sent you reeling with the excited hitch of his voice and his teeth leaked with luminous turquoise ecto-plasma.

“No one will come for you.”


And he leaned forward, licking your immobile form, chuckled raucously as he tasted your tears and listened to your choppy breath, as you refrained from screaming.


Nightmare groaned as another wave of fresh pain hit him, filling him with overwhelming hedonism.


He took apart your clothes with unbearable ease, ripping away every last shred of defense that you had, your body revealed to his frenzied regard.


You felt numb, your mind blanking as you refused to look, unable to struggle, to do anything useful.


 “This is just a dream, just a dream, just a dream.”


These thoughts became overpoweringly numbing, as Nightmare began to grope your body roughly with his phalanges, leaving careless cuts and bruises in his wake, his tentacles slipping over your legs and winding tightly around and up towards your apex as he slicked his tongue over your shoulder before opening his maw and chomping down unforgivingly.


You shrieked, as your flesh was torn asunder, brought sharply back to what Nightmare was doing to you, as he grated with evil glee, “Are you still with me, little author? That is what they are calling you, is it not? Oh you’re  d e l i c i o u s, you sick thing.”




Jaws leaned against the wall of the “common room” that Nightmare had so graciously bestowed upon his lackeys , picking at his empty socket with agitation. Ash was elsewhere, probably sulking, the same as he was.


He hated this place, and he hated Nightmare. Strong-armed into a glorified attack dog, becoming a meal for Nightmare’s appetites was beyond humiliating. Ash felt the same way, the only willing participant here was that grinning maniac, Ruthless. That killer was… Jaws shuddered, unable to think that an alternate version of Comic Sans Gaster would allow a murderous spirit to possess them. Not even Ash had sunk that low, still a Sans at his core, broken beyond repair, and full of hatred for the human who had driven him to despair.


Ash and Ruthless were different odds of the same spectrum. Jaws knew Ash hated that freak, and he didn’t blame him at all.


He reached into his pocket, pulling out a lock of rosy brunette hair. His brows scrunched with a pained expression, and he could feel the anguish seeping into the realm. God, he hated this place.


Surely there’s a better solution then being a fucking bitch to that goopy bastard... he thought with intense hatred.


… Rose had given him back some semblance of happiness. And now here he was, swallowed by his own grief and self-hatred again.


As he shrugged off the wall, thoroughly ticked off and ready to go pick another fight with Ash, there was a sudden rumble and the wall beside him absolutely imploded .


The impact slammed him into the ground, and a muffled, distorted voice shouted with unbearable rage “ N I G H T M A R E!”


Jaws felt his pupil begin to weep with icy crimson magic, as he quickly dodged away from the string attack that Error sent at him, snarling in a bestial rage as his pent up humiliation and wrath empowered him.


He quickly sent a flurry of dizzying bone attacks at his Outcode self, snarling and grinding his teeth as Error tangled the attacks in his strings, whirling and smashing the tied up bones into Ruthless, who had run in, at the commotion


Error summoned five huge blasters, and Nightmare’s two lackeys warped away to safety, as the giant anti-void beasts opened the chasms of their maw, sending a crackling blast through the walls.


Error started chuckling, as the walls reacted like a living being, pulsing and tingling, making the ground shudder under his feet.


Y o u  p i c k e d  t h e w r o n g  d a y t o f u c k  w i t h m e, N i g h t m a r e.”


Error’s distorted voice filled the silence, as he crunched through the destructive path that his blasters had carved, simply walking through the distorted reality that Nightmare specialized in.


A blinding flash at the edge of his socket had him dodge with a growl, grabbing hold of the hoodie of his attacker, he whirled, using Ruthless’ momentum to send him flying into Ash, who warped away, before Ruthless could smash into him.


With a distorted snicker, Error grasped at his sockets, grinning.

 “You wanna play, fellas? “


His upturned teeth shifted downwards in a grotesque expression.


 “T o o  b a d I’ m  n o t i n t h e  m o o d .”


Ash gave a harsh gurgle, as his soul was expertly lassoed, followed swiftly by the roping of Ruthless’ possessed soul.


A childish shriek rose from Ruthless, as the spirit of Chara writhed like a parasitic worm inside his soul.


“W h e r e  i s m y h u m a n?”


Error snarled. He could no longer sense you, which meant that more than likely, the doll had been destroyed.


Error snorted, as he felt a presence behind his back, and he forced Ash to attack Jaws, who had tried to sneak up on him.


“Don’t be such a dirty little Cheater!” Error growled, tightening the strings around Ruthless’ soul as he bit out, “I’ll ask you one. Last T I M E.”


Ash had Jaws by the spinal column, snarling through gritted teeth as his movements were taken from him.


Error strung up Jaws, snorting.


“You pathetic glitches . Did you honestly think you could stand and face me?”


The three Dark Sanses struggled but Error tightened the reins, setting his gaze on Jaws, the weakest of the three.


His hold loosened, and his sockets leaked with poisonous crimson and jaundiced magic as he looked into Jaws’ darkened sockets.






There was an uproar that caused you to pause in your terror, from somewhere else, beyond the walls of your prison.


Nightmare cocked his head back to growl angrily, halting his actions as he listened to the sounds of pandemonium outside.


“Damn idiots. Do I have to do everything MYSELF?”


Relief that he was leaving flooded you and he snapped is gaze to you, at the positive feeling you gave off, a gargoyle expression marring what would be a handsome face as he bared his pale teeth at you, his yawning throat like looking into black abyss.


This isn’t  o v e r


You quavered, as he spoke without moving his mandible, his voice invading your thoughts, as he stepped away from you, leaving you embedded in the wall.


His tentacles morphed, sharpening at the tips and he swiftly dug them into your shoulder, giving a cruel, almost playful smile as you screamed out, sobbing with the pain and shaking in fear, all your relief gone, and only manic anticipation of more pain to come gripping your heart like a vise.


Nightmare nodded with cold satisfaction, as your blood dripped from the obsidian points of his tentacles.


“That’s more like it. I’ll return soon. Your pain is… quite delicious.” He gave a lazy smirk, and it sickened you and made you feel as though everything he had done to you was insignificant.


You hated him.


And he loved it.






Jaws felt himself sweat as he looked into that crazed expression that leaked with murderous intent from Error’s sockets, and fear gripped him as his SOUL was squeezed painfully, static crackling through him, giving him an anguished feeling of non-existence.


He suddenly understood why Error was here and the full grasp of the danger that the wildcard Sans represented at that moment. So he gave in, gargling as he tried to speak through his pain.


“Nightmare’s got her.” He weakly groaned out, his soul paining him beyond words.


Error snarled with savage rage as he tightened his strings even more on his captives and Ruthless snarled out and hissed , “you weak fool!”


Error chuckled as he looked at Ruthless with a careless tilt of his head growling, “Let’s see you  r e s e t   from this .”


And he tore the possessed soul asunder, his laughter echoing and ringing like nails on glass.


Ruthless crumbled into a pile of ash, as his monster form vanished, and Chara’s nature shattered, erased by Error’s aggressive will.


“THAT was my favorite lackey. Do you intend to make it up to me, Error?”


Error hissed at Nightmare’s grand entrance.


The enraged Sans’ sockets went from leaking to flooding with bio-hazardous magic, as he forced Jaws and Ash to activate their powers, summoning giant blasters, they fired upon Nightmare, who merely bent reality around him, causing the blasters to melt away into toxic fumes on the ground.


Error flexed his phalanges, and Ash and Jaws raised their hands as they rushed their master with the intent to execute.


Both of them sent dizzying patterns of red and blue bones attacks, all of which merely melted away when they struck Nightmare’s goopy frame.


Error ground his teeth in rage. He knew this was somewhat pointless, but god, it felt good to use Nightmare’s own henchmen against him.


“I know what you’re here for, Error.” Nightmare called out, grinning as more bone attacks phased right through him.


Error roared, “Oh, you know what I want do ya? You always were an arrogant waste of space.”


Nightmare chuckled, his visible socket flashing like a sinister turquoise moon as the room warped around them, his single eye-light glowing with malice as error’s strings were severed.


Go and guard the human. Leave Error to me.


  He sent his bidding to Jaws and Ash with a bored tone, and felt the prickles of fear along their warped souls as they scurried through the maze, knowing that Nightmare would open the way for them.


Error glanced around his changed environment, his expression contorted with fury as he felt his strings cut. He summoned more blasters, but Nightmare simply raised a hand, melting the void beasts away.


“Why don’t you calm down and listen to what I have to say, old ally?”


“A l l y?”


Error glared at the dark, twisted figure before him, his uneven sockets leaking magic like bio-hazardous fumes into the twisted air around him as he sneered.


“You are the only one to call our interactions that. You know I  d e s p i s e you. The fact that I can’t erase you sickens me to no end .”


Error summoned another blaster, this one firing, but Nightmare simply dropped into the floor, his laughter echoing.


“I know about your soulmate, Error. I know you’ve been watching her, touching her when she’s not aware because you were too much of a coward.”


Error took a harsh breath at the mention of you, the thought of you entwined within the depths of his soul. He had power to lasso souls, but your red string was wound within the depths of his being. You drove him mad with longing and desire.


His thoughts were abruptly pulled into a chasm of despair when Nightmare snickered and gleefully spoke.


“It might interest you to know that she called Ink for help before she called for you.”


Error snarled, as the room shifted around him and images appeared like contorted ghosts. His sockets leaked with more blue strings, as he saw you, begging, and pleading for the rainbow bastard as you were shoved against a wall.


He snarled, his sockets lighting up with the flashing error glitch, as he heard your soft, pained voice, “INK!”


“How many times did she call out for the enemy? DO you honestly think that such a good, innocent little human would want to be your soulmate?”


The voice seemed to reverberate through Errors mind, as Nightmare’s voice boomed, “She’ll cut away your strings, just like all the others before. And you know it.”


Error felt his sockets glaze over, and darkness swallowed him whole.





Darkness stretched eternal before his sockets. An overwhelming feeling of hollow loneliness gripped his ribcage, and he felt as though his frame was being split asunder.


He called for help.


Papyrus! Tori! Gillbz! Where are you?


But nobody came.


Sans cried out, as loneliness stabbed and split into his soul, running on an endless track of fear and agony.


He screamed, longing to be heard and yet the silence crushed him, swallowing his sounds like a famished beast


This… this was hell. This was his punishment, for all his broken promises.


 Toriel would be so sad…




What was time? Was it an illusion? What kind of existence was this?


“Eheh, heh.”


His bones felt rotten, they weren’t even white anymore… he was rotting way, fusing with this void and now, as he stood to his feet, he came to an inevitable conclusion.


It didn’t matter. None of this mattered This was all a big mistake. One. Big.


M I S T A K E.




He laughed, and laughed and laughed and god , this was just so  f u n n y,  as cyan tears tracked down his blackened skull, his maw opened with soundless laughter.




Nightmare smirked, watching the dark monsoon surround the wild card that was now a delicious orb of pain.


He groaned in throaty contentment, as he absorbed the absolute turmoil from the obscure orb of gloom that covered Error in utter darkness.


“At last, this day has come… with you here, I’ll never want for power.” Nightmare giggled cruelly, as he felt a sense of security well up inside his being which established him firmly in his own thrilled conceit.


He admired his handiwork, tempted to lean back into a chair and just relax, to bask in the overflowing maelstrom of power that rolled from Error’s pain.


He frowned, considering.

 There was the matter of the human…


He shrugged, as another fresh bout of affliction brought him to a shuddering euphoria. There would be time to torment the human later.




It had taken every last drop of Dream’s strength, and all but one reserve of positivity that he kept in bottles on his belt but he followed the stench of Nightmare back to Nightmare’s endless labyrinthine home.


He tried to focus, as the noxious fumes soaked into him, racing for time. He could feel Nightmare’s power. It was… it was overwhelming, and it seemed to be growing, affecting him far quicker than he expected. He’d been here before, in this terrible landscape, but that wasn’t his focus.


It was like shifting for a speck of glass in a bucket of sand, but he found you, feeling a faint spark that was near dead in your soul.


What that spark was, he didn’t know, and he didn’t bother to try to figure it out, as he rushed, gliding like a ray of light as he navigated towards you. He had already sent a telepathic suggestion to Swap and Ink and felt assured that they would soon be here. Ink’s pure emotion, that he ingested from his paint, and Swap’s strong morals and beliefs were an ambrosia of power to him, and he relied on the knowledge that he would soon have a sufficient supply of strength to draw from.


Unfortunately, Dream ran straight into two very inauspicious adversaries.


They paused at the sight of him, and he sorrowfully recognized them as two Sanses that he couldn’t help, Ash of Dust!tale and Jaws of Horror!tale.


 Their realms were hopelessly entangled with the roots of Nightmare’s kingdom, and beyond his help.


Already, Dream’s magic had cast a glamor over him, giving him a form that was recognizable and desirable to both Jaws and Ash and concealing his true form.


To his surprise and elation, they saw the same person, their desire shared.


Dream’s charge of positivity grew from that strange mutual feeling that linked them together.


Rose ?” Ash choked, his sockets leaking with disbelief, “What-what are you doing here ?”


Jaws said nothing, his eye-light gone, his smile turned down and he trembled, visibly shaken and affected.


Dream said nothing, simply caused the illusion to reach out to them before he stepped back, an after image of what they most desired left like a shield in front of him, as he warped to stand behind them, summoning two arrows into his bow.


Unfortunately for him, the boost of love and surprise they had felt wasn’t enough for him to cover his true scent, and Jaws was the one to whirl on Dream first, his skeletal mouth slavering with lazuli drool as he growled, “Thought ya could use our hopes and dreams against us?!” The starving skeleton warped, trying to hack at Dream’s form. Dream whirled, pirouetting away from the heavy swings of the cleaver, moving like a dragonfly before swinging his staff, smashing it into Jaws’ mandible and sending him flying head over heels.


Ash had recovered, as the illusion was broken, and an inferno of overwhelming wrath at the deception stole Dream’s breath and strength, as Ash turned on the Outcode, giving a manic snicker that was too cheerful to illustrate the rage that Ash felt.


“You’re gonna pay for that… do you realize how long it’s been since I saw her? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I’VE DONE IN HER NAME?!” Ash snarled as he sent several bones attacks at Dream, his teeth peeled back in an angry snarl as he summoned a blaster.


Dream was too slow to react, darkness pulling heavily upon his limbs and the blaster struck him full on, before he dove out of the way, taking a severe amount of damage that left him trembling and gasping for air.


The Outcode rolled to his feet, and found himself cornered by a wall of bones, Ash standing like a vengeful specter in his line of vision.


“Say good night, Dream .” Ash snickered as he began to close his fist.


That was the moment that a black wave of liquid covered his fist and solidified into a mitt that prevented him from closing his fist while a blue bone struck him full on, inflicting a powerful amount of damage to his Hp.


“Don’t Even Try It!” Swap growled, as he materialized more bones, pinning Ash to the wall by his clothes and through his ulna and radius.


“Ink! Swap!” Dream cried out in relief, as the positivity that rolled off of Swap fed into him, giving him enough strength to stand valiantly to his feet.


“We’ll take care of Nightmare and Error, Dream! Find Author and get her outta here! Recover and return, if you can !” Ink shouted, as he brandished his brush, swiftly weaving bindings over the now immobile dark Sanses.


Dream nodded quickly and returned to his task of finding the human, as Swap and Ink turned to their captives with stern faces.


Swap materialized two light blue bones and threw them into the wall, pinning Ash and Jaws by their hoodies.


“I Think It’s Time We Had A Chat.” Swap grinned with artificial merriment, swinging his mallet menacingly.


Ink wasted no breath, snarling, “W h e r e  a r e  N i g h t m a r e  a n d  E r r o r?”

Jaws and Ash glared, their souls tangled, as Ash growled, “I can’t say for sure. Nightmare controls this whole place, he decides who goes where.”


Ink closed his sockets. When he opened them, they were hollow with emptiness and Ash felt a chill go down his spine as the soulless skele grinned maniacally.


T h e n  a l l o w  m e  t o  c r e a t e   s o m e  s p a c e.”




It was getting tougher to move, crueler to breath in Nightmare’s realm and more difficult to track the dim light that was inside.


Dream pressed on, but he was depleted, his stores of magic draining away the closer he got to you.


The situation was dire and as he finally reached the door that held your weakly pulsing light, he sucked in a breath, pain lancing his senses as your light flickered out.


The coldness of his surroundings fully enveloped him and he shuddered, reaching to his belt, he pulled the last bottle that held a reserve of positivity, drinking it down, he activated his magic, praying that it would be enough to inspire you, after the torture you were subjected to.


Throwing open the door, Dream’s powers wavered at the overwhelming sense of manic guilt and anguished sense of dread that oozed from your soul.


He clenched his fists at the wounds that Nightmare had marred you with, black ooze streaking across your skin and draining you of your light.


Dream held his breath as you flinched and looked up, your eyes widening.


“Ink? Error?” Your voice trembled, like a leaf after a storm.


Dream now understood what he had to do. Because of Nightmare’s growing power and influence and because of the flood of turmoil that was rolling off you like tidal waves of darkness, he would have to allow you to dream, to fulfill your longing and quench your guilt, in order to move forward


So Dream spoke, his voice shifting between the two illusions that you saw so clearly , your guilt tinted by a lovely, delicious hope that made Dream shudder with a tingle of pleasure, a groan nearly escaping him as he focused on the illusion, feeding off your hope.




This can’t be real , you thought dimly, as the door opened and Ink and Error strode in, side by side, their sockets focused on you, making your stomach cringe in dread and your heart leap with relief at their presence.


“Ink? Error?” you asked, trembling as your nightmares came back to you, your SOUL crushed by Ink, and your heart torn from you by Error.


However, the thickness in Ink’s voice gave you pause, no, this wasn’t another nightmare. This was beyond your wildest hopes, as Ink breathed, “Author!” his voice full of relief and compassion.


“Oh thank stars, we found you…” Error gasped audibly, his sockets wide and angling with soft emotions.


Ink growled, his teeth bared, “Did Nightmare do this? I’ll KILL him.”


Error snarled, “Yes, yes we will… but our human needs attention, Rainbow Asshole.”


You could hardly believe your ears, as you flinched at first, still scared that they might hurt you.


“Ink, I-“


“I know.” Ink said gently, frowning as he stepped forward, reaching out to you with tenderness in his heterochromia sockets, “I know he’s your soulmate… that doesn’t matter to me. It never did. You’re my friend, my lover, and I’ll die before I abandon you.”


You quivered, as he stroked your cheek and pressed his teeth to your lips.


“I d-don’t deserve-“


“It’s not a question of deserve .” Error growled, approaching, he knelt and hugged your waist, reaching through the substance of the wall and erasing the prison that Nightmare had created around you.


“You belong to us, Little Human. Nothing will ever change that.”


“I… I-“


“Shhhh.” Ink murmured, supporting your upper body, as Error gripped you firmly around your waist, pressing his face into your stomach and groaning, “Nightmare thought he could blemish you… He’s an idiot if he thinks you can be tarnished so easily .”


You moaned, as Ink laughed softly, looking deeply into your eyes, he murmured, “Will you let me kiss you?”


You nodded mutely, that was all you wanted and he softly, gently erased your tears with his distal phalanges and nuzzled against you in gentle, soothing motions.


You felt Error caressing your lower body, begging softly, “Please, please don’t leave me -“ and he softly licked your hip, cleaning away the darkness that had stained you and leaving his own traces behind.


Your SOUL brightened with the overwhelming love and acceptance, and your heart sang, as you replied, “Never. I love you… I love you both . I want you both… please.


“With pleasure,” Ink groaned softly, as he cupped your face and soothed away the bruises and bites from your shoulder. The pain began to dull and you moaned as Error erased the traces of Nightmare’s essence, replacing it with his own ecto-plasma, groaning, “Oh STARS, Human… please let me taste you?”


You whimpered and nodded.


Error and Ink worked together to lay you down, Ink at your face and chest, Error at the apex of your legs, as they lavished you with loving embraces and fervent admiration, groaning and whining huskily as they reclaimed every part of you.




Dream huffed, and stifled another moan of euphoria, as your pleasure increased, sweating and clutching his staff, as he watched the illusion take place, grateful that you had fallen back to sleep under his influence, moaning softly in your sleep and whispering the names of your lovers.


The love and relaxed state of your soul was burning, and it began to rise, infusing Dream with power. Enough power that, he paused in thought, as he whirled his staff, tracing light through the darkness as your form writhed in your sleep.



It was against Ink’s orders, but Dream knew that positivity was the ONE weakness of Nightmare. He closed his sockets, his powers growing to an immense size.



Love and hope, respite and acceptance were rolling off you in ever growing, pulsing waves, stronger with each bursting swell, like an ocean whipped to a frenzy by a hurricane and he swallowed your emotions down avariciously, absorbing it like a sponge, his power swelling full to bursting as he replayed your most positive memories, fulfilling your deepest longing, as he began to shimmer in the dark realm like a bursting star.


He focused his magic and struck the ground, concentrating as his sockets flashed with brilliance.


Yellow light and magic pulsed, stretching through the realm like golden cracks in black ice.




The pain that rolled off of Error was intoxicating. Nightmare felt he couldn’t get enough of it, it was all too much, and he tittered, feeling almost drunk with the excess of power, god, it had been so long since he’d felt like this-


Nightmare was not expecting the STAB that ripped through him, weakening his focus on Error.


He clutched his sternum with a sharp gasp, his socket flashing as he hissed “What in the hell- DREAM!”


But before he could make a move, Ash and Jaws came crashing through the door behind him, both of them tied and gagged.


Ink and Swap burst in after them, and Blue immediately focused his attention on Nightmare, as he raised his fist, grinning, “Smile And Wait For The Flash!”


A swarm of small gaster blasters appeared at his bidding, like a nebula of hazardous fireflies, and they opened fire, forcing Nightmare to move on the defensive.


“You asinine blueberry, hold still!” Nightmare snarled as he tried to land a hit on the hyperactive Sans, who fluidly and gracefully dodged, agile as he summoned more blasters and knocked away Nightmare’s physical attacks with his hammer.


“Watch Out, This Berry Has Bite!” Swap flashed his brilliant grin, canines glistening as his sockets leaked with electric cobalt and sea-gold magical output, starry and full of confidence.


His gaster blasters circled nightmare, like a thousand flies, and Nightmare screamed in agitation, the golden cracks in the floor leaking into him and making him dizzy. The confidence and bravery that poured like a tidal wave from Swap didn’t help, in fact, the light seemed to grow where Swap stepped.


While Swap distracted Nightmare, Ink saw the black orb that was shrinking, but still existed and his sockets flashed. Error had come here first… it was most likely because of him that Ink and his crew had been able to enter this realm undetected.


He growled in a decisive manner as he quickly dove into the blackness. The negativity swirled around him, but had no effect.


Ink was SOULless.


He felt no love, no joy or compassion .


He felt no guilt, regret or grief .


It had been long enough that he was empty of that warmth that filled him when he was with you.


Undeterred by the shackles of emotions, he searched, reaching through the darkness, until he felt something tangible.


“Gotcha, you stupid peeping tom.”


And Ink pulled.




Flashback after flashback of blood and dread rolled through Error. The absence of guilt, the crushing weight that he constantly carried and the desire to destroy everything he touched~


It was agony and pleasure, it felt good and he hated himself for it, he wanted nothing more than to disappear, but unable to die, he destroyed all he could touch, hating his alternate selves with as much hatred as he felt for himself-


A light broke through his haze. It was brightness in the shape of your face. The curve of your lips and the gentle weight of your soul, embracing him, turning him on his head with your soft sighs and your craving for his touch.


Like a bad dream, he woke up. And he remembered himself.


“You’re kind of an idiot, aren’t you?”




But for once, Error wasn’t unhappy to see the multicolored asshole, which dripped with Nightmare’s negativity, not affected in the slightest.


And with that tiny bit of acceptance, Nightmare’s power weakened.


Golden threads were spreading through the walls, and Swap laughed raucously, as he fluidly avoided the attacks that Nightmare threw at him, sending a dizzying pattern of bones at the tentacle beast, who snarled and shouted, “E N O U G H.


However, the golden threads began to increase, breaking the walls and crumbling Nightmare’s realm.


Nightmare seemed to be having trouble breathing and Error growled to Ink quickly, “Did you find her?”


Ink closed his sockets and reached out to Dream, who sent a reassuring pulse back.


“Yeah, Dream has her. Let’s beat the hell out of this miserable sack of shit.”


At that moment, Jaws and Ash cut through their bonds, their sockets leaking with power, they stood.


Swap was momentarily distracted, bewildered at how they’d escaped the knots he’d tied.


The two dark Sanses raised their hands, their expressions cold as three blasters appeared. 

And they fired at Nightmare.


Swap’s sockets lit up and he grinned, “I KNEW You Could Do Better!”


“SAVE it.” Snarled Ash, “We’re doin’ this cause we won’t be his bitches anymore.”


Ink and Error turned their attention to Nightmare, the odds turning in their favor. Error was panting, his soul exhausted from the forced emotional trauma he had lived through, and he growled. His magic was pouring and sparking like ignited gas, exuding fury as he raised his hands.


“You guys get outta here. Get Dream and my Human away. I’m about to demo this place.”


Ink’s sockets widened and Swap snarled, “LET’S GO!” as he charged in the direction of the brilliant human soul that was shimmering in the distance, a distance that was shrinking the longer it shone. Ink, Ash and Jaws followed, without looking back.


Error smirked, as he looked at the shrinking form of Nightmare, who glared hazily, dizzy, unable to think or speak.


“I’ve always wanted to rip your abomination of a dimension to shreds.” Error sneered as he grasped at his zygomatic bones and flung innumerable strings into the ground, weaving them through the fabric of Nightmare’s realm.


“Looks like all I needed to do was let you unravel.”


And he ripped the realm to pieces, right before the light vanished.





The portal that Ink had ripped open landed them in an AU that he KNEW, without a shadow of a doubt, that Nightmare would be unable to access.


The scent of growth, of life and kindness filtered sweetly through the air, embracing his nasal cavity as he cradled his Author in his arms.


Ink hadn’t cared to ask Dream about why his human was moaning and dripping with the aroma of her yearning.


All he wanted to do was hold onto her forever.


That feeling of warmth, that feeling of being full … he had missed it so very much.


And as his name and Error’s name rolled off her lips in tandem, he found that he didn’t mind it so much.


Dream severed his connection with her, allowing her to exit REM, and sleep without dreaming.


He bent, hands to his knees as he sweated and gasped, practically drooling with pleasure, giving a hoarse, sexual groan as he glowed like a bioluminescent organism.


“F-fuck, she’s amazing …” he rasped.


Ink looked at Dream in surprise.


“Did… did you just use MY human to get off?”


Dream looked at Ink with a goofy grin.


“It worked, didn’t it?”


A gruff cough broke through the evening air.


The group of Sansi, the Star Sanses and Jaws and Ash, looked up, to see yet another Skeleton, dressed in flower-printed sweats and a white t-shirt with a familiar blue jacket. His sockets narrowed at them as he chewed on a stalk of alfalfa.


“Ya’ll ain’t from around here, are ya?”




Error trekked through the pockets of Void and Anti-void, feeling his way by instinct, he followed the traces of the portal that Ink had opened, dropping into the Farm!tale Au.


The relief that he felt, at the sight of his human nearly drowned out the possessive rage he felt at seeing her in Ink’s arms…


But she was safe. And it was indeed because of these Starry-eyed fools.


His soul crackled, as he felt the quiet calling of your soul.


Ink looked up at the strange sensation of magic that he felt and raised a brow, as he approached Error, with you in his arms.


“We have a lot to resolve, you and I… But you know, for once, it was a good thing you were around.”


Error snorted as he glared with disgust.


“I still hate you.”


“Naturally.” Ink chuckled passively; “Her wounds and soul can be healed here, by Scythe over there. You’re welcome to stick around as long as you behave.”


“Fuck you if you think you can make me leave my SOULmate, Rainbow Asshole.”


“Ah hate ta break up th’ love fest here.” Drawled Scythe, as he tiredly reached into his pocket for a stalk of alfalfa, spitting out his old one as he added gruffly, “S’been a long day. Wanna come inside and explain what th’ hell is goin’ on? Maybe Ah kin have a look at th’ human’s wounds s’well. Looks pretty banged up.”