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Elemental 4.4.0

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I got punched.

I got punched by a demi-god into a world pool of souls.

I've swirling around and around for days, weeks, months.

I don't know! I can't tell damn time now!

It's just constant souls ripping at my face, my skin, everything!

I will get revenge for this.

I'm coming for you Hercules!

Hades, God of the Underworld, was swirling around repeatedly in an ugly pit of green, angry souls. For god knows how long, until someone's hand reached into the cool liquid to pull him out.

"Uh!" Hades coughed, he leaned over on his side coughing up anything and everything.

The souls reaching out of the whirl pool to grab him again, were silenced by a wave of a female arm and a dark blue long, sexy leg. Hades looked up from his legs to the goddess of Discord and Chaos, Eris.

"You look a little droopy there honey?" she said in her sexy black dress with the slip on the side.

Hades regained his senses, when his vision was clear and his limbs were working again. He stood up from the ground, his fiery blue flames for hair appeared again, towering over Eris.

"Who are you?" he questioned, his voice stern.

".....Eris." she answered.

She crossed her arms, showing no fear.

"Goddess of Chaos and Discord." Hades stated.

She gave a small smirk.

"Did you pull me out of the pool?" he asked.

Eris waited for a moment, and then gave a nod.

"Why?" he questioned.

"Cause, we need you." Someone said behind him.

Hades turned around to see another woman with a black skinny robe on and devil horns, Maleficent.

"And who are you?" he questioned.

She cocked her head to the side, "Maleficent." She answered.

Hades knew who she was.

"You-" he started to say.

"She's the woman who cursed an infant." Eris finished.

Maleficent glared at Eris.

"Well I tried to kill one, who was destined to kill me too soooo." Hades said.

Maleficent gave an evil grin at Hades, which left Eris very frustrated.

"Look," she snapped making Hades turn his attention back to her, "I pulled you of that pool because you've been down there long enough. Your titan fellows did some damage, think they can do it again? Without getting stopped by Zeus." She said.

"They can, if I can get access to them." he said.

"Great, then we are agreed." She said.

Maleficent then chimed in, "Let's find your friends, and start some chaos. Goddess of the Chaos and God of the Underworld." She said.

"How do you propose we even get to them? Last time I checked; they were thrown into space by that jerk Hercules." He explained.

"That's what she is for." Eris clarified pointing to the witchy seductress.

"I've gathered enough magic in my staff to drawn in their energy from space, I can pull them back from where Hercules threw them, but it's up to you to revive them again." She explained.

Hades stepped closer to her, "If you can do that."

"I can." She snapped.

"If, if you do that. There's no going back." He said.

Maleficent gave a nod, as Eris looked behind her. Hades turned around.
"What's up with you?" he asked.

"Nothing, just.... where do all these souls go?" she asked.

He walked up next to her, shoulder to shoulder.

"They don't go anywhere; they circle and circle." Hades explained.

"Sounds boring." Eris said.

"That's why they circle, they don't have anything to do." He said, "The best torture. You can't do anything but circle and circle and circle. Wondering why you can't return to...." he started to say as she turned to her head to him.

"Life." He said slowly.

Eris looked him in the eyes and felt her goddess body tingle from him.

"Hey." Maleficent said making them both turn to her.

"We got more people to talk to, move it." She said.

She started walking away with Eris and Hades following her to his room with the round table.

In there was a taller man with a tall hat on his head, Shadow Man.

"Who's this?" Hades questioned, "And why is he in my home?"

"This is the Shadow Man, great with Voodoo, bad at making deals." Maleficent described.

Shadow Man rolled his eyes and looked to Hades.

"Is this him?" he asked.

"Yes, it's him." Eris said.

She stopped in front of Hades and then pointed to an open hole in the ground connecting to the ocean where something was shaking in the hole.

"Who or what is in there?" he questioned.

"Ursula." Eris answered.

Ursula appeared out of the water and rested her arms on the side of the hole.

"Hello." she smiled.
Hades gave her a nod, "So you're the wicked witch of the water?" he questioned.

"If you wanna put it like that, or the tentacle monster works for me." She giggled.

"Uhh too hentai for me." Hades said shaking his head.

"Besides, Shadow Man, I had to make a deal to get you out of your debt, so don't do it again." Eris barked.

Shadow Man turned to her, "Maybe you should remember your part in this as well. Titan caller or not?" he barked to her.

Eris was about to respond until Hades interrupted smacking the table to get their attention.

"Now look, I am grateful for all of you waking me up and wanting to get the titans back but we gotta get a move on. Because Zeus and his beast son will not cross me again." Hades hissed; he made his way out with them all following him.

They traveled to the mountain area where Hercules threw the titans into the dark sky, with stars and space. "Maleficent, can you channel the titans?" Eris asked. "Yeah." Maleficent said. She held up her staff and waved her hand around it in an almost cupping fashion. There was a bright light appearing in the space, something strong and dangerous.

"There they are." She muttered.

She circles waved her staff up in the air, in a circle and something came into the orb of her staff. She put it down as the weather cooled down.

"Won't that signal Zeus?" Shadow Man asked.

"It could, which is why I also have this." Maleficent said, she held up a small potion bottle.

Hades took the bottle slowly from her.

"What's this?" he asked.

"A sleeping concoction, you can keep the gods of Olympus asleep for a while." She explained.

He closed the bottle in between his fingers.

"Thank you." He said. She smiled sweetly.

"I'll be back." Hades said.

Hades traveled up to Olympus, in disguise. With a hood on his head and trying to keep his darkness out of sight, he saw Hercules talking to Zeus off on the side. He pulled out the vile from his cape. He kept a close eye out again. When it was clear, he popped off the lid and sprinkled out its contents.

It spread out quickly, and the Olympian Gods started to feel the effects; heavy breathing, dropping their glasses, and collapsing to the floor.

"Agh!" they all grunted in pain. ‘

They gripped their stomachs, covered their noses, and then started to gag.

"What in the-?" Zeus questioned.

Hera covered her nose, and started to gag.

"Zeus!" she called.

Zeus hurried to his wife, but he took in the fumes.

"Agh!" he grunted. "Hercules!"

Hercules turned his father, but the fumes got to him too. He gripped his stomach, covered his nose, and collapsed.

"Father!" he shouted.

"Dammit." Zeus hissed.

Hercules fell on his back, looking up at space above him, while he was struggling to breathe. He gagged, and felt his eyes sting. Hades smiled to himself, he moved past everyone with his hood on, showing how he was immune. He walked past them all, smiling. Made his way over to Zeus's stash of lightning bolts. He wrapped his fingers around the bolt and lifted it up. Hercules turned his head, and got a blurry vision of who was next to him by the lightning bolts.

"Sleep tight." Hades chuckled softly.

Hercules tried to mumble something, "Ha...Hade...Hades..." he mumbled.

Hades slithered away off the cloud, to finish what he started.

The others waited on the ground.

"Did it work?" she asked.

"What do you think?" Hades smiled; he pulled the lightning bolt from his cape.

Eris paused, "How much power does that thing hold?" she questioned.
"Were you supposed to take that?" the Shadow Man questioned.

"Doesn't matter I did; they are all knocked out." He said.

"Great work." Eris said.

Hades smiled stepping closer to her, "Do you wanna touch it?" he asked.

Eris looked up at his eyes, and then ran her fingers along the lightning bolt. Intense power electrified threw her body from the lightning.

"Oh my god." She sighed before pulling her hand back.

"Intense power, intense connections." He said tapping her chest with the tip making her jump a bit.

Eris stared at him with a smile on her face, as he gave her a nod.

Maleficent turned away from the display.

"What? Seriously?" the Shadow Man snapped at her.

"Ugh, shut up." Maleficent snapped back.

"Time to wreak some havoc and some well thought of revenge." Hades grinned evilly, "Give me the staff."

Maleficent hesitated and then stood up from the ground handing over her staff. Hades played with it in his hands and slammed the orb into the ground.

"Hey!" Maleficent shouted.

The spirits of the titans started to float around them all. Hades slammed the lightning bolt into the ground sending it's intense and electric energy and power into the titans' souls. Their bodies electrified, as their element skin filled in to form their bodies once again.

"My brothers, welcome back." Hades smiled.

The titans roared.

"Now that you're back, what would you like to do?" he asked.

The titans groaned and roared to the skies.

"That's more like it." Hades chuckled.

And that's exactly what they did. The titans were resurrected and wreaking havoc all over the world.

Ice deserts.

Melting ice glaciers.

Tornadoes destroying forests.

Earthquakes sinking entire cities to the ground.

"Dad! We need to do something! The earth is dying, and the people can't survive like this!" Hercules shouted.

"I know that Hercules, I just don't understand how those titans were re-released into the world and who in the hell knocked us out for that long!" Zeus hissed.

"You know, who and what it was! It was Hades! I told you I saw him!" He barked.

"You think you saw him! You were passing out!" Zeus barked back.

"I did!" he barked.

"Stop it." Hera snapped.

"Knock this off and release the elementals. They are the only ones who can do something about the titans being loose." Hera barked.

"They aren't completely stable, you know that." Zeus said.

"Doesn't matter now does it?" Hera barked.

Zeus put his head and then sighed, "Fine. Fine."

"Release them."

The elementals were the elements of earth; water, air, fire, and earth. They were all in spirit forms. See through, ghostly light, robes, and the colors of the earth. Red, blue, green, and white. They towered over everything, the same size as the titans.

It was a long, painful, ugly battle.







Back and forth, and back and forth, and even more back and forth.

It was all too much and earth was barely responding anymore to the war. It was like the Earth was dead, the people were struggling to get by and live in the cold world. Only one man who could do something about it that wasn't Zeus.

The wizard, Merlin.

He had seen enough of this vile world turning to chaos to defy the Gods and the Underworld to do something extraordinary. He channeled in his magical energy and created a huge orb. He sat in one spot and for a long week, he channeled in the magical energy of both the Elementals and the Titans. Once he got it, he made a spell. A spell to separate the physical forms of the Titans and the Elementals into small which he did. He made the spell happen the Titans burst into a million pieces while the Elementals fluttered away like dust.

"What just happened?" Hera questioned.

"What is it?" Zeus questioned, rubbing the side of his head.

Hera moved away from the map of the world.

"The elementals, they went away. The titans exploded. What? What is going on?" Hera questioned.

"Wait, what are you talking about that's not possible." Zeus said getting up from the chair.

"What's going on up there?" Maleficent questioned the Shadow Man.

"Dude!" Eris barked at Shadow Man.

"Don't rush me. It looks like someone canceled out the titans. Their physical forms are gone, I can't even locate their powers." Shadow Man said.

Suddenly, a flying stone object was thrown directly at Shadow Man, however he ducked out of the way just in time.

"Stop throwing stuff at me!" Shadow Man barked.

"Who destroyed my titans! Whose getting involved in my plans! I had a plan!" Hades barked.

"We all were a part of this plan." Eris said.

"Yeah, but my ass is on the line if Zeus challenges me." He barked.

"What's wrong? Scared of big brother?" Maleficent questioned.

"Shut it." Hades barked.

"It's the wizard." Shadow Man said.

"What do you mean?" Eris questioned.

"It's a wizard who did it. He separated the powers from the Titan and the Elements from Zeus that broke down their physical forms. Their power is lurking, and I can't track it." Shadow Man explained.

Hades hurried over and looked over Shadow Man's tracking system.

"It's Merlin." Hades snickered.

"You know him?" Shadow Man asked.

"Yeah, he's a powerful wizard. And you won't be able to track him because the bastard is sneaky as the hell, I live in." Hades explained.

Shadow Man sighed, "Okay then what do you wanna do?" he asked.

"We need to run in some more help, on ground help. I honestly don't know what Merlin is planning." Hades said.

Shadow Man exhaled a breath, "Okay then who do you want a glimpse of?" he asked.

"Mm." Hades leaned closer with his arm around the other side of Shadow Man.

Who didn't really seem that bothered by it.

But Eris, and Maleficent were. More competition.

Merlin did separate the orbs into the world, all over the world. Chosen ones. Little girls given power of elemental abilities while the boys were given the mixed powers of a warrior.

And with a message.

I will come for them in 8 years.

Count it.


They need to learn how to use these powers I've given them.

And they will.



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Eight years later....

Merlin kept his promise...

And he came for them.... every single one.....

Merlin, the wizard, who could do almost anything. Stood in front of his throne chair made of wands that pointed to the cushion. He changed his appearance to that a young male in his late twenties with long, sun yellow blonde hair. His dark chocolate brown eyes. His oval head with a turn-up nose.

“Merlin.” Someone said behind him from the front doors of his throne room.

Merlin turned his head to the right, held it there for a moment and then turned all the way around. “What is it?”

“It’s time.” Answered Sinbad of the Molten Guards.

Merlin nodded to Sinbad and pulled a small green vile from his cloak. He let it levitate in the air before duplicating it three more times. He then spread out his arm in a semi-circle so they reached Sinbad. He took them in his brown bag and nodded to him.

Sinbad turned leaving the room.

“Go get them.” Merlin said slowly under his breathe.

Merlin’s top four teams took to surrounding areas to fetch the Elemental Titan habitants. Sinbad pulled on the reigns to his horse and pulled one of the green vile from his pocket. He looked behind him to the other four members of the Molten Guards.

“You gonna release it?” asked Shang.

Sinbad looked all around, “Are you sure one’s here?” he asked Aladdin behind him.

“Yes,” Aladdin twirled his fire lit baton, “Sure of it. Felt her presence.” He explained.

Sinbad opened the vile and released one drop of it into the air.

“Cover your noses.” He said.

They all pulled their bandanas to their mouths and noses to block out the lethal contents.

A sleeping potion.

The contents spread like wild fire as the Molten Guards took off on their horses to find their target.

They visited four more towns releasing the same vile and taking one of the town’s residents. Tulio of the Molten Guards lifted the last sleeping girl on the back of his horse and strapped himself and her down so she wouldn’t fall off.

“Let’s go.” Sinbad said.

Phillip readied his horse, “YAH!” he took off having the others follow.

The other teams; the Waves, the Rockers, and the Griffons all went to the towns to collect the females who harbored the powers of both the elementals and the titans.

The young and vibrant Cinderella sat in her locked room, sewing together a blanket. She felt the wind pick up outside and closed her eyes, feeling the power of nature around her. She looked down at her mice friends and smiled at them.

There was a sudden thud at the bottom of her window. She looked up from her work to see someone crawling through her window.

“Uh!” she jumped up moving behind her chair.

She held up her hand and started to make the vines wrapped around the person. However, the person whipped each away from him.

“Easy my lady, I’m not here to hurt you.” The man said, standing up straight, Tarzan. One of the Rockers.

“What do you want?” Cinderella questioned, still in fear.

There was a sudden noise from downstairs followed by her stepmother yelling at someone.

“YOU’RE NOT TAKING HER!” shouted her stepmother.

“We have to.” Said another voice.

“Who is that?” she questioned Tarzan.

He nodded his head up to her making her turn to her door. Wondering what in the world was going on downstairs.

“You dare come here.” Lady Tremaine barked.

“Didn’t Merlin warn you years ago that he would come for her.” Said Derek of the Rockers with his hammer ready.

“He warned; I didn’t listen.” She barked.

“Well that’s your fault.” Derek (Swan Princess) snapped.

“You can’t take her; I need her here.” She barked.

“To what? Be your slave?” Derek snapped.

“She has debts to pay.” Lady Tremaine snapped.

“Why? Cause her father died and left you nothing so you steal it from your step daughter.” He explained.

“You must go. Leave. You’re not taking her.” She snapped.

“Do you really wanna stay here with your evil step mother? You have great power and if you come with me, I can take you to the man who can help you control it.” Tarzan said.

Cinderella turned from the door back to him.

“How can I trust you? I don’t know you.” She said back to him.

“Do you wanna stay with her?” Tarzan asked pointing to the door.

Cinderella shook her head back and forth.

“Then what do you want?” he asked.

Cinderella sighed, “I wanna be free.” She said.

“Then come with me.” He held out his hand to her.

Cinderella hesitated for a moment, but then she slid her fingers in with Tarzan’s.

“You won’t regret this.” He said.

She smiled a bit as they made their way to the window. Tarzan looked down at Kenai who was steading his horse.

“Ready?!” he shouted up.

Tarzan held onto the side of the window, trying to find an easy way down. Cinderella touched his shoulder to stop him. She then held out her hand out with her palm facing up, a huge tree vine grew from the ground that almost spooked Kenai’s horse. It stopped in front her window, Tarzan turned to her and she grinned. He grabbed on and then helped her on as the vine returned to the ground.

“Got her.”

Derek put his hammer away and left the sight, with Lady Tremaine cowering in the corner.

Under the waves, Ariel and Melody swam through the blue ocean with their beautiful tails. Ariel’s graceful teal to blue tail matched her scarlet red hair beautifully as she took to the surface. Her younger sister, Melody, took off after her. Her red tail glistened from the moonlight and showed off her black hair. Ariel broke the surface and smoothed her hands through her red hair as Melody came up after her.

They both looked up at the bright moon in the sky.

“Why does the moon always have a weird affect? I feel weird.” Melody said.

“It does.” Ariel replied, looking around the area of the ocean.

Ariel ran her hand over the surface of the ocean, and felt the actual presence. Melody held her hand to the dark sky and had a few pieces of water circle around her arm. She loved that feeling.

However, all of a sudden, the pieces froze in the air from shocks of ice lasers. Both mermaids turned around to see the ocean starting to freeze ahead of them with someone standing on top of it. A man with white, icy hair. Ice pale, peach skin with blue eyes. Holding a staff. Jack Frost. He pressed his staff into the ice making it spread further to the two mermaids. Ariel and Melody went back under the water and took off in a dash.

Prince Eric with his good looks and black hair stood on the shore with brass knuckles on his hands, he turned to Thomas who was standing up on a hill.

“Ready?” Eric asked.

Thomas nodded, “How strong can they get?” he asked.

“We don’t know, no time to figure out right now.” Eric said.

He squeezed his fists and then slammed his fist into the water sending a huge wave with a ripple affect towards the girls along with the ice coming in the other direction.

“Uh!” Ariel gasped underwater at the incoming attacks from both sides.

She wrapped Melody in her arms who gripped her sister tightly, until the impact smacked them. Thomas pulled his water shield from his back and swung it into the ocean. The shield circled around the two mermaids putting them into a bubble. The shield returned to Thomas, as he put it behind his back as the two mermaids came towards Eric. He stepped back as the bubble disappeared dropping both mermaids on the sand.

Thomas jumped off the hill top to Eric.

Jack walked on ice platforms to the surface as he released the rest of the ocean. Melody looked around in worry at who they were, as Ariel pulled herself up on her butt looking up at Eric.

“Who are you?” she questioned.

Melody held her throat coughing a few times.

“My name is Eric; I’ve been sent here with my two friends here to get you and your sister.” He explained.

“Why?” Melody asked.

“You both possess powers over water, you must train with these powers you have or you’re gonna create chaos.” He explained.

“What? NO! Why would we-?” Ariel started to say.

“Sister.” Melody touched her sister’s arm.

“I’ve always wondered where these powers came from, why we have them, and we must do with them. Powers aren’t just given for no reason.”

“We don’t mean either one you harm, but our friend needs you.” He explained.

Ariel turned to Thomas and Jack. Contemplating on what to do. She turned back to Eric who held out his hand to her. He waited until she finally slid her hand with his. He gripped her’s tightly, showing trust.

Paris was always known for the city of Fire. Judge Claude Frollo was no exception to that growing rumor.

“What’s going on here?” Aladdin questioned.

Sinbad turned back to Shang who jogged up to them.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Something that shouldn’t be happening in a church.” Shang said.

Sinbad raised his chin.

Inside of the church, Esmeralda was once again tied to the stake with Frollo and his guards surrounding her.
“Why won’t you burn? Answer me!” Frollo barked.

Esmeralda remained quiet, not answering, she had bruises all over her body with cut marks dripping blood.

“Spear her.” Frollo ordered, clearly frustrated at the fact that Esmeralda wouldn’t burn.


The guards turned around to Sinbad, who swung his flail knocking out the guards with fire lighting them up along with Shang who swung his sword.

“Aaghhhh!” shouted the guards.

Frollo backed up in shock with his last three guards in front of him.

“Now, what do you think you are doing in a church here?” Tulio questioned.

Frollo panicked, as the Archdeacon appeared.

“What’s going on in here?! Why are you doing this in my church!” he shouted.

“This is official business!” Frollo barked.

Frollo’s ward, Quasimodo hurried in and untied Esmeralda.

“Quasimodo?” she said weakly.

“Sorry to interrupt here, but uh that woman you were torturing, there’s a reason why she can’t be burned.” Aladdin said.

“What does that mean?” Frollo questioned.

“She’s an elemental. A fire elemental, she has powers over fire which is why she can’t be burned.” Tulio explained.

“So, she is a witch.” Frollo turned to grab Esmeralda, but she was no where in sight. “Where is she?! WHERE IS SHE?!” Frollo shouted.

“Did he take her?” Sinbad whispered to Tulio.

“Yeah. Upstairs.” Tulio answered.

Upstairs, Quasimodo laid Esmeralda down on one of the beds.

“Hey, hey, you okay?” he asked quickly.

He ran his hands through her hair as Esmeralda swallowed, weakly.

“Thank you for saving me.” She said gripping his hand.

She was having a hard time breathing, she could barely keep her eyes open, and she felt so weak.

The Molten Guards stopped right outside of the door as Quasimodo was trying his best to keep her awake.

“Esmeralda...” he said.

She gulped and gripped his wrist a bit.

Quasimodo smiled at her, and sighed, “You’ve been my only real friend in all my years.” He said.

“You deserve more than this life Quasimodo.” She said. He held her hand close to his heart.

Sinbad, Shang, and Aladdin stepped into the room leaving Tulio and Phillip remained outside of the room.

“Excuse me.” Sinbad said.

Quasimodo jumped, turning around. Sinbad held his hands up showing no violence.

“Is she okay?” Shang asked.

Quasimodo grew concerned, “Who are you?” he asked.

“We work for someone who needs your friend here, she has powers of fire. An elemental.” Sinbad said.

“What?” Quasimodo said in confusion, “Those exists?” he questioned.

“I do.” she said, “I noticed when I was young that I had some type of powers.”

Aladdin circled around, knelt, and felt Esmeralda’s forehead. “She’s burning up.” Aladdin said.

“Uh, side bar?” Sinbad said to Quasimodo.

Quasimodo walked outside of the room to talk to them.

“So, she has powers?” he asked.

The men nodded to him as Aladdin stayed on the inside with Esmeralda.
“We need to take her so she can train these powers.” Shang explained.

Quasimodo turned back to Esmeralda in the bed as she was given water from Aladdin who was also trying to keep her awake.

“Is she in danger?” he asked.

The boys looked at each other in concern for speaking too much. However, Quasimodo seemed trustworthy.

“She has the power of an elemental, but she also has the power of a titan. A devilish magic that can take over her one day, if she can’t control it.” Tulio explained.

Quasimodo looked around towards Paris and then back to them.

“Can I help?” he asked.

“How come?” Phillip questioned.

“She’s my friend, I wanna hel- “he started to explain, but he was cut off by a swift dagger to his eye socket.

“AH!” he bellowed in agony.

“QUASI!” Esmeralda shouted from her bed, getting a bolt of adrenaline.

The Molten Guards jumped in shock as Sinbad and Tulio caught the poor guy in their arms. Phillip turned around to Frollo with two more daggers in his hands.

“He should have stayed out of it.” Frollo said, ready to throw another.

Phillip aimed his bow and arrow shooting Frollo in his wrist knocking the daggers out of his hand. Then aimed another arrow getting him right in the shoulder. Frollo felt over and felt his wrist and his shoulder burn in pain.

“AGH!” he shouted in pain.

“Jesus.” Sinbad said as he and Tulio were trying to find the best way to keep Quasi alive and remove the dagger.

“What is this?!” Frollo bellowed until Phillip came over and stepped on Frollo’s wrist.


Frollo reached for his wrist but Phillip stepped on the infected shoulder.

“Great way to treat your ward.” The blonde snapped.

“Please help him, I’ll go with you just please help him!” Esmeralda begged.

Aladdin nodded, “Hey! Remove the dagger in a quick, then wrap up his eye. Do it now!” he barked.

Sinbad looked up at Tulio who stared back at him with worry. In a few breathes, Sinbad wrapped his fingers around the dagger, and yanked it out in one pull.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” the poor hunchback bellowed.

John Smith rode along with his brother, Jean Rolfe. They pulled the reigns on their horses to a stop to see parts of the earth all cracked up in pieces.

“What’s going on?” John questioned.

Jean looked around the area, and pointed ahead.

“Over there.” He said.

They moved in to see multiple people of a specific tribe, sitting in distress. They all grew alert as the soldiers drew their weapons at the two men.

“Hey hey.” John held up his hands, “We come in peace. What happened here?” he questioned.

The tribe all looked at each other in concern as the leader stepped forward, Chief Powhatan.

“Who are you?” he asked.

John turned to his brother, who rode a bit closer.

“Looks like an earthquake hit this place.” He said, stepping off his horse.

“It was my daughter.” The Chief said.

Behind the Chief came a younger man who looked like him.

“Your daughter did this?” Jean questioned.

“She possesses some type of power that shook the earth.” Said the younger man, who was the son of the Chief, Kocoum.

“Over earth?” Jean questioned.

They nodded to them. Jean turned to his brother who hopped off his horse.

“We know people who have the same powers as your daughter.” He said.

“You do?” someone said behind them both.

A beautiful woman with long black hair who looked like Kocoum. Must be the daughter.

“This is my daughter, Pocahontas.” Chief Powhatan said.

She walked over to them and looked John in the eyes, “Please help me. I need to control these powers. I don’t wanna do this again.” She begged.

He nodded.

Merlin looked up from his throne chair again, he looked up from the chair to his teams coming into the room.

“We got them.” Derek said.

“Are they resting?” Merlin questioned.

They all nodded. “Okay we’ll wake them up in a few.” Merlin said.

A few......turned into.......a week.

Are they still asleep?

How strong is that potion?

What about that other guy?

How’s his eye?

Are they gonna wake up?

In one of the rooms were five of the girls, all-in queen-size beds and all wearing black 2017 FASHION LONG MEDIEVAL TRENCH WOOLEN COAT WOMEN WINTER BLACK STAND COLLAR GOTHIC OVERCOAT ELEGANT WOMEN COAT VINTAGE FEMALE. The curtains were closed in their room that left a dark rose velvet red color in the room. A fire storm like room.

“Uh!” Jasmine shot up from the bed she was in.

She looked around the room to see the four other girls sleeping in the other beds; Esmeralda, Aurora, Tiana, and Megara. She turned to the end table next to her and saw a cup of water. She then felt the dryness in her throat from being asleep. She quickly reached over and drowned the cup of water down her throat. She gasped, draping her legs over the edge of the bed. She looked down her new attire, and ran her fingers on the expensive material. She slid out of the bed walked over to the door, and pulled it open. There was no one in the hallway. She took a step into the hallway on her toes.

She quickly ran down the hallway trying to find the front doors to leave.

“Hey! Hey!” Phillip shouted appearing in front of her.

Jasmine slowed down to a stop and stared at him.

“Easy now.” He said.

Jasmine made a fire ball in her hand and blasted it right at Phillip. He ducked outta the way, holding up his bow and arrow.

“Don’t, don’t.” he warned.

Jasmine was ready to attack him again until the rest of the Molten Guards appeared, fully surrounding her.

She panicked for a minute, but she wasn’t going to back down from a fight.

“What do you want?” she questioned.

“Calm down, don’t throw anymore fire balls at him.” Sinbad warned, blocking his friend.

Jasmine paused for a moment until someone came around the corner.

“Back down, let me talk.” Merlin said.

The Molten Guards moved away from her to let Merlin walk through them. Jasmine put her hands on the sides of her floor length coat as the wizard stood in front of her.

“Do you know who I am?” he asked.

Jasmine studied him carefully, “You’re a wizard.” She said.

Merlin raised his eyebrows a bit at her.

“My name is Merlin.” He clarified.

Jasmine then raised her own eyebrows in shock. She knew who he was.

“You’re the wizard who stopped the war?” she questioned.

The guards chuckled a bit until Merlin’s face shushed them.

“I didn’t particularly stop the war, it’s more on hold.” He said.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I basically pissed off two Gods and I’m trying to basically, cover my ass.” He said.

Jasmine pushed her hand through her black hair.

“Then why do I have certain powers of fire; I’m guessing it’s your work?” she questioned.

Merlin sighed, “Yeah, I separated the elementals powers and the titan’s powers into the world. And they found their way to you.” He explained.

Jasmine licked her lips, “So why are we here? I was out and then I was knocked out and dragged here.” She explained.

“My teams went and got you ladies because you all need to train with these powers.” He said.

Jasmine sighed, “I wanna be mad because we are basically cleaning up your mess. But...these powers, they’re a part of me now and I wanna know how to control them.” She stated.

“After the fire at your castle?” Merlin questioned.

Jasmine paused. How did he know that?

“I know about that; I’ve seen it before.” He explained.

Jasmine gulped, “If we do have to clean up your mess. Help us control it.” She said.

Merlin nodded, “I can do that.”

All of a sudden, there was a loud bang coming from one of the other rooms.

“Ohh, I think they’re up.” Tulio said.

The Earths.

Chapter Text

The castle rocked a bit, which jostled someone awake from their intense nightmare. In one of the other rooms, the Earths were waking up. Pocahontas gasped, leaping forward from the bed she was in. She was breathing heavily and looking around the room to the other girls in beds; Cinderella, Merida, Odette (Swan Princess), and Giselle. She looked down at her dark green Dark Green Band Collar Zipper Long Sleeve Fashion Floor Length Wool Coat.

She draped her legs over the edge of the bed, and slid down off the bed. She walked over to the door, wrapped her fingers around the latch and pulled. The sudden sound seemed to wake up Cinderella. She opened her eyes, and slowly looked over her shoulder to Pocahontas slipping out of the room.

Pocahontas looked around the darkened hallway; the little designs on the walls, the calming intensity from the sun rays poking in, and the plants near by in the vases. The Earthly affect was there.

“hey hey.” Said one of the Rockers behind her, Kenai.

She jumped, turning to him. “Stay away from me.” She begged.

“Hey hey easy easy.” Tarzan said appearing next to her.

Pocahontas held up her hand at him. A piece of rock from the wall came hurling at Tarzan, he used his whip to crack it in two, but just barely.

She panicked and backed up from him.

“Hey!” shouted Derek, he held up his hammer at her.

She stopped.

“Calm down, you’re fine.” He said.

“ I’m not. Who are you? Where are the men who brought me here?” she questioned.

Derek looked over to Kenai and Tarzan, who didn’t know who she was talking about.

“You’re an Earth?” Tarzan asked.

She closed her eyes and gasped, “I’m destruction, there’s nothing magical about me. These powers are nothing, but destruction. I destroyed my entire homeland when I was having a bad spell. I don’t know how to control it.”

“There’s good in it.” Said another voice.

“Cinderella.” Tarzan said.

She came out of the room, in the same green cloak as Pocahontas, and walked up to her fellow Earth.

“There’s magic, beautiful magic. I’ve seen it and I used some of it being an Earth. I know it’s destructive at times, but there can be beauty.” She said.

Pocahontas shook her head.

“Have you ever been in the forest? And notice some flower petals float in the air? And the sun shines outta nowhere? The animals come alive?” Cinderella asked.

Pocahontas looked down at the floor, and then back at Cinderella.

“Yeah.” She answered.

“That’s part of the Earth. Part of your powers.” Cinderella said, “You can control it.”

“How?” Pocahontas asked.

Cinderella turned over her shoulder and held her hand up to a dying plant in a vase. Golden flakes appeared around the plant, as it grew back into a beautiful rose. Pocahontas’s eyes went up in shock, and she slightly smiled.

“That’s what you’re here for.” Derek chimed in, “To train your powers. So, you won’t lose control.”

Jasmine and Esmeralda walked up with Sinbad and Tulio, with them. Pocahontas and Cinderella turned to the two other girls. Jasmine held up her hand, with its glowing red.

“Heat. Fire.” Pocahontas said.

“Wanna meet a real destructive force?” Esmeralda asked.

“All of you are destructive, it’s the titan part of your powers.” Sinbad said.

The four girls sighed, seeming to come around to the idea.

The Griffons Team were seated in the room that the Air girls were in. Miguel and Charming were by the door while Jim were leaning by the window.

The girls of Air started to wake up, and started to panic with the boys around.

“Hey hey, before you attack. Can you listen?” Miguel questioned.

“Why?” Mulan questioned.

She looked around to the other girls in the room; Belle, Anna, Wendy and Rapunzel.

“Where are we?” Rapunzel questioned.

“You’re here at Merlin’s castle.” Jim replied.

She looked over to her cousin, Anna.

“Where’s Elsa?” Anna questioned.

The Waters woke up last, downed their drinks and were the same as everyone else. Confused to where they were.

Ariel, Melody, Elsa, Moana, and Kida.

Elsa rubbed her head, she looked down at her navy-blue Maxi Long Woolen Coat Slim Winter Jacket Floor-length Outerwear Extra Long Trench Coat for Women. She looked over her shoulder to her sister and cousin running in. They were both in white Wool Blend Long Wrap Coats.

Elsa pushed the covers back and hugged them both.

“What are we doing here? What’s going on?” Anna questioned.

“I don’t......I don’t know.” Elsa answered. She gripped her cousin’s arm, Rapunzel.

They all looked up to the guards by the door with Merlin.

“Oh! OH!” shouted a voice down the hallway.

Tulio and Sinbad quickly moved outta the way for the luxury tea cart coming in with the lovely Mrs. Potts and her son, Chip.

“Well good morning dearies. It’s about time you all awoke up. I bet you all are hungry. How about a cup of tea and some biscuits?” Mrs. Potts asked, she was a talking tea pot.

Rapunzel’s eyes went up in shock at the talking pot, as Elsa and Anna started nervously chuckling.

“Don’t worry,” Tulio said from the door making the girls look towards him, “You’ll get use to it.”

“Oh, Tulio dearie, your lines are done. They are in the wash honey.” Mrs. Potts said.

“Thanks Mrs. Potts, hopefully the washer won’t try to wash me again with my clothes.” Tulio said, which made Sinbad and Charming crack up following him.
Elsa walked down the hallway, by herself, looking all over Merlin’s castle. She stopped by the front door, eyed it, but then turned away. Two other girls walked up to her, Kida and Megara.

Elsa pushed herself gently off the wall as Kida and Megara stopped in front of her.

“Hey.” Megara said, rubbing her arm.

“Hi.” Elsa said back.

“So, looks like you’re a fellow Water like me?” Kida asked.

Elsa held up her hand, and used her fingers to move some water around in the room across from them. “Still trying to understand control.” She said.

“Aren’t we all?” Kida joked.

Elsa smiled, “So what can you do?” she asked Megara.

“I’m the opposite,” Megara held her hand heating up, “Fire.” She answered.

Elsa smiled, “I’m guessing we’re suppose to be enemies?” she asked.

“Element wise yes, but I rather think we should all be allies if we have powers we can’t seem to control. Or at least......friends.” she said.

Kida smiled, and then so did Elsa just as Jack, Aladdin, Phillip, and Jim were walking by. The girls watched them walk by.

“Is there something strange about those guys?” Elsa asked.

“Like they have elemental powers of their own?” Kida asked.

“I think it’s more in their weapons.” Megara answered; they noticed the weapons in the boys’ hands.

Elsa kept watching, as Jack looked over his shoulder to her. Elsa gasped slightly, but she didn’t turn away. Jack turned away, but a slight smile formed in the corner of his mouth that Elsa caught.

Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Esmeralda were by the back door to the wide grounds next to Merlin’s castle. They then noticed Sinbad, Aladdin, and Eric walking near them.

“Um.” Pocahontas called out to the men.

They stopped, and looked up at the girls. Esmeralda walked up to Sinbad who turned completely to her.

“Can I ask you something?”

Sinbad gave a single nod.

“What’s your loyalty to Merlin? Why help him if he’s angered two Gods?” she asked.

Sinbad looked behind him to Aladdin and Eric.

“He saved us.” Aladdin said.

Jasmine turned to him.

“I use to be a street rat, barely scraping by to live. All I had my friend, Abu. Merlin found me nearly beaten to death.” He explained.

Jasmine gasped a bit; she knew Aladdin looked familiar.

“He brought me here, trained me to be a soldier, and I’ve served him ever since. Merlin never gave up on me, or anyone else in here. He makes a promise, he keeps it.” Aladdin explained.

Jasmine stepped closer to him, “You think he’d do the same for us?” she asked.

Aladdin nodded.

“Did you live in Agrabah?” she asked.

Aladdin gave Jasmine a look, but nodded to her. “I saw you a few times, when I’d sneak outta the castle.” She explained.

“You’re the princess?” he asked.

She gave a single nod. “I saw you that night, when those men attacked you.”

“You rang the bell?”

She nodded. “I rang it and they ran off. I gave you some water, and then a man in a hood came and got you.” She said.

“It was Merlin who got me. I remember your eyes, over me giving me the water.” He said.

Jasmine stared into his eyes and then noticed his scar across his right eye from the attack.

“What did Merlin do for you?” Pocahontas asked Sinbad.
“I was a sailor, mariner. My ship went down one night, and my men were lost at sea. I drank myself silly, trying to deal with it. Merlin found me, irritated me, but gave a pretty convincing pep talk. So, I joined him, and became a solider for me. He saved me.” He explained.

Pocahontas was about to respond until Esmeralda interrupted, “How do you know he cares?”

Eric chuckled, “He’s an all-powerful wizard. He can make an army if he wanted. There were times where he could have just abounded us and leave us. Believe me, sometimes we wanted him to. But he never disserted us. That’s how he cares. No matter how far you push him, he won’t back down. I admire it about him.” He explained.

The girls looked at each other.

What a guy.

“Where’s Quasimodo?” Esmeralda asked. “Where is he? Is he okay?”

Sinbad motioned his head to follow him, “Stay quiet though.” He warned.

He led them towards the east wing of the castle, to a tower door. They slowly walked up the steps of the tower, to the attic. On a twin-size bed, Quasimodo laid with his damaged eye wrapped up and he was sweating profusely.

Esmeralda rushed to the edge of his bed, and touched his hand, “Quasi.” She sighed.

“Is he gonna be okay?” Pocahontas asked.

Eric sighed, “His master threw a knife at his eye when he was just trying to protect his friend.” He explained to her.

“My god.” Pocahontas said, she wanted to go in and help, but she was scared she would mess something up.

Megara walked over and sat on the other side of his bed.

Esmeralda sniffed, wiping her nose, “Where’s Merlin?” she asked. “He’s not here?”

“If Merlin found out that we have him up here, he’d kick him to the curb.” Sinbad said.

“Why?” Esmeralda questioned.

“Because Merlin hates Frollo.” Derek said coming into the room, “So he won’t wanna help his ward.”

Esmeralda got up from Quasimodo’s bed and made her way downstairs.

“Esmeralda!” Megara shouted after her.

Sinbad and Derek took off after her, as Esmeralda went looking for Merlin. Luckily, she found him in the throne room. “Merlin!” she called out.

Merlin put his book to the side and stood up from the throne chair.

“Something wrong?” he asked.

Esmeralda stopped in front of him, and sighed, “Someone is in the attic, and they’re critical. They need your help.” She said.

Merlin sprung into action as Sinbad and Derek were right by the door.

“Who’s the person?” he asked.

Back in the attic, Megara and Pocahontas were around Quasimodo who started to squirm in the bed like he was having a seizure.

“Oh my.” Megara backed up.

“Back up, back up.” Eric said.

The door opened with Merlin coming in, he saw Quasimodo and shook his head.

“Did you really aspect me to bac okay with this? Or even help him?” Merlin snapped.

“He’s critical Merlin.” Derek said.

“What does that have to do with me?” Merlin barked.

“Merlin, come on.” Sinbad begged, “Frollo threw a dagger at his eye because he was trying to help his friend.”

“Frollo daggered his own ward?” Merlin questioned.

“Please Merlin, please help him.” Esmeralda begged.

“I’m not getting involved with this.” Merlin said making his way to the door.

Esmeralda put her arm up blocking Merlin’s path. She heated up her hand, starting to burn the wood to the door.

“Esmeralda!” Megara shouted.

“Help. Him.” She ordered.
“Why?” Merlin questioned.

Esmeralda stepped closer to him, “He’s risked his life multiple times to keep me safe from Frollo, he takes abuse from Frollo, he’s the nicest person I know. He’s my friend, I can’t let him die after everything he’s done for me. You should know something about that, not giving up on someone.” She said.

Merlin raised his chin to her.

“If you don’t,” she warned, “I will burn your castle to the ground.”

“Esmeralda!” Derek barked.

Merlin held up his arm to Derek to not intervene. “Fine.” He said.

She looked shocked.

“I respect your love for him, and there’s definite fire in your eyes. And I rather not take you on at full power.” Merlin said, “I’ll help him.”

Esmeralda sighed relief, “Thank you.”

Cinderella pulled her yellow blonde out of a dark green Women's Trendy Belted Waterfall Collar Coat, that she paired with black leggings and black WOMEN VINTAGE MEDIEVAL BOOTS RETRO COSPLAY HIGH MARTIN BOOTS. Thanks Mrs. Potts.

She stepped onto the concrete floor in the backyard of the castle, on an area that looked like a training ground; wide ground with carvings in the ground, four squares set up for hand-to-hand combat, etc.

“You like it?” Asked Tarzan behind her.

“It’s nice.” She said. “Battle grounds?”

“Yeah, training. It’s where Merlin trained us.” He explained.

“Will he train us here?” she asked.

“Here and there.” He answered.

She walked further on to the ground and held out her hand from her hip. The ground started to shake a bit, as four huge square, stone, huge cylinders grew from the ground. She stopped, and held her heart.

“Don’t use too much.” John Smith said, coming onto the grounds.

She turned to him as he pulled a handkerchief from his jacket, he handed it to her and smiled. She took it nicely and dabbed her upper lip like a lady.

The night fell over everyone, and it seemed like everyone was ready to sleep. But not always with closing their eyes to a peaceful slumber.

Shang knocked on a door, about three times before the person on the other end finally opened up.

“What’s with the banging?” Phillip questioned.

Shang just barged in, and pulled Phillip’s head to his lips.

“Mm!” Phillip grunted, but he pulled Shang further into the room shutting the door. “I thought you said we couldn’t do that.”

Shang panted, holding the sides of Phillip’s face.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the pristine area known as Pride Rock, the lions were their own animals. Survived on their own. Ruled on their own. Now they have to manage on their own.

The new king, Kopa, Simba’s eldest living son looked over the rock, he noticed something rather strange about the area. He noticed it for days now; it was getting unusually smelly, the plants were re-growing, and the herds were starting to act strange.

After the last battle, the fire must have done something worse than thought. And Kopa knew that.

His best friend, Griffin, walked up to join him.

“Is the land getting any better?” he asked.

“No, I’m not sure what’s wrong.” Kopa said.

Griffin stood tall watching over the land, his black mane blowing behind him.

“What do you wanna do?” he asked.

“Something, I don’t wanna do. KOVU!” Kopa called.

Kovu came out of Pride Rock, his nose turned up from the awful smell, as he approached his king. “What’s up?”

Kopa sighed, “I need the both of you to do something for me.” He said.

Griffin listened and Kovu nodded.
“I believe after the war, there’s some devastation going on. These lands aren’t safe anymore for Pride Rock anymore, it’s not growing and we can’t like this.” Kopa explained.

“What do you want us to do?” Kovu asked.

Kopa took a deep breath, “Something I don’t wanna do, but I need you two to go........go find some other land. Big enough for this pride, three prides. Griffin, go to the east. Take some of your pride with you. Kovu, go to the west. Take ones loyal to you.”

“Kopa please.” Griffin said.

“I’m king now Griffin, I have to make certain decisions. No one can live on dying land.” He said.

Griffin sighed, and Kovu nodded. “As you wish.” Kovu said.

“For the love of God, the both of you. Be careful, and god...come back.” Kopa’s voice broke.

Griffin nodded, “We’ll find somewhere. Right Kovu?”

Kovu nodded, “We’ll find somewhere to live.”

Griffin and Kovu went inside the rock to speak to their wives; Kiara and Sapphire. Kopa remained on the rock, closing his eyes. He was hoping he was making the right decision. He was suddenly joined by his father and grandfather; Simba and Mufasa.

“Now tell me I didn’t hear what I thought I just heard.” Simba said.

“What’d you hear? You getting old, old man.” Kopa joked.

“Nah, that’s my forte.” Mufasa said. “What’s going on?”

“After everything that happened; Scar returning, Vitani leaving, that war, everything.” Kopa went on, “This land is dying. It’s seen so much devastation.”

“I noticed that too.” Simba said.

Mufasa shook his head, “We lived here for years, and years. I never thought I’d actually live to see the day that the land finally died.” He said.

“I’m sorry grandpa.” Kopa said.

“Not your fault son, it’s nature.” Mufasa said nuzzling his head on Kopa’s.

“Now I just had to send out my best friend, and my sister’s husband to find new land.” Kopa said.
“We understand son.” Simba said.

“I don’t know.” Kopa said.

“Welcome to being a real king.” Mufasa said.

Kopa shook his head and looked down as Simba and Mufasa looked out into the open land. Kion sat in the back of the rock watching his older brother struggle. He looked up at the skies above, he gulped. What could he do? What could he do to help his brother? What? He couldn’t control nature.

“You okay?” asked his friend, Fuli.

“No.” Kion answered blankly.

“Do you have to go?” Kiara sniffed.

“Kiara, I have to help Kopa. He’s my king. I don’t wanna leave you and the kids, but I have to help.” Kovu explained.

Kiara sniffed. She understood his position, she just didn’t wanna let him go. She looked over to their three sleeping cubs. She then got up from the floor and walked over nuzzling her husband’s nose. He nuzzled back and licked the side of her head.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Just....,” she sniffed, “Come back to me. Promise me to come back.”

“I promise.” Kovu said.

“So, first I lose my child to my father and now I’m losing my husband to his friend, my king?” Sapphire questioned her husband.

“Babe, Kopa’s my best friend and I have to help. You see how this land is acting don’t you?” Griffin asked.

Sapphire sighed and nodded, “Mheetu was last seen going east.” She said.

Griffin closed his lion eyes, “If I run into Mheetu, I will take back our son.” He said.

Sapphire smiled, “Griffin.” She said.

He turned to her.

“Come here.” She said.

Griffin walked over to his wife as she nuzzled her nose to him.

Griffin took off the next morning with ten of his home pride including his mother. Kovu took off in the west that afternoon, with the hyenas who pledged loyalty to him.

Kopa watched them both take off, he sighed. Once again, hoping he made the right decision.

Chapter Text

“Sooo, does anyone wanna tell me where the titans are? Or those blasted elementals for that matter?” Hades snapped at his council.

They were seated at the dark stone, round table. Seating Hades at the head with Eris, Maleficent, the Shadow Man, Ursula with her many tentacles and all, on both sides of him.

Eris held up her hand and waved it over the World Globe, she played with her fingers revealing that all the elementals/titans were located in one spot.

“They must be with Merlin,” Eris leaned back in her chair, “They have to be training.”

“So, what do we do? Take the power now? When they barely know nothing.” Maleficent asked.

“No.” Hades stated.

They turned to him with questionable faces.

“You wanna let them build their power?” the Shadow Man asked.

“It’s my power. Taking it now would be stupid.” He said.

“Howwww so?” Eris asked.

“There’s no point. The power of the titans is enough to wipe them out.” Hades said.

“What do you mean?” Maleficent asked.

“The power of a titan is not for mere mortals, they won’t be able to handle the power at full max. Let alone the pesky elementals my brother made. Their power is too much as well.” Hades explained.

“So, we’ll simply let them burn out?” the Shadow Man asked.

“No, we push them to ‘try’ and manage their powers. So, when they get weak, we can take them back.” Hades explained, “So, I’m going to get some ‘on the ground’ help.”

“Like who?” Eris barked.

“Ahem.” Hades cleared his throat.

Handsome as he is sneaky, and hypnotizing.

“Ah, Jafar.” Hades said.

“God of the Underworld, Hades in the flesh. It’s an honor.” Jafar said.

Hades smiled and stood up from his chair. He walked around the table and stuck his hand out to Jafar. He used both his hands to cup Hades’s and shook firmly.

“Ah Jafar, you are an all-powerful genie. Powers that go beyond basic magic, is that correct?” Hades asked.

Jafar nodded, “I am.”

“Hmm,” Hades walked around Jafar, “The power of a genie is...extraordinary. Space and time.” He said.

“Is there something you want from me?” Jafar asked.

“I believe I have a well-made concoction that could.........expand your powers.” Hades explained.

Jafar paused, “What do you mean expand my powers?” he asked.

“To the point where you don’t have to have a master, to grant wishes.” Hades said.

Jafar slowly faced the God, “You’d do that? For me? Why?” he questioned.

“For your loyalty. Your allegiance to me.” Hades answered.

“I can do that.” He said.

“Good.” Hades reached over and grabbed Jafar’s hand.

“AH!” Jafar said, he felt his skin burn with a cresting mark of Hades imprinting in.

“Welcome to Hell.” Hades said.

Jafar rubbed his hand, seeming to regret what he just did. He turned to the people around the table who all had the marks of Hades on their bodies. Jafar sighed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Griffin pushed his paws into the ground, stepping along the dry straws on the ground. He looked back at his pride behind him. Without his wife, he was rather lonely. They’ve been walking for two days now, in the hot sun and dry air.

“Griffin, my son.” Called his mother, Alina.

Griffin came to a halt, which halted his pride.

“We need to find water.” He said.

“My son, please you’ll exhaust yourself.” Alina said.
“We need water” he repeated, “How am I supposed to be the leader of this pride if I can’t find water.”

“Then let’s rest in the shade nearby, and we’ll find water. Everyone is tired.” She explained.

Griffin turned around, “Tuscan! Riji! Come here.” He called.

Tuscan; a male lion with dark skin and black mane. Riji; another male lion with bright autumn skin and a bright sun yellow mane.

“What can we do for you?” Tuscan asked.

“You two are my fastest paws, I’m gonna let the pride rest, but I need you both to go further and find water.” He said.

Tuscan nodded, and Riji said, “We’ll be happy to do this for you, our king.”

Griffin smiled, “Drop the king talk, I’ve known the both of you since we were kids before I had to leave to Pride Rock.” He said.

Tuscan and Riji smiled and chuckled a bit.

“Well we’re happy that you’re in charge now, instead of your father.” Tuscan said.

Griffin smiled, and nodded.

Tuscan and Riji then took off to find water.

“Let’s rest!” he called back to the Pride.

They moved off to the side, under some trees and laid down. However, back at Pride Rock Kopa and Kiara were over looking the Outlands, and things were getting worse.

“It smells worse over here.” Kiara said.

“It’s dying faster.” Kopa said.

Kiara sighed, and Kopa shook his head.

“Your husband takes control of the Outlands; I gave him that right because he understands it better.” he explained.

“I thank you for doing that, giving Kovu some power. I mean Scar never ruled here; Zira was crazy and..” her voice trailed off.

“Don’t bring her into this.” he snapped.

“Kopa, you should talk about this.” She said.

“She left, the only thing I care more about is my son.” He said, “My little cub, my little Abbias.”

“Abbias is a strong little cub. He’s his father.” She said.

He smiled a bit, “I am still worried about them. Both of them, Griffin’s my best friend and Kovu and I were getting along better as brothers in law.” He explained.

She smiled, “Then stop stressing, and have faith in both of them.”

Kopa grinned, “This is why you’re my sister. You always calm me down.”

She nuzzled his head a bit as their father came up behind them to join them.

“You two okay?” Simba asked.

“Just thinking father.” Kopa said with an eye roll.

“Quit stressing, I know you.” Simba said.

“Can’t I stress a little?” Kopa questioned with a smirk.

Kiara and Simba laughed together, as Kopa rolled his eyes playfully.

“I’m gonna go back to the Rock.” she said, making her way back to Pride Rock.

She climbed up the stones and nodded to her mother. She entered the cave and saw Sapphire off in the corner.

“Sapphire?” she questioned.

Sapphire stood up and came out of the darkness.


“You okay?” she asked.

“Um, before Griffin left, we uh......had ‘our fun’.” Sapphire started to say.

Kiara’s eyes widened, “Sapphire...”

“...........I’m pregnant.” she confirmed.

“Sapphire are you crazy? Scar is still out there; Griffin isn’t here to protect you. Why-“Kiara started to say.

“I know, I know, I know. We just got caught up and then he was gone. I didn’t realize I was pregnant again until now. Now I’m gonna have another baby and now I’ll have two children I have to keep away from my own father.” Sapphire sniffed, “Sometimes I wish I wasn’t born to him, or even at all.”

“Don’t say that.” Kiara sat down next to her, “You don’t say that. There’s a reason you’re here. You’re one of my closest friends, you’re Griffin’s wife, and you’re here to help us keep our Prides in a good place. That’s why you’re here. Just because you’re a traitor’s daughter doesn’t mean to atone to the sins of your dad.”

“Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go? The sins of the father affect the child?” Sapphire asked.

“Then don’t let ‘em. Don’t be Scar. Be Sapphire.” Kiara said.

Sapphire sniffed and smiled at her friend.

“And I’ll help you with the baby, we’ll keep ‘em safe. And Griffin will have a second child now.” She said.

Sapphire smiled and hugged (wrapped necks) Kiara.

“Did I hear that correctly?” Nala asked walking in, “Are you having another one?”

Sapphire smiled as Nala hugged her.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Merlin decided to release some tension by having the kitchen staff prepare a special dinner for the Elementals. Be Our Guest anyone?

In the Airs Room,

Rapunzel was fitted in a multi-pink EMBELLISHED GOWN. She adjusted her shoulders to see herself in the mirror better at all angles.

“Are you sure this’ll work for tonight?” she asked the Dresser.

“OH yes! Tonight, the kitchen staff will sing a tune for all of you and I want you all to shine! This color is gorgeous on you and you’re gonna blow everyone away!” the Dresser sang happily, making Rapunzel smile brightly.

Anna walked up next to her cousin in a lavender purple Trumpet/Mermaid Bateau Beading Short Sleeves Long Chiffon Dress.

“Oh, you look beautiful.” Rapunzel said.

Anna smiled, but then reached up and undid Rapunzel’s hair.

“What are you-?” Rapunzel started to ask.

“Let your hair down, show your beauty.” Anna said with a smile, fanning out Rapunzel’s long blonde curls.

“Thank god, I’ve been telling her that too.” The Dresser said making both girls giggle.

Elsa let loose a few strands of her light blonde hair from her long braid. She smoothed her hands over her Trumpet/Mermaid V-neck Sweep Train Lace Evening Dress with Beading. She stared at herself in the mirror, and smiled a bit.

“You okay?” asked Kida behind her.

Elsa turned around to the beauty in a gun blue silver Two-Piece High-Neck Beaded Long Formal Gown.

“Yeah, it’s just the first time in a long time that I actually............felt beautiful.” She said.

Kida smiled with her white hair, all out and shiny. She walked over to Elsa and pushed a Ladies Beautiful Rhinestone Headband in Elsa’s hair.

“There, now you’re even more beautiful.” Kida said.

Elsa smiled as Ariel came into the room with a blue Mac Duggal Long-Sleeve Lace-Illusion Gown on.

“Hey the dinner starts a few minutes, and did you two just turn up the glam factor to twenty?” she joked making Kida and Elsa giggle.

Pocahontas decided to go with a ‘sexy’ look tonight. She dressed up in a mixed brown brmu CUT OUT PRINTED MAXI DRESS. It showed off her curves well, which made her feel even more sexy.

“Wow, you look nice.” Cinderella said, coming into the room.

Pocahontas smiled, “I plan on catching someone’s attention tonight.” she explained.

“Mm, you and me both.” Cinderella said in her blush pink MARCHESA NOTTE floral-appliquéd tiered ruffled gown.

They both giggled as Rapunzel, Elsa, and Anna’s cousin; Merida came into the room.

“Can you guys help me zip this up?” Merida asked, she was wearing a dark green Latest Design Mermaid Evening Dresses Long Illusion Sleeve Crystal Silk Imitation Lace Pageant Gown.

“Oh. Here, hang on.” Cinderella said, zipping up the back.

Aurora looked stellar in her burgundy red Latest Design Popular Green Plus Size Mermaid Evening Dresses Long Illusion Sleeve Crystal Silk Imitation Lace Pageant Gown. Her hair was down showing off her dirty blonde locks just as Megara came into the room.

“I gotta say, that Dresser has some good taste.” Megara said, wearing a gold and black MSK
Metallic-Print Pleated Blouson Gown.

A portion of her hair was in a braid on the left while the rest was just out.

“She does.” Aroura said.

“Oh wow, you look nice.” Megara said.

Aurora blushed a bit as Megara walked up and handed her a white and gold VESNIBA LLC Women Peacock Flower Scarf Long Soft Wrap Shawl Stole Pashmina.

“Red and gold look great on you.” Megara said, meeting Aurora’s eyes.

Aurora smiled a bit until they both heard the door open.

Jasmine stepped in, in a black and gold MARCHESA NOTTE embroidered corset gown.

“Hey, you guys ready?” she asked.

The dining room was set up like an absolute party area for forty, but an old-fashioned dining feast for a king and queen. The boys were all around the table area, in their suits. The waiters who were handing them wine glasses. Or in Jim’s case, water glasses.

Merlin was near the window as Kenai and Derek approached him.

“I AM PROUD TO INTRODUCE, MY BEAUTIES FOR THE NIGHT!” sang the Dresser, which made some of the boys, chuckle and others plug their ears.

“The elementals...” the Dresser sang dramatically.

The girls entered the room, leaving the men in awe.

“Oh my god...”

“They’re beautiful....”

“I’m speechless...”

Sinbad couldn’t keep his eyes off of Pocahontas. She took a wine glass from a tray and turned to him. She smiled at him, and he couldn’t stop staring. She turned away for a moment to say something to Odette (Swan Princess). Sinbad then turned to see Aurora.

She looked up at him and smiled at him. Sinbad scratched his head.

“This is unfair. Too many beautiful girls in here, not! Fair!” he joked making Miguel, Eric, and Tarzan laugh.

Jack looked around until he saw his target; Elsa. She looked up from speaking with Merlin for a moment. She blushed at him.

“I’ll be right back.” He said.

“Mm, you going for the ice queen?” Aladdin asked.

“Yep, and you can go for the fire queen.” Jack said pointing out Jasmine.

Both boys scattered.

Elsa shook her head at a waiter declining a wine glass.



“Are you starting to feel more comfortable here?” he asked.

“Merlin does a good job keeping his castle all nice and organized. He’s making it ‘comfortable’.” She said.

“That’s all he cares about, making sure everyone is comfortable.” He explained.

Elsa smiled, she couldn’t stop.

“How long have you been here?” she asked.

“Few years, Merlin got me from my home. I still go back and visit sometimes.” He said.

She licked her lips, “I hate to pry, but are you-?” she started to ask.

“Jack Frost. One of the Guardians, yes I am.” He confirmed, “And you’re suppose to be Queen Elsa of Arandelle.”

“I am.” She said, “You have incredible power over ice.”

“Do you like ice?” he asked, he held up his hand, small snowflakes came from his palm.

She held up her hand and touched her fingers on his palm.

“I’ve always had.... a drawn to it. I guess it’s my Water powers. It’s quite interesting.” She said, stepping closer.

He let her get closer before he took a step closer, they almost entwined fingers.

“Are you enjoying the wine?” Aladdin asked Jasmine walking up to her.

She turned to him and smiled, “It’s quite tasty.”

Aladdin smiled, “You ready to eat?”

“A bit, and I’m a bit scared.” She said.

“How come?” he asked.

“Don’t know what to expect. Merlin has a knack for surprises.” She said.

“Well he wants to make you comfortable.” He said.

“I appreciate that from him.” She said.

He smiled at her, while she smiled back before looking around at everyone else.

“There’s so many people in here with so many powers. It’s amazing that it could even exist.” She said.

“Is it that amazing?” Aladdin asked.

She held up her hand, igniting her fire power again. He reached forward and put his fingers in between her’s with the flames around it.

“It doesn’t burn you?” she asked, jumping.

He shook his head, “Merlin’s armor has some lasting effects, immunity to fire.” He said.

“Is this immune?” she asked, pressing her hand on his chest.

“Not immune,” He placed his hand on her’s, “Just guarded.”

She stared into his eyes.

“EVERYONE!” Merlin shouted from the front.

Everyone turned to him.

“I would like everyone to take a seat around the table and we’ll begin dinner.” He said.

The girls sat down as the boys sat down next to them. The lights dimmed in the room to almost pitch-black dark. Until the candles in the room were lit to add a low golden glow to the room. Then a spotlight took place in the middle of the table getting everyone’s attention.

“Ma chere Mademoiselles, it is with deepest pride
And greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.”

The smoothing talking, fire burning candelabra that is, Lumiere. The girls all smiled in shock at him while the boys were use to Lumiere’s musical ways.

“And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair
As the dining room proudly presents
Your dinner!"

Other utensils jumped up on the table to join Lumiere for the musical performance for the girls. The girls sat back in their chairs and waited for it.

“Be our guest, be our guest
Put our service to the test
Tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie
And we'll provide the rest
Soup du jour, hot hors d'oeuvres
Why, we only live to serve
Try the grey stuff, it's delicious
Don't believe me, ask the dishes

The girls smiled brightly starting to enjoy the show, while Merlin was also smiling at them having fun.

They can sing, they can dance
After all, miss, this is France
And a dinner here is never second best
Go on, unfold your menu
Take a glance and then you'll
Be our guest oui, our guest
Be our guest”

The girls started looking around them to the other utensils and dishes coming out of the kitchen room with the food which made the girls smile as their plates were set in front of them. Along with the magic.

Beef ragout, cheese soufflé
Pie and pudding, on flambé
We'll prepare and serve with flair
A culinary cabaret
You're alone and you're scared
But the banquet's all prepared
No one's gloomy or complaining
While the flatware's entertaining
We tell jokes, I do tricks
With my fellow candlesticks

And it's all in perfect taste that you can bet
Come on and lift your glass
You've won your own free pass
To be our guest if you're stressed
It's fine dining we suggest
Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest

The girls all clapped along and smiled at the dishes dancing around them. Cinderella grinned as John Smith fanned the salt off her head, making her giggle. Elsa drank some of the juice and held her glass up in appreciation at the dishes who sang around her. Pocahontas ate some of the beef and covered her mouth nodding at Sinbad that it was really good. He then placed another plate in front of her to try.

It's a guest, it's a guest
Sake's alive, well I'll be blessed!
Wine's been poured and thank the Lord
I've had the napkins freshly pressed
With dessert, she'll want tea
And my dear that's fine with me
While the cups do their soft-shoein'
I'll be bubbling, I'll be brewing

Mrs. Potts came out then on her tray handing the girls more cups, which made the girls completely clap in appreciation for the dinner.

I'll get warm, piping hot
Heaven's sakes! Is that a spot?
Clean it up, we want the company impressed
We've got a lot to do!
Is it one lump or two?
For you, our guest (They’re our guest)
They’re our guest (They’re our guest)

Merlin swirled his finger for them to keep going.

While the candlelight's still glowing
Let us help you, we'll keep going
Course by course, one by one
'Til you shout, "enough I'm done!"
Then we'll sing you off to sleep as you digest
Tonight you'll prop your feet up
But for now, let's eat up
Be our guest
Be our guest

Melody pointed out stuff towards the ceiling with the dancing utensils to Wendy who smiled brightly.

Be our guest
Please, be our guest

Esmeralda smiled brightly at Odette as Lumiere finished the last note, Odette was amazed. They all were. They all stood up and clapped for everything.

“Oh my god, that was amazing.” Merida gushed.

“I’ve never seen anything like it.” Giselle said.

“It’s beautiful.” Anna said.

“You guys are amazing and so talented.” Moana said to Mrs. Pott’s tray.

“Well I’m glad you all enjoyed the show, now eat and enjoy now.” Merlin said with a smile.

The girls obeyed and dug into their food.

After dinner, Sinbad, Charming, and Tarzan all slipped out of the dining room and made their way towards the attic. Charming sat down next to Quasimodo’s bed as the young hunchback was sweating and panting.

“He’s overheating.” He said.

Sinbad crossed his arms on the wall as Tarzan handed Charming a cup of water.

“Can you try?” Tarzan asked.

“I can’t, he can choke on it if I try.” Charming said.

“How is he?” Merlin asked, which made them all jump, startled.

“He’s overheating.” Charming repeated.

“Is that concoction you made helping him?” Sinbad asked.

“It’s gonna make him sweat out a lot.” Merlin said.

“He keeps having nightmares.” Charming said.

“How do you know?” Tarzan asked.

Just then, Quasimodo reached for the knife on the side of the bed. Charming caught his hand and moved the knife away.

“That’s how.” Charming explained.

“Is he okay?” Rapunzel asked, suddenly appearing by the stairwell with Cinderella.

“He’s doing better, but he hasn’t opened his other eye and he keeps having nightmares.” Charming explained.

Rapunzel walked over with Cinderella. Cinderella pressed her hand on Quasimodo’s wooden bed post and used her Earth element to create flowers and vines all around the bed. The boys all looked amazed as his bed became a safe spot.

Rapunzel looked up at her.

“Hopefully he’ll feel that, and he’ll feel safe.” She said.

Rapunzel put her hand down on his forehead, he sighed and calmed down.

Esmeralda was by the stairwell door watching, she appreciated the help and care.

“You know it’s only gonna be a matter of time before Frollo comes looking for him.” Derek said behind her.

She turned to him, “I know. And I don’t want him to.”

“He’s going to. You can tell that Frollo hates loosing.” He said.

Esmeralda sighed, “I know he’s gonna come here. I don’t want him to abuse Quasi anymore.” She said.

“We know, and we won’t let him.” He said.

She smiled shyly.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Griffin stood up from the ground under a shady tree, he looked around at his Pride who were resting, comfortably. He looked further out into the distance ahead of them to see Tuscan and Riji running.

“Tuscan! Riji!” he shouted to them both.

“We found a watering hole.” Tuscan explained.

Griffin smiled brightly at his two lions coming back in one piece.

“How far is it?”

“About a mile down there.” Riji explained.

Griffin smiled brightly, and then turned to the rest of his Pride. They all stood up with a smile.

“Oh my god, elder grandmother.” Alina said.

Griffin hurried to the back of the Pride to where one of the Elders of the Pride was weak and breathing heavily.

“Elder?” he questioned, “Are you okay?”

The Elder lioness shook her head at him, “Griffin, sweetie, you have to keep going and get the Pride to safety.” She said.

“No, no no no no. We can’t leave you here.” He said.

“You don’t have a choice sweetie, I’m not gonna make it.” She said.

He shook his head, getting emotional.

“But- “

“Circle of life sweetie. Kopa was right to put you in charge, lead them to safety. Lead them all to safety. As a king. Our king. You’re your father’s son, but you’re wiser than your father. And braver.” She said, before taking a deep breath.

“Elder.” Alina said.

“Find your son too, and you’ll be with your wife again.” The Elder said.

He shook his head, closing his eyes, and sighed. The Elder closed her eyes and passed on. He dropped his head as his mother nuzzled his head.

“Sweetie, hey look at me. I know you don’t wanna loose anyone.” She started to say.

“I don’t...” He whimpered.

“But that’s how it goes honey. We have to keep moving, and we might loose some of our own. We have to keep going. We don’t have a choice. Kopa’s counting on you.” Alina explained.

Griffin sniffed and lifted his head up.


He looked up at the bright sun and it seemed to dim down a bit as a huge eagle flew in front of it casting its shadow. A message to keep moving forward.

Let’s go.

At Pride Rock, Heeta was overlooking the Outlands as Simba walked up next to him.

“What’s the matter?” Simba asked.

“Dad told me that I should be looking for a bride.” Heeta replied.

“You don’t wanna marry anyone?” Simba asked.

“Not now.” Heeta said.

“Something you wanna tell me?” Simba asked.

Heeta sighed and looked down at the ground.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
While Merlin’s castle was silent for the night, they were all suddenly awoken from their sleep by the sound something big smacking into the castle. Luckily Merlin put a protective barrier on the castle so it wouldn’t break, but it still jostled them all awake.

“What was that?” Esmeralda questioned.

“I don’t know.” Jasmine answered as the girls all heard thundering footsteps running down the hallway to make it outside.

Mulan and Merida ran to the window.

“Oh my god...” Mulan said in shock.

Outside in the courtyard in the sky, was Hades, himself flying in on a black carriage with Eris and Maleficent next to him in the carriage.

“That can’t be.” Merida said.

“It is................that’s Hades.” Mulan answered.

Merlin ran into his courtyard with his teams behind him.

“The water.” Jack said as they all turned to the ocean on the left.

The water was dark, the skies were moving fast, and the waves were very large. All of a sudden, a towering Ursula came out of the water.

“You gotta be kidding me.” Tulio said.

“Are we prepared for this?” Miguel asked.

“We don’t have a choice.” Merlin answered.

“MERLINNN! I’M HOMEEEE!” Hades sang landing in front of them.

“Dammit Hades, what are you doing here?” Merlin barked.

“You took my titans; I’d like them back.” Hades said.

“So, you can continue this stupid war?” Merlin questioned.

“No! So, I can take back what’s mine!” Hades barked back.

“Olympus was never yours!” Merlin snapped back.

Hades stiffened, “You really think those girls you have up there or any of these boys can handle the titans’ power and the elementals.” He said.

“Time will tell. And I plan on training the girls, like I did the boys.” Merlin said.

“Then let me see them.” Hades said.

Merlin’s face angered, as he suddenly blasted Eris and Maleficent back into the stone gates.



Hades turned around to see if both girls were okay, but Merlin had already jumped to attack him. Hades blocked Merlin’s pressure attack as the teams ran in to stop Hades’s minions.

Eris stood up just as Sinbad swung his flail at her. Eris moved her head of the way, dodging the attack. She pulled a thread from her back and wrapped it around his neck.

“AGH!” Sinbad grunted, as he felt the soul started to disappear from his body.

“Sinbad!” Tulio said.

Aladdin came from the side and smacked his baton in her face, making her lose focus. She let go of the thread giving Sinbad his soul back.

“God,” Sinbad grunted, “Gotta remember to avoid that damn thing.”

Tarzan tried whipping at Maleficent, but she avoided it and blew fire at him. He dodged outta the way and hit Kenai.

“AGH!” he grunted in pain.

“Kenai!” Derek ran over and helped Kenai.

Inside, the girls were watching as Merlin gave the castle orders to not let them out.

“Mrs. Potts.” Esmeralda said, “Let us out.”

“Girls...” Mrs. Potts begged.

“Let. Us. Out. We can’t let them do this alone.” Wendy chimed in.

They all looked each other before moving aside letting the girls enter the battle.

Merlin turned around from battling Hades, and his eyes went up in shock.

“GIRLS! NO! GO BACK INSIDE!” he shouted.

Hades smiled evilly and knocked Merlin down.

The boys were helping each other stand up when Ursula made that huge towering wave.

“That’s gonna drown us!” Miguel shouted.

“What do we do?!”

Ursula moved her arms to send the wave over them, but it stopped.

“What the?!” she shouted.

Elsa stood in front of the wave on the courtyard and had her hands out in front of her. Believe in yourself. Believe your powers. Connect. Elsa had connected with the water and held it to a stop. Ursula pushed harder making Elsa almost loose control.

“Uh.” Elsa grunted.

“You won’t beat me. You’re weak!” Ursula hissed.

Kida came up next to Elsa, adding more control, and then Ariel, Melody and then Moana from the back. All together they managed to hold the wave in place.

“Dammit.” Ursula hissed.

Merlin looked amazed at the girls, but Hades knocked him over again and pointed a spear at him.

“You see these girls could be an asset to me, and your teams. But I’m gonna have to dispose of you first Merlin. You’re quite the pest.” Hades said slowly.

Merlin held his chin up high until Esmeralda and Tiana ran in blasting fire directly at Hades in the face.

“UH!” Hades backed up, trying to use his arms to move the fire away so he could see.

Merlin looked up at both girls, they looked back at him and smiled down at him. He smiled at them.

Like a proud teacher.


Chapter Text

The dust settled, the smoke lingered in the air, and everyone was out like a light. The girls all woke up slowly from the dirt and grabble.

“Uh, my head.” Elsa said, she turned on her side and shook Ariel.

Ariel sat up on her side as they all looked around the destroyed courtyard.

“Jesus.” Merlin hissed, “My courtyard.”

The boys all woke up as well, looking around the burned down area.

“Dammit.” Merlin hissed, struggling to stand up.

Pocahontas started feeling around her body.

“What’s wrong?” Merida questioned.

“I don’t remember anything that happened very well, but I do remember fighting. Like something was being sucked outta me.” She said.

“That was Hades, trying to take your magic.” Merlin explained.

Pocahontas sighed, “Did he succeed?”

Merlin smiled, “No. All of you fought back and held onto your power. Because it’s yours.”

The girls all smiled at each other and then looked around at the boys who tapped their weapons together.

“Mm, I think we’ve won this battel......for now.” The wizard said.

The girls gathered back inside and made their way to the bathrooms. Turning on the nozzles letting the hot water pour onto their exposed bodies. Giselle rubbed her hands full of soap up her throat. Moana was washing soap in her hair. And Jasmine was moving her hands up her legs with a razor and soap.

Pocahontas sat down on one of the light gray KIRKHAM TUFTED UPHOLSTERED STOOL, and pulled a comb through her long black hair. She kept a green towel wrapped around her chest as Esmeralda came up in front of her at the sink.

“I gotta give it to Merlin, he made these showers have amazing water pressure.” Esmeralda said.

“Mm, and nice razors. I love my smooth legs.” Pocahontas said playfully.

Elsa walked over with Merida.

“How do you take care of that hair?” Elsa asked, playing with Merida’s big red curls.

“Mm, lotta practice.” Merida joked.

“Come here.” Esmeralda said, as she started to play with Merida’s hair in the mirror.

“Mmm.” Odette said.

She walked up to Pocahontas and Esmeralda.

“Oh, hey I think they are gonna have breakfast ready soon.” She said.

“Oh god I can’t wait for some food Mrs. Potts makes the best.” Esmeralda said.

“Oh yes, I’d love it all.” Odette joked.

Kida walked up and threw her towel over Odette’s head, making Odette laugh a bit.

In the main dining room, Odette, Kida, Esmeralda, and Pocahontas were all seated around the table to eat a pristine breakfast. Kida pulled back her silver blue hair into a ponytail, and smoothed her hands over her navy blue HIGH LOW FLORAL DRESS. Odette sat next to her in a light blush pink EMBROIDERED DETAIL DRESS. Her blonde hair was fluffed, as she chomped down on a strip of bacon. Esmeralda adjusted her Striped Split Tie Back Crop Cami Top and Thornberry red High Waisted Sash Tie Ankle Pants. Pocahontas sighed, rubbing her stomach in her black PRINTED HANDKERCHIEF DRESS.

The girls all wrapped their fingers around their skinny tall wine glasses filled with orange juice. They all sipped the liquid and smiled at each other watching the other girls come into the room to eat Mrs. Puff’s spread.

Puffy yellow eggs. Crisp bacon that wasn’t too burnt to crunch but also not to soft to snap. Juicy thick slices of cooked to perfection ham. Wide circle buttermilk pancakes with sweet syrup. Bronzed waffles with buttermilk syrup. A wide variety of fruits; purple and green fresh plucked grapes, healthy yellow bananas, ripe oranges pealed and, in a circle, surrounding the huge cream filled oversize strawberry in the middle. About fifty skinny wine glasses filled with either orange juice or grape juice. What a yummy time.

Off on the side, Melody wore a black Lace Up Detail Crop Halter Top, and her sand LACE UP LINEN MAXI SKIRT. She held a wine glass in her hand, but luckily it was just the OJ. She was then joined by Wendy in an ALL MINE NAVY BLUE FLORAL PRINT HIGH-LOW WRAP DRESS.

“That’s not alcoholic is it?” Wendy asked.

“Nope. Could be though.” Melody said.

Wendy giggled.

In the showers for the boys, Phillip was the last one in like always. He rinsed out his hair and shut the water off. He stood there for a moment before reaching for the red towel. He wrapped it around his waist and stepped out onto the cold tile floor. He pushed back his wet hair, until he then heard something hit the floor.

“Hello? Guys?” he called out.

He looked around to see if he could see who did that. He started to walk around the other stalls until someone grabbed him by the stomach pulling him into one of the shower stalls.

“Uh.” He grunted.

The curtain was pulled shut and he was shoved on the wall. By Shang.

“Shang.” Phillip sighed.

“Didn’t guess it was me?” Shang asked.

“What are you doing in here?” Phillip asked.

“I needed a moment with you.” Shang said.

Phillip sighed as Shang got closer to his face. The blonde placed his hands on the sides of Shang’s face as Shang pushed down on the nozzle. The water poured over their bodies and heated up pretty fast. Shang leaned in kissing Phillip passionately, the blonde wrapped his arms around Shang’s neck.

Shang reached down and wrapped his hands around Phillip’s legs lifting him up. Phillip wrapped his legs around Shang’s waist and cupped his face kissing him passionately again.

Suddenly, the door opened with someone coming in. Phillip quickly covered Shang’s mouth. Shang stopped what he was doing as who ever entered the bathroom was getting close to their stall.

“Hello? Phillip you in here?” said the person, Thomas.

“Ye-yeah Thomas, I’m just finishing up.” Phillip said quickly.

“Okay.” Thomas answered, moving to the other side.

Shang let out a low chuckle, which made Phillip wanna laugh.

“Ssshhhhhh.” Phillip urged quietly.

Shang put him down, but Phillip pulled him back into a kiss. He wasn’t done with him yet.

In the dining room again, the boys joined to eat their breakfast. Anna put down her wine glass on the table, and adjusted the very low neckline of her Green Patchwork Sequin Cross Back Draped Spaghetti Strap Slit Elegant Maxi Dress. She excused herself from the dining room and made her way into the hallway near the front door.

“Anna.” Someone said from the door.

Anna stopped, slowly turned around, and came face to face with her husband, Hans.

“Hello wife.” He said.

She gulped and sighed, “Hans. What are you doing here?”

“You’re my wife. You and Elsa have been missing for weeks, almost a month now.” He said, “I have a right to know where my wife is.”

He walked closer to her and reached for her hands. She hesitated, but took his hands with hers.

“Why did you leave me?” he asked, his grip squeezed on her wrists.

“That hurts.”

“Answer me.” He said harshly.

“I didn’t leave. The man who owns this castle sent his teams to fetch Elsa and I. There are others who have the same powers as us. Even more.” She explained.

Hans let go.

“So, your powers, the air thing, the water. There are more of you?” he asked.

“Yes.” She answered.

“So now you can rub it in my face and hold it against me because some ‘man’ told you to?” Hans questioned, his voice getting meaner.

Her face turned to confusion, “No. They are my powers, I was given them for a reason. So is Elsa.” She said.

“You need to remember your place,” he grabbed her wrist, “You’re a woman. I am your husband.” He barked.

“Hans let go! That hurts!” Anna shouted.

“What is going on?!” Merlin questioned, coming into the hallway with everyone else.

Hans released Anna, who held her wrist in pain.

“Who are you?” Merlin questioned, “What are you doing in my castle?”

“I’m here for my wife.” Hans responded.

“Your wif-?” Merlin questioned.

“Merlin,” Elsa interrupted, “This is Hans, and he is married to my sister Anna. He’s rather rude.”

Hans turned around to face her, “Elsa. Don’t push it.”

“Don’t talk to my sister like that.” Anna said.

Hans turned to his wife, lifted his hand.

“Hans!” Elsa shouted.

He pulled back his hand slapping Anna in the face, making her fall to the ground.

“Anna!” Rapunzel shouted.

Merlin’s face angered, the teams grew ready to fight, but someone else acted first. Jasmine grabbed Hans by the wrist, and started to burn him.

“Ahh!” he shouted, collapsing to the ground.

“Don’t you! Ever! Put your hands on her!” Jasmine growled.

“Jasmine.” Anna begged, she jumped up and pulled Jasmine back, “It’s okay.”

“Anna.” Jasmine pleaded.

“You heard her, she’s my wife.” Hans said.

“You are still on the ground, and your wrist smells like barbecue. I’d shut it.” Proteus barked.

“Wife or not, you will not come in here and threaten one of my ‘elementals’. She is welcomed here, and is part of my family now. You will treat her with respect.” Merlin snapped.

Anna appreciated his words.

“Who exactly are you?” Hans questioned.

Merlin chuckled, and held up his hand.

Hans felt his throat start to close and it was getting harder and harder to breathe.

“Uh!” he grunted.

“Merlin.” Anna begged; Elsa grabbed her sister by the wrist.

“I’m an all-powerful wizard that can cause you great harm, so I’ll repeat,” Hans choked more, “Don’t. Touch. Her.” He barked.

Hans gave Merlin a mean glare before he released him.

Elsa pulled her sister aside, “Why won’t you leave him?”

Anna shook her head as the girls circled them both.

“What?” Elsa asked.

“I’m a princess, you’re a queen. We’re royalty. It’s our duty to provide for our country. Sadly, Hans provides his family’s army to us. So, I have to do what I have to do as a princess. Trust me, I wanna leave him. But I can’t.” Anna sighed.

Elsa shook her head.

“Anna.” Rapunzel said.

Anna shook her head and walked away. Rapunzel followed right behind her.

Quasimodo was still panting and sweating, when he finally jerked forward, finally opening his eye.

“Uh!” he panted.

He looked around the dark room and started breathing heavily again. He felt a panic attack coming on. The area reminded him of where he slept in the bells. Except that was his own place, until Frollo destroyed everything.

“Uh..uh..uh...HELPPPPP!” he bellowed.

About ten minutes later, Quasimodo looked to the right side where Merlin was sitting.

“You okay?” Merlin asked.

“Are....are you Melin?” Quasimodo asked.

Merlin raised his eyebrows, “Surprised, you know my name.”

“Frollo talked about you a few times, I think he owes you a debt.” Quasi explained.

“He does owe me. But we’re not here to talk about that right now, we are here to talk about you. Your eye.” Merlin pointed.

Quasimodo reached up to his wounded eye and felt a leather patch. He closed his eye.

“He did throw a knife at me....” he said in a low voice.

“He did, you were out for a good amount of time for you heal and we did what we could with your eye.” The wizard explained.

“You’re a wizard, you can’t- “the hunchback started to say.

“Some things are beyond my control Quasimodo, and the human body is something I haven’t mastered yet.” Merlin explained.

Quasimodo sighed.

“Quasi, my people protected you when you got here and saved you from Frollo. You’re welcome to stay here.” Merlin explained.

“I can?” Quasimodo questioned.

“Yep, but no one stays in my company unless they have a position here. When you’re up and ready, you can join one of my teams.” Merlin explained.

Quasimodo nodded, “That’s fair. Um, do you have any bells here?” he asked.

“Bells? Like church bells?” Merlin questioned.

“Yeah, even though Frollo is Frollo. Um, I did like the bells that I took care of.” Quasimodo explained.

Merlin nodded showing he understood, “I’ll be sure to put in some of those for you.” He said.

“Thank you, Merlin.” Quasimodo said.

Merlin nodded.

“Hey Pocahontas!” shouted Sinbad.

Pocahontas moved away from the door she was at, a room that lead to an open room with one platform.

“Hi.” She said sweetly.

“Want me to shove you the ‘River Bend?” he asked.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“It’s a huge river behind the castle that circles around the castle and the town. It’s gorgeous, and surrounded by tress.” He explained.

Her eyebrows rose in curiosity.

“Sure. I’d like to see it.” She said with a sweet smile.

He smiled back at her as they gathered up the other Earth girls and a few of the boys. Cinderella, Merida, Odette, and Giselle all walked down a little stone path through the forest surrounded by flowers. Sinbad, Charming, and Jack all stopped once they got near a dock that head at least three boats waiting.

The girls all smiled and looked at each other ready to get on the boats to sail the ‘River Bend’. Sinbad held out his hand and helped Pocahontas into the boat. She sat in front of him as the boats started to move. The ‘River Bend’ went down a blue, glittering water path that was wide enough to fit three thin canoes. It traveled through green tall trees and bushes of flowers underneath them.

“Hang on.” Sinbad said.

He wrapped his arms around Pocahontas’s waist, which made her jump a bit and get butterflies in her belly. The boat canoes went over a small waterfall.

“Ah!” Cinderella yelped.

The boats went over and then went into a zig zag, and down another waterfall. The girls all smiled and felt the warmth from the sun and the nature feeding off of the tree. The girls felt safe, in their elements, and felt at ease and peaceful. Pocahontas leaned back a bit so she could feel her skin against Sinbad’s chest. He didn’t mind at all; he reached forward and laid his hand on one of her’s.

Jasmine walked barefoot across the backyard, and made her way to the top of one of the small hills. She saw that something was engraved into the hill, like a tub. She hurried up to see what it was. It was a stone tub embedded into the floor, with small candles surrounding it. She smiled and looked inside, it looked like pure lava. Hot, orange red liquid. She reached in however, and felt that it was just regular water but in the color form of lava.

“Do you wanna get in?” asked someone behind her.

She whipped her head around see Eric behind her.

“Eric, right?” she asked.

“Yeah, I see you’re about to a fan of the lava tub.” He said.

She giggled at him, “I just wanted to try it out.” She said.

“Mm, maybe you and the other fire girls can better stand the temperature in there.” He said.

She giggled again and pushed her hand through her black hair. However, down below someone was watching them. Aladdin, and his face was just not having it.

Anna wiped her eyes, sitting in her bed in the Airs Room. Rapunzel came in, and crawled on the bed.

“Talk to me please.” Rapunzel begged.

Belle, Mulan, and Wendy came into the room and circled her bed.

“Why do you wanna stay with this man?” Rapunzel asked, “There has to be something else.”

She shook her head, “It’s a burden of being a princess, his family provides safety to my sister’s and I’s country, and I can’t just ditch him without political unravel. So, I’m stuck.”

She sniffed.

Mulan sat down on the edge, “You’re never just stuck Anna, you have a right to get out of this horrible marriage.” She said.

“He’s still here. I can’t escape him, he won’t leave.” She sobbed.

“Calm down.” Rapunzel said.

“Is there someone else you like? Or Love?” Belle asked.

“.................I’m in love with someone who I can’t have.” She confessed.

“Who?” Wendy asked, crossing her arms.

“A man named Kristoff.” Anna answered, “We were secretly seeing each other for about a year.”

“Well you’re here, call him over. Mostly if he makes you feel safe.” Rapunzel said.

“I want to, but I can’t find him anywhere.” Anna said.

Rapunzel wrapped her arms around her cousin, pulling her close as Mulan and Belle sat down at her feet. Wendy crawled in and hugged Anna from the back.

The Water girls decided to spend time together in the cave next to the castle, further into the cave was a mid-size pool. With glowing plants on the walls of it. However, the girls were missing one thing. Bathing suits. They were swimming in their nude, exposed skin. They wanted to feel free and really connect with the water. Ariel swam like the beautiful inner mermaid that she was. Kida resurfaced pushing her hands through her hands through her white hair. Elsa and Moana were swimming along the edges. Melody broke the surface and started swimming towards the edge to get out.

“Girls? Uh? Whoa!” Jack said quickly, covering his eyes.

Melody paused, blushed and looked over her shoulder to the others girls. Luckily, they stayed under the water so the boys couldn’t see correctly.

“Uh Merlin wants to see you girls.” Tulio said.

Melody looked over her shoulder to the other girls who nodded to her. She turned back to the boys and then her towel. Jim walked over and picked up her towel. He opened it for her. Melody stared at him for a moment and then walked up the steps slowly in her nude body. Luckily Jim holding the towel blocked her off from the others. She wrapped it around her body, and smiled up at him.

“Thank you.” She smiled.

He smiled back and gave a nod.

In Pride Rock, the area was still dying and Kopa was growing more and more worried about Kovu and Griffin. He looked down from the rock watching Simba, Heeta, and their father, Mufasa, coming back from patrol.

“Hey, have you talked to dad yet about a wife?” Simba asked.

“Simba, please not now.” Heeta replied.

“Heeta, I’m not trying to make you feel uncomfortable, but you know how dad’s relationship with his brother was. I don’t want that between you and me.” Simba explained.

Heeta stopped in his tracks, and gulped.

“I don’t know Simba.”

“What do you mean?” Simba asked.

“I don’t know what I like Simba,” he looked around, “......................mate wise.”

Simba rose his nose to his brother.

“You think that matters to me?” he asked.

Heeta was about to respond until they both heard a loud thud behind them. They both whipped their heads around to see Mufasa collapsed on the floor and coughing.

“Dad?” Simba called.

“Dad?” Heeta questioned.

Simba and Heeta both ran over and used their heads to try and lift up their father.

“Dad? What’s wrong?” Heeta asked.

“I don’t know, my head was dizzy......I felt weak...something’s wrong...” Mufasa coughed out.

“How?” Simba questioned.

Heeta looked around, “It’s the land. It’s dying, leaking gas everywhere. The smell of death. It happened back in my land at one point.” He explained.

“Oh god, come on we have to get him back to the Rock.” Simba begged.

They both worked together to bring Mufasa back to the Rock. Kopa looked over the edge and saw the trio.

“What the?” Kopa shouted, “MOM! MOM!”

All of the lions raced out and brought Mufasa inside the Rock.

“What’s going on? What happened?” Kopa asked.

“The dying area is affecting dad now, it’s the air now.” Simba explained.

Kopa gulped.


“You all listen to me......if I pass on...for real this time.... you keep hear me. You help your son reign. You, my grandson, keep reigning and lead this generation to greatness.” Mufasa coughed out.

Simba sniffed.

Heeta felt his tears come.

Kopa couldn’t bare to watch this. He stepped outside of the Rock, but came to a shock. There were three white tigers standing there. The head of them was a female white tiger.

She stepped up to Kopa.

“Are you Kopa?” she questioned.

“Yes, who are you?” he asked back.

“I’m a member of Pride Rock, and under your rule this place has suffered. Now this mysterious illness and stuff is killing stuff in sight. You’re not doing anything,” she swallowed hard, “We think you should step down.”

Kopa turned up his face, “And who are you to tell me that?” he snapped.

“My name is Cali, I’m from the north. I just feel-“ she started to say.

“Say nothing then. You don’t know anything about me.” He snapped.

“You’re suppose to be our king and you’re not doing anything.” She said back.

“It’s a sickness, from the earth itself. I can’t control the weather, or what happens and I have done something. I’m trying to find us a better home.” He barked.

“Really? How? When you’re here..” she said.

“I sent two people out, I have to stay here. And now that my grandfather just fell ill. So kindly, get off this rock. DON’T THREATEN MY FAMILY! MY SON! MY FRIENDS! BROTHERS! ANYTHING! DON’T THREATEN MY RULE!” he barked.

Cali backed up and kept her mouth shut, but her posture straight.

Chapter Text


Pride Rock was growing weaker and weaker, and rainy days were becoming the norm. Kopa walked back into the rock to check on his grandfather. He was growing weaker and weaker from the smell and the dying area.

Sapphire came around the corner, her belly growing, Kiara walked up to join her.

"Hey, how's the baby?" Kiara asked.

"Growing, I just wish Griffin was here," Sapphire relayed.

Kopa looked up glaring at her.

"You are blaming me?" Kopa questioned.

She grunted.

"She didn't say that Kopa, calm down," Kiara snapped.

He turned away and walked off.

"I didn't mean to offend him," Sapphire pleaded.

"He's under pressure. Stressed out. Don't take it personally please," Kiara explained.

Sapphire nodded, she turned towards the Rock where Kopa stepped outside in the rain where Kion was standing at the end. Kion looked behind him to his brother joining him.

"You okay?" Kopa asked.

"Somewhat, everything just feels depressing," Kion answered.

"The rain and disease don't help," Kopa added.

Kion chuckled a bit, and then looked down, "Company, five o'clock," he said.

Kopa looked down to see Cali and her pride walking up to confront him again.

"Good god, someone kills me now," he mumbled under his breathe.

"What do they want?" Kion asked.

"I don't know, hang on," Kopa replied.

He looked down as Cali stepped forward.

"Kopa! We will ask you one more time to step down from king," Cali shouted.

Kopa's face angered and he stepped forward.

"I don't answer to you! I am anointed asking! I am the son of the Great King; Simba! Grandson of Mufasa! I've been in wars! I've lost my wife! I have to protect my son!" he barked.

"Kopa," Cali tried again.

"SILENCE!" Kopa bellowed.

Her pride jumped, and so did Cali a bit.

"I am tired of you trying to dethrone me, Pride Rock flows in my veins and that's that," he snapped.

Cali stiffened and looked away. Kopa looked up to the clouds, that were separating from each other and letting the sunshine through. Kion looked up at the clouds and felt the presence of the ancestors. They weren't for him though. He turned to his older brother.

"Kopa...," he said slowly.

Kopa looked down at his brother and then looked up at the skies. He felt the presence as well and then felt something bubbling in his core. His soul. He closed his eyes and felt his inner roar coming up.

He swallowed hard.

And then.


His roar channeled the ancestors above to join him. They formed in the clouds and roared with him. The pride shook in fear and quickly bowed their heads to him. Cali didn't, she looked up at him as Kopa closed his mouth.

Now having the same roar as Kion.

He looked down and glared at Cali until she finally bowed down.

The rain disappeared and the sun finally shined again.

Griffin and his pride pressed their paws into the green grass of new land; unfamiliar, pretty, and wide. He sighed relief, but he saw no foundations of pieces of nature except grass. His mother was exhausted, and so was everyone else.

"Griffin," she panted.

"Almost mom," he puffed back.

Kovu and the three hyenas were watching a land, people rummaging around in the market, and running from place to place.

"Ohhhhhh my stomach will be fulfilled tonight!" Banzai joked.

"No, stop it. We are here to find Scar, mostly with my damn sister with him," Kovu hissed.

"Well, what do you want us to do?" Shenzi questioned.

"Scope out the area, I'll follow Scar," Kovu answered, "Stay low,"

They moved out as the three hyenas started scoping out the area while Kovu kept a close eye on Scar and then Vitani.

"Vitani," Kovu whispered.

Vitani appeared as she and Scar snuck into the back of a tent. Kovu knelt behind a rock and saw inside only a little bit.

The tent was clear of any humans as Scar and Vitani started sniffing around.

"What are we looking for?" she questioned.

"Some food, hopefully, those walking things out there are quite tasty," Scar insinuated.

"You wanna make our presence known, be my guest," she snapped.

"I can make it known we are here, and leave you out to dry," he snickered.

Vitani turned to him, "I am only here because you threatened my baby and my husband. I left for the good of both so do not get this situation mixed up," she snapped.

"You are here at my mercy," he concurred.

"Your mercy? You have no mercy. You don't even have a soul," she snapped, "All I see in your eyes is cold and darkness,"

He licked his lips and looked away from her. The tent door was pulled open and a man slipped inside. He closed it quickly, he wanted privacy. However, when he turned around and saw the two lions he almost peed/crapped his pants.


Scar moved closer, which terrified Jafar until he slammed his staff in front of him. Scar looked down at the staff and then back at Jafar. Jafar used his staff to make a red mist appear around his head.

Scar's eyes raised in shock.


"What is that?" Scar asked.

Jafar took a deep breath, "I didn't know lions could talk," he said.

"One question at a time; What is that? What did you just do?" Scar questioned.

"What? Magic?" Jafar asked back.

"Is that what that is?" Scar implied.

Jafar nodded.

"What can you do with that?" Vitani asked, coming into view.

Scar growled at her to back off. Jafar gulped.

"If I can understand you, would you...consider something?" Jafar asked.

Scar turned back to him and stepped closer so Jafar could feel his hot breath.

"There's more magic from the man I'm working with, would you consider a partnership?" Jafar asked.

"You'd ask that of me. You don't know anything about me, or what I could do? I'm just a lion. What exactly are you?" Scar questioned.

"I'm a sorcerer, I can give you a lot more than just a mere lion that scares people," Jafar explained.

Scar raised an eyebrow, "Why me? Why a lion?" he asked.

"I have the power to make you into something more, or the man I work for can. He just needs more allies. He is intimidating, but he can give you...power," Jafar clarified.

Scar looked behind him to Vitani, who cocked her head at him.

"I'm not for this," she said.

"Well no one cares for you," he snapped back.

Vitani raised her eyebrows in shock.

"Can you get rid of her?" Scar asked.

"Scar!" she shouted.

Jafar tapped his staff, "I can do one better, you and I can disappear, and I can lead the people here to take care of her," he suggested.

Scar smiled, "I like that."

"Scar! I'm only here so you won't go after my son or my husband!" she barked, "Let me go home then!"

"I could, but I won't. I would love to watch them take you and do whatever. Kopa will lose what he holds dear. Like what he took from me," Scar hissed.

Vitani shook her head in disbelief. Kovu got up from the rock and searched for the hyenas. Jafar tapped his staff, which got the attention of the people outside.

Vitani shook her head in disbelief as Jafar seemingly made him and Scar disappear. The town's people charged in with spears and ropes to capture her. Kovu stood up ready to help, but just then the hyenas appeared in front of him.

"We need to show you something," Shenzi advised.

"No, they are about to capture my sister. I need to save her," Kovu barked back.

"Kovu, you need to come with us," Banzai asserted.

Kovu shook his head in anger, looking back towards the tent going crazy. He turned back to the Hyenas and exhaled a deep breath.

The hyenas lead Kovu to a shocking sight. A male lion defeated on the ground with a smaller cub pushing its little paws into the lion's back to wake him.

"What the?" Kovu questioned.

"Look closer," Shenzi said.

Kovu moved closer and recognized that the male lion was Mheetu and that the little cub was Griffin's son; Beau.

The little cub turned around and grew scared. Kovu and the hyenas backed away for a moment, to show no fear. Little Beau seemed to recognize Kovu, and he quickly ran to him. Kovu knelt his head down and nuzzled Beau's tiny head. Kovu walked over and looked over Mheetu's body.

"Is this?" Shenzi questioned.

"Griffin's son," Kovu answered.

"So, this is?" Banzai asked.

"Yeah, it's Mheetu," Kovu confirmed.

Kovu put his head down and closed his eyes for Mheetu until Ed opened his mouth wide to take a bite.

"ED! Close your mouth right now, or I'll yank your tongue out!" Kovu ordered.

Ed hurried away.

Mheetu suddenly started to move his paws, which startled Kovu. He jumped a bit as Mheetu let out a breath.

"Mheetu, Mheetu," Kovu urged.

Mheetu coughed as Kovu circled to meet his face.

"Kovu, what...what are you doing here?" Mheetu questioned.

"We were following Scar and my sister, why are you here with Griffin's son? So close to Scar?" Kovu asked.

"We were following him too," Mheetu explained.

"Why?" Kovu asked, "If he saw you- "

"He didn't! He was here trying to get information by snooping, there's someone that this town listens too. Worship even. They send gifts, food, and more to this person. Someone named Merlin, an ancient wizard apparently," Mheetu justified.

"Wizard?" Kovu questioned.

"Some being that has magic, to do so much," Mheetu explained.

"Magic? ...Could he heal Pride Rock?" Kovu asked.

"Heal? What do you mean?" Mheetu questioned.

"Pride Rock is dying, it's hit by some plague thing, it won't survive. We're trying to find a better place to move everyone," Kovu explained.

Mheetu nodded his head, "Then we better find Merlin," he hinted.

Merlin looked up from his throne chair as the Elementals walked in and all stood side by side. The girls stood in their element groups together and looked up at him. His male teams stood next to him as he leaned forward. He swished his hand and a huge platform appeared in front of the girls.

"Alright girls, we are going to do a simulator test to help you with your powers," he explained.

The girls all nodded to him.

"We're gonna do the waters first," he announced.

The girls turned to Ariel, Melody, Elsa, Moana, and Kida. The girls took deep breathes as they moved forward towards the platform. They walked up to the steps to the stand. They all stood side by side and waited as Merlin moved his hand in a 'Turning on a Switch' motion. Magic shimmered over the girls sending them to another dimension. Merlin then made a floating TV screen that would show the simulation.

The girls arrived in an underground, destroyed kingdom. They were dressed in the same attire; skintight black suits, either knee-high black boot heels or ankle booties. Elsa, Melody, and Kida had their hair pulled back into ponytails. While Ariel and Moana had their hair down.

"At least Merlin has style," Moana said, admiring her clothes.

Merlin laughed in his chair.

Melody adjusted her ponytail and felt the air.

"It's cold," she said.

Moana ran her hand over a statue next to her, covered in green seaweed. She rubbed her fingers together, feeling it.

"I think it rained here," she explained.

Kida started looking around at the area, and she gasped.

"Oh my god," she said.

"What's wrong?" Ariel asked.

"...This is Atlantis, my fallen home," she explained.

She pointed to the tall statues that surrounded the entire kingdom. With ancient markings of Atlantis, and a bright crystal floating in the sky. It dimmed in color and shine. Kida pulled up her long-sleeve and showed the markings of Atlantis.

Moana and Elsa looked closer.

"Kida, what happened?" Moana asked.

"I don't remember much, my father fought so hard to keep Atlantis alive and beautiful again. We hid because people wanted our crystals. We couldn't stop them sometimes," she explained.

She sniffed; Ariel rubbed her back.

"Come on, let's go further in," Melody insisted.

The girls walked further into the kingdom and made their way towards the main throne building. Along the way, they saw that every human life form was frozen solid. Ariel and Elsa walked towards the edge and saw that Atlantis was sitting on a platform guarded by water.

"I can't believe that everyone is frozen," Melody expressed.

Kida pressed her hand on a person who was frozen.

"I can feel the water," she sighed.

"Come on Kida," Merlin urged.

Ariel stood by the edge and held her hand over it. She wiggled her fingers, as the water came up from the ocean and traveled up Ariel's arm. She had complete control. She splashed it over one of the frozen humans. The water dripped down the ice, Ariel used her hands to make the water crack the ice. Once it sunk in, she pushed her hands apart making the ice burst open from the impact.

The person opened their eyes, fell, and shimmered away.

"Good job Ariel," Merlin smiled.

"Ariel, oh my," Moana said.

"How did you-?" Elsa asked.

"Took a chance, guess it worked," Ariel smiled.

All the girls did the same maneuvers to free the people around them. Kida came up with the steps of the main building and saw her frozen father.

"Dad!" she shouted.

She ran to him and placed her hands on his frozen stature.

"UH!" she shouted.

She used her hands to connect with the ice for a moment and break it.

"Kida," Moana sighed.

"Merlin, how was she able to control the ice that well?" Sinbad asked.

"It's not well, it's sloppy. She's angry. Her rage made her connect to the ice," Merlin explained.

"Father," Kida cried.

His eyes opened and he smiled at his daughter. She sniffed and let the tears fall. He leaned forward and kissed the top of Kida's head. She cried as he shimmered away. Moana and Elsa walked up and wrapped their arms around Kida.

"Merlin," Tulio said.

Merlin licked his lips.

Ariel and Melody felt around on the floor and saw at least five imprints that looked like stands for people to perform something. Ariel looked up at her sister, who nodded to her.

The girls all stood in the five imprints in the ground, they joined hands and looked down as an opening appeared underneath them, showing the water. The girls all stared at each other and then looked down at the water below. Kida's eyes glowed up and so did the marks around her body. The other girls squeezed each other's hands as the kingdom of Atlantis started to shake. It started to move upwards out of the underground. It shook, rose, and stopped. The girls all sighed together, the girls collapsed except Kida.

She remained tall and firm, as her marks dimmed down.

The girls shimmered away and were back in the control room. Kida gasped and looked up at Merlin. He smiled down at them and gave them a nod.

"Excellent job," he said.

The girls all smiled and helped each other stand up.

"Kida," He said.

She looked up at him.

"I know that was emotional, but you had amazing control," he said.

She smiled.

"So, I have a reward for you," he continued.

Kida turned up face in confusion until she turned around to see a familiar face entering the room.

Milo, her husband.

"Oh my god, Milo!" she gushed.

He smiled brightly, walking up to her faster. She ran up to him and jumped into his arms. He wrapped his arms around her body lifting her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. They pulled back and kissed each other sweetly.

The girls all smiled at the embrace, while the boys smiled as well.

"Oh my god, you're here. You're here," she gushed.

He smiled, "You didn't think you'd be here without me, did you?" he joked.

She smiled and kissed him again sweetly. He spun her around.

The day died down, and everyone rested. Or so,

Merlin stepped out of the shower and shook a towel through his long messy blonde hair. He wrapped a towel around his lower half and walked back into his bedroom. When he did, he stopped and saw someone lying on his bed.

"...Terpsichore?" he said.

Terpsichore (one of the Muses from Hercules, with the frizzy hair. She, says "Hunk-u-les")

The beautiful chocolate woman leaned up on the bed. She only had a silk blanket wrapped around her nude body.

"Hi Merlin," she responded.

"What are you doing here?" he questioned.

"You're not happy to see me?" she whispered.

"You know I am, but the last time we saw each other you made it pretty clear that you wanted nothing more to do with me," he snapped.

She gulped, "Zeus threatened you. I thought I was protecting you," she answered.

He sighed, "I can protect myself," he said.

"Against Zeus? Hades?" she questioned.

He sighed and crawled into bed getting on top of her.

"Why'd you come here?" He asked.

She gulped, "I lied to you," she confessed.

He stared at her.

"I never stopped loving you," she whispered.

He smiled brightly and leaned down kissing her sweetly. She held the sides of his face, kissing him back sweetly.

Love seemed to be swirling through the castle.

Jack was by 'the Cave' and froze the water with his staff. He then turned the entire room to a winter wonderland with beautiful snow. Little flurries and all. He smiled at his work and then heard someone entering the room. Elsa. She was wearing a silver Pure Color Stitching Long Sleeve Evening Dress; she stepped onto the snow and admired his work.

"It's beautiful," she said.

He smiled and held up his hand for her. She walked over slowly and entwined her fingers with his. He pulled her close, she pressed her hands on his chest and smiled up at him.

Melody was rummaging in the kitchen looking for something to eat, she looked over her shoulder to Jim entering. He pushed back his hair and smiled at her.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," she giggled.

She was sitting on the counter, he rounded it and pulled himself up on the counter next to her.

In one of the other rooms, everyone was starting to get ahold of a certain substance. Alcohol. The girls and the boys were laughing and giggling with each other, having a drunken night. Rapunzel giggled and fell on top of Flynn. She leaned down kissing him, he kissed back making everyone cheer and clap. Tiana and Tulio stood off on the side, talking and flirting.

Mulan and Proteus were also flirting with each other, as he fell back laughing. Sinbad was being pouty because he tried to kiss Pocahontas, but she rebuffed him. However, Aurora drunkenly kissed him. It made Pocahontas shift uncomfortably, and Megara took a sip of her drink.

Esmeralda ignored the drinking and decided to help Quasimodo down the steps of the tower that night. He stepped into the hallway with her help. He looked around the hallway and looked up at Esmeralda.

"Frollo won't find me, right?" he asked.

"He shouldn't, he probably thinks you're dead," she responded.

"Good," he said.

From the front of the castle, the doors opened with someone entering the castle. Big boots, a big coat, and blonde hair. She stopped and paused. Quasimodo gasped.

"Phoebus," he said.

The man turned to Quasimodo.

"Hey little brother," Phoebus said.

Quasimodo licked his lips; he wasn't happy to see his older brother.

In the open field in the backyard towards the woods, some of the boys were hanging around while Merida, Odette, and Pocahontas. The girls were further out in the grass, sitting on a blanket talking with each other.

"I love nights like this," Odette said.

"I love it when I can see the moon," Merida added.

She pointed out the moon in the night sky.

"I love it all," Pocahontas chimed in.

All three giggled.

"Hey, are you okay with Aurora kissing Sinbad in there?" Odette asked.

"I don't know. I felt like maybe Sinbad had some feelings for me. I'm attracted to him. I don't know I just didn't wanna kiss him when he was drunk," Pocahontas explained.

Odette and Merida nodded in agreement. The girls all giggled to each other again until they felt something in the ground.

"Do you guys feel that?" Merida asked.

"Yeah," Odette answered.

All three girls stood up and investigated the dark to see what was coming towards them.

"Oh my god," Pocahontas muttered.

"GUYS!" Odette called back to the guys.

The boys jumped down from the patio running towards the girls. The girls started running towards the woods when they got a clear view of what was coming out from the trees.


Griffin and his pride. All exhausted, all tired, all barely hanging on.

"Are those lions?"

"It's a whole pride,"

Griffin collapsed instantly. He rolled on his side, blinking. His vision started to blur. The last thing he saw was Pocahontas and Merida kneeling and touching his head.

What made them run to a group of lions?

Did they care?

What was it?

And what's to come?

Chapter Text


"Uh!" Griffin grunted.

He sat upon his butt and looked around the area. His pride was all around him, sleeping. They were in a small cave, surrounded by green leaves. He stood up on his paws and walked towards the entrance/exit. He looked down to see bitten up pieces of raw meat. He blinked a few times, but he remembered what happened.

Something with two long legs, running and helping his pride. I gave them food and helped them to the cave.

"Mm," he groaned.

He shook his head and walked through the leaves. Once he stepped outside, he saw the wide-open grass. To the right was a blue, watery ravine that turned to a waterfall. To the left in the distance, was Merlin's castle. In front, was the town, a few hundred miles away.

He sighed and looked up at the sky, the bright sun was shining its rays down. He looked to the left to see the 'two long leg' creatures approaching him.

"Oh," Merida grunted.

The girls stopped in their tracks. With baskets of raw, smelly meat. Green grass, and Giselle and Merida with buckets of water.

Griffin turned to face them, and he growled. Giselle backed up behind Cinderella, who gulped. Odette and Pocahontas remained still, and Merida held up her hand.

"Easy, easy. We're not here to hurt you," Merida begged.

He raised an eyebrow, "What are you?" he asked.

"...uh, human." She answered.

"I don't know your kind, what's this so-called 'human'?" he asked.

"Um, we look like this. Walk on two legs, we just wanted to give you and your pride some water," she explained.

"And more food," Pocahontas added.

Griffin rose his chin, "Thank you for helping my pride," he said.

The girls nodded to him, shaking in their shoes.

"POCAHONTAS!" shouted Sinbad.

He ran up with Tulio, Eric, Kenai, and Tarzan. Griffin growled at them and showed his big sharp teeth.

"NO! No! No, don't hurt him," Pocahontas shouted.

She reached up and pulled Sinbad's flail down. Griffin calmed down, and so did the other boys.

"Don't hurt him, please. We were just bringing him food," she said.

"We told you not to come out here when they are sleeping. Lions are dangerous," Sinbad hissed at her.

"I don't need to hear that from a pompous ass in tight clothes!" Griffin barked.

Merida and Cinderella cocked their heads to Griffin, while the boys remained still.

"What? Did he say something?" Tarzan questioned.

"You can't understand him?" Cinderella asked.

"What do you mean?" Griffin inquired.

"I think it's only an Earthside effect, maybe you guys can only understand animals," Eric implied.

The girls all turned to each other and then back to Griffin.

"I think we are the only ones who can understand you. Humans can't understand animals," Cinderella said.

"Why is that?" Griffin requested.

Cinderella turned to the other girls.

"We can show you,"

He raised his eyebrow until he noticed Giselle walking over to the Cave. He grew a bit weary until Giselle placed her hand on the stone. The green grass started to glow into a golden green, and more leaves suddenly grew. She smiled at her growing magic, she then stretched out her arm so that it pointed at the ground. She raised it and the area sprouted with flowers and butterflies flying all around. She smiled brightly, and so did the other girls. The boys grinned. Griffin looked all around to the growing area.

"Oh, my power is growing," Giselle gushed.

"Oh Giselle," Cinderella smiled.

Giselle smiled brightly as Pocahontas, Merida, and Odette clapped for her. Griffin couldn't help but smile at the pretty area.

"All humans can't do that?" he asked.

"No, we have certain abilities to move and shape nature," Odette explained.

Griffin walked closer to the girls, "Can you help more?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" Pocahontas asked.

"My's dying. I came with my pride, but there are more lions at my home. The area is sickly, the plants are dying, the herds left, everything is dying," he explained.

The girls looked at each other and then turned to the boys.

"Will Merlin allow it?" Cinderella asked.

Eric chuckled.

"Probably not, but rules are made to be broken right?" Sinbad joked.

The girls laughed together.

"Well, if we are gonna find this home, we'll need some information on where it is," Merida said.

"You'll do it? Really?" Griffin asked.

The girls nodded.

"We can just explain to Merlin that it'll help us expand our powers," Merida stated.

"To repair an entire land? That's a bit much," Pocahontas snapped.

"Easy, we can try," Cinderella said.

Pocahontas threw her hands up in defense, as Odette laughed.

Walking back to the castle,

"Pocahontas, do you think this will be a good idea?" Sinbad asked.

"I don't know, I don't wanna promise him something that we can't possibly deliver," she answered.

His pupils wondered, "Is that the only thing you mean?" he asked.

She inhaled and turned to face him.

"What does that mean?" she asked.

"Are you gonna deny the pull between us?" he asked.

She gulped, and she started playing with her black hair.

"Uh, there might be a pull, but um I believe that we shouldn't move forward or anything, romantically," she said.

"Why?" he questioned.

"It's not the best time, I just...dododododododododon't think it's a good idea. Right now," she said.

He stared at her, his eyes darkening making her mouth open a bit, but nothing came out.

"I don't like games Pocahontas," he snapped.

She gasped, "That's not what I meant," she said.

"It seems very clear. If you don't want a partner, that's fine. Don't play with my emotions then," he clarified.

He walked around her, she gasped a few times and then turned around to watch him go.

Sinbad walked down the hallway, stomping his boots, but then he stopped when he noticed an open door. He saw a glimpse of a light pink material; he raised his eyebrows. He walked over to the door and knocked on it. He opened the door slowly to see Aurora in a blush pink MNM COUTURE - SHEER BROCADE A-LINE GOWN. She looked up and gasped.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to intrude, I just saw something pink in here," he explained.

She giggled, "Then I guess it's okay, I was just trying on some of the dresses. Terpsichore brought them from some designers on the ground. She said the 'Gods' wear these," she said.

He smiled and walked in further. He knelt and lifted one of her blush pink Sarina Embellished Heel Pump. She grinned down at him. He used his free hand to help her down from the platform. She sat down on it, as she felt his fingers around her bare ankle and slid on the shoe.

"Ah, perfect fit," he stated.

"Shouldn't that be for Cinderella," she stated.

"Hmm, beauty beyond the beyond," he said.

She smiled and pushed back her blonde hair.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Uh, females I guess," he said.

"Pocahontas," she clarified.

He looked up into her eyes.

"It's no secret that you have feelings for her," she said.

"She's playing too many games, I can't. I don't play games when it comes to my feelings. She's not the only one I care for," He said.

"Mmm, I think I've noticed that." She said.

"Should we talk about what happened last night? Or was it, a drunk night of fun?" he asked.

She giggled, "It was fun. I liked it, but I didn't know how you would feel," she said.

"I liked it," he answered.

"Well you better figure it out because when you aren't looking at me, you're looking at her," she said.

She stood up from the platform and slid on her other shoe.

"Aurora," he said.

He stood in front of her, stopping her.

"Yes, I had feelings for Pocahontas, but she doesn't want a relationship. And I'm not waiting around," he said.

"So, you wanna move on?" she asked.

"Yes," he said.

She pushed back her blonde hair with her fingers, he pulled her by her face to his lips. She gripped his hips. A kiss that they'd remember forever.

Mulan ventured into the armory, where there was also a gym set up. She wore black faux leather pants, a black BLACK SATIN ROPE PRINT OVERSIZED SHIRT, a black Cape Design Long Trench Coat, and white Sarina Embellished Heel Pumps. She ran her fingers across the metal material and arms. She looked around the room and then felt someone else enter the room.

"Oops, sorry. Is this room on lockdown?" asked Proteus.

He was shirtless, only wearing black, baggy leather pants tucked into his boots. With a leather strap around his waist.

"No, uh I just wanted to see the weapons," she explained.

"How come?" he asked.

"I've been in a few...," she started.

"You've been in a war," he said.

He faced her, tossing her a sword. She caught it swiftly and twirled it around.

"What have you learned?" he asked.

She smiled and waited for him to grab another sword. He knelt to her to duel, and she did the same. He lunged for her, so she took a step back and blocked his upper attack. She swung around in a circle to slice at him. He moved to the right, and then he lunged again for her. She blocked the shot, she slid around and kicked him in the back. He fell to his knee and blocked an above attack. He pushed on his sword to push her back.

She grunted.

"You're good," he said.

She smiled.

"I learned," she said.

He smiled and looked out the door to the growing dark sky. She followed his gaze.

"Is something wrong?" she asked.

"I uh, I was just remembering the cost of war," he said.

She sighed, "Forgive me, but how would you know? Aren't you a prince?" she asked.

"I am, but I wasn't always a good one," he said.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Before I met my best friend, I use to just play around with the world. I didn't hear people's cries because I didn't care. Then I started to see bodies," he explained.

She walked up to him and turned him towards her.


"Dead people because of some stuff I didn't do as a prince, sending troops in the wrong directions on purpose to amuse myself, then I saw her," he continued.


"Eris, Goddess of Chaos and Discord, but I met Sinbad. He became my best friend and opened my eyes to a different world. I wanted to do better, so my subjects wouldn't hate me and call me pompous," he finished.

She licked her lips and put her hand on his shoulder.

"War is never easy, but I'm sorry you had to see stuff such as that," she said.

"You did, didn't you?" he asked.

"I did, doesn't mean it didn't sting," she explained.

He looked down at her, as she held up her air. She manipulated the air, it swirled around and brightened.

"But with beauty also," she said.

He smiled at her. She then pushed her hand forward, using the air to slam him on the wall.

"Or deadly." She added.

He chuckled.

In the dark underworld, Eris sat at her chair and looked all over her globe. She plucked a soul after a soul.

"Why so hostile?" questioned Hades, behind her.

"I'm not killing them, just making deals with them. I'm bored," she explained.

"Then why don't you find something else to entertain yourself with," he suggested.

"Like what?" she scoffed.

"Pleasure," he said.

He walked around the table; her pupils followed him. He ran his fingers all over the Globe, and it exploded.

"Well there goes my fun," she sighed.

"Then now you have no excuse," he replied.

She sighed and looked around.

"You think I don't know?" he implied.

"What?" she questioned.

"You and Maleficent both pine after me," he confessed.

She blushed but looked away from him.

"You gonna deny it? I don't blame you really," he said.

"You're full of yourself," she snapped.

"Well I am the God of the Underworld, you're the Goddess of Chaos and Discord, and Maleficent an evil fairy. What a threesome," he explained.

"Never a threesome, ever," she barked standing up from the chair, "I'm not a second option. In that regard, I identify with human females. We deserve more respect,"

He licked his lips and leaned closer to her.

"Women don't get respect because men don't want to give it. If they do, they feel it because women are smarter. Sneakier. They use their mind and bodies to get what they want," he said, "In that regard, I highly respect them,"

"Maybe men should pull their heads outta their asses," she snapped.

He backed his head up at her and shook his head.

"At least Maleficent is upfront about her feelings, other than people who hide behind their walls and wonder why they are so miserable," he cracked.

He walked around her and towards the 'Table Room'. She was left panting and shaking her head.

"Facilier, what are they up to?" Hades asked.

"Looks like they are getting ready for something. I think, but Merlin is defiantly up to something," Facilier, Shadow Man, described.

"Okay fine, I need you to intrude on that. Make them feel vulnerable, about their powers. Can you do that?" he questioned.

"Yeah, but you can ask Jafar and Ursula too. I don't even know where Jafar is," Facilier inquired.

Hades rolled his eyes, "Hold on a second,"

As soon as he said that, Jafar appeared in the doorway.

"And speak of the devil. Where have you been? AND WHAT IS THAT!" Facilier shouted.

He implied about the huge black lion behind Jafar. Scar. He growled a bit. Hades raised an eyebrow but leaned on the table when Facilier jumped up on it.

"This is Scar, he's an ally," Jafar explained.

"A lion for an ally?" Hades questioned.

"Well that's the thing, he has vast information about places around the world. But I was hoping, that you could supply him... with power," Jafar implied.

Hades sighed and looked around.

"And you couldn't supply him with this power becuaseee?" Hades questioned, waving his arm around.

Scar turned to Jafar and growled.

"You have more," Jafar said.

Hades smiled a bit just as Maleficent entered the room in a black robe.

"Ah," completely ignoring Scar, "Maleficent, I need you to run an errand with me," he said.

She smiled evilly.

"Her?" Eris questioned, behind Hades.

"Yes, her." Hades snapped.

Jealously filled Eris's face as Maleficent turned to Jafar and Scar.

"And who's this?" she asked.

"This is Scar, I was asking Hades if he can grant him power," Jafar explained.

"Technically we can all do that, what makes him so special?" she questioned.

"He has a dark heart, ruthless love for power and the means to get it. Wait until you hear his backstory," Jafar explained.

"Oh, well in that case," she cooed.

She turned to Scar and waved her staff around him. Black magic specks appeared all over the lion, and green magic started to reshape his body. Scar stood up on his back legs as his size shrunk a bit and his lion features disappeared. In their place was dark, shiny chocolate brown legs, arms, long black hair, beautiful muscle features to his face and body. A human.

"Ah, very well," she cooed.

The magic dimmed down and he cracked his new neck. Eris even checked him out.

"And oh wow," Ursula said.

Scar grinned and turned to Maleficent.

"Thank you," he whispered, he pulled her hand to his lips and kissed.

"Oh," she giggled.

Hades shifted, "Maleficent, we need to go," he said.

"Okay," she gushed.

She dropped her black robe, leaving her in the nude. Jafar's eyes widen in shock, Scar checked out her body, and Hades chuckled. Ursula sunk back underwater, and Eris scoffed.

"Just let me change," she scurried off.

"Oh, I think I'll like this," Scar said.

"Mmm, I'm sure you will," Jafar said.

They both looked behind them to watch her walked off, showing off her perky booty.

"You want me to let you go where?" Merlin questioned, from his throne chair.

His male teams were next to him, while the girls were in front.

"To find this Pride Rock, Griffin's home is there and it's dying. We wanna help, we can use our powers," Odette said.

Merlin tipped his head back making Derek and Charming chuckle.

"They can get stronger by doing this," Eric chimed in.

"They can," Kenai added.

"I'm gonna kill all of you," Merlin joked.

The girls giggled a bit.

"Okay fine, if you're gonna go on this mission then time for the 'Task Missions'," he explained

"The what?" Jasmine asked.

"Missions that help you train your powers. But you'll be separated into your elemental groups. Go in different directions. The Earths will go to Pride Rock, The Fires will go to an ally named Hiccup, The Airs will go the Country, and The Waters will travel to Kauai," Merlin explained.

"Oh, Hawaii! I can't wait!" Moana gushed.

"Not fair! What the hell is in the country?!" Rapunzel questioned.

"Who's Hiccup?" Jasmine whispered to Tiana.

Tiana shrugged. The boys started chuckling.

"Oh, don't start laughing, you boys are going with them," Merlin announced.

"Wha-?!" Tulio shouted.

"Ah! Since you wanted to bring it up! You're going with them!" Merlin snapped.

The boys groaned while the girls giggled at their componence.

"Mm, can we come?" someone said behind them.

Everyone turned around to two men; one with blonde hair and the other with brunette brown hair. Huntsmen.

"Oh my god, John! John!" Thomas shouted.

John Smith and John Rolfe.

He hurried down the platform and ran to the two men. They opened their arms and embraced Thomas. Merlin smiled from the throne chair.

"What are you guys doing here?" Thomas asked.

"We just finished our hunt, so we decided to pay our friend a visit," John Smith explained.

Thomas smiled brightly.

"Plus, we thought it was time to meet the great wizard," John R. looked up him, "Merlin,"

Merlin smiled and rose from his chair.

"Well hello there," he smiled.

Both Johns smiled and bowed their heads to him. John Smith looked at the girls.

"Are these..." He started to ask.

"Yep, they are the Elementals," Thomas confirmed.

The girls smiled at them.

~ ~ ~ ~

Merlin walked into his chambers; he saw a woman curled up in his bed.

"I thought you wanted to go on a walk?" he asked.

"Mmm," the woman groaned.

Merlin looked up in shock, and then he used his hand to wave the blanket away. The woman in his bed, wasn't his love, Terpsichore. It was Vanessa, Eric's wife.

"What the hell Vanessa, why are you here?" he questioned.

"I've come to see my husband," she said.

"No, why are you in my bed?" he barked.

"It's the most comfortable, trust me, I've tried them all," she giggled.

"I'm sure you have," he hissed.

"Besides, I can't leave my husband here with a bunch of women," she hissed.

"You don't trust Eric?" Merlin questioned.

"Well he's been in your service for years, I need my husband," she snapped.

"Fine then stay here," He snarked.

"As long as I like?" she asked.

"Out," he ordered.

~ ~ ~ ~

Quasimodo stood at the attic's window, watching the sunset in the distance. He looked behind him to his brother sitting on his bed.

"So Frollo threw a dagger at your eye," Phoebus hissed.

"Yes," Quasimodo answered.

"Why?" Phoebus asked.

He wouldn't face his brother.

"He was mad that I helped Esmeralda, so he threw a dagger at my eye. They helped me, and nursed me until I woke up," Quasimodo explained.

"I'll kill him," Phoebus hissed.

"Phoebus," Quasimodo tried.

"No, I will kill him! I've sat back and seen him beat you and mistreat you. I've done everything I can to intervene, but... this. All his talk about being a father, he's cruel and wicked," Phoebus barked.

Quasimodo sighed, "I just don't wanna be near him," he said.

"He won't let us go, he never will," Phoebus stated.

"So, what are we suppose to do?" Quasimodo inquired.

"I don't wanna crowd Merlin," Phoebus suggested.

"It's a castle, there are hundreds of rooms still available," Quasimodo clarified.

There was a sudden knock at the door, and then someone opened it. Odette and Esmeralda.

"Oh," Esmeralda said.

Phoebus moved off the bed and stood up straight.

"Um sorry, Odette just wanted to give Quasimodo some more of her ointment, to help his eye," Esmeralda explained.

"Oh," Phoebus said.

He turned to his brother, who moved from the attic to his bed. He laid back as Odette sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Is it true that you guys are leaving?" Quasimodo asked.

Odette sighed, "Task Missions, as Merlin says," she explained.

She pulled a small pouch from her pocket and dipped her finger in.

"Does that stuff have to smell that bad?" Quasimodo asked.

"Mmm, it's good for your eye. I've made these many times, herbs and all," Odette explained.

"It stinks," he complained.

"You'll be fine," Esmeralda chimed in.

Quasimodo sighed as Odette added the ointment to his eye.

"Thank you," Phoebus said.

Both girls turned to him.

"Thank you for helping my brother," he clarified.

Esmeralda and Odette both smiled at him, but Quasimodo rolled his eyes at his brother's charming ways.

The girls geared up to leave, and go on their quests. The Earth girls walked over to the open space where Griffin was. The Waters made their way to the ship by the dock. The Fires made their way to the carriages to fly them. The Airs mounted their horses and took off to the country.

"Thank you again, for doing this," Griffin said.

The girls smiled.

"Do you have enough food?" Merida asked.

"Yes, but why can't I join you?" he asked.

"You're still exhausted, if you came now, you'd die," Odette said.

Griffin sighed and looked down.

"You'll need a guide,"

Merida and Pocahontas looked confused until a blue, white, and orange beak landed on Pocahontas's shoulder.

"Zazu here, how may I help?" Zazu said.

"He's an annoying one, be careful," Griffin warned.

The girls snickered.

"Oh! Bucker off!" Zazu barked.

Tarzan nudged Sinbad.

"How come you aren't going with the Fires? With Aurora?" Tarzan asked.

"I think the lions would be better suited for me, versus dragons," Sinbad explained.

"Is that all?" Tarzan asked. F

"Don't start Tarzan," Sinbad snapped.

His shoulders bumped him and hopped on the back of the carriage. Tarzan re-wrapped his whip and hopped on one of the backs of the carriages.

John Smith and John Rolfe decided to stay in town at one of the Inns. They stopped by the local bar, the livest place in town. Owned by the rudest, skilled, and womanizer Gaston. He was the bartender and an expert hunter.

They both clapped their mugs together and took a long sip.

"How long do you wanna stay?" John asked.

"I think I wanna settle, find a nice chateau nearby," John R replied.

"Mmm, me too. Might take Gaston's place as 'Best Hunter"," John joked.

"Mmm, good luck with that. You might have to pluck it from his ass," John R explained.

John laughed, as John R leaned back in his chair looking towards the front door. Everyone was talking and laughing, Gaston was barely paying attention to the bar. He was talking to the three triplet sisters.

Just then a few little ones slipping in; Taran and Zephyr. They ducked under the bar so Gaston wouldn't see them. The people were too busy getting drunk to pay attention. Taran and Zephyr slid across the floor, catching the attention of John S. and John R. They leaned their heads back to watch the two kids.

"Do you think the man of the bar knows that they are down there?" John asked.

"Absolutely, not," John R replied.

Taran and Zephyr saw the door to the kitchen, and they looked at each other. Both young boys started to move towards the kitchen door. Gaston looked down at the ground seeing the young boys going for his kitchen. He rounded the counter and grabbed Zephyr by the hair.

"AH!" Zephyr shouted.

"Zephyr!" Taran called.

John R. and John S. stood up from their table, along with other people who were starting to pay attention.

"I've told you vile," Gaston threw Zephyr on the floor, "little punks to stop coming in here to steal my food!" he barked.

Taran ran for his friend, but Gaston kicked him in the side knocking the poor boy into a table. John R. and John S. stood up from their table and made their way over to the scuffle.

"NOW GET OUT!" Gaston bellowed.

Zephyr turned around and spit in Gaston's face. Gaston's face angered and then turned into a full rage.

"You little-!" he barked.

He drew his hand to backhand the little boy, but John R jumped in the way so Gaston hit his arm. He then kicked Gaston back into the same table he kicked Taran into. John S. pulled Taran up into his arms.

"You learn to kick kids like that around like a doll?" John R snapped.

Zephyr looked up at John R. in shock as John S. moved Taran behind him.

"This is my bar! And those pesky little orphans keep trying to come in and steal my food!" Gaston barked.

"We're hungry!" Taran shouted.

"Not my problem!" Gaston barked.

"So, you what? Smack them around to prove what? That you're a big man? If you smack kids around like this, I'm glad I don't see what you do to a woman!" John S barked.

"Fine, then both of you get out! Take that rift-raft with you!" Gaston shouted.

"Good," John R responded he picked up his beer and tossed it in Gaston's face, "I'll be even more determined to take that 'Best Hunter' title from you,"

Both Johns leads the two boys out of the bar. Taran and Zephyr looked around for their other friends.

"Hey!" Taran called out.

A few more children came out of shadows; Mowgli, Alice, and Shanti.

"Who are they?" Mowgli questioned.

"Um, they saved us in the bar. Gaston lashed out again," Zephyr explained.

"What? Again?" Shanti questioned.

Alice walked up and checked both boys. She then turned to the Johns.

"Thank you," she said.

They both nodded.

"Do you guys have nowhere to go?" John R asked.

The young teenagers turned to each other.

"We're homeless orphans," Shanti clarified.

Both men turned to each other and then looked over to Merlin's castle.

"Ever heard of Merlin?" John R asked.

"...He's the powerful wizard who owns the majority of the country. We've heard he did something powerful, but he's hated a lot," Alice explained.

The men chuckled.

"Merlin's not mean, he's nice and very caring. But he's private with a good heart," John S. explained.

Mowgli, Zephyr, and Taran all turned to the huge castle. Shanti and Alice turned to the two Johns.

"Is it true that... there are people there who have powers? Really strong powers?" Shanti asked.

The two men nodded.

"I think Merlin wouldn't mind some young ones running around," John R. said.

The orphans' faces lit up in happiness. John R. and John S lifted the young teenagers onto their horses leading them towards the castle.

Outside of the castle, Merlin and Terpsichore sat on the front steps. She joined her fingers with his hands as they cuddled together.

"It's such a beautiful night," she said.

"More beautiful because the moon shines over you," he said.

She giggled and kissed his cheek. He smiled and looked into her eyes. They both leaned closer for a passionate kiss until they were interrupted by the gates opening and the sounds of horses. John S. and John R. walked their horses up to Merlin.

"Am I running a shelter?" Merlin questioned in a funny tone.

She giggled.

Shanti ran her fingers across the soft, comforter and duvet of her new bed. She adjusted her white and black Contrast Binding Satin Shirt, Dress. She looked around the wide room that could fit three queen size beds. She smiled until she heard the bathroom door open. Alice came out in a mint-colored KIMONO SLEEVE SLEEP DRESS. She spun around in a circle and ran her fingers through her yellow blonde hair.

"That shower felt amazing!" Alice gushed.

Shanti giggled and climbed up on the bed.

"Come jump with me!" she shouted.

Alice climbed up on the bed with Shanti, and they both happily bounced on the feather mattress. Mowgli, Zephyr, and Taran walked in and smiled up at the girls jumping around. The boys were in long t-shirts and baggy pants.

"Having fun?" Mowgli asked.

"Yep," the girls said in harmony.

They flopped down on their butts and joined the boys just as the door opened. Mrs. Potts came in on her tea table with at least five more tea tables coming in behind her. With food; turkey, mashed potatoes, asparagus, buttery bread rolls, and sweet yams.

The orphans smiled brightly at the food.

"Ah! Ah! Children, now make sure you eat up for Mrs. Potts and fill your bellies!" Mrs. Potts sang.

The children all smiled and sat down in a circle as the tea tables laid the food down for them.

"Shall I get you something to drink my darlings?" Mrs. Potts asked.

"Can I have some juice?" Mowgli asked.

"I want soda!" Taran whined.

"Milk?" Zephyr asked.

"Yes, my darlings. I'll fetch," Mrs. Potts sang.

Merlin walked into his throne room and stared at his chair. He then felt something shaking underneath him. He looked down at his feet and saw a glowing blue. He quickly jumped out of the way just as the floor started to crack into two and the blue glow slithered into the air. Forming into Hades.

"Helloooo Merlin," he snickered.

Merlin licked his lips and backed up from Hades.

"What are you doing here? How'd you find me?" Merlin questioned.

"Oh, I've been knowing where you are for a while now. Just waited until you were alone," Hades chuckled.

Merlin gulped.

"I want my titans back," Hades insisted.

"They aren't yours now, you and Zeus are too stubborn to realize the damage done," Merlin snapped.

"As I care," Hades snapped.

"That's your problem, you and your brother," Merlin concurred.

Terpsichore came into the room; she dropped a tray of drinks in her hands. It shattered once it smacked the tile. Merlin's eyes darted over to her.

"Ahh, hello sweetie. Nice to see you again," Hades said.

She gasped until someone slammed her head on the wall quickly and squeezed her throat.

"AH!" she choked.

"NO!" Merlin shouted.

He ran for her, but Hades grabbed him by the throat. His sickly illness and presence infecting Merlin's body.

"Merlin!" Terpsichore shouted.

"Hush honey, you'll need your strength," Maleficent whispered.

She smiled brightly, bit her bottom lip, and faced Hades. He grinned back and squeezed Merlin's throat. He grunted, closing his eyes, and fighting to breathe.

"Now Merlin, either you can give me back my titans now, or you can join the souls on the river of death. Tick-tock. Tick-tock," Hades whispered.

Merlin twitched his finger at Terpsichore. Hades raised his fire hand to strike.

"HADES!" Terpsichore shouted.

He stopped and turned to her.

"Are you forgetting something?" She spoke.

"What?" Hades snapped.

"You forget your place in things. You only cared about your titans and now they were taken from you. Did you forget about something that was there all along," she started.

"Stop babbling, what are you on about?" he asked.

"...Cerberus," she clarified.

Hades softened his grip for a moment. Merlin rested his hand slowly on the ground.

"Did you forget that Cerberus is on a contract. You barely treat him well; you don't take care of him. You always cared for those titans over him. Now his lease is up, and I took the change," Terpsichore explained.

Hades's face angered.

"What did you do?"

"Since you didn't want to keep him, I offered him home instead. Bring him out of the darkness, you trapped him in!" she barked.

Maleficent turned to Hades with wide eyes as Hades's face completely turned to rage.

"AHHHHHH!" he bellowed to the skies.

Merlin freed himself of Hades's grip and slammed his fist into the ground. The entire fortress shook rapidly. The orphans stopped laughing and looked up at the ceiling. Hades lost his balance and Maleficent released Terpsichore.

Merlin threw a glowing green dagger right at her, stabbing her shoulder.

"AH!" she shouted.

He then slapped his hands down and spread them apart. Opening the portal to Hell.

"Merlin!" Hades snapped.

"Agh!" Merlin shouted.

He slammed his hands down as Hades and Maleficent sank back into the Underworld, and he closed it. Terpsichore held her throat and then hurried to him.

"You okay? You okay?" she asked.

He gripped her tightly, "Don't ever do that again," he warned.

She sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck. He squeezed her body tightly, panting and exhausted. The orphans watched by the door and then backed up.

"Was that who I think it was?" Shanti asked.

"That was Hades," Zephyr answered, "God of the Underworld,"

"He's real?" Taran asked.

"I guess so," Zephyr said.

"How?" Alice questioned.

"Come on, Merlin's real. So of course, everything magic wise will be real too," Zephyr said.

"They said something about Cerberus, he's probably in the dungeon," Alice stated.

"Underneath us?" Mowgli questioned in worry.

"Come on," Shanti said.

They all walked down the stone steps to the dungeon. Taran felt along the wall and picked up one of the torches. Mowgli grabbed the other torch. They walked further in and saw one of the cell doors open.

"The door is open," Shanti whispered.

They all remained still and quiet until a huge gaping mouth came out of the darkness. Attached to the mouth was a dog's head and then two other heads connected to the neck. A towering beast.

"AH!" the girls shouted.

Taran and Mowgli backed up and dragged Zephyr back with them. Cerberus lowered his head and whined.

"Wait, wait," Zephyr said.

He waited a moment, and then reached his hand up to the nose. The big dog whined and licked his hand with his huge tongue.

"He's friendly," Zephyr stated.

"He's wounded," Shanti said.

She took the torch and lowered it to a bloody gash on the stomach of the dog. Alice walked to the right side of Cerberus where the chain lock was.

"Alice!" Mowgli shouted.

"He's chained up and wounded. This isn't fair," she said.

She loosened the chain and let it drop, releasing the metal from the dog. The right head of Cerberus nuzzled its nose against Alice. She smiled and petted the nose and higher up.

Cerberus laid down as the orphans sat down with him. From the steps stood Terpsichore and Merlin. They watched and smiled.

Gaston cleaned off the top of his table bar as the last customers left of the night. He made his way to the back of the bar. I walked down the steps of a backdoor into a dark room. He turned on the lights which brought up a beast chained up by his arms and legs.

"Hello brother, how are you tonight?" Gaston asked.

He sat down in front of the beast, the beast lifted his head and coughed. Blood dripped from his mouth, his fur was shedding, and exhaustion was all over his face.

Blood-struck eyes.

Heavy panting.

Visible ribs.

Irregular coloring.