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Elemental 4.4.0

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I got punched.

I got punched by a demi-god into a world pool of souls.

I've swirling around and around for days, weeks, months.

I don't know! I can't tell damn time now!

It's just constant souls ripping at my face, my skin, everything!

I will get revenge for this.

I'm coming for you Hercules!

Hades, God of the Underworld, was swirling around repeatedly in an ugly pit of green, angry souls. For god knows how long, until someone's hand reached into the cool liquid to pull him out.

"Uh!" Hades coughed, he leaned over on his side coughing up anything and everything.

The souls reaching out of the whirl pool to grab him again, were silenced by a wave of a female arm and a dark blue long, sexy leg. Hades looked up from his legs to the goddess of Discord and Chaos, Eris.

"You look a little droopy there honey?" she said in her sexy black dress with the slip on the side.

Hades regained his senses, when his vision was clear and his limbs were working again. He stood up from the ground, his fiery blue flames for hair appeared again, towering over Eris.

"Who are you?" he questioned, his voice stern.

".....Eris." she answered.

She crossed her arms, showing no fear.

"Goddess of Chaos and Discord." Hades stated.

She gave a small smirk.

"Did you pull me out of the pool?" he asked.

Eris waited for a moment, and then gave a nod.

"Why?" he questioned.

"Cause, we need you." Someone said behind him.

Hades turned around to see another woman with a black skinny robe on and devil horns, Maleficent.

"And who are you?" he questioned.

She cocked her head to the side, "Maleficent." She answered.

Hades knew who she was.

"You-" he started to say.

"She's the woman who cursed an infant." Eris finished.

Maleficent glared at Eris.

"Well I tried to kill one, who was destined to kill me too soooo." Hades said.

Maleficent gave an evil grin at Hades, which left Eris very frustrated.

"Look," she snapped making Hades turn his attention back to her, "I pulled you of that pool because you've been down there long enough. Your titan fellows did some damage, think they can do it again? Without getting stopped by Zeus." She said.

"They can, if I can get access to them." he said.

"Great, then we are agreed." She said.

Maleficent then chimed in, "Let's find your friends, and start some chaos. Goddess of the Chaos and God of the Underworld." She said.

"How do you propose we even get to them? Last time I checked; they were thrown into space by that jerk Hercules." He explained.

"That's what she is for." Eris clarified pointing to the witchy seductress.

"I've gathered enough magic in my staff to drawn in their energy from space, I can pull them back from where Hercules threw them, but it's up to you to revive them again." She explained.

Hades stepped closer to her, "If you can do that."

"I can." She snapped.

"If, if you do that. There's no going back." He said.

Maleficent gave a nod, as Eris looked behind her. Hades turned around.
"What's up with you?" he asked.

"Nothing, just.... where do all these souls go?" she asked.

He walked up next to her, shoulder to shoulder.

"They don't go anywhere; they circle and circle." Hades explained.

"Sounds boring." Eris said.

"That's why they circle, they don't have anything to do." He said, "The best torture. You can't do anything but circle and circle and circle. Wondering why you can't return to...." he started to say as she turned to her head to him.

"Life." He said slowly.

Eris looked him in the eyes and felt her goddess body tingle from him.

"Hey." Maleficent said making them both turn to her.

"We got more people to talk to, move it." She said.

She started walking away with Eris and Hades following her to his room with the round table.

In there was a taller man with a tall hat on his head, Shadow Man.

"Who's this?" Hades questioned, "And why is he in my home?"

"This is the Shadow Man, great with Voodoo, bad at making deals." Maleficent described.

Shadow Man rolled his eyes and looked to Hades.

"Is this him?" he asked.

"Yes, it's him." Eris said.

She stopped in front of Hades and then pointed to an open hole in the ground connecting to the ocean where something was shaking in the hole.

"Who or what is in there?" he questioned.

"Ursula." Eris answered.

Ursula appeared out of the water and rested her arms on the side of the hole.

"Hello." she smiled.
Hades gave her a nod, "So you're the wicked witch of the water?" he questioned.

"If you wanna put it like that, or the tentacle monster works for me." She giggled.

"Uhh too hentai for me." Hades said shaking his head.

"Besides, Shadow Man, I had to make a deal to get you out of your debt, so don't do it again." Eris barked.

Shadow Man turned to her, "Maybe you should remember your part in this as well. Titan caller or not?" he barked to her.

Eris was about to respond until Hades interrupted smacking the table to get their attention.

"Now look, I am grateful for all of you waking me up and wanting to get the titans back but we gotta get a move on. Because Zeus and his beast son will not cross me again." Hades hissed; he made his way out with them all following him.

They traveled to the mountain area where Hercules threw the titans into the dark sky, with stars and space. "Maleficent, can you channel the titans?" Eris asked. "Yeah." Maleficent said. She held up her staff and waved her hand around it in an almost cupping fashion. There was a bright light appearing in the space, something strong and dangerous.

"There they are." She muttered.

She circles waved her staff up in the air, in a circle and something came into the orb of her staff. She put it down as the weather cooled down.

"Won't that signal Zeus?" Shadow Man asked.

"It could, which is why I also have this." Maleficent said, she held up a small potion bottle.

Hades took the bottle slowly from her.

"What's this?" he asked.

"A sleeping concoction, you can keep the gods of Olympus asleep for a while." She explained.

He closed the bottle in between his fingers.

"Thank you." He said. She smiled sweetly.

"I'll be back." Hades said.

Hades traveled up to Olympus, in disguise. With a hood on his head and trying to keep his darkness out of sight, he saw Hercules talking to Zeus off on the side. He pulled out the vile from his cape. He kept a close eye out again. When it was clear, he popped off the lid and sprinkled out its contents.

It spread out quickly, and the Olympian Gods started to feel the effects; heavy breathing, dropping their glasses, and collapsing to the floor.

"Agh!" they all grunted in pain. ‘

They gripped their stomachs, covered their noses, and then started to gag.

"What in the-?" Zeus questioned.

Hera covered her nose, and started to gag.

"Zeus!" she called.

Zeus hurried to his wife, but he took in the fumes.

"Agh!" he grunted. "Hercules!"

Hercules turned his father, but the fumes got to him too. He gripped his stomach, covered his nose, and collapsed.

"Father!" he shouted.

"Dammit." Zeus hissed.

Hercules fell on his back, looking up at space above him, while he was struggling to breathe. He gagged, and felt his eyes sting. Hades smiled to himself, he moved past everyone with his hood on, showing how he was immune. He walked past them all, smiling. Made his way over to Zeus's stash of lightning bolts. He wrapped his fingers around the bolt and lifted it up. Hercules turned his head, and got a blurry vision of who was next to him by the lightning bolts.

"Sleep tight." Hades chuckled softly.

Hercules tried to mumble something, "Ha...Hade...Hades..." he mumbled.

Hades slithered away off the cloud, to finish what he started.

The others waited on the ground.

"Did it work?" she asked.

"What do you think?" Hades smiled; he pulled the lightning bolt from his cape.

Eris paused, "How much power does that thing hold?" she questioned.
"Were you supposed to take that?" the Shadow Man questioned.

"Doesn't matter I did; they are all knocked out." He said.

"Great work." Eris said.

Hades smiled stepping closer to her, "Do you wanna touch it?" he asked.

Eris looked up at his eyes, and then ran her fingers along the lightning bolt. Intense power electrified threw her body from the lightning.

"Oh my god." She sighed before pulling her hand back.

"Intense power, intense connections." He said tapping her chest with the tip making her jump a bit.

Eris stared at him with a smile on her face, as he gave her a nod.

Maleficent turned away from the display.

"What? Seriously?" the Shadow Man snapped at her.

"Ugh, shut up." Maleficent snapped back.

"Time to wreak some havoc and some well thought of revenge." Hades grinned evilly, "Give me the staff."

Maleficent hesitated and then stood up from the ground handing over her staff. Hades played with it in his hands and slammed the orb into the ground.

"Hey!" Maleficent shouted.

The spirits of the titans started to float around them all. Hades slammed the lightning bolt into the ground sending it's intense and electric energy and power into the titans' souls. Their bodies electrified, as their element skin filled in to form their bodies once again.

"My brothers, welcome back." Hades smiled.

The titans roared.

"Now that you're back, what would you like to do?" he asked.

The titans groaned and roared to the skies.

"That's more like it." Hades chuckled.

And that's exactly what they did. The titans were resurrected and wreaking havoc all over the world.

Ice deserts.

Melting ice glaciers.

Tornadoes destroying forests.

Earthquakes sinking entire cities to the ground.

"Dad! We need to do something! The earth is dying, and the people can't survive like this!" Hercules shouted.

"I know that Hercules, I just don't understand how those titans were re-released into the world and who in the hell knocked us out for that long!" Zeus hissed.

"You know, who and what it was! It was Hades! I told you I saw him!" He barked.

"You think you saw him! You were passing out!" Zeus barked back.

"I did!" he barked.

"Stop it." Hera snapped.

"Knock this off and release the elementals. They are the only ones who can do something about the titans being loose." Hera barked.

"They aren't completely stable, you know that." Zeus said.

"Doesn't matter now does it?" Hera barked.

Zeus put his head and then sighed, "Fine. Fine."

"Release them."

The elementals were the elements of earth; water, air, fire, and earth. They were all in spirit forms. See through, ghostly light, robes, and the colors of the earth. Red, blue, green, and white. They towered over everything, the same size as the titans.

It was a long, painful, ugly battle.







Back and forth, and back and forth, and even more back and forth.

It was all too much and earth was barely responding anymore to the war. It was like the Earth was dead, the people were struggling to get by and live in the cold world. Only one man who could do something about it that wasn't Zeus.

The wizard, Merlin.

He had seen enough of this vile world turning to chaos to defy the Gods and the Underworld to do something extraordinary. He channeled in his magical energy and created a huge orb. He sat in one spot and for a long week, he channeled in the magical energy of both the Elementals and the Titans. Once he got it, he made a spell. A spell to separate the physical forms of the Titans and the Elementals into small which he did. He made the spell happen the Titans burst into a million pieces while the Elementals fluttered away like dust.

"What just happened?" Hera questioned.

"What is it?" Zeus questioned, rubbing the side of his head.

Hera moved away from the map of the world.

"The elementals, they went away. The titans exploded. What? What is going on?" Hera questioned.

"Wait, what are you talking about that's not possible." Zeus said getting up from the chair.

"What's going on up there?" Maleficent questioned the Shadow Man.

"Dude!" Eris barked at Shadow Man.

"Don't rush me. It looks like someone canceled out the titans. Their physical forms are gone, I can't even locate their powers." Shadow Man said.

Suddenly, a flying stone object was thrown directly at Shadow Man, however he ducked out of the way just in time.

"Stop throwing stuff at me!" Shadow Man barked.

"Who destroyed my titans! Whose getting involved in my plans! I had a plan!" Hades barked.

"We all were a part of this plan." Eris said.

"Yeah, but my ass is on the line if Zeus challenges me." He barked.

"What's wrong? Scared of big brother?" Maleficent questioned.

"Shut it." Hades barked.

"It's the wizard." Shadow Man said.

"What do you mean?" Eris questioned.

"It's a wizard who did it. He separated the powers from the Titan and the Elements from Zeus that broke down their physical forms. Their power is lurking, and I can't track it." Shadow Man explained.

Hades hurried over and looked over Shadow Man's tracking system.

"It's Merlin." Hades snickered.

"You know him?" Shadow Man asked.

"Yeah, he's a powerful wizard. And you won't be able to track him because the bastard is sneaky as the hell, I live in." Hades explained.

Shadow Man sighed, "Okay then what do you wanna do?" he asked.

"We need to run in some more help, on ground help. I honestly don't know what Merlin is planning." Hades said.

Shadow Man exhaled a breath, "Okay then who do you want a glimpse of?" he asked.

"Mm." Hades leaned closer with his arm around the other side of Shadow Man.

Who didn't really seem that bothered by it.

But Eris, and Maleficent were. More competition.

Merlin did separate the orbs into the world, all over the world. Chosen ones. Little girls given power of elemental abilities while the boys were given the mixed powers of a warrior.

And with a message.

I will come for them in 8 years.

Count it.


They need to learn how to use these powers I've given them.

And they will.