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Let's go to the zoo

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An annoying buzz came to Bakugou's ears, waking him up in the most irritating way. He moaned, raising his heavy feeling arm to find the source of that exasperating noise, possibly to throw it out the window once and for all. After a few unsuccessful attempts, his palm dropped hard on that devil's alarm clock, finally managing to silence the bloody buzzing. Satisfied, he returned to snuggle himself more comfortably between the pillows, letting the sweet morning breeze gently caress the naked skin of his back.
Summer was just around the corner, but fortunately the temperatures weren't yet so suffocating as to force people out of bed at the first light of dawn. This allowed him to linger a little longer in his bed half naked with the window ajar so that a faint hint of wind could enter.
Suddenly, a warm and soft pair of lips settled at the base of his spine, just above his tailbone, and a shiver ran through him that had nothing to do with the fresh air.
Feeling him shiver, the mouth on his skin bent into a smile, while curious, large, rough hands sneaked under his pelvis.


Bakugou huffed, trying to ignore this morning attack, but that cruel mouth was slowly climbing up his spine leaving behind a trail of moist kisses that, coming in contact with the crisp air, made him tremble even more. The other's fingertips gently caressed his abdominals, journeying from one side of his hips to the other, until they reached his back.
Arriving at its destination the dominant arm held itself around his body, so that it was easier to drag him to the center of the big king-size bed and against the firm, muscular body behind him.
"How long are you going to ignore me?" murmured Deku, who, satisfied with his approaching move, rubbed his face between Bakugou’s shoulder blades. The man in question continued to keep his eyes shut and turned his face away, not at all willing to give in to his partner.
He would never admit to the fact that he loved morning cuddles just as much as the shitty nerd. Or afternoon cuddles, or evening cuddles... on second thought, he would never admit that he loved to be cuddled by that idiot, period. Even though they have been living together for more than six months now, he still had his pride to protect.
"Depends, how long are you going to keep sticking to me like this?" he asked, his voice hoarse from sleep. Behind him, he felt Deku's naked chest squashed against his side, jolting amusedly.
"What a grouch you are, Kacchan." he murmured, continuing to rub and keep him close to himself in the quiet of the morning. Bakugou snorted again, finally turning his head in his direction and putting his face in the other's bushy hair, inhaling to the fullest of his lungs a large whiff of that heavenly scent that emanated from his partner's skin and felt his body, already teased by those enticing caresses, awakening completely.
After all those months, he still hadn't gotten used to that scent, and he believed he would never get used to the effect it had on him. Just another thing he would never admit even to himself that it made him immensely happy.
The other lifted his head and their eyes met, Deku's smile became extremely sweet.
"Good morning," he greeted him, approaching to drop a light kiss on his lips. Bakugou growled a half-answer, barely sticking out his lips to answer the greeting.
All that affection was embarrassing to him. All those sweet nothings made him uncomfortable, yet he was terribly fascinated by it, and at the same time he had a desperate need for it. He wanted to feel the weight of Deku's body on his own, his arms clinging to his hips as if he was something extremely precious that could never be let go of for any reason. He’d also discovered that he had become addicted to the way Deku looked at him, so worshipping and needy, that it gave him the impression that if he moved too far away from him, he could die of it.
The freckled man moved away from his lips just enough to be able to ask, "In the end, did you decide if you'd rather go to the aquarium or the zoo today?". Bakugou put strength on his arms and slowly, with caution, turned into the other's embrace. It made their naked chests touch and an excited whimper accidentally slipped from his lips, making him blush.
Usually, he was able to have better control over his reactions, but his chest, as he had discovered at his own expense, was his weak point and so sensitive, whenever he came into contact with the guy, it was impossible for him to withhold even the smallest of whimpers.
"Zoo." he replied sharply, trying to divert the attention from the embarrassing sound that had just escaped him. Deku stared at him for a long moment, taking a glimpse at his exposed chest, then gave him a big smile.
"Well, I'll go make breakfast now."
Again, he moved to drop a little kiss on the tip of his nose and rubbed, perhaps with a little too much force, their chests together. Bakugou gasped, out of breath. His nipples were hard and sore and an equally rock hard boner showed between his legs, craving relief. Deku took a sly look between his legs, then winked at him.
"Later... If you’re gonna be a good boy."
And he hurried to exit the room before Bakugou could throw more than just a pillow at him. The other's playful laughter drifted away along the hallway, while the blond sighed in frustrated amusement, letting himself fall back between the soft sheets.
He had waited so long for this weekend. It had been months since their last date. Work and other commitments made it hard to find even a moment of time to spend together. Obviously thanks to their cohabitation they could see each other every day, but they both felt the need to take a break, to have at least one day just to themselves and finally, after weeks of requests -and subtle threats on his part- They’d managed to get two days off. A hero's profession was wonderful work, but it left little time for a private life. You never knew when a villain would attack, or where the next threat would come from, so they had to stay vigilant. But not this weekend. Bakugou had been very clear that as far as he was concerned, that weekend he didn't exist, at all and for no one!
Luckily a bunch of new rookies had just arrived at the agency that were eager to show off and Bakugou was more than happy to let them do their thing, he had better things to think about.
‘If you are gonna be a good boy.’
Another shiver ran through him, he rubbed his hands on his hard nipples and that familiar tingling immediately hit him hard, reawakening his softening hard-on. He closed his eyes and moved his hips against the light cloth on top of him, moaning softly fearing that Deku would hear him from the kitchen, he needed release, he needed to...
"This is not the behavior of a good boy."
Bakugou leapt up to sit on the bed, his eyes wide open and his heart in his throat from fright. He hadn't heard him return and now there he is, comfortably leaning against the doorframe with his arms folded to watch him with a seraphic sneer on his weasel face.
The blond felt his cheeks flush while a part of him wondered how long he had been there, staring at him as he touched himself, but he refused to give in to the other. So Bakugou stared back at him with a fierce expression, squeezing his legs to try to suppress the evident boner that stood out.
"Weren't you supposed to be in the kitchen preparing my breakfast?"
Deku smiled as he pulled away from the door, and once again, Bakugou couldn't help but stare at that body that had grown almost frighteningly fast in only a few years.
It was clear that the freckled man was spending most of his time training and that his muscle mass had not yet reached its peak, but it looked already so... astonishing. Bakugou had never been interested in men, in fact he had always been too busy worrying about everything else to dwell on what his sexual orientation was, but ever since he was dating Deku, more than once he’d found himself staring at him while the other performed his daily training. Working out in a tank top, making him eager to follow the trail of his sweat with his tongue. Even the scars that streaked over his whole body were exciting to him. Although Deku initially felt so embarrassed that he wanted to wear long-sleeved shirts to avoid upsetting him, in the end Bakugou managed to persuade him that none of those marks disturbed him. Indeed, he loved to follow their outlines with his tongue and watch Deku tremble while he felt his big cock sinking into him. He loved to know he was the only one aware of the location and shape of some of those scars, the only one allowed to see them.
"I wanted to ask you something."
Deku had moved over, returning to sit next to him on the edge of their bed. Bakugou frowned at him for a few seconds, waiting for him to continue.
In the past few years Deku's physique had not been the only thing to change, even his personality had somehow evolved. Bakugou didn't know how to describe it, he was still the usual clumsy little nerd with a permanent smile who followed him like a faithful dog, yet there was something else; growing up he had become bolder, more sensual and in some way, darker. He was the same boy he had known for ages, but at the same time he was also a brand new person.
He was the same, thanks to Deku. Because of him he had discovered things about himself that he would never even dare to guess at.
"Well? Tell me." The blond encouraged him, feeling a familiar tingling going down his neck with the way the other was looking at him.
Deku's eyes had lowered on his exposed chest and lingered there for several seconds, until his breath became heavy, his pupils dilated and Bakugou couldn't help but grin and push his chest further out, hearing the guy groan in response.
When they’d met up again after graduation Bakugou had been convinced for a while that Deku was mocking him for the size and excessive bulk of his chest until, at someone’s wedding party, he had realized that all the remarks and glances he got from him were just to mask his giant weak spot. Deku was almost obsessed with his chest and he could only be grateful. He adored every lick, every bite, every pinch that the guy put on him in the middle of sex, and he craved for it more and more, always harder.
"Do you remember when last week I made that very good dinner for our month's anniversary, and you not only forgot about it, not buying me any gifts, but you also got home obscenely late, wasting all my efforts?"
He remembered it well, that evening returning home after a long and nerve-wracking day of work he had found Deku asleep on the couch and the table set up for a celebration, but by then the food was cold, chewy and almost inedible. He felt so guilty, only to realise upon his return home and seeing the scene that he’d forgotten it was the anniversary of their sixth month together, but by that time it was too late to do anything except apologize to his partner.
In general, Bakugou wasn't the kind of guy who wanted to celebrate that kind of thing, especially if they were just month anniversaries, but Deku did; Deku loved to celebrate every little achievement of theirs, he remembered every event, every date, every word said and secretly, Bakugou had started to wait with joy for those recurrences, just to be able to see that joy on the face of his partner, only to be able to make him happy with his gifts. That time, however, things had not gone at all as planned and he had felt so disappointed in himself that he would’ve liked to punch himself in the face.
"You still haven't made it up to me."
"But you told me you weren't angry!" exclaimed the blond, kneeling on the bed, every muscle in his body tensed, ready to fight. Deku smiled and got up as he reached the closet.
"I'm not, but don't you think a good boy should at least try to do something to apologize?"
Bakugou was dumbfounded for a moment, being hit on a wound that had yet to heal completely.
He was right, he hadn't done anything for Deku yet, who was always so kind to him, so damn thoughtful without it being necessary. Sometimes seeing his attentiveness drove on his nerves, not even his mother would go that far. But at the same time it was... nice. Going to work and having a lunch ready, prepared with love, in his bag. Coming back home and finding everything tidy, with the pleasant smell of dinner teasing his senses. A microscopic part of Bakugo hoped that Deku would feel the same way when the roles were reversed and it was him who prepared his meals, or waited for him with the dinner on the stove and a tidy house.
"W-what am I supposed to do?" Bakugou asked, watching Deku's broad back shift, his arms rise to open the shutters and take something from one of his drawers. When he turned back around and showed him what he was holding in his hands, Bakugou’s heart skipped a beat and he had to sit back down on the mattress, his legs becoming too weak to hold him.
"I'd like to use this on you."
The blond wet his lips, shifting his gaze from his partner's hands to his eyes and vice versa.
"Are you kidding?" he asked, harsher than he’d meant to. Deku smiled slightly but did not reply, leaving him time to continue.
"That's a rope!"
The freckled man nodded slowly, returning calmly to the bed.
"Yes, it's a rope, and I want to tie you up with it."
Bakugou shouldn't have considered such a thing exciting at all, he should have stood up and smashed that shitty face he was looking at, but instead, he felt a familiar warmth start to form in his underbelly, and found himself blinking in a daze, with his mind clouded, wondering how the other intended to tie him up, for how long and, above all, how tight.
Deku laid the rope on his lap and sat down again on the edge of the bed, gently kissing the top of his head.
"I don't want to do anything too complicated," he began by gently looking at him as if he were offering him a walk in the park and not a kinky sexual practice, "but I admit that you’d make me terribly happy if you’d let me try this on you."
Bakugou opened his mouth, willing with every fiber of the logical part of his brain to tell him that he could use that rope on himself and choke on it, he would never allow him to use his body as a mannequin to experience that nasty side he had discovered to have. He wanted to say no to him, he really wanted to, to the detriment of everything, even the excited tremor that had begun to run through him, but then, the memory of the distressed face of his partner the evening of their month anniversary came back to his mind, hitting him like the most brutal of punches.
"If..." He bowed his head and frowned at the tangle of ropes on his legs. "If I agree, if we do this, then afterwards... will I be forgiven?"
An arm of Deku gently surrounded his shoulders so that he could be pulled closer, the blond raised his head, just in time for their lips to meet. A light kiss, just a hint of tongue, then the other one moved away again, his usual calm smile still on his face.
"Yes, Kacchan, this would be the most beautiful anniversary present you could ever give me."
And at that moment Bakugou realized he was doomed.

"Uuh look, Kacchan, there are lions!"
Deku looked like an overgrown child as he approached the large protective fencing where a couple of lions were lazily dozing in the shade of some trees. Bakugou followed him cautiously, his jaw tight and his hands forcefully pushed into the pockets of trousers almost two sizes too large. Since Deku completed his damn work that morning, every movement he made has been torture. The asshole, for the fun of it, had decided to start his experiments with shibari right on his chest. He had passed the rope over and under his pecs, around his neck to keep it in place, and then, as a touch of class for his work of sadism, he had made sure to tie it and rotate it so that two sides of the rope passed fearfully close to his nipples, taking them almost into a grip, so that he could not make any kind of movement without feeling the damn rope rubbing against his pecs or against his already hypersensitive nipples.
The whole process had been slow and exhausting, Deku had been very careful and prudent about everything, stopping each time to check if he was tying the rope well or performing the right weaving, and Bakugou in front of so much care had felt a strange heartache. An ache that didn’t keep him from mocking the other throughout the whole ordeal, despite his erection becoming harder and harder.
When Deku was satisfied with his work he had jokingly challenged him to go out like this, Bakugou had been so swaggering and so naive to believe he could resist an entire day with those ropes on him.
"If it becomes excessively unbearable, you can tell me 'stop' and I'll understand," the other explained while they were preparing to go out after breakfast. The blond had nodded, clearly distracted, as he caressed the ropes that rubbed against his neck and then went down on his chest, it was so strange to feel that rough squeeze around his body, but not annoying, at least not yet.
After just an hour and a half in the open air, Bakugou was ready to take everything off and scream with his lungs full.
The heat and the continuous rubbing of the sweater fabric on the ropes, combined with the continuous movement, were driving him crazy. He felt his skin burning and it was so very sensitive, every little gesture made him moan and shake, his nipples had already crossed the edge of hypersensitivity a long time ago and now every time one of the ropes touched them, he shuddered, forced to bite his lips bloody to keep from screaming.
His chest felt tight and he had a great desire to scratch where the string was clutching him. Moreover, he was very sure that the oblique glances thrown at him by passers-by were all glances of awareness. Everyone knew what was happening to him, what was hidden under his clothes. At certain moments he felt almost naked among those people, as if he was also one of the animals of the zoo, put on display so that everyone could admire and photograph him.
He gritted his teeth, clenching his fists so hard that he stuck his nails into his flesh, but in spite of everything he walked with half an erection ever since they’d left the house. Every rub in the right place caused sparks to go through all of him that were so delicious that it would force him to stop in the middle of a step.
It was a mixture of suffering and delight, discomfort and absolute pleasure, so overwhelming in his brain that if Deku had asked him the next day about their visit to the zoo, he’d probably wouldn’t have remembered anything else except those wonderful but damned sensations.
Bakugou knew that he could stop this torture at any time, that it would take just one word, one simple word to make sure that everything ceased immediately, and then the day of agony and torment would turn into a quiet and pleasant day of leisure. But he didn't want to say that word, partly out of pride, partly because underneath, well hidden, a small part of himself liked that treatment. He had discovered it at his own expense and was not yet ready to come to terms with it, yet.
When Deku mishandled him, insulted him, tormented him. At that moment, something in Bakugou seemed to almost purr.
He shook his head, disgusted. They were two disgusting perverts; it wasn't surprising how well they’d gotten along right from the start.
"Kacchan? Is everything alright?"
Deku's voice, so close to his ear, made him shake. He had not even noticed that the other had returned to his side and that he was studying him, who knows for how long. He felt his cheeks burning more than they already were and turned his eyes away, lowering it to the tip of his boots.
"Yes, come on." he replied sharply, intending not to give him any insight of what was happening to him. He didn't want Deku to realize how much that situation was tormenting him and pleasing him at the same time.
The freckled man remained silent for a long time, so long that Bakugou thought he had left again without telling him anything, but when he glanced up, he found him in the same position, intent on studying him with a strange expression.
"What is it?" he puffed irritated, while under his shirt a drop of sweat slowly slid between his pecs, making him shiver.
"Are you sure you're okay, yes?" asked the other again, moving himself closer. This time Bakugou gritted his teeth.
"I told you so, move!" he growled furiously, jerking up one hand to push him with his palm open.
He shouldn't have done that. The sudden movement caused the whole intricate play of ropes on his chest to move, causing a fierce burning everywhere and he found himself gasping, shaken by violent chills, in the middle of the zoo square where they had been for the past ten minutes.
The hand stretched forward with the original aim of hitting Deku, now was looking for him in need of a foothold, a support, which did not delay in coming to his aid.
"Follow me." Deku's tone was imperative, it invited no argument, so Bakugou couldn't help but let himself be surrounded by his comforting embrace and quickly being lead to the nearest toilets. Every step was a jolt of sensations; his mouth tasted like blood due to the bites given to hold back the screams, the ropes rubbed and tormented his flesh terribly, the sweat slid between them making everything more scorching, more painful, more or less... amazing. His nipples were hard and now completely numb, he was almost sure that if he looked down, he would see them under the big t-shirt he had decided to wear that morning.
When they walked through the bathroom door, Deku unlined his Hero badge and with the most serious and dark voice Bakugou had ever heard, ordered everyone out of the room for safety reasons. He didn't have to repeat himself, they quickly fixed their clothes and left them alone.
"Take off your t-shirt."
Bakugou stared at him, at first without really understanding what his ears had actually heard. Deku had moved away and in a quick move had closed the bathroom door, preventing anyone from entering.
"No way!" he finally said, once he was able to clear his mind enough to order his mouth to move, to formulate a meaningful sentence.
Deku turned to stare at him, serious and worried.
"You're not well, Kacchan! You're all red and you’re panting, I must have tightened the ropes too much, maybe you're bruised. I need to check, please let me-"
He approached him and extending his hands, touching one of his nipples with his fingertips. Bakugou’s reaction was instantaneous, he bent forward, tightly grasping Deku's forearm with vigor and throwing his head backwards, squinting his eyes spasmodically, the cry that rose from the depths of his throat had nothing human about it, it seemed more like the meowing of a cat in heat.
Deku's exclamation came like a rumble at his ears. At any other time Bakugou would have laughed hearing him so shocked and excited, but between them, he was the one who was most affected, who had been teased and tormented to the utmost and now, he couldn't stand it anymore. With the little bit of strength left in his body, he looked back at Deku's face which was now fixed on his chest, his eyes blackened by yearning and his breath heavy.
"Either you get busy and touch me, you shitty pervert, or I swear I'll kick you in the balls!"
Deku didn't hold back any longer and snapped his eyes up, his slightly red face and the freckles on his cheeks stood out, making him even more charming than usual. With a sharp move he took his shirt off, resting it on the shelf next to the sink.
"Holy fuck, Kacchan!" he exclaimed, as he stared hypnotized at his chest burned by the rope and his stiff nipples.
"It's your fault, take responsibility!" replied the blond, trying to seem as angry as possible, even when the fresh air of the room that caressed his irritated skin was giving him a pleasant feeling of well-being and send a new wave of shivers all over his body.
Before he lost all his strength, he placed his hands on Deku's shoulders and forced him to lower himself until he was kneeling on the floor. Bakugou licked his lips, quickly bending down to sit on his man and sealed their lips together. He was confident that the other was strong enough to support him.
The feeling of their chests touching made him moan obscenely, a cry that was promptly swallowed by the voracious mouth of his partner, who grabbed him abruptly by the buttocks, placing him further up his lap and started to rub against him, so that even their erections, despite the layers of cloth, could brush against each other.
"It's not enough for me." Bakugou whimpered, distancing himself with difficulty from the wet kiss. He firmly grabbed Deku's face and awkwardly guided it down, had him lowered until that hot mouth found one of his nipples. When his lips closed around the small fleshy bud, Bakugou almost fainted from the pleasure, clawing at the other's hair with force, pushing his face even more to his chest and continuing to wriggle madly on his lap.
The rope continued to rub on him with every move, Deku's tongue on his sore flesh was a joy and yet a new source of torture too, and not being able to feel the erection of the other skin to skin with his own was another torment added. Everything was so frustrating but at the same time so damn awesome.
"Open these fucking pants or I'll blow them up, puppy." Bakugou ordered him categorically, while at the same time he was hurrying to free his hard-on from the constriction of the slacks. In no time both their dicks were exposed and finally rubbing together, one over the other, without any more hindrance. The two men moaned in unison, then Deku's big hand came down to wrap both erections, massaging them together.
"And now, Kacchan?" The freckled man whispered and then attacked his chest with hickeys and quick licks, short-circuiting Bakugou's brain. He couldn't help but grab Deku's shoulders and hold on tightly to avoid slipping off.
"What do you want?”
Deku rose up, licking his lips before savagely kissing him and taking his breath away, while his rough hand rubbed ruthlessly against his dripping erection. They parted, staring at each other, while in the air only the obscene sound of their slick skin rubbing and their slight moans echoed, more and more excited.
"What can I do for you, you little bitch?"
And here he was again, that dark side that rose to the surface, and once again, for Bakugou it was like hearing someone push him down from a very high cliff, the last straw, the accelerant bursting to life the biggest fire in history.
He arched and with a choked hiccups came into the palm of Deku's hand, frantically moving his pelvis, under his closed eyelids the vision of a thousand non-existent constellations.
Deku allowed him to do it, still hard, waited for him to finish releasing himself in his hand, then while still panting, helped him to sit on the ground in front of him.
Bakugou was so exhausted He didn't even have the strength to understand what Deku's intentions were, but in the end, he didn't care, he could do anything and it would’ve been more than good for him.
The other rose slightly from his kneeling position, so that he was a little above Bakugou, and then, using the same smeared hand, started jerking off above the other his panting body, without ever taking his eyes off his partner.
To the blond, the sight of his lover wanking above his exhausted and tormented body was too much, he felt his cock trying to recover but failing, the violent orgasm from earlier leaving no energy to spare.
When Deku finally came, he didn't hold back in any way, spraying his sperm with a guttural grunt, all on Bakugou's puffy chest, spurting it on him in order to mark him as his own. Bakugou quivered as he looked at the pearly liquid dripping down his nipples and, for a short moment, wondered about its taste.
"So beautiful." murmured Deku, leaning down to spread his sperm around with his hand, where there were still traces of that of his partner’s release. That gesture automatically made him lean forward, eager to feel that hand moving on him, to feel the heat of their mixed sperm that stained his chest, marking it. He moaned with his lips half-closed while the other continued with his slow sensual massage, alleviating some of the pain caused by the ropes.
"And all mine."
Bakugou smiled tired, grabbing him by the shirt and tugging at him, so that their faces almost touched.
"As much as you are mine, dipshit."
The two snickered at each other before kissing again.