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The Tower: Unexpected

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You know when you have an idea that seems pretty good at the time and then later it turns out to be just the worst thing you’ve ever done?  Well, this is kind of the opposite to that.  It was a stupid idea at the time.  I was already partially regretting it when the blindfold went on.  But even though, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through, the end result was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

You see, Thor was in town and as usual, things were a little out of control.  Thor was very, very popular when he was on Earth.  Along with a general grapple to spend time with him, there were more orgies than normal.  A lot of it was him.  He is not only extremely hot but very calming.  He was one of the few people that made Bruce genuinely giddy to be around.  Not the usual blushing.  Or the more demanding side when Hulk was pushing on him, but giddy and excitable.  He kinda just has this effect on you.

I was sitting around in the common room with Natasha and Clint while some of the others kept coming in and out of the room and I’d said one day I was going to have all the guys come inside of me in the one session.  For some reason, Natasha ran with the idea.  She was really excited about.  Clint said there was no way in hell I’d be able to last that long.  Natasha said if anyone could it was me, that okay, maybe, Steve, Bucky, and Thor would need to be warmed up a little first, but I could do it.

It became this thing.  She told everyone.  I ended up with my wrists in leather cuffs and shackled to the edge of the pit-bed.  My eyes covered and Natasha running her hands over me.

“You’re ready for this, mishka?”  She whispered against my ear.

“Mmm… Yes, Tasha.”  I hummed.

Around me, I could hear the others.  The whispers of fabric brushing past skin as it was shed and tossed aside.  The wet smack of lips against lips.  Soft moans as they each began to explore each other.  My skin started to feel warm and prickle and I snapped my head to the side.  “Wanda?”

“I’m right here, Elly,”  Wanda said softly.

Natasha began kissing down my body.  Each place her lips touched made the vibration from Wanda’s powers suddenly feel more intense.  When her lips touched down on my pussy, I gasped and arched up.  The wet rasp of Natasha’s tongue over my clit mixed with the buzz from Wanda sent a jolt right up my spine and made my cunt flood.

Natasha hummed and swirled her tongue around before replacing it with her thumb.  “Ready for them already?”  One of her fingers slipped inside of me and she circled her thumb over my clit.

I bucked against her hand and jerked against the bonds.  “Yes, Natalia.  I’m always ready for any of you.”

“Well, then,”  She hummed and took her hand away.  The warm buzz of Wanda’s powers winked out and both women moved away from me.  Large strong hands grabbed my hips and someone moved between my legs.  I lifted a foot and placed it on a firm chest.  They leaned down, pushing my leg back against my chest and pulled one of my nipples into their mouth as they teased the head of their cock up and down my soaking pussy.

“Sam?”  I half moaned.

He chuckled in reply.  “Now how did you know it was me, princess?”

“I know my bird,”  I replied.

“Of course you do.”  He said and brought his lips to mine.  As he did he sunk his cock slowly into me.

I moaned into the kiss, my cunt squeezing around his cock as he entered me.  Around me, the sounds had changed.  Bodies shifted against the mattress.  Moans became more frequent, occasionally joined by voices, though there seemed to be some kind of rule that talking was to be kept to a minimum.

Sam started to thrust inside me.  I wanted to hold him, to dig my fingers into his back, but I was helpless to do anything.  His mouth moved along my jaw and to my neck.  He sucked a patch, using his teeth.  I groaned knowing he was marking me.

He began to move faster, rutting hard and deep into me.  I was pinned under him, moaning, my hands opening and closing in my bonds.  The base of his cock rubbed against my clit with each forward thrust, bringing me closer and closer to the edge.

“Oh god, Sammy.  Gonna come.”  I babbled.

“I’m right there with you, princess.”  Sam rasped.  “You ready for the first of us?”

“Yes.  Oh god, yes.  I want it.”  I cried, bucking under him.

He groaned and bit down into my shoulder.  I arched up suddenly as my orgasm hit and he groaned and released inside of me.  His cock pulsed as my cunt milked him through it.

“That’s one, princess.”  He whispered slipping from inside of me.  “Who do you think will be next?”

He moved away and for a moment I just lay there panting, my legs shaking a little.  Another body took his place and began placing long, slow kisses up my stomach.  The scratch of a beard tickling my skin.  I hooked my leg around him and ran my foot down the curve of his back and over his ass.

“Hello, Tony,”  I whispered.

“Is that what this is going to be?  Guess the dick?”  He teased as his tongue flicked over my nipple.

“Mm-hmm…” I hummed.

“What’s the point of the blindfold then?”  He asked, continuing his path up my body.  His lips ghosting over my skin as he spoke.

“Not much of a guessing game if I can see.”  I teased.

Tony laughed and kissed me under the ear.  “Well, guess what, boss?  I finally get to be on top and there is nothing you can do about it.”

He grabbed my thighs and with a quick snap of his hips, he was deep inside of me. “Oh no.” I gasped.

“I know, darling.  So hard for you.” He teased as he began to thrust hard into me.

“That's… what … she… said…” I said, each word accentuated with a thrust.

Tony chuckled and brought his lips to mine.  He kissed me hungrily, his tongue circling with mine.  I moaned loudly, not breaking the kiss and wrapped my legs around his waist just so I could hold on.

He rested one hand on my throat and the other trailed down my body, cupping my breast, teasing down my side before he reached my cunt and began teasing my clit.

I broke our kiss with a gasp.  Tony’s mouth moved to my left breast and he began sucking just on the underside.  Pressing his teeth against my soft flesh as I moaned under him.  I was going to come away from this with a series of hickeys all over me, I could tell now.  I moaned and whimpered under him as another orgasm approached.

“Tony.  Tony.  Tony.”  I babbled, each utterance of his name, half question, half statement.

“Gonna come for me?”  He asked, his thrusts coming harder and faster.

“Oh, god, yes.  Please, Tony.”  I cried.

He kept moving, his fingers rolling over my clit.  I arched up off the bed as my orgasm hit.  Tony grabbed my hips and held me down as he kept rutting into me.

“Please, Tony.  I want it.” I groaned.

He grunted, slamming into me and with a hard thrust he held me in place as he came, his semen mixing with Sam’s.

I hummed and went to touch him, but only managed to jerk my arms in their bonds.  “Shh… it’s okay, dear.”  He said running his hands down my arms and pressing a kiss to my forehead.

He slipped out of me and moved away.  I felt two hands on my ankles, one flesh and one metal.  “Bucky…”  I breathed.

“Hey, darlin’.” He hummed.  “How are you doing?  Want to change positions?”

I nodded and he unclipped the cuffs from the headboard and pulled me up into his lap.   I hooked my cuffed arms around his neck as he lowered me down onto his cock.

“How are your shoulders?”  He whispered as I adjusted to his girth.

“They’re okay,”  I replied and started to roll my hips in his lap.

We started to kiss and I added a bounce to the moment.  I moved up and down on his dick, swirling my hips.  He held me close, one hand pressed into my lower back and the other tangled in my hair.

“Oh god, Buck.  You feel so good.”  I moaned, letting my head fall back.  His cock slid in and out of me easily and I squeezed my walls around it as I moved.

“You’re gonna make me come before you do, the way you’re goin’, El.”  He rumbled.

He started sucking hard at the dip of my clavicle and thrusting up into me.  I moaned and clutched at his back, my fingers digging into the thick, corded muscles.  I could feel a third orgasm approaching.

Bucky’s fingers moved to my clit and I gave into him.  Letting myself feel all the places he was touching me and every pleasure center that had been activated.  I came, clenching around him and my toes curling.  “Oh god, yes.”

Bucky groaned and kept bouncing me in his lap.  I kept swirling my hips and clenching my walls, milking his cock.  With a groan he released.  I could feel him filling me in waves.   “Oh god, yes.”  I moaned.

He lifted me up off his lap and lay me back down, pulling his head out from between my linked arms.  “Three down.  Four to go.  Who’s next, do you think?”  He purred in my ear before moving away.

I stretched a little as I waited to find out.  I could still hear Steve and Thor, though they were obviously trying to keep quiet.  Clint was noisier.  He was moaning and talking in a whine.  I am sure he was at least with Natasha because I definitely heard him say her name.

A body moved up beside me and guided me on my side, before spooning me.  I could feel his soft chest hair pressed against my back and the tickle of his scruff as he kissed the side of my neck.  He wrapped his arms around me and took hold of the cuffs around my wrists, pinning my hands to my chest.

“Mmm… B… please fuck me.”  I hummed as he lazily teased the head of his cock up and down my folds.

“Don’t worry, El.  I plan to.”  He whispered, slowly kissing my neck.  “I think you should know though, while he did enjoy the foreplay we had with Tony and then Thor and then watching, he’s a little annoyed we didn’t get to go first.”

“That’s not my fault, big guy,”  I said in a half whine, grinding my ass against him.

“He knows.  He’s just feeling a little possessive.”  On the word possessive, Bruce thrust hard into me, so our bodies cracked together.  I yelped at the sudden invasion and my hands tightened into fists.

“You gotta learn to share, big guy.”  I moaned as Bruce began to rut against me.

“Something I’ve been saying for years.”  Bruce joked.

He bit down into my shoulder and sucked at the patch of skin he had between his teeth.  A fourth hickey, joining the three that were already developing on my skin.  He kept one hand pinning my wrists against my chest.  The other roamed over me.  Massaging my breasts, running over my throat, digging into my hips.

As his moans got louder and more primal, his fingers came to my clit.  I was over-worked already, my cunt sensitive and swollen.  I mewled and leaned my head back against his shoulder.  “Oh god, B.  That’s it, just like that.”

“I’ve got you, El.”  He groaned, picking up the pace of his thrusts.

I came.  My whole body seizing up against him.  He was obviously right on edge, he groaned and spilled inside me adding to the others.

He kissed my cheek as he slipped from within me and rolled away.  A moment later large hands were on me massaging my shoulder.  “How are you doing sweetheart?  You still want this.” Steve whispered.

“Mmm… Yes please, Steve.  I want all of you.” I hummed.

He chuckled softly.  “Your quite the mess right now.” He pushed two of his fingers inside of me and corkscrews his wrist. I moaned and let out a shuddering breath as a jolt past through me.  Steve pulled his finger free and a moment later they touched on my lips, sticky and wet.  I sucked on them, a heady cocktail of me, Sam, Bucky, Tony and Bruce coating my taste buds.  “It’s dripping from you,” Steve whispered against my ear.

I moaned again and shifted where I lay, my whole body flushed and buzzing.

“Can you get on your hands and knees?” Steve asked.

I shifted into position.  My legs were feeling weak and I knew I wouldn’t last like that.  I also knew it wouldn’t matter.

Steve positioned himself behind me and pulled me back against him more.  I felt his cock, achingly hard against my ass.  He gently ran his hands over my shoulders and eased his cock inside of me.

I moaned, my head dropping forward, but Steve wrapped my hair around his fist and pulled it back as he started to fuck me.  Each thrust was slow and deep, pulling almost all the way out before slamming back in.  I could barely keep myself up and slowly began to sink down.  First, my head collapsing onto the mattress as my ass was propped in the air and then lying flat on my stomach my legs slightly spread.

It didn’t matter though, Steve never eased up.  He held my hair and one hand on my hip and just kept fucking me.  He lay almost completely on top of me, pushing me into the mattress as he did and bit the side of my neck, placing his own mark on my skin.

I completely fell apart under him.  I had no control over my body.  I was over stimulated and everything he did felt perfect.  My toes curled as an orgasm built.  “Steve… I can’t … Oh god…” I whimpered and then came hard.  He kept thrusting.  Keeping the same pace.  My cunt fluttering around his cock.  As one orgasm ended, another started and I started worrying I wasn’t going to make it.  I was going to have to tap out. Steve slammed into me as the second orgasm ended and came with a loud groan.  For a moment he just lay crushing me before he kissed the side of my neck and rolled off.

Another body moved up behind me, flipping me over easily and clipping my arms back onto the side of the bed.  He ran his hands up over my stomach and my hair follicles all stood on end as a static charge passed over me.  “Thor,” I hummed as he lifted my legs onto his shoulders.

“Yes, lover.” He said warmly.  “You’re doing so well.  You are just a normal Midgardian aren’t you?”

I laughed and lifted my hips off the mattress.  “I’m pretty sure.”

“Such stamina is admirable.” He said as he sunk his cock into me.

I have a few large lovers.  Steve and Bucky are formidable and while they do love double penetration and Thor isn’t as large as them both at once, he is huge.  My cunt was so swollen and sensitive, I felt so full.  Yet the fluids of both myself and the others allowed him to move easily.  He thrust hard and he seemed to be running electrical charges over my skin because my core muscles were contracting against my will like I was hooked up to a tens machine.

I had never felt such a combination of complete helplessness and arousal all at once.  I was his at that moment.  While I was aware that everyone was still there and watching I belonged to Thor.

I started to babble incoherently and an orgasm hit me, taking over my whole body.  Thor was nowhere near close though. He kept thrusting and leaned down and sucked on the side of my right breast, adding his own mark and creating another deep ache in me that blending in with the next orgasm.

I came three more times before Thor finally released.  It felt like a flood as he emptied inside of me with a loud groan.

My whole body trembled as he climbed off me.  I could feel semen dripping from me and I was weak and spent, but there was still Clint.  I was so close now I had to finish.

Clint crawled over to me and uncuffed my hands.  He kissed me softly and removed my blindfold.  I blinked slowly and looked up into his blue eyes.  “Hey, princess, that’s better isn’t it?”

I hummed and wrapped my arms around his neck.  “It sure is.”

“I think you’ll be pleased to hear that I’m a light breeze away from blowing my load too.”

I started giggling.  “Then how come you’re the last one?”

Clint brought his lips right up to my ear and pushed two of his fingers slowly into me.  “Being the last one might be a little kink I’ve never gotten to explore either.” He whispered so low that only I could hear.  “And let me tell you, princess.  You look so dirty right now and so fucking hot.”

He pulled his fingers out and showed me the sticky white mess on them.  “Fuck,” I breathed.

“Right?” He said with a quirk of his eyebrows. “You want these?”

I nodded and he brought them to my lips.  I sucked them slowly clean as he watched me his eyes darkened with lust as I did.

He ducked down between my legs and ran his tongue up my folds humming happily before moving back up and positioning his cock at my entrance.  His fingers skimmed down my neck and over my shoulders.  “Where do you want mine?”

I tapped a spot on my collarbone and he kissed it softly and sunk into me.  As he began to roll his hips against mine he sucked on that spot.  I ran my fingers through his hair and down his back for the first time looking around at the others.

Bucky, Sam, and Steve sat in a little group watching closely though they were all clearly done for the night.  Thor was watching with Natasha, fingering her slowly as electricity danced over her skin.

Tony lay between Bruce’s legs as Bruce stroked his cock.  He looked close and Bruce was a little green at the edges.  Wanda was curled in a ball near to but not touching Sam.  She looked as spent as I felt and her eyes were drooping but her hands were both between her legs, pushing on her cunt like she was trying to relieve some pressure.

I moaned as I watched them.  Clint kept up his slow gentle pace but at this point, it was all I needed.  My orgasm washed over me and I clung to Clint through it.  He relaxed and released with me.  The last of my boys coming inside me and mixing with the others.

When he pulled out I curled up against him and he held me.  “Worth it?” He whispered.  I nodded my head. “Ever going to do that again?” He asked and when I shook my head he started laughing.

“Alright,” Steve said, scooping me into his arms.  “Time to get you cleaned up.  I think a bath after that.  You must be sore.”

I nodded.  “Thank you, Steve,” I said sleepily.

“Of course, sweetheart.” He said as he stood.  “Can someone bring Wanda.  I think she might need it too. Of course, you’re all welcome to join us.”

Everyone started getting up to follow us into the bathroom.  Sam picked up Wanda and cradling her in his arms.

If I knew then what I know now, I wonder if I would have felt as content as I did.