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in which yuki adopts I7 and momo isn't even mad about it

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Yuki had been walking down the hallway to his and Momo’s dressing room when he heard it. He was passing the dressing room of MEZZO”, who was doing a TV segment with Re:Vale, when he overheard Tamaki-kun mention that he hadn’t really had that many cakes or other pastries before joining IDOLiSH7. Freezing in the hall in front of their door, Yuki couldn’t really believe his ears. Frowning to himself, he came up with a plan. Returning to his and Momo’s dressing room, he pulled out his phone and grilled Ban for information about which high school Tamaki-kun and Iori-kun were at. His partner watched the whole thing from the couch in their dressing room with an amused look on his face, wondering idly about what he was planning.

As it turns out, Yuki was planning to kidnap the youngest member of IDOLiSH7. Momo was surprised with how thoroughly he had planned the whole operation out. According to his plan, he was going to catch Tamaki-kun by himself on his way home from school and offer him a ride. He would then take the teen to a nearby cafe that Yuki and himself frequented and order him some cakes and just spend the day taste testing them with him. Taking a sip of his drink, Momo watched as Yuki left his apartment, probably going to his own to grab some things. Glancing over to his phone, he smiled. He grabbed it and opened up the Rabbit chat, getting prepared to cause some chaos.


Yuki parked his car near the arcade he saw Tamaki-kun walk into, Iori-kun following(ie. being dragged) in after. Yuki pulled up the mask and put his sunglasses on when he saw how many highschoolers were in there. After making sure his disguise was perfect, he got out of his car and made his way into the arcade. Yuki grinned under the mask when he saw Tamaki-kun was alone, no Iori-kun to be seen. Taking another quick glance around, Yuki saw Iori-kun eyeing some prizes in a claw machine nearby, not paying attention to his friend. So, taking the chance, Yuki grabbed Tamaki-kun’s hand and ran out of the arcade, the teen complaining and yelling at him. As soon as they got to Yuki’s car, Yuki pulled the mask down and took off the sunglasses. “Hello Tamaki-kun,” He smiled and Tamaki-kun just stared at him in shock.

“Yukirin? Wait,” Tamaki-kun narrowed his eyes at Yuki, “Why did you drag me out of the arcade? Is there something you need? You know, you could’ve just called for me.” Tamaki-kun slouched and pouted at Yuki, whose smile never faltered. The only person who could pout at Yuki and affect him was Momo after all.

“I just wanted to hang out with my kohai like a good senpai, is that so bad?” Yuki patted Tamaki-kun’s shoulder. The teen just stared at him, the shock fading away to a blank look and skepticism. “Now, come along. I have plans for us.” Yuki, with his hand still on Tamaki-kun’s shoulder, pushed him gently towards the passenger side of the car.

“Momorin isn’t with you?” Tamaki-kun asked in surprise as he sat in the passenger seat, Yuki sitting in the driver’s and starting the car.

“Not today, it’s just going to be us two. Momo had something to do today(ie. sit on the couch and laugh at the Rabbit chat).” Tamaki-kun shrugged and put on his seat belt, Yuki following after and driving away.

Half an hour later, Yuki was smiling as he watched Tamaki-kun try as many cakes as he possibly could. His phone was buzzing like crazy in his pocket, but he ignored it as he pointed out a different cake to the teenager. Suddenly, Tamaki-kun stopped and looked up at Yuki, his eyes wide. “I forgot to tell Iorin where I went.”

Yuki just smiled and pushed the plate closer to Tamaki-kun. “Don’t worry about, I have it handled.”


In Momo’s apartment, Momo was crying from laughter as he watched the whole I7 team go in a frenzy. TRIGGER was there for a moment, before leaving the chat and they haven’t come back yet. Looking back down at the chat, he watched as Iori claimed it was his fault he took his eyes off of Tamaki for a few seconds. Momo wanted to cause more chaos and tease them some more, decided to give in and tell them where their missing member was.

Momo: i know where tamaki is!! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Iori: YOU DO!?

Mitsuki: wait, why does momo-san know where tamaki is?

Sogo: Where is he?

Momo: with my darling obviously \(≧▽≦)/

Riku: oh, so tamaki is with yuki-san?

Yuki: Ah, I’ve been caught.

Mitsuki: yuki-san, where are you two? how did you even find him? you nearly gave iori a heart attack.

Iori: Nii-san!

Yuki: I saw him in the arcade and decided to take him out. We’re currently in a nearby cafe enjoying some cakes. I’ll have him home before dark, don’t worry.

Momo: so mature!!! (*ノ▽ノ)

Yamato: … what’s so mature about kidnapping a highschooler?

Momo let out another laugh before logging out of the chat. “That was fun! I wonder who Yuki might kidnap next.” With a small sigh, Momo slid into a lying position on his couch and stretched out for a nap.