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City of Lights, City of You

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Jungkook turned off the live he made for the past 50 minutes, feeling the effects of alcohol surfacing on his system. It's great to take some time to talk to the fans and he always ends up amused by the comments, but he knew that in order to turn more wine glasses as he so wanted to do right now, he needed to turn off the connection. He wasn't even going to imagine the risks of talking too much to millions, with zero control on his tongue. His hyungs always says he talks (and does) too much when he drinks and well, they know him more than he knows himself, so they're never wrong. He's already lost count of how many times he became awkward and red like a tomato, being reminded of the consequences of a loose tongue.

He went to the mirror to stare at his reflection for a few minutes. For the first time in a while, he could say he liked what he saw. His hair was growing the way he wanted in a color he loved, he could identify changes in his face that made him look more like an adult without losing some youthful traces, and his body was increasingly showing results of efforts in the gym. He ran his hand through the black pants feeling his thighs, the muscles bulging, a sigh in satisfaction leaving his lips. He raised his hands further, under his shirt for a bit before pulling it out completely, feeling his upper body. He felt immensely pleased tracing fingers along the soft lines, feeling his six pack. He smirked, even more looking up in the mirror, feeling his chest, arms and wider shoulders. He felt so beautiful and desirable at that moment...

As a natural reaction to his body heating up and the alcohol in his system intensifying the delightful sensation of enjoying himself, he thought of Jimin. His boyfriend was perhaps the person who loved every inch of his body the most, and he made a point of showing it by pouring kisses all over his skin whenever they were together, getting Jungkook used to the phrase "you’re the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen", but never fully believing in it. The younger had insecurities related to probably everything in his life, so it was really hard to believe in this kinda compliments, but regardless of that, it always gives him an electric feeling to see Jimin's brown eyes burning with desire so easily when focusing on him taking a shower, wearing tighter clothes or when he was totally vulnerable, naked in a bed. Jimin always made it clear with his eyes, hands and lips that the reason for every drop of desire that flowed through his veins had a name and surname.

With that thought in mind and so many others who made him laugh at the moment and want to get mischievous, Jungkook thought about going after him. Smiling, still slightly dizzy from the wine, he stripped himself bare, searching for the silk robe the hotel gave him, attending his special request. The long robe had a very light, luscious fabric that slid easily in his skin, the black and red colors contrasting well with the boy's pale tone, making the sight even sexier. "That's exactly what I want from you... sexy and easy to take off" Jungkook whispered to his reflection in the mirror, yearning for the moment the thing would be on his boyfriend's bedroom floor. He closed its front, making sure to cover his lower parts, leaving it loosened up on the top to show the collarbones, and went to the door. Not without, of course, downing the last glass of wine.


Jimin was arranging his belongings distractedly when he heard a light knock on the door. He thought it was one of the boys, but he wouldn't actually think about see his boyfriend leaning there on the door’s side, in a sexy robe slung over his shoulders, tied up sloppily (sure enough purposefully, knowing the tease that was Jeon Jungkook, even more when drinking) and a little smirk on his face. His waist was even smaller on it. How could Jungkook have those big, innocent eyes and look at Jimin with them when the rest of his body screamed sin?

"Hi... I missed you, came to see what you're doing" his low and sweet voice filled the air and Jimin pretended to believe that was really the reason. Jungkook really wanted him to believe that he prepared himself in a sexy robe, with the sweet delicious perfume Jimin liked and could identify immediately by the smell, after downing half a bottle of wine just to see how he was doing. He would get into his game for a bit.

"You saw me 3 hours ago," he chuckled before going back to his bags and Jungkook closed the door behind him. "That's not much."

"So that means I can't miss my boyfriend?" The younger sat on the bed, observing the other from behind. Jimin wasn't the only one to get affected by his boyfriend's body. Jungkook would happily spend hours kissing every part of Jimin's body, reminding him of how sexy and beautiful each of them are and how they create the masterpiece that is him. While Jungkook was buffer and had more delicate muscles, Jimin was more defined and rigid, a fact that always made Jungkook eager to run his hands through the other's body to feel them, ripped beneath the skin. Right now, he could see all the perfectly defined ones on his back and it was a hell of a task not to jump into him and bite each one of them. Jimin was very much shirtless and he could see his perfect v-line peeking through the sweatpants low in his hips when he got up. Jungkook wasn't even going to mention his abs. God, how many times he felt them with his teeth and lips... and he would also not even think about the black tattoo, encrusted below his beautiful chest. He could draw that tattoo with his eyes closed, aware that the image was engraved in his mind from how many times he touched it with fingers and tongue.

"Of course you can, baby. You can miss me all the time and come to me all those times too." he positioned himself between the younger's legs, removing a strand of hair from his forehead.

"I'm glad to know that." he smiled sweetly. Looks so much like an angel... nobody would say that there's not an ounce of innocence inside this body, Jimin thinks, and he is definitely happy with this fact. They spent a couple seconds like this, just looking into each other's eyes, Jimin feeling the soft skin of Jungkook's face under his fingertips, until the latter asked, "What are you thinking?"

"Of how beautiful you are..." Jimin held his face to kiss his cheeks, "of how innocent you look..." he moved his lips to the sharp jaw, "but we both know it's just the looks, right angel" he stepped away, looking deep into Jungkook’s eyes to show him his intentions didn't went unnoticed. The younger laughed softly, looking away, trying to maintain the innocent façade. Jimin gave him a last look before moving his eyes to the window.

"The sky is beautiful today. The whole scenario actually." The moon was shining alone in the sky, exuding a peaceful, warm vibe. Jungkook made the same path with his eyes, getting up to admire his city's beauty. Their hotel had a stupendous view to one of the city's beaches and the most famous bridge, bathed in a purple glow since monday in their honor. He smiled, his heart full of happiness thinking of how worshiped they were in a place he had such appreciation and was so thankful to.

"Hyung, they did all this for us" he said touching the window's glass, as if he could somehow reach that monument so beautifully lit. "It looks so beautiful."

"It really does. I was talking about it yesterday live." Jungkook felt arms wrapping around his waist followed by the elder’s breath on his neck, bringing shivers to his skin. Jimin stayed there, just enjoying the other's warmth. "But... you are a better view" he finished, backing away to sit at the edge of the mattress.

Jungkook smirked, looking over his shoulder at him. "Stop being sappy" he looked at the view again, sighing. "I wanted to know here better, you know. I love my city but sometimes I feel a little bit disconnected. I was too young when I left, didn't live my teenage years here with childhood friends doing what inconsequent young ones do, couldn't go to cheap food places to spend all my money in it, didn't got wasted on the weekends at some bar... this kinda stuff."

"You didn't have the time, love. Your life had been different from everyone’s since 12, you were destined to something bigger. And thank God for that."

“I know, I don't regret anything I did, it's just that here is where I came from, you know? So I think I should feel more like a part of this." There was a bit of a sad tone in his voice. Jimin felt it and his heart ached. He didn't like to know he felt like this, after all he was sure the city was extremely proud of everything he conquered and sees him as an untouchable prince. They were both treated like that. But the feeling was inevitable, and he understood the reasons.

Something clicked in Jimin's mind and he smiled, suggesting something as if it was the most obvious choice ever.

"Let me bring you to Busan then." Jungkook turned his body to him with a confused expression. "What do you mean?"

"Just like you did to me in Tokyo, let me bring you to our city, so you can discover everything you want. I mean, I don't remember much, but I still spent more time here than you, and I guarantee I know places you can get the cheap food you want" he laughed, already thinking about a whole day pampering Jungkook with kisses on the beach, giving him everything he wanted.

"Would you do that for me?" his big eyes lit up with the invitation, as if he couldn't believe what he heard. That was definitely Jimin's favorite sight. There's nothing that can beat his baby's bright black eyes, growing bigger in surprise, as if the beautiful sea inside them exploded. Jimin wanted to swim inside them until he drowns.

"What kind of question is that? It's been almost 2 years together and you still doubt I would do anything to make you happy? I can't believe this." There was a lazy smile on his face despite his answer. Jungkook's smile lit up his face like a firework, crinkling his eyes on the sides, and that was another one of Jimin's favorite sights. This one could make his heart fuzzy, and he doubted it was healthy for a boy to make another one's heart shake like that. He wasn't expecting Jungkook to throw his body on top of him, kissing his face avidly, reaching his lips soon after in a kiss that was more teeth than tongue for the intensity they smiled.

"Thank you, thank you hyung, I want it so much! I can already imagine this trip, oh my God it's gonna be amazing, we could come here like, next month or maybe i-"

"Ok calm down 'cause we have a packed schedule, angel" Jimin laughed, watching Jungkook shoot the words like a train, excited by the idea of another trip just the two of them. Tokyo was already magical and special like nothing else, every minute spent there together was painted in both their minds with the most beautiful colors of happiness. Especially the moment Jungkook asked Jimin to be his boyfriend and the elder laughed for a long time, only stopping when he saw sadness in Jungkook's face, probably already expecting a loud "no", but was beyond shocked when Jimin explained he also planned to ask Jungkook to be his boyfriend that very night. They laughed together after this and said yes together, smiling so much they cheeks hurt, looking like two fools in love together. Well, actually, they’re still like this. Together, attached to the hip all the time, and fools in love. “But I promise you as soon as we can, I’ll start planning the trip. You're gonna love it.”

“I know I will” Jungkook whispered, standing up again as he pulled Jimin's face up to kiss him firmly on the lips. Their kiss was calm, and they always fit like two pieces of a puzzle in a unique and wonderful way. Jimin caressed his waist, lowering his hand over the robe, stopping when he noticed the absence of clothes underneath.

"You're not wearing anything under this, Kookie..."

"Hmmm" Jungkook hummed, feeling hands squeeze his ass with force, pulling their bodies closer. "I came here to see my boyfriend, why should I worry about wearing something?"

Jimin stopped the kiss to laugh at what he said. Jungkook really had zero shame whenever he drank, and Jimin couldn't love this version of him more than he already did. He could still feel the alcohol in his tongue, the sweet scent of the wine lingering in his breath, making the kiss even more delicious and turning him even more hungry for the other one.

"You're really something else, angel."

“I love when you call me that, hyungie” He whispered and they both could feel the shift in the air. They went from cute talks and promises to make out and shameless ass squeezing in seconds. That’s the kind of rollercoaster they relationship was.

Jungkook ran his fingers through Jimin's legs, sneaking up his body. "You know, I was thinking... we're finally here in our city, together, this has to be memorable"

“What do you mean with memorable?” Jimin wanted to play with him a little bit.

”I mean that I want many good memories from those days, and this is the last one here, so...”

“I already have many good memories from this weekend, baby” Jimin smiled.

“Me too... but we can always add some more, you know, special ones... and specifically, just us" his voice was dripping honey. Jimin just wanted to skip all this play time and fuck him already, so he could hear that same sweet voice begging for him in the dirtiest possible way.

“Hmmm… I guess you have to be more specific.” Jungkook huffed, losing his patience with Jimin’s tricky answers.

“Stop playing stupid! I'm gonna kick you.” He said in a pout. Jimin raised an eyebrow at that.

“You're in my room and threatening me like this? You have no idea of the danger, baby…”

“You know what, hyung?” the younger smirked, stepping away from Jimin a little, holding the robe's knot, undoing it slowly, making the brown-haired feel excitement increasing bit by bit under his tan skin. "You’re always all bark, and no bite" Jungkook undid the knot completely, still holding to the fabric as to not let it fall completely, but letting it slip a bit more down his shoulder, leaving it now completely exposed. "That's actually sad, I guess" he tsked, getting closer again, eyes never breaking contact with Jimin's heavy gaze. "'Cause sometimes..." he finally took his robe out, letting it pool on his feet, standing all naked for him. Jimin held his breath. "I love to get bitten."

Jimin didn’t waste more time and pulled the younger to his lap. Jungkook put his legs around the other as he took the opportunity to hold his face and get back to their kiss, this time with no calmness at all. Jimin slid his hands all over the pale skin, squeezing every part he could reach, their lips in an aggressive dance. The younger moaned softly when their tongues slid onto each other in a delicious contact, and Jimin separated their mouths to growl in his ear, "You'll never have limits, right baby... You wanna get bitten? So I'll give it to you tonight until my teeth make a permanent mark all over your skin. That way no one touches you, they'll know you're not available, right?" he whispered, raising his hands to the boy's long black strands, pulling with force, making Jungkook let out a soft yelp in satisfaction with the possessiveness dripping from Jimin's words, and when he bite the skin on his neck and his collarbone after, sucking at the end.

"Hyung... n-not visible..." he was already out of his mind with the combination of wine and Park Jimin, but he thought about the visible marks the hyungs always talks about. It's hard to control Jimin sometimes and when that happen, their make-up staff always complains, telling him to keep it down. Of course, he never listens.

"Make-up exists for a reason, baby. Let they do their work later, I'll do my work now." He kept kissing his way down, leaving light marks in his chest as he watched the one in his neck turn purple. Without a warning, Jimin grabbed his legs and switched their positions, leaving the younger lying on the bed while he stood still, one knee on the mattress, observing the work of art in front of him.

There wasn’t a single aspect of Jungkook unable to make Jimin completely crazy in love, desire and happiness, and one of those who stirred him the most was definitely his ability to turn submissive whenever he wanted. They kept their relationship as open as possible, talking about everything they felt comfortable with, and it wasn't exactly a surprise when one day Jimin questioned Jungkook about his preferences in bed and he simply answered “I just love to be under your power, hyung”. Despite this, his choice of words still put shivers on Jimin's spine. They were both switches and very much satisfied with that, but when it comes to whoever dominates the most, Jimin had the upper hand. The thing is Jungkook loves to be a provocative brat, always saying things that takes the other out of his mind and makes the blood run to his cock in seconds, with a fake innocent smile, as if it wasn't a big deal. But he also loves to be exactly like he is right now, lying naked in a bed, legs spread by his boyfriend's hands and arms resting above the head, in a silent agreement saying "I'm completely yours now, do what you want to me, however you want". There wasn't anything he loved more than to give himself entirely, body heart and soul, to the person with sweet and warm eyes who always convey love in every touch, every kiss.

And Jimin just... he couldn't put into words the amazing sensation whenever he saw the person he loves looking at him as if nothing else existed in the world, his body language making it clear that his body was his to kiss, to feel, to dominate, to do what he wanted. For some time Jimin felt kinda empty, as if something was missing even with a comfortable rich life, but since they started dating, he feels so complete it's almost like he would melt with all the love erupting inside him. Love for this boy who is his happiness, who makes his heart skip a beat everytime he laughs like a child, who makes he feel the proudest man whenever he run to him with the biggest smile on his face to tell something amazing he just finished. Jungkook is undoubtedly the love of his life, and he would rather the idea of suffering in the worst way possible than to make him sad or disappointed in any way.

Jimin held his gaze for a long time, feeling the desire alive in their orbs with a handful of emotions they nourished for each other, as he wandered up and down his legs. He opened them a bit more to kiss the skin of his thighs, slowly, making Jungkook crazy in anticipation.

"Hyung... please..."

"We haven't even started yet you're already begging?" he gave a long lick on the back of his meaty thighs, hearing the younger sigh heavily. He stood there, kissing down his thighs, delightful with the sighs and lowered his lips slowly until they reached his pink hole. He gave it a quick kiss just to tease the black-haired one, feeling fingers grab his strands. Jimin kept kissing the area and the younger's moans increased, doing wonders to his cock already hard as a rock. When he put his tongue inside him, Jungkook opened his legs even more, in an involuntary reaction, relaxing as he felt the muscle invade him. He tugged at Jimin's hair tighter, moving in bed as his body trembled, affected by the touches.

Jimin wanted to stir Jungkook even more, moving his tongue slowly inside him, spreading his ass cheeks to have a better reach. Jungkook moaned, in the sly way he always loves to do, turning Jimin into pure madness. He stopped his movements to listen a huff in annoyance from the other.

"Why did you stop?"

"I have to get the lube angel, be patient" he moved quickly towards his bag.

"That's the last thing I am, hyung" the other pouted, closing his legs with the absence of his boyfriend in the middle of them.

"I know that well" Jimin chuckled getting back at his spot. Jungkook opened his legs again, hissing when he felt lube being smeared onto his skin. The elder touched the other's rim with soaked fingers, feeling him clench at the cold feeling.

"What would the people say if they knew how quickly you start begging for cock?" he pushed his index finger, enjoying the warmth of his walls. There was little resistance, so he moved for a bit before putting his middle finger too, pushing until the end, looking at the younger at the same time he made a sound of surprise.

"Hyunggg... it's cold..." he dragged his voice, slyer than before.

"What is cold, baby?"

"Your rings..." he didn't took out his rings after the shower but didn't even notice it. For a second, he thought the younger got uncomfortable and was ready to take them out immediately, but then realized it wasn't a negative surprise stamped on his face.

"You like that? Tell me."

"Fuck, I love it..." Jimin could explode at that moment, and so would his dick.

"You like to feel hyung's fingers inside you?" he pushed them even more and Jungkook moaned louder, feeling the pressure of Jimin's fingertips at his prostate and he clenched against the cold material of the ring around his rim, "and the cold ring against your skin, baby?"

"A-ah yes, that's so good hyungie" Jungkook sighed as Jimin put a third finger, keeping up with the fast movements at the same time he ran his free hand through the boy's body, bringing even more shivers to his skin. When he thought it was enough, he removed them, grabbing Jungkook's hands to kiss each finger, pulling him up.

"Come here angel, sit on my lap." He sat in the middle of the bed with Jungkook on top of him. “No, not like this. Turn around” Jungkook looked into his eyes for a second, feeling tingles in his belly. "I want you to look at the scenery" Jimin had such a dirty look in his face now. He turned the other until he saw his back. He was so eager he quickly held Jungkook's hips right after to lower him slowly onto his cock; the younger closed his eyes to enjoy the delicious feeling he could never get enough. "I want everyone to see you."

Jungkook could feel his body burning as he went down Jimin's length, throwing his head back when he bottomed up. He put his hands in the middle of Jimin's spread legs to prop himself up right after a deep voice said, "ride me, sweetheart."

It’s like something shifted inside Jungkook. The wish to please his boyfriend, to feel his gaze on his back admiring the curves of his body in this position he liked so much, to give him the best sex of his life and bounce on his cock until he moaned without restrictions. He began to move faster up and down, Jimin's heavy sighs behind him giving him more strength to go on. His body trembled when his boyfriend's smart fingers wrapped in his hair, pulling them hard and squeezed his hip with the other hand. He couldn't contain a whine in the moment Jimin put his lips at his ear to say, "you see this? the whole city is watching you." Jungkook looked at the huge glass window so close to them, going from top to bottom on the wall, separating them from Busan's nightlife. "They're watching you through the glass, sitting so beautifully on my dick, angel" They both knew it was practically impossible, considering how high their floor was, but just the thought of someone watching their sex was enough to set fire through the younger's whole body. Jimin definitely felt that with his skin shivering and with how eager he became with his bounces.

"You're a fucking exhibitionist, you would love it, to have everyone's eyes on you, naked like this" Jungkook nodded quickly, and he couldn't even blame the alcohol anymore for this.

"Y-yes hyung, when I think about i- ahhhhh!" he dragged the last words in a moan when Jimin began to meet his body back, thrusting inside him now. "I... I don't think we're giving them a good enough show..."

Jimin kept his pace, aware the other was going to suggest something dirty. That's their dynamic, they complete each other's thoughts and intentions in almost everything from how much they knew their preferences and life style, and it wasn't different in bed. "Yeah? And what do you suggest, honey?"

"We should get closer" he whispered, glancing at the elder over his shoulder, giving him a unabashed smile only he could put up. Jimin slowed his movements, holding his waist now. "You're saying you want me to fuck you against the window?" his boyfriend bit his lower lip, nodding his head in confirmation. Jimin held his gaze a bit more, feeling his dick throb and his mind spin from the idea of putting Jungkook against the glass and expose his wrecked self to the night sky. They got up and Jimin roughly shoved him against the window, sliding his dick inside him again, with no mercy or warning. Jungkook whined with Jimin stretching his muscles from the inside, putting his hands up against the glass, looking at the scene in front of him. The city seemed brighter and more inviting, but that was probably the ecstasy under his skin and his shameless self speaking.

"That's b-better hyung, it's beautiful... now they c-can see us" he laid his head onto his shoulder, feeling Jimin caressing his hand through his hair so lovingly, at the same time thrusting even faster than before, kissing and sucking the whole expanse of his neck slowly. He was so tender and so rough at the same time. That probably sumps up what is Park Jimin in his essence: a mix of fondness, attentiveness, roughness and luxury. He was a box full of surprises: he was explosive, he was gentle and he was the sweetest one ever. He was one of a kind in every aspect, and Jungkook was so happy he could be the one to decipher him.

Jimin kissed his way down, pulling Jungkook back a bit as he arched his back, sensitive when Jimin left little bites there. His legs felt like jelly, weakened by the drag of Jimin's cock inside his walls and the way he alternated between fast and slow, just to tease him. "Yeah, but you're still a better view" he stopped his movements only to bite Jungkook's skin in the middle of his back with such force the latter screamed. He sucked the area licking it after, thrusting fast again. "I haven't forgot about the bites, you little shit" Jungkook chuckled and yelped again when he felt a hard slap on his left ass cheek, "and don't scream, the others might hear"

"I definitely wouldn't care about that, you know" he chuckled again and Jimin couldn't believe his boldness.

"You're unbelievable, I swear to God you'll be the death of me" They went on for some more minutes, Jimin thrusting with all his force while Jungkook pressed back against him, feeling his stomach muscles tightening up, increasing pressure where Jimin's hands pressed on his hips, both enjoying the symphony that was their skins slapping against each other, bathed in sweat, and the squelch of the lube adding to the harmony. It was becoming too much for the younger. "Hyung, I- I want to-"

"No, not now. I'm not done with you yet" he pulled out, ignoring Jungkook's protests. “Get back on the bed, on all fours, baby.”

Jungkook was quick to stop his whining and obey, and when Jimin slid inside him again, he took his time to enjoy the sensation before saying “I’ll cut you dick off if you pull out one more time before I come, I swear” Jimin laughed in disbelief. He really didn’t know about limits.

To provoke him even more, he pulled out almost completely, only leaving the tip inside. Jungkook screamed, but got cut off by Jimin's hands on his throat, putting a light pressure enough to cut part of the air for a bit, but not enough to hurt him. "You're such a fucking brat, aren't you? Never knew how to properly behave, always trying to get under my skin" he pushed Jungkook’s upper body onto the mattress, so his back arched even more and his ass was in an even better position.

Jungkook was so glad Jimin knew all the things to make him crazy. Squeezing his neck was definitely number one on the list. His dick jumped at the thought of Jimin controlling all of him in a single movement like this. "Hyung, fuck… that’s so fucking amazi- AH!" he screamed when Jimin thrusted his entire length inside him unannounced, again. Jimin left his throat, moving one of his hands up to hold Jungkook’s long hair and keep it pulled back a little, while his other hand squeezed his left ass cheek, delivering two more hard slaps. Jimin was everywhere on his skin, in his body, in his mind, and he knew those slaps will leave the marks of the rings on his skin. It was really too much and his clouded mind was buzzing.

“I don’t think princes can have such a dirty mouth” Jimin kept the pace, drowning in Jungkook’s heavenly moans, slipping through his pink beautiful lips, making Jimin feel like the most powerful man in the world to be able to make him fall apart like this. “Aren’t you the prince of Busan? What would they say if they knew about this bad mouth, hm?”

Jungkook couldn’t even answer anymore. He was just immersed in so many feelings, so many sensations, his whole body burning in flames and he feel like he could explode in pleasure any minute. Jimin himself wasn’t much different, going crazy everytime Jungkook clenched around him, feeling his whole body with his hands and lips. He always made sure to praise his boyfriend's body and he wanted to live on every curve of it. His thick thighs, his wide shoulders, and his thin waist, which he loved to hold onto whenever they fucked or when they sleep together, every part of him was beautiful and he wanted Jungkook to see it. “Fuck, you’re so hot… so beautiful" he ran his finger through the bite in the middle of the younger's back, already a dark purple on his immaculate skin, and smiled. “Ah, purple really is the best color, Kook-ah” Jungkook was confused for a second, but when he felt his hyung’s finger tracing the mark on his body, he understood. And he hasn’t even saw it yet, but he couldn’t agree more.

Jimin kissed his back whispering, “have I told you how beautiful you are? Because you definitely don’t even know” he turned Jungkook in the speed of light on the mattress. He needed to say this looking into his big eyes. The younger could get mad because he, again, pulled out, but the warm feeling of his gaze was stronger than his will to curse at him. “I’m not lying when I say you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever saw. I could look into your beautiful eyes everyday and never get tired.” He intertwined one of their hands, the other caressing his face while keeping a slow pace with the movements. “Your lips, I don’t know how I control myself not to kiss them everytime I see you. Your body, baby… your body is a wonderland I wanna stay in forever. There’s not a single piece of you I would change, no one. You make me crazy, Jungkook, not just because of that, but specially because of who you are and your beautiful personality and how you can make my heart flip with the simplest actions, fuck, and you don’t even try. You're a whole sky painted with bright beautiful stars in a night that has no end and I'm glad for that. Because I would forever live inside the dark night if I had you as my star. You’re my angel, my baby, the love of my life, do you hear me?” Jimin finished, overwhelmed with emotions.

Jungkook pulled his head down to kiss him passionately, letting go of his hand to hold his head in place. They kissed and kissed, pouring all the love into the pressure of their lips, and after a few more movements they both came, holding onto each other like an anchor. Jimin lowered his body to glue it entirely to Jungkook, and they spent many more minutes kissing, enjoying the post-orgasm feeling, not even caring about the mess between their bodies. They felt complete and confortable like this in each other's arms.

"I love you so much" Jungkook whispered inside Jimin's mouth, "I'm not good with words as you are but thank you for loving me back. Thank you for making me happy everyday. Thank you for being you, that's more than enough to me" he smiled sweetly at his boyfriend.

“I love you so fucking much, angel” Jimin sighed in satisfaction with the moment they shared that night.

“Watch your mouth” the younger put his index finger in front of his lips, chuckling a bit. “princes can’t have a dirty mouth, after all” he laughed until Jimin started tickling his sides, which made Jungkook end up crying in a fight for freedom.

Later, they both cleaned themselves in the shower, laying down the bed again, Jungkook clinging to Jimin’s side, practically throwing himself on top of him. They stayed naked, choosing to feel the warmth of each other's bodies as they slept, ending the last night in their hometown with a huge smile on their faces and a weightless heart full of happiness. Jimin held Jungkook's waist and kissed the top of his head before asking the one thing he wanted to know.

"Now tell me, was it as memorable as you wanted?"

"It's already tattooed in my mind. It was perfect."


Monday began with the sun shining in the blue sky. The wind was quiet outside, only making a minimum sound along with the few birds chirping and the constant sound of urban life in the streets. As life continued normally on the outside, Jimin and Jungkook slept calmly, like two heavy stones, on the soft mattress Jimin praised so much when they arrived at the hotel, four days earlier. Their trip back to Seoul wouldn’t happen until mid-afternoon, so they still had time, and considering how late they both slept and how worn out they got by their activities, they deserved that. The bedroom was dead silent, like their untouchable bubble right now.

But that came to an end very fast. Outside the room, Taehyung was already typing the password to enter his best friend's room, at 8 o'clock. Not even bothering to call, he just came in when the door clicked, closing it behind him.

"Jiminie, get your ass out of the bed" Taehyung's face was still sleepy, he couldn't open his eyes properly because of the brightness in the room. Jimin slept with curtains open that night, of course. The curtains were the last thing on Jimin's mind last night when he had his boyfriend in his arms, but it's not like Taehyung knows about it. “Why did you slept with them open, Jesus" he closes his eyes, crossing the room to reach them and close part of it, opening his eyes again, adjusting them to the darker light. "That's better. You know, I was thinking, how about we g-" his phrase didn't have and end when he turned and saw the image in the bed. Jungkook was laying with his head tucked in Jimin's neck, his left leg carelessly thrown on top of his left one, while Jimin had his face up, body slight turned to his boyfriend, holding onto his waist sloppily. The covers did almost nothing to help them. Taehyung sighed.

It wasn't as if he didn't know about them, he was actually the first one to know from Jimin himself, of course, and the other four also knew and were completely happy and always rooting for them. But sometimes it was too much. Like right now, he didn't have any intention of starting his week seeing his best friend's dick and his boyfriend's ass.

"I hate you two, oh my God!" he said it out loud, and it wasn't actually screaming, but with his deep tone, he didn't have to force himself so much to sound like a yell. And it actually worked when both pair of eyes opened up, heavy and confused. Jungkook was the first one to acknowledge the situation, then his already big eyes grew even bigger as he pulled the covers up his and Jimin's body. "Hyung!!!!" he screamed back, his face burning red because Taehyung saw him stark naked like this. And also Jimin! "What are you doing here?"

"What is happening, what's all this yelling here?" Jimin was completely disoriented, and stood up to fully wake up. In seconds he realized the situation, turning his head to Taehyung, who was standing with his arms crossed by the window. "What are you doing here this early?" Jimin moved in a way that made the covers fall a bit, showing his lower parts. Taehyung rolled his eyes, grunting a bit. "I know you're my best friend and we share everything and all, but that doesn't mean I want to see your fucking dick at 8 in the morning, Jimin. Same goes for you, Jungkook, cover your stupid white ass, it's still showing" they both looked down, hurrying to cover themselves. "Actually not that white anymore, that probably means your boyfriend went rough last night... for God's sake, you guys are fucking dogs in heat."

"Oh fuck you, you're the one who busts in my bedroom, interrupts our sleep and still wants to be the right one. What do you want?" Jimin huffed in annoyance. He wanted to throw a pillow at Taehyung's face right now.

"I came to call you to breakfast, when I was here last year with Bogum we went to this nice breakfast place, but well… I guess you're gonna have breakfast in bed today.” Taehyung smirked, followed by Jimin's laugh while both looked at Jungkook, turning red at implication in his phrase, trying to hide a smile in his boyfriend's neck. "Well, I see you guys later then. Don't scream too loud, I heard you weeks ago in my bedroom. Disgusting." Jungkook groaned as Taehyung went to the door and a click resonated through the room. Jimin turned to the younger with a smile on his face.

"Morning, stupid white ass man."

"Oh shut up. And good morning to you too." Jimin pulled the covers on top of them and kissed Jungkook's pretty lips.

"So good to wake up and find this hot man in my bed, naked" Jimin teased and Jungkook laughed, hitting him on the chest.

"You say that as if I don't take my clothes off for you all the time" he whispered, kissing back. Both went on kissing lazily until Jungkook stopped to take a breath.

"I think we should take a shower and meet the others for breakfast."

“That's a nice idea, but-" Jimin didn't gave him time to get out of the bed, pinning him under his body. "I think I really want my breakfast in bed today" they both laughed heartily and glued their lips one more time, getting lost in the feel of each other's body, spending the rest of the morning in bed between kisses, talks, touches, moans and whispered love confessions under the covers.

Busan now has a special light, made by the brightness in the eyes of two people who loved each other so much they could never express it enough. Jimin and Jungkook were destined, their souls connected and their hearts together as one, sealing their relationship once more, now under their city's sky. They knew that forever was happily waiting for them, and they were so ready for it.