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What The Hell?

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“What’s that?”  

Kirishima  grinned. “It’s a flower bro.”  

“And what the fuck are you giving me a flower for?”  

“To symbolize our friendship.”  

“I don’t want it.”   

“Why not?”  

“Because I hate flowers is why.” Bakugou had no freaking clue how shitty-hair always got him into these weird conversations, but enough was enough. “Take it back to wherever you got it idiot.”  

“You don’t want to be friends anymore?”   

Honest to God tears were starting to form at the corners of shitty-hair's eyes, making Bakugou momentaraly panic in confusion. “I didn’t say that!”  

“Then why,” the red head sobbed, rubbing at his face with  lips  quivering .  “Why don’t you want to accept my gift?”  

“What does a fucking flower have to do with our friendship?”  

“Everything!”  Kirishima  wailed. “That you don’t even know its importance shows how little you value me or my person.”  

What the fuck?  

“Oi shitty-hair-”  

“Look look,” the other interrupted him, waving a hand downward and upward Bakugou’s body. “You don’t even show me the common decency to use my given name!”  


“Am I a joke to you  Katsuki   Bakugou ?” Tears had started running down  Kirishima’s  cheeks at this point, and  Bakugou  could do nothing but  flounder  where he stood.   

“I should have known,” the red head hissed, throwing the flower to the side with a dramatic flair. “I should have known from the moment that I met you that I would be nothing but a loyal puppy to you. A dog that only receives glorious pats every once in a blue moon.”  

“What the fuck are you talking about shitty hair? What has gotten into you?” Never in his life had  Bakugou  been this confused.  

Kirishima  shook his head. “Fine,” he said. “Be that way. See if I ever make you another friendship bracelet ever again.”  

“You’ve never made me a damn friendship bracelet before!”  Bakugou  snapped, face turning  beet red from sheer frustration and utter confusion. “Now can you stop acting fucking crazy and sit down so we can talk about this.”  

The red head shook his head  solemnly . “No. Not until you accept the flower.”  

Bakugou  blinked. “You’re serious?”  


“Fine,”  Katsuki  snapped, throwing both arms up in frustration. “Give me the damn thing.”  

“I can’t now can I,”  Kirishima  scowled. “I threw it away and it’s all ruined!”  

“Fucking he- I'm done! Get the fuck away from me shitty-hair before I kill you.”  

The red head grinned then. “No worries man,” he said. “You lasted surprisingly long from what the others put their bets on.  So  dinner is definitely on me today!”  


Bakugou  was going to kill them all. Starting with fucking dunce face.