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Second Star to the Right

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The Jolley Roger glided smoothly over the moonlit waters of Neverland. It was a clear, starry night in what, Killian Jones, referred to as purgatory. He'd been sailing these waters for the last one hundred and fifty years, but who was counting? He sighed, taking out his telescope, mapping the night sky for anything unusual - spying nothing unusual.

He put his telescope away, turning to his first mate, Smee. The chubby man - wearing his red hat - stared blankly at the captain who snarled his nose in disgust. "If it wasn't for the crocodile, I would've abandoned this bloody place ages ago."

"I understand where you're coming from completely captain. The only good thing about Neverland is eternal youth," he muttered as Killian took a long drink from his flask.

"Yes but what good is eternal youth if you've got no one to spend it with?" he sighed, ready to retire to his quarters for the night until his first mate stopped him.

"Look at that, captain!" Smee exclaimed in awe as he pointed towards the night sky. Killian looked up as he watched a falling star zip by his head

"Stars never fall in Neverland..." he paused, scratching his head quizzically.

"No, they don't and that's why we should follow it! It landed close to Tink's camp. How about we go check it out?" Smee suggested. Killian shrugged. "All we're probably going to find is some rock, but I'll humor you this once, Smee," he scoffed, sailing his ship in the direction the star had fallen.

"I can assure you that you won't be disappointed, captain," the chubby man grinned, making him wonder what had gotten into the little man. Had spending all their time in Neverland gotten to his head? He wouldn't doubt it because you had to be insane to keep your sanity here.


A glowing orb of blue light transcended to the earth in a loud explosion, producing a crater nearly a mile wide. Under normal circumstances, falling stars were just meteorites which had gotten to close to the Earth's atmosphere, but this was Neverland. When a star fell in Neverland, one didn't find a burning chunk of rock. Neverland stars were special because when they fell, they turned into people which possessed magical abilities.

This star was no different, as a young woman, wearing a glistening satin gown emerged from the crater. She rubbed her arms, precariously canvassing her surroundings. She'd fallen, feeling some magical force pull her right out of the sky. She shivered under the moonlight, feeling more alone than ever. She was aware of the happenings in this land. She'd watched its occupants for centuries. There were many characters she didn't want to run into, especially the one known as Peter Pan. He'd utilized her light abundantly when it came to navigating the realms. Every star had a name, and she was often referred to as "the second star to the right". She knew she was important to him, and she was certain she didn't want to come face to face with him in this form.

She decided staying in one spot probably wasn't wise, so she chose to make her way towards a secluded location because everyone in Neverland was probably looking for her. Pan couldn't navigate the skies without her and once he found out she couldn't be returned to her previous form, he would find some other use for her.

She knew she was safe if she didn't give him her name. Names were powerful, especially the names of stars. He would have complete control of her if he ever found out her true moniker, but she wouldn't let that happen.

She walked for several miles until she felt herself being pushed against a tree with a blade to her throat. She sucked in a deep breath as she met the fierce eyes of blond haired fairy.

"Who are you, and why haven't I ever seen you in Neverland before?" the fairy hissed, making her voice as threatening as possible, but she knew it was just a farce.

"Some refer to me as the second star to the right, Tinker Bell." She smiled, saying the fairy's name, catching her off guard.

Tink pulled back with the blade as she looked deeply into her eyes. "You're the star that fell? How do you know my name?" she quizzed, bewildered by this revelation.

"I'm not sure how I fell, but I know I can't go home," she shivered,rubbing her arms to generate warmth. She wasn't used to being cold either, which Tink noticed immediately.

"Why don't you come back to my place so that we can talk?" she suggested, and the star nodded, elated to see a familiar face, even though they'd never formally met. She knew the fairy could be trusted and it would have to be enough for now.

Tink led the woman back to her tree house. She was baffled a star had fallen in Neverland. She'd only been here a short time, after being banished by the Blue Fairy. She felt trapped in her own personal hell but the tides had just turned in her favor. She was from a land which was full of magical beings, and stars were known to fall back in the Enchanted Forest, though it was a rare occurrence. If someone found a star, they could grant themselves eternal youth or develop magical abilities. There was a darker side to possessing a star, but she didn't allow her mind to go there.

She watched as the star climbed up the ladder into her tree house. She looked completely and utterly human which made it harder for Tink to even consider using her for her own selfish desires. She looked so afraid and alone. The fairy knew she was out of her element. Stars were meant for the skies, not the land.

"Tink...I know your name because I've watched over you since the moment you arrived in Neverland." the Star smiled, causing Tink's eyes to water.

"I'm sorry, Star...I just-"

The blonde woman smiled gently at the fairy, collecting her hands in her own.

"You have nothing to fear, Tinker Bell. A star is a very valuable friend to have, and I'm here to help you any way I can," she supplied, causing Tink to give her a sideways glance.

"But I tried to hurt you...How can you call me a friend?" the fairy inquired. The word friend felt foreign to her because fairy's didn't have friends. She supposed stars didn't either, though.

"Because you and I are both very much alike, and I need your help Tink," the star whispered, fear flashing in her eyes.

"Why? what's wrong?" Tink inquired, becoming concerned for her new friend.

"Because once Pan finds out I'm gone, he'll come for me," she said, her voice wavering with every syllable. Tink realized if she wanted to keep her new friend safe, she would have to enlist some other form of help. The infamous pirate flashed in her mind, and she groaned at the thought of having to work with him. With his help, they might be able to get off this island and save her new friend.

A/AN: I hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter! It may seem annoying that I keep referring to Emma as "Star", but you'll understand as the story progresses. In the next chapter Hook and Emma have their first meeting, and Pan discovers his beloved star is in Neverland...