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The City Where I'm Erased

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“I knew the second I met you that there was something about you that I needed. Turns out it wasn't something about you at all. It was just you.”

-Jamie McGuire

Age 15:

The first time Yamada Hizashi ever lays eyes on Aizawa Shouta is in the first round of the Battle Tournament during the Sports Festival.

Ok, so that’s not exactly the truth. Yamada has actually met him previously, instantly recognizing Aizawa as the random student that approached him at the start of the school year.

It was the first day of class and to say Yamada was excited would be an understatement. He had gotten into his dream school U.A., which he had wanted to attend ever since he was just a little kid, since he has always wanted to become a hero. He wasn't sure if he would be able to get in, considering all the extenuating circumstances he suffered from.

He was genuinely worried about the written portion, considering how behind he was in his education, but when he read the first question on the test, he was shocked that he already knew the answer. In fact, he knew the answer to every question, finishing the test in record time with a record score.

He was walking down the hall, gazing at all the new students meandering about, and taking it all in that he was in the hero course. He was about to enter his classroom and greet his fellow heroics classmates when he heard someone call out to him from down the hallway.

“Hizashi!” The teen called out, running towards him, tone filled with relief. A small smile graced his face as they finally stopped in front of Yamada. “Hizashi, I knew you'll make it into the hero course so I'm not really surprised, but I'm glad I was able to catch you before class starts.”

“Uhm…” There weren't a lot of times in his life that Yamada was at a loss for words, but he honestly didn't know what to make of this situation. The other’s expression began to fall as he noticed the confusion on Yamada’s face. “I’m sorry but have we met before?” The blonde said sheepishly, rubbing the nape of his neck.

Any trace of the soft smile had left the other teen’s face and his mouth instantly clamped shut. He quickly muttered, “Sorry, my mistake, I thought you were someone else,” and practically runs back down the hall before Yamada could even get another word out.

His heart thumped painfully in his chest, and he contemplated going after the other student, but the bell rings, and the decision was made for him.

He later finds out the random scruffy, raven-haired teen was named Aizawa Shouta. A massive loner with no friends. He's a general education student that no one knows anything about.

Sometimes Yamada can feel Aizawa staring at him during lunch or when they pass each other in the hallway. He's become quite popular due to his bright personality and upbeat attitude, so it wasn't uncommon for people to be looking at him, but Aizawa's stares felt different, more personal. When he tries to interact with the other again, Aizawa always turn tails and disappears even though the look in his exhausted eyes seems to want to do the opposite. He doesn't know why, but Yamada desperately wanted to talk to Aizawa again.

He once brought it up to his close friends. Iida Tensei, Kayama Nemuri, Kan Sekijiro, and Anakuro Hirooki (lovingly nicknamed Thirteen) were childhood friends of his. Yamada has known them ever since the beginning of elementary school, and he was elated to find out they were all in the same class and course together. Even though they've changed a lot since he last saw them, Yamada was glad that their friendship didn't seem to change much despite the lapse of time, even if Thirteen seemed more flustered than normal around him.

However, when he brought up Aizawa, Yamada noticed an instant change in the atmosphere. Tensei, Nemuri, and Kan seemed to tense up a bit while Thirteen looked anxious and the previous light flow of conversation came to an abrupt stop.

“Wait, do you guys know him?” Yamada asked, seeing recognition in their eyes when he even mentions the name of the teen.

“Uhhh…kinda?” Tensei said ambiguously. “We’ve met him, that's for sure…”

“Well, he's been staring at me for a week now, but every time I look, he looks away. I've been trying to talk to him too, but he keeps dodging me. I think he knows me, he called my name. Not my family name which is really common, but my given name, Hizashi, which I would like to think is hella uncommon… Wait, did he ask you guys for information on me?! Do you think he's stalking me?!” Yamada rambled on, beginning to squawk louder as the concept of Aizawa being a stalker seeps into his mind.

It would've made sense if he was, but Nemuri spoke up before the paranoia got any worse, waving her hand is a dismissive manner. “No, no, it's nothing like that, Aizawa’s not a stalker!” She laughed nervously. Sekijiro nodded heavily in confirmation next to her.

“So how do you know him then?” Yamada asked curiously.

Thirteen made a forlorn but appreciative expression at Yamada. “He’s--,” but Tensei had cut them off with a sharp cough, “--Someone from middle school. We know him but Aizawa’s kinda shut himself off from everyone else. He won't talk to us even if we tried.” He finished the sentence for Thirteen, a frown and the same forlorn expression appears on his face. Thirteen looked away sheepishly as if they just avoided making a blunder.

Yamada knew there was something they weren't telling him, but he didn't push the issue. He knows middle school is kind of a tough and awkward subject, even though he told them it was fine if they talked about the incident.

He doesn't ask again and they don't bring it up either. The mysterious teen soon afterwards stopped staring at Yamada from afar and eventually Aizawa Shouta left his mind entirely as hero training began to take up all his time.

So imagine his surprise when he hears the name Aizawa Shouta being announced throughout the stadium going up against someone from Class 1-B who he recognizes as Mahisa Seru.

Aizawa, despite being a student from general education, has made it this far into the Sports Festival. It was impressive, but sadly, he probably isn't going to beat his opponent who’s quirk is the ability to paralyze any moving object, Yamada thinks. As soon as they touch Aizawa, he’ll be frozen solid, unable to move a muscle.

Yamada sits down in his seat with the rest of his class. No one except Yamada, who is always excited, is particularly thrilled by the matchup, since the outcome seems so predictable.

As soon as the battle starts, Aizawa's eyes flash red as his hair flies up, his stance on guard. The opponent flinches from the intimidating stare, but when nothing happens, he smirks.

“Aizawa glares down Mahisa, but nothing happens even though Aizawa’s quirk seems to be activated!” The announcer states and Yamada cringes a bit at the obvious commentary. He could probably do better.

“What's wrong, Aizawa? Too scared to make the first move?” Mahisa is overflowing with confidence, taunting loud enough for Yamada to hear from his seat in the stadium.

It all goes downhill from there though, because Aizawa suddenly charges forward, faster than anyone expected a general education student to be. But Mahisa’s smirk only grows, having anticipated that his provocation would work. He sees Aizawa coming, and Yamada sighs at what’s going to happen next as Mahisa’s hand makes contact with Aizawa’s shoulder.

Except Aizawa continues moving the next second without missing a beat, grabbing the hand that's reached out and touching his shoulder before flipping around and slamming Mahisa into the ground. He gasps as his back hits the floor but Aizawa doesn't stop, and launches a kick into his abdomen, sending Mahisa sprawling out of the boundaries.

The whole entire stadium is dead silent before loud cheers erupted throughout. “What happened?! It all ended in 20 seconds flat! Who would've thought, Aizawa Shouta advances to the second round!” The announcer says as Aizawa stands victorious in the middle.

Yamada can feel his jaw drop, something in his chest flutters. How did Aizawa defeat Mahisa so quickly? Sure, Yamada never fought the kid either but he was sure that as soon as Mahisa managed to touch Aizawa, it was game over. All his classmates seem to be gaping too. He almost wants to go over to Class 1-B’s section and ask Mahisa what happened.

“Did you see that?! That was amazing!” Yamada exclaims loudly.

“Ya, it definitely was. I didn't think Aizawa could fight like that…” Tensei mutters absentmindedly and Nemuri nods along with a small smile. Thirteen claps happily on the other side while Sekijiro gets up to go to the waiting room for his match that comes next.

Yamada looks at his friends seated next to him. “Was he not like that in middle school? What’s his quirk?” He asks, wanting to know more. Tensei and Nemuri stiffen up, eyeing Thirteen on Yamada’s other side, as if they’ve been caught in a lie.

“He just wasn't a fighter or didn't seem like one. His quirk doesn't physically enhance him after all,” Nemuri says smoothly enough even if she's still dodging the question slightly and Yamada turns his attention back to the arena. He's unsatisfied with the answer but he won't push it, he'll find out eventually. Thirteen sighs heavily next to him.

The Battle Tournament continues and the other matches commence, but none are quite as amazing as Aizawa's. Nemuri, Tensei, and Sekijiro make it past their rounds as expected. Thirteen didn't make it to the final event of the Sports Festival but didn't seem bothered by it, content enough to just watch and cheer.

Eventually it’s Yamada’s turn at the other end of the brackets and he easily defeats his classmate with the water quirk. There’s little you can do against sound after all. He does feel bad though that the audience sort of got affected by his quirk too, seeing several still clutching their ears.

Next round, Aizawa mops the floor again with another person from 1-B, some girl with an elasticity quirk. It takes the stadium by storm again, because no one seems to know what his quirk is. Yamada almost wants to cry in frustration at how bad the commentary is. If he was the announcer, he would’ve stated their quirks by now just to quell the curiosity if nothing else.

Nemuri and Tensei face off next round. Tensei ends up winning by holding his breath and pushing Nemuri quickly out of bounds using his speed quirk. Sekijiro wins his match easily too. Yamada ends up screaming the ears off of another of his classmates to no one’s surprise.

The third round starts off with everyone holding their breath. Aizawa is facing off against someone from Yamada’s class now. Sekijiro, a hulking mass of muscle, against Aizawa, who’s scrawny and small.

Yamada usually has a lot of confidence in his friends but when Sekijiro’s blood seeps out of his self inflicted wound, it doesn't harden into a makeshift weapon like Yamada thought it would. Instead it drips onto the floor, still in liquid form. Sekijiro's shoulders seem to sag as if he was expecting that to happen but still tried anyways. He can't make out they're saying, but Sekijiro eventually straightens back up as Aizawa charges forward again.

Sekijiro goes to land a punch but Aizawa is much more agile and avoids it easily. They go back and forth like that for a bit with Sekijiro trying to land a hit and Aizawa dodging smoothly before the smaller teen manages to slide through the gap between the taller teen’s legs. Aizawa goes behind the other and swiftly kicks in the back of Sekijiro’s knees, causing the hulking giant to stumble and fall, his hand just landing outside the white boundary by an inch.

The audience goes wild and Yamada is practically vibrating in his seat from amazement before having to make a mad dash to the waiting room. His match is against Tensei next and suddenly the thought of facing off against Aizawa becomes more and more like a possibility.

Yamada leaps into the room when he sees that Sekijiro is still in there, wrapping up the wound on his arm rather than having Recovery Girl heal him since he’ll probably need it tomorrow in class anyways.

“Sekijiro, my man! What happened out there? Why didn't you activate your blood control quirk? As much as I like to see a fist fight, it would've been smarter if you turned your blood into some form of a weapon like you did the previous round!” Yamada questions, his arms waving around to imitate the motions of a weapon and also to emphasize his point.

Sekijiro chuckles at the display, “I would if I could, but Aizawa activated his quirk before me.”

“Wait, do you know what his quirk is then?” Yamada asks, hoping that he’ll finally get an answer.

“I'm surprised you didn't figure it out yet, Mr. Top-of-The-Class,” Sekijiro says back jokingly. Yamada laughs, expecting that to be another dodge of his question, but Sekijiro continues a second later, “His quirk is Erasure, I think. He's able to nullify any quirk just by looking at the person, though I don't know any more than that.”

It all clicks into place: the red eyes, the intense staring, not really the floating hair, he should cut it since it seems to be the tell for his quirk, but Yamada should've realized it sooner. It was so obvious once Sekijiro easily said it out loud. Why was Nemuri so against telling him what Aizawa’s quirk was?

The next match starts and Tensei tries to desperately run to the other side of the arena to shove Yamada out before he uses his quirk. Unfortunately for Tensei, soundwaves travel much faster. Yamada ironically screams “SORRY” using his quirk and Tensei skids to a halt to cover his ears instead, the sound too much for him to handle. Yamada stops but doesn't give the other enough time to recover before he’s shoving him out of bounds.

“Sorry, Tensei, no hard feelings?” He says guiltily, helping him back up.

“WHAT?” Tensei yells back, an annoyed grimace on his face. “I CAN’T HEAR YOU CAUSE, UH, YOU SUCK!” He says with no real malice, amusement in his eyes.

Yamada laughs, waving at Iida as he walks away, no doubt to go see Recovery Girl. The laughter is short lived because he has to go back to the waiting room to get ready for his final match with Aizawa. A pit of anxiety settles in his stomach and he fidgets nervously.

He racks his brain for a strategy in the short amount of time he has left, but he’s not used to fighting without his quirk. It’s such a foreign concept. He's just always depended on his quirk and never really focused on hand-to-hand combat before.

Time runs out and he has to go to the arena with no concrete plan other than somehow trying to get Aizawa to close his eyes. The cheers as he walks up the steps sound muted to him as Aizawa finally appears in his line of vision.

The announcer states their names, the buzzer rings, and Aizawa’s hair flies up as his bloodshot eyes glow red to glare Yamada down. As if on instinct, Yamada opens his mouth to scream, but a strangled squawk comes out instead just as he expected.

He also expected Aizawa to come charging forward just like he’s done in the previous matches, and he quickly moves to dodge the elbow aimed at his gut. Aizawa recovers quickly though and roundhouse kicks him using his gathered momentum instead. Yamada barely had enough time to brace up his arms to block it.

The floor is concrete and they're trapped in a stadium, there was no dust to kick or wall to hide behind anywhere in his vicinity. Yamada curses and decides the best he can do for now is block and dodge to the best of his abilities.

Aizawa is fast though, and doesn't give Yamada a break as he continues to attack. It goes on like this for a couple more seconds, Yamada is barely holding on as Aizawa manages to get close to him again, almost sweeping Yamada’s legs out from under him.

From this close distance, Yamada clearly sees Aizawa’s eyelids slowly begin to slip and close, his hair falling down too. He was waiting for this moment and quickly sucks in a big breath of air, only for it to leave out of his body in a pained exhale.

Aizawa, with his hair still down, has elbowed him right in the diaphragm when Yamada finally let his guard down. Somehow the thought that Aizawa could fight even without using his quirk didn't occur to him. He swears he isn’t usually this stupid. In fact, his grades were actually top of his class, but Yamada really should’ve put more distance between him and Aizawa first before trying to scream in such close proximity. Aizawa was probably expecting this blunder too, for Yamada to present an opening for him when he tries to use his quirk again.

Aizawa was just really distracting, and every time Yamada looks at him, his chest thumps painfully.

In a flash, Aizawa’s elbow leaves his abdomen, soon replaced by a hard kick that sends him flying out of bounds and onto the grass at the bottom of the stage. There's a beat of silence before all hell breaks loose. Loud cheers roar from all around the stadium. A general education student just won the sports festival after all!

Yamada rubs his head as his vision finally focuses. He looks up from the ground at Aizawa and he swears his heart stops beating right then and there at what he sees.

Aizawa’s standing there, a wide eyed look on his face, cheeks rosy red as he pants from exertion, before a genuine smile breaks out on his face as the sun shines down onto him, casting him in an angelic light.

Even though he’s probably sweaty and dirty from a whole day of fighting, even though his eyes are bloodshot and red beyond belief, and even though his clothes and hair are disheveled and ruffed up, Aizawa looks absolutely breathtaking.

Yamada has never seen anything more beautiful. His cheeks flush as he processes the thought and the painful thumping in his chest begins again tenfold.

It was love at first overwhelming defeat.

Yamada didn't think this weird little crush of his would go anywhere, much less get worse, so he was shocked to say the least when his homeroom teacher suddenly announces the week after the Sports Festival that his previous classmate Yokumo Matsuda was getting transferred out of the hero course and that someone else was getting transferred in.

And that new student was none other than Aizawa Shouta, who ends up sitting in the only available seat, which is the one right next to Yamada.

His heart is in overdrive, excited to be able to see Aizawa again so soon. He waves enthusiastically as the scruffy teen makes his way to the back of the room, ignoring the unwelcoming gazes of the other students. Yamada has so much to say that he doesn't even know where to start.

“Hey! I'm Yamada Hizashi! Nice to meet you!” He introduces, sticking his hand out. Aizawa stares down at the hand but doesn't make a move to shake it. Yamada thinks he's about to be ignored and his hand falters a bit from the awkwardness of having to hold it out.

He's about to retract his hand, his wide smile winding down at the blatant rejection, when suddenly Aizawa gingerly takes his hand and shakes it.

Yamada’s heart launches into his throat at the contact. Aizawa averts his eyes, looking to the side as his ears burn red. “Aizawa Shouta,” he says simply and monotonously back, but Yamada can somehow tell that the other was happy.

Class starts soon after that and Yamada has to wait impatiently until lunch to be able to talk to Aizawa again. Yamada ends up not being able to pay attention to any of his classes, casting glances over at the other teen instead. Aizawa seems to be looking towards him too, and Yamada’s heart beats wildly every time their eyes connect.

It feels like an eternity before the bell rings, signaling the beginning of lunch. Yamada immediately shoots up from his seat. “Do you want to eat lunch together, Aizawa?!” He shouts, accidentally putting some of his quirk into it. He really needs to work on his volume control. He sheepishly winces as several heads turn to look at him, but he directs his attention back to the other teen, bouncing on his heels waiting for an answer.

Aizawa startles a bit at the sudden outburst but collects himself quickly with an annoyed glare. His forehead creases and his eyebrows scrunch together. He seems to be in deep contemplation before he finally replies.

“I only have juice pouches,” he says.

“Huh? Juice pouches?” Yamada says, lost.

Aizawa sighs exasperatedly, taking out a small pouch of liquid that Yamada recognizes as a jelly protein pack. “I was planning to just take a nap since this is all I have for lunch,” he explains more clearly.

“Oh, why’s that?”

Aizawa falters a bit, his mouth opening and closing a couple of times before he manages to get any words out. “I guess you really don't remember,” he mutters more to himself than to Yamada.

“Wait, what did you say?” Yamada asks, wondering if he heard clearly. He couldn't exactly make out the words as he's more accustomed to loud noises rather than quiet ones. He wonder if he should turn up the volume on his hearing aids.

Aizawa clears his throat, “I said it's just been a habit of mine since I was young.”

“Well, then we can just share my lunch! My mom always packs extra!” Yamada offers as a consolation, his smile wide and unfaltering.

Aizawa grumbles, embarrassed, but agrees anyways and Yamada feels as light as a feather. But before they leave to go to the cafeteria, Aizawa starts again.

“Also, call me Shouta. It feels weird to hear you call me Aizawa.”

Yamada’s heart does a funny little twirl in his rib cage. “Woah! Really, why?! Are you sure? Can I call you Shoucchan then?” He asks, cheeks already flushing. He doesn't personally have a problem with it. First name basis already is a miracle if he's ever seen one, but he doesn't want Shouta to feel pressured or uncomfortable.

Shouta chokes at the nickname, a red tint beginning to engulf his face. "N-No! Are you stupid? That nickname... It's too embarrassing."

"What about Shou then? But are you sure you're ok with first names?" Hizashi quirks up his eyebrows as his mind whirls. "I don't want to ruin my chances with you." 

As soon as the words leave his mouth, Hizashi blanches. I said that out loud... Hizashi realizes, horrified. It has always been a bad habit of his to vocalize his thoughts without meaning to, no doubt somehow related to his hard to control quirk.

Hizashi rushes to save himself from exposing his already pathetic crush. "As in being friends...!" He adds on.

“Shou is fine and yes, I'm sure,” Shouta mumbles out grumpily, “What I mean is, it’s just weird to have someone address me with my family name when I wiped the floor with their face already.” He jokes dryly, a small quip at how badly Yamada lost to him.

Yamada can't stop the laugh that bubbles out of him in raccous waves. His stomach hurts from how hard he's laughing because he wasn't expecting that of all things to come out of Shouta’s mouth.

“OH MY GOD, I can't believe you just roasted me like that!” He spots the small upwards tilt of Shouta’s lips and suddenly he isn't sure if his cheeks are heating from laughing too much anymore. He wipes the tears from the corner of his eyes. “You can call me Hizashi then! Or Zashi for short!” He offers in return.

Hizashi introduces him to his other friends and it's sort of awkward because they all seem to know each other already. He worries that perhaps Shouta was some kind of jerk to them in the past, but it doesn't quite feel like the right assumption, especially not when his friends readily accept Shouta as easily as when they first saw Hizashi again at the beginning of the year. It was as if they were old friends too.

But nothing is ever said to back that point up and Hizashi never asks, content that they all get along despite Shouta’s more standoffish personality.

Eventually, Hizashi forgets about the discrepancies all together. Being able to see Shouta slowly open up was all he cared about anyways.

He continues to pine hopelessly for the remainder of his highschool days, unable to get over his crush no matter how hopeless it seemed.


Age 18:

Hizashi doesn't confess to Shouta until they're both graduating from U.A.

He just never had the courage to do so, always too scared of the possible rejection. After all, Shouta is the complete opposite of him. Shouta likes silence while Hizashi likes noise. Shouta is quiet while Hizashi is loud. Shouta is someone Hizashi likes while Hizashi feels more like someone Shouta would hate.

Shouta is perfect and Hizashi could never compare to him. Hizashi may have been one of the top students in his graduating class, but Shouta was the real star. He seemed to have a natural knack for sensing trouble and preventing his fellow classmates from either getting brained, drowning, or falling down a flight of stairs.

Shouta is so out of Hizashi’s league, there's no way he would ever like Hizashi.

Even though his friends all urged him, Nemuri being the most vocal of them all, Hizashi just could never do it. He didn't believe them when they said his feelings were mutually reciprocated.

But now that they're graduating, they've finally made it through all the rigorous training and harsh judgment, and the thought that Hizashi might never see Shouta again after their high school connection is severed passes through his mind. The stone cold realization is enough to make his limbs feel numb.

Would Shouta even want anything to do with him after high school?

The thought chills Hizashi thoroughly as the fear of his untold feelings becoming a lifetime of regret manifests into a real possibility.

The ceremony is grand and the speech even more so, but Hizashi could only focus on the distance between him and Shouta. He fidgets throughout the entire graduation, stumbling his way through the crowds of people afterwards to locate Shouta before the other leaves for good.

Hizashi finds Shouta with Thirteen and his anxiety shoots up a notch. Is he giving parting words to everyone? Hizashi’s throat feels dry as he calls out to him.

“H-Hey Shou! Got a minute!” He catches the attention of the two of them. Shouta perks up at hearing his name being called and waves one last time at Thirteen before he starts making his way towards Hizashi. Thirteen smiles and gives a thumbs up in return before bouncing a bit excitedly and running off.

Hizashi frowns, Shouta must really be giving parting words and something painful coils in the pit of Hizashi’s stomach.

“Hey 'Zashi,” Shouta says, tone quiet and peaceful. The blonde teen sees him opening his mouth again, preparing to say something else, probably a sentimental speech to break it to Hizashi that he's leaving him forever.

“Wait! Wait, S-Shou, lemme say something first!” The usual enthusiasm in his voice is replaced with nervousness instead. This is it, this is his last chance.

Hizashi can see the way Shouta shuts his mouth, confusion evident on his face. His usual bored look is betrayed by a hint of uncertainty in his eyes.

Hizashi braces forward before what little courage he has gathered disappears. “Shouta, these last three years with you have been great. You’ve been a great friend and I couldn't have asked for anything more.” He starts.

He can see Shouta eyes widen a bit, his posture becoming distressed. His mouth opens like he wants to interrupt. Perhaps he can tell that Hizashi is about to confess and he doesn't want to hear it because he's just that uninterested. It's probably too awkward for Shouta to handle.

Hizashi pushes onward though, not letting the other get a word in. “But I want to be selfish, I am selfish.”

“Hizashi, wha--”

“You're a great friend, but I don't want to be great friends with you anymore! I want to be more than friends, Shouta!” Hizashi looks up and stares into his eyes. “Shouta, I’m in love with you, I've been in love with you ever since you kicked my ass during the first year sports festival, please be my boyfriend!” He cries out desperately, his voice cracking with emotion in the middle. He shuts his eyes tightly, not wanting to see the rejection forming on Shouta’s lips.

A silence engulfs them and Hizashi’s heart is about to beat out of his chest. It's unbearable and he doesn't know how much more he can take.

But before all his resolve can disappear, dry and chapped lips suddenly press against his. It takes him a second to realize it's Shouta and that Shouta is actually kissing him! Hizashi gets over the shock and kisses back vigorously.

He doesn't know how long they stand there kissing. It felt like time had stopped and this was eternity and yet it ends all too quickly as they pull away for air.


“Hizashi, I-I love you too…” Shouta says back before punching him in the arm, hard. “But next time you confess, don't make it sound like you're leaving me. How are you so bad with words when you're the Voice Hero?” He complains.

"You're so pretty that I'm always at a loss for words," Hizashi thinks like it's obvious before he flinches as he realizes that his thought actually came out of his mouth.

I said that out loud... His face burns.

Shouta is flushing even redder than he was before and smacks him in the arm again. Hizashi laughs loudly and rubs his sore arm, face just as red. “S-Sorry, but it's true! Y'know, I actually thought you were leaving me forever at first!”

"Are you stupid?" Shouta rolls his eyes fondly. “As if I could leave you.”

“But do you really? L-Love me, that is? For how long?” He asks nervously, wondering if this was some kind of dream. 

“For as long as I can remember,” Shouta replies, smile on his lips.

Hizashi has never been happier. This must be heaven.

He can vaguely hear and see Nemuri in the distance cheering and fist pumping the air.


Age 20:

After highschool, Hizashi and Shouta immediately started living together. They managed to find a small apartment that was cheap enough that their starting hero salaries could be cobbled together to pay rent. They had both started out only handling petty crimes like muggings and robberies, though one time Shouta did prevent a potential stabbing. But it's been two years since then and they are doing far better now, eventually getting more higher profile cases and thus higher salaries.

The danger and the scars of it are still nerve wracking, but it's all worth it.

Hizashi has finally made it big as a Pro Hero. Present Mic is becoming more popular by the day, and advertising brands are trying to contact him left and right. He finally got his own radio show too, Put Your Hands Up radio, and fans have started to swarm him when he's out in public. 

Shouta, however, as an underground hero, didn't garner any fame, and though he wasn't making as much as Hizashi was, his hero work still paid well, especially with a rare quirk like erasure being helpful in numerous villain takedowns.

They both finally decided to leave their small and cramped apartment that looked like it was about to crumple and fall apart any second for a bigger and more spacious one.

As Hizashi is hefting the last of his numerous boxes into the apartment, he's surprised to see that he managed to stuff so much things into his old apartment.

“Is that the last of your stuff?” Shouta groans tiredly, wiping sweat off his brow and collapsing onto the floor in an exhausted heap of messy hair and black clothing. “I never knew I was in love with a hoarder.”

Hizashi smiles fondly at the display. “Hey! I'm not a hoarder. This amount of stuff is normal, your lack of stuff is actually what's abnormal so that's why I look like I hoard!” Hizashi says indignantly. It was true that he had a lot of possessions and maybe he was a little bit of a hoarder, but Shouta’s singular box compared to Hizashi’s dozen is more terrifying. “How is it that you had so little that you managed to fit all your items into one box?”

“Having a lot of useless things is irrational,” Shouta simply states with an eye roll from his spot on the floor.

“They're not useless things! I have an emotional connection with each and every single item here,” Hizashi defends himself.

“That's irrational.”

“No, it's not, you emotionally stunted sleeping bag. You probably have some items that have fond memories attached to them too, you just don't want to admit it,” Hizashi accuses. "Like all that cat themed stuff!"

"That's different." Shouta grunts in return, ignoring the accusation, but not denying it completely. “I’ve never had a lot of things, ever since I was a kid. Just never saw the need,” a smirk appears on his face and mischievousness glints in his eyes, “Especially since you're everything I'll ever need and want.”

Hizashi chokes as his face burns as if it’s on fire. He wasn't expecting Shouta to say something so smooth out of nowhere like that. “Oh my god, Shouta!” Hizashi shouts, embarrassed and elated. His heart is beating against his rib cage rapidly. It's been two years and Shouta still had this effect on him. “I would literally die for you!” He declares instead.

Shouta sighs contently from the ground. “I know you would,” he hums softly. “I would die for you too.”

Hizashi chuckles as he reaches into his back pocket, fingers ghosting over the velvet of the small box. He knows they've only been dating for barely two years but they've known each other for far longer. Hizashi is certain that this was the person he wanted to spend eternity with.

He wanted to do a more grand proposal, complete with music and fireworks and flowers raining down on them. But he figured Shouta would probably appreciate this one more. The timing also just felt right in this moment too.

“I, I would also live for you too, Shouta.” Hizashi starts quietly, voice already heavy with emotion. “ You know that, right?”

Shouta ears perk at the sudden shift in mood, and sits up slightly. He nods, eyes questioning where Hizashi is going with this.

“So I want you to live too, Shouta, with me, for the rest of my life,” Hizashi declares, getting down onto one knee and pulling out the small velvet box. The ring was made from a sleek and slim black titanium band. A small diamond rested snugly in the middle, light glinting off it. “I can't imagine a happy life without you being a part of it.”

The last part wasn't supposed to be vocalized, but his mind is going a mile a minute to match his heart rate, and it slips out naturally.

I said that out loud, Hizashy briefly realizes, but the statement is true no matter how cheesy. He hopes he isn't sounding too desperate.

Shouta startles upright, staring at Hizashi with wide eyes. His face becomes redder by the second, reaching up to his ears.

“I know that I'm loud and that your anonymity is important to your hero work, but I promise I won't ever put your identity in jeopardy. I won't let the media or my radio show or anyone you don't want knowing. This would be our own little secret! So, Aizawa Shouta, will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive?”

Silence engulfs them as Shouta continues to stare. Hizashi feels sweat start pool on his forehead. He knows this was kind of an impromptu proposal, but he doesn't know what he'll do if Shouta rejects it.

However, a soft and genuine smiles breaks out onto Shouta’s face. “Are you stupid? I should be the one saying that. You've always made my life better.”

Hizashi instantly perks up, tears beginning to pool at the corners of his eyes in joy. “So does that mean--”

“Yes, Hizashi, I'll marry you... If we can get a cat. Now stop crying.”

The ceremony is small, only a handful of their friends are there. Nemuri had ruthlessly beat Tensei in an arm wrestling match to gain the title of Best Man and Tensei had to settle for Maid of Honor.

Shouta ends up wearing his ring on a chain around his neck that's easily concealed under his shirt, while Hizashi wears his ring on his finger, covered by his leather gloves whenever he's in hero gear. The date of their marriage was later engraved on the inside band of their rings. The words My Sunshine accompanied the date in Hizashi's ring, while the words My Moonlight accompanied the date in Shouta's ring.

Afterwards, as promised, they do get a cat. They actually get two, an orange tabby and a white shorthair that they rescued from the rain and named Peaches and Cream, respectively. The two cats were so pampered by Shouta that they became fat because he couldn't say no to them when they begged for treats, and Hizashi didn't have the heart to stop him either.

The apartment is warm and felt like home in no time.


Age 25:

The idea to become a teacher doesn't occur to Hizashi until he was in his mid-20s.

Shouta and him are getting lunch with Nemuri and Shouta’s old friend turned coworker Fukukado Emi. Apparently she went to the same elementary school as Shouta. He doesn't know what to expect from a childhood friend of Shouta’s, but it definitely wasn't a somewhat familiar boisterous teal haired lady waving at them from the street across the cafe the three of them were already seated at.

Shouta and him are decked in casual wear, both being off hero duty at the same time for once. Shouta’s dressed in a baggy black shirt and equally baggy black pants, which was what he always wore with how atrociously limited his wadrobe selection is. His hair was messy and unkempt like he's never seen a brush in his life. 

Hizashi had a bigger wardrobe and a bit more sense of style, wearing jeans with a simple diagonally sliced yellow and white v-neck with a cropped leather jacket over it. He’s also wearing his prescription glasses and his hair sits on top of his head in tasteful messy bun.

Nemuri is dressed in a beige sweater with black shorts and red heels. Her hair is done up into a ponytail. Her iconic red glasses perched delicately on her nose.

Fukukado is wearing a skin tight shirt with a funny cartoon character on it coupled with a ruffled blue skirt. Her hair falls over her shoulders freely.

“Long time no see, love of my life!” She shouts, voice chipper, her laughter bouncing off the walls of the cafe as she enters. Hizashi feels a weird twinge at that proclamation, unsure how to react, while Nemuri laughs, waving back.

Shouta sighs exasperatedly, already unbelievably disgruntled by her. “Emi, what kind of first impression was that,” he says more as a statement than a question.

“You said to make a good one,” she snickers, grabbing a chair and sitting down next to them. “I thought it was a pretty good joke to call you the love of my life!”

“Since you're gay,” Nemuri explains while also snickering. “Don’t worry, I got the joke.”

Shouta scowls, like he's regretting ever agreeing to meeting her, and is using all his willpower to not face plant into the cafe table. He grits his teeth and introduces them.

“Emi, this is my friend, Kayama Nemuri, and this is my husband, Yamada Hizashi.” Shouta gestures respectively, “Hizashi, Nemuri, this pain in my neck is Fukukado Emi.”

Fukukado, completely unbothered by the way Shouta described her, sticks her hand out, “Hey, Yamada, Kayama! Feel free to call me Emi!”

Hizashi smiles, any discomfort disappearing as he takes her hand and shakes it, “It's nice to meet you, Emi! You can call me Hizashi.”

Nemuri shakes her hand right after. “Always great to have another girl here, not that I have any problem being in a sausage party, if you know what I mean,” Nemuri winks and Emi breaks out into laughter again while Hizashi and Shout choke as they process the statement.

She calms down a little and lets out a huge breath of air, looking over Hizashi. “Wow, you've changed a lot, haven't you? I mean, I changed a lot too but I can't believe--” She gets cut off as Shouta elbows her in her side and Nemuri stiffens in her seat next to her. Emi flinches, not expecting the jab, and realization crosses her face before she quickly backtracks.

Hizashi raises an eyebrow. “What do you mean changed?”

“Haha! I just mean you usually look more like a cockatiel! You're Present Mic, right? I saw you on the front page of the Hero Weekly magazine. Man, you're unrecognizable outside of costume,” she replies, awkwardly rubbing the back of her neck the whole time.

Hizashi feels like they're hiding something or maybe she was just about to say something inappropriate and Shouta knew she was so he stopped her forcefully before she could, but he can't be sure. After all, he doesn't know much about her, so he decides to just go along with her answer lest the awkwardness ensues again.

“Yeah, I get that a lot! But you look quite different out of costume too. It's Ms. Joke, right?”

“Yep! I guess Aizawa’s the only one that practically looks the same whether he's in his hero gear or not,” she says and they all laugh at how true that statement was, much to Shouta’s chagrin.

The conversation flows smoothly from there as they talk about a multitude of things that have happened in their lives. Nemuri talks about how she wants to find someone with the same interests in bed as her, Shouta talks about how he stopped a fire from burning down a building, Hizashi comments on the irony that Shouta saved one of his rival’s radio stations, and eventually Emi is talking about her new job.

“So that's how I became a teacher at Ketsubutsu Academy,” she finishes her story.

“That's great! Congrats on the new job!” Nemuri says happily. “I’m a teacher too since last year, I teach modern hero art history over at U.A.”

Hizashi had heard that Nemuri along with Sekijiro both became teachers last year. Sekijiro had become the homeroom teacher for the hero course Class 1-B. He didn't really expect either of them to be the teaching type, but they seemed enthusiastic about the prospect so he was glad for them.

“Oh yeah, I heard there were two positions open at U.A. actually, but I decided I wanted to teach at the highschool I graduated from instead.” She perks up as a thought pops into her head, “Hey, Aizawa! You should totally apply for that teaching position at U.A. Didn't you say you wanted to teach too? Plus (ultra), you also went there too!”

“Yes! That's a great idea! You should totally apply Shouta, you'll definitely get the position. I'll even drop in a good word to Principal Nezu for you,” Nemuri instantly suggests, eyes twinkling at the mere thought.

Shouta grumbles and his cheeks tint pink. Hizashi directs his attention to his husband with a surprised expression. “Really?! You want to be a teacher, how come you never told me, Shouta!” Hizashi whines accusingly.

“I may have said I wouldn't mind teaching or mentoring students once in passing when I was working on a case with Emi,” Shouta mumbles out.

“Well, what's stopping ya, then?” Emi asks.

Shouta sighs tiredly. “Hizashi and I already have packed schedules. I only get to see him during the early afternoon on most days since I patrol at night and he patrols in the late afternoon and has to maintain a radio show and public presence on top of that. If I decided to be a teacher, I'll be gone for most of the day, and miss seeing Hizashi entirely,” he says earnestly, “Also, I'll have to wake up in the morning and I'll probably die from having to get up so early.”

How did he ever manage to find someone so caring and kind and perfect, Hizashi thinks.

“Awww, Shouta! That's so sweet and thoughtful of you!” Hizashi clutches his chest for dramatic effect, “I want to see you more often too!”

Shouta ignores him. “So, that’s why I'm not--”

“But I also don't want you to hold yourself back because of me,” Hizashi cuts him off.

“What are you--”

“You said there were two positions open at U.A., right? I'll just apply for a position with you, Shouta! Problem solved!” Hizashi announces his solution triumphantly to everyone.

Nemuri squeals from beside him. “Oh my god! Yes, that's perfect!”

“Hizashi! Are you stupid?” Shouta objects sternly. “I appreciate the offer, but you don't need to do that for me. Your schedule is already packed as is. If you become a teacher, you'll be juggling three jobs,” he points out, frown clear on his face.

“Pshhh, you know me, I'll be able to handle it. I'll just squeeze it in and rearrange my schedule a bit. I'm a busy-body, after all, so having things to do on top of being able to do them with you sounds like a great idea to me!”

“But--” Shouta starts again, clearly against the idea.

“Shouta, please,” Hizashi pleads, “If it makes you happy, I'll do anything for you.” His expression becomes soft for a split second as he stares fondly at the disheveled man, his voice having a mind of its own. "You mean the world to me and I'll rather be exhausted with you than without you."

Hizashi realizes his mistake when he hears the two women begin to coo. I said that out loud, he sighs internally as Emi calls him a romantic sap. 

Hizashi lets the mushy moment sink in before reverting back to his usual high energy self, breaking into a wide grin again, “Also, teaching sounds hella fun! I mean whipping the next generation into shape must be exciting!”

“Exactly!” Nemuri yells, “Come on, Shouta!”

Shouta sighs heavily, “Fine.” He gives in, but an almost imperceptible smile slowly appears. After knowing him for years, Hizashi was able to spot the small difference in his normally stoic expression.

They both apply for the teacher position and manage to get it. Shouta becomes the homeroom teacher for the hero course class 1-A, how ironic, while Hizashi becomes an English teacher. He has been bilingual ever since he was a little kid due to his love for American music and movies and a strong desire to understand what was being said, so this was perfect for him.

A year later, Thirteen joins them as an U.A. faculty member too.


Age 31:

A lot happens ever since Hizashi and Shouta both became teachers. They both have their work cut out for them, Shouta more so than Hizashi, since the eternally exhausted man is the one in charge of keeping the students from getting hurt.

This gets indefinitely harder ever since All Might joined the U.A. faculty, ever since the current class 1-A started the school year.

The students have been attacked two times already since the start of the school year. Hizashi had almost lost Shouta and Thirteen during the USJ incident, and all the media cared about was driving the school's name into the dirt. Despite being a popular Pro Hero with a lot of publicity, Hizashi hates the media just as much as Shouta, and always have for whatever reason. They were like vultures, waiting for people to make a mistake and pounce on them as if they were weakened prey. Basically villains, which is the one thing Hizashi hates more, with how they attack and deceive, never focusing on what's important, but rather what would give them the most ratings, no matter the consequences.

He remembers remaining by Shouta’s hospital bedside crying for days without going home to change or eat, just fending off the cameras and hoping for the other to wake up. Eventually he did wake up, scolded Hizashi for not taking care of himself, and stayed in the hospital for barely a week before practically jumping out the window to get back to teaching. Shouta’s quirk suffered from the orbital damage he took, but at least he was alive and dedicated beyond belief to his job and students. 

Not soon after, he almost lost his friend Tensei to the Hero Killer during the time of the Sports Festival. Though his relief at his survival is instantly shattered. Tensei's  paralyzed from the waist down and can't continue doing Hero work, but at least he was alive. At least he's still here, at least Stain was brought to justice in the Hosu City incident. 

A familiar fear builds in Hizashi's chest, turmoil boiling over not being there for his friends when they were in trouble.

The training camp incident after that only added onto their stress, especially Shouta’s. He had to deal with the godforsaken media trying to slander his name and afterwards his reckless students for going against orders and hatching their own plan to rescue Bakugo. Hizashi has heard Shouta complain about the green haired problem child Midoriya far to many times by now.

The capture of All for One came with a price, the fall of the Symbol of Peace All Might. The subsequent increase in crime rates was like insult to injury.

He has never seen his husband so stressed, but also so attached to his students. Even if Shouta complains about them, Hizashi can see the way his eyes soften as he recounts their progress to him. He even started mentoring this general education student named Shinsou since the end of this year’s sports festival, training him in hand-to-hand combat.

He has never seen his husband so stressed, but also so content and happy. He cares about his students so
much, having a soft spot for kids in general, and it shows in his actions.

The worst day of his life happens soon after the students get their provisional licenses and begin their hero internships.

It starts off like any other day. School lets out and some students stay on campus, others go back to the dorms, while some head off to their internships.

Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary. But suddenly the program that was playing peacefully as background noise in the teacher’s lounge changes into an emergency news story.

The blaring of the alarm and the smoke that rises up towards the sky as Nomus swarm the island in the live feed tucked in the corner of the screen is enough that the reporter didn't even need to state the events.

Tartarus has been breached, dozens of prisoners are breaking out and being teleported away no doubt due to someone’s quirk, and All for One has escaped with the League of Villains in the ongoing chaos.

An emergency distress signal causes his phone to vibrate. A country wide text has been sent, calling all available heroes for assistance is mitigating the panic and in coming up with a plan to locate and recapture the villains.

All the teachers in the lounge stand up and begin rushing out the door, telling all remaining students on campus to go back to the dorms and pass the message to stay put to others. An emergency strategy meeting is no doubt going to held at the main police station in Musutafu.

They reach the station and wait in the conference room as more Pro Heroes start piling in. The impromptu meeting is probably going to start as soon as more top heroes gather in the already crowded meeting room.

Naomasa, the officer in charge, addresses the unsaid question. “The meeting will begin as soon as Endeavor, Sir Nighteye, All Might, Best Jeanist, and Edgeshot get here!” He shouts to everyone in the room. “Can anyone get in contact with them?” He asks, dialing again on his phone.

Murmurs go around the room, as some of the heroes begin pulling out their phones. Hizashi looks towards Shouta and can see the pensive and concerned expression on the other’s face, their eyebrows scrunched together in deep concentration.

Hizashi's about to say something when suddenly the building shakes violently and the lights flicker. Everyone braces themselves as officers and heroes alike begin to shout.

“What’s going on out there?!” Naomasa yells out.

“Sir! We’re being attacked my villains, the building is surrounded, and more seem to be warping here!” An officer shouts back from down the hall, his voice laced with terror.

“We just heard back from Endeavor and Sir Nighteye, Sir! Their agencies are being attacked too! We have already lost contact with Best Jeanist and Edgeshot!” Another officer shouts.

The television in the room is turned on and the news shown on the screen confirms that Nomus and villains are warping and attacking multiple hero agencies at once.

The remaining heroes in the room start to bulk up, getting ready to fight and Naomasa begins to direct them to stand guard. He can see Nemuri and Sekijiro amongst others already scouting out the villains in the area. It's pretty stupid of the villains to attack a place so heavily packed with pro heroes. It's weird, really, because if this is a planned attack, they must've known that the pro heroes would gather here for the strategy meeting.

At least that's what Hizashi thinks and he can see that Shouta is thinking the same thing because they both come to the same conclusion at the same time.

“Mic! They're trying to keep us here!” Shouta says.

“Yeah, I know! Do you know where All Might is?!”

“He accompanied Midoriya to his hero internship at Sir Nighteye’s agency.”

“Shit! Eraser, this is bad!” Hizashi hisses.

“The final boss is making his move,” Shouta clarifies, voice harsh.

Just then, the news coverage switches to a live feed of Sir Nighteye’s agency building. The tall tower is on fire and crumbling from the flames that engulf it. Numerous villains are gathered around, fighting clearly happening inside the building as people are getting launched out of the windows. Shouta’s eyes focus in on the green zap of light that can be vaguely seen through the windows of the building in the video.

Not even a split second later, Shouta bolts out the door and into the villain infested surroundings.

“Eraserhead! What are you doing?!” Hizashi yells after him.

“What I should've done in Kamino!” Shouta shouts back before disappearing entirely. There's no way that Hizashi can catch up now, not when Shouta was far more agile and faster than him. He couldn't leave anyway, his quirk is most useful directing people in groups to cooperate in a large scale battle like this one was bound to be.

Many Pro Heroes and officers are already outside fighting. Hizashi rushes out and sees that Shouta is nowhere to be seen, having somehow already managed to swerve through the masses.


The fighting stops momentarily, before everything seems to kick back into action. Now, some heroes are clearly seen avoiding the attacks and skidding through the villains to get out and run towards the direction of the designated building. The villains, however, have also heard Hizashi’s instructions, and seem to double in their efforts to keep as many of them here as possible.

With Hizashi’s agility level as it is, it looks like he's going to be one of the heroes that remains here to fight, unable to avoid all the oncoming attacks to leave. He releases a deafening “YEAHHH!!” taking down several villains in one direction.

He can only hope that Shouta knows what he's doing and that he'll be fine on his own.

The fighting continues on for what felt like hours. The majority of the villains aren't exactly hard to take down, but the sheer number of them is tedious if not daunting. Hizashi doesn't leave until enough of them are bound and secured tightly.

“Are you good over there, Midnight?” He asks across the battlefield.

“We’re good over here! Just go already!” She answers back, giving him a green light, already knowing that Hizashi is aching to run after Shouta.

“Thanks!” Hizashi says as he begins running in the right direction. He’s out of breath from the extensive fight he was in just a second ago, but he pushes forward through the burning in his lungs and legs.

He braces himself as he sees the building come into view, bodies of villains and heroes strewn about unconscious. Normally, he would stop to secure the villains and help the wounded heroes, but he has more pressing matters currently. He has to know what happened to Shouta.

He makes his way into the torn up building, following the path of bodies until he finally makes his way into a giant conference room. There are a lot more pro heroes at varying stages of passing out in the surrounding hallways.

Hizashi instantly spots Shouta near the center of the room, eyes glowing red and capture scarf wrapped tightly around a man with an extremely disfigured head. Sir Nighteye and Endeavor were standing next to the bound members of the League of Villains. All Might stood off to the side, and Hizashi wasn't really surprised to see that more than half of Class 1-A was there, all talking to another teen that Hizashi has never seen before.

“Heyyy, everybody! Seems like I missed the party, what happened here?” Hizashi makes his presence known, starting off peppy but slowly becoming more serious. He can deduce that Endeavor, after easily taking out the villains at his agency, had enough sense as the now #1 hero to come here, no doubt interrogating one of the villains for information and figuring out their plan.

Shouta doesn't answer him, too focused on not blinking.

“Present Mic-sensei!” Midoriya says surprised, “Do you know if the police are going to come anytime soon?”

Hizashi cringes, knowing full well that Shouta can't hold out for much longer, especially since his orbital injury. “I’m not sure, they're still held up at the station managing the villains that are scattered throughout the city. Now tell me what happened. What are you all doing here?”

“W-Well you see…” Midoriya starts, “I knew they were after All Might so I sent out my location for help…”

“I was at the dorms when Midoriya sent his location. The villain attack was being broadcasted on TV and I knew All Might was with Midoriya so I connected two and two and came,” Todoroki said monotonously. “Bakugo--”

“I saw that Half-and-Half bastard leaving the dorms and there was no way I was gonna stay behind while he and shitty Deku get to fight!”

“We were all there in the common room when Bakugo practically launched himself out the door after Todoroki, and we also connected the dots and followed him too,” Kirishima says sheepishly, gesturing to Kaminari, Ashido, Sero, and Jirou who were all averting their eyes.

“I was hanging out with Uraraka and Tsu in the shopping district when the distress was sent out. We also connected the dots when Midoriya sent out his location and rushed over,” Momo says politely. “We ran into Tokoyami and Shoji on the way,” she adds and the aforementioned two nod their heads

“As Class-rep, I had to come and make sure Midoriya was safe if he was in trouble,” Iida states, his hand chopping the air as he speaks. “It's my duty to make sure everyone is safe!”

Mic sighs heavily and rubbed his temples. "What are we going to do with you all..." He understands now why Shouta is always so stressed because of them. “All Might, are you alright?”

“Ah, yes, I’m fine thanks to young Midoriya’s quick thinking, and the subsequent help of all the students,” Toshinori praises wholeheartedly.

Mic turns his attention to the only teen he doesn't recognize. Their body was battered and a grimace was on their face. They had chestnut brown hair with an undercut and wore plain clothes that were tattered. “And who is this? I don't think they're a student.”

“Ah, this is--” Midoriya is cut off.

“I’m Kura, my brother and I were captured by the League of Villains! We were both in a cell before they took him! And these assholes,” he nudges the students around him, “won't let me go get him!”

“Who are you calling an asshole, you fucking extra! You should be grateful that we saved your pathetic ass!” Bakugo yells back and starts marching towards Kura before Kaminari and Kirishima restrain him and pull him back.

“Young Kura, Sir Nighteye and Endeavor are already interrogating the League. We’ll find your brother, please, calm down,” All Might says placatingly.

“No, you don't understand! Ryoko is sickly and easily anxious! He's extremely fragile and if I don't get to him then we’ll all be in trouble!”

Suddenly All for One, still restrained by Eraserhead, laughs from his prone position on the floor. Shouta scowls and yanks his capture scarf, tightening the bindings, but All for One doesn't stop talking. “You'll be in trouble indeed,” he laughs ominously.

“What the fuck did you do to him?!” Kura shouts, distressed.

“You were right, he was fragile, he crumbled to the ground as soon as I took his quirk.”

“No…!” Kura stumbles back, “No! You didn't!”

“Yes, I did.”

“Kura, what's Ryoko’s quirk?” Mic asks hastily.

As if on cue, a shockwave shakes the room and casts the walls in glowing blue light, a warped sound vibrates from the light.

“Impossible! I'm still cancelling all your quirks though,” Shouta scowls. Hizashi can see that Shouta is reaching his limit, his bloodshot eyes quivering as they're forced to stay open, but the police aren't coming anytime soon still.

“Endeavor! Knock him out now!” Hizashi commands hurriedly. Endeavor starts to stomp over, fist raised.

“Are you sure that I'm the one you should be staring at, Eraserhead? You heroes are so oblivious.”

And everything happens so fast in the next second. Shouta’s eyes closes a mere millisecond before Endeavor’s fist connects with All for One’s head, the heat and wind from Endeavor’s costume too much for Shouta’s strained eyes to handle in close proximity.

“Shit! Is he down? Did you get him?” Shouta quickly asks, rubbing his sore eyes. “I blinked right before your punch landed.”

“Of course I got him, I'm not some hack! He's knocked out cold,” Endeavor grunts. “The blue light hasn't left the room. He was right, he wasn't the one using a quirk.”

“I need to rest my eyes before I can use erasure again. In the meantime, we have to determine who it is.”

Hizashi can see from the corner of his eye that Kura is going into a panic attack, becoming catatonic as he starts to hyperventilate.

“Nighteye, who do you have captured over there?” Shouta asks.

“It can't be anybody from the League here. They were knocked out during the fight with Endeavor. If they were conscious, they would've broken out of the rope binding by now,” Nighteye replies. “I've identified them as the wanted criminals: Shigaraki Tomura with the quirk Decay, Kurogiri with the quirk Warp, Toga Himiko with the quirk Transform, Magne with the quirk Magnetism, Spinner with the quirk Gecko, Mr. Compress with the quirk Compress, Twice with the quirk Double, and Switcher with the quirk Transfer.”

All Might curses, “Switcher wasn't part of the league before, Nighteye.”

“Switcher’s quirk is not said to admit a blue light. His quirk Transfer is merely a consciousness transfer…” Something clicks in Nighteye’s mind. He whirls around and is immediately pushed back with a gust of wind.

“Ah, I got found out already, though you heroes were slower than I expected in reaching that conclusion!” Switcher, probably now All for One, says. Hizashi can't see his face, a mask splattered with paint with a pointed nose is covering everything but his eyes.

Everyone takes a defensive position, preparing to fight again. The unknown quirks that Switcher may now possess, however, poses a threat.

“Eraserhead, how much longer?” Sir Nighteye asks.

“Give me 2 more minutes.”

“That's a shame,” Switcher says, “I was hoping to toy with you all for a bit longer, but even I know when I've met my match.”

“Are you going to turn yourself in then, All for One?” All Might asks.

“Heaven’s no,” he laughs in reply, but his chuckling soon turns dark and bitter. “You know, I came here today with the intent to end you once and for all. This was all my successor Shigaraki’s plan. The breakout and taking Switcher’s quirk to use in case the plan failed.” The eyes that can be seen through the holes in the mask sharpen, “And everything was going swimmingly too. There was no way Endeavor and Sir Nighteye could ever take me out and neither could those mere kids. But you!”

An accusatory finger was pointed at Shouta. “I almost had them, but when you came through the door, everything started falling apart,” he scowls. “Underground Pro Hero Eraserhead.”

Shouta stiffens but stands his ground. Hizashi can feel eyes staring at him too and braces himself.

“You were never on my radar as a potential threat, being such an unknown small hero. If you had never showed up then I would have most likely spared you,” he curses before his eyes glint with delight, “But maybe I should be thanking you instead for showing up. It's thanks to you that the plan I originally scrapped since I couldn't it figure out finally makes sense! I can finally see the threads in the spiderweb rippling!”

Kura, despite still breathing heavily, forcibly steadies himself again and screams, “Watch out, he's going to activate Timeline!”

Endeavor and Nighteye get ready to attack. But All for One only laughs.

“It's too late! It's thanks to you, Eraserhead, that I finally have the perfect plan to get rid of All Might once and for all!”

“Everyone, hurry, grab onto me!” Kura shouts urgently.

The next few seconds happens so fast. There's
screaming and the walls of the room seem to be closing in and pulsing. The students are all pushing and shoving and All Might is trying to keep them away from the danger. Endeavor and Sir Nighteye are running across the room and Shouta is about to activate his quirk when suddenly he shoves the palms of his hands against his eyes and screams in pain, teeth gritting together. Hizashi tries to call out to Shouta, his mind racing to say something, anything, but the words get caught in his throat and never come out.

And suddenly his entire body pulses, the world becoming blue and inverted before everything turns black and empty like the void.

Age 15:

Yamada Hizashi just got into his dream school U.A. and he should be feeling happy. He had wanted to be a hero ever since he was a little kid. This was what he always wanted, this is what everyone had always wanted for him. He studied hard with his childhood friends throughout middle school to pass the entrance exam. So logically, he should be happy, but he's not.

He feels empty like the void. His desire to become a hero has started dying ever since the beginning of middle school, inversely decreasing as the crime rate increases.

He doesn't want to be a hero anymore. Yet, he wonders if the universe is mocking him, because even though he no longer wants to be a hero, he has suddenly manifested a second quirk.

The first incident of this supposed second quirk happened some time in middle school. He was with his friends walking back home from school. Kayama and Iida were talking about the newest episode of a show. Kan was drinking a soda. The birds were chirping in the trees and a bright blue butterfly floats past them.

He could hear little kids playing in the park next to them. A ball rolled onto the street on the other side of the park, the brakes of a car screeches, and his whole body pulsed as the world turned blue and inverts before suddenly everything was repeating.

He was walking with friends down the same path he could've sworn they've just passed. Kayama and Iida were saying the same things about the newest episode of a show with Kan drinking a soda next to them. Everything was repeating and a deep feeling of deja vu consumes Hizashi.

The birds were still chirping in the trees he swears they've already passed. The same bright blue butterfly floats past them. He could hear little kids playing in the park next to them. A ball rolled onto the street on the other side of the park, the brakes of a car screeches, his body pulsed, the world turning blue then inverting, and suddenly everything was repeating again for the second time.

Hizashi felt sick. This happened a couple more times and no matter how distressed he became after each rerun, everything repeats after he hears the screeching of car tires trying to stop.

Hizashi eventually pinpointed the trigger of the loop, finally looking across the park as the ball rolls onto the street, and at the child that starts running after it. He moved automatically, his voice and his quirk activating before he even realized what he's doing.

“STOP! DON’T MOVE!” He had screamed and the child stopped right before going onto the street, turning around and looking at him. The car screeches, driving past, and the red ball that rolled onto the street is destroyed as the tires flatten it.

Hizashi was breathing heavily, as his friends quickly go to make sure the kid was alright, later congratulating him for noticing.

When he told them that he only noticed because of the weird loop, they think it's some elaborate joke. The manifestation of a second quirk at such an old age is impossible. There was no way to prove it existed and he doesn't seem to be able to activate his second quirk by himself. It just happens.

No one ever believes him.

A few more instances, far and wide spread, happen in middle school and every time he gets congratulated for being a hero, his heart sinks a little bit at all the praise he doesn't feel like he deserves.

The smile on his face is tiring to keep up as he enters the U.A. campus and it slips more than once as he walks through the halls. He's trying to force himself to be elated, trying to be enthusiastic even though all he feels is a deep seeded apathy. The faces of his fellow students all blur together, he doesn't care.

He finally got into U.A. but why does it even matter, what even is the point of him being here? Hizashi feels like something is missing.

The feeling stays throughout the year and he's sure that Kayama, Iida, and Kan notice. He used to be quiet popular in elementary school due to his bright personally and upbeat attitude. But throughout middle school, something changed in him, and now in highschool, he is more times than not remaining in the background rather than being the center of attention.

He tries his hardest to keep up how he usually is, how he was. He tries to remain loud and happy and bright even if everything around him just seems so cold and quiet and grim, but it's hard.

They don't ever say anything though even if they notice, like they don't want to bring up bad memories. Time ticks on endlessly, waiting for no one.

He wins the first year Sports Festival later in the year. There's little people can do against sound after all, and as he's standing victorious on the arena stage, he reminds himself that this is what he's always wanted, this is what everyone has always wanted for him.

To be a hero. Except he doesn't want to be a hero anymore. The title doesn't feel right to him? Why doesn't he feel like a hero? It doesn't make sense especially with the high crime rate begging for heroes.

Hizashi just doesn't feel like he belongs in the Hero Course, much less be the winner of the first year Sports Festival.

The empty feeling stays in his chest and an overwhelming regret engulfs and festers inside him. There are a lot of things he wants to say, but the words never come out.

He feels trapped with his thoughts, many he wishes he had vocalized before it was too late. His dreams have become nightmares, he feels constantly on edge, constantly watched by a pair of dark hollow eyes from so long ago.


Age 18:

Today is the day he graduates from U.A. and honestly he's surprised he's even made to this day. Life is so lackluster and meaningless to him now.

The act that he's tried to keep up has long since worn down ever since he won the first year Sports Festival. He remained a model student just to keep his friends from worrying, just to keep his mother from worrying.

But even if he scored good grades in school, it was as clear as daylight that he lacked any real motivation or enthusiasm for what he's doing. He’s just doing what everyone expected him to do.

The mysterious second quirk that he manifested in middle school is still out of his control, happening a couple of times throughout his time in high school.

He had prevented his classmate from getting brained during rescue training one time, had even saved someone from drowning another time, and had stopped someone from falling down the stairs, to name a few.

There is no connection or rhythm or pattern between the incidents where the quirk gets activated and Hizashi has long stopped trying to convince people it's not his innate hero instincts that sense trouble but rather the work of a second quirk. What was the point if no one would ever believe him?

All he knows about this quirk, which he has named Revival, is that a bright glowing blue butterfly signals the start of a loop and he has to repeat the loop as many times as it takes until he can locate the trigger for the loop. The trigger seems to always be someone in trouble, ranging from simply tripping in the halls to straight up almost dying.

He gets praised every time, but he doesn't deserve to be a hero. That was the thought that rang throughout his head in a non-stop mantra. He can't pinpoint why he feels that way, and every time he tries to put a reason to it, his heart clenches violently and his eyes burn with unshed tears.

His head hurts and he stops thinking, just going through the motions of everyday life instead. He just wants everything to be quiet, for the clock to stop ticking and for the static to disparate. It's all so loud to the point that it's driving him crazy, still there even if he takes out his hearing aids.

He doesn't even get peace when he's asleep at night anymore. Dark, hollow eyes haunt him in his dreams. He can never fully remember it when he wakes up, but the feeling of absolute dread stays with him. Eventually he stops sleeping, stops caring, stops doing anything.

It wasn't long before he became one of U.A.’s biggest disappointments. The regret and guilt only increase inside him as the unsaid words build in his mind.


Age 20:

Nothing has happened since he graduated. Much to the lament of everyone around him, Hizashi did not become a Pro Hero.

Even as Kayama confronted him, even as Iida pleaded with him, and even as Kan scolded him, Yamada Hizashi ignored them all and did not become a hero.

Instead, he works as an assistant in a radio station. The radio station isn't even a good one, it was mediocre at best. The salary he makes is just enough for him to scrape by in his dingy apartment that is cold and barren of any personal items that make it feel like a home.

Hizashi wonders if his younger self would be disappointed in him too. He had wanted to be so much when he was a kid, to help the people in need and save them from villains and boredom alike, but eventually all his aspirations just fell through.

Everything's just so bland and dull, grey like a neverending fog that surrounds his life.

He's lost himself and he doesn't know where to even start looking. So he doesn't. He lives everyday doing the bare minimum that is required of him and then lounges around in his empty, run down apartment all alone during whatever free time he has.

Revival is still happening, every time he leaves his apartment whether it's to go to work or to get groceries. By now he has stopped a mugging, a robbery, a stabbing amongst many more. He usually gets hurt because of his intervention and he wonders why he even tries before realizing he’ll be stuck in an endless loop if he doesn't.

He gets praised after each incident, people saying he should become a Pro Hero, that the villain infested city could use someone like him, that he should be proud of himself, but none of their words ever reach him. It never brings any joy to him. The universe really does seem to be mocking him. 

He wonders how much longer he can keep this up. He wonders if mind will ever be silent, if the thoughts will ever cease, if the dark eyes will stop staring at him and let him finally rest.

If he will ever stop regretting all the things he's never said.

Time continues to tick, dragging on, never stopping and never waiting.

Nothing ever changes, he can't escape.


Age 25:

He had finally gotten fired from his job as a radio station assistant. Revival had happened again, a fire had started in the floor below the radio station. He can tell from the smell of smoke rising through the floorboards. He was ordered by his boss to save the radio equipment, but apparently Revival wouldn't break the loop if he did. He uses his quirk instead to evacuate the building. Even though he saved everyone from a fiery death, his efforts were apparently not appreciated by his boss who now has to replace all the equipment.

Hizashi doesn't care anymore.

Nothing really matters. Everything just feels so pointless to him, and he wishes he knows why.

He spends his remaining days in his apartment as the bills and garbage keeps piling up.

It's gotten to the point where Hizashi finds his friend Kayama kicking down his door and stomping into his apartment.

“That’s it! I've had it with you lazing around! Your boss was an asshole, but you need to get another job!”

“Kayama, as much as I appreciate the concern, I am completely fine and I don't need your help,” Hizashi says tiredly from his position on the couch.

“You're clearly not fine and look like you need a lot more than just my help!” Kayama scolds. “Hizashi, you can't live like this!”

Hizashi ignores her in favor of just sighing and sinking further into his couch.

“I know it's been hard ever since that happened when we were kids. I know you took the news the worst out of everyone but you have to get over it, it's been years now! You have to realize that it wasn't your fault,” she says solemnly, tone softening.

Hizashi just rolls his eyes are her over dramatic antics again, “Kayama, I have literally no idea what you're talking about.”

“I know everybody has avoided the topic for years, but that doesn't mean you have to act like--”

Kayama!” Hizashi stresses her name, “I really have no idea what in the world you're talking about!” His brain hurts from trying to decipher what she means. He can feel his chest thump painfully again.

Kayama sighs, pity evident in her eyes, and Hizashi has never felt more like shit. “Hizashi…” She says sadly. "You should say what's on your mind, I can't help you if I don't know what you're thinking..."

Hizashi groans exasperatedly and relents, “Fine, if I get another job, would you get off my back already?!”


“Great, I'll start looking tomorrow. Now get out of my apartment.”

She wags her fingers and tsks, “Hey, not so fast, I'm not done with you yet, Mister.”

“Kayama, please--”

“Hizashi, you've been avoiding everyone for years and I don't think you're in a clear state of mind to be by yourself. I know we've grown apart over time, but I'm still your friend, right? It's only natural that I'm worried about you.”

“I'm fine--”

“Which is why I pulled a few strings and convinced Principal Nedzu to make an exemption for you.”

Hizashi stiffens, dread pooling in his gut at her words. “Kayama, please tell me you didn't do what I think you did…”

“Yep! I convinced Nedzu to let you be an English teacher at U.A. even though you're not a Pro Hero. You don't need to go job searching anymore, you’re welcome!” She states happily, completely disregarding the absolute horror stricken on Hizashi’s face.

He sits up, every bone in his body cracking from inactivity. “Why?!” He screeches loudly.

“Why not?” She states. “You're bilingual, multilingual if you count sign language, Nedzu was enthusiastic to help you, it’s good for you to be surrounded by people, maybe the kids will have a positive effect on your mood, and Sekijiro and I get to keep a close eye on you too,” she explains matter-a-factly. “Also I'm not taking no for an answer.”

Her heels click finitely and Hizashi can only sigh heavily, knowing he won't be able to win against Kayama’s stubbornness, not that he even has the energy to fight her right now.

What's the point in even saying anything anymore? No one would listen, no one would believe him. The words in his mind won't stop tormenting him, his thoughts are killing him, ripping at the corners of his mind.

The ticking of the clock on the wall becomes unbearably loud and Hizashi eventually smashes it to make it stop, to make it all just stop.

The eye still remain, staring into his soul, and his sanity dwindles as his eye bags deepen at another night of restless sleep. 


Age 30:

The teaching job goes as well as he thought it would. It's not that he slacks off and neglects his duties, Kayama would have his ass if he did, but Hizashi still does only the bare minimum that is required of him. His mood has not lifted and the constant emptiness continues to persist, swirling inside him and killing him slowly.

He's not exactly favorited by the student body, his class was boring and monotonous and more than once has he caught students falling asleep in his class. His lessons are lackluster and even though it follows the curriculum requirements, it's still all so bland and terrible. Often times he just plays some YouTube video for most of the class and then assigns meaningless busy work.

Nothing exciting ever happens in his classes throughout the years.

However, Revival has continued to hack away at his sanity. Being in a Pro Hero school as the only non-Pro Hero and yet still having a supposed sixth sense in preventing kids from getting horribly maimed and injured gets him a lot of unwanted attention.

He can't take overhearing another student asking what his quirk is, only to receive an answer from someone else that it's called Voice, and then them being subsequently surprised that it's not something related to his uncanny ability in preventing trouble and questioning why he didn't become a Pro Hero.

This repetition is literally driving him insane.

Hizashi steels himself for another school year of the same bullshit, the same questions and looks and complaints, and enters Class 1-A when the bell rings. It's English, which is only the 2nd period of the day, and Hizashi already wants to go home even though it's the first day of a new year.

The classroom that was previously noisy instantly quiets down as he walks in, curious eyes zone in on him and his plain clothes, waiting for him to introduce himself. He notices briefly that two of the students have particularly intense stares, a green-haired teen and a heterochromic red and white haired teen. Hizashi has never seen them in his life and yet they look like they recognize him.

He looks at his roster to confirm that he's never met them before. The names Midoku Rizuya and Todosho Rokito ring no bells of recognition in his mind. He would definitely remember unusual names like theirs.

“Hi, my name is Yamada Hizashi, I'm your English teacher,” he introduces himself blandly. “I'm going to go over the English syllabus for this school year so please listen because I'm not going to repeat myself.”

He drones on and on, reading the paper in his hand practically word for word. The students remain relatively quiet and he's thankful that he's able to finish with half the period left to spare. “Alright, the rest of the hour is free time, do what you want, just stay quiet.”

Hizashi sighs as the class remains quiet for approximately 5 minutes before the talking becomes increasingly louder. He really doesn't have high enough energy levels today to tell them off. He sits at his desk and stares off into space, wishing for the day to just end already.

He notices Midoku and Todosho are looking at each other and nodding as if they are silently communicating. Suddenly Midoku stands up and begins walking towards Hizashi.

He can already feel the headache start to appear. It was too early in the morning to be dealing with nosy teens. He had no doubt that Midoku was going to ask personal questions about why he's not a Pro Hero and how come he's a teacher here still.

The green haired boy stands nervously in front of him, his arms fidgeting as he tries to gather his resolve. “U-Um Present--no, I mean, Yamada-sensei?”

“Please go back to your se--” Hizashi starts to say when Midoku’s eyes harden and a newspaper is slid over his desk.

His whole world stops.

Anniversary of the Musutafu Murdered Children Case: Justice for the Victims Finally as Serial Killer is Scheduled for Death Penalty!

The title reads in big bold letters and suddenly Hizashi can't breathe. His heart is trying to beat out of his chest, and he can feel the blood pumping loudly in his ears. A cold sweat consumes his body as his eyes focus in on the pictures of the victims shown below.

In a neat row were three photographs and the names of the young kids.

Shimura Tenko (10 years old)

Anakuro Hirooki (10 years old)

Aizawa Shouta (10 years old)

Hizashi’s eyes lock onto the last picture. The image of a bored little boy with scruffy, long, black hair is staring back at him. The world is suddenly closing in on him and his breathing is becoming erratic. His body feels too hot and too cold at the same time as dozens of repressed memories flood into his head and flash behind his eyes.

The sirens and the police and people crowding behind the caution tape.

The news reporters swarming the neighborhood and school.

The funeral and the weeping of his classmates and parents.

The flowers on the victims’ desks in class.

Aizawa Shouta standing alone in the snow filled park at night as a single street lamp illuminates him and Hizashi walking past.

Hizashi being the last person to ever see him again alive.

“I could've saved him!”

"I'm so stupid! Why didn't I say anything?! I should've said something!"

“He was there in the park! I could've saved him if I just called out!”

“I should've asked him if he wanted to walk home together!”

“If I had just called out to him and asked if he wanted to walk home together then he would still be here!”

“I'm sure it wasn't Toshi!”

“It wasn't Toshi, mom!”

“Toshi isn't the culprit!”

The words ring in his ears. Hizashi remembers grabbing onto his mom’s sleeve, begging and pleading with her and the police that the culprit wasn't Toshi, an older U.A. student at the time that frequently hung out with them by the river bed.

He remembers the tears stinging his eyes as the guilt of having been able to prevent Aizawa’s death eats away at him.

He regrets all the words unsaid, all the words he could never get out, all the words he wishes he had voiced but didn't.

All the thoughts that were trapped in his head.

All the words that day he never said.

He remembers his mom hugging him tightly, stroking his hair softly, and saying that the culprit is caught, that he should just forget this already, forget that any of this happened.

The words, 'If only I'd acted differently that day...' are heard echoing in his head everyday. But he's scared, too scared to get to the heart of his own mind.

Hizashi stands up abruptly causing the chair he was sitting in to clatter to the ground. Everyone’s eyes are on him now and he can feel everything come crashing down as he begins to remember everything.

He almost trips in his haste to exit the classroom, ripping the door open and running as fast as he can. He doesn't know where he’s going, he doesn't care, he just needs to get away.

“Todoroki! He's leaving, we have to catch him!” He vaguely hears Midoku yell and his legs begin to go faster.

He remembers everything now and he wishes he didn't. He doesn't want to remember his biggest regret in life, the mistake he can never undo.

Some things were meant to stay repressed.

Some things were forgotten for a reason.

Some things were lost to time.

 "The last time I felt alive, I was looking into your eyes, breathing your air, touching your skin, and saying goodbye... The last time I felt alive, I was dying."

-Ranata Suzuki