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The Bachelorette Season 1 (Rose)

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1. Always be respectful. I dealt with people on the last season who were extremely disrespectful of me, whether it be saying my fic wasn't good because of the ships I chose or telling me to kill myself because I'm autistic. So just don't be a shit, okay?


2. The winner is determined by voting.


3. You can vote for more than one person.


4. You can vote multiple times, however each vote has to be in a separate comment.


5. If you just say someone's name or simply state "I vote for *insert person here", the vote will not count. You must provide some kind of commentary with it. Here are some examples of how you can do that:

     Some people like to do character analyses, so you can do that and just divide it up into parts and either begin or end each part/comment with your vote(s)

     You can state your reason for voting for a specific person or person(s). Such as on the last season, there were a lot of votes that were "I vote for Yoongi because I like their dynamic". Or it can be something like "I vote for Yixing because I think he's sweet". It can just be something really simple.

     Or you can provide commentary on the fic/my writing in general. "I really like *insert part of chapter here*. I vote for *insert person here*." or "This chapter really explained a lot of things. I vote for *insert person(s) here*."


6. Voting opens the second I post this chapter. Now, I understand it's difficult for you to follow the previous rule given there isn't much to go on besides the last half of the After the Final Rose chapter in the previous season. So when voting for now, just comment your thoughts on Rose as the bachelorette or the presence of certain contestants. As the introduction chapters come and the story really begins, that's when rule number five will really come into play.


7. If your comment is disrespectful, your vote will not count. If all or nearly all of your comments are disrespectful or focused around complaining about petty aspects of this fic (the ships, the contestants, backgrounds, etc.), I do reserve the right to not let any of your votes count at all. There is someone from the previous season that this was the case, and they even commented under multiple usernames to make it seem like it was more than one person. I can recognize their tone, and I remember most of the usernames used. Their votes still will not count in this season, and any future seasons, because of the disrespect they showed me. That's how seriously I take respect.


8. None of the backgrounds or characterizations reflect how I actually feel about any of these idols or celebrities in real life. There always has to be a 'villain' type, so some people are going to reflect that, but that does not mean I actually dislike them or feel that they are actually this way.


9. Ships were chosen based off of me googling "blackpink rose ships" and choosing the 15 most common guys that I came across and the first 12 (excluding the other blackpink members) girls I saw because for some reason it was really hard to find girls that are shipped with her. This is why certain previous contestants have returned for this season despite how invested they may have been in Jimin. I have already developed their backgrounds to somewhat explain why they would come out on this show again though. You can express a distaste for these contestants as long as you do it in a respectful way and nonpetty way.


10. I'm stealing something else from the current in real life season of The Bachelorette. Someone will be sent home during the first cocktail party prior to the ceremony. So you'll definitely want to start racking up votes for your favorites so that they won't be the first ones sent home.


11. Enjoy! Although voting can get intense, especially when we get down to the final four and beyond that, but this is still supposed to be light and fun, so please remember that as you are voting.


12. Extra: I love seeing my readers interacting with each other and having debates, and I also like to jump in sometimes to provide extra insight as the author.



Let the voting begin!!