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April 1st

Today is my first day at U.A. High. I’m very nervous since U.A. is the number one hero academy in Japan. I use to attend Olympic Hero Academy in America but I decided to transfer to U.A. when I got awarded a full ride scholarship last school year. This summer I spent a lot of time training because I’m studying with the best of the best now.

As I’m walking into the main building, I realize I know where nothing is. I look around to see if I could ask a friendly face for help.

“You look kinda lost, do you need help?” A green haired boy asks me.

“Oh my goodness, hi! Thank you so much. I am suuupper lost.” I respond.

“It’s no problem. Where are you looking to go?” He asks me.

“I think I’m in class 2-A.” I answered.

“Oh cool, that’s my class. You must be a new transfer student. I’m Midoriya, Izuku but you can call me Deku.” He says.

“Nice to meet you, Deku. I’m Arashi, Amai.” I say.

“Come on, I’ll take you to our classroom.”

We started heading towards the staircase to get to the second floor. On the way there, Deku runs into a friend of his.

“Good morning Deku. Is that the new transfer student?” A brunette says to him.

“Yea, this is Arashi, Amai. Arashi, this is my girlfriend Ochaco Uraraka.” Deku says.

“It’s nice to meet you. You’re super cute.” I say to her.
She blushes and says,”oh stop you’re just as cute!”

“What’s your quirk?” I ask her.

“I’ll show you.” She says.

She touches my shoulder and I start to float.

“This is so cool.” I say as I glide through the air.

“It’s funny because you’re the first person, I think, to not freak out when they start floating.” Deku says.

“Well because my quirk is telekinesis so I levitate myself all the time.” I reply floating higher and higher.

Uraraka grabs my foot to stop me from floating any higher and says,”You ready to come down?”

“Yea sure.” I say laughing.

“Release.”Ochaco says.

I levitate myself to the ground and we start walking to our class. Once we get there, I look on the board and see which seat is mine.

“3rd row, 1st seat.” I say to myself.

I walk over to my seat and look around. Ochaco and Midoriya are all on the other side. I take my seat and watch as everyone slowly comes in. A few people have come up to me and introduced themselves. I’ve met Momo, Tsu, Jirou, Kiminari, Tenya and Ashido. All of the girls are so nice. In America, the girls can be very condescending and rude. But everyone here is so welcoming like one big family.

“So have you moved your stuff into your dorm yet?” Momo turns around from the seat in front of me and asks.

“After school, I’m going to finish unpacking. Hopefully, I can get it done quick.” I say.

“Well, let us know if you need help! We want you to feel super comfortable.” Momo says with a smile.

“Thank you so much!” I say.

Mr.Aizawa walks in at the same time as this other student. He was tall and muscular. He had messy indigo hair that flares out all around his head. His eyes are dark purple with white pupils. I noticed his eyes were half closed with very dark bags underneath them.
He takes his seat which is right next to me. He looks over at me and stares for a bit. I tense up, but I act like I don’t see him staring.

“Good morning students. It’s good to see you all. I hope you had a good summer break. As you all know, we have one new face in the class, Arashi, Amai.” Mr. Aizawa says.

I stand up, bow, and sit back down.

“And one promotion from the general education department, Shinsou, Hitoshi.” Mr.Aizawa says.

Shinso stands up, bows, and sits back down.
Mr. Aizawa begins to talk about what to expect this school year and that it is crucial we do our absolute best this year. He then begins to threaten to expel us if we don’t do good. He’s kind of scary, but I can tell he loves his students. He just has a weird way of showing it.

The bell rings which signals us to head to second period. I push my chair back and stand up from my desk. I grab my bag and push my chair in. I pull my class schedule from my jacket pocket and look at it.
“Period 2, Art history with Mrs.Kayama. Third floor, room 3.” I say to myself.

I walk down the hall passing large windows on my left side. I briefly look out the windows, admiring the green grass and blooming cherry trees. U.A. is a beautiful school and I’m so lucky to be here. I revert my attention back to getting to class. I find the stair well located on the left side at the end of the hall. I open the door to the stairwell and look up see how many flights of stairs there were. I start to walk up the stairs thinking about how many pro heroes walked these same steps and how I couldn’t wait to be the become the next one. I get to the third floor and look for Mrs.Kayama’s class.
“There it is.” I say walking towards her classroom.
I open the door and see the same students as homeroom. I see Mrs.Kayama, standing at the front of class. She catches me staring at her and I tense up. I hurried and sat at the nearest open desk.

“What? You like something you see Arashi?” She says in an alluring tone.

“You’re just a lot prettier in person. It’s wonderful to meet you Mrs.Kayama.” I say smiling.

“AWE, YOUTH!! So nice to meet you darling. Call me Midnight.”She says.

The bell rings which means are class has begun.
“Good morning students. Before we begin, I need Arashi and Shinso to pick hero names since they’re new to the course. If you have one, feel free to tell me.” She says.

I stand up and say,”Telekinetic Hero: Lucidity.”
“That’s a perfect name. So creative.” She says.

I sit back down and put my hands in my lap. We all looked over at Shinso as he stands up.

“Brainwashing Hero: Compulsion.”

“‘Perfect, You two picked great names and quickly at that.” Midnight said.