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Walk Tall

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It took a long time.

Ten long years.

Ten years alone, in an abyss of dark solitude.

Without his friends. Without the world.

They moved forward without him, changing, evolving, aging.

He stayed the same, stagnated, unchanged, young.

While his friends moved on, fighting their own paths without him, he floated in a bubble of protection, unaware that life marched on.

When he was finally released from his cocoon of frozen time, he was elated to be reunited with his friends once more. He tried desperately to overlook their aged appearance, he only wanted things to be the way they once were.

He was deluding himself. He knew it could never be. Would never be. He knew something that was difficult to share. Painful.

The short time that he could spend with them was too brief, but it would have to suffice. His heart broke at what he must tell them, and their hearts broke when they heard the news.

The last day.

The last hour.

The last minute.

He lived and breathed for the brothers that he loved so much.

Walk tall,

Without me,

My friends…