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Hi everyone (^コ^)V Seeing as I tend to take my time writing my fics, I thought that opening up requests would do me good as both writing practice and a way to give back to the awesome Ao3 community (ᗒᗨᗕ) 



  1. One request per person at a time. Only when their previous request has been finished, only then can they make another request
  2. I have the right to refuse a request without having to explain my reasons unless I want to. Gomen (´∀`;)
  3. I don’t write yaoi, yuri, and extreme kinks such as watersports, scat, amputation and etc.
  4. Reader-Inserts only of course, but it can be romantic/platonic/familial/etc.
  5. Let your imagination run wild (o´▽`o)


  • Overlord
  • One Punch-Man
  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Hoozuki no Reitetsu
  • Boku no Hero Academia
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Harvest Moon & Story of Seasons
  • God Eater
  • Fire Emblem (Awakening, Fates, Heroes)
  • Magi
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  • Uta no Prince-sama
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  • Eyeshield 21
  • Brother's Conflict
  • The Royal Tutor
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Yu-Gi-Oh (Original, GX, 5Ds)
  • Devil May Cry
  • Disgaea (1-4)
  • Goblin Slayer
  • Pokemon
  • List can and will be updated so stay tuned for other fandoms (・∀・)


PENDING REQUESTS: (Not in order)

  • Izuku Midoriya X Reader (NSFW)
  • Ainz X Reader X Demiurge
  • Gazef Stronoff X Kitsune!Reader
  • Mitsuhide Akechi X Reader
  • Gazef Stronoff X Reader
  • Demiurge X Plus-sized!Reader
  • Shun Ibusaki X Reader
  • Shouto Todoroki X Reader
  • Gazef Stronoff X Reader
  • Pandora's Actor X Reader
  • Ainz Ooal Gown/Momonga X Reader (NSFW)
  • Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix X NPC!Reader
  • Benimaru X Reader (NSFW)
  • Goblin Slayer X Reader
  • Kaname Asahina X Reader


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For all his unparalleled strength, even the Caped Baldy had his weaknesses. His wife was his love and his world so to see her so really ate him up inside.

Saitama wasn't too good with words no matter how much he wanted to comfort you with them. So he did the next best thing, pulling your sniffling form towards him and wrapping strong and secure arms around you.

He rubbed your back and petted your hair as he allowed you to simply let it all out. Nevermind that his suit was becoming wet with your tears.

You were more important.

You always were to him. More than anything in this world.

Now that you were facing away from the perpetrator of your sadness in the first place...Saitama mustered up his best glare and poured as much killing intent as possible.


The K.I. the hero oozed out was so potent that they immediately ran as if the devil was on their heels. Not that they were wrong however, because had he not been preoccupied with you then he would have probably given them a stern "talk".

No matter.

What mattered right now was you. It has always been you.

"Why don't we go home and I'll fix us something to eat? Then we can watch TV and cuddle. Genos should probably be home by now too"

Chapter Text

Izuku a dilemma.

He liked--No, he LOVED spending time with you!

The problem (if you could call it that) is that he loved being with you TOO MUCH.

Can anyone really blame him though? You were always there for him even from the start, never laughing his dreams to become a hero despite being quirkless at first and supporting him instead. Even until now your support was unending, yet you weren't afraid of telling him off whenever he planned or did something that inevitably got him hurt as well.

Which was something that happened more times than he could count already.

Luckily for him, no one had noticed the way his eyes would sometimes glaze over and the little smile on his face as you berated him for the nth time already on how to be careful and take care of himself.

Oh who was he kidding? He was whipped and he damn well knew it!

And therein lies the problem.

He was in love with you and yet you still only saw him as that little kid who had to be protected from bullies at all costs.

“Izukkun is still so soft and huggable even until now” You cooed as you pressed yourself closer to him.

As much as he loved the contact...your reasons for doing so left him utterly frustrated.

“You’re still just like teddy bear no matter how much muscles you get”

He...He could feel the softness of your breasts firmly pressing against him.

“You smell so nice too~” Now you were burying your face in the crook of his neck, intertwining the both of you even more.

With how close you were, he could smell your own intoxicating scent.

Izuku could also feel every curve of your body, your softness melding nicely with his own toned form. All Might’s successor may not be as dominant and manly as his other classmates, but he was still a red-blooded young man who had raging hormones just like the rest of his peers.

Whether you were actually trying to test his patience or simply didn’t see him as anything more than a friend, he simply didn’t care anymore.

Not when he pressed you up against a wall, his muscled arms trapping you as heated green orbs shone with the intensity of when he used his quirk. Even without using it, the atmosphere was thick and heavy like him as you gazed up at him in shock at the sudden turning of the tables.

“(Name)-chan...You do know that I’m a man too, right?” The green-haired male whispered into your ears, his cold breath meeting the steadily heating flesh.

Only now did you become aware of just how much your friend had grown up in the past year. The softness of his face was still there, but gone was the innocent little cherub that you would adamantly protect from bullies. Instead, here now stood a young man who was more toned than most of your male classmates and could probably beat them in a fight too with a mix of both strength and smarts.

Little Izuku wasn’t so little anymore apparently.

So lost in thought, you failed to notice him swooping in for the kill until it was too late.

His lips were relentless, not at all what you expected him to be like. It felt like he was consuming you, trying to take everything you could offer him and more.

When he pried your lips open and slipped his tongue to dominate your own, you felt the world spin and your legs buckle.

Izuku was more than happy to keep you propped up against the wall however.

Chapter Text

This was blasphemy for the creations of Nazarick.

For their Supreme Being to perform for the entertainment and pleasure of a mere human was unthinkable!

And yet they could do nothing about it.

Deep within the quarters of the last Supreme Being sat the said human. His heated dark eyes following your every move as you swayed your hips, twisted, and turned in a dance.

Your vulpine tails moved along with you as you danced your heart away. The smooth flowing fabric of your skirts lifting up and down along with the swift, graceful movements of your legs. Not to mention the unabashed display of your voluptuous breasts barely contained by the top you wore sent all Gazef’s blood down south.

The warrior swallowed the lump in his throat, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the armrests. As the Head Warrior of the kingdom he possessed astounding restraint, but all of that flew out of the window the moment you started your dance.

Never mind the fact that you were not a human.

You were far more beautiful and sensual than any human or demihuman he had ever encountered.

With every swish of your hips you seemed to move closer and closer to him and yet he knew he couldn’t touch you.

His honor as a knight prevented him so.

Unless you yourself gave him permission to lay his unworthy hands upon your divine flesh, he would keep his hands to himself.

That didn’t stop him from groaning however as one of your tails caressed his face when you moved closer to him once more. Giving him an eyeful of your body wrapped in clothes that would make lesser men want to rip them off of you immediately.

You were temptation and sin.

And he would not give in,




At least...not immediately.

Chapter Text

“I wonder how you’re doing now, Momo-chan. Do you...miss me perhaps?”

Despite having come to terms with your situation, there were still times when you couldn’t help but look back and wonder about all the things you left behind. Specifically, the person who was nearest and dearest to your heart just before your whole world was literally turned upside down.

Even with your unsurmountable power, world domination still took a lot of time and effort. As such, you never really had much time to simply sit down and reflect on all that has happened to your life so far. With how great and many these changes were, you truly had a lot to think about as you lounged upon your plush office chair.

The first thing to pop in your mind however was none other than Suzuki or Momonga as he was known by the former NPCs.

“We never got to go on that date...” You sighed sadly, remembering how cute Suzuki was when he was asking you out before the shutdown.

It was a shame though that you didn’t get to go on at least one date...

While you were reminiscing about the past and what could have been, the guardians on the other hand were trying their best not to outwardly react to your words.

“Momonga-sama is the leader of the Supreme Beings so it’s no wonder that Lady Lucifiel is missing him!” Thought Shalltear as she discreetly watched your dazed self who kept saying your thoughts out loud. “But what...what if she decides to leave us for him?!”

“Lord Momonga is kind of scary, but Lady Bukubukuchagama always said that he was a good guy—Wait, don’t tell me that Lady Lucifiel fell for his charms already?!” Panicked Aura, fearing that her mistress had succumbed to the Guild leader’s charm and would leave them soon to join him.

“D-Don’t leave us, Lucifiel-sama!!! I-I promise to grow up into a man worthy of you if you would just stay!” Mare didn’t know what to do except make that promise and pray to his creator internally to make it a reality if only so that their mistress would stay.

“I. Must. Train. More. Until. I. Become. A. Worthy. Opponent. To. My. Mistress” Was the only thought of Cocytus, believing that if he became a worthy opponent for you then you would not abandon them in search of greater such as the other Supreme Beings like Momonga himself.

“Lucifiel-sama...caught unawares by the power of love and leaving her vulnerable to its clutches! Ooooh, how exciting!” Albedo’s own glowing yellow eyes dilated as a blush overtook her pale skin before her senses finally returned to her. “However...that would leave us without a ruler should she decide to be with Lord Momonga...” Now that would simply not do.

“Forgive me for my disrespect, Momonga-sama but I we cannot spare Lady Lucifiel. She is the last Supreme Being and I would rather be unmade by Lord Ulbert than to live a meaningless existence without her a ruler” Demiurge’s mask was impeccable, but internally his mind was running a mile a minute.

Chapter Text

One would think that having to defend humanity from the aragami threat 24/7 would allow god eaters at least some time off during the holidays.

At least, that would be the case if aragami had a sense of time and respected idea of a vacation in the first place.

This in turn lead to the current situation a.k.a. the 1st Unit being sent out to the Tranquil Temple to eliminate a large pack of Fallen Kongou during the winter months. Now normally this wouldn’t be much of a challenge for them, seeing as they’d faced stronger aragami time and time again.

What they hadn’t predicted was to be caught in the middle of a blizzard after splitting up into pairs in order to split up the pack as well.

The Fallen Kongou’s themselves were easy enough to deal with, but trying to take down Mother Nature itself? No, thank you.

And so now we find everyone’s favorite grump and the leader of the 1st Unit waiting out the blizzard from within the temple.

“If we have to stay another minute at this godforsaken place my balls are going to freeze off”

As you could see, Soma didn’t appreciate having to wait several hours in the freezing cold. At least his attire allowed him some semblance of warmth and warded off the cold to a degree.

The same thing can’t be said for you who thought that this was going to be a quick and easy mission. You should have thought twice about wearing an Allure Halter Top over your usual Punky Hoodie today.

Of all the days you decided you wanted to capture a certain someone’s attention, this of course had to happen!

So now here you were, shivering as frostbite slowly crept towards you with the object of your affections who was looking very cozy in his own hoodie at the moment. How you wanted to move closer and partake in the warmth Soma was sure to have. More than anything however, you just wanted to be closer to the young man.

Just thinking about him sent your heartbeat skyrocketing and should your thoughts go down a different did your cheeks turn burn. Sadly though, that was the only thing keeping you warm from the icy chill of winter.

You’d have made a fire if there wasn’t a chance it could attract wandering aragami.

From the corner of his eyes Soma could see you hugging your knees to your chest as you tried to conserve as much body heat as possible. Judging from how you would shiver every now and then it was obvious that you didn’t have much heat to begin with.

If he left things as they were then you were definitely going to get frostbite or at the worst-case scenario: Hypothermia.

There was only one viable option for the blue-eyed male and as much as he tried to tell himself that what he was about to do was out of necessity, it didn’t prevent his own heart from racing.

“Hey, (Name). Come here for a sec”

The intense cold was making you feel sluggish and somewhat sleepy so all you could do was nod as you ambled over to him. Your movements were akin to a lumbering elephant, but thankfully Soma made no comment about it.

As soon as you were close enough, he yanked you swiftly so that you were now sitting pressed against him, feeling the warmth of his body seeping into your own cold one. Soma wrapped his arms around your back and pulled you closer until there was barely any space left in between the both of you.

“Just...stay still and don’t speak, okay? I’m doing this for your sake and mine” His voice was uncharacteristically soft, yet utterly soothing to your ears.

Now that you were huddled together and practically laying against him, warmth slowly came back to you. Whether it was from his body heat or your own flustered self, you really couldn’t care at the moment.

You encircled your own arms around his waist and snuggled further into him. Now that you were given the chance to be this close to Soma you were sure as hell going to take advantage of it as much as you can!

Whether or not you heard the hammering of his heart that closely resembled a Kongou beating its chest, you thankfully didn’t comment and simply took the warmth he was more than willing to give.

Silently watching as you comfortably took in his warmth and promptly dozed off, the tanned male allowed a smile to reach his lips. “You really don’t know what you do to me, don’t you?” He mumbled as he lifted one hand to caress your cheek.

Soma didn’t fall asleep, opting to keep watch for any aragami and the state of the weather.

There were times however when he would be distracted and would just stare at your sleeping form with a certain light in his eyes.

This was how Kota and Alisa found him once the blizzard had died down enough for them to go out in search you two.

“Oh, now isn’t this just utterly precious!” Alisa almost seemed to have hearts in her eyes as she cooed at the sight.

“When did you two find the time to be all buddy-buddy, buddy?” Even Kota had a shit-eating grin on his face as he looked from Soma to you.

The man of the hour himself thankfully chose not to punch him in the face.

Chapter Text

“I missed you, you know? All those years I had to spend without you...they were never the same”

The reason he never went into a relationship in his former life was not only because he wasn’t interested.

They were never you.

Because how could he ever look at someone else when you were the one he wanted to spend his lifetime with?

“Rimuru...I’m so sorry...but we’re together now, alright? And I’ll more than make up for the time we’ve lost. I promise!”

It was only by the grace of whichever deity was playing around with their lives or even luck that they were reincarnated into the same world and found each other once more.

Their soft jelly-like slime bodies nestled together as they rested against Ranga’s silky fur, Rimuru Tempest, formerly Satoru Mikami was content.

While his body was a bright sky blue, yours was a soft pink hue which contrasted and complemented greatly with his. The two of you made quite the pair as evidenced by all the compliments you both got from all his subordinates while out and about together.

“Umu! I would have preferred to do this at a restaurant or at our special place before, but please take care of me!” He did what could be a considered a bow for a slime.

You chuckled at his stiff and formal manner, but then again that was one of his charms. “Please take care of me too, Rimuru” While you may not have had lips to begin with, that didn’t deter you from pressing a kiss onto where his lips might have been.

Rimuru’s once blue body turned bright red as steam rose out of him in embarrassment, but he made no move to get away. Rather, he let himself fall into it as well.

Satoru Mikami was just as patient as any other person, but if waiting allowed him to be with you again then he would wait a thousand more lifetimes.

Chapter Text

Was this real or was he just having yet another sexual frustration-induced dream about you which would inevitably have him wake up in the middle the night with soiled sheets and a cold shower as he contemplated his utter depravity under the spray of freezing water?

“...I didn’t even have to use the set commands on Sebas and the Pleiades. This doesn’t even feel like my avatar anymore. It’s as if THIS is actually ME right now” You fidgeted as your tail whipped back and forth restlessly.

Now that you mentioned it, all the sensations which he now felt would be odd if it were truly just an update on YGGDRASIL. Because why would the developers put such a heavy update on the game when they announced its shutdown instead?

Ulbert could feel the heat of your body from standing so close to you. So close that he could just make a grab for you and finally be able to ascertain himself if your flesh was really as soft and smooth as he always imagined.

“I can actually FEEL the fire inside me. Like...Like I’m really a dragon and that this MY body now” Delicate hands clutched the fabric of your clothes right in the center of your chest. Golden eyes gazing downwards as you tried to come to grips of your situation.

You would be warm beneath his touch then. Perhaps you’d even become warmer once he allowed his hands to roam all over your body. Though this wasn’t your original body, Ulbert didn’t care because your soul was the same.

“Although I know we should be panicking and all right now...It’s kind of cool that we can actually be our characters. I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to be a dragon!” The smile you wore was so pure that Ulbert wanted it all for HIMSELF.

Yes, you were truly the same soul he’d come to grow feelings for in the past decade despite never having met in real life.

Despite being the guild’s main tank, you were still such an innocent soul once you were out of the battlefield.

He wanted to corrupt you.

“You know what? I’m glad that I at least have you here with me. I don’t know what I’d do if I was here alone” The paleness of your skin only accentuated the pink across your cheeks as you turned the full force of your smile at him.

You were so beautiful.

He wondered what other parts of your body would blush a pretty pink given the right attention.

“So whatever may happen from now on...let’s stick together until the end, okay?”

That was all the demon needed to hear.

“Of course, Precious. You needn’t ask for what is already an undeniable truth” The World Disaster used one clawed finger and placed it under your chin to lift it up.

All inhibitions and fears he had before of making his feelings known had disintegrated the moment the game ended. He was a demon now and demons did not care for propriety and the like.

What they wanted, they obtained for themselves no matter what the cost.

And he wanted YOU.

“Even if you don’t want me...I’m afraid I can never let you go. EVER”

Chapter Text

“Go out with me”

“We’re already outside, Benimaru”

“I meant go on a date with me”

“But...aren’t dates food? And they’re too small for us to ride.”

Benimaru resisted the urge to slap his hand against his forehead in frustration at your sheer obliviousness of his attempts at courting you.

He’d tried everything already!

He went out of his way to hunt the best catch and offered the spoils to you as a way to show that he was capable of providing for you should you ever become his, but what did you do?

“I’m not the best when it comes to cooking game, but I’ll do my best! I mean, if you really want me to be the one to cook your catch then how can I refuse?”

You’d assumed that he was merely requesting you to prepare it, because he was a stupid coward who didn’t give any explanation and just dumped the carcass in front of you all of a sudden.

He warded off every other male who showed interest in you, even to the point of challenging them to fight him should they truly want a chance to court you as well. Most left without a fight, but the occasional idiot would come and he would relish in showing them their proper place.

Rather than see his actions as that of someone who wished to have you all to himself, once again your sheer obliviousness tested his patience and sanity.

“You don’t have to be jealous of anyone, Benimaru! No matter how many new friends I make, you’ll always be my favorite so you don’t have to fight anyone, okay?”

The redhead wasn’t subtle at all on his attempts to court you, because he found no reason to hide his desire for you. With their village almost completely eradicated and them being the last ones, it was imperative that he would one day have to settle down. Benimaru wasn’t ashamed to admit that you were the one he wanted as his bride.

Was it too much to ask for you to see him as more than just a friend?

Monster society was simple.

Should anyone want someone as their mate, they must show just two things: One, the ability to provide food for them, and Two, the strength or skill to protect them from anything.

Both of which he’d already showcased to you and yet their meanings seemed to simply fly over your head.

At this point everyone in Rimuru was aware of the equally hilarious and sad situation of the Kijin who fell in love and pined over the Goblin Princess.

In a last desperate attempt, Benimaru even went so far as to ask Lord Rimuru for advice and was told to ask you out on a ‘date’ which was an outing between two people with romantic connotations according to him.

As expected however, the result was complete and utter failure.

The kijin scratched his head and just sighed, resigning himself to his hellish fate where the one he so desperately longed for was so near and yet at the same time so far out o his reach.

“Oi, (Name)! What Benimaru means is that he wants you to become his mate!” crowed Rimuru who had, along with your father Rigurd, and older brother Rigur, seemed to appear out of nowhere. (The three of them were just watching from the sidelines however, interested to see how the ginger’s latest bout of courting you would result in and feeling sorry for him when he was once again deflected by you.)

The Commander-In-Chief was sure that his face was as red as his hair, given with how direct to the point Rimuru had been with his wording. It was official, he was going to have to move out of the city and find some other place where he can live the rest of his life so he didn’t have to face any more embarrassment than he already had—

“I do”


Steeling yourself, you gazed at Benimaru from beneath the frame of your lashes and gave him that smile he loved so much, “I want to become your mate, Benimaru. I’ve wanted to be yours for some time now”

That was all he needed to hear as he swept you off your feet while laughing and pressing kisses all over your face. Never mind that you were in public, because all he cared about was that he FINALLY had you.