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a moon, and you

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"Hoseok-ssi," Yoongi calls over the babble of the orchestra. It's near enough to the end of class and they've reached an ending place for the day. There's no sense in pushing everyone to the very last second of the period, so they're all talking amongst themselves. "Will you stay after class a moment? I need to talk to you about your solo."

Hoseok looks up from the midst of his conversation with a few of the students around him in the brass section. He turns towards Yoongi with a smile still on his face, and he nods.

Good. Yoongi smiles to himself as he returns his attention back to his score, scribbling notes in the margins. Of the entire suite that the orchestra will be performing at the end-of-semester concert, Yoongi will only conduct one of the eight pieces. He makes note of things to watch out for, things to improve on, and goals for the next practice session. The bell signifying the end of the period rings in the midst of his notes.

The students start to pack their instruments away in earnest now, running through general maintenance and cleaning as they chatter amongst themselves. "Please remember to stack your chairs off to the side and put away the music stands," Yoongi calls as the orchestra begins to leave the auditorium. Most of the students listen and organize as instructed, but a few chairs and stands get left behind, knocked out of place in the students' haste to leave.

Yoongi sighs, shaking his head. Every damn time.

As promised, Hoseok stays behind. They take a moment to smile at each other from across the stage before getting to work straightening up the room. Hoseok helps Yoongi stack the remaining chairs and abandoned music stands, rolling their storage carts into the closet. That done, Yoongi locks the doors while Hoseok starts on the acoustical shell, rolling one down and folding it over. He pushes it against the wall, out of the way. Yoongi goes over to help, and together they make their way through the remaining five panels.

It's been like this for the past few months, meeting up together after classes when they didn't have other plans. Hoseok would help Yoongi straighten up the auditorium and Yoongi would give Hoseok advice to better improve his technique. Sometimes they'd play together, Yoongi at the piano and Hoseok with his trumpet. Sometimes they'd just talk.

Yoongi doesn't play favourites. He doesn't. He just likes Hoseok.

When the stage is cleared for the next class, Hoseok trails after Yoongi towards the piano, carrying his stuff with him. He packs his score away into his backpack and Yoongi settles at the bench, looking over at him. Heaving a sigh, Hoseok drops down on the bench next to Yoongi, facing out towards the empty auditorium.

"...You know, you should work on your fingering," Yoongi says, recalling Hoseok's performance of his solo in class earlier. He watches Hoseok lift his trumpet from his lap, fingers immediately moving to the keys.

Hoseok nods, staring down at the scuffed laminate floor. "You think you could help me with that?" he asks.

Yoongi twists on the bench, patting Hoseok's shoulder. He's reluctant to let go, but he shifts, dropping his hand to his lap. "I'll come up with some drills for you for the next class," he offers. "You just need to get your fingers moving faster to keep up with your breath, that's all. Bit more practice, you'll get there."

"I... need to strengthen my embouchure as well," Hoseok sighs, frowning. "Some of my notes went flat again."

Shaking his head, Yoongi rubs Hoseok's shoulder again, this time letting his touch linger. He tilts his head to the side, leaning back until he meets Hoseok's gaze drilling holes into the floor. When Hoseok looks at him, Yoongi lets himself smile.

"Hey," he says. "You did well today. I mean it," he continues, when Hoseok huffs and turns his head away, but not before Yoongi sees the corner of his mouth twitch. "You just need to relax when you're playing, Hoseok-ah. You do beautiful work whenever you're performing with the group, but the nerves get the better of you when you play on your own." He leans back on the bench, his hands curling around the edge of the seat. "Have you kept practicing without looking at the score as often?"

Hoseok shrugs. "I've got it memorized now, I could play it in my sleep... I just get so nervous when I play."

"I know," Yoongi says, smiling at him. "It's okay. You're almost there, Hoseok-ah. I think you just need more practice playing in front of people..." He pushes up the fallboard on the piano, running his fingers across the keys. "Let's play together, just you and me. I've been working on something new, I think you'll like it."

Grinning, Hoseok hops up off the bench and moves over to where he left his backpack. As Yoongi begins to play the new jazz melody he's been toying with, his fingers dancing light and graceful over the keys, Hoseok lifts his trumpet up to his lips. He doesn't start, listening as he sways from side to side. Just before he jumps in, his eyes brighten.

As always, it doesn't hit Yoongi until after they've finished playing how easily they build off one another's energy. It shouldn't be this easy. Their back-and-forth riffing off each other shouldn't flow like water when they've only been playing together like this for a few weeks. The chemistry that they have after such a short time always takes Yoongi's breath away.

"Have you put any more thought into that ensemble idea?" Yoongi asks, a bit breathless, his heartbeat ringing in his ears. It would be great practice for Hoseok to get used to performing solos in front of an audience, and Yoongi can't help selfishly wanting an excuse to spend more time with Hoseok, in any capacity.

Hoseok squirms, still smiling. "You know... I was thinking maybe we could ask Jungkookie? The kid on timpani?" Yoongi nods in recognition and Hoseok's smile stretches. "He's just a first year, but I know he can play the drum kit, too. It might take him some practice, but the kid's a prodigy, I swear. He could probably pick up on jazz in a couple of weeks if he set his mind to it. I'll ask if he's interested."

"Great!" Yoongi says, trailing his fingers across the keys without applying any pressure. "We should get someone to play bass, too... I can ask Namjoonie, I know he can play upright bass even though he prefers playing trombone now."

Humming, Hoseok leans back against the piano with a thoughtful expression. He's still a bit breathless from playing, his parted lips swollen and red. Yoongi stares over at him, his mouth going dry at the sight as Hoseok's tongue swipes across his lips. It's quiet.

Yoongi can hear the clock ticking from the wall just above the emergency exit of the auditorium over Hoseok's breathing, distant voices and occasional, often off-key blasts from various instruments in practice rooms further up the hall.

It's so quiet. Hoseok's lips are so pink, glistening. Tempting.

Yoongi's heart races. "I... really want to kiss you right now," he says.

Hoseok startles, turning and looking at Yoongi. his eyes are wide, catching the stage lights overhead. God, how did Yoongi just say that? So cool, as if... Yoongi swallows, his heart pounding in his throat. A bead of sweat rolls down the nape of his neck. Hoseok just stares at Yoongi, his hand clenched around his trumpet so hard his knuckles are white. His mouth hangs open, lips slightly parted. So soft.


Yoongi opens his mouth to apologize, but then, Hoseok turns to face Yoongi, his lips curving into a small, shy smile. Dimples flash at the corners of his mouth, and Yoongi wants to rise, to dive across the top lid of the piano to get to him, to press his lips to that smile, to taste it for himself. He's rooted to the bench though, his hands curled around the edges of the seat, basking in the glow of Hoseok's smile. It feels like sunlight beaming down on him, warm and golden.

Hoseok winks. Yoongi feels his jaw physically drop, mouth hanging open in shock as he stares up at Hoseok. His cheeks are burning. Without another word, Hoseok ducks down, picking up his trumpet case and grabbing his backpack. Yoongi watches him, unable to move, his heart beating against his ribcage, trying to break free.

Clutching his trumpet to his chest, backpack hanging from the crook of his arm by the straps, Hoseok books it out of the auditorium. Yoongi stares after him. He can see the pink tips of Hoseok's ears sticking out from beneath the fall of his dark hair.


"Hyung, this isn't going to work," comes Jungkook's voice, somewhat muffled where he's crammed himself off in the corner of the practice room. "Even with Hoseokie hyung using a mute, we're not going to be able to hear each other over his trumpet."

Yoongi looks around. He hadn't realized quite how small this space was until they were all in there. Hoseok keeps clipping his elbow on the side of the small upright piano Yoongi tracked down from an unused classroom. Namjoon has his back up against the wall, bow angled awkwardly so he doesn't hit Yoongi in the head with it. Jungkook takes up all the remaining space with his drum set, an unimpressed furrow to his brow.

"It... is a bit cramped," Yoongi allows, after a moment.

"A bit?" Jungkook echoes, furrow deepening into a proper scowl. "I'm going to have bruised elbows and knees after this, hyung!"

"Maybe we could ask if we can borrow an empty classroom instead?" Hoseok suggests.

Yoongi gets up, ducking under Namjoon's arm and pulling open the door. It gets caught halfway, the piano blocking it from opening completely. Yoongi edges out of the room sideways. "I'll see what I can find," he calls back.

"Thanks, hyung!" comes the chorus of the others from behind him, and Yoongi can't help but smile.

To his surprise, getting permission is an easy task. His professor waves him off with a tired smile and grants them an empty classroom to use in exchange for an invite to their first performance as a group. Bolstered by this, Yoongi returns to the others with keys in hand to see

Hoseok, his hips swaying up in the air as he stuffs their coats into the bass drum. He's giggling about something. Namjoon hides a laugh behind his hand, Jungkook behind the drums with a proud grin on his face. Jungkook must have told a joke.

Yoongi hesitates inside door opening for a moment, his eyes are drawn back to Hoseok as if magnetized, moth to a flame. He couldn't look away even if he wanted to, his hand clenched around the doorknob. He clears his throat when he notices Namjoon looking over at him out of the corner of his eye, and straightens up where he leans against the doorframe. "Get off your instruments and grab your asses— wait, hold on. That wasn't—"

Stopping to clear his throat again, Yoongi shakes his head and clenches his eyes shut. "Get off your asses and grab your instruments," he tries a second time, "hyung scored you a bigger practice room." Yoongi blinks his eyes open as Hoseok starts to laugh again, a peal of bright laughter.

Hoseok sits upright, at last, holding his arms up over his head with a little cheer. Namjoon and Jungkook, in contrast, stare at Yoongi as if he's grown a second head. Namjoon's brow furrows, as if to say, 'Are you fucking serious right now?'

Yoongi squirms against the doorframe, reaching out for his piano. "Let's go," he says, shoving Namjoon out of the way so he can begin to wheel the piano out of the room. Hoseok hops up from the floor, picking up the piano bench under one arm and moving to the opposite end to help Yoongi steer. His trumpet is still balanced precariously on top where he'd left it.

Their new practice room is only a few doors down the hall. Jungkook helps Namjoon carry Namjoon's bass and they all work together once again to carry pieces of the drum set. It takes a few moments to get set back up again, but the bigger space is a definite improvement.

"Ready?" Hoseok asks, grinning once they're settled.

"You go first," Yoongi urges, stretching out his hands.

Hoseok starts to play. After listening for a moment, Namjoon joins him. Yoongi follows suit, with Jungkook jumping in last. Yoongi can't help but smile as he plays; they all need practice in playing jazz in general, but also in playing as a group. Even considering that Yoongi's surprised by how good they all sound together already.

As the end of their allotted practice time approaches, Yoongi leans against the side of the piano and watches as Namjoon begins to pack his bass back into its case. "Thanks for coming," he says.

Namjoon looks up at Yoongi in surprise, zipping up his case. "It was fun," he says. "I missed playing jazz." He stands back up again, dusting off his hands, cheeks dimpling as he smiles and meets Yoongi's gaze. "Thanks for inviting me."

Hoseok hops over to them, beaming. "Namjoon-ah, you're a fantastic bassist," he chirps. "It was so much fun playing with you!"

Shaking his head with a little laugh, Namjoon looks down to his reddened fingertips. "I still have my calluses from playing before, but they've softened up over the years... I'll have to break them in again." He heaves a sigh, flexing his hands for a moment before dropping them back to his sides. "I hope Taehyungie doesn't mind."

"It's going to be so much fun," Hoseok says, clapping Namjoon on the shoulder. "Yoongi hyung says you used to be quite good."

"Did you, now?" Namjoon asks slyly. He looks over at Yoongi, who shrugs and kicks at the carpet with the toe of his sneaker.

Hoseok grins, patting Namjoon's shoulder again before crossing over to Jungkook instead. Yoongi watches him go and sighs as Hoseok crouches down beside Jungkook, pulling his phone out of his pocket. Jungkook leans over, looking at whatever Hoseok's pulled up on the screen.

"So," Namjoon says. "You know you're embarrassing, right?" Yoongi scowls in response and Namjoon throws his head back with a laugh, dimpling. "Did you start up this whole ensemble just because you like him and wanted an excuse to spend more time with him?"

"No!" Yoongi says, jabbing his elbow into Namjoon's ribs and trying to shove him over. Namjoon doesn't budge, amusement still dancing in his eyes. "Shut up," Yoongi mutters, stuffing his hands into his pockets and slouching against the piano again. "Like you can talk, it took you three months even to work up the courage to talk to Taehyung."

Namjoon shrugs, "At least I'm dating him now. Does Hoseokie even know you like him?"

Yoongi shifts. Across the room, Jungkook begins to play the drums again, mimicking the jazz techniques in the video Hoseok's been showing him. Hoseok was right; Jungkook does pick it up surprisingly quickly. Yoongi glances over at Namjoon sidelong. "He knows I want to kiss him."

Namjoon heaves an exasperated sigh but places a fond hand on Yoongi's shoulder. "You're embarrassing."


Over the next few months, the ensemble meets on weekends to practice, learning new pieces and experimenting together. Jungkook loves playing on the drum kit, taking to the new challenge of playing jazz with a bright, joyous glint in his eyes. Namjoon builds up his callouses once again. To his surprise, Hoseok improves playing solos in leaps and bounds. Yoongi tries not to feel too smug about it.

Taehyung occasionally drops by to watch their practice and offer song suggestions. Namjoon looks over at him with a sweet, fond smile whenever he's there, showing off more than he normally does. It was Taehyung who got both Namjoon and Yoongi into jazz, and he gets Hoseok and Jungkook excited about it, too.

"You should sing for us, Taehyung-ah," Namjoon says. "He's got a beautiful voice." A shy smile creeps across Taehyung's face before he hides behind his hands.

Hoseok immediately starts cooing, crossing the room to wrap Taehyung up in a hug, rocking him from side to side. "Sing for us, Taehyung-ah!"

"Someday, maybe," Taehyung says, lowering his hands to start pushing Hoseok away. Hoseok just laughs, clinging to Taehyung even harder, trying to pepper his cheek with kisses. "Hyung!" Jungkook jumps in to offer his aid, but it's unclear who he's trying to help.

Yoongi grins, watching them all with his arms crossed over his chest. "Cute."

Namjoon shakes his head with a sigh. "I'll ask him again later when we're alone," Namjoon murmurs. "Taehyungie really has a beautiful voice. Don't get me wrong, I think we sound good on our own," he adds after a moment. Yoongi looks over at him. "But I think he'd take us from good to great."

"I trust you," Yoongi replies, patting Namjoon's shoulder. "Maybe we could get Seokjin to come and play his clarinet for us sometimes. Jiminnie sings, as well, maybe you could mention that to Taehyung? A duet might be more appealing to Taehyung instead of a solo."

"There's an idea," Namjoon says thoughtfully, as Taehyung collapses under the combined weight of Hoseok and Jungkook, all three of them laughing. "I bet they'd sound good together. We should get back to practicing," he says with a tired grin.

Every so often Hoseok and Yoongi go out together after practice whenever they both have some time to kill and don't feel like going home right away. Just the two of them. It's nice.

Sometimes all they have time for is a quick stop to one of the various coffee shops on campus. Other times, they take long walks around the campus, just talking and getting to know each other better. They have a lot more in common than Yoongi ever thought, and even those rare moments when they run out of things to talk about, the silence is comfortable. It's never boring. There's no pressure or expectations. Yoongi feels like he can be himself, fully, without fear. It's nice.

Yoongi talks about his dreams of getting his masters in conducting and making music for the rest of his life. It's something he's only ever talked to Namjoon about before. In return, Hoseok tells Yoongi about the first time he picked up his trumpet.

"I only started playing because my big sister was doing it, and I wanted to do anything she did," Hoseok laughs, his shoulders hitching up around his pink ears. "I loved trumpet, though, and I kept playing even after she gave up when she was studying for her entrance exams." Hoseok sighs and Yoongi can tell that he and Hoseok understand each other on a fundamental level.

Soon these rendezvous spill over into their weeks, as well as the weekends. It starts out with small things at first, with Hoseok stumbling upon Yoongi studying in the library. Rather than continuing on to his own table, Hoseok drops down into the seat across from Yoongi with a smile and pulls his books from his bag. Even though Yoongi tends to prefer working on his own, he finds he doesn't mind it as much as he maybe should.

But Hoseok gets so quiet sometimes that Yoongi almost forgets he's there. Every so often, Yoongi glances up, half-expecting to find himself alone at the table, to find Hoseok still sitting across from him, typing up an essay and bobbing his head along to whatever's playing through his earphones. It's cute.

Yoongi leans back in his chair to stretch with a soft groan. Hoseok's gaze flicks up towards Yoongi over his laptop, an eyebrow raised. In response, Yoongi crinkles his nose and Hoseok covers his mouth to hold in a laugh, his eyes dancing in the bright light from his laptop screen. As Yoongi focuses on his work once again, he can't help suppressing a small smile whenever he catches Hoseok's shoulders shimmying out the corner of his eye.

The next time Yoongi looks up, all of Hoseok's belongings are still there, but Hoseok himself is gone. Yoongi glances around their section of the library, but he's nowhere to be seen. Frowning to himself, Yoongi glances at his phone to check if Hoseok sent him a message. Nothing. Maybe he just went to the bathroom or something. Shrugging, Yoongi returns to work.

What feels only like seconds later, he startles when a paper cup dangles into his line of sight. Yoongi tilts his head back to follow the slender fingertips gripping the top of the cup, up along a golden arm, to Hoseok's grinning face just behind him. He reaches out, accepting the cup. "What's this?"

"Coffee," Hoseok says, walking around the table to settle back into his seat with his own cup. "I needed a pick-me-up and thought you might like one, too."

"Thank you," Yoongi says, surprised. "You didn't have—"

"I know I didn't," Hoseok replies, waving a hand. "I wanted to, hyung."

Yoongi ducks his head, feeling warmth wash across his cheeks. "Thank you," he repeats in a murmur, lifting the cup to his lips and taking a sip. It's too hot and slightly bitter, but Yoongi appreciates the gesture regardless.

Hoseok is always welcoming, always reciprocating, always listening. Even when he's not totally focused on Yoongi, he still catches most of what he says. To test this, Yoongi gets into the habit of saying the most ridiculous things possible just to see if he's still paying attention.

"Do I make you horny?" Yoongi asks. Hoseok hums in response, passing Yoongi another of the french horns for cleaning and storage. He checks his phone every so often, tapping through his social media feeds while he waits for Yoongi to finish. The corner of Yoongi's mouth quirks. "Do you... like hardcore hornography?"

"I guess," Hoseok replies absently.

"Hey, if I said I was a trumpet," Yoongi tries next, setting the next cleaned horn back into its case and sliding it onto one of the shelves in the storage room. "Would you blow me?"

"Yes," Hoseok says, "I would blow y—"

Yoongi turns to watch the slow dawn of realization creep across Hoseok's face. He cracks up as Hoseok's expression shifts from stunned embarrassment to outraged amusement, ducking out of the way as Hoseok shifts the horns in his arms enough to smack Yoongi's shoulder. Yoongi just collapses on the floor, giggling helplessly.

Hoseok heaves a sigh, dropping down beside him and reaching for the slide grease. "You're so gross," he mutters, but the corners of his lips twitch as he fights to keep back a laugh. "Your taste in puns is terrible."

"You're just jealous you didn't come up with them first," Yoongi sniffs with some dignity.


Hoseok shifts closer to Yoongi. Even though the ensemble practice ended a few hours ago, they're sitting side by side on the floor leaning up against the wall, sharing earbuds as Yoongi plays music on his phone. Hoseok's head droops, his temple grazing Yoongi's shoulder. Yoongi freezes in surprise but shifts to the side obligingly, reaching out for Hoseok to pull him closer, his heart thudding against his ribs. Hoseok breathes out slowly, his head resting in the soft crook of Yoongi's neck and shoulder.

It takes him a few moments to drift off, breath evening out. Yoongi blinks, staring at the wall opposite. He can't move now. He can't move ever again. This is his life now. All of his choices have lead to this exact moment, of becoming the personal pillow of Jung Hoseok, first chair trumpet and jazz soloist.

Not a bad life, all things considered.

Yoongi reaches out, gingerly tugging the earbuds free and shutting off his phone. He leans back against the wall, stroking his hand along Hoseok's side through his t-shirt. The fabric is soft against his hand, Hoseok's body firm with toned muscle. He snores quietly in Yoongi's ear. Yoongi closes his eyes, warmth, and fondness filling his chest.

Strains of a song filter through Yoongi's mind, jazz chords, and swing step beats. March winds and April showers bring sweet May flowers... Yoongi grabs his phone, unlocking the screen to begin to type out lyrics. Then comes June... The moon, and you.

Some indeterminate amount of time later, Hoseok starts to come to. Yoongi strokes Hoseok's side again as he inhales sharply, his eyes fluttering open. Hoseok jerks back out of Yoongi's hold, almost falling over completely in his haste to put some distance between them. Yoongi's heart thumps painfully in his chest.

"Hyung!" Hoseok yelps, throwing a hand back to catch himself before he topples over onto the floor. "Oh, fuck— Hyung, I'm sorry for falling asleep on you! I—" He scrubs his other hand over his eyes and yawns, shaking his head.

Yoongi sets his phone aside. "It's okay," he murmurs, reaching out to touch Hoseok's thigh. Warmth radiates through the thin denim of his jeans even at that brief point of contact. "Were you up late?"

Hoseok slouches against the wall. Now that his panic at waking up seems to have passed, his eyelids droop. "Yeah, I was trying to practice. I didn't get off campus until two in the morning... I had to call a taxi." Yoongi strokes his hand along Hoseok's thigh, gentle, soothing sweeps up and down. Hoseok's eyes close again, lashes fluttering against his skin.

"Do you want to sleep some more, or should I get you home?" Yoongi whispers. "I don't have anywhere to be, it's okay."

The corner of Hoseok's mouth quirks. He reaches out, placing his hand over Yoongi's on his thigh and squeezes gently. "You're sweet," he murmurs, blinking his eyes open. He glances at his watch and sighs. "I should go, hyung. I've got to get to practice soon, anyway. Thank you for taking care of me."

Yoongi swallows, his mouth suddenly dry. "Always," he replies, just as soft. He licks his lips. Hoseok's eyes sparkle in the fluorescent overhead lights. Fluorescent lights do no one any favours, but Hoseok's still one of the most beautiful people Yoongi's ever seen. "Get home safely, okay?"

"I will, hyung," Hoseok replies. He squeezes Yoongi's hand again, seems reluctant to let go even as he clambers to his feet. Finally, he must, slipping away from Yoongi's grasp as he ducks down to pick up his backpack and his trumpet case. "See you in class on Tuesday."

"On Tuesday," Yoongi echoes, his gaze dropping back to his phone and the lyrics still half-written on the screen. "Right."


After orchestra practice, Hoseok stays behind to help Yoongi straighten up the classroom, as always. They don't often play together just the two of them anymore. Yoongi misses it sometimes, but he loves the expansive sound of the ensemble even more. It feels right playing with Namjoon and Jungkook (with Taehyung, Jimin, and Seokjin joining them every so often, too). It would feel off if he and Hoseok were to play on their own now.

Yoongi puts some music on, letting it play on shuffle without much thought. It starts out with a few of his favourite classical suites but soon transitions into swingstep and jazzhop. Hoseok laughs at the first song, moving to the beat and wiggling his hips as he stacks chairs. Yoongi watches him out the corner of his eye, grinning.

He stops grinning when a hip hop track starts to play next, an older Nas track that has Hoseok starting to dance in earnest. Yoongi's jaw drops. He drifts closer despite himself. "I didn't know you could dance," he says, as soon as he's in earshot. "You're really good, Hoseok-ah... Hey, is there anything you're bad at? Be honest, you can tell hyung."

"Math," Hoseok replies with a laugh, his eyes bright. He reaches out and Yoongi stumbles over his own feet as Hoseok takes hold of his wrists, tugging him close. Yoongi swallows hard as Hoseok directs his hands to rest on his hips. "Feel how I move and try to follow me, hyung," Hoseok whispers.

Yoongi shuts down. His brain just turns right off without his consent, slow to reboot. He tries to focus on not stepping on Hoseok's feet, but he can't resist stroking his fingers along Hoseok's hips at the same time. He can't help it, his fingertips are right at the hem of Hoseok's t-shirt. It would be so easy to push it up, to get his hands on Hoseok's bare skin, grab him by the waist and pull him up against his body—

He trips over his own feet, distracted by the thoughts racing through his head.

Hoseok catches him before he can stumble back further than a couple of steps, giggling. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Yoongi says, a bit breathless as he meets Hoseok's eyes. "I just really want to kiss you again." Warmth floods his cheeks even as the words slip past his lips, his hands curling around Hoseok's hips.

"O-oh," Hoseok says, his face going slack with surprise. A pause. He doesn't lean in closer, but he doesn't pull away from Yoongi, either, which is an important distinction as far as Yoongi and his heart are concerned. He stares into Yoongi's eyes without flinching away, a flush spreading across his face to the tips of his ears.

Hoseok licks his lips and Yoongi's gaze drops to follow the path of his tongue. His hands flex and that's when Yoongi realizes Hoseok's still holding him by the waist. "...Well," Hoseok says, his voice soft. "Why don't you, then?"

Yoongi's eyes go wide. Neither of them seems able to tear their eyes away from each other. As Yoongi starts to pitch forward, Hoseok follows only a heartbeat behind. Yoongi doesn't even dare breathe in case this all turns out to be a dream, his gaze darting between Hoseok's eyes and his lips and back again.

...Until the familiar strains of a song bursts through the bubble that surrounded them, shielding them from the outside world, turning the dream into a nightmare. Familiar, horrifyingly familiar. Yoongi breaks away from Hoseok, scrambling across the room to get his phone and shut off the song before his own voice spills out from the speakers.

Hoseok stares across the auditorium at him. "What... what was that?" he asks. He looks disappointed and startled. Yoongi feels sick. "Hyung?" His expression melts into wide-eyed concern. "Are you okay? You look like you're about to pass out..."

"Fine," Yoongi forces himself to say despite nausea rolling in his gut. He grabs his bag, stuffing his phone into one of the pockets without feeling, slinging the strap over his shoulder. "Listen, I— I forgot about something, I have to... I have to go."

Without another word, without looking back, he walks down the stage steps and out of the auditorium doors. His pulse thunders in his ears. How could he forget that that song was on his phone? Fuck, why hadn't he just picked a stupid playlist and just gone with that? As soon as he's out of earshot, he runs up the hall, turning a corner and hiding in an empty classroom.

When he's sure Hoseok's left, he returns to the auditorium to finish cleaning up. Finished, he sinks down onto the floor beside the door with all of the lights off, burying his face in his arms with a groan. What a fucking mess.