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The Betrayed Chronicles Arc 1: Betrayal and The Orange Islands

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*Kanto; Indigo Plateau; Stadium*

The roar of the crowd could be heard, chanting the name of a person, “Ritchie! Ritchie! Ritchie!” The crowd continued to chant, just as the words of the man in a black and white checkered shirt said.

“Charizard refuses to battle, Pikachu wins! And so the winner is Ritchie Hiroshi, who will be moving on to the quarterfinals!” The ref yelled while pointing his flag over to a small yellow mouse Pokemon who had a small tuft of fur on its’ head.

A raven-haired boy stood opposite to the Pikachu and it’s trainer, Ritchie. He had a look of complete humiliation on his face. Beside him, his own Pikachu looked at him in worry. Just in front of the boy and his loyal electric type was a large orange lizard. It appeared to be taking a nap, not paying the roaring crowd that surrounded it, any attention. This was the boy’s Charizard who appears to well.. Have been lazing about.

“Good match, Ash, although… what’s with your Charizard? … seems well… difficult,” Ritchie said, walking over to the now identified Ash, with his Pikachu, Sparky, hopping onto his shoulder.

Ash finally snapped out of his stupor at Ritchie’s words. “Yeah, great match, Ritchie, hope to battle you again someday and as for Charizard? I don’t know…. He has been like this ever since he evolved into a Charmeleon…,”Ash trailed off.

Ritchie seemed to accept the answer and, with one last wave, turned around and headed out of the stadium.

Ash sighed and then lifted up Charizard’s Pokeball, “Charizard…. Return,” he said as he returned the winged lizard, who puffed some smoke from it’s snout before being consumed by the red beam of the Pokeball. With Pikachu hopping onto his shoulder, he walked out of the stadium, in shame….

*Kanto; Indigo Plateau; Pokemon Center*

Ash walked out of the Pokemon Center; after dropping off his team, but Pikachu, to Nurse Joy for healing. The shadow of the 10-year old’s cap covered his eyes, a single tear falling down the side of his cheek. Pikachu looked at his friend and brother with concern and rubbed his cheek against him.

“Chuuuu…,” the electric mouse said. 

“I… I...I am fine Pikachu, just I guess… we just lost in such a embarrassing way, I guess I feel like I let you guys down…,” the brown eyed boy said, grabbing the bill of his cap as he sat down next to a small lake by the woods of Indigo Plateau, the screams of the crowd from the stadium could be heard, along with explosions from the battle taking place in said stadium.
Pikachu looked surprised… he thought he let him down…? Ha! That is far from the truth, it was all Team Rocket’s fault for tiring out the team before the match, Ash had no control over it. Plus he did better than most trainers in their first league run. I mean they did get farther than Gary.

“Pikapi, Pikachu, Pika Pika Chuka!” Pikachu squeaked to Ash.

“Really?... thanks Pikachu.” Ash said, feeling a little better.

*Kanto; Indigo Plateau; ???*

While Ash and Pikachu were talking by the lake, a certain group of people who knew him well, were on their way to see him, many would say to comfort and encourage him…. But that is far from the truth...

*Kanto; Indigo Plateau; by a lake*

‘Why did I have to lose that way?’

‘Why did fate have to bring Team Rocket into this to ruin everything!?’

‘Why… why won’t Charizard listen to me?... after everything I did for him..’

‘Just why did I have to be so pathetic?’

So many thoughts were swirling through poor Ash’s head as he struggled with his emotions and his pride was hurt…. Very much.

Ash was so deep into his thoughts, that he did not hear the sounds of footsteps behind him. Pikachu’s ears twitched as he heard them and then looked behind him; a smile appeared on the mouse’s face, these guys would help Ash! They would break him out of his funk! The electric type poked Ash in the side, snapping him out of his thoughts. He looked down at his companion, who pointed behind him, Ash turned around and a grin of sorts appeared on his face, these were the people he felt he could trust the most…

There standing in front of him were his friends and family.

Delia Ketchum, his mother, who he loved very much, even if she embarrassed him a lot!

Misty Waterflower, one of his traveling companions, despite getting off on the wrong foot, they both eventually became close friends.

Brock Harrison, another traveling companion, he is like an older brother to the 10 year old and the 2 of them became very close.

Finally, there stood Professor Oak, the one who started him on his journey, also the one who gave him Pikachu and his Pokedex.

They each stood in front of the boy, their faces scrunched up into smiles that looked…. Forced? They each had nervousness in their eyes and Delia and began to focus her vision on the ground and drag her foot through the dirt. Pikachu began to eye them suspiciously… this was not normal. Ash sensed some tension in the air and saw that their smiles seemed to not be fully real.

Ash tensed up along with Pikachu and stood up from the ground, Pikachu hopping off his shoulder and getting on all fours, cheeks sparking slightly and unnoticeably incase something happened.

“Ummm… hey guys, I’m sorry you had to see that utterly pitiful performance, I should of done better..,” then Ash added in a whisper, “if only Team Rocket hadn’t gotten in the way..”.

The four people standing in front of him seemed to hear it and smirked slightly.

“It’s ok, Ash, we all lose eventually.” Misty replied with a sickly sweet smile. “But I don’t think you should blame those 3 idiots for your own mistakes.” She finished.

When the electric type saw Misty’s creepy smile, that’s when he knew something was up and began to growl. Ash looked at her with a critical eye. What the hell? That’s not the usual kind of criticizing Misty he knew.

“What the hell?” Ash said, without even trying to keep his language somewhat clean. “Team Rocket attacked me! Right before my match and tired out most of my team!” He semi-yelled at her.

Misty just looked at him in disdain as Oak stepped forward. “Now Ash, no need to be so rude, we just think that your performance was pitiful, simple as that, you clearly don’t know how to raise or train your Pokemon!” Oak then paused to take a breath. “I mean who in their right MIND would use a disobedient Pokemon in an official match! That stunt you pulled out there damaged Pallet Town’s reputation, along with mine!” He finished.

Ash blinked then said, “what are you saying?”, he asked with hesitancy.

“We think you should quit your dream and find something more reasonable to do.” A voice that surprised Ash greatly said, how could they of all people say that?

*???; ???; ???*

Right as those words had left the person’s mouth, a certain white and gold Pokemon’s head snapped up as it sensed that something was going on… and it was not good. It galloped through the hall and to a pool full of water.

‘Mystical pool, tell me, what’s going on? Something is imbalanced…’ The Pokemon said through Telepathy.

The Pool glowed white for a second and images of Ash, Pikachu and his friends and family confronting each other appeared.

The Pokemon listened to their conversation for a second and then said, ‘oh dear… this is not good, please, hold on Chosen One’. The Pokemon said and sent out distress signals to various other Pokemon all over the world…

*Various Places across the globe*

On 3 islands, 3 birds perked up from their perches and stared into the horizon.

A Plesiosaur-like being under the surface of the ocean, near the 3 islands, looked to the sky from the depths and let out a coo.

A small pink cat with sky blue eyes was just returning to a rather tall stone formation shaped like a tree and then perked up when it felt something and mewled in sadness. Along with 3 golem like beings, beeping in sorrow.

A beautiful bird of the seven colors of the rainbow was soaring high through the sky and then stopped suddenly, before lowering it’s head and letting out some tears.

3 beasts ran through a forest as various Pokemon watched them, they soon stopped and looked at each other and then towards the horizon. All 3 roared with anger.

A small green fairy Pokemon was munching on a berry in a forest, before abruptly stopping and staring off into the distance, in tears.

2 dragons of red and blue soared through a garden, playing, then they felt it and stopped, lowering their heads as if to respect someone who had died, a noble death.

A long and green, dragon like Pokemon was soaring through the sky and then sensed something, it then faced the Kanto Region and roared out in anger.

A Whale like creature was slumbering at the bottom of the ocean… only to receive a wake up call from somewhere and with that, it rumbled in displeasure of both being woken up and what the feeling had brought…

Deep in a Volcano; a giant red lizard lay slumbering, before receiving a signal that made it growl in anger and displeasure.

A small yellow and silver fairy Pokemon was in a deep slumber, but felt the signal too and felt great sadness…

2 small blue Pokemon were swimming through the vast seas, the larger one carrying what looked to be an egg with a red center. Both abruptly stopped though and felt tears sting their eyes with the egg shaking slightly,

In 3 different lakes, rested 3 fairy like Pokemon, who sensed the message and felt great sadness, anger and disappointment.

In a dimension of all things blue, levitated a sauropod Pokemon that as it was soaring, felt the message and could not help, but feel anger.

In another dimension of all things pink, levitated a 2 legged dinosaur like being, who felt the message as well and growled.

In a strange world full of floating islands, a shadow dragon of sorts was flying through it’s domain and then stopped, looking through a mirror and viewing the scene in distaste.

In a garden that rests in a small town, a Pokemon appears out of the shadows and looks beyond the town, with hatred and anger in its eyes,

On an island out in the ocean, a pink Pokemon with rings around it looked to the horizon and cooed.

Deep in the mountains of somewhere, a Pokemon of brown and silver rumbled in disappointment and resentment.

In a field of flowers, small hedgehog like Pokemon sat and slept the day away, except for the biggest of the bunch, who woke up and looked to the sky with tear filled eyes.

A Giant Golem like being, while in a deep slumber, was upset too at receiving the message.

4 quadrupedal Pokemon ran through a forest, training the smallest of the quartet. Before halting and looking to the sky, with their faces filled with mixed emotions.

In 2 different places, 2 stones glowed as the beings that dwelled in them received the message, in sadness.

A ice dragon Pokemon was lumbering back to it’s cave when it felt it and growled to the heavens.

A small cream colored mammalian creature was sitting on top of a building, having stolen someone’s macaron. It soon looked to the horizon and growled.

A small humanoid Pokemon was singing, a happy tune, to some Pokemon in a small village, before stopping and singing in a much sadder tone.

3 Humanoid Pokemon were soaring through the air and then abruptly stopped, before bowing their heads.

A deer like Pokemon was standing at the edge of a cliff before turning around and bounding away, with sadness and pity in its eyes.

A Vulture Pokemon was asleep in a chrysalis, but could feel intense hatred at receiving the message.

2 core like Pokemon looked to the sky and then collected cells to transform into hound like Pokemon and then howling to the heavens.

A pink humanoid Pokemon practically made of pink diamonds, was watching the horizon next to some Geode like Pokemon, in sadness.

A small purple Pokemon with a Gengar grin, frowned for the first time in a long time, as it looked from it’s caretaker’s arms to the distance.

A large red Pokemon was minding it’s own business, when it felt the message and turned to the sky, feeling confusion, sadness, hatred, and well many other mixed emotions.

In a dimension far out somewhere, a lion like Pokemon and a bat like Pokemon looked to the heavens with a couple nebula Pokemon hanging nearby.

On 4 islands, 4 humanoid Pokemon stopped whatever each one was doing and looked to the distance.

A small shadow Pokemon peeked out of Ash’s shadow and looked on in pity.

A yellow cat Pokemon was training out in a meadow, before stopping abruptly and turning to the sky with a snarl.

Several silver and gold creatures were playing as a large golem like silver Pokemon watched over them. They all halted immediately after they heard the message.

Then finally a deep black Pokemon received the message, at first it had been confused, it had been many years since anyone made contact with it, why now? That’s when it hit


*Kanto; Indigo Plateau; by a lake*

Ash slowly turned to the owner of the voice and saw that it was none other than his own mother… Ash felt tears prick his eyes and Pikachu snarled.

“Wh-What?” Ash said as if he was in pain, well his heart was…

“You heard her, Ash! Give up! Your not cut out for this!” Brock hissed at him, breaking Ash’s heart even further.

Misty nodded in agreement and looked at Ash with disgust while the professor looked on with a smirk on his face as he too nodded.

“Your such an embarrassment to Pallet Town, you know, in all honesty, I don’t think anyone will want to see you step foot in town again after that pitiful performance!” His mother said before turning her back to him. “So you can forget ever coming back!”

“Yes… your never going to get anywhere in life so you can just give up and hopefully, I mean, if you want the town’s forgiveness, you’ll just have to find something productive for you to do with your life… Pokemon training clearly is not for you!” Oak laughed.

Misty decided to add more salt to the wound, “I mean you still need to pay me back for my bike, but ehhh like you will EVER pay me back, but at least you have an excuse, I mean, your so bad at Pokemon Training, people would never give up anything to you!” She sneered. They all began barraging the broken boy with mean comments.

Pikachu could not take it as Ash was hurt more and more, he finally snapped though after his own mother called him something no one should ever call anyone.

The electric mouse released a full power Thunderbolt on the opposing side and fried them to bits, all 4 of them were burned to a crisp, Pikachu meanwhile stood there, feeling proud of himself.

“Pika!” The mouse proclaimed before turning to Ash and seeing something he hated seeing.

Ash was crying, he felt nothing, absolutely nothing, he had trusted them, he had TRUSTED them! And this, this is how he was treated, sure he could of thought this fight through better, but that was still not much of a justifying reason to do all this.

The boy eyed the 4 in front of him as they were slowly returning to their feet as they groaned in pain, Ash felt Pikachu jump onto his shoulder and with that, Ash began walking back to the Pokemon center. Hopefully his Pokemon were still with him and they hadn’t been turned…

That was when a Onix materialised in front of him. Onix roared loudly as a Starmie, Mr. Mime, and Dragonite joined him. Ash heard a Pokeball open behind him and knew immediately who it was…

“PSYDUCK! WHAT THE HELL!? GET BACK IN YOUR ARCEUS DAMN POKEBALL!” the red head screeched. Psyduck just stood there, utterly confused.

Ash knew he had to get away though, he had to, he knew exactly what they were gonna do and so he took off, heading straight to the Pokemon center, where he would be safe.

“He’s getting away, Onix! Rock Tomb!” Brock cried, once he noticed the raven haired boy and his electric companion, were getting away.

“UGH OK FINE! STARMIE! HYDRO PUMP! AND PSYDUCK! USE WATER GUN!” Misty hollered. Starmie followed it’s orders to a T, while Psyduck…. Just sat there with that dopey look in its eyes. Misty returned it soon after.

“Mimey, don’t let that brat get away!” Delia commanded the Psychic/Fairy type.

Ash felt himself being levitated in the air as a blue glow surrounded him and Pikachu. That is when the Hydro Pump and Rock Tomb hit them, sending them both to the ground, in pain. Ash slowly got to his feet with Pikachu following. The 10 year old knew he could not win, he only had Pikachu on hand, he could turn and run, but they would most likely use the same strategy again! If Pikachu could just take out Mr. Mime then….

“Pikachu, Thunderbolt! On the Mr. Mime!” Ash commanded as the electric type nodded and unleashed a powerful blast of electricity that fried Mimey and ended it’s rein in this battle.

Mimey had fainted so easily because it was not much of a battler and more of a cleaner and Ash knew that as Delia returned her fainted psychic type. She glared at her son though with intense hatred.

Oak, who stood calmly with his Dragonite by his side, had remained neutral until he smirked and commanded his Dragonite, “Dragonite! Go use Dragon Pulse on that electric nuisance! Get it out of the way!” the old Oak told his dragon, who nodded obediently and released a dragon shaped beam of draconic energy at Pikachu, who tried to knock it away with Thunderbolt, but this was OAK’S Dragonite, who had years of experience over Pikachu and coupled with a type advantage, the Thunderbolt was easily cut through and the Dragon Pulse hit Pikachu straight on, leaving him on the ground battered and bruised and even…. Bleeding.

Ash felt sick to his stomach, seeing his best friend in so much pain, that he became so distracted that he failed to see the attacks from Onix, Starmie and Dragonite sent his way.

“Pikapi…,” Pikachu tried to warn him, trying to stay conscious.

Ash snapped out of it, but it was too late and the attacks hit him full force. Knocking him into a tree, out cold. Bleeding in several places, there were definitely some broken bones and many bruises and cuts scattered across his body and his clothes ripped, but easily repairable. Pikachu was horrified by what he had seen, but he had no time to think over it as he too succumbed to his injuries and passed out.

The traitors looked at their handiwork and nodded, Misty, Brock and Oak returned their Starmie, Onix and Dragonite respectively. Misty looked at the unconscious form of Pikachu and shook her head, realizing that the electric mouse was a lost cause for siding with that idiot…

“Well looks like our work here is done, shame we had to get rough, but it was the only way he would see reason.” Oak smirked.

Misty looked at Pikachu again and said with a sigh, “what a shame that Pikachu chose that idiot when he could have been my Pokemon, I may be a water type specialist, but… I did like the little guy.”

Brock patted Misty on the back, “don’t worry Misty, the rest of Ash’s Pokemon are still at the Pokemon center, you can have Squirtle.” Brock said, to which Misty smirked at.

Brock meanwhile smirked as well, “I shall of course take Bulbasaur, he can help me with Pokemon breeding.”

“I shall keep Muk, along with all those Tauros he caught, and that Charizard, since I myself will raise it much better than that failure ever could.” the old coot said with a smirk.

“I call dibs on Kingler too, and as Brock said, Squirtle too.” The red head sneered.

Delia then stepped forward, “I shall take Pidgeotto to help with chores.” She said with a sickly sweet smile.
So it was decided; Misty would get Kingler and Squirtle, Brock would get Bulbasaur, Oak would keep Muk, the 30 Tauros, and Charizard, and Delia would keep Pidgeotto. Pikachu meanwhile would rot with the raven haired boy.

As the traitors were about to head to the Pokemon center, a Flamethrower blocked their path and a large Charizard landed in front of them.

“You will not step any further!” Someone on the back of the Charizard said. He was wearing a cloak so no one could see his face. Oak and Delia seemed to know the voice and backed away in fear. Brock and Misty however…

“Ha! You think you scare me, I will crush that overgrown lizard in battle!” Misty replied cockily.

“Yeah! So go mind your own business!” Brock smirked.

The 2 trainers (*cough*idiots*cough*) released their Onix and Starmie once again as the 2 prepared for battle.

The man shook his head and snapped his fingers as Charizard formed a ball of flames in his mouth, before releasing the unknown attack that smashed right into Onix and Starmie, knocking them clean out. Brock and Misty were speechless, but they soon regained their composure and returned their Pokemon with looks of fear on their faces, like with Delia and Oak.

Oak slowly reached for a Pokeball, before swiftly letting out Dragonite, grabbing Delia’s hand and getting the hell out of there! Brock and Misty struggling to keep up on foot behind them. Misty unknowingly leaving Togepi behind…. In the Pokemon center.

The mysterious man sighed in relief that things had not gotten chaotic, before he turned to the unconscious Ash. His own Pikachu hopping out of his hood and springing over to Ash’s passed out Pikachu. The man’s hands glowed blue as he placed them on Ash, the same could be said with the man’s Pikachu, doing the same to Ash’s Pikachu.

“They will live… but I need to get them to the Pokemon center and hospital, also gotta make sure that bastard Oak doesn’t try anything with young Ash’s Pokemon..” the man said before tears fell from his red eyes, 'I am so sorry Ash…' The man thought.

He picked up the young boy and placed him on his Charizard’s back, he also grabbed a particular Pokeball with a lightning bolt symbol on it…. And returned Ash’s Pikachu to it’s Pokeball! The man’s Pikachu returned to his hood and with that, he hopped onto his Charizard and soared back to the Pokemon center.