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  • ThrawnXSabine (ThrawnXSabine) by SWAG_77, ThrawnXSabine (SWAG_77)

    Grand Admiral Thrawn and Sabine Wren

    26 May 2019


    The Grand Admiral Thrawn and Sabine Wren in Star Wars Ship Fanfiction.

    Mitth'raw'nuruodo, a Chiss High Command Imperial Officer, has distant emotions with a calm demeanor and leads his sector fleet in the Galactic Empire. His strategies and tactics work better when he is devoid of emotion and extremely calm per his training in the Chiss Ascendancy House Nuruodo and Chiss Defense Fleet. Then, the Chiss Ascendancy exiles him as punishment for an emotional outburst he had in Chiss Space. Or at least that the official record. The Galactic Empire found him on an unknown planet in the Unknown Region, and the Empire embraces him, and he rose through the Imperial ranks to a Grand Admiral. Life is lonely at the top. It bores him, the people, the slow pace, and the utter loneliness. He studies art and antiquities to bring him creature-comfort joy. One day, he met a young Rebel woman, a Mandalorian, an artist his fascination excites his and gives him the freedom to breathe in his creativity. A fiery passion ignites. The Chiss believed his government treated him by excising those genes from his genome. His desires for family and community are not genetic; they expand and reverberate far into the Force.

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