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(6 years after SABINE WREN left the Imperial Academy at Mandalore)

Grand Admiral Thrawn reads the holoscreen carefully as he studies TIE fighters' builds when he gets the encrypted holograms he requested from Mandalore about the Mandalorian Artist Sabine Wren. He muses. “Took long enough.” Places the cards into the holoprojector; as a very young child, Sabine Wren discusses the Arc Pulse Generator.


“Not from the Governor, sir,” Kuurtzin replies at the Comm Center. “But we scanned the entire document and have discovered encryption overlayed within the main transmission saying the request did not originate from Mandalore.”

“He’s hiding something.” Thrawn’s barely audible murmur.


“Do you have those decryptions?” Thrawn asks.

“We do.” Certain but evasive. “Sir, I prefer to hand them to you if you don’t mind?”

“Alright, Captain, I await your arrival.”