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Son Of Thor And Loki

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Son of Thor and Loki

Chapter One- Boy-Who-Lived

Charles Albus Potter was holding his arm Voldemort had him by the cuff of his robes dragging the replica of Lily and James Potter. Everyone gasped and Voldemort sneered and waved his hand and everyone was sitting in their seats stuck Dumbledore said ''Tom let the boy go.''

Voldemort sneered at his muggle name and said ''Oh I will let him go alright he's nothing to me but an annoying little cockroach'' and he threw the boy to the ground causing the boy-who-lived to cry out in pain and terror. He crawled to his parents and Voldemort looked Albus in the eye and said ''Are you sure that that's the boy who defeated me that Halloween night Albus if so you are losing your touch'' he cast a sonorous charm and said ''Charles Potter is not the boy who lived you idiots I used his blood only because I couldn't get the real boy-who-lived Harold Sirius Potter is the boy-who-lived'' he laughed with joy when he saw Dumbledore and the Potters faces pale at the news. Voldemort apparated from the field with a loud pop he was gone leaving chaos in his wake.

Harrison Odin Laufeyson-Odinson sneezed Loki his Daddy said ''Are you getting sick son''

Harrison shook his head and said ''I think someone's talking about me.'' Harrison had been blood adopted by Loki and Thor when he was found abandoned in a trash can in London England on Earth. Loki hummed and Harrison said ''I'm going to Midgard Daddy''

Loki looked up from his spell book and said ''Be careful and be sure to thank Heimdall''

Harrison said ''Yes Daddy I'll check in with Papa then I'm going to Wakanda'' Loki nodded and watched his son run off. Harrison was growing up so fast and Loki was proud of his youngest son. He smiled and went back to his book.

Thor looked up from his move when someone landed on the landing outside the Avenger's residence. He smiled and said loudly ''My son!'' and grabbed the fourteen-year-old and hugged him tightly. Harrison was 6''2 and had blond hair with black running through it and sea-green eyes he hugged his father back tightly and Thor said ''My son your getting stronger!''

Harrison laughed softly and said ''I know Papa''

Thor sat down and patted the seat next to him and said ''How's your mother?''

Harrison said ''You like sleeping in a spare room'' Thor had been calling Loki his mother ever since they found him and Loki always kicked him out of their bedroom every time Thor uttered those ghastly words.

Tony said ''Harry!'' Tony Stark walked in with Steve following him.

Harrison grinned and said ''Hey Tony Cap.''

Thor said ''So what do I owe this visit from my son.''

Harry said ''I just came because I told Daddy I would stop by I'm going to Wakanda to visit Zane''

Thor grinned ''Of course you are'' Harrison's cheeks turned red and said ''Shut up Papa'' he looked at Tony and said ''Is my suit ready Uncle Tony''

Tony looks at his boyfriend Steve smirks and said ''He says is his suit ready of course it is!'' Harrison said ''Awesome'' and followed his Uncle to the labs passing Bruce on the way down.

T'Challa stood in the shadows watching his youngest child with pride as he beat several guards without breaking a sweat. He had made sure they were his guards if he fought the guards that protected him, they would go easy on him. His youngest wasn't his heir that was Amare but that didn't mean T'Challa wasn't proud of him he was beautiful and smart like his sister and a perfect warrior like he was. His guards that were on the sidelines started to bow and he raised his hand to stop them he didn't want Zane to know he was there yet.

Zane took in his surroundings and knew his father was standing on the sidelines watching. He flipped the guard he was fighting on his back and when he tried to get up Zane broke his wrist snapping it like a twig. He spoke in Xhosa ''Ngaba uvelisa?'' (Do you Yield?)

The guard hissed in pain ''Ewe, inkosana yam.'' (Yes, my Prince)

Zane dropped his hand and stepped over him and moved his braid over his shoulder he looked and the other guards were bowing in respect. T'Challa clapped slowly and said in English ''Very good son.'' Zane bowed and T'Challa nodded and then grinned ''None of that now come let us go to the gardens'' Zane grinned and T'Challa held out his arm and Zane took it. T'Challa walked slowly with his son members of the court bowed at the King and the youngest prince some of the male teenage nobles ran into things when Zane smiled. T'Challa chuckled and said ''Zane''

Zane looked up at him with innocent eyes and said ''Yes father'' T'Challa hummed softly he looked up in the sky and saw a missile coming towards them. It landed in front of them they had moved the Heart-Shaped flower's outside but still inside the castle. The missile wasn't a missile but a suit like Tony Starks but it was light green and gold. It outlined the male's body and it started disappearing and turning into a chain on the boy's neck to reveal Harrison Laufeyson-Odinson.

Zane said ''Harry!'' and looked at his father and T'Challa nodded and Zane ran over to Harrison and kissed the boy on the cheek. Harrison bowed at T'Challa and said ''Hello sir'' he grinned at Zane and said ''I missed you Za''

Zane said ''Come on let's go visit Auntie Shuri'' and dragged him away and said ''Bye father'' and kept dragging his Fiancé away. T'Challa raised his hand in a wave and continued to the garden's smirking the entire way there.

In England

Dumbledore sat with the Order they had gone to Petunia's home where they had dropped off young Harry when he was a baby but the Woman hadn't seen him and she had been glad when she said it. Dumbledore said ''Silence please my friends'' They were in Grimmauld Place Sirius had only allowed them to meet there because he wanted his Godson safe when they did find him and he had made that point loudly and reminded everyone every time they met up. He said ''Sirius we are going to need your help''

Sirius was sitting next to his mate Remus Lupin who was Charles's godfather he said ''Why?''

Dumbledore said ''It seems young Harry has been blood adopted so Lily and James's blood won't work for the tracking spell you blood adopted Harry when you were named godfather correct it was needed in order to make him your heir'' Sirius grunted in agreement Charles was the Potter Heir since he was older and Harry was the Black Heir. Dumbledore said ''I just need three drops'' Sirius pricked his finger and Dumbledore placed the Mirror under his finger and watched the blood fall and disappear into the mirror Sirius cast an Episkey on his finger to stop the bleeding. He sat back and watched Words appear over the mirror Wakanda East Africa

Lily asked ''How did he get to Africa?'' James said ''We know now we can go get him right''

Dumbledore nodded and said ''I will take Lily James Charles and the Weasley's along with Sirius and Remus.''

Hermione said ''Can I go sir? I have always wanted to see Africa'' Dumbledore nodded.

Lily said ''I can't wait to see my baby boy again''

Sirius scoffed silently and Remus hit his arm and whispered ''Siri'' Sirius huffed at his mate.