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Devil's Playground

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“Enough about me and Charlie,” Linda said, placing her wine glass on the coffee table in front of them. “How are you and Lucifer doing?”

Chloe and Linda were enjoying a quiet drink on the balcony of Lucifer’s penthouse. It had taken some convincing to get Lucifer out of the way so that she could have some time alone with her friend. It had only been eight days since the fateful night she’d first passed through the gates of Hell to find him, and in that short amount of time, her life had changed drastically. Lucifer was back home in L.A. with her, this time permanently, but the cost had been high. It had literally cost her life, but Lucifer had paid a steep price, too. Not only had he’d butchered his angel wings with demon blades to save her, he’d also given up his entire kingdom and power over millions of demons and damned souls just to be with her. He’d gone toe-to-toe with his mighty father to call her soul back to her body, and he’d willed her back to life. He’d given up everything to be with her. While he’d assured her that his wings would eventually heal, she wasn’t so sure about the emotional wounds he still harbored from their ordeal.

Chloe took another long sip of the expensive red wine that Lucifer had presented them with before reluctantly taking his leave an hour earlier. She needed time to gather her courage to confide in someone else. You would think having grown up in Hollywood as the daughter of a B-movie star, Chloe would have no hang-ups about sex, but the opposite was actually true. While she was certainly no prude, she was also not as experienced at sex. She’d never shied from it and had enjoyed several talented partners, but none of them had ever seemed interested in anything more than vanilla fucking. Lucifer, however, was anything but vanilla, and it both terrified and thrilled her in equal measures. She wanted to do more and feel more with him, but he was proving to be less than accommodating since she’d woken up from her long sleep.

Chloe had never been good at opening up to other people, but Linda had a magical way of pulling her darkest secrets to the surface. She was trustworthy and honest, and Chloe found it easier to talk to her than to anyone else in her life. “Well, everything is technically great. Lucifer has resumed control of Lux, and we’ve stayed here in his apartment together almost every minute since that night four days ago. If he isn’t with me, then Maze is here to keep me company. Can we talk about her boundary issues, please?”

Linda laughed, her head tipping back with her mirth. “Oh, we’ll get to that. I have a feeling that we will both be dealing with that for a long time. For now, I want to hear about you and Lucifer. How are things when it’s just the two of you alone?”

She could feel the heat climbing into her cheeks. She knew what Linda was asking, and now was the moment of truth. She could keep her worries to herself, or she could share them with a knowledgeable friend. Here goes nothing, she thought grimly.

“Honestly, he has been very...attentive in all respects. There is always plenty of food to eat, and he takes me out for dinner every night. We talk and laugh for hours, and our sex life is quite enthusiastic and plentiful,” she replied carefully.

Linda was not so easily fooled, though. “But?” she asked, one eyebrow winging up with expectation.

Chloe exhaled heavily and blurted, “But, he’s walking on eggshells around me, and it’s freaking me out. He’s treating me like I’m fragile and precious, whether he’s carrying me around everywhere or refusing to allow me to go back home until the construction is complete. At first, it was romantic and chivalrous, but now I’m ready for something more. I’ve never felt so healthy and strong in my life, but he’s treating me like I might wilt at any minute. The sex is great, amazing even, but it just feels like he’s holding back, you know?”

Linda nodded sagely, her expression stating that she was not surprised. “I had a feeling that would happen,” she admitted. She settled back into her chair and removed her glasses, and Chloe relaxed even more at the overt signals of ‘friend, not therapist’ that Linda was giving her. “Lucifer is a being of extremes, far more than any human I’ve ever met. However, one emotion that he’d never felt in the billions of years of his existence was love. Someone who would love him despite his faults, and who would forgive him over and over again until he got it right. You are the only one in his life who has never used him for favors, and who has embraced every part of his nature. And then, you died in his arms after securing his freedom from eternal prison. He’s afraid of losing you again, Chloe.”

Chloe’s eyes stung with tears, and she swallowed the hard knot growing in her throat. “I know that, Linda, but I’m alive right now. I don’t want to be handled with kid gloves; I want to live. I want to go back to work with my partner and catch murderers who deserve to go to jail. I want to go home and raise my daughter and talk about her day while we all eat dinner together. I want to explore my desires with him and experience the vast knowledge and mastery he possesses when it comes to sex. I know he wants me, too, but he’s holding himself back as if he’s going to hurt me. How do I tell him that I want him to fuck me like the Devil instead of making love to me like an angel?”

Linda’s face broke out into a grin and she laughed. “Well, I am going to give you some terrible advice as your friend, because the therapist in me would never recommend this to any patient.” She waited for Chloe to nod in understanding before continuing, “You need to remind him of his nature, Chloe. You need to get him just jealous enough to kindle his temper and his passion. Just be careful that you don’t go too far. You want him to fuck you, not kill innocent humans for you.”

Chloe thought the idea over and warmed to the suggestion the more she thought about it. She craved the unleashed devil that had devoured her the first night she’d arrived in Hell. She dreamed about the helpless abandon she’d found in the Devil’s bed, and she wanted more of it. She wanted all of Lucifer, both the good and the very bad, and she just knew there was so much more to discover. She trusted him implicitly, and she’d never experienced that with anyone else. She knew Lucifer was holding back, and she wanted him to let go with her.

“You know, that’s not a bad idea,” Chloe replied, her brain feverishly working out a plan. “But it can’t happen at Lux. Everyone here is too afraid of him to approach me. He’s made it very clear that I am off-limits to everyone. Well, everyone except for Maze. He seems to enjoy watching her flirt with me, and he even wolf-whistled when she copped a feel on the dance floor last night. Did you know she won’t bring me anything to wear from my apartment except for dresses?” she asked, waving a hand over her sundress as an example. She missed her jeans and tee shirts something fierce. “And no bras or underwear. She keeps telling me that they’ll just get in the way. Again, we need to discuss her lack of boundaries.”

Linda grabbed her wine glass and tipped it back until the last drop fell on her tongue. She’d confined herself to one glass out of deference to her breast milk, but she had savored every last drop of it. “How does it make you feel when Maze comes on to you? Have you told her she’s making you uncomfortable? Maze may be a demon, but she definitely understands the word no.”

Chloe shifted in her seat uncomfortably and had a hard time meeting Linda’s knowing gaze. She cleared her throat and admitted haltingly, “Well, I’m not exactly sure. Maze and I have had a lot of fun together, and I won’t deny that her sexual appeal is potent. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am attracted to her, but I don’t love her the way I love Lucifer. She’s my friend, but I also want to kiss her. But I don’t know how to handle that right now, so how about we go back to the plan?” Her panic at her conflicted feelings for Maze made her cut the topic off cold.

Linda threw her hands up and said, “Message received, but you can feel free to talk it through anytime. As for Lucifer, why don’t you ask him to take you somewhere? You’ve got five days until Trixie comes home and you can return to work. Your apartment won’t be finished until Saturday, so there’s nothing keeping you here.”

Chloe did some mental math to tally the numbers in her bank account. She had a sizeable nest egg laid back from her royalties from Hot Tub High School, but she lived off her salary as an LAPD detective. She couldn’t really afford to take them anywhere far, but a change of scenery just may do the trick to snap him out of his shell. “That’s actually a good idea. I would suggest we go to Las Vegas, but I really don’t want to run into his ex-wife.”

Linda brushed away that concern like an annoying fly. “No, Las Vegas is perfect. What better place to tempt the Devil than Sin City? You can both cut loose and enjoy yourselves there. A new environment may be just what he needs to ignite the fire in his eyes.”

Chloe’s imagination spun out ahead of her as she envisioned Lucifer fucking her from behind as she stared at the reflection of his red devil eyes in a full-length mirror. Her stomach swooped with a powerful thrill of lust at the thought of watching him claim her and own her body and its responses. Some dark corner of her soul moaned with sinful delight at the thought of Lucifer overcome with lust for her and coaxing her into letting go of her tightly leashed control. He was the only one she’d ever trusted enough to even consider it, but how did one go about asking for that sort thing?

“You’re right, Linda,” Chloe agreed, nodding her head. “We need some time away with just the two of us. I need to book a hotel and buy a new dress. I don’t have anything in my closet that will work for what I have in mind.”

Linda snorted and rolled her eyes. “All you have to do is say you want to go, and Lucifer will make it happen. Let him bankroll this little vacation. He can certainly afford it,” she reminded her with a vague wave of her hand at the building.

Logically, Chloe knew that Lucifer was wealthy, but he had never really talked about money very often. She had no idea, nor did she care, how much money was in his accounts, but she knew it must be a lot to afford to own the historical building in downtown Los Angeles that housed Lux and his penthouse. Maybe Linda was right. Though it went against her nature to allow someone else to foot her bills, this could be an opportunity to channel some of that over-protective energy rolling off him in waves. She would let him have control of all of it for the next four days, even if she had to goad him into it.

Chloe poured herself another glass of wine and held it up in a toast. Chloe tapped it against the bottle of water that had replaced Linda’s wineglass and said, “Here’s to tempting the Devil in Sin City.”