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“I’ll have you know--” began Minerva, but she was cut off when Rowena seized her forearms and pressed her against the corridor wall, the force of the impact knocking out a surprised gasp.

Rowena smiled darkly at the sound. “Let me guess, darlin’,” she murmured, one hand snaking up to grasp Minerva's gold-and-scarlet tie. “You’ll have me know that good little Gryffindors like yerself don’t get mixed up with evil Slytherin skanks like me. You’ll have me know,” Rowena continued, using the tie to draw Minerva closer, “that you don’t really like girls, not like that, anyway. You'll have me know,” she hissed, their faces now so near that Minerva could feel Rowena's breath on her lips, “that it was just a one-time thing, what we did last week, an’ you’d just as soon forget it lest it get out and ruin that reputation yer so. Very. Proud of.”

Minerva sucked in a breath and glared. She reached up and yanked at Rowena's tie, the other girl’s eyes widening in surprise as their foreheads knocked together.

“I’ll have you know,” growled Minerva, “that you talk too bloody much.” And before Rowena could respond, Minerva kissed her.