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Sticky Bai

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June XX, 20XX

Shuhang felt something heavy over his stomach. Then he felt himself being dragged into a warm embrace.


Frowning, he tried to get out of whatever was holding him hostage. It was so hot!


But, despite his efforts, he couldn’t get out, no matter how hard he pushed at the thing.


Suddenly, he heard a soft chuckle near his ear. It sounded like Senior Bai.


Ah, Senior Bai~ His voice was as beautiful as his face!


...Senior Bai?




Opening his eyes in surprise, Shuhang was greeted with the sight of Senior Bai’s eyes.


Languid and lazy, Senior Bai squinted his eyes, smiling softly.


Shuhang was put in a daze from the sheer beauty of Senior Bai.


Softly chuckling, Senior Bai planted a soft kiss on Shuhang’s forehead. “Awake?”


Blushing, Shuhang mumbled a reply before scrambling out of Senior Bai’s strong embrace.


Well. Tried to.


With Senior Bai’s strength, there was no way Shuhang, a cultivator of the fourth stage, could escape from his embrace unless he willingly let him go.


And of course, Senior White wasn’t willing. He had finally managed to get together with Shuhang after his long exploration trip to ancient ruins!
He was in need of Shuhang! Shuhang! His lovely wife! His darling! So cute, so adorable, so so lovely! What if someone stole him away while he wasn’t there to guard against the fleas and ticks that came near!


Shuhang was so adorable oblivious! He had taken a long time to entrap him and after all that effort, Senior Bai was naturally unwilling to let Shuhang escape.


Now Senor Bai wasn’t always this overprotective originally. He had only developed these thoughts after a certain incident that may or may not have ended in the near death of Shuhang’s chrysanthemum, but more on that later.


Anyways, back to Shuhang...and his adorable blushing that made his whole face look 10 times cuter (Not to say Shuhang’s face wasn’t cute, it was always cute)...and alluring.


...Oh shit.


Senior Bai got a hard on...Must hide.


He didn’t want to make Shuhang angry again.


Last time he got a hard on in the morning (It wasn’t his fault! Shuhang was too cute, with those sleep dazed eyes and sluggish movements, he couldn’t help himself) and helped himself, Shuhang got very angry and didn’t let him into his bed until weeks later.


Anyways, back to the hard on.


After much difficulty, Senior Bai managed to make it disappear before Shuhang noticed.


Pulling Senior Bai’s shirt (Adorable!), Shuhang conveyed his wishes to leave his bed so he could get ready for the day. Afterall, he was always diligent when it came to his training and cultivation! “Senior Bai...I need to get up.”


F rowning, Senior White reluctantly allowed Shuhang to leave his bed before getting up and following after Shuhang into the bathroom.


Shuhang wrinkled his brow before ignoring his newly obtained ‘tail’ and continuing on with his day.


Training, eating, wherever Shuhang was, Senior Bai was there. He was practically attached to Shuhang’s hip.


It was nice, spending all day together, just...being there for each other.


It’s been a while since they had such days, what with the cultivational world being chaotic, new enemies and treasures popping up with Senior Bai’s luck.


Such a quiet day was hard to come by.




He spoke too soon!


Shuhang got a message from the bookstore he had always frequented that they had gotten a new shipment of books. Don’t ask why they bothered messaging Shuhang about this matter when he had always freeloaded at their store without actually buying anything. (It’s because of Senior Bai)


Anyways, since Shuhang happened to be free at the time, he left the house and headed to the bookstore. With Senior Bai at his hip.


Now that Shuhang thought about it, Senior Bai seemed to be especially sticky today. Senior Bai was always sticky, but not to the point where he was attached to Shuhang’s hip. He was like a little chick, following Shuhang wherever he went.


Whenever he got the chance, Senior Bai would loop his arms around Shuhang’s waist or drag him into his lap or steal kisses from him and a whole lot of other things.


Not that he minded. Although it would end in Shuhang being embarrassed and blushing.


Shuhang was interrupted out of his musing when they reached the bookstore.


Going in, Shuhang saw the familiar faces of the staff in the bookstore.


The store clerk, busy with other customers, greeted him with a nod and pointed to a certain area.


Following the direction of the figure, Shuhang walked over to his usual crouching corner.


His eyes lit up at the sight of the boxes of books that were piled up there.


Grabbing a book, Shuhang crouched down and started reading, fully absorbed in his book.


Senior White followed him, crouching down next to Shuhang and staring at him happily.


While Senior White and Shuhang were in their corner of happiness, several people walked into the bookstore in a hurry.


As Senior White was walking to the bookstore, several people stopped what they were doing to stare at him.


As they stared, these people started to instinctively follow him, attracted by his magnetic charm.


They followed him all the way into the bookstore and continued staring at him, mesmerized by his charm.


S oon enough, Senior Bai was rudely interrupted out of his daze when he felt the amount of stares that Shuhang (Not!) was getting.


Glancing behind him, Senior Bai, much to his discomfort, saw a large amount of people staring at his Shuhang, undressing him with their stares!


Senior White moved to cover Shuhang away from these peeping toms, but they didn’t stop staring!


Bai is angry. Very angry. You could see it from how his smile is progressively getting wider and wider. And more polite.


Of course, to the surrounding people, they couldn't see it. They only felt that this young man's smile was getting more beautiful the longer they looked at him.


Except Shuhang of course.


Shuhang was terrified.


He could feel Senior Bai's anger from miles away. Now being directly subjected to it...Shuhang was ready to piss his pants.


The last time Shuhang saw Senior Bai this angry...lets say his end result wasn't pretty. Thinking back to it now, Shuhang was indignant. It was just an accidental kiss! An accident!


Shuhang: QAQ


Even now, Shuhang could feel his chrysanthemum clench in fear and a faint ache in his waist.


I t was truly....a terrifying experience. Now Shuhang did feel good, but the aftermath couldn't be described.


Now, being subjected to this level of anger, Shuhang wanted to cry. What made Senior Bai angry this time!


M-Must escape!

(Naturally, Shuhang couldn’t escape and was subjected to countless unspeakable things. Shuhang was very aggrieved. No one saw him leave the bedroom for the next two weeks)


While this was all occurring, in an empty row, two young girls could be seen.

They were crouching down and watching the scene in front of them, phones out and filming it.

They occasionally exchanged sly smiles and giggles between themselves as they watched Shuhang get taken away by Senior Bai.

Soft Feather: “Senior Song, Fighting!”

Sixteen: “Hehe”