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“Papa,” Eri says, climbing into her adoptive father’s lap, “I have a question.” Hizashi smiles before putting his book down and helping her up.

“Go ahead and ask away,” he replies.

“How did you and Dad start dating?”

Hizashi is a bit caught off guard by the question, he doesn’t know what he expected her to ask but it wasn’t that. But Eri looks up at him, her eyes full of excitement, and he can’t help but smile.

“It was our third year at U.A.”

Yamada Hizashi was absentmindedly staring at his best friend. In a totally heterosexual way. Yeah, there was no denying that Hizashi had a crush on Shouta. Honestly, the fact that Shouta hadn’t noticed yet baffled Hizashi beyond measures. It’s not that he openly flirted with Shouta, he just wasn’t very quiet about his crush, not that he was quiet about anything. He was still staring when something hit the back of his head. It was a folded up paper, clearly meant to be a message to him.

Yo, Zashi. Quit drooling over Shou and listen to the teacher!

The note was signed with a lipstick mark. Hizashi glared at Nemuri from across the room.

Nemuri spent most of gym class teasing Hizashi. “C’mon Zashi, you’ve gotta tell him at some point!” She insisted, as she had been since second year.

Hizashi responded the way he had been since second year, “Nemuri, I am a coward and you know this.”

But inside, he knew it wasn’t true. He had faced villains, fought the best heroes, and always spoke his mind. He was confident. He was brave. He was Present Mic for fuck’s sake! His voice could split people’s eardrums and incapacitate them with one word! So why was he so scared of admitting his feelings directly?

The next day was Saturday, so he and Shouta were meeting at the mall to hang out. It was not a date. Just guys being bros. Stop it, Zashi. He was a little late to their meeting spot, but that was ok. He just had to round a corner and-

A villain. No, not a villain, a villain was someone like a serial killer, this was just a lowlife mugger. A mugger with a very powerful quirk. He had multiple tentacle-like appendages extending from his back, each one ending in a sharp tip. The mugger was grabbing at something -no, some one - dressed in all black. Shouta.

Hizashi knew he had to do something. His first thought was to scream, but he couldn’t do that without hurting Shouta. He had to find another way. He was contemplating attacking the guy from behind when he noticed Shouta staring at him. He was in pain, his face was bruised, his hair was tangled. And when heterochromatic eyes met dry white ones, he nodded. Their signal in training.

So Hizashi did what he did best, he screamed.

And when it was over, the villain was on the ground, clutching his bleeding ears in pain. Shouta was also bleeding, but he didn’t look as bothered by it. As Hizashi ran to his aid, he began pulling himself to his feet.

Shouta’s arm now around Hizashi’s neck for support, he began to speak, “You shouldn’t have hesitated. How many times do I have to tell you that your quirk doesn’t hurt me badly anymore. Be my boyfriend.”

“Holy shit Shou we gotta get you to the- what,” Hizashi said quickly, his voice a little too loud.

“I said be my boyfriend. I know you like me and I like you too.”

“H-holy... Holy shit Shouta now is not the time.”

“Is that a no?”

“Like hell it’s a no- of course I’ll be your boyfriend! But right now we gotta get you fixed up, let’s go-”

“And that, Dear Eri, is how we started dating,” Hizashi concludes, giving Eri a boop on the nose. Eri looks over the blonde's shoulder to and waves at something.

“Hi Dad! When did you get here?” she giggles.

Hizashi turns around in his chair to see his husband smiling and staring at him.