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What Lies Ahead

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The quiet murmurs of conversation in the small hero agency break room cuts off into startled gasps as the door is abruptly kicked open by a black and orange combat boot. The impact of the door hitting the wall had been so hard that a crack was left in its wake.

All of the occupants in the room swivel their heads toward the commotion, eyes travelling up the boot that connects to none other than Bakugo Katsuki. He’s clad in his hero suit, save for the mask and gauntlets, and he’s sporting a mean scowl.

Stomping his way inside with his hands stuffed in his pockets, he makes a beeline for the red couches. All previously ceased conversation in the room begins to resume; it seems everyone has gotten used to the explosive teen’s behavior by now for the short time he’s been here.

“Fuck,” Katsuki sighs to himself as he drops down onto the couch. Once the back of his head hits the cushions, he begins to massage his temples, all while grumbling under his breath. A few occupants on the couch scoot away from the blond, reading the obvious bad mood he is in.

It’s been a really shitty week for Katsuki, a complete and total waste of time if you were to ask him.

With class 3-A just on the cusp of graduation, the top students were assigned to intern at some small time agencies for one week to “get the feel on what being real life pro hero will be like”.

Yeah, that’s bullshit.

With as much as his class has endured since their first year, Bakugo is more than qualified for this line of work by now. With the experience he already has coupled with his quirk, he’s going to be unstoppable.

So, that’s what brings Katsuki here against his will, surrounded by lame heroes and students from other schools. But finally, tonight is the last night he’ll be stuck in this hellhole, and then he’ll be taking the train back to UA in the morning.

Thank fuck, I’m so fuckin’ over this. He thinks to himself in exasperation.

Allowing his eyes to fall shut, he crosses his arms over his chest and exhales loudly to let his body language portray his blatant irritation. Attempting to relax proves difficult, between the television in the background and everyone’s chattering.

The relaxation gets cut short as he feels the couch cushions sink next to him, indicating that a body has sat down next to him a little too close for his liking. Obviously the idiot has a death wish, because after a few moments, a tapping is felt on his shoulder.

Red eyes snap open as he whips his head in the direction of the person, and he’s met with a girl who looks to be around the same age as him, with blonde hair up in bun. Her purple eyes are very large and inquisitive as they bore into his features almost hungrily. With her hands in her lap, she sits up straight as an arrow and leans into his face uncomfortably close, while sporting an enthusiastic grin.

“Hi! You’re Bakugo from UA! I saw you in action today, your quirk is really impressive!” She squeals with a voice loud in excitement.

His teeth grit in a grimace as he cranes his head away from the girl while she looms in on him.

“Oi, back the hell up, bug eyes! Ever heard of personal space?!”

Her eyes widen impossibly larger, and she immediately backs up into a normal sitting position. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I just get excited!” She squeaks in embarrassment and covers her face with her hands.

This bitch is weird as hell, and I’m not in the damn mood for it.

He clicks his tongue in agitation before completely turning his attention away from her to face the television. She’s really annoying, but the urge to bite her head off was barely resisted. Back in the beginning of his first year of high school, he would have never bit his tongue like this.

Bakugo has changed quite a bit in the past few years. All of the boiling rage of teenage anger and pain had simmered down after his fight with Deku during their first year. This fight resolved the mutual misunderstandings between the two, and in turn that took a huge emotional load off of him.

Though their relationship is not perfect, the two have rebuilt their friendship on trust and respect for one another, all while maintaining a healthy rivalry. It’s funny really; the way Deku used to be so timid around Bakugo. But now, he has a smart ass mouth on him, and confidence to boot. That confidence is a good look on the nerd, though. Bakugo’s thankful for the healing on their relationship, but he’ll be damned to ever admit something as sappy as that. Occasionally, the guilt from his past of bullying and tormenting Izuku haunts him, but he just stomps that shit down when it tries to come up.

This isn't the only relationship in Katsuki's life that had changed. During second year, his friendship with Kirishima had very much deepened as well. At first, the redhead clung to him like an unwanted growth, and Bakugo couldn’t get rid of him no matter how hard he tried, so he learned to live with it. Eventually, he realized that with Kirishima being around helped him to stay grounded before flying off the handle whenever he got riled up, which was almost constantly.

However, Kirishima was a package deal, surrounding Bakugo with Mina, Sero, and Kaminari. Before he realized it, he found himself enjoying his company around these dumbasses. They unknowingly taught him how to have a little bit more patience and compassion, two very foreign feelings to him. In the end, having his emotions a little more in check has been eye opening for him.

“Hey, you’re spacing out!” A manicured hand waves in front of Bakugo’s face, making his eyes blink down at it.

Dammit, go away!

He relents and turns his head to her demanded attention, and she continues on. “Anyway, my name’s Kaori, and I’m from the Niigata High!” She says as she points a thumb to her chest.

“I really don’t give a fuck.” He declares uninterested while leveling her with a deadpan look.

Even though Bakugo has changed in some positive ways, he’s still an asshole.

Her cheeks puff in anger and she places her hands on her hips. “Wow, rude much? I was just trying to be nice, geeze.”

With an irritated scoff, he rolls his eyes at her and furrows his brows. “Yeah well, I ain’t here to be nice. It’s real fuckin’ annoying to be wasting my time runnin’ around all damn week with shitty extras like you who have useless ass quirks. I’m gonna outshine all you motherfuckers when I’m the number one hero anyway.”

He’s really not in the mood for this. Maybe his sour attitude will scare her off, but he’s pretty sure it won’t.

She crosses her arms and arches a brow at him. “Hm, number one hero, huh? How can you be so sure of that?”

Why this little—!

“Because I’m the fuckin’ best, that’s why!” He growls while clenching his fists.

She rolls her eyes at his explanation. “You sure are full of yourself. You know, you could find that out for sure, seeing as my quirk allows a person to take a look into their future.”

The words stop his anger for a just a moment, and he looks at her with a bit of interest in his eyes.

No way, is she fucking with me? Doesn’t matter, I don’t need to see it anyway, because I know I’m gonna be number one.

But will he, though? What if Izuku catches up to him?

She feigns indifference by appearing bored, looking at her fingernails. “Yep, allowing someone a chance to sneak a peek and see what’s in store for their future makes my quirk pretty handy… but,” she shrugs, "seeing as my quirk is useless, surely it couldn’t be of any benefit to someone such as yourself.”

…Dammit, I just gotta see for myself that Deku won’t be taking the number one spot.

As she moves to stand up from the couch, he puts an arm out in front of her to stop her, and a coy smiles curves on her face at his change in demeanor.

“Hold the fuck up. Lemme see, and I'll prove to you that I’m gonna be number one!”

She taps her index finger on her chin, with a pondering look on her face. “Hm…well, all you’ve proven to me is that you’re a total asshole.”

His brows furrow and he grinds his teeth in anger, “You—!”

She cuts him off to continue, “But…you’re also really hot, so I guess I'll let you take a crack at it!” She punctuates her sentence with a playful wink, and he rolls his eyes at her seriously bad flirting attempt.


"Yeah yeah, just get on with it.” He mumbles impatiently, irritated with the fact that he’s nervous of the possibility of Deku being the number one hero.

She titters excitedly, and motions him to sit up straight. Doing as told, he sits up and pivots his body to mirror hers, then she holds out her hands expectantly for him to grab. With a grunt, he yet again rolls his eyes, because he’s got a feeling that holding her hands isn’t necessary for this. Regardless, he grabs ahold anyway and the stupid bitch snickers.

“Okay big guy, eyes on mine.” She instructs him and he follows suit, red eyes peering into hers.

“Just a few things before we start. You're not going to know what period of time in the future you'll be seeing until you actually arrive. You won’t be seeing it like a movie either, your body will be generated and placed in the setting for you to observe. You'll have free will to move around, however, no one will be able to see or hear you, so you won’t be able to interact. Lastly, the time limit on my quirk is short, but it can last up to 20 minutes. Understood?”

He grunts and nods, anxious to get this started.

She smiles. “Okay, let’s get to it!”

Her eyes slowly glow, and then flash bright neon purple. The sudden brightness makes his eye pupils eerily dot to pinpricks, and then his vision flashes white.


The white in his vision slowly starts to fuzz into shapes and colors. His eyes flutter in quick blinks as they adjust, and he shakes his head rapidly. Once his vision fully clears, he finds himself standing in the entryway hall of a home. He takes in the surroundings of the hall he’s in; grey walls, lightly decorated with a couple of abstract pictures, and down by his feet there are some unfamiliar shoes sitting by the door.

I’m guessing this is my home, or else I wouldn’t have wound up here. American style too, interesting.

Treading forward, he finds himself entering a decently sized living room. There are a couple of large windows, curtains pulled back and the blinds pulled up, allowing what appears to be early morning sunlight spill into the room. In the middle of the room sits a brown coffee table, with two dark brown couches adjacent to each other around it. A sizeable cream patterned rug lay in the floor underneath it all, and a large flat screen TV is mounted on the wall, playing the news. The house is sleek and modern looking, but also homey.

Not bad.

Straight ahead at the end of the living room is a connection to a dark open hallway. To his left, there is an opening into another room, and he catches the telltale sounds clanking kitchenware inside, so he treads towards it.

Once his head peeks around the entry, his eyes widen a fraction as he’s met with the unmistakable backside of himself standing in front of a stove. The same wild blond spikes are atop his head, but he’s a lot taller now and in even better shape, if that were possible. He watches as the cords of his back muscles shift under his black tank top while he cooks, and his grey sweatpants cling loosely to his waist that is still lean as ever.

Damn, I look good. He thinks to himself with a smug smile.

This doesn't surprise him in the least bit. Bakugo knows he’d never slack on his physical health. Stepping into the kitchen fully now, he makes his way to the counter to lean against it, getting an up-close view of himself.

With Bakugo currently being eighteen years old, his facial features are angular, but he still has that slight youthful roundness in his cheeks. But, this version of him has none of that. He’s got a sharp jawline now with prominent cheekbones that really show his maturity. However, he still looks young.

Hm, wonder what year it is, anyway.

Bakugo would wager that he’s in his late 20’s now.

It’s intriguing to watch his older self work, crimson eyes shifting as he’s focused on the task before him. He looks relaxed though, peaceful even. Those blond brows aren’t furrowed together as they usually are. Bakugo has always loved the morning time. Being an early riser, not many people are awake to bother him, so he really enjoys the solitude. It seems his opinion on that hasn’t changed.

The distant sound of a door shutting tears his gaze away from himself and into the entry way.

A roommate?

That’s interesting, and he’s curious to who it would be. It’s most likely going to be Kirishima. That rock head is stuck to him like glue, he probably won't ever get away from him.

With a bated breath, his eyes stay fixed on the entry as the pattering of footsteps gets closer and closer. Bakugo’s jaw goes slack and his eyes widen in disbelief upon seeing who enters.

“Good morning, Kacchan!”

A sleepy looking, yet cheerful Deku is in the kitchen now, and boy he's changed a lot. The first thing he notices on the nerd is his haircut. Those wild green curls sit atop his head, but the sides have been shaven down, giving him a nice undercut. The haircut makes him look more mature; however he still has round cheeks, guess he'll never outgrow those.

Much like Katsuki, Izuku has muscled up even more as well. He can tell his body is stronger with dense muscles even under his white pajama shirt and black boxers. His thighs are even more solid, which is slightly unfair. Bakugo watches said thigh muscles shift as he saunters up towards future Katsuki.

He's still shorter than Katsuki though. Hah.

Deku is my roommate? Well, it's not exactly ideal, but it's not the worst that could happen I guess.

Still, Bakugo does find it odd.

Future Bakugo grunts, and doesn't even look up from his cooking. "'Bout time you got up, lazy ass."

Deku scoffs at him, but smiles. The green haired man walks up and leans against the counter, almost mirroring exactly how young Katsuki is currently standing, except he's on the opposite side.

"Hey, I worked last night. You know I like to sleep in on my days off!" Izuku retorts as he crosses his arms with a pout.

"Cut the shit, you sleep in every day. You'd be late for work every damn morning if it weren't for me waking your ass up. I swear, you're like a giant baby, Deku." Bakugo chides as he flips an omelet.

"You know you love me, Kacchan." Deku sing-songs happily, bopping his head back and forth.

Older Katsuki snorts, and then turns his face toward Izuku, giving him some kind of expression that young Bakugo is unable to see. Whatever it was though, it made Izuku's eyes light up and smile grow wider.

Future Bakugo turns his attention back to the stove. "Gross, I don't fuckin' love you, you damn weirdo. Go away, I'm busy."

Katsuki just watches the pair’s interactions with interest. The way they act is... odd. It’s almost like how they act now to each other in their current young age, but there is something different about this that Katsuki can't put his finger on. Perhaps they've become too domesticated from living together. Or perhaps it's because Deku just insinuated that Katsuki loves him; the two of them made amends and all, but damn. Bakugo chooses to overlook the comment.

Deku leans into his space and looks down at the sizzling pan. "I want two omelets, please and thank you!"

Leaning in close just earns an elbow to Izuku's face. "Fuck off." He bites without any heat, and Deku whines.

Izuku steps away from the counter and circles behind Bakugo, almost like a predator. Those green eyes are fixated on Katsuki's ass, and a devilish smile is curling on his freckled face.

Young Katsuki tilts his head to the side in confusion. The fuck is this shitnerd doing?

Green electricity sparks around Deku's hand as he reels his arm back, palm open and ready to strike his target.


Before either Bakugo knows it, Izuku's hand has slapped his ass so hard that Bakugo garbles in shock, dropping his spatula on the floor with a clang.

Young Bakugo's eyes widen and his brows shoot straight up. The fuck?!

"What the fuck?!" His future self verbalizes simultaneously with his exact thought about the situation.

Katsuki is mystified by this, his mind reeling. Who does Deku think he is?! He can't just...slap my ass!

Older Katsuki grits his teeth and whirls towards Izuku. "Deku..." He snarls menacingly, glaring daggers at his assailant.

Deku just smiles oh so innocently, clasping his hands behind his back. "Yes, Kacchan?" He chirps sweetly while batting his lashes at him.

A vein pops out of older Katsuki's head, and he reaches behind him to turn off the stove; and at that moment, Izuku erupts in giggles.

"Catch me if you can!" The greenette cackles as he bolts out of the kitchen, green electricity sparking in his wake.

"Oh NO you FUCKING don't!" Katsuki screeches as he gives chase, racing out and leaving his completely stupefied younger self in the kitchen.

Bakugo can't even wrap his mind around all of this, but he decides to hop up and see what's going to unfold for the nerd. As he steps out of the kitchen, he stops as the two men zoom past him and down the small hallway.

He cranes his head to the hall and watches as the two run into a room on the right, followed by the door slamming shut.

"I've got you now, fucking asshole! You're dead!" His older self roars, the closed door slightly muffling his tone.

After a moment, a loud crashing sound is heard, followed by Deku's muffled screams of "No Kacchan, I'm sorry!!"

Katsuki smirks at Izuku's cries. Hell yeah, time to kick your ass. Maybe that'll teach you not to fuck around with me, stupid nerd.

Another loud thump, followed by Kastuki bellowing, "Time to pay up, Deku!", and then loud laughter and giggles from Izuku pierce through the air.

Wait, giggles?

Deku is pleading now, laughter cutting between his words. "Kacchan, hahaha- please stop! Ka-hahaha!" Izuku sounds completely out of breath.

Katsuki arches a brow. Why the fuck is he laughing? Isn't his ass getting kicked?

His laughter continues to chime, but after a few moments, the laughter slowly tapers off into what sounds like... a moan?

The hell was that?

Afterwards, it's completely quiet. Not another sound has come from neither Izuku or Katsuki, and this goes on for few minutes. The silence is... eerie. It piques his curiosity, so he starts to tread down the hall towards the room to see what's happened.

A peculiar noise starts up now, startling Katsuki and stopping his trek in mid step.

Squeak- squeak- squeak- squeak-

Stunned, his mouth parts open and his breath hitches slightly.

No fucking way, that is NOT the sound of a bed. He tells himself as he continues forward, tip toeing up to the door silently. He doesn't even know why he's trying to be quiet, seeing as he can't be heard anyway.

With a racing heart, he steadily reaches towards the handle. Grasping the knob, he slowly begins turning it, and then—

"Ohh, Kacchan..."

Now that was definitely a moan, all breathy and needy, coming straight out of Izuku's mouth behind that door.

Bakugo's eyes widen, and he retracts his hand lightning fast as if the knob has burned him. Gulping, he takes a step back, panic struck on his face. Katsuki's not an idiot, he knows exactly what this sounds like. But, that doesn’t mean he's not going to try and deny it.

The squeaking sounds have picked up in speed now, and Deku's responding with high pitched keens.

Okay, I don’t know what the hell's going on in there, but those are definitely not the sounds of us fucking, nope! Bakugo's determined to keep his denial game strong.

Then, he hears the gruff voice of his future self chuckling darkly, followed by a groan in satisfaction. Bakugo's chest seizes in anticipation, hoping that his future self will say something, anything to prove that what's happening behind those walls are not what it sounds like.

"Nngh, you fuckin' love getting your tight little ass pounded by my fat cock. Don't you, Deku?"

A furious blush explodes Katsuki from head to toe upon hearing his own self saying these filthy words, painting a complete picture of what is exactly going on in that room. There’s no room left for denial at this point, so Bakugo pivots on his heels and swiftly heads back towards the living room.

The escape proves fruitless as Deku's voice is carrying loud and clear throughout the hallway, "Mmhh— Kacchan's cock feels so good!"

Once Katsuki reaches the living room, he starts to completely short circuit.

“Holy shit, we're fucking! WHY are we fucking?! What the hell is going on?!” He questions aloud to himself, arms flailing around and absolutely hysterical. His heart has skyrocketed; his mind is so completely blown that his brain matter may as well be scattered around the house.

Izuku's moans are pitching even higher now, more urgent as he begs wantonly. "Ahh, hahh! Kacch—ahh~n! More, please!"

It appears that Bakugo has obliged to his pleading, because now the distinctive sound of the headboard slamming against the wall has accompanied the bed creaking, indeed giving Izuku more.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Izuku's responds in delighted moans, voice blending in with all of the other noises and constructing the filthiest of cacophonies.

Katsuki screws his eyes shut, blush still lighting him on fire.

Deku...! He's…he's so fucking loud!

Raucous moans are now emitting from older Bakugo, almost matching Izuku's voice in volume. "Fuck yeah, always taking it so fucking good for me, huh? My nasty, slutty Deku!"

Katsuki snaps his eyes open, in even more shock at his older self’s words. Always?! What do I mean, 'always'?! We've done this more than once?! Bakugo's still in total freak out mode, but he then tries his best calm his composure and reason with himself. He decides to sit on the couch and attempt to sort through this.


He places his head in his hands and takes a few deep breaths.

Okay, I know there's a logical explanation for this shit. I'm sure we're just blowing off some steam. There's gotta be no time for getting laid doing hero work, and we've known each other for so long now that it makes sense that we'd trust each other to be up for doing something like this. Yeah, that's it.'s just...fucking weird as hell, though!

What's weird to him is not the fact that he's sleeping with a man, it's just that it's with Deku of all people. Katsuki's never given a shit about sex or relationships, so when the pesky urges kicked in, he'd just jack off and be satisfied. He'd much rather stay focused on his success instead of who he wants to stick his dick in.

Now that he's calmed himself down a little, his next task is to find anything that can distract him from the filthy racket that the pair are making. He sits his back up straight and tunes into the news that's playing on the TV.

The black haired reporter on the screen drones on, "-yes, the start of this year has been exceptional for pro hero Red Riot, we are seeing him climb up the hero charts to claim the-"

"OH GOD— HARDER KACCHAN, HARDER! YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!" Deku's screaming now and it has completely drowned out the TV. So much for a fucking distraction.

With a blush burning his face once again, Bakugo shoots up from the couch angrily and yanks his hair in frustration. "Fuck, this is so embarrassing!" He growls to himself as he begins to pace around in a flustered state.

The banging on the wall and bed creaking has ramped up to an impossibly fast speed now, reverberating into the living room and causing the pictures on the wall closest to the hallway to shake. Bakugo just watches in muted horror, he yet again cannot even fathom that this is happening.

The voice of his older self roars out a long drawn out moan, "Yeahhh, that's it baby! C’mon, fuckin' cum for me!"

A clinking sound from a picture falling on the floor grabs Katsuki's attention, so he figures why the hell not, and stomps his way over to it to take a look.

Hovering over the cracked frame, he swoops his hand down to pick it up. Once it's brought to his face, Bakugo's eyes widen and he chokes on his breath.


His heart is thundering in his chest, a calamity so hard in his ribcage that it's pulsating in his ear drums. It almost drowns out the lewd sounds around him. Almost.

He swallows thickly, hands shaking as he brings the photo closer to his face to make sure he's really seeing what he thinks he's seeing.

No...! This isn't...!

In the photo shows Katsuki, adorned in a white tuxedo with a dark green tie. He's got a snarky cocksure smile on his face, but there are tears glistening in his eyes. Held in his arms is Izuku in a matching tuxedo, but with sheer crown veil is atop his head, and he is ugly crying. Both men are outside of a beautiful church, with various familiar faces of friends and family on both sides of them. The bottom of the white frame reads Bakugo Katsuki and Bakugo Izuku, with silver hearts and wedding bands under their names.

Katsuki's stomach is churning, nausea completely overtaking him as he can't seem to get a breath in. He's in a total state of shock, trembling hands clenching the frame even harder. There's a hurricane of thoughts crashing in his mind, and yet he can't seem to collect a coherent thought. The only thing clear in his mind is;

I can't believe it. No, I won't believe it!

All at once, a blinding white light pierces his vision. He scrunches his eyes tightly and hisses in pain. After a moment, his vision settles and he's back in the agency, hands still held with the girl and her big ass eyes in his face.

"So, how was it?!" She squeals, removing her hands from his to clasp them together in excitement.

His expression is dazed as he just stares straight ahead, seeming to not register a word. After a moment, he blinks once, snaps his face towards her, and his expression quickly morphs into fury.

With teeth clenching, he snatches her by the shirt and shakes her violently, throttling her back and forth as she squawks.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" He bellows as he stops his assault, looming into her face with the most threatening expression he can conjure.

Instead of fear, this snide bitch just laughs. "What? Didn't like what you saw? Not my fault, mister number one hero."

He releases her, and she falls back into the couch cushions with an oof.

"You trying to make a fool out of me?!" He fumes as his palms pop explosions uncontrollably. "You're a fucking liar, with a shitty ass quirk. Fuck you!" Storming away, he grumbles, stomping loudly and slamming the door shut behind him.

Stupid bitch, mocking me like that. That is not my fucking future.

And at that moment, Katsuki decides that he's going to deny what he saw until the last day of his dying breath.


The following morning, Katsuki enters the classroom visibly worse for wear; uniform wrinkled, blond spikes completely flat down on one side of his head while the other side is sticking out even more wild than usual. His usually flawless complexion is blemished with dark circles under his eyes too. Really, he just looks like a wreck.

Sleeping last night sucked, tossing and turning until daybreak for reasons completely unrelated to yesterday's events. Normally he wouldn't come into class looking like a bag of shit, but with being pressed for time since he slept through his alarm, he had no choice. No way in hell he was going to let one bad night ruin his perfect attendance.

Getting the usual good morning greetings from his classmates, he only responds by grumbling while keeping his eyes fixated on the floor as he makes his way towards his desk.

I feel like shit, but I'm still gonna make today my bitch.

As he reaches his destination, his eyes travel up from the floor to his desk, and all at once, his stomach does an unusual flip at the sight before him.

Just behind his desk stands Deku with his backside facing Katsuki, casually in conversation with another classmate. His arms are crossed and his head is tossed back in light laughter. The sight really is nothing abnormal by any means, but just seeing the nerd revs up his heart to acceleration as he's instantly reminded of the crazy shit he saw yesterday. A hot blush lights him on fire, burning across his cheeks and down his neck, and that really pisses Katsuki off. He's stopping those thoughts in their tracks right now.

No, there's no way that was my future. I don't know how, but that bitch was skewing my vision or some shit, that's all.

Yes, what Bakugo saw yesterday was just an illusion— a mirage conjured up by that girl simply just to make a fool out of him. With this being his decision on the matter, he crushes those anxious feelings and thoughts away into dust. He's Bakugo motherfuckin' Katsuki, he won't let something like this screw with his mind.

Now with a level head, Bakugo arrives at his desk and drops his bag onto the floor with a loud thunk. The sound alerts Deku on his arrival, so the green haired teen turns around for a greeting.

"Good morning, Kacchan! Oh, um..." Izuku trails off, eyes shining with mirth as he appears to be attempting on holding back a smile.

Katsuki arches a brow at him and grouses, "Got somethin' to say, nerd?"

Clasping his hands behind his back, Izuku averts his eyes away. "Uh, nope! Well, yes actually," deciding to meets Katsuki's eyes again, he allows himself a forced smile. "How did your interning go?"

The blond leans back against his desk and crosses his arms, nose tilted up as he side eyes him. "It sucked total ass and it was boring as fuck. Just had to be cramped in a small dorm with a buncha losers." He utters boredly, conveniently making sure to leave out last night's events.

Izuku responds with an understanding nod and hum. Just behind him, Kaminari approaches and glances at Bakugo, perplexed yet amused. "Woah, dude! Did you stick a fork in the toaster this morning or something?"

Izuku whips around his head to give Kaminari a heated glare that translates to really?! while Katsuki just glowers at the electric blond.

Evidently, Kaminari seems unfazed by this, proceeding to point at Bakugo's disheveled hair and cackling. "Your hair! It—"

"Looks perfectly fine," Izuku interjects as he swoops into Katsuki's space to smooth his hands through his unruly hair in an attempt to tame it.

This is something that Bakugo would not have let slide in the past. No one, especially Deku, would have ever been allowed to get in his personal space and touch him like this. But, with personal growth that has accompanied the years that have went by, Bakugo is way more tolerable with his handsy friends. In fact, he's completely used to it by now and usually just grumbles through it.

But for some bizarre reason, Katsuki's stomach is somersaulting at Deku's touch. The way those nimble fingers graze his scalp has the explosive teen frozen on the spot. This new feeling makes him feel really uneasy, but at the same time it feels like all brain function has ceased.

Moments pass and the shorter boy removes his hands from his hair, and then proceeds to give the top of Katsuki's head a couple of pats to convey he's finished. Bakugo exhales slowly, releasing a breath that he didn't even realize he held.

"There!" The nerd declares with a cheesy dork grin spread across his face. With his hands on his hips, Izuku puffs out his chest and nods, apparently proud of his work.

With a facial expression as blank as his mind, Katsuki attempts to look up at his now fixed hair, appearing cross-eyed as he does so. But after a moment, his hair just poofs back into the previously messy state it was in. Bakugo blinks a couple of times before all cognitive function starts to resume. Kaminari howls in laughter, doubled over and grabbing his stomach.

Deku attempts to hide his giggles behind his hand. "Sorry Kacchan," Izuku removes the hand hiding his smile to place it behind his head sheepishly. "It just looks like you had a rough night, and I didn't want to point it out." He utters modestly, but obvious amusement still stuck on his face.

In lieu of jumping down their throats, Bakugo just turns away from the two idiots to plant himself into his seat, trying to ignore the nausea created by the tidal waves crashing in his stomach.

After a few deeps breaths, his stomach decides to stop being a bitch and finally settles down. Katsuki huffs in irritation, mad at the fact that his body reacted this way from Izuku.

Bullshit, that didn't have anything to do with Deku. I'm just hungry is all, didn't have time for breakfast.

After coming to that obviously correct conclusion, he reaches down and pulls his bag into his lap. He rummages through it, pulling out his notebook and placing it onto his desk, followed by his pencil. Dammit, his patience is getting tested rather early, but he's still going to make today his bitch.

"Hey bro. Uh, you look like shit." A voice that sounds an awful lot like Kirishima pipes up from somewhere, and Bakugo grits his teeth in irritation, snapping the pencil in his grip in half. He swivels in his seat to face the red head, ready to launch a verbal assault.

"Shut the fu—"

"Alright everyone!" Iida's blaring voice booms in the classroom to grab everyone's attention. "Begin taking your seats now, as class will begin in just a few minutes!" He ushers while making his usual chopping motions, followed by the sounds of shuffling feet scuffing the floor as everyone settles down into their seats. Bakugo snaps his jaw shut and sits forward, grumbling to himself as he waits for class to start.


Class feels like it's been dragging on for hours and yet only 30 minutes has passed by.

With a cheek resting on his palm, Bakugo's dry eyes flutter as he struggles to keep them open. The effects from last night's insomnia is hitting him full force now, and the boring tone of Aizawa's voice isn't helping at all.

Bakugo always makes sure that he is consistently alert in class every single day, especially with graduation just around the corner. However, today's the last day before school is out for a week break, so he figures that he can slack off just this once. Thank God, Katsuki's not one to bitch and moan about the workload, but even he can admit that it's been a grueling year.

With Aizawa's voice droning on and on, Katsuki allows his eyelids to slowly shut. Damn, it feels so good too. The burning sensation in his eyes starts to seep away, and before he knows it, he's lulling into a nap.

Before he can doze too long, a gentle tap is felt on his shoulder, and his eyes snap open. After literal years in these assigned seats, he doesn't have to even look to know that it's Deku trying to get his attention.

Katsuki lifts his face from his hand pillow to turn to the side, giving Deku a view of his profile followed by a grunt in acknowledgment.

In his peripheral vision, Izuku leans in to bring his mouth up to Bakugo's ear, cupping his hand over it for a whisper. "Are you planning to visit your parents on break?" His warm breath ghosting over his ear gives Katsuki a slight chill.

Choosing to ignore the goose bumps rising up on his flesh, he mulls the question over for a bit. Not once had he thought about visiting his parents on his time off, he supposes he ought to.

Katsuki cranes his head back slightly to reply in a gruff whisper of his own. "Don't want to, but the hag will bitch at me if I don’t turn up at least once."

Deku nods. "Good, I'm going to visit mom sometime next week. So, I was wondering if we could go together, I'd like to see how your parents are doing."

Bakugo rolls his eyes. "Pft, I don't hafta be there if you wanna see 'em, you know where I live, dipshit."

Deku scoffs and furrows his brows, "Kacchan, I'm not going to just go to your house without you, that's weird!" He whisper yells, lifting his palm up in disbelief.

Bakugo scoffs back at Izuku, throwing that sassy attitude right back into the nerd's face, then turns around in his seat completely so he can face him for a retort. "Yeah well, it ain't my fault that-"

"Midoriya, Bakugo. I don't think your classmates appreciate having their lesson disrupted by your obnoxious flirting." Aizawa cuts in dully, and the class bursts into giggles and snickers.

Both boys turn back into their seats abruptly, a light blush dusting on their cheeks.

Damn it.


A lunch tray slams down on the empty table, causing the piled on noodles to shift slightly. Following after this is Bakugo plopping down into the seat before him. Vermillion eyes scan the surroundings of the lunchroom, looking for any of his classmates. None too many as of yet, at least ones that won't bother him. He's surprised; usually his friends are like sharks, sniffing him out like blood in water. It's really irritating at times. He sighs through his nose in relief.

Good, I've had enough bullshit already today. I'm not in the mood for any more.

He breaks apart his chopsticks, thanking the heavens that he can for once have a lunch period in peace and quiet. Digging his utensils into the food, he brings the steaming noodles up to his mouth and chomps down, reveling in the array of flavors. It's not even remotely spicy enough for his tastes, but it's still pretty damn good.

"Hey man!" Appearing out of nowhere is Kirishima, slapping the blond boy’s back in greeting. The action catches Katsuki off guard and he sucks in a breath, in turn causing him to choke on his food.

Unbothered by his hacking and coughing, the red head sits down on his left side, followed by Mina accompanying him on his right.

Mina shoots him a puzzled look; those black and gold orbs just watching him repeatedly hit his chest in an attempt to dislodge the food. "You know, if you actually took the time to slow down to eat, then maybe you wouldn't choke." She states matter-of-factly as she wags her finger at him. Apparently, she feels that lecturing him would better help his situation, rather than actually doing something about it. Shitty hair next to him begins to eat his lunch as if Bakugo's not dying right next to him.

Great, and now Kaminari and Sero set their trays down across from him, taking a seat to just watch him cough and sputter. This is just perfect.

With a snicker, Sero reprimands him while gesturing a hand to Mina. "Yeah dude, listen to mom!" She beams proudly at that, pleased with this self-proclaimed title in the Bakusquad.

With one final thump to his chest, the food finally dislodges out of his windpipe. After wiping his mouth off with the back of his hand, he shoots the entire table the most menacing death glare he could muster. If looks could kill, one by one they'd already be on the floor.

"Useless fucktards." He spits out before attempting to stand up, but is stopped abruptly when Kirishima puts a hardened arm around his neck to bring him back down into his seat.

"Hey man, turn that frown upside down, today's the last day of class! Aren't you excited?!" Kirishima chirps happily, squishing his cheek onto Katsuki's head with a stupid smile plastered on his face.

Bakugo grits his teeth and seethes angrily, "If you don't get the hell off me right now, I'm gonna tear your arm off and shove it up your ass!"

"Ooh, kinky! Who knew Blasty was such a freak?" Kaminari quips suggestively while wiggling his eyebrows.

Sero pipes in with a laugh and elbows Kaminari, "Hah! I bet he's into s&m! He seems like the type to want to beat up someone in the sack."

The manicured fingers of Mina start snapping to grab everyone's attention. "Alright boys, there will be no kink shaming at my table!" She tries to say that with a straight face, but fails at it and they all continue to giggle. She gives Katsuki an endearing look and continues, "Our angry boy here likes to act all tough, but I bet he'd be gentle and caring in bed."

This conversation is really bizarre, and it's pissing Katsuki off even more than he already is.

Kirishima tightens the iron grip on his neck, "Is that right bro? You gonna treat me right?" He snickers while wiggling Katsuki's head back and forth.

By now, a rather large vein is bulging out of Katsuki's forehead, and he's just about at the boiling point.

"Fucking— shitty hair! I swear to God I'm going to strangle you if you don't remove yourself from me!" He threatens, completely enraged as he claws at the arm around his neck.

The redhead relents and finally removes his arm, then places his hand on his chin thoughtfully. "Hm, can't say I'm into choking, but I'd try it once for you." He jests with a shrug, and Bakugo has had it.

Katsuki slams a popping fist on the table and screeches angrily, "Will you guys shut the hell up about this?! It's weird as fuck!"

Kaminari points an accusing chopstick to the others, "Yeah guys, stop talking about Bakugo's non-existent sex life." He jeers, making sure to emphasize on the non-existent part, and they continue to chuckle.

"It’s only non-existent because you're always emotionally constipated. If you ever want to get laid, you're going to have to be more approachable, you know." Pinky addresses as she stuffs a pork cutlet into her mouth.

These assholes just won't let up! Bakugo swears that one day these idiots are going to push him past the brink of his sanity, and will literally blow them all up. But alas, today is not that day. For now, steam is practically billowing out of his ears, and his face is completely twisted in anger.

Sero scrunches his face up in a grimace. "Yeah, wow. You're gonna stay a virgin forever if you keep up with that face."

Bakugo juts his chin out and eyes the black haired boy. "Fuck off, soy sauce! I ain't lookin’ to get laid. 'Sides, it’s not like any of you aren't virgins either."

A scoff comes from Kaminari after that, and the electric blond looks mildly offended. "Hey, you don't know that!" He says while smiling smugly, but he looks stupid because he has a piece of rice stuck on his chin. This dumbass is seriously insinuating he's had sex, as if.

This time, Kirishima snorts with an amused grin. "Dude, no offense, but no one would touch you with a ten foot pole!" Laughter and pffts erupt from the table, and finally the teasing is directed at someone else other than Katsuki.

Kaminari sags in his seat with a pout, and Mina reaches forward to flick the rice off his face and pat his shoulder comfortingly. "There there, Kami. Look at the bright side, at least you aren't Mineta!" She sniggers as she pinches his cheek.

"Yeah, that dude doesn't have a chance." Kirishima remarks with a mouth full of food.

At this point, Katsuki is so fucking over this; but at least they've directed conversation elsewhere. He stuffs his mouth full of his noodles and chews thoughtfully.

Assholes. What do they even know? Talking like they have sex lives or some shit. At least I know I'll have Deku screaming from my bomb-ass sex.

Bakugo's eyes widen.


The shocking realization of that thought even crossing his mind feels like a literal sucker punch to his gut, causing him to sputter and spit out his mouthful of food all over Kaminari.

"Dude, what the hell?!" He screeches in total shock. By the time everyone whips their head to gape at Bakugo, he's already out of his seat, sweating and storming away with a killer blush.


"Is that all you've got?!" Bakugo snarls in Uraraka's face, and she snarls right back with grit teeth. They're both clad in their blue gym suits, arms locked as they push against one another in an attempt to grapple each other down to the ground.

For PE today, everyone's been assigned sparring partners for non-quirk training, and Bakugo is so glad that he can finally let off some of this aggression. What's even better about this is that he has a partner that he knows he doesn't have to hold back on, not that he would have anyway.

Even though it's early afternoon, the sun is beating down hard on the students. Sweat trickles down both of their faces, and the heat causes her naturally pink cheeks to flush even deeper. She grins and huffs in his face.

"You're way too cocky, that's gonna be your downfall, you know." She says through grit teeth in an attempt to distract him while she sweeps a leg behind his ankle to try and make him lose his footing. However, he's already predicted that move and side steps out of it, looping his arm below to catch her leg and flip her behind him.

Landing on her back with an oof, she shakes off the rattling in her head to peer up at him. He towers over her, shaded silhouette of his shadow darkening over her features.

"Try again, you still got leagues to go if you wanna get on my level. Stupid pathetic bitch." He says maliciously, though he really doesn't mean those words. If there's one thing he's learned over the years, it's that Ochako's tough as hell, and she's neither pathetic or a bitch. But he hopes that patronizing will ruffle her feathers, because he's really craving a harder challenge than this.

She growls savagely and springs up to her feet to launch an attack at him. Too easy, he thinks. The taunting worked just like he predicted.

With his next move already calculated, the muscles on his body clench as he braces for her assault. But, before her fist can make any contact, the high pitched squeal of a whistle blows.

"Time! Get ready to switch!" Cementoss bellows and all movement screeches to a halt.

She throws her head back and groans loudly. "Uhg! I was just about to pin you down too!" She stomps cutely in a fit, cheeks puffed out and arms straight down at her sides balled up in tight fists.

He can't help to snort at her childish behavior. "Keep dreamin' round cheeks, you weren't gonna do shit," He muses, placing one hand on his hip while the other hand shoos her away.

She hmphs at him, but her pout curls into a smile when she catches a glimpse of Bakugo's next sparring partner approaching. Following her line of site is Deku, all smiley and shit as he steps into the spar circle, and a shot of adrenaline spikes through Katsuki.

No, he will not even believe for a second that the reason for his racing heart is caused from anything other than pre-fight jitters, especially since he had successfully repressed the memory from the intrusive thought he had at lunch.

With a smile still on his face, Izuku tags her with a high-five, but locks his grip in hers in somewhat of a handshake instead of letting go. This singular motion alone causes the muscles in his vascular forearm to shift. Stupid Deku is small, but what he lacks in stature makes up for in bulk; he's a solid powerhouse of muscle. Also, his gym uniform is damp with sweat, accentuating the carved muscles of his pectorals and plains of his abs even more.

Speaking of sweat, Bakugo seems to be perspiring copiously right at this moment, even more so than when he was sparring earlier. Damn, it's getting hotter by the minute out here, so hot that Katsuki has to pull the collar of his uniform out to try to get some air in there, ridiculous.

It's a good thing that they are assigned non-quirk training, because Deku would have been blown to bits with as much sweat Katsuki's accumulating.

"Kick his butt, Deku!" She exclaims with a wave as she trots away.

The greenette swivels to face him now. "Don't worry Uraraka," that oh so innocent smile morphs dangerously, demeanor changing predacious as he stalks toward Katsuki. "Kacchan will be limping by the time I'm done with him."

Scarlet eyes dilate, excitement bursts out of Katsuki's chest and surges all through his veins, right down into his fingertips. His hands start to twitch, just itching to take some sort of action. Yes, this is going to be the challenge that he craves. If there’s one person that knows how to push his buttons, it’s Midoriya Izuku.

A maniacal grin twists Katsuki's features and he begins to pop his knuckles. "Go ahead and keep talking shit like the little bitch you are. You know I ain't afraid to hit a girl." He goads, fixating his eyes onto Izuku's, just daring him to attack.

The small flicker of embers in Deku's eyes roar into life, blazing green orbs threating to destroy everything in his path. Deku has a mad competitive streak, so when he's riled up, it is intense. His energy matches Katsuki's like no other. The smaller teen squares his shoulders and Katsuki takes his fighting stance as well, both holding their breath. A small gust of wind tousles their hair as they stand still, waiting for their start signal.

Once the whistle blows, they are immediately on each other. Izuku strikes first, scarred fist going in for a right hook, but Bakugo ducks out of the way just to turn around to jam an elbow into him. He misses though, arm just barely grazing Izuku's side, which gives the smaller teen the opportunity to grab ahold of his arm.

With Katsuki's arm in his grip, he twists his body in attempt to throw the blond down to the ground. However, Katsuki kicks his leg out to hook it behind Deku's, effectively bringing them both down on their knees for a grapple.

Bakugo tucks his shoulder down and rams it straight into Izuku's chest, knocking a breath out of him. Before the smaller teen can register it, he's crashed onto the ground and flipped on his side, Bakugo's chest to his back.

Izuku pivots his hips forward, attempting to roll onto his back, but just as his hips lift up, Katsuki's strong legs are pretzled over his in a vice grip, effectively locking his backside against the front of his pelvis.

Katsuki hooks an arm around Deku's neck, digging his forearm deep and putting him into a chokehold. With both his hands still free, Deku attempts to jab him in the face with the back of one of his elbows. This is to no avail as Katsuki just hooks his arm around his to bend it back to a painful degree, earning him a hiss through his teeth.

Now with only one arm free now, Izuku attempts to pull at the arm strangling his neck to try to and loosen the grip, squeezing Katsuki's bicep as hard as he can.

It doesn't work, Bakugo's not letting up on his neck one bit, so Deku resorts to thrashing his body wildly, trying to do anything to loosen up.

Izuku is thoroughly trapped.

Bringing a mouth to his ear, Bakugo taunts with a rasp. "What'cha gonna do now, shitstain? N’ to think you had the gall to talk shit when your ass is getting handed t' ya." Deku responds by growling and thrashing his head, but the grip on his neck just tightens.

"Give it up, asshole!" Katsuki grits out before bending Izuku's arm back even more and the pain causes Deku to elicit a loud stuttering moan.

"Ahn! K-kacchan!"

Instantly, Katsuki's flinches, heart leaping into his throat from the sound that just ripped out of Deku. Though the moan was stemmed from pain, to Katsuki it sounded absolutely X-rated. And now, completely against his will, Bakugo is blushing. Deep hue of red is spreading throughout his cheeks and all the way down his neck.

Holy shit! That sounded like-

"Fuck!" Katsuki curses, train of thought interrupted as an elbow slams forcefully into his nose and jarring his brain. With his guard down for a split second, Izuku didn't miss the opportunity to tear free as all of the grips on his body loosened up.

Stars spackle in his vision, and Katsuki wasn't aware that he was rolled over onto his back until it was too late; the heavy body weight of Izuku is pressed down on his lap. He feels strong thighs begin squeezing his waist, steadily gripping tighter and causing him to wheeze. Then, his hands are yanked harshly above his head, and it's Bakugo's turn to thrash, body arching up and squirming in an escape attempt. It's no use though, Izuku has his wrists locked and firmly planted into the ground.

Emerald eyes rake over Katsuki's squirming body almost rabidly; the smaller man seems to be pleased with how he's gained the upper hand. Deku leans down, his freckled face twisted in a smile as he hovers just inches from Katsuki's own.

"What's the matter, Kacchan?" He pants tauntingly, warm breath fanning over his face. And hello, why did that sound so erotic?! Surely Katsuki's not imagining it to be that way, right?

Then, the whistle blows, and Katsuki's hands have been released. Izuku lifts himself out of his lap to stand, wiping dirt off of his legs. Katsuki however, continues to lay on the ground unmoving, with the exception of his chest heaving from exertion. He's also sporting a stupefied look as he just stares at the sky, squinting from the brightness of the sun.

Like a switch had been flipped, Izuku is out of his competitive mode and back to his sweet nature. "Good spar, Kacchan!" He says, smiling at Katsuki and extending a hand down for him. Once his senses come back, his face contorts to a scowl. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't take the offered hand and instead just swats it away.

He jumps up off the ground without a word, blush on his face refusing to leave as he storms away, leaving a confused yet concerned looking Deku behind.


Finally, it’s the end of this hellish school day. Classes have just ended and everyone is heading back to their respective dorm rooms.

Bakugo trudges sluggishly down the hall, bag dragging on the floor behind him as he makes his way to his room. He's absolutely exhausted, achy, and cranky. Today was a total crapshoot.

Thank fuck, now I can finally get some time to myself. He sighs to himself as he halts in front of his door to fish out the key from his pocket.

"Hey, Bakubro!"

Katsuki cringes, almost dropping his keys at the resounding holler echoing from the end of the hall.

He clenches his jaw and curses.

Shitty hair. You gotta be kidding me!

All he wants is just some alone time, dammit!

The redhead comes into view as he rounds the corner of the hall, bounding up to him like an excited puppy. Behind his stead trails Kaminari and Sero, and Katsuki's eyes widen.

Oh hell no!

The key is jammed into the lock urgently, and not a second later the door is swung open with the blond sweeping into the room as fast as he can. He pulls the door shut, but it's met with resistance and doesn't close.

"The hell?!" He fumes, repeatedly yanking the door back, only for it to just keep springing forward. Craning his head out, he spots Sero's tape wrapped around the door knob, along with said boy still attached to it. Kirishima and Kaminari flank his sides, and all three of the fuckers faces are split with wide toothy grins.

"Seriously?! I get enough of you idiots throughout the day, what's a guy gotta do to get some peace around here?!" He barks out, but quickly blanches as the three just push past him easily and enters the room.

His face quickly morphs back into anger, steam flaring out of his nostrils. "Oi! What do you assholes think you're doing?! Get the hell out!" He yells, shaking his fist animatedly.

Ultimately, he's ignored. Sero drops down to sit cross-legged in the floor, Kaminari takes a seat in his desk chair, and Kirishima has sprawled out on his bed. Bakugo is vibrating with anger at this point, and the others are impassive to it. The nerve of these idiots!

"Wow dude, your bed's way more comfy than mine!" Kirishima hums as he rolls over to snuggle into the pillows happily.

Growling, Katsuki stomps over to the bed and snatches the pillow out from underneath the redhead, causing him to whine. The whines quickly turn muffled as Katsuki holds the pillow down over his face in an attempt to smother him.

"Die, fucker!"

"Hey guys, guess who I am!" Kaminari pipes up and all heads turn to him. The electric blond has one of Bakugo's gauntlets secured on his wrist, and he hops out of the chair while twisting his face into the ugliest scowl he could muster. He proceeds to stomp around the room waving the gauntlet in the air, and tries to mimic Katsuki's deep voice. "Grr, look at me! I'm gonna beat you up! I want people to think I'm tough, but really I'm just mad all the time because I've got micro-dick!"

Everyone starts howling with laughter, and the pillow in Bakugo's trembling hand explodes, feathers flying in every direction. This is it, the last straw, and this fucker's dead meat now.

"I'LL KILL YOU, BASTARD!!" He screeches at the top of his lungs before lunging towards Kaminari. His eyes bug out and he squeals in terror, swiftly jumping out of the way to avoid the fuming blond's attack. In his panicked haste, he trips over Sero and crashes to the floor, sprawling on top of the tape hero.

"Wait!" Kirishima wails and springs off the bed, attempting to defend the two boys tangled in the floor before Katsuki's reaches them.


Screams and crashes, accompanied by the all too familiar sound of a certain fellow classmate's yells are echoing throughout the dormitory hallway. Iida, who is currently standing in the hall, is alerted at the troubling noises and quickly power walks (since quirk usage is strictly prohibited indoors!) his way to the source of the racket. Rounding the corner, he spots Bakugo's door cracked open, and there is no doubt that the noise is coming from within the room.

"Is everything alright?!" Iida bellows, hustling his way over to thrust the door open. He gasps and his eyes blow wide at the scene before him. Bakugo has his hands around Kaminari's neck, throttling him back and forth unmercifully, while Sero and Kirishima are hogtied together in the floor with Sero's tape. Muffled pleas come from the boys, mouths wrapped tight and their eyes watering as they look helplessly up at Iida.

Iida is simply aghast at the situation! But as the class president, it's his duty to quickly take control of all distressing affairs, no matter the severity.

"Bakugo! What's the meaning of all of this?!"

Katsuki snaps his head towards him, and he looks completely feral. He may as well be foaming at the mouth!


Kaminari croaks a pitiful help me, so the bespectacled man swiftly races over to the calamity in an attempt to apprehend Katsuki.

"Mind your damn business, glasses!" Katsuki roars, dropping Kaminari to the floor in favor of backing up to dodge Iida. The poor electric boy crawls away, scrambling to get to safety.

"Bakugo! You are being unruly; this is very unbecoming of you!" Iida scolds him, trying to crowd the explosive teen into a corner, but the smaller man just kicks out a leg in front of him to try to keep distance.

Katsuki is being quite unreasonable, though Iida really shouldn't be surprised of his behavior.

Bakugo miscalculates his steps, and trips over the tied up classmates on the floor, landing right on his butt. This seems to enrage him even further, so Iida must act quickly to take control.

He towers over him now, but Katsuki just throws open palms to him face readying and explosion. He really is out of control!

"I'M GONNA FUCKING— HAH?!" His threat is cut short. With confusion wrinkled on Katsuki's brow, it appears that he feels before he sees the two arms loop under his armpits to pull him up off of the floor.

"Kacchan, what's going on?"

Thank goodness, Midoriya's on the scene now. His presence is calm, voice soothing but stern, and his brows are furrowed down in worry.

Once Katsuki realizes he's been detained, he begins to thrash around in the arms locked around him, spewing even more vulgar curses.

Green sparks fly around their bodies as full cowl is activated, locking the blond tight against his chest in an unbreakable grip.

This proves to just infuriate him even more, screaming and raving. "Let me go, asshole! I'll kick your ass too!" He continues to fight, though he probably knows it's no use.

Despite the rabid boy thrashing around, Izuku is still completely calm, looking up at Iida with exasperation. "I'll take it from here Iida, please just untie them." He gestures his head to the two wiggling boys on the floor, and Iida nods in affirmation.

Izuku backs up and starts dragging him out of the room effortlessly, Bakugo still flailing in his arms. Deku can be heard saying "Kacchan, remember your breathing exercises," as he exits the room.


Not long after, Katsuki is found standing in front of the communal kitchen sink, teeth clenched and grumbling as he washes the dishes. After that whole fiasco, Iida had decided that apparently a punishment was in order- as if getting irritated by his annoying friends isn't punishment enough. Though at first, Katsuki had been assigned dish duty for a full week. But, Deku convinced him to lighten up the penalty to just dish duty tonight only, saying, "Kacchan's just on edge because it's been a stressful semester."

That pisses him off to no end. No wait; this whole day has pissed Katsuki off, so much idiotic fuckery that just blew his lid off. He grips the sponge tight in his grasp and scrubs a pan harder than necessary.

Tch. I ain't stressed about nothin'. I'm just surrounded by morons everywhere I go. None of this shit was my fault, dammit!

Perhaps Katsuki's been on edge since last night's events? Not a chance. He refuses to entertain the thought; it's already been erased from his mind again anyway.

He snaps out of his reverie when the sound of someone clearing their throat is heard just to the right of him. Looking up, he of course finds Deku standing there. Honestly, Bakugo's too tired to even say anything to the nerd, so he just grunts.

Deku scratches his cheek, chuckling sheepishly as he hands Katsuki a dirty bowl. Wordlessly, it's swiped out of the scarred hand and dunked under the sink water.

Katsuki continues working while Izuku just stands there, giving him an irritatingly thoughtful look, not verbalizing a thing. This goes on for a while, but it's not even awkward. Bakugo's used to this sort of thing after being stuck by him all of these years.

Sighing, the freckled boy finally speaks. "I know none of that was your fault earlier,"

Hm, that was Katsuki's literal thought just a moment ago. Izuku can be annoying, but he's excellent at reading Katsuki; always seeming to understand him better than anyone else, the fucker.

After pausing, Izuku leans against the counter next to the sink, folding his arms and continuing. "Well, you didn't have to resort to violence, so that was on you, but..."

Katsuki just narrows his eyes at him.

Deku's expression softens, "But, I know that those guys can be a little overbearing— "

"Tch, understatement of the year."

The interjection causes Izuku to huff a gentle laugh. "Yeah, I imagine that it can get exhausting really fast when you have to sit there and just take it when they irritate you— holding it all in while trying not to blow them up. You've gotten a lot better at controlling your temper."

That he has, and he's worked damn hard on it too. In addition to the other factors of his mental growth, the memories of bullying Deku served him a reminder that he needs to get his act together. What kind of hero abuses people? That nagging guilt urged him to change, to lengthen that short fuse of his. So he did, and he's a better man now, letting the past go... for the most part.

Deku claps a hand on Katsuki's shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze, only for Katsuki to shrug it off with a sneer. "Don’t pity me, nerd."

The shorter boy just smiles at him genuinely. "I'm not. I'm just reminding you that I'm on your side."

This sincere bastard causes the tiniest bit of warmth to flare up in Katsuki's chest, rolling through him in waves of promising comfort. How annoying.

"Yeah yeah, enough with the sap. Get outta here, ya twerp." Katsuki flicks a wet hand in Izuku's direction, waving him away with a few droplets of water splashing out.

Green eyes widen, mouth parting open with an incredulous scoff. "Hey, I'm not a twerp anymore! I'm almost as tall as you are now!" He steps up to Katsuki's hunched form to straighten his own back, trying to make a height comparison.

This is true, Deku has grown a bit in the past few years. During their second year, he hit a small growth spurt, gaining a couple of inches in height, and even more inches in muscled width. But so did Katsuki, making him still taller than Deku.

Katsuki straightens his back as well to prove his point. "Yeah well, you're still shorter than me, which makes you a stupid nerdy shrimp. You ain’t ever gonna catch up to me, so you might as well stop tryin'." Katsuki jabs, now deliberately flicking water on him.

The shorter boy snorts, rolling his eyes and checking Katsuki with his hip playfully. "Whatever you say, Kacchan."

A smirk curves at Katsuki's lips as he checks him right back. He doesn't want to admit it, but talking with Izuku helped his frazzled nerves, and he finds himself winding down.

Evidently, Izuku feels the same with the way he's yawning and pulling his arms above his head in a stretch. "So glad it’s Friday, I'm wore out. I think I'm going to head to bed."

He gives Bakugo one final smile, looking all sleepy and dopey. "Goodnight Kacchan, I hope you sleep well." And with that, he turns around and strolls out of the kitchen.

The running faucet is the only sound in the room since Katsuki doesn’t bother to reciprocate a goodbye, even though the warm feeling from earlier still resides in his chest.


"Fucking finally..."

Katsuki groans to himself as he flops onto his bed face first, clad only in his red boxers. After finishing the dishes and showering, he's finally alone in the comfort of his own bedroom.

With a relieved sigh, those broad shoulders roll as he turns to lie on his back, reaching out to click off the tableside lamp before pulling the comforter over him. The room is dimly lit only by the pale moonlight peeking through the curtains to his balcony, just the way he likes it. He sinks into his pillows happily, body aching and his eyes are so heavy. At long last, his eyes fall shut to slumber.


Bloodshot eyes snap open.

Who the fuck is texting me?!

A hand slams on his nightstand, pulling his phone screen into view and squinting his eyes to read the text.

Shitty Hair: Hey! You comin to the mall with us tomorrow?

With grit teeth, he turns his phone off, flopping irritatingly back under the covers. His eyes shut again, and immediately, he's swept into a much welcomed slumber.