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Coach Barnes

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Every Monday through Friday, you were woken up by the irritating ringing of your iPhone's alarm clock at preciously 6:30am. It was a tedious routine but one you had no choice over. You had to get up in the early hours of the morning, shower, get ready and head down to her high school every single day all because your stupid gym coach had enforced a new compulsory early morning practice for you and the rest of the junior girls Netball team some months ago.

Last night however you had somehow managed to forget to plug in your charger into your phone, leaving you to wake up in the morning with complete terror running through your veins once the realized had hit you. You hadn't woken up as per usual by the well known sound of the Radar themed alarm. With a silent thank to your natural body clock for waking you up before you would be completely late, you plugged your phone in and waited a minute until it switched back on. It was only 7:11am, meaning you had another twenty minutes before facing the possibility of getting kicked from the team and not being able to play for the rest of the semester.

With a bite to your slightly chapped lips, you began to glance back and forth from your duvet covered legs and bathroom. Did you even have time to take a shower? Surely you could take one with the one's your school had installed after practice right? Coach Barton wouldn't be so cruel as to force you to continue the rest of the day in your own filth and dirt, you tried to reassure yourself before you started to freak out anymore than you already had. A sigh erupted from your mouth as you began to lift yourself up from the mattress.

The hair tie you from the dresser nearby was what you grabbed first, pulling your tangled hair into a ponytail. There was no time to brush through it, you told yourself.

You lent your hands against the end of your bed, bending your body over to the right to take a look at your schedule for the day. Your room looked similar to the one in Love, Simon you noticed. You and the fictional character played by Nick Robinson both had a square corner of your bedrooms dedicated to fit a mattress into with the walls surrounded by it painted as chalkboards. For you, you did it due to the lack of space you were given. You could just about fit a desk and computer in there too after your closet took up a quarter of the area.

Luckily for you, it seemed as though nothing important was happening this Tuesday. Letting out a relieved breath before diverting your attention back to the more important subject at hand.

Getting to school as soon as possible.

It took you only under ten minutes to strip yourself from the pajamas you had slept in, get into your sports uniform, shove your normal school uniform into a nearby gym bag, grab a breakfast bar from the refrigerator and eventually get into your elder brother's old run down car that you had been ever so kindly handed down to on your sixteenth birthday.

You adjusted her rear view mirror to get a better look at your appearance, and as soon as you saw it you wish you hadn't. Baby hairs sticking out were what caught your attention first but the extreme eye bags and few odd spots on your forehead were what made you gasp. Tired eyes stared back at you, looking as though they begged for an extra four hours of sleep.

"Oh gosh." You grumbled, rubbing your eyes to wipe away the left over bits of sleep in the inner corners. Coming to the conclusion that sitting around staring at yourself wouldn't get you in any less trouble with the devil incarnated excuse of a coach, you swiftly found yourself driving as fast as the speed limit allowed you to.

"Where the fuck have you been!" Is the first thing you heard once you stepped out of the aged vehicle. Doing a quick 160 degree turn, your head was now facing the direction of where the familiar voice was coming from. It was Eleanor Murphy, a girl you had been close friends with since you joined the school's Netball team.

"I know, I know." You repeated yourself, closing the car door behind you as you chucked the gym bag over your shoulder and began to follow your taller friend to the field. "My phone was dead so I didn't wake up on time and I basically had to drive half asleep to get here as soon as I could." You explained, head throbbing at all the activity your tired body was feeling subjected too so quickly on in the day. "What are you doing in the parking lot anyways? Shouldn't you be doing suicides with Jasmine?"

Eleanor groaned at the mention of the dreaded punishment. Sometime last week she had been caught by Coach Barton with her nose snooping through his computer looking for the first name of Mr Rogers. All she had been attempting to do was find out what it was so that she could stalk his social media later on that night. Coach Barton however couldn't care less what she was doing, not even bothering to ask her what she had been doing, and gave her the consequences of doing a months worth of suicides.

"He hasn't shown up today, we've all just been sitting around on the grass waiting."

"Why didn't you just go home?"

"And miss seeing Mr Rogers walking past? Yeah no chance." You rolled your eyes with a chuckle. Eleanor wasn't exactly discreet about her crush on the English teacher to say the least. Whenever he was around Eleanor miraculously found her skirt had somehow managed to hike itself up an extra few inches and her top button popped off to reveal an inch of skin. He hadn't shown the minor any more attention than he did any other of her students though, which only made Eleanor scream into her pillow when her brain would remind her of her unrequited love.

"If Coach isn't gonna show up anytime soon, do you think i'll be able to get away with a quick shower? I didn't have time for one this morning." You told the black haired girl. Sometimes you couldn't help but envy Eleanor. After all, who wouldn't? She was tall, skinny, had snowy white skin and straight black hair that made her bright blue eyes pop. Not to mention her sharp cheekbones and usually impossible talent for others of being able to pull of glasses.

"Probably. I'll keep look out if you like?" She offered. You nodded in response, accepting her proposal with gratitude.

All members of any sport team were given a key to their locker rooms to use after a game or emergency if a member of staff wasn't around, so getting inside the school building wasn't a challenge for the two of them. "God I wish I had your ass." Eleanor admitted, lying herself down onto one of the changing benches, eyes following you as you stepped into the shower stall. Your brows furrowed at her confession whilst you began to undress yourself as quickly as possible. Being in such close proximity to Eleanor while nude didn't make you as nervous as you expected, you were use to it by now seeing as you two had grown so closely.

"Why?" You asked. Extending your arm to twist the valve, you managed to turn on the flow.

"What do you mean why? Have you seen it? It's huge!" Eleanor exclaimed. "I'm so flat I look like a ironing board." You shook your head at her even though she couldn't see.

"Your body is insane, El, don't even start." You reassured her as you stepped underneath the shower head, letting your hair and body get wet.

"I'm just skinny, that's it. I don't have tits or an ass like you." She continued. "What cup size even are you? A double D?"

"I think so? I dunno." Truth be told, you hadn't ever actually been measured. On average you found yourself wearing sports bras, and they only came in small, medium and large, so there was never a need to figure out whatever your band and cup size were. You only knew you were a large.

"You're so luc-" Eleanor began to speak before a loud knocking from the door came, interrupting her mid sentence. Both of you widened your eyes dramatically as the gears in your heads whirled around trying to figure out who on earth could that be. All the other girls on the team had stayed put on the field together, and if they had decided to join you two inside then they surely wouldn't of knocked.

"Ladies," It was a man, a grown and angry man by the sounds of it. "you have ten seconds to get out of there before I call the police." The person on the other side of the door sternly spoke, voice low and rough. Well, that definitely wasn't Coach Barton. "And you better have a good excuse as to why you're trespassing on private property."

You didn't spare a second of thought before you started rushing to grab your clothes that you had left resting on the door of the shower stall to retrieve later after you were done cleaning yourself. It wasn't like you had time for extra layers such as your bra and underneath thermals, which you liked to wear to keep you warm during the November chill, if you wanted to get out of the room as quickly as you possibly could to save yourself any more further dreaded repercussions. Underwear, spandex shorts and the long sleeved school logo imprinted shirt is all you had time to put on in the little amount of time you were given. Socks and tying up laces were soon forgotten about once you had noticed Eleanor seemed to of already left the locker room.

You don't think you've ever felt so absolutely terrified to turn a doorknob before. But yet here you are, breathing erratically trying to calm yourself down before you throw up all over yourself from nerves. You had one second left, judging by the slowness of his counting, and therefore you were given no other choice but to push through your anxiety and get this over with. No matter how much you wish you could just run past everyone and hide yourself into your car instead.

"So glad for you to join us." Blue eyes met your own and you instantly felt like a ton of bricks had been pushed down onto your head, forcing it down to stare at your feet in shame. God, you probably looked so stupid. Standing there with soaking wet hair and bare feet covered by half put on sneakers with the laces flown about everywhere. "Explain yourselves. Now." His tone was more intimating than a hundred angry principals all combined into one. His voice had raised itself nearing the end of his demand and you couldn't believe it but you were thinking about how much you would rather that it was Coach Barton who had caught the pair of you and not whoever this was.

Lifting your head up after he spoke, you began to discreetly analyse his face. It was an attempt to find out anything you could. Crow's feet, wrinkles along the forehead and in between his brows were the first thing your mind processed. That proved to you he was well above his twenties. But the lack of graying in his dark brown, which was surprisingly very healthy and thick, hair were what gave it away and finalized your conclusion. Mid thirties.

Next thing you examined was his attire, hoping it would give her a clue as to who he was. He was wearing a black waterproof zip up jacket and basketball shorts coupled with some rather expensive looking running shoes. Maybe he was the new gym teacher for the boys? You had heard some rumors about Coach Odinson transferring schools over a better job offer recently so it would make sense.

"Well? Start talking." He ordered once again, arms crossing over his chest.

"Sorry! But we weren't trespassing, we have keys. See!" Eleanor rushed the words out as quickly as they came to her head, hands fumbling around in her jacket pocket to prove her innocence. In a matter of second she had lifted up the lanyard key, hands trembling as she placed into the mans hands.

"It's still considered trespassing to be on the grounds without a staff present before school hours." He told her, his tone had become more calm than before as he inspected the silver.

"We weren't alone though. Well, we thought we wouldn't be-" You rambled, speaking to him for the first time since you had seen him. The blue eyed man in front of you furrowed his eyebrows at your changing story.

"We thought Coach Barton would be here, we come for practice every morning before school but he didn't show up today." Eleanor cut in, saving you from having to continue speaking. The man nodded.

"Alright. You can go." He nodded to Eleanor, believing her story well enough. "Next time, wait elsewhere than inside the building please or I will have to take this up to higher authority." He warned, both of them nodding frantically. "You, stay." He spoke, eyes burning into your own.

"B-but-" You began to stammer, eyes staring down the corridor your friend was walking down. Eleanor spared you one last look as she mouthed the word's 'I'm sorry' before opening the doors and leaving the building. She would come back again in an hour for when the school actually opened but currently it felt like she had abandoned you completely, leaving you in the clutches of an angry lion who was about ready to rip your head off.

"What's your name?" He demanded, grabbing a nearby clipboard and pen.

"Y/N L/N." You answered him, sweat beginning to form at your hairline. He hadn't asked Eleanor for hers and she had walked freely. Therefore, in your mind, you were in serious trouble. He wrote your name down on the empty piece of paper, mouth chewing on the lid he had previously taken off in order to use the pen.


"Junior." You all but whispered, his eyes connected with yours as he silently advised you to speak up next time. He had now moved the pen lid from his mouth to the end of the writing instrument so he could speak easier.

"I'm assuming you used the school's facilities?" You gave him a quizzical look, unsure on what he meant. He huffed, refraining himself from rolling his eyes. "The showers. You used the showers, am I wrong?"

"Oh right, yeah, no, I used them." You let him know.

"Okay." He shortly replied. "Your parents will be getting a water bill sometime next month." He informed you, putting down the clipboard at a nearby surface.

"What?!" You exclaimed loudly. There was no way you could allow that, if they ever even so much as heard about you being in the slightest bit of an inconvenience to one of the school's employee's then the wouldn't refrain from grounding you for god knows how long and not allowing you to take part in the annual team trip to Canada. "You're not even Coach Barton, you can't do that! I was barely even in there for a minute, that's not fair!"

He quirked a brow at your sudden outburst. Seeing as you had been so refrained and shy before, he wasn't expecting such a loud retaliation.

"No, i'm his replacement." Your face drained abruptly. "And i'd expect a bit more respect, Miss L/N, otherwise i'll be forced to remove you from the team for the rest of the year." Your mouth felt dry, you tried to let out an apology but nothing came out. Shock, you put it down too. Too surprised at who you just had verbally attacked to gain full awareness of everything around you. "However, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and trust that you were being honest with me about how long you were using the showers for and not contact your parents." All of a sudden your body now felt at ease. "Don't think you won't be getting some sort of punishment for the way you spoke to me though. You're going to be on clean up duty for the rest of the week."

Clean up duty? That was almost as bad as being grounded! You were debating jumping in front of a car right about now, it did seem like the better option than to be stuck spending an hour for the next week in a tiny closet organizing the sports equipment after already taking out a good twenty minutes of your day doing laps around the field picking up a variety of balls and other apparatus'.

According to Kate, another girl on the Netball team who had sentence in early September, the stench is so bad she had to buy nose plugs and learn to breath out of her mouth to refrain from barfing.

"Thank you so muc-" You started, aiming to thank your new Coach for letting you off so easily. In spite of that, he had cut you off before you could even start. With a raise of his hand which alone effortlessly told you he couldn't care less about what you had to say to him, he walked off leaving you alone in the hallway.

You spent a good two minutes staring at the empty space of where he previously stood. Trying to wrap your head around it. He hadn't even been your Coach for a day and yet you had already created a subtle nemesis like relationship with him. You ran your clammy hands over your shorts before attaching them to your face to groan into at the situation you had caused.

You had been so close to losing months of training, time and money spent on the sport you loved so much all due to the fact you couldn't keep your unwanted opinion to yourself. Making it up to the new Coach was second on your list of priorities. First being finding Eleanor and telling her everything that had just happened.