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And I'm Gonna See More

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~Fifteen Years Before~

It was a cool night in the town of Azaela, so to escape the chill, the town came together and made a big bonfire. The sun had set an hour ago, but the people were still about. The adults sat around and chatted, while the children ran around and laughed. Some of the elders were carving pokeballs, when Kurt, the wisest of the people stood.

"It is growing late." He announced. The kids groaned, but a smirk grew on his face. "But I believe before we return to our homes, you all deserve an old legend."

The children cheered, as one father began to look around. He spoke something to his wife, before he stood and walked through the throng of people. He smile as he spotted a familiar figure, hugging his pokemon.

"You treating Slakoth good, ___?" Norman smiled at his daughter, as she spun around. Slakoth was hugging her front, fast asleep, as the little girl giggled and ran over.

"Uh huh! He's fast asleep, nothing's gonna wake him now!" She chirped, as she made her way over. Norman laughed, as he swooped her up into his arms. She was getting big, it was sad seeing his baby girl grow up.

"Good job, my little sloth." Norman kissed ___'s forehead, as he walked back over to the main group of people. He sat down across from his wife, as he set ___ down in the grass. She had a perfect view of Kurt who threw some dust-like substance into the fire. The bonfire roared and colorful smoke rose from the flames, as some of the villagers drummed on their log seats.

"This is the legend of the first champion... A person who befriended Pokemon, who travelled all the regions, and met legendaries! They fought them with their companions and saved their people from danger that came from both Pokemon and people." Kurt started, as some percussion filled the air. Kurt clapped his hands together and began to sing. "Abandoned by their parents and raised by the gods, who could see they were destined for greatness. Though they were no bigger than you or me as a baby, they were a champion!"

Kurt danced around the fire, reenacting his lyrics. He zigzagged through the kids, ducking beside some as he extended his hands in exaggeration.

"With lightning speed! And they gave our people all the things we need, yes indeed. We were crawling on the ground. They looked around and said, "You need a little more space!" And they raised the sky!" Kurt rose up and raised his hands to the starry night sky. "So we could walk, so we could fly!"

"We were crawling on the ground. He looked around and said, "You need a little more space!" And he raised the sky. So we could walk, so we could fly!" The older kids repeated and laughed, taking each others' hands and spinning around together.

"We were walking in the dark, 'til our champ found a spark, down in the Spirit world. They climbed up higher and higher, bringing the gift of fire!" Kurt sung, hopping up onto a stump.

"We were walking in the dark, 'til Maui found a spark, down in the Spirit world. They climbed up higher and higher, bringing the gift of fire!" The adults repeated this part, with full gusto.

"When our champ was around, we were unstoppable. We shattered all the rules, ran free. We tore down every wall and we answered the call of the sea!" Kurt sung, as a sea breeze blew through the area. ___ shivered, her smile growing with every word. "We used to sail with gods, we were unstoppable. To islands, we could go explore. With every breaking dawn, our adventures would go on beyond the shore!"

___ rose from her spot on the grass, handing Slakoth to her mother, before she began to spin around. Her parents beamed at her excitement. Norman knew her soul was destined to be a champion. But at the moment, the little one's heart was somewhere else. Far beyond the land of Johto.

"Our champ taught us how to see the waves. Our champ taught us how the sea behaves. Our champ taught us how to see the skies. How to see the way the Wingull flies!" Kurt continued to sing. "Our champ taught us how the stars can guide us! the secrets that the ocean can provide us. How to see our way through wind and rain and know the way back home is there inside us!"

The fire roared as everyone hummed or danced along. Even Pokemon gathered around the surrounding area to watch the spectacle, everything seemed to be filled with joy and excitement.

"We ran the world, we were unstoppable. We learned to sail the seas alone. With every escapade, we were brave and unafraid of the unknown!" Kurt stuck a torch into the fire and lit it. He began to spin it in the air, it's flame dancing within his grasp. "We gathered up our strength, we were unstoppable. We chased the long horizon line. We faced tremendous odds. But we rumbled with the gods, and we were fine!"

Slowpoke lied against trees and fell asleep to the music, Wingull nested in the trees about and chirped along with the tune, and Kurt's Shuckle even swayed his head in enjoyment. Kurt tossed the torch into the air, causing it to swirl, before he caught it once more.

"Hey, master of disguise! They could assume any form, any shape or size. They used to fight fantastic monsters. Take 'em by surprise!" Kurt shouted into the air.

"Master of disguise! They could assume any form, any shape or size. They used to fight fantastic monsters. Take 'em by surprise!" The crowd of people repeated back.

"Until the fateful night, the only time he ever lost a fight. A thousand years ago, against a demon named..." Kurt trailed off.

"A-Mal... A-Mal... A-Mal... A-Mal..." The crowd murmured.

"A-Mal was a brutal steel Pokemon. Legend says, she devoured the champ whole, and with the disappearance of our champ came the end of our voyages." Kurt spoke, rather than sing as he recounted the events. He frowned slightly and shook his head. "The villainous A-Mal did the impossible. And our champ, just like that, was gone. Our champion, our friend, fought for us until the end. And they live on."

___'s eyes widened at the turn of the story. Despite being a champion, their hero still fell to a Pokemon? And now, people feared traveling across every region and remained on their own. ___ curled his little fists. No Pokemon would scare her from the sea.

"For a thousand years, we have made Johto our home. But there can be a new champ, a new generation!" Kurt looked to the children with a bright smile. Norman looked down to find ___ missing.

"____?!" He hurriedly stood up.


"I am ___, I am unstoppable! I know how big the world can be! If the champ lives in you, we can sail across the blue unending sea!" The little girl sang, as she rushed through the forest trees. They stopped to an open view of the ocean. "We're ready for what's next, we are unstoppable! We want to see the world beyond the shore! For our champ years ago, taught us everything we know, so let's explore!"

The sea breeze rushed through her hair as she stepped across the sandy beach. The night sky glittered above and she stepped into the water.

"We want more, we want more! I want more! Unstoppable!"


The land of Hoenn flew beneath you as you clutched onto your Crobat who skimmed across the water. You laughed as the wind ripped through your hair. Remoraids fly out of the water beside you, even a Mantine surfaces and waves to you. This was your land and you knew every inch of it.

Only a year ago, you started your journey with your first Pokemon partner. You got all the gym badges, made an incredible team of Pokemon, stopped Team Magma and Aqua, and beat the Pokemon League. You were now the champion of Hoenn and you accomplished everything you had plan to. And yet...

You sighed, and flattened against Crobat. You didn't feel... Accomplished, like something was missing. It frustrated you. You encountered Kyogre, Groudon, and Raquaza. You even had a boyfriend now.

What was wrong with you?

Crobat shrieked as he landed at the edge of Littleroot. You slid off your Pokemon and rubbed the side of his head. You slid out Berry, which he accepted happily. You smiled, before recalling him into his pokeball.

"___!" Your mother rushed over and pulled you into a hug. "How's my baby girl?!"

"I'm good, Mom." You smiled, as she released you and brushed your hair out of your eyes. She looked you over, smile growing.

"My little champion."

"Yeah, your champion..."

"And how's my future son-in-law?"

"Steven is fine. He's at work right now, but we're going out with Zinnia tonight."

"Oh, good. Zinnia is a beautiful, young lady. I'm glad you're both spending time with her." Your mom chatted as you both stepped over to the family home. She opened the door and you stepped in, becoming surprised. Your father was putting dishes away in the kitchen, but looked over as you stepped in.


"My little sloth!" He laughed, putting the rest of the glasses away before walking over and pulling you into a hug. "How are you, ___?"

"I'm alright, just same-old, same-old." You held him back, before releasing him and stepping back. You fixed a curious look on him. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the gym?"

"Got shut down for the week, didn't you hear?" You father frowned, before pulling out his phone and pulling something up. He handed it to you and you read it.

"Strange Steel Phenomenon! Written by Alexa

"Several regions are seeing strange steel appear. Whether it be steel shards appearing in sidewalk cracks, melted steel across tree-tops, Pokemon running around steel messed up in their fur or scales, or the worst-case scenario, we've had reports of objects and even Pokemon found completely in cased in steel.

"Professor Kukui has carefully studied the metal in cased Pokemon and shockingly announced that their vitals are fine. They are alive. But for how long? And what is the source of this strange disaster?"

"That same stuff in the article has been appearing around the gym. For the safety of trainers and Pokemon, we've told them to best avoid the city." Your father sighed, leaning against the wall. "I've never heard of anything like this and I can't help but worry. Who knows when or if it will stop."

"Your father and I talked about it, ___, but we'd like you to either be here or with Steven until this all dies down." Your mother also became solemn. You felt a heat of frustration move through the pit of your stomach and you looked to your parents.

"I've literally fought the legendaries who control the land, ocean, and atmosphere and you're saying I'll only be safe with Steven?" You accused, folding your arms.

"We didn't say that." Your father rose his voice, not happy with your snap. "We know you've done incredible things, but this is different, ___. We don't want you getting hurt."

"I'm the champion! I befriend Pokemon, fight legendaries, and protect my people! I'm not gonna hide behind a man! That's not me!" You argued.

"___!" Norman snapped himself. You shut your mouth and averted your gaze to the ground. He sighed and placed a hand on your shoulder. "___..."

"I'll make sure to be around you guys or Steven..." You stated, pulling away from his touch. He didn't seem happy with your response, but he nodded.