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Don’t Drink and Cast

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I have made plenty of stupid decisions in my life. Jumping off of the roof into the pool, breaking my arm, when my adoptive brother Finn dared her to., stupid. Getting way too drunk on vanilla vodka at Phasma’s 18th birthday party and streaking down the street with Poe, idiotic. Even in my craft, I had made a few dumb decisions, learning quickly to not remake them. My eyebrows have finally grown all the way back and I know now that even low level love spells make poor pranks.

This decision had to be the poorest of all. Looking back it really was the perfect storm.

I was lonely; Poe, Finn, and Rose were off on a date together. They had offered to bring me along, I didn’t want to intrude. I was often around them and they deserved to have some time to themselves. I hadn’t been in a relationship in over two years. No family and Poe had set me up on a few blind dates that had failed spectacularly. So when they left, I had no one.

I was bored. It was summer break at my university, so there was no homework. I had already cleaned every inch of my small apartment. Pruned my small forest of plants, using a bit of magic to perk up the ones that were struggling and readjusting their position to encourage them to flourish. I had already filled all her orders for spells and gone grocery shopping.

I wasn’t scheduled at the Maz’s bar tonight and i knew if I showed up I would be sent home. I had a habit of coming in for a drink and eventually hopping behind the bar out of sheer boredom. Maz had chased me out more times than I could count, before sitting me down to talk about my work life balance.

“You need to get out my dear.” Maz admonished. “Make friends, find yourself a nice boy.”

This lead to the final factor. I was drunk. Very drunk. I drank to bury my loneliness and to ease the boredom. I had decided at one point to play my own drinking game. MarioKart was an excellent carrier for my wishes. It was late when I stopped playing, the game still running in the background, to flip through my grimoire sadly. This was passed down to me by Luke, my mentor, before he pulled his disappearing act. Running away to the middle of the wilderness in Alaska and going the off grid. I missed him and often found flipping through the large tome, seeing generations of handwriting, history, and spells.I hadn’t even read a fifth of them, much less put them to use.

That’s when a stupid idea dawned on me. Maybe I could summon something. It couldn’t be that hard. Maybe just an animal, to keep myself company, a familiar of sorts. SOME thing to keep cure the loneliness. I could just tell Finn, Poe, and Rose that I decided to adopt and fell in love at first sight. Yeah...they’d believe that.

Things were getting a bit blurry but I tried to squint through it and finally found something with the word companion in it. Hiccuping and humming slightly I gathered the ingredients, rolled up my rug, carefully lit the candles, and drew the circle. Sitting back, it wasn’t my best, but it would work.

With a deep breath, I began drawing on the Power just across the veil. With a familiar rush, I could feel it surge through me and into the circle. Once the rumble finished, I opened my eyes looking down for the dog or cat or lizard. Instead I see expensive looking, shiny black shoes. Confused in my drunken haze, I followed them up to black slacks before find a large pale expanse of abs and chest surrounded by an open black dress shirt. This wasn’t a dog.

“Phas, I’ll have to call you back. Apparently, I’ve been summoned. Yeah...I know...bye.” A deep voice rings out. My head jerks up, finishing my gaze’s ascent in a second. Annoyed, onyx colored eyes surrounded by a dark fringe of eyelashes bore into me.

“Well? What do you want, piccola strega?” He growled pulling me out of my trance.

“E-excuse me?” I stammered. He rolled his eyes and ran his hand through his hair. It was glossy and thick as hell. I wondered what he used in his routine.

“Look, it looks like this is your first summoning. I don’t even know how you found my name. But let me spell this out so we can get this over with. You get one wish, now what do you want? Money, fame, eternal youth? I want to shower before bed and I need to get up early.” He snapped his fingers at me as he slid his phone in his pocket. A flick of anger licked through me. How dare he assume I was that shallow? And that’s when I did the stupidest thing I’d ever done.

“I just don’t want to be lonely anymore. Now sit down and stop whining while I beat your ass at Mario Kart.” I hissed before flopping down drunkenly on my sofa, ignoring the pure shock on his face and selecting two players.