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“Now remember students! You must be back in one hour! Understood?” Yelled the ever strict camp instructor.


Argh! Stupid camp, what did I ever do to deserve this! You thought as you made your way out towards the forest. But it was your mistake because no else had moved yet.


“I said ‘understood’ miss (L/N) not leave,” Repeated the instructor, a sly grin smacked on her face. The whole year level turned around to look at you.

“Because you are so eager to leave, perhaps you would prefer it if you completed this by yourself, miss (L/N)?”

The camp instructor looked you up and down, probably expecting an answer from you.

“No miss, I wasn’t eager at all to leave,I was just…just simply-“

“I have no time for this blabbering ! Everyone pair up!” And when no-one moved, the instructor yelled once more.
“What are you all standing around for?! Get into pairs! NOW!”


And at her order suddenly everyone moved into action. Taking that you should find a partner before everyone was taken, you looked to your friends. But to your luck they had already found partners. You looked to everyone else, but… no-one was free. You would have complete the scavenger hunt by yourself.


ARGH! Just my luck I suppose… You thought sarcastically.


You looked to your left. And then you looked down at your hands. You shoved the compass that was in your hand into your pocket and examined the map.


Into the dark scary forest it is. Yay me!


A majority of the pairs had already made it to the clearing of the forest ready to start the hunt. So following the few that were talking but had now moved to the large group of girls, you made your way to the woods where you would have to complete the pointless activity.


“What is it with this group and not following orders!?” Bellowed the sarcastic instructor, “GO!”


“She didn’t even say go!” You muttered to yourself. Obviously not quiet enough because you could feel the instructors eyes death glaring you from the other side of the campsite.


Everyone scrambled into the forest, wanting to get the job done as quick as possible. You made your way into the woods and looked at your map again. Every pair’s map was slightly different with different tasks that you had to complete to get you to the destination where the buses would come and bring you back to the campsite. Everyone had different paths but all would meet up at the same finishing point in the end.


“GET A MOVE ON (L/N)!” Screamed the instructor.


You walked quickly into the forest at her words, but still wondering why she had yelled at you when hardly any other pairs had left.


Just my luck…






You scrunched up your nose at the paper in your hands. You had been walking and walking and yet you couldn’t seem to find the first task of the night.


The map is just confusing that’s why.


Either that, or the map was wrong. The land mark that was supposedly meant to be right where you were sitting, was a small tree. The map said there was meant to be an abandoned hut here.


Creepy, but still. You were lost and it had surely been more than 1 hour, and it was getting dark.


You examined the map once more. There should be a tree over there and a hedge shaped like a heart over there. But-


“Argh! This is so stupid!” You interrupted your thoughts.


You stood up. Maybe if I trace my steps I can get back to the campsite and-



Your thoughts weren’t interrupted by you this time. They were disturbed by the sound of a twig snapping.


You looked around, it was probably just a small rabbit.


You turned your attention back to the map.




Yet again the sound of a twig snapping filled the clearing in the forest. But this time the sound was closer to you.
You looked around and saw nothing but the trees.


Out of nowhere there was a snarl. Okay… this is getting creepy…

You looked around again but, again, nothing.




You frantically looked around, wanting to know what was making the noises, bunnies don’t sound like that. You looked from tree to tree, but nothing.


This better not be someone trying to scare me…


Just as you thought that, a huge beast that was pale, huge and -from what you noticed at first glance- equiped with all sorts of weapons on its person and it came limping towards you. Blade in hand it looked at you menacingly and smirked.


“What the…?!” You breathed as you staggered backwards.


The beast gave out another snarl still walking towards you with its blade pointed in the air and towards you.


“This better not be some kind of cosplay!” You said. But only for hope that if it was they would stop.


After the beast let out another bloodthirsty snarl you decided that you should make a run for it.


So you did.


You bolted out our the forest clearing. But the creature was still following close behind. You still kept running though, hoping that it would eventually leave. But turn after turn, in attempt to lose it, it was still close on your tail. You were now relying mainly on adrenaline to keep you going.


How can a thing that big have so much energy?


And then you heard it, voices. Maybe they can help me! You looked behind you to see how far away the creature was away from you, 15 metres at max- OPPPFF.