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The inside of a lab was always somewhere where she could focus on a problem. The genius was in her element here. Analyze, dissect, and maul over one problem after another. Alone in her lab.

But she has always been alone hasn’t she? That was her true nature wasn’t it? Who she was born to be- alone with no one. She was so desperately trying to fight against it. Just when she felt that she was breaking free of her curse the illusion shattered. It was the last straw she could bear and now something inside her was broken.

Now she was in her lab trying to find a solution her current problem.

Synthesis of a new batch of Kryptonite would finish soon and then she would fashion it to suit her needs. The thing about being a genius was that she could still make more of the substance without the formula being turned over to the DEO and could supercharge it even more than when she initially made it for stopping Reign. It was sure to bring Supergirl to her knees in an instant of exposure.

Lena wondered if the pain Kara would feel would feel from it would be sufficiently comparable to what she was feeling now. What hurt worse- betrayal or the sensation of nails running through ones blood? She’d be ready to run that experiment soon.

At that thought Lena took the last drink from the bottle of scotch- pouring into a glass seemed pointless when she was finishing them by the bottle now. She threw the empty bottle with the rest of empty ones then cracked open the new one. Thus far the burn of scotch had done little to ease her ache and there simply was no box in her mind could that could contain it. The more she tried to stuff her feelings into those tiny boxes the more uncontainable they felt.

The same thoughts ruminated in her mind since she killed Lex, his mocking replaying over and over.

“The joke’s on you.” “Your friends have been lying to you from the start." “Kara danvers is Supergirl!” “You’re left with no one and nothing!”

Lena took another drink of scotch as the green from the newly synthesized Kryptonite glowed.

Maybe being a Luthor was her true nature.

Her phone that was put on silent so she would not be disturbed lit up, but Kara’s call went unnoticed and unanswered for a 5th time.